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  1. Chemistry

    What is the zeff value for a valence electron in an oxygen atom? An explanation would be much appreciated.
  2. chemistry

    Is it appropriate to call a soft drink an aqueous solution? Justify your answer.
  3. chemistry

    Calculate the grams of solute needed to prepare each of the following. 55.0 ml of a 6.50 hcl solution.
  4. Chemistry

    How many moles of acetic acid are present in 10.00 mL if the concentration is 0.500M HC2H3O2?
  5. chemistry

    Write a Lewis structure of OSF4 in which the formal charges of all atoms are zero
  6. chemistry

    Balance by partial methods P4 + hno3 = h3po4+ no2+h2o
  7. Chemistry

    Please give me the formula for measuring turbidity. I already know about the wikipedia defintion and explanation. Thanks
  8. Chemistry

    All the following are necessary parts of a neutralization reaction except A) an acid B) an indicator C) water D) a salt.
  9. chemistry

    can you please explain to me why a common ion lowers the solubility of an ionic compound
  10. chemistry

    What aldehyde and primary alcohol might be oxidized to yield 4-methylcyclohexanoic acid?
  11. organic chemistry

    Draw structural formula 4-propyl-1-methyl-cyclohexene
  12. Chemistry

    #26 The Ksp of lead(II) carbonate, PbCO3, is 7.40 × 10-14. Calculate the solubility of this compound in g/L.
  13. Chemistry

    #25 The Ksp of nickel(II) hydroxide, Ni(OH)2, is 5.84 × 10-16. Calculate the molar solubility of this compound.
  14. chemistry

    Which is the correct expression for Keq when the chemical reaction is as follows: N2 + 3H2 2NH3.
  15. Chemistry

    Convert 29.8 atm into torr I did this 29.8(1/760) and got 22648 but its not going online as correct
  16. Chemistry

    Convert 29.8 atm into torr I did this 29.8(1/760) and got 22648 but its not going online as correct
  17. Chemistry

    Balance the Following Equations. _MgSo3+_HNO3->_Mg(NO3)2+_H2SO3
  18. Chemistry

    If PbF2 is poured into a solution of 0.012 molar F-, how much will dissolve at equilibrium?
  19. Chemistry

    What is the name for the following coordination compound or ion? Na3[Cr (NH3) NO2 Cl3]
  20. chemistry

    I don;t understand this question. NaOH(aq)+H3PO4(aq)¨Na3PO4(pq)+H2O(l)
  21. Chemistry

    If 25.9 mL of 300 M NaCl is diluted to 136 mL, what is the molarity of the dilute solution?
  22. Chemistry

    Which metal ion produces the light with the highest energy? a. Na+ b. Ca+ c. K+ d. Ba2+
  23. Chemistry

    How to determine the energy in J calories and K to convert one pound of ice to steam
  24. chemistry

    If you burn methane(CH4)and methyl alcohol(CH3OH)which gives off more heat
  25. chemistry

    What is the chemical composition of ozone, carbon dioxide, salt and water
  26. Chemistry

    Why is it important to have the correct bond angles of the different atoms and the shape of the molecule?
  27. chemistry

    what is the product of reaction K3(Al(C2O4)3).3H2O with KMnO4 in the present of H2SO4?
  28. chemistry

    Classify each of the following mixtures as homogeneous or heterogeneous: 1. Shampoo 2. Vegetable Oil
  29. chemistry

    how many grams of NaOH would be needed to make 896mL of a 139 M solution
  30. chemistry

    why would a polystyrene cup be used in an exothermic reaction between HCl and NaOH instead of a beaker?
  31. organic chemistry

    Is it possible to reduce an aldehyde and a ketone at the same time with sodium borohydride?
  32. chemistry

    c6+h6+o2=co2+h2o in acidic medium balance by oxidation method
  33. college chemistry

    How do you calculate delta[S2O8 2-] in iodine clock reaction?
  34. Chemistry

    What are the pros and cons of using the lewis structure? What I have so far is that it shows the shape of the compound.
  35. chemistry

    calculate the momentum of a particle ,whose de Broglie's wave length is 0.1nm ?
  36. chemistry

    Estimate the volume of one sodium atom using its metallic radius of 186pm please help
  37. chemistry

    using a universal ph paper to test the Ph of purple grape juice is unlikely to be successful why
  38. Chemistry

    For an equation N2(g)+3H2(g) double arrowed to give 2NH3(g) what is the catalyst?
  39. chemistry

    If 39.2 of 0.177 is required to neutralize completely 22.0 solution, what is the molarity of the acid?
  40. Chemistry

    Do you have a site where I can have notes on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Spectroscopy. Thank you What do you want to know?
  41. Chemistry

    If 135 g of ice at 0.0°C is added to 2.96 L of water at 85°C, what is the final temperature of the mixture?
  42. chemistry

    Why is it important to make sure that the volume of water and the starting temperature are the same in each trial ?
  43. Chemistry

    If you add hydrochloric acid (HCl) to magnesium (Mg) metal, what will you observe?
  44. chemistry

    how many numbers of oxygen molecules are present in 3 litres of CO2 at STP?
  45. chemistry

    what weight of solid CaCl2 would you need to prepare 500 ML of 0.150 M CoCL2
  46. Chemistry

    Explain the relation between muscles, ATP energy, and the calcium ion
  47. chemistry

    How many moles of O2 are needed to combine with 0.646 mol Al to give Al2O3?
  48. chemistry

    How many moles of O2 are needed to combine with 0.646 mol Al to give Al2O3?
  49. Organic chemistry

    What are the examples of compounds extracted by solvent diethyl ether?
  50. chemistry

    What are connections among electron configuarations, the periodic table, and chemical behavior?
  51. Chemistry

    What is the pH at the equivalence point when 0.10 M HNO_3 is used to titrate a volume of solution containing 0.30 g of KOH?
  52. Chemistry

    If 17.0 g Al reacts with 25.0 g O2, how much excrsss reagent will remain? 4Al + 3O2 —> 2 Al2O3
  53. 9th grade chemistry

    How do you determine the density of 22 ml of a blue liquid that has a mass of 51.1g
  54. Chemistry Subatomic particles

    What data led to the need for change in Daltons ideas?
  55. chemistry

    why does a gas convert directly to liquid without passing through the solid state
  56. chemistry!

    how many moles of product are formed in the reaction? 2Al(s),3Cl2(g)--->2AlCl3(s) please help me!! thank you so much
  57. Chemistry Subatomic particles

    What data led to the need for change in Daltons ideas?
  58. chemistry

    P4 + HNO3 = H3PO4 + NO2 + H20 by partial method balancing
  59. Chemistry

    How much energy is required to raise the temperature of a 34.4g Al bar from 20.0 to 35.5 degrees celcius?
  60. chemistry

    According to the reaction below, how many grams of lithium oxide could be produced from 3.1 moles LiCl?
  61. chemistry

    how many moles are in a 65L sample of chlorine gas at 10degrees Celcius?
  62. chemistry

    double indicator titration of phosphoric acid with sodium hydroxide
  63. chemistry

    how many joules of heat are used in raising temp of 25 g of water from 20 to 35 degrees celcius
  64. Chemistry

    What is the group 3A element that forms the most basic oxide? I thought it was TI, why isn't it? thanks
  65. chemistry

    How many grams of methane gas (CH4) are in a 15.8 liter sample at 1.2 atmospheres and 27°C
  66. chemistry grade 12

    If air contains 78% in water at 25degree centgrad .what is the concentration of nitrogen?
  67. chemistry

    Explain how you would convert from number of atoms of a specific element to its mass??
  68. chemistry

    invent a term to describe a certain number of something you use that isn't already being used. Define and explain
  69. chemistry

    How many milliliters of 4.50 M HCl must be diluted to make 400. mL of a 0.500 M solution?
  70. chemistry

    what volume of 1.5M NaOH would be required to neutralize 0.65g of pure aspirin?
  71. Chemistry

    what is the solubility of Pb(NO3)2, PbCl2, PbCrO4, and PbS from highest to lowest
  72. chemistry

    if you react magnesium solution and lead powder together is there a temperature change?
  73. Chemistry

    Balance the equation and write the reaction-quotient expression, Qc. U(s) + F2 (g) <----> UF6 (g)
  74. chemistry

    an ionic equation has 2H+(AQ)on the left side and H2(g) on the right. Are these species spectators? explain.
  75. Chemistry

    Calculate the maximum concentrations of Pb+ that can exist in 3.0 x 10(-2)M Na2SO4 without forming a precipitate.
  76. Chemistry

    I need the structural formulas for the organic compound trans 3,4,5-triethyl-2-octyene
  77. chemistry

    How many milliliters of water has been dispensed if the initial buret reading was 0.45 mL and the final is 20.33 mL?
  78. chemistry

    What is the volume occupied by 0.252mol of helium gas at 1.35atm and 305K ?
  79. Chemistry 12th

    How can you prepared to benzo phenol from phenyl magnetium bromide
  80. chemistry

    'electrolysis of dilute aqueous solutions kcl,cucl2,kl,agno3'?
  81. chemistry

    how many grams of NaCl should be added in 15ml which must have a final concentration of 10mM
  82. chemistry

    write out the reactions that convert the chromate ion into chromium peroxide.
  83. chemistry

    How many moles of O2 are needed to combine with 0.288 mol Al to give Al2O3?
  84. chemistry

    how many milliliters of10.0m Hc(aq) are needed to prepare 890.0 ml of 1.00m Hcl(aq)
  85. chemistry

    what is the half reactions for C12H22O11+ 8KClO2 => 12CO2 + 11H2O + 8KCl
  86. chemistry

    what is the total pressure in a gas mixture of 100 mm hg O2, 820 mm hg N2, and 1.5 mm hg CO2?
  87. Chemistry

    I don't get this problem... 6.0 N H2SO4 = ________ M How can you solve for Molarity without mL? Thanks, much appreciated!
  88. Chemistry

    If ununseptium (element 117) reacts with oxygen what would be equation of the product? Thanks so much!
  89. Chemistry

    The only strongly electropositive metal that will not form a saline hydride is what element?
  90. Chemistry

    Melted potassium chloride conducts an electric current. explain.
  91. chemistry

    How many molecules are in 105 g of sugar (C12H22O11)? Answer in units of molec
  92. chemistry

    What quantity of heat is required to warm 53.7 g of liquid water from 0°C to 100°C?
  93. Chemistry

    What would the net ionic equation be for : HBr (aq) + KOH (aq) = KBr + H2O
  94. chemistry

    Approximately what electronegativity difference would you expect for a polar covalent bond?
  95. Chemistry

    How many moles of Al2O3 exist in 250.0 g of sample? Please help tried still can't understand how to get it. Need before tomorrow. Thanks so much.
  96. chemistry

    Why can't lead chloride be directly prepared by adding hydrochloric acid?
  97. Chemistry

    Mercury has a melting point of - 38. 9°C. what would this read in degrees Fahrenheit the and kelvin
  98. chemistry

    Which of the following diatomic molecules are isoelectronic to BN? Check all that apply. a)NO b)BeN c)C2 d)BeC
  99. chemistry

    A radio broadcasts at 101.3 Megahertz. What is the wavelength of the signal in meters?
  100. Chemistry

    @ 20 degrees C is 6g CuSO4 in 25g of H2O saturated or unsaturated? How do I figure this out?
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