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  1. chemistry

    calculate the grammes of oxygen which would be evolved on heating 5g of potassium trioxochlorate(v)
  2. chemistry

    if your smoke detector contains 0.10 mg of 241Am how long will it take to decay 1.25times10 to the second power
  3. chemistry

    please explain How % errors would affected the mass/moles of substances in lab?
  4. chemistry

    help balance this redox equation: HNO3 + Zn(s) <==> NO(s) + ZnO ...i know i need H2O and possibly H+
  5. Chemistry

    How many electron domains are around the central atom ina water molecule?
  6. Chemistry

    How many moles of a gas are present in 2.0L cylinder at 1.50 atmospheres and 17 degree's celcius?
  7. Chemistry

    In Standardization of NaOH, why can the flasks you put your samples of acid into be wet?
  8. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of grams necessary of C6H12O6 to make 1.00 ml of 0.025 M glucose.
  9. Chemistry

    Which element has no stalbe isotopes: 82Pb, 27Co, 51Sb or 90Th?
  10. General Chemistry

    A solution of LiCl in water has XLiCl = 0.0800. What is the molality?
  11. Chemistry

    Could someone tell me how to use SI prefixes to convert within the SI unit system or link me to a website that teaches this? Thanks
  12. Organic Chemistry

    I have the linear formula of CH3CH2OLi and I'm trying to draw the structure with charges. Not really sure how. Please help.
  13. Chemistry

    Calculate the standard enthalpy change of the reaction ClO(g)+O3->ClO2(g)+O2(g)
  14. AP Chemistry

    Which of the following sets of quantum numbers are allowed for an electron in a hydrogen atom? a)n=3, l=0, ml=0 b)n=4,l=1,ml=-1 c)n=2,l=1,ml=-2
  15. chemistry

    If 124 g of ice at 0.0°C is added to 1.36 L of water at 90 °C, what is the final temperature of the mixture?
  16. Chemistry

    Find the number of atoms in 138 grams of nickel. I'm not sure where to start. Can anyone help me?
  17. chemistry

    Explain why the urea in particular, or amides in general, are much weaker bases than amines?
  18. chemistry

    What is the nuclear symbol for the radioactive isotope of copper with a mass number of 60?
  19. chemistry

    what is the external pressur, if ethanol is boiling at a temperature of 70 degrees celsius
  20. chemistry(help please)

    Which acid,if it reacts in tincture of NaOH forms sodium hypochlorite?
  21. chemistry

    How many milliliters of water must be added to 153.2 mL of 2.73 M KOH to give a 1.68 M solution?
  22. chemistry

    what are the products of a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride if the electrodes used are inert
  23. chemistry

    How long would it take to melt a 400 lb.block of ive at a temperature of 55 degrees
  24. chemistry

    Calculate the number of moles of each of the ions in the following solution: 30.8 mL of 0.507 M AlCl3
  25. Chemistry

  26. chemistry

    how much ethyl alcohol must be added to 1.00l of water so that the solution will not freeze at -4f
  27. ics

    Chemistry,what is the k.e of 4 moles of nitrogen gas at 127 degree centigrade?
  28. chemistry

    By what factor is the rate of a reaction changed if an enzyme lowers the Ea by 9.0 kJ/mol at 37°C?
  29. chemistry

    How much ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) must be added to 1.00 L of water so that the solution will not freeze at -4°F?
  30. Chemistry

    What mass of electrons would be required to just neutralize the charge of 2.5 grams of protons?
  31. chemistry

    how many grams of carbon dioxide can be produced by burning 7.04moles of propane
  32. chemistry

    Vacuum filtration is avoided when crystals are isolated from a very volatile solvent. why?
  33. chemistry

    How many grams of HCl are formed from reaction of 3.58g of H2 with 8.90g of Cl2?
  34. Chemistry

    How can you tell if [ MnCl6]4- or [ Mn(CN)6 ] 4- has the longer wavelength of light? and then how do you figure out how many unpaired electrons each has?
  35. chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen are required to react with 0.128 lead(II) sulfide?
  36. Chemistry

    Estimate the percent ionic character of the BrF bond using this graph:
  37. Chemistry

    What are some of the distinctive properties of gases with respect to: density, volume, shape?

    Find the number of SiO2 formula units in m = 1.90g of quartz.
  39. chemistry

    What is the complete ionic equation for CaS(aq) +CuCl2(aq)=CuS(s)+CaCl2(aq)
  40. Chemistry

    Is Zn+2 diamagnetic or paramagnetic? I am a little confused on how to figure this out and I'm finding inconsistent answers when I tried to look this up. Thanks!
  41. Chemistry

    How can you tell if [ MnCl6]4- or [ Mn(CN)6 ] 4- has the longer wavelength of light? and then how do you figure out how many unpaired electrons each has?
  42. chemistry

    write chemical equations for the reactions when you put each Al, Fe, Cu in 0.5M Al2(SO4)3
  43. chemistry

    what is the pH of the solution formed when 25 mL of 0.173 M NaOH is added to 35 mL of 0.342 M HCl?
  44. Chemistry

    Compare and Contrast the motion of particles in a solid , liquid and gas?
  45. chemistry

    what is the pH of the solution formed when 25 mL of 0.173 M NaOH is added to 35 mL of 0.342 M HCl?
  46. Chemistry

    Identify the intermolecular attractive force(s) that must be overcome to vaporize CH3Cl(l).
  47. Chemistry

    How many joules are needed to change 163.34 g of water at 54.1 °C to steam at 100 °C?
  48. chemistry

    Which of the following bases could you write an equilibrium expression for? A. Ba(OH)2 B. KOH C. NaOH D. NH3
  49. chemistry

    A hot recrystallization solution is not filtered unless absolutely necessary.give reason.
  50. Chemistry

    What is the formula of the precipitate formed from the precipitation reaction of Li2CO3 and ZnCl2?
  51. chemistry

    what is the total pressure in a gas mixture of 100 mm hg O2, 820 mm hg N2, and 1.5 mm hg CO2?
  52. Chemistry

    Calculate the change in heat for the reaction SO2 + 1/2O2 --> SO3
  53. AP Chemistry

    The formula for rust can be represented by Fe2O3. How many moles of Fe are present in 24.6 g of the compound?
  54. chemistry

    freezin point of the solution 25.5g c7h11no7s in 1 x 100gh2O (nonionizing solute)
  55. Organic Chemistry

    what is the major product of a reaction with 1-butene and Br2 in water?
  56. Chemistry

    How many joules of heat are required to raise the temperature of 550 g of water from 12°C to 18°C
  57. chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical equation for the dissolution of magnesium sulphate
  58. chemistry

    how many grams of oxygen are formed when 500gof dinitrogen monoxide decomposes?
  59. College Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 0.5 M Formic Acid (HCOOH) soln. ka= 0.00018
  60. Chemistry

    How many joules of heat when a 640 g piece of copper cools from 375° C to 26° C
  61. Chemistry

    Calculate the [h3o+] of the following polyprotic acid solution: 0.135 M H2CO3
  62. College Chemistry

    How many grams of BaCl2 are needed to make a 250mL of 15% solution?
  63. Chemistry

    The formula for magnesium carbonate is MgCO3. What is the charge of the cation in Ag2CO3? Would it be +1 or +2 because there are two of Ag?
  64. Chemistry

    What is the precipitation of CaSO4 and Na2CO3 when mixed? What is the net ionic equation?
  65. chemistry

    What mass in grams of potassium hydroxide is cntained in 500 mL of solution that has a pH of 11.5?
  66. chemistry

    3. What volume of 0.18M Na2CO3 would neutralize 25ml of the HCL solution?
  67. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the following aqueous solution: 1.00 mol/L sulfuric acid, H2SO4(aq)
  68. Chemistry

    2.0 gram of C2H4 is reacted withO2. What mass of water is produced?
  69. chemistry

    How many grams of table sugar (C12H22O11) will be needed to make 3.5 L of a 11.5 M solution?
  70. chemistry

    how many atoms of each element are present in five formula units of calcium permanganate?
  71. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by mixing 50 mL of NH3 0.1 M (Kb = 1.8•10–5 mol/L) and 25 mL of HCl 0.2 M.
  72. Ap Chemistry

    What is the energy of a photon corresponding to radio waves of frequency 1.465 106 /s?
  73. chemistry

    Why adding NH4OH to Al3+ , forms Al(OH)3 and not complex ion Al(NH3)3 ? thanks so much
  74. chemistry

    find the molar mass of 7.5gm of a gas occupying 5.8 lt volume at s.t.p.
  75. Chemistry

    What mass of NaCl can be dissolved in 7.50 X 10 (to the 2nd)grams of water at 25 degrees C?
  76. chemistry

    Why is water a liquid but carbon dioxide a gas at room temperature.
  77. chemistry

    calculate the mass of naso4 needed to prepare of 0.5L of 0.15M of solution
  78. Chemistry

    Which of these gases would you expect to have the largest van der Waals constant a? a. H2 b. HF c. F2
  79. Chemistry

    Please explain what is the photoelectric effect and how light has particle-like properties? I do not understand.
  80. chemistry

    Dissolve 50g of sodium hydroxide in 1 litres and determine the normality
  81. Chemistry

    Which value is most likely to be the pH of a salt that is formed by the reaction of a strong acid and a weak base
  82. Chemistry

    Ammonium phosphate and nickel(II) nitrate solutions are mixed, what precipitates out?
  83. chemistry

    vapour density of gas is 11.2 volume occupied by 22.4gms at STP?
  84. Chemistry

    What is the frequency of the photons emitted by hydrogen atoms when they undergo transition from n=4 to n=3?
  85. chemistry

    DETERMINE the enthalpy for the reaction CH4(g)+NH3(g)->HCN(g)+3H2(g)
  86. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution prepared to contain 155 grams of HCl in 200.0 mL? Can you tell me how to do it? I can't remember how...
  87. chemistry (molecular calculations)

    If you had 78.2 grams of K, how much oxygen is needed to convert it all to K2O?
  88. Chemistry Lab

    Does the pressure exerted by a gas depend on its molar mass?
  89. chemistry home work

    2 examples on sediment plz reply fast...
  90. Chemistry

    What is the density of carbon monoxide gas at 127 celcius and 763 mm Hg?
  91. Organic Chemistry

    What would have happened if we had forgotten to neutralize the aqueous solution before recrystallization?
  92. chemistry

    predict the type of reaction that occurs between liquid pentanol and oxygen.
  93. ap chemistry

    pentane is burned completely in oxygen gas. what is the balanced equation?
  94. Chemistry

    the mass of 4 moles of Co2 is ? (1)22g (2)44g (3)88g (4)176g please help !
  95. Chemistry

    State the full electron configuration of a free nitrogen atom.
  96. chemistry

    what is an example of autocatalysis? what will the graph of the rate of an autocatalytic reaction versus time look like?
  97. Chemistry

    How many molts of H2O would be produced if 3.61 molt HCI react with an excess of Ca(OH)2?
  98. Chemistry

    How many moles of H2O would be produced if 3.61 molt HCI react with an excess of Ca(OH)2?
  99. Chemistry

    how many moles of water are contained in 0.250 mile of CuSO4 * 5H2O? please help me
  100. chemistry... HELPP

    What is the cell potential for the reaction Mg(s) + Fe^2+(aq) -----> Mg^2+(aq) + Fe (s) at 63 degrees celsius when [Fe^2+]= 3.30 M and [Mg^2+]= 0.110 M
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