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how to find the LCD for 11x/yz^2, 8x/y^2z? I know the answer is yz^2 but how do you get that. can you plzz plzz explain..... this it is really important..... thnx ...... a lot..


can someone plzz tell me whichone is true. just but down the number when u answer back plzz & thank you 1. 14+(-25)> -50= 2. 20*10^3 3. 3/4 + 3/4> 1 4. 6^2=2^6 5. -21-(-39)=60 6. 19 7. 11*11*11 = 33^3 8. 38<7^2-(-20) 9.-5=20+(-25) PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Assist me Plzz!

What is the p.d. between 2 points in a circuit if 200J of electrical energy are changed to other forms of energy when 25 coulombs of electric charge pass? If the charge flows in 10 seconds, what is the current? Science help needed here. Vq=energy you know q, and energy.


The position of particle moving along x axis is given as a function of time t as x=t^2-4t+7.the distance covered by the particle in first four second is(x is in metre and t is in second). Plzz answer fastly..plzz

MATHS plzz help ASAP

while paying a bill a man paid $189.80 as the amount of VAT at 13%. how much was the actual bill amount? Plzz help Should i calculate SP+VAT OR ONLY SP


a wholesaler supplies 60 books while he was ordered to send 50 books by a retailer. a trade discount of 10 percent is also allowed. what is the net value of the discount to the retailer? Please help me with this question

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a 140 pund student burns 5.4 calories per minute while playing tennis .after 60 minutes how many calories has the student burned?? also sam drives at a constant rate of 60 miles per hour . how many hours will it take him to drive 210 miles? express your answer as a mixed ...

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2. As you read The Cay, you will learn about people and their prejudices. as you read the cay Why do you think there would be feelings of hostility toward those of other races in Curacao? 3. Name 6 natural resources in Curacao. 4What is the capital of Curacao? Describe where ...

calculus repost, please assist pleassssssse

Hi Trying to work with confusing Taylor series....any assistance would be much appreciated!! How can I use T(x)=5-9((x-2)^2)-3((x-2)^3) to approximate the f(0) ???? I realize that Taylor series f(x)=f(a)+f'(a)(x-a)+f''(a)((x-a)^2)etc... but the above T(x) is centered at x=2, ...

healthcare..Help.. please?

The manager of a an out-patient surgical unit shares patient information with a pharmaceutical representative to assist the rep in putting together a survey could assist with the FDA approval for a new drug to combat serious post-op infections. Is the manager involved in an ...

social studies

plzz HELP me with my social studies i need to get this one done within 10 min plzz 1. Which word most closely means civility? (1 point) respect discipline patriotism liberty 2. Civic-mindedness most encourages people to (1 point) speak their minds about issues honestly. treat ...


Choose the correctly punctuated sentence: A) Taylor will sell the tickets for the ball game and Danielle will assist her. B) Taylor will sell the tickets for the ball game, and Danielle will assist her. C) Taylor will sell the tickets for the ball game, and, Danielle will ...


I am in need of assistance with the following problem: v-4(4-v) = -2(2v-1) I don't want an answer I will work the problem myself I just need some one to assist me with the detailed rule or formula to work the problem. I have been on multiple sites trying to find something to ...


How does this sound? It was a close call on Tuesday, December 18th for the Vernon Vikings. The Vikings beat the Bernards by the skin of their teeth with a close score of nine-eight. In the first period Tyler Blankman, and Bryan Peterson scored the first two goals with the ...

Please help!!!plzz thank u!:)


can xome1 help me plzz im stuck

HELP PLZZ...A circle has radius 2 cm,(in that circle there is a traingle ABO) O is the centre of the circle. the chord AB has length 3 cm. . BO is 2cm AO is 2cm (i) Show that ÚAOB is 1.696 radians (to three decimal places). (ii) Hence find the area of the (smaller) ...

reading help

Vocbulary Words: Assist Assume Bluntly Commission Competitors Disapprove Earnings Exasperated Extinguished Humiliating Patron Percentage Personnel Rectify Regardless Worthwhile Use each clue to write a vocabulary word. a. not disadvantageous but, b. not ruin, but, c. not ...


Which of the following is not an example of the type of work applied anthropologists do? Applied anthropologists : a)help to develop various programs associated with health care b)help to develop businessmen and corporations solve production and supply issues c) assist in ...


i am not the definition of muscular energy plzz help.....

calculus plzz help!!!

Differentiate the following function. ((8x^1/2)+(9/2x^1/3))^2


Simplify (-4)4 the second 4 is the coeffcient plzz HELP

no one's here to help us!!! -.-

help us!!! plzz btw this is not a question :P

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Why did Christianity apparel to many Romans???

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can some 1 help wit my synonym question plz


Integrate e^2x/e^x 1....plzz note e^x 1 as a whole is the denominator


plz help solve 6(4x+7)+x simply it plzz!thx for ur help


what motivated the Gunpowder Plot of 1605

Math hellppp!!

how do you simplify this expression -12/3*(-8+(-4)^2-6)+2 Plzzz Help plzz!!


Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3. Plzz Help me on this!


i really need another teacher is strict.plzz

ohh plz help me u will be blessed! plzz!!

Please help me with this, I am confused!!! Multiply 3x+4/13 * 8/9x+12


3x+5y=0 2x-5y=-9 idk how 2 solve it then graph it my teacher eont help me plzz help


Integrate sinx+cosx/rootsin2x with respect to dx...plzz help me


the role of censorship in schools..?? and need help with thesis statement..plzz help me!!!


Can someone please explain me how to construct a perpendicular bisector!


Why does Buddha hate me? We are a homework help group that assist students in learning. Your questions are becoming far removed from that goal. If you have questions relating to homework help, we will be happy to assist you. We do not do personal counseling, nor or qualified ...

math plzz help due tomorow

what is the lowest number that is greater than 1000 and divisible by 2,3 and 6, but not by 5,9, and 10.


Do you guys know anything about making A website on wordpress my brother is asking this qs. plzz Thank You :)


I need an example of personification with the word MOURNING. plzz !


I need an example of HYPERBOLE with the word CLOMPED. plzz !


I need an example of IDIOM with the word EXECUTIONER. plzz !


I need an example of IDIOM with the word EXECUTIONER. plzz !


What conflicts between humans and robots might occur in the future? Plzz Help!


I have to list the majority and minority leader of both the house and senate: House majority -Steny Hoyer House minority -John Boehner Senate majority - Harry Reid Senate minority - Mitch McConnell I believe this is correct but in the senate it also lists : Assist majority - ...

i really need this ASAP MATH HELP PLZZ

in your explanation value |-3| is different from the negative number -3


Plzz Help me i need help Why is California's high speed rail such a groundbreaking effort??


what does arrondis le nombre 160 795 a la dizaine de mille pres mean ?? and answer plzz


What is the equation of the line that passes through all the points in the table? x -4 -2 0 2 y 0 -4 -8 -12 A. y= -2x-8 B. y= -2x-4 C. y= -4x-8 D. y= -4x-4 PLEASE EXPLAIN PLZZ


I hve a eq. Plzz tell me the product. Acetylene rects with H2S presence of Al2O3 with 400℃.

help me damon reiny steve bob plzz

prove that nsini=constant plz show me solution


3. Which of the following appears to be an irrational number? A. 3.72727272 B. Square root 64 C. -6/5 D.073303330 Plzz help My answer is c

Math intermediate algebra

how do i find the prediction equation for a given set of data? Final tomorrow plzz help

SCI ANS. Qs. (plzz read)

The bodies of almost all organisms are 50 to 95 percent what? answer - water am i correct????

Lang Arts

This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by Connections Education. plzz help me.

math plzz help!!!

is it possible to have two fractions with different denominators and numerators representing the same decimal?

Science Plzz Help Ms sue

explain how genetic variation and environmental pressures can lead to a change in the characteristics of a population.


Which sentences are correct? 1) Are you able to assist me on this matter? I would appreciate your assistance on this matter. OR 2) Are you able to assist me in this matter? I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thanks.

Accounting 212 (Managerial)

Could someone please assist in this matter. I'm trying to ascertain the straight-line discount amortization of a problem which is as follows. A company issues $4,000,000 of 6%, 15 year bonds dated January 1, 2007 that pay interest semiannually on June 30 and December 31. The ...

Social Studies

How did the pharaoh contribute to continuing Egyptian life? What are the divisions in the society if Egypt's early period? PLZZ HELP !


What object weighs one ounce? 1. Car 2. Newspaper 3. Dog 4. Button plzz help Conexus 2nd grade.

plz help

You haven't given us enough information about Jinlian and Wadlow to allow us to answer. But scoliosis and infections affect people of all sizes. You will get better responses if you post the SUBJECT in the Subject line rather than "plzz help" -- thanks. =) Jinlian suffered ...

a question ms.sue plzz help!!

How has the lord of medieval times made contributions to future generations? HELP PLEASE AND GIVE COMPLETE ANSWERS!!!

physical chemistry

salam.... plz give me some sources of error of determining concentration quotient of FeSCN? plzz urgent


Two chords of a circle of lengths 10 cm and 8 cm are at the distances 8.0 cm and 3.5 cm, respectively from the centre? ans:false how? plzz explain clearly


experment to determine the PH in different samples need in our daily life. CBSE 9 class its holiday homework plzz tel

Language Arts

If you are in connections and did Rhythm and Rhyme Unit Test: Closed book then plzz help me with it I just need multiple answer question. ://

Social Studies Help PLZZ

What was Greg Abbott's job before he was governor? I have done my research but found nothing. This is definitely not in my text book.


A uniform chain 10m long and weighing 6 kg permetre hangs vertically.calculate the work required to wind it up.. Plzz solve it


imagine a business and its 50 transactions.. journalize it and also record it in subsidary books, post into ledger and prepare a trial balance... plzz help me...

Science only one plzz!

True or False: Plants continue to grow throughout their lives by producing new plant material. THANK YOU!

Science Plzz Help

12. Which of the following types of pathogens can only reproduce itself if it takes over host cells? A. fungi B. bacteria C. virus D. protozoa****

Math!! Help plzz

Multiplying decimals by 3 digit decimals and i don't gget it on example: 34.56 x0.40 _______ ?????

MATH ! plzz help

Write an equation that has (2,6) as a solution. Explain how you found the equation.


i have to make a model on global warming(a 3d model)can u plzz...give some ideas.


how to use prime factorization using Square Root??? Examples Plzz like 3 examples


1.Find the quotient. -18 ÷ (-2) a) 1/9 b) 9 c) - 1/9 d) -9 idk plzz help me. 2. Find the sum. -11 + 3 + (-6) a) -20 b) -14** c) -8 d) 14


what is the best way to classify a 115 degree triangle i already know its a obtuse and a scalene but i would i explain how i got this answer??? Plzz Help Me


If sigma(t)^2 denotes the standard deviation in the quantity t^2, show that sigma(t)^2=2tsigma(t) I don't even know where to begin... help plzz

bratz wiki

from the movie bratz in 2007, the person Natallia? who plays yasmine, is she a star to? plzz help 4 report


How can counselors assist with self-handicapping?

Ms. Sue

Can you continue to assist me with my health question? Thank you.

us government

The party whips assist which person(s)?


Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. <chicagotribune.c o m/features/health/chi-081204happiness,0,6297377.story>. is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at...

english help

Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. <chicagotribune.c o m/features/health/chi-081204happiness,0,6297377.story>. is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at...


The shaded face of the cuboid is a square and has an area of 64 cm2. What is the volume of the cuboid that has a width of 17 cm? Can you plzz explain how you found you're answer..... -THANX¢¾


I have a question does anyone have the Rational Expressions and Functions Unit Test questions and answers?? If you can you plzz help me out i am almost done


Find the equation of the straight line passing through the point(3,-2) and making an angle of 60° with the line√3x+y-1=0 Plzz help someone


How can BATNA assist clients in human services?


still stuck on simplififying 3x^3+5x^5...please assist

Algebra II

if 3x-y= -3 and x+5y = 15, what is the value of y ? lost here, please assist


The shaded face of the cuboid is a square and has an area of 64 cm2. What is the volume of the cuboid that has a width of 17 cm? Can you plzz explain how you found you're answer..... -THANX♥


What is National Jr Honor Socity ????? How do you get chosen ???? What do you REALLY do in it ??????? Also can you give me a pertange (srry i miss that i mean %) chart on grades plzz like wat 80 to 89 is that a B & a 3 ????? PLZZZZZ ANSWER !!!! :) :) :)


The best thing to put on severe sunburn to help relive pain is a) cocoa butter b) cold water c) ointment d) vaseline I think it c but plzz help anyway idk for sure


I need assistance with statistics and probability. Can you some how assist me with that.?


In what ways does the World Health Organization assist healthcare?

business mathematics

Please assist me to factorise the following. 4x^3 + 5x^2y - 4xy^2 - 5y^2 \


1 1/8 x 2 1/2= Can you please assist me in figuring out how to get the answer on the above and how to multiply? Thank you


I need the answers really quick before my time is out HELP PLZZ 3. determine which ordered pair is a solution of y = 2x – 3? A.(-2,7) B.(0,3) c.(-4,-11) d.(5,-7) 4.on which of the following lines does (7,1) lie? A. y-5x=4 b. y=x-10 c. y=-4x+3 D. y=-x=8 6.find the slope of ...


can u assist me in unscrambling the letters MGSTAI to make a six letter word...???


4 NH3 + 5 O2 --> 4 NO + 6 H2O. How many grams of O2 are required to product 90 g of NO? Please assist in solving.


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