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Do you have the answers for the exams under bookkeeping course in pennfoster?


Question use each of the following words or terms in a statement relating to bookkeeping/accounting Liabilities Assets Owner Equity Please write out how to do this. Thank you


In order for companies to prepare and issue financial statements, their accounting equations (debits and credits) must be in balance at year end. Discuss how errors and misstatements may occur given this requirement. Bookkeeping is largely done today using a computer and ...


how to journalize an transaction


the amounts that increase the cash account are entered in what column?


What is the total liabilities and owner’s equity in the balance sheet you prepared in Exam Figure 4?

medical office bookkeeping

I need to outline a step process to prepare a deposit from multiple payers. can you help?

medical front office

How does bookkeeping and banking affect the position of the Medical Assistant?


Draw a Lewis dot diagram for NF2H and use the oxidation state method of electron bookkeeping to determine how many electrons each atom should be assigned.


kindly please can you help me to get the correct answer for this question below thanks a lot.. differentiate Accounting from Auditing and Bookkeeping

management accounting

kindly please can you help me to get the correct answer for this question below thanks a lot.. differentiate Accounting from Auditing and Bookkeeping

college bookkeeping

you would transfer the net profit for a period to? a. an asset account b. a liability account c. an owner's equity account d. to the general ledger I am stumped!! seems to me it could be a or c????


Using electron bookkeeping draw a Lewis dot diagram for NF2H and N2H2 determine how many electrons each atom should be assigned. Thanks Guys I really appreciate it, my assignment is due tonight and the test is tomorrow, could you explain it,thanks

Accounting/Math/Exchange rates

1. Indicate how each of the following international transactions is entered into the U.S. balance of payments with double-entry bookkeeping: a. A U.S. resident imports $500 worth of merchandise from a U.K. resident and agrees to pay in three months. b. After the three months, ...


what is the total interest for $2596.40 with a interest rate of %9 percent.with a tiime of 7months 97.37 136.26 136.31 233.68 my answer is 233.68


Fuses on 2/1/20 i purchased 5000@1.20 on 5/6/20 i purchased 2500@1.24 on 9/18/20 i purchased 1000@1.33 i have 2481 on hand what is the ending inventory value for fuses using FIFO? A)$2,977.20 B)$3,044.33 C)$3166.44 D)$3299.73 my answer is c please help


Is it possible for a business to prepare financial statements using the cash basis of accounting if they use the accrual basis of accounting for bookkeeping purposes? What adjustments would need to be made?


All of the following are primary reasons for updating a chart of accounts, except that's easier to train bookkeepers.'s easier to eliminate business excess departments. C.auditing is simpler and less expensive.'s easier to gather data from the general ledger to ...


what is the july interest ?total purchase is $15,632.16 with a %10 interest rate for 10 months 86.85 88.25 89.93 91.92 my answer is 89.93 what is the first months interest for the following $7659.43 at an interest rate of %11 percent for 6months 50.78 51.49 51.90 54.26 my ...


how would u solve this: 2sin(x)-1=0 exact step to solving would be nice thanx Add one to both sides and divinde both sides by 2. sin x = 1/2 Now look up the angle that has a sine of 1/2. That's the answer what is a derpeciation expense The word derpeciation does not exist. You...


Ian admits to and corrects bookkeeping mistakes right away. Shin Lee reported a conflict-of-interest issue to her supervisor immediately. Who is acting ethically? A. Neither Ian nor Shin Lee B. Both Ian and Shin Lee C. Ian only D. Shin Lee only


what is the accounting system where you record revenue when the business earns it,and expenses at the time the business incurs them? (a)cash (b)GAAP (c)accrual (d)COGS my answer is c what is the time period called from the time the business opens to the last day of the twelfth...


bought 153units (unassembled)at 15.76 bought 105 units (assembled)at 25.76 what is the ammount that should be entered in the accounts payable column (a)484.38 (b)518.59 (c)528.76 (d)549.71 my answ245 brackets at .46 each less2%discount taken what amount should be debited to ...


Using your computer, you create a file for an existing costumer. When you're finished, you should a. overwrite the existing file by giving the new file the same name. b. use Save as to save the new file under a different name c. coordinate the old and new files b giving both ...

business communication

please help me to revise this paragraph I’m fed up with the mistakes that our current accounting firm makes. I run a small construction company, and I don’t have time to double-check every bookkeeping entry and call the accountants a dozen times when they won’t return my...


when a window is displayed in front of another window,its said to be? (a)a screen saver (b)minimized (c)the active window (d)multitasked my answer is c which of the following options is used to view a computers memory properties? (a)device manager (b)control panel (c)...


suppose your business caters a party august 23.according to the contract ,your client will pay the 2500 bill on september 1.using the accrual basis of accounting ,how would you record the transaction? (a)on august 23,debit accounts receivable 2500 and credit revenue2500 (b)on ...


a store purchased 500 in merchandise on account.using the periodic inventry system,how would you record your entry? (a)debit merchandise inventory 500 and credit accounts payable 500 (b)credit purchase 500 and debit accounts payable 500 (c)credit merchandise inventory 500 and ...


received a check for 154.72 for unassembled products includes 8.06 sales tax and 12.30 in transportation what is the entry for the transaction in the sales dept.a sales credit? (a)132.33 (b)134.36 (c)152.72 (d)154.69 my answer is b received a payment for 3296.87 in unassembled...


bought 1053 brackets for .46 each bought 945 bushings at .35 each bought 1130 washers at .001each what amount should be entered in the accounts payable column of the purchase invoice register my answer is 518.59 january 1st $100,000 note due in 9months at 9%interest rate march...


to complete tasks quickly and efficiently a operating system has many special components that are known as? (a)routines (b)scripts (c)system files (d)processes my answer is c to start a program from an icon you should? (a)click the left mouse button (b)double click the left ...


due to continued growth, our local claims office is interviewing applicants who are interested in processing medical claims. background in bookkeeping, accounting, banking, or medical terminology and/or keyboard skills, is preferred. a stable work history required. our ...


In Langston Hughes's short story "Gumption," of which kind of narration is the following sentence an example: "'You can't live on gumption,' I said, trying to be practical”? A- third-person omniscient B- second-person C- third-person limited D- first-person My choice is D. ...

Unit 4 - Investing

Compare a regular cash dividend with a periodic share repurchase. Which has greater appeal to you? Explain. Explain a stock dividend and further explain if you would perfer it to a cash dividend. What are stock splits and how desirable are they? Please help me understand. ...

corporation tax

FACTS: Rachel was your college roommate. After graduating, she started her own business, a bakery and deli that has become the most popular and successful bakery in town. She hears that you are now a CPA handling business tax clients, and comes to your office. ¡°I¡¯d ...


Worksheet (Use the information from the trial balance in Exam Figure 2. Write the worksheet information on the form in Exam Figure 1.) You’ll need the following adjustment information: a. P. Woodsley counted the supplies on May 31 and found that the supplies on hand were $...

Child care

Financing and Budgeting 1. Which one of the following categories makes up the largest percentage of a child care operating budget? A. Supplies B. Salaries and benefits C. Food D. Mortgage or rent 2. Child care operating budgets generally contain a pro forma income statement. ...


plz check homework ...thanks 1. Which one of the following categories makes up the largest percentage of a child care operating budget? A. Supplies C. Food B. Salaries and benefits D. Mortgage or rent 2. Child care operating budgets generally contain a pro forma income ...


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