Calculus (Answer Check)

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  1. Calculus Help

    Evaluate lim x-->25 5 - square root x / x - 25 I don't get how the answer is -1/10
  2. Calculus

    Which of the following series converge? A. 1 + 1/2^2 + 1/3^2 + ... + 1/n^2 + ... B. 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + ... + 1/n + ... C. 1 - 1/3 + 1/3^2 - ... + ((-1)^(n+1))/(3^(n-1)) + ... I think A and C are the answer.
  3. math

    Ex 3: 4x-7<2x+5 4x-7-2x<2x-2x+5 2x-7<5 2x-7+7<5+7 2x<12 2x/2<12/2 x< 6 Note I did not switch the order of the inequality here since I divided by a positive number. Multiplying or dividing by a positive number does not change the order of the inequality. So...
  4. English

    Hi! 3. Choose the answer that best matches the word in quotation marks. John offered his wife a red rose as a sign of "appeasement" for their earlier disagreement. This means he wants (1 point) a) to demonstrate the disagreement is unresolved. b) to please her by giving her ...
  5. math/algebra

    can someone check my answer: 3ã486 my answer is 27ã6 if not show me where I went wrong please you are right. (did you see my post to you earlier on how to create square root sign? Does it not work for you?) 3√486 = 3√81*√6 =27√6
  6. Trig--check answer

    Solve the equation of the interval (0, 2pi) cosx=sinx I squared both sides to get :cos²x=sin²x Then using tri indentites I came up with cos²x=1-cos²x Ended up with 2cos²x=1 Would the answer be cos²x=1/2???
  7. geography

    Can you check these for me? 1. What is the name of the country completely surrounded by South Africa? My answer is Lesotho. 2. Which state capital is farther north, Utah's or Illinois? How do you know? My answer is Illinois's, because it is above the 40 degree N line and Utah'...
  8. math (check answer plz)

    The probability of a certain hockey player making a goal after hitting a slap shot is 1/5 how many successful slap shots would you expect her to make after 120 attempts? . . . . . . . . . . . . . My answer: 24
  9. Pre-Calculus

    Solve. Express your answer as exact roots. (s+6)^2 = 3/4 Sq root (s+6)^2 = +-sq root 3/4 (s+6) = sq root 3/ 2 s = -6 +- sq root 3 ----------------- 2 (The answer according to the textbook is (-12 +- sq root 3)/2. What error have I made?) Thank you
  10. English

    Which of the following is a good rule to follow when proofreading an essay? A. Scan the essay twice, once for organization and once for surface errors. B. Ask your best friend to critique your essay. C. Use the computer's spell-check and grammar-check functions to be sure you ...
  11. biology /check please

    1-What phase are daughter cells in as a result of mitosis? -Anaphase 2- During what phase of mitosis do centromeres divide and the chromosone-mes move toward their respective poles? -prophase 3- Wchich phase of mitosis is the last phase that chromatids are together? -anaphase ...
  12. Astronomy

    Hey There! Thank you for checking my question! ____ 8. The stars do not appear in the same place every night due to Earth’s (1 point) a) solar day. b) orbital motion around the sun. c) right ascension. d) seasonal change. My Answer: B Could someone please check my answer? ...
  13. Calculus 2 correction

    I just wanted to see if my answer if correct the integral is: ∫(7x^3 + 2x - 3) / (x^2 + 2) when I do a polynomial division I get: ∫ 7x ((-12x - 3)/(x^2 + 2)) dx so then I use u = x^2 + 2 du = 2x dx 1/2 du = x dx = ∫7x - 12/2∫du/u - 3/1∫1/u = (7x^2...
  14. education

    Children will generally select equipment based on: a.their prior success with the equipment. B.the size of the equipment c.the brightness and boldness of the equipment's colors d. The opportunity for challenge presented by the equipment. My answer is D. Could someone please ...
  15. Precalculus

    Help with these questions help with these questions~ Thank you 1. Determine the interval(s) on which x^2 + 2x -3>0 a)x<-3, x>1 b)-3<x<1 c)x<-3, -3<x<1, x>1 d) x>1 Answer is D, x>1 --------------------------------------- 2. Determine when the ...
  16. Math - check answer

    Given s = 10 - 10t2 + 45t3, determine the velocity when t = 1 s. velocity in m/s = My Answer S'= 0-20t + 135t^2 S'(1) = -20+135 = 115 velocity in m/s = 115 Can you please confirm this is correct. Thanks!
  17. spanish/check please

    1-Yo tengo (tantas/ tantos) praticas como mi hermano answer: tantos 2- Juan toma ( tantas/ tantos) lecciones de artes marciales como Carlos. answer:tantos 3- Elena tiene( tantas/ tantos) pasatiemptos como Angelica. answer:tantas 4_ Camilo tiene(tanto/tanta) interes en el ...
  18. science- cell structure

    An inner and an outer membrane are characteristic of which organelle? my answer: Mitochondria and chloroplasts What is the nucleus? my answer- nucleus is a cell structure that contains hereditary information What is the nucleiod? my answer: the nucleiod is like the nucleus. ...
  19. Where are you Jasmine20, I answered your Homework

    Please check your homework answer At: Name:Tanisha Subject: To:Jasmine20 I posted the answer for GURU DEFINITION. HOPE IT HELPS!!! I think jasmine20 is not on jiskha.
  20. mixed #'s

    Find n. n+n=8 1/2 what does n =??? n+n = 2n <~~right? Therefore, you should be able to rephrase it this way: 2n = 8 1/2 Now divide each side by 2, and you'll have your answer. Yes?? I'll ask a math teacher to double-check my thoughts. =) 2 n = 8 1/2 n = 8 1/2 divided by 2 ...
  21. math (check my answer?)

    Find the equation of a sine function that has a vertical displacement 2 units down, a horizontal phase shift 60 degrees to the right, a period of 30 degrees, a reflection in the y-axis and an amplitude of 3. My attempt at an answer: Y = 3 sin (30x- 60) -2 Can someone tell me ...
  22. Science

    2. Perform this operation and report the answer to the correct number of significant figures: What is the mass of a cube of aluminum that is 4.0 cm on each edge? The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3. Show all calculations leading to an answer. (I think I solved this correctly ...
  23. CAlculus

    The graph of the derivative, f '(x), is given. Determine the x-coordinates of all points of inflection of f(x), if any. (Assume that f(x) is defined and continuous everywhere in [-3, 3]. If there are more answer blanks than inflection points, enter NONE in any remaining spaces...
  24. calculus

    At the indicated point for the function, find the following. A graphing utility's numerical derivative feature can be used to check your work. y = (x3 + 2x)3 at x = 3 (a) Find the slope of the tangent line. (b) Find the instantaneous rate of change of the function.
  25. French

    Can you please check these thanks. Directions: Identify each person described below (we are in the sports chapter by the way) Part 1 1. Un garçon ou une fille qui joue -------------. Answer: un joueur ou une joueuse 2. Un joueur qui garde le but --------------. Answer: le ...
  26. Spanish;CHECK?

    State whether the command is formal ("Ud.") or informal ("tú"). Come la sopa. Anwser: Formal Hable más despacio. Anwser: Formal No compres más ropa. Answer: Formal Beba m�s agua. Answer: Informal No vengas tarde. Answer: Informal
  27. English

    1. He logged on to check his e-mail. 2. He logged in to check his e-mail. 3. He logged on to check his e-mails. 4. He logged in to check his e-mails. --------------------------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Can we use all of them?
  28. calculus

    Verify the given linear approximation at a = 0. Then determine the values of x for which the linear approximation is accurate to within 0.1. (Enter your answer using interval notation. Round your answer to two decimal places.) tan x ≈ x
  29. Chemistry

    please check my answers for the following questions. 1) when a measurement that has six significant digits is divided by a measurement that has three significant digits, how many significant digits should the answer have? ANSWER: 2 2) How many hydrogen atoms are in 5 molecules...
  30. Fitness (Check answers)

    1) Sitting in class wearing ear buds during a lecture is effective listening. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is FALSE) 2) Defense mechanisms should be used as often as possible to deal with uncomfortable emotions. TRUE OR FALSE ~ (my answer is FALSE) 3) Daily decision are often ...
  31. Math

    If possible, could a math tutor check the math post question that "daylo3" asked at 6:42 pm today, that I answered? I don't usually answer posts that I am not 100% sure of the answer. I would like to know if the way I approached this problem is correct? Thanks in advance for ...
  32. math

    Labor rate = $12 per hour Hours worked = 36 Overhead rate = 125% Retail price of good furnished = $185 Sales tax rate = 7% Total bill for services and parts = $ The answer that I got was 762.80. Can you check my answer.
  33. science

    So the question is write down three examples of science in your everyday life. This was my answer: sound- compression wave, Baked goods- chemical reaction, Looking at mountains or ocean- earth science Please check my answer and see if this is good thank you
  34. Physical Science

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Which of the following is NOT a clue that a chemical change has occurred? (1 point) a) change in color b) production of a gas c) formation of a precipitate d) change in shape My Answer: D Could someone please check my answer...
  35. Biology

    Please check my answer: Which of the following statement is not true? 1). Mitosis produces new nuclei with exactly the same chromosomal endowment as the parent nucleus. 2). Mitosis may occur without cytokinesis 3). Mitosis and cytokinesis are required for asexual reproduction ...
  36. chemistry

    the Ksp of Bi2s3 at room temmperature is 1.60x10-72, what is its solubility in g/100 ml? Please help me with the solution. Our teacher haven't discussed this yet so I have no idea how to solve this.. and if i ever got the answer with your solution. could you please check my ...
  37. Inequality quiz help CHECK ANSWERS

    1. Gavin needs to read at least 150 pages of his book this week. He has already read 82 pages. How many more pages A. 82 + p >= 150; p >= 68 B. p + 82 <= 150; p <= 68****MY ANSWER C. p - 72 >= 150; p >= 222 D. p - 82 <= 150; p <= 222 2. Solve the ...
  38. Algebra 1

    Hello, can someone check my answer the the question below? When the digits of a two-digit number are reversed, the new number is 9 more than the original number, and the sum of the digits of the original number is 11. WHat is the original number? My answer Let t = the tens ...
  39. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions complete each sentence with the form à (such as au, aux ect.) or de. 1. En Franch, un garçon, de treize ans va --------- collège. Answer: au 2. Et une fille qui a seize ans va ---------- lycée. Answer: au 3. Aux Etats- Unis, ...
  40. precalculus (check answer)

    given that x is in quadrant 1 and that sin x = 2/3, find exact the value for: sin (3pi/8) = - √(1-√2) / (2√2) is my answer correct?
  41. sixth grade math

    Find the percent of each number. 1. 5% of 220 files Answer is 110 2. 360 kilometers is 24% of ___ kilometers. Answer is 864. 3. At a shelter, 15% of the dogs are puppies. There are 60 dogs at the shelter. How many are puppies? Answer is 25 puppies Can someone check my answers...
  42. Physics- check answer please

    1. A 15 kg boy falls out of his bed at a height of 0.50 m. What is the amount of gravitational potential energy lost by the boy? my answer: 74 J 2. What is the speed of a 0.25 kg ball if its kinetic energy is 15 J? my answer: 11 m/s 3. if the speed of an object is tripled and ...
  43. Math

    I wanted to double check that I am correct on the work area and answers please. 1.Given f(x)=x+2 and g(x)= 3x-4. Find (f+g). Work: (x+2) + (3x-4) Answer: 4x-2 2.Given f(x)=x+2 and g(x)=3x-4. Find (f*g). Work: (x+2)(3x-4) Answer: 3x² +2x-8 3.Given f(x)=x+2 and g(x)=3x-4. Find...
  44. calculus

    find the volume of the solid formed by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of y=x^3,y=1, and x=2 about the x-axis using the disk method. 9 express the answer in terms of pie) i got the answer to be 3/5 pie but im not sure if is right. i used the formula V=(pie)(r)^2W
  45. English 10 Check

    Someone please check! * is the answer I chose. For each of the following pairs of topics select the one that is more focused. 1.)Topic. a.)Why beaches are fun *b.)Why I love Miami Beach 2.)Topic. a.)The wonderful world of vegetables *b.)The health benefits of carrots 3.)Topic...
  46. how to write a check

    this is my second time writing a check, and I know how, but How do i write $1,464.00 in words on a check. Is it "one thousand four hundred sixty four dollars" Is it hundred or hundreds? Do I need to say something about the zero cents?
  47. Check my answer plz!!

    which shows 3x+6y=-12 in slope-intercept form? option a: y=-1/2x-2 option b: y=-2x-12 option c: y=1/2x-12 option d: y=2x-2 my answer is; a
  48. Algebra

    1. Solve the equation -5y-9=(y-1) A. -1/2 <-----My answer B. -2 1/2 C. -2 D. -2/5 2. Solve the equation 3y+20=3+2y A. -1/17 B. 7 2/3 C. 23 D. -17 <----My answer Can someone please check my work.
  49. calculus

    for the point with cartesioan coordiantes (5,-2) find polar coordinated such that r>0. express it in radians. so far i got the answer to be dat the answer or should i add 2pie or 360 to get r>0? Add 2PI but it says to radians?
  50. Calculus - series

    I'm getting this answer wrong, can someone please help show me what i'm missing?? thank you :) Infinity of the summation n=0: [(-1)^n pi^(2n)] / [6^(2n) (2n)!] this is my work: [(-1^0) pi^(2*0)] / [6^(2*0) (2*0)!] + [(-1^1) pi^(2*1)] / [6^(2*1) (2*1)!] + [(-1^2) pi^(2*2)] / [6...
  51. pre-calculus

    A sphere is contained inside of a cube, tangent to all six faces. Find the surface area of the cube as a function of the radius of the sphere. The answer in the back of the book read:A=24r^2...How did they get this answer? Thanks for helping!
  52. integral Calculus

    ʃ (4sin²x cos²×/sin2x cos2x)dx i've got it from the book and it has an answer from the back page of the book but i want to know how to solve it..i really need it for practicing this subject...please please help..Thanks a lot.. the answer is: -1/2 ln|secx + tanx| + c
  53. Physics waves- check answers please

    1. A vibrating point on a spring travels 60 mm during three cycles. What is the amplitude of the vibration? my answer: I got 10 mm but I'm not sure if it is the correct answer. 2. For two connect pendulums to resonate, they must have the same: a) mass b) amplitude c) density d...
  54. Physics waves- check answers please

    1. A vibrating point on a spring travels 60 mm during three cycles. What is the amplitude of the vibration? my answer: I got 10 mm but I'm not sure if it is the correct answer. 2. For two connect pendulums to resonate, they must have the same: a) mass b) amplitude c) density d...
  55. Physics waves- check answers please

    1. A vibrating point on a spring travels 60 mm during three cycles. What is the amplitude of the vibration? my answer: I got 10 mm but I'm not sure if it is the correct answer. 2. For two connect pendulums to resonate, they must have the same: a) mass b) amplitude c) density d...
  56. calculus BC slope

    consider the curve in xy-plane by x=e^t and y=te^(-t) for t is greater or equal to o. the slope of the line tangent to the curve at the point where x=3. all the answer choices are decimal points. a is 20.086, b is .342, c is -.005, d is -.011 and e is -.033 so what i did is ...
  57. algebra

    is -2i square root of 2 a solution to x=8? lets check: (-2i sqrt 2)^2= -1^2 * 2^2 * i^2 *2 =-8 Answer: no.
  58. Algebra

    Factor the trinomial. t^3-4t^2-32t = t(t+4)(t-8) can someone help me pleaseand check my answer.
  59. Algebra II (check)

    Use synthetic division to find (2x^3 - 5x^2 + 7x - 1). _1|2 -5 7 -1 2 -3 _____________ 2 -3 4|-1 2x^2 - 3x + 4(answer)
  60. Algebra II (check)

    Write the expression m^7/9 in radical form. 9sqrt m^7 (answer)
  61. Algebra

    x-8/x-9-x+1/x+9+x-17/x^2-81 =x^3-81x^2-7x-27/x^2. Can some check this my answer and see if it corre4ct please.
  62. math check

    if f(x)=x^2 find f(2-sqrt6) I have the answer as 10-4sqrt6 is that right?
  63. chemistry(check my answer)

    For the cell: C(s) C+(aq) B+(aq) B(s). Metal ______ is the "negative" electrode. is it C(s)
  64. Math

    Find the general antiderivative of f (x) and check your answer by differentiating. f(x) = x^5 + 9 Need Help.
  65. Math(Please check)

    Divide 5x^4 - 3x^2 + 8x + 6 by x^2 + 8 My answer was 5x^2 - 43 with a remainder of 8x - 338. Is this correct?
  66. Math

    Reiny can you show me how to check this problem. 5a^8-20a^7-25a^6 =5a^6(a^2-4a-5) =5a^6(a^2-5a+a-5) =5a^6(a(a-5)+1(a-5) =5a^6(a-5)(a+1) (answer)
  67. math

    Find the product. Estimate to check that your answer if reasonable. 191 x 88
  68. Math

    Write the answer in simplest form: 1. 1/3-2/9=1/9; 2. 3/5-1/10=1/2; 3.1/2-1/8=3/8; 4. 2/3-1/6=1/2; 5. 7/12-1/3=1/4; 6. 4/5-2/10=3/5; 7. 7/15-2/5=1/15; 8. 3/4-3/16=9/16; 9. 5/8-1/2=1/8; 10. 1/2-1/5=3/10 please check my answers... Thanks
  69. math (check answer plz)

    simplify 8P3! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A. 42 . B. 336********? . C.40,432 . D.56
  70. math

    Explain how to use multiplication to check the answer to a division problem
  71. Math

    Please check my answer. 11 1/9% of what number is 600? I have 5400.54
  72. math

    Could someone please check my answer to this question: Evaluate the expression [(x^n)(y) + (y^n)] ^-2n for x=-2, y=3 and n=-1 =[(x^-1)(y)+(y^-1)]^-2(-1) =[(x^-1)(y)+(y^-1)]^2 =[(x^-2)(y^2)+(y^-2) =y^2/x^2(y^2) =3^2/(-2)^2(3^2) =9/4(9) =9/36 =1/4
  73. social studies

    How do I check my answer on a graph question? someone please help
  74. English

    Is Mercutio a foil to the Nurse? I think they are not, but can you please check my answer? Thanks

    Ln(2x-1)^2=7 solve for x. Please check my answer!!! =17.0577259793 Is this number too big?
  76. Mathematics

    Determine which pair of points has a positive slope. a (5, –4), (–2, 1) b (5, –1), (–6, 6) c (–10, –2), (6, 6) •• d (6, –10), (2, 10) Check my answer
  77. Civics - Check answer

    Hi, I have questions that I just need checked. There are 28. Can anyone help me?
  78. Math please check

    For the function 2x-x^2 find f(4)-f(2) / (2) I got -8-0/2 so my final answer Is -4
  79. Math check?

    What is the zero of the function? f(x)=x2−x−6x2−8x+15 Enter your answer in the box. -2
  80. Math. Can someone check my answer

    Find the slope of the line through (-9,-10) and (-2,-5) A.- 5/7**** B.-7/5 C.5/7 D.7/5
  81. Algebra/Trig Check Answers please

    Can you please check these answers thanks 1. A ladder 14 feet long is leaning against a house. The foot of the ladder is 4.8 feet from the house. Find the angle of elevation of the ladder and the height it reaches on the house. Answer: 13.2=height 18.9 =angle of elevation 2. ...
  82. Physics-Please check

    Do charged particles always experience equal but opposite electrical forces? My answer is The electric forces are directly porportional to the quantity of the charge on the objects. Is that correct-we just started learning this and I'm trying to answer this question and sound ...
  83. History: Please check answer

    3. The CIA participated in the Cold War by helping design efficient weapons systems. carrying out secret operations in other countries. spying on the Soviet Union. helping the president determine foreign policy. I think the answer is B. Thank You
  84. social studies

    please check my answer: why did african americans go from the rural south to northern cities starting in the late 1800s? - so they could be around other races and cultures - to change identities - to escape the discrimination and to find better jobs ** - religious persecution ...
  85. English

    1. Check V on the item which Tom is happy with. 2. Check a V on the item which Tom is happy with. 3. Check on the item which Tom is satisfied with. 4. Check the box of the item which Tom is dissatisfied with. --------------- Are they grammatical? Correct them, please.
  86. Calculus

    Problem 12. Find the derivative of the function. f(x)=e^(x)^1/2 My answer is: [e^(x)^1/2]/2x^(1/2) Is this correct?
  87. calculus

    what is the median waiting time for f(x)=((1/8)e^(-x/8))? I said the answer was 5.55 is this correct? thank you!
  88. Calculus

    Use algebra to evaluate the limit of lim h->0 (2-h)^3-8/h. Is the answer -12
  89. Calculus

    Use algebra to evaluate the limit of lim h->0 (2-h)^3-8/h. Is the answer -12
  90. Calculus

    Use algebra to evaluate the limit of lim h->0 (2-h)^(3)-8/h. Is the answer -12
  91. Calculus

    Find the derivative of 10x^2+4y^2=sqrt(7). Is the answer 20x+8y=0
  92. Calculus

    Find dy/dx of the function 10x^2+4y^2=sqrt(7). Is the answer 20x+8y=0
  93. Calculus

    3^2/3^4 I did this through my calulate and I came up with 1/9, but that is not the correct answer. I'm not sure what to do?
  94. pre calculus

    Perform the division and write your answer in form. g(x)+r(x)/ d(x) (4x^3-1)/ (x-4)
  95. Calculus

    Differentiate the function f(t)=1/4(t^4+8). My answer wa 4t^3. The book says t^3. What am I doing wrong,
  96. calculus

    I'm trying to find the antiderivative of (x+3)/2 How would you go about this? The answer is (x+3)^2/4
  97. Calculus

    find dy/dx and d^2y/dx^2 of 3x(y^2) -2y=2 please give the answer not an example that dosent help me
  98. Calculus

    lim 1/(1+h)^2-1/h h->0 I have 1 as my final answer and was wondering if i was correct
  99. Calculus

    6/ln[x] find the derivative... im coming up with -6/x*(ln(x))^2 but it isn't accepting the answer what am i doing wrong?
  100. calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the ellipse x 2 + 4y 2 = 25 when x = 3 and y < 0. Answer 3x - 8y = 7 3x - 8y = 25 3x + 8y = 7 3x + 8y = 25
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