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express distance as a function of time traveled. jason leaves detroit @ 2pm & drives at constant speed west. he passes ann arbor, 40 mi. from detroit at 2:50 pm. i understand that d=rt. but i'm stuck. is this the answer-- d(t)=t/rt ?? You could make a table like this 2pm 0m ...

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Marjorie has 28 feet of trim to use as edging on a rectangular blanket she wants to make. What is the length and width of two blanket sizes she could make


1/5 of bees flew to Kadamba, 1/3 flew to Silandhara, 3 times the difference of these 2 numbers flew to arbor and 1 bee is still flying. Find the number of bees.


a car is traveling at 50.0 km/h on a flat highway. a) if the coeffcient of kinetic friction between the road and the tires on a rainy day is 0.100, what is the minimum distance needed for the car to stop? b) What is th stopping distance when the surface is dry and the ...


jason leaves detroit at 2 pm at a constant speed. he passes ann arbor, 40 mi. from detroit, at 2:50 pm. express the distance traveled in terms of time elapsed. i know d=rt. t=50 min. d=40 mi. does that mean the r= 4/5 mi/min. ? but how would u get the answer from there? I ...


8. Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from the following sentence. Were invited to the movies with Sam and Alex tonight. (1 point) apostrophe semicolon colon hyphen 9. For class tomorrow, I need you to bring the following paint, markers, and glue. (1 point) ...

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Please check answers! Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from the following sentence It's no wonder that Mark is tired after staying up all night. A. APOSTROPHE **** B. SEMICOLON C. COLON D. HYPHEN Can't you just see the look on his face when he finds out about the...


arbor day words to unscramble herlets degeslin Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. Try these:


to what extent would it be accurate to say that the new england ,middke and southern colonies had merged to create a single american society by the oubreak of the revolution? In my opinion, from everything I've read, it would not be accurate. There were many colonists who did ...


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