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Compters and software in a bussiness

How are computers and software aplications utilized in a bussiness setting to solve bussiness problems?


what is aims mean


what are the tyoes of bussiness intergrtion


Do tariffs protect American jobs and wages.

bussiness math

how to solve future value of the annuity?

bussiness math

how does a decimal,such as 3.33 3/5 convert to a percent?

Bussiness Economics

disadvantages of specialization and division of labour

bussiness math lit and tourism

What university and job can I get


Seven bits of information at a time this mean that you should:


could you give me the definitions for these two and could tell me the disadvantages and the advantages -franchiser -franchisee

bussiness math

what is the effective rate of $18,000 invested for one year at 8.0%,compounded semiannually?

bussiness math

Find the net date for an invoice dated August 7, with terms 4/20, 50 Extra. (Points : 2)

bussiness managment

Describe the driving business forces in both the foreign and domestic environment. In what ways do they operate differently? Why?

bussiness low

How and why fraud invalidates a contract This subject example of undue influence and duress that can arise in the business context



business study

why i cant understand in bussiness study delphi what really about and to solve some problem?


Your boss has asked you to help new employees understand uses of data in systems-operation management and the various statistical process controls they will experience on a daily basis.


Should financial managers in non-profit organizations be compensated equally to their counterparts in profit‑seeking firms? Why or why not?

bussiness maths

using the graphical method solve the following linear programing problem maxmise objective function p=3x+y.subject to following constrains 6x+4y<48:3x+6y<42 x>0;y>0


Select a management function (planning, directing and motivating, or controlling) and explain how that function relates to business as a whole. Minimum 150 words.

bussiness law

identify and protect the tangible property rights of walmart (retail) relating to discriminatory issues and the associated legal considerations. I have searched Google and my book and I can not find this. PLEASE HELP


do you have any good bussiness ideas that i could use. to raise some money for the poor. (just so you know i am one of those people who care unlike other people.)

bussiness math

what is the actual cost. you buy 12 rocking chairs wholesale. The invoice list price is $420. the series discounts are 20/10; the discounts are 3/10, 2/15, 1/25, 0/30. you pay the bill 12 days after recieving it.


When incorprating a business, which one of the following is not a major step to take? A.Preparation of articles of incorporation. B.Filing your employee policies with the proper state agency. C. Preparations of bylaws. D. Holding an incorporator's meeting. I pick B.

Basic Operations and Bussiness Basics

A store owner buys supplys from a vender for $8,450. The terms of sale are 2/10, n/30.What will be the net amount due if the owner pays the bill by the 10th day after he receives the supplies?

Bussiness management

a college teacher told his students,management course is to teach students about management not to become managers.Do you agree or disagree with this statement. Discuss your answer


250-word essay in the description of a business scenario, real or fiction that depicts each of the following forms of bussiness organization: joint-stock company, liability company, sole proprietorship, and partnership

bussiness math

A local Wal-Mart sells sweatpants ($7) and jackets ($14). If total sales were $6,160 and customers bought 8 times as many sweatpants as jackets, what would be the number of jackets sold?


In what way is each of the following a marketing activity? a. The provision of sufficient parking space for customers at a suburban shopping mall b. The purchase by clothing store of seven dozen sweaters in assorted sizes and colors c. The inclusion of a longer and more ...


1.Please calculate how many cartons (rounded number) a 20ft GP Container can accommodate respectively according to the information above. 20ft GP container:cartons

Bussiness Math

Clarette purchased a 3 1/3 pound of sirloin steak at a butcher store. returning home, she cut out the bone and weighed it. if the weight of the meat was 2 7/8 pounds,what is the weight of the bone cut off?


I believe innovation will come from outside the mainstream music .... If you are a record producer or engineer, create other products to produce. ... If you think you can survive in the recorded music business, find something else to sell. .... and position leaders in the ...

bussiness fianace.

• You deposit $5,000 into a 3-year certificate of deposit account that pays an annual compound interest of 3.0%. When the CD period is up, you roll the entire balance over into another 3-year CD paying 3.5%. How much will you have at the end of 6 years?


Shonda owns a bussiness that transfers photos to CD-ROMs. She charges her customers $24.95 for each CD-ROM. Which of these equations could be use to calculate her profit 'p' for creating 'n' CD-ROMs? a)p=(24.95-0.8)n - 575 b)p=(24.95+0.8)n + 575 c)p=24.95n - 574.20 d)p=24.95n...

bussiness math

Angela Hatcher is planting flower bulbs in her garden for this coming summer. She intends to plant 1 bulb for every 5 square inches of flower bed. How many flower bulbs will she need for an area measuring 230 square inches? (Points : 2)


Bill Gates didn't _______ ( seem )like a shoe-in for success after dropping out of Harvard and starting a failed first bussiness with Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen ______ ( Call ) Traf O- Data . While this early idea didn't work , Gates ' later , ______ ( create ) the ...

Math lit,life sciences,bussiness study,geography

Im in grade 10 and im doing math literacy,life sciences,business study,geography,life orientation,english and isizulu,what career path do i need to follow?im literaly lost.

Computers/ Bussiness

Select two organizational departments in a business. · Write at least 200 words in two paragraphs (one paragraph per department) in which you identify the roles of information systems within those two departments. Please be sure to discuss information systems, and not ...


I am reasearching Fast Food companies in Australia. I need to know the amount of homegrown fast food companies in Australia and international fast food companies in australia. Please help, Thanks, Radella

Bussiness Communication

Which of the following would be more appropriate to present in paragraph form than as a table within a document? A. Descriptions of the three key events that have lead up to the decision to relocate the business B. Comparative sales figures, by month, from 2004 to 2007 C. The ...


Consider the average available for all hotel rooms from the previous assignment. Identify the point estimate of the average number of available hotel rooms in this lesson from each sample. Construct and Interpret a 95% confidence level for the true mean number of available ...


I have to find an article (magazine, newspaper, online) from a respected source of business / news content that addresses the impact of global trade on the global, U.S., or local economy. For printed articles, please scan and post as a PDF file. For online content, post the ...

english paper

Hello I have a quick question. I have to write an english paper on the recent issues in business. it says that "purpose in writing this report is to SYNTHESIZe current, reported information on a recent issue in bussiness" The reason why i have the work synthesize in all caps ...

bussiness writing

Which of the following would be the MOST useful strategy for learning to communicate effectively with international employees working in your overseas divisions? A. Devote time to learning the rules for communicating with people from each of the countries you will be ...

bussiness management

For this discussion use the Critical Thinking Process to analyze the problem-solving the individuals may apply in the case study, "Elective Surgery Department Faces Decreased Patient Satisfaction." Share your chosen role and your role's ideas for the planning meeting. What ...

managerial accounting

To help me answer these questions yo must download jet blues 10k-a. December 31,2004 at sec.gov. Input CIK code 1158463 and hit enter. input 10k-a and press enter.Input filing date march 8 ,2005. What is Jet blues strategy for Success in the marketplace? does the company rely ...


Assigment: write a business letter according to the background. Background:Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has...

english ( intro in essay)

here is a finshed introduction of my essay on the book the great gatsby. im suppose to write how todays' bussiness men, celebrities, and athletes mirror the cntext of this novel. can u pleas tellme wat toimproveon. and correct any puncation errors. In the Roaring 20’s ...

I need help

I am taking courses in Criminal Justice. I flunked 3 courses in English. What is a comma splice? What is a dangler,fragment? Also how do you write a bussiness letter? Please help me so I can get my associates degree. Thank you ANITA GUNTER A comma splice occurs when you put a ...


The market for carrots is comprised of two segments: fresh market carrots, which have excellent, uniform color and a small core, and processing carrots, which are larger than fresh market carrots but still have good flavor, color, and sweetness. Annual data for the years 1983...


ABC Company has 50,000 employees at it headquarters. The company wants to increase employee productivity by setting up internal software application training program for it employees. The training program will teach employees how to use Microsoft software programs such us ...


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