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  1. chemistry

    Write an equation for the formation of ions whe KOH is dissolved in H2O
  2. chemistry

    how many sublevels exist in the fourth principle energy level? a) 2 b) 4 c) 16 d) an infinite number
  3. chemistry

    write the formulas and give the names of the compounds formed by the following ions a) Cr^2+ and F^- b) Ni^2+ and O^2 and c) Fe^3+ and O^2-
  4. chemistry

    when a charged rod is brougth closer to a stream of ethanol it bends? explain why?
  5. chemistry

    How do I predict the formula for the ionic compounds when I combine? Cr(+3) and chlorate Na(+1) and carbonate K(+1) andsulfate
  6. chemistry

    How do I predict the formula for the ionic compounds when I combine? Cr(+3) and chlorate Na(+1) and carbonate K(+1) andsulfate

  8. chemistry

    Given the following solubilities, calculate the value of the Ksp for Copper(II) Sulfide, 8.89 x 10^-19
  9. chemistry

    Hi DrBob, I was wondering if you can help me with a few questions? If you can I would truly appreciate your time
  10. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of the following aqueous solution: 1.00 mol/L sulfuric acid, H2SO4(aq)
  11. Chemistry (reactions)

    Ch3Ch2Ch2MgBr + H2O = I just need to complete the reaction not balance it.
  12. Chemistry

    Calculate the maximum concentrations of Pb+ that can exist in 3.0 x 10(-2)M Na2SO4 without forming a precipitate.
  13. chemistry

    is it better to describe a buffered solution as resisting or preventing all changes in pH? why?
  14. Chemistry

    Does a catalyst affect a reversible equation like the kind in my earlier post?
  15. chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for the following reaction?FeCl3(aq)+3LiOH(aq) -> Fe(OH)3(s)+3LiCl(aq)
  16. chemistry

    Using molecular polarities, discuss the solubility of the carboxylic acids in water.
  17. chemistry

    Where can I find the reaction that produces ethyl formate, which is Methanol and Methanoic acid?
  18. chemistry

    What are some example of mild and strong oxidizer that are used in organic synthesis? Thanks
  19. chemistry

    Write the reaction equation for calcium carbide producing ethanoic acid
  20. Chemistry

    The molecular structure around all the carbons in ethanol is ________ I don't know what to put
  21. Chemistry

    How do you balance oxidation-reduction reactions. I have all the steps, but I don't understand.
  22. Chemistry 1

    How do i balance this equation out? Na2S2O2 + I2 ---> NaI+ Na2S4O6 thank you soo much! =D
  23. chemistry

    An amine is characterized by what functional group? A.-CO2CH3 B.-NH2 C.-CO2H D.-CHO E.-OH
  24. Science (Chemistry)

    What would happen if water molecules were sraight instead of angled?
  25. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of water produced from the reaction of 24.0 g of H2 and 160.0 g of O2. What is the limiting reagent?
  26. Chemistry

    Why do you need to remove the chromatogram before the solvent reaches the upper edge?
  27. Chemistry

    4 NH3 + 5 O2 --> 4 NO + 6 H2O. How many grams of O2 are required to product 90 g of NO? Please assist in solving.
  28. chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of a silver ion when the solubility product constant of AgI is 10^-16
  29. Chemistry

    You are asked to prepare 0.15 M HCl from a 36% W/v stock solution.Describe the procedure of the preparation.
  30. chemistry

    If the Kelvin temperature of 2 L of a gas at STP doubles, the new volume would be
  31. Chemistry

    10.0 g of H2SO4 are added to 50. 0 mL of water. Is the answer 200. If not how do you approach the problem to get the solution.
  32. URGENT chemistry

    What pressure is exerted by 0.625 mol of a gas in a 45.4 L container at -24.0ÂșC
  33. chemistry

    describe briefly how the particular structure of a neuron relates to it's function in the body
  34. Chemistry

    How would you convert these? Metric conversions 1. 2000 mg = _______g 2. 5.6 m = _____________cm 11. 16 cm = ______________mm
  35. Chemistry

    Describe the manner in which ketohexose acts as a reducing sugar in the Benedict test.
  36. chemistry

    How many moles of H2(g) will be formed in the reaction between 0.99mol CaH2(s)and 1.43mol water ?
  37. history/chem

    can someone briefly explain what did aristotle and what did plato contribute to chemistry?
  38. chemistry

    what products would be obtained if chromium oxide was mixed with sulpheric acid
  39. Chemistry

    What volume of 4.5 M Acetic Acid is needed to neutralize 567.4 g sodium carbonate? ?
  40. chemistry

    If the Kelvin temperature of 2 L of a gas at STP doubles, the new volume would be what ?
  41. chemistry/math

    If aluminum has a density of 2.78 g/ml, how much space would 32 grams occupy?
  42. chemistry

    what is a summary of observed behavior? maybe im thinking about it too much and its simple but im lost! HELP
  43. Chemistry

    How many grams of phosphorus react with 31.3 L of O2 at STP to form tetraphosphorus decaoxide? P4(s) + 5 O2(g) -> P4O10(s)
  44. chemistry

    What would the standard cell potential in volts be for Mn(s) + 2Ce4+(aq) -> Mn2+(aq) + 2Ce3+(aq)?
  45. Chemistry

    I don't understand how periodic trends relate to Zeff (effective nuclear charge)

    Arrange the following ions in order of increasing size: Br- Ca2+ K+ Se2-
  47. chemistry

    calculate the number of Mg2+ ions in each mL of 0.162M(molarity) magnesium bromide
  48. chemistry

    If 80g KNO(3) is mixed with 100g water at 30 degrees C how much will not dissolve?
  49. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of concentrated hydrochloric acid if this solution is 24.8 % HCl by weight and has a density of 1.16 g/mL.
  50. Chemistry

    What is the geometry of S2O82- its basically two SO4 molecules connected by the O-O bond
  51. Chemistry

    How many moles of each of the following are needed to provide 1.0 osmol? a)CaBr2 b)NaOH c)Al(NO3)3
  52. chemistry

    Build the orbital diagram for the ion most likely formed by phosphorus.
  53. chemistry

    I need help with this question. What should be the cell potential if the [Cu2+] is 1.0 x 10-5 mol/L? please help
  54. Chemistry

    How can you tell that Iron and Sulphur have formed a mixture before they are heated?
  55. Chemistry

    What is another name ordiagram of 2-butene and hydroiodic acid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  56. Chemistry

    What is another name or diagram of 2-butene and hydroiodic acid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  57. chemistry

    draw the structure of 2,4-dimethyl-3-ethyl-2-heptanol and give the molecular formula.
  58. chemistry,acid and alkali.

    What is the pH of organs, e.g, the stomach and liver? I only need 3 or 4 , pleeeeeeeeeeeease help?
  59. Chemistry

    In group 16 of the periodic table, electronegativity decreases as you go from top to bottom, correct?
  60. chemistry

    What are connections among electron configuarations, the periodic table, and chemical behavior?
  61. 9th grade chemistry

    what is the name for CsF? i had cesium flouride but it's wrong... help?
  62. Reduction

    when NaBH4 is used as a reducing agent in organic chemistry, is the B or the H being oxidized?
  63. chemistry

    In the solid phase extraction and fractionation of grape juice, why is the ph of the sample adjusted to 7?
  64. chemistry

    besides a splint test, how can you determine whether hydrogen or oxygen is present?
  65. Chemistry

    Calculate the heat released when 25.0 grams of water freezes at 0 degrees celsius.
  66. Grade 11 chemistry

    Describe why the incomplete combustion of a hydrocarbon in an enclosed area can be dangerous.
  67. chemistry

    What information can be obtainted by knowing the electronegativity difference between two atoms?
  68. chemistry

    arent the allotropes of carbon diamond buckminsterfullerene(or whatever its called haha) and graphite?
  69. chemistry

    what does small electronegativity difference reveal about the strength of a covalent bond?
  70. chemistry

    Why do we use a boiling solution when carrying out oxidation- reduction titration?
  71. chemistry

    In terms of electronic configuration and bonding, why is xenon regarded as an unreactive gas?
  72. Chemistry

    How would i explain the readiness of allyl alcohol to react with the Lucas test???? Thanks!!
  73. chemistry

    -Why do most atoms form chemical bonds? -What is the purpose of control in an experiment?
  74. chemistry need help asap

    how do you balance these equations? Ag2O -> Ag + O2 C6H6 +O2 -> CO2 + H2O
  75. chemistry

    describe how to prepare laboratory test Co2 through a dry sample?
  76. Chemistry!!

    At what initial concentration would a solution of acetic acid (ka=1.8x10^-5) be 2% ionized? THANKS! -J
  77. Chemistry

    At what initial concentration would a solution of acetic acid (ka=1.8x10^-5) be 2% ionized? Thanks
  78. Organic Chemistry Please help!

    1. How could you distinguish between cyclohexane and cyclohexene using IR only?
  79. Chemistry

    When acetic acid reacts with sodium hydroxide, what are the two products that are formed?
  80. chemistry

    Dose the law of conservation work when doing an expirement with vinegar and baking soda.
  81. college chemistry

    How do I name the following compounds; K2S2O8, S2O8{-2}, Na2S2O3 and S2O3{-2}
  82. organic chemistry

    What compounds gives diethylamine, on reduction with lithium aluminum hydride?
  83. Chemistry

    Atoms stick together in bonds to form molecules. What is responsible for this sticking? Thank you.
  84. Chemistry

    In an acid/base titration, why must the indicator (phenolphthalein) be a strong dye?
  85. Chemistry

    Since we say that sand is silicon dioxide,it is considered a compound and not a mixture?
  86. Chemistry

    Which liquid is more viscous at room temperature water or molasses? explain
  87. chemistry

    30 ml of 0.1M sodium acetate and 15 ml of 0.1 M hydrochloric acid was mixed together. What is the pH of the resulting solution?
  88. chemistry

    The densities of the liquid and solid states of a substance are often similar. Explain.
  89. Chemistry

    Describe the processes involved in the equilibrium that exists between a liquid and its vapor.
  90. chemistry

    Does anyone know the proper name for Thiophene, using the Hantzsch-Widmann nomenclature system?
  91. Chemistry

    what effect does a catalyst have on.. a) energy of the reactants b) enthalpy change of the reaction
  92. chemistry

    What is the titer of the iodine solution of the .1000g sample of pure ascorbic acid 25.32 ml I2
  93. Chemistry

    1. What is plastic bags composed of? (polymers or something like that?) 2. What properties do they have? Thank you!
  94. chemistry

    Does the complex ion [Co(en)2Cl2]^+ have cis-trans geometric isomers?
  95. chemistry help

  96. chemistry

    Define the following concepts a. standard solution b. mole c. molar mass
  97. Chemistry

    How many electron pairs surround an atom of nitrogen (N, element 7) in the compund NF3?
  98. Chemistry

    Are substances with an HO- Alcohols? What about items that are O-C with a O double bonded to the C and above it? Are they acids? Thanks!
  99. Chemistry

    How do you identify the most stable carbocation? Is it the one with more bulky substituents?
  100. Organic Chemistry

    What is the name of the product made from acetone and 4-methylbenzaldehyde in an aldol condensation?
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