Calculus (Answer Check)

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is this correct? 6k-9=15 k=4 I just want to know if i did it right yes you are correct You didn't show your work so I don't know if you did it right or not. Your answer is correct. i did 9=15 which equal 24 and i divided that by 6 which =4 so k must equal 4..........did i do ...

dog behavior

pleaplease check my answer thanks so much Which of the following best describes when extinction occurs A When a CS is repeatedly presented and periodically followed by a US B When a CS is repeatedly presented without the presention of a US C CS and US are presented together D ...

Physical Science

Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 9. Materials can be classified as solids, liquids, or gases based on whether their shapes and _______________ are definite or variable. (1 point) My Answer: volumes Can someone please check my answer? Thanks...

Biology- check my answer (diff one)

Which of the following are true concerning living things? Check all that apply. A)They contain a vital force absent in nonliving things. B)They are composed of molecules that contain carbon-carbon bonds. C)They undergo chemical reactions to use energy they acquire from the ...


integral 1 to 500 (13^x - 11^x) + integral 2 to 500 (11^x - 13^x) dx = (answer: 14.946) I tried typing the integrals in the graphing calculator to get the answer, but it says overflow. Any help on solving this? Thanks!


1.) Consider the graphs x+5y=17 and x+7=y^2 where a=7 b=2 c=57 f(x) = ? g(x) = ? I have solved for a,b, and c but I can't figure out f(x) and g(x) For f(x) I thought it was (17-x)/5 but it's not the correct answer. For g(x) I thought it was the sqrt(x+7) but it's also not the ...


Can someone give a detailed solution to this integration problem? ∫ dx /(3(1 - x^2 ) - (5 + 4x)√(1 - x^2)) this symbol √ is square root The answer is ( I need the steps and/or u-substitution used to arrive at this answer ) (2√(1 + x)/(3√(1 + x...


Evaluate lim x->0 (Sin^3 3x - 3x^3/x^3 x^4) I got zero (0) to be my answer by imputing 0 in place of x but am not so sure if the answer should be 0, am thinking it should be like 1/0 or something like that.


Can you please help me with this question on my study guide for my trig final? Thanks! I'd also appreciate if you can check out my other postings and check my work for some other study guide questions. I want to make sure I'm ready for my final. :) 4. Transform each polar ...


How do I solve for lim h->0 (((a+h)^2 + 1)/(3(a+h)+7) - ((a^2 + 1)/3a + 7)) and then all divided by h? The question was use the limit definition to find the derivative of f(x)= (x^2 + 1)/(3x + 7). I tried solving what I did above, but had no luck. I used wolfram alpha to ...


Estimate the area of the plane region bounded by the graph of f(x) = e^x, the x-axis, and the vertical lines x = 0 and x = 8 using the trapezoidal method with trapezoids of equal width. Round your answer to 4 decimal places. I got the answer 6892.7480 but it was incorrect and ...


Now, let's check how well you can use the expressions you've learned. I will distribute handouts. You have to solve the problems. Are you finished? Then, I'll check the answers. Look at the answers on the blackboard. Check your answers. How many students have 10 points? Are ...

Math Please Check!!

Please check my answer to see if I got it right. Thanks. Braden has 1 hour of math homework to do. He spends 2/5 of this time complaining about how much he hates math, 1/3 of the total time looking for his calculator. How much time does Braden actually work on his math ...

History - please check my answers

Which of the following of protections under the establishment clause of the first amendment? Select 2. -A father objects to his sons school including a daily prayer <<< -an Amish family objects to a law requiring schooling until age 16 -restrictions are placed on the ...


Can you check my answers thanks. Directions: State which statements are true and false. 1. Carbon atoms can bond together in straight chains, branched chains, or rings. Answer: True 2. Isomers are compounds with the same simple formula but different three dimensional ...

Business Law

Please help. The restaurant provides catering services to local businesses. Corporate clients paid by check or electronic transfers. A new customer paid for a catering order with a check for $575, made payable to the restaurant. Woods took the check to the bank the next ...


can you check my answers? Find the second difference for the sequence. 7, 6, 7, 10, 15, 22, …. answer: 1 Find first differences for the sequence in order from a1 to a5. Determine whether or not the series is quadratic or not. -1, -3, -1, 5, 15 answer: -2, 2, 6, 10; quadratic...


1)Which of the following results in the graph of f(x) = x2 being expanded vertically by a factor of 4? the answer is f(x) = 4x2. can you explain how. 2)Which is true for the graph of y=(x^2-9)/(x^2-4). the answer is vertical asymptotes at x = ±2 . please explain.


Find the average interval of function 3x^3-12x^2 on the interval [-5,4]? My answer is 114.75 but when i put it on submission , it tell me that its wrong not sure why kindly help and tell me right answer


1) j(x)=-2/3x what is j(x)'s y-intercept? answer: (0,0) 2) k(x)=4 what is k(x)'s slope? answer: 0 3) g(x)=2x-5 what are the root(s) of g(x)? 4) the slope of line p if p is perpendicular to line f are the answers i provided correct? and please help me on 3 and 4

please check my answer ....plz... the question is: how is the size of the minerals grains affected by the rate at which molten rock materials cools? and i think the answer is : the bigger the grains the faster it cools.

6th grade science - CHECK MY ANSWER

The size of an organism is most likely determined by...? Answer choices: 1. its genes but not its environment 2. its environment but not its genes 3. its genes and its environment 4. neither its genes nor its environment MY ANSWER: 3. its genes and its environment

Math.. check answer please

A restaurant has 11 booths and 12 tables. Write the ratio of booths to tables as a fraction. is the answer 11:12 or 11 to 12 or 11/12?

Analytic Geometry CHECK MY ANSWER

What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (2, 3) and (2, 6)? Option A: -3/2 Option B: -3/4 (MY ANSWER) Option C: 3/4 Option D: 0

Algebra Answer Check

What polynomial could you subtract from 5x^3 - 12x - x^2 + 9 - 12x^5 - 6x^4 to give a difference of 19 + 8x^3 - 18x - 19x^5 - 2x^2 - 8x^4? Is the answer k (the polynomial) = 7x^5 + 2x^4 - 3x^3 + x^2 + 6x - 28?

Math Check

1.) Find 1/2([5 -2 4 0]+[14 6 -18 9]) A. [19/2 2 -7 9/2] B. [-9/2 -4 -11 9/2] C. [ 19/2 2 -7 9] D. [19 4 -14 9] My answer: C. 2.) Is it possible to find AB when you are give A= [3 2 1] and B= [2 3 0]? (this 2, 3, 0 is suppose to line up like up and down.) A. [12] B. [6 6 0] C...

Romeo and Juliet (Check answers pplz hurry)

Could you please check these answers from Act 1 (Review it's only 5 questions) 1.What warning does the Prince issue to the Capulets and Montagues? Answer: The Prince warns to the Capulet's and Montague's is if anyone fights they will be put to death. 2. What agreement is ...

Algebre=Please check

Could someone check my answers for these two questions, please? What is the equation of the line which includes points (2,6) and (0,0) y = -3x+1 y = -3x y=3x ( my answer) y = 3x+1 Equation of line with slope m = -3 and including point (5,) is y = - 3x+20 I think its true when ...


What is the local linearization of e^x^2 near x=1? Is the answer 1+2x


Let f(x) = ln(((2x–5) / (7x+4))^(1/2)). f'(x) = ... I keep on getting the wrong answer.


Need the answer to find dy/dx y=(1+cos^4(t/12))^3


find the domain of function f(x)= (5x + 4)/(x^2 + 3x + 2) is the answer.. x can't be -2 or -1?

Calculus 1

Calculate f'(-1) f(x) = x^7 * h(x) h(-1) = 5 h'(-1) = 8 Answer is 27, but I got no idea how to get there.


y = log7(x^2 - 6x - 2) this is base seven is the answer 2x-6/(x^2-6x-2)


Determine if f(x)=5/(x-3)^2 is integrable on [0,2]. Justify your answer.


|3-x|-1 = |4x+2| i try to do this and i not get correct answer which be -4/3 and 0.


find F(x)' for x^3(3-x)^4.. i think answer is 3x^2(3-x)(3-3x)^4.. please help thanks


If e^x = 243 and e^y = 32 then e^((3x + 4y)/5) =? The answer is 432, but I don't understand why.


Find the slope of the curve f(x)=1/(x^2+3). My answer: (-2x)/(x^2+3)^2


Evaluate. 1-|200+||-2|(-5)^3|| I get 49 as an answer


Differentiate y=[(8x-x^6)/(x^3)]^(-4/5) My answer: [4x^3(16+3x^5)]/5 • fifth root of [(8x-x^6)/(x^3)] ^9


Find the derivative of the integral from x to 6 of ln(1 + t^2). My answer is -ln(1+x^2).


Find dy/dx for y=3tan^-1(x/2). I know the answer is 6/x^2+4 but I'm stuck at y'=3(1/1+(x/2)^2)(1/2)

Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

Please help me with the following question: Please select the word from the list that best fits the definition Creates clouds, snow, sleet, rain and hail A. Radiation B. Conduction C. Convection D. Water Cycle I think the answer is mostly B, but I think it could be D as well. ...

Algebra-Please check my work

Posted by JoniAnne on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:50am. Please check- Solve 3 > sqrt(3x) 3x >=o x>=o/3 x>=0 square both sides and you have 3x < 3^2 3x,9 x<9/3 x<3 answer is 0<=x<3 correct or not? 3(cube) sqrt(2-5) = 3 cube both sides = 2-5x = ...

Algebra-Please check-I'm desperate

Posted by JoniAnne on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:50am. Please check- Solve 3 > sqrt(3x) 3x >=o x>=0/3 x>=0 square both sides and you have 3x < 3^2 3x,9 x<9/3 x<3 answer is 0<=x<3 correct or not? 3(cube) sqrt(2-5) = 3 cube both sides = 2-5x = ...

Calculus AB

Give a formula for the extended function that is continuous at the indicated point. F(x)= (x-4)/((√x)-2) at x=4 I know the answer I just need to figure out how to work it out. The answer btw is y= (√x) + 2


1)Which of the following results in the graph of f(x) = x2 being expanded vertically by a factor of 4? the answer is f(x) = 4x2. can you explain how. 2)Which is true for the graph of y=(x^2-9)/(x^2-4). the answer is vertical asymptotes at x = ±2 . please explain.

math help please check my answer

A national garden club president thinks 70% of its members plant tulips for the spring. Phone calls were made to 100 members. Of the 91 members who responded, 76 said they plant tulips for the spring. What is the sample proportion? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. ...


is this right? Divide and check: 12x^3y^2/2x^5y^2 answer: 6x^-2

Algebra II (check)

Assume that no denominator equals 0. (2x-3)^2 = 2x * 2x -3 * -3 = 4x-9(answer)

Algebra II (check)

Assume that no denominator equals 0. 2+i/1-3i = 2+i/1-3i = (2+i/1-3i) * (1+3i/1+3i) = (2+3i^2)/(1-9i^2) = (2/1) - (1/3i) = 2-1/3i(answer)

Math check

(3+sqrt x)(4- 3sqrt x) is the answer 12- 5sqrtx-3x?

Math check

Divide and simplify to the form a+bi. (-8+i)/(2-3i) Is the answer (23/13)+(43/13)i

Math Algebra check

Solve: 3x^2-11=0 Is the answer" +- sqrt11/3?

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Bobpursley plz help

Can you please check my answers 3. Tx=2x+1,XW=x+7;TW Tx+XW=TW 2x+1+x+7+TW 3x+1+7=TW Answer: 3x+8+TW 4. WX=X+5,TW=4x+5;TX WX+TW=TX x+5+4x+5=TX 5x+5+5=TX 5x+10=TX


can someone please check my answer? -9<==4x-8<==-7 {x l -1/4 <== x <== 1/4} is this correct??


Explain how you could estimate 22% of 78 to check if your answer is reasonable.


Solve the following, then check your answer by graphing. x^2+4y^2=25 y^2-x=1

Math(factoring) plz check

bx - by ANSWER: FACTOR b(x+y)


7/2x - 5/x = 5 solve the equation check your answer


ms sue can u plzzz check my 1nd answer

math--check my answer

stem-and-leaf plot 3| 7 8 9 4| 1 3 7 5| 2 4 37, 38, 39, 41, 43, 47, 52, 54 *** 73, 83, 93, 14, 34, 74, 25, 45 7, 8, 9, 1, 3, 7, 2, 4 37, 38, 39, 14, 34, 74, 25, 45 =


How can you check the answer to a decimal multiplication problem?


Can someone check my answer down below?


2/3 x 4 1/5= 21/5 x 2/3=42/15 42/15=2 12/15 Please check the above answer Ms. Sue. Thank you


Find the slope line of (1,4) and (2,1) -3 3•• -1/3 1/3 Check my answer


Please check (5^3) (5^9) is the answer 60 Need help with this one (3x-2) and (5x^2+3x)

Math Check

Solve the inequality. So i have done this problem at least three times and I keep getting the same answer. But in the back of the book the correct answer for this problem is x<or equal to 5 This is what I did & my answer dosen't match the one in the back of the book: -9(x-3...


Would someone please check my answer for me? 1)The equation x2 + (y + 4)2 = 49 models the boundary on a local map for which Darren can hear his friend Tom on his two-way radio when Darren is at home. How far (in miles) can Tom walk from Darren's home and still be heard? 3.5 ...

Math amortization payments

What amortization payment would be required every six months at 14% interest to pay off a loan that is $35,000 with in four years. answer needs to be rounded to the nearest cent. please check my answer thanks :) $5,861.37

Theories of Child Development

Which of the following is most likely to be a result of a school-age child left unattended at home? A. Obesity B. Loss of friendships C. Inability to complete homework assignments D. Psychological harm My answer is D Can someone check my answer.

Physical Science

Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 10. The _______________ theory of matter states that all particles of matter are in constant motion. (1 point) My Answer: kinetic Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash

microsoft excell 2007

when working with predefined formulas in excel,what category contains the boolean functions? (a)math and trig (b)recently used (c)logical (d)auto sum my answer is c debbie needs to print her table.which of the following is not an excel print program? (a)title (b)table (c)...


What is the simplest solution to the Brachistochrone problem and the Tautochrone problem involving calculus? (I know that the cycloid is the solution but I need a simple calculus proof as to why this is the case)

Spanish 3 Homework

Hi! Can someone check these for me to see if I'm doing them right? Thank you! Directions Re-write the commands in Spanish using object pronouns. Also, the words in parentheses are saying who you are talking to. 1.) (sister) Wash the dishes for me! My answer: Lavaba los platos ...

Algebra: Answer Check

1) 5 = 2t - s 20 = 8t - 4s Answer: Identity 2) 4t - 6s = 2 -6t + 9s = -3 Answer Identity

Math-Median check answer

Find the median of 5, 8, 8, 9, 15, 18, 18, 18 Is the answer 12 ?

Calculus Please Help

Hello I'm reposting this question because right now it's at the bottom and I don't think I will get an answer. Assume that the follwing function gives the position of an object at time t. Find the velocity indicated by setting up and evaluating a limt algebraically. s(t...


(i know i've asked so many questions. i just want to make sure my answers are right for this homework! hopefully it isn't too annoying for you :) ) Find the derivative of the given function. y=(tan^-1)√(3x) A. (1)/(√(1-3x)) B. (1)/(6√(3x(1+3x))) C. (3)/(2(1+...


use Simpson's with n=10 to approx. f(x)= x sin x, 0¡Ü x ¡Ü2¦Ð round to 6 decimal places I know I set up the calculation correctly like this: (pi/15)(f(0)+4f(pi/5)+2f(2pi/5)+...+2f(8pi/5)+4f(9pi/5)+f(2pi) I keep getting a negative answer but I know that the answer is ...

8th grade math

Can you please check my answer? A spherical balloon has a volume of 268 cubic cm. If more air is pumped in so that its radius is 3 times as long, what is its new volume? My answer: 2,412 cubic cm

math help. (check answer)

All the surfaces of the lantern will be made of paper. What is the least amount of paper needed to make the lantern? A. 140 Cm^2 B. 144 Cm^2<---(my answer) C. 180 Cm^2 D. 432 Cm^2 Height = 12 Cm Length = 6 Cm Width = 6 Cm


i have two answers to this problem so am not sure which way I need to do in or should say the order i should do it. lease help??????? problem is 7x-5+3x=6+x-10 what is the order to work this out there is no brackets to this problem 7x-x+3x=6+5-10 6x+3x=11-10 8x=1 ------- 8 8 x...


1.Evaluate: (1/(x*sqrt(x^2-4)) I know the answer is -1/2*arctan(2/sqrt(x^2-4)), but I am having trouble getting to this answer on my own. I know the formula to solve it is 1/a*arctan(x/a) and that a=2, but that's all I know. 2.Find the limit of x^((ln 2)/(1+ln(x))) as x ...


Help meh please Check my answers I suck at dis 1. 4y+3≤y+6 Answer=y≤3 2. -2y>2 Answer=y<-1 3. y/3<-1 Answer=y<-3 4. 3y≤2y+3 Answer= y≤1 5. Sari has to read a book for English class by the end of the week. She wants to read at least 200 pages in the first 5 ...


The smaller of 2 numbers is 10 less than 4 times the greater number. The bigger number is 19 more than the smaller one. If x is the smaller number one equation is: a)x+y=19 b)x=19-y c)y=x+19 d)x=y+19 I'm almost positive it is c I just want to check. A second equation is: a)x=...

Health of young children

Of the following, which action by a teacher is the most appropriate and useful? A.Diagnosing smallpox B.Recording a child's rash C.Interpreting a child's fever D.Reporting that a child looks ill I chose D as my answer can someone check my answer.

Check a chemistry answer

So I think I have done this problem right, I was just wondering if anyone would check over it for me. What mass (in grams) of P2O5 contains 1.20 x 1023 atoms of phosphorus? 1.20E23 atoms of P x (1 mol/ 6.022E23 atoms) x (5 mol O/ 2 mol P) x (1 mol P2O5/ 5 mol O) x (79.995g/ 1 ...


1. Find the amount of time required for an investment to double at a rate of 12.3% if the interest is compounded continuously. MY ANSWER: 5.635 yrs 2. Solve e^(0.2x) < 21.2 by using natural logarithms. MY ANSWER: X<15.270 3. Convert log(base 5) 47 to a natural logarithm ...


Hello I did my math homework, but I need someone to check if I did it right or not. 1. A = z>=4 B = z<7 Write A or B and A and B using interval notation Answer: A or B = (-infinity, infinity) A and B = [4,7) 2. Write the algebraic expression for the following: 8 is less ...


HELP! can you check and help me with some of these? 1. y + 8 = -15 My answer: -7 2.3x = 27 My answer: 9 3. 5 + a = -19 My answer:-24 4. x + 1/3 = 5/6 My answer: NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE 5. -54 = -6y My answer: 9 6. a/3 = -11 My answer: -33 7.19.5 = -39.5 + f My answer: -20 8.p...

math check

Would some please check these and see if I am doing them right thank you 1. Gasoline is about $2 per gallon. You use about 1 1/2 gallons each day driving to and from work. How much should you budget for gasoline over the next month (about 20 workdays)? Answer 1 1/2 x $2.00 = $...


Given f(x)=2x^3-7 find f^-1(x) and then find f^-1(-2) I though that this meant inverse function. x=2y^3-7 x+7=2y^3 (x+7)/2=y^3 ((x+7)/2)^(1/3)=y so this meant f^-1(-2) = 1.35721 The professor posted the answer as being 6. I'm not sure if I misunderstood the question or if I'm ...

pre calculus

The base of an Isosceles triangle is half as long as the two equal sides. Write the area of the triangle as a function of the length of the base. the answer is: A=a^2times the square root of 15 ------------------------------ 4 How did they get this answer? Thanks!


correct me if I'm wrong please. 1. What is the value of Lim 2x+3/4x-5 when x>00 (infinity?) a.-3/5 b.0 c.1/2 <.. my answer d.1 2. An object moves according to the law s = t^2 + 5t - 8. What is the average rate of change of s with respect to t in the interval t to (t + ...


I have a question about how to plug in numbers on my calculator (TI-30XIIS) to get an answer. How would I put in my calculator... ln 1.00X 10-2 mol/L /1.65 X 10-2 mol/L to get-0.501? I keep getting the wrong answer...


is my answer to this question correct A spherical balloon is losing air at the rate of 2 cubic inches per minute. How fast is the radius of the ballon shrinking when the radius is 8 inches. Answer= .0024


Can you please check these questions, too? Thank you. 1) Answer four of the following six questions. For each question write ten lines only. 2)Do not exceed the space provided. One of your four answer will be evaluated as an oral test.


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