Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Math

    Solve & check your solution ( if checking isn't possible, explain why ) 5x/4 + 1/2 = x - 1/2
  2. Algebra2

    Check? Give the slope and y-intercept of the given line. 1. 2x-3y=6 = 3y = 2x-6 y = 2/3 x - 2 2. y=-2x = 2/1x + 1 3. y=3 = y=3/1x + 3 3y = 2x-6 y = 2/3 x - 2
  3. Algebra2

    Check? Give the slope and y-intercept of the given line. 1. 2x-3y=6 = 3y = 2x-6 y = 2/3 x - 2 2. y=-2x = 2/1x + 1 3. y=3 = y=3/1x + 3 3y = 2x-6 y = 2/3 x - 2
  4. Grammar

    He came in for his preoperative _____. A) check up B) checkup I answered B
  5. math

    solve 9x<-27 I did 9x/9<-27/9 x<-3 Just a double check. I believe this is right Thanks
  6. 7th grade math

    solve each equation. Check your solution. 1) 7 2 -X = - 3 3 2) 2 1 7c- - = - 3 2
  7. Literature

    Hi where can I find a free on line thing to check my writing ?
  8. Pre-Calculus

    Could someone check my answers? 27. (16/9)^2/3 = 64/27 28. (49/25)^3/2 = 343/125 31. (-64)^2/3 = 8 32. (-8)^-4/3 = 1/16 or -1/16
  9. alg 2 check?

    The polynomial 15xy+3x^3y^4 is what degree? I do not understand how to solve this
  10. Math help

    Solve this equation and check answer Fraction→n/56=8
  11. Math help

    Solve this equation and check answer Fraction→n/56=8
  12. Math check

    Round 9.9957to the nearst hundredths 10.0000

    complete the statement 4c = blank p A.2 B.1(I PICK THIS) C.8 D.16
  14. Alg 2

    check for extraneous solutions. 0, 7^4 2^4, inside the equation x^5/6 = 9x^7/12 - 14x^1/3
  15. maths

    Solve this equation by completing squares and then check the solution.. x = 21/x-4
  16. hectorr

    Solve the fractional equation check yur solution 3[2x-(x+7)]=5(x-3)
  17. Math

    Name the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3 a. 4, -3, -3 b. 4, 3 c. 4, 3, 3 d. -4, -3 I choose d Check it pleaase!
  18. math helpppp !

    Solve the equation and check soultion 2(13t-15)+3(t-19)=0
  19. business math

    how do you check to see if your dollar markups are correct
  20. Civics

    Would someone be willing to check my quiz answers?
  21. English

    What are the answers for chapter 9? Final Check: Money Problems
  22. Math 222

    I need someone to check this to see if I am doing it correctly. k^3+k k^2+k-42 k(k^2+1) (k+7)(k+6) k=-7 k=6 (-0,-7)(-7,6) (6,0)
  23. U.S. History (Answer Check)

    What act triggered violence in Kansas?
  24. Mathematics

    what is the slope of the line that goes through (6 ,5) and (3 ,1)? 3/4 -3/4•• 4/3 -4/3 Check my answer
  25. Probability (check)

    In how many ways can 2 singers be selected from 4 who came to an audition? a. 6 b. 2 c. 12 d. 4****
  26. Math help ;-;

    Solve the equation. Check your answer. 5x-4(x+9)=2x-3 can anyone help me how to do this plz ;-; sorry
  27. Math

    7/8-5/12= 21/24-10/24=11/24 Can you check to see if I did this right and if not can you help me figure it out. Thank you for all your help.
  28. math or chemistry

    Check pls. 5.4 x 10^-2 by 2.5 x 10^-3 by 7.9 x10^-3 m volume = 107.44 x 10^-8 m^3
  29. MATH

    solving rational equations solve check your answer 5/3x+1=2
  30. chemistry (charges)

    just want to check if this group is neutral, R-NH2 thanks!
  31. Math

    Find each sum or difference -1/2 - 3/4 A.-1/6 B.-1/3 C.2/3 D.1/6 Im thinking D. but can someone check for me
  32. Math

    Write 3 16/25 as a percent. A)3.64% B)3.80% C)364% D)380% I think A. Can you check? THANKS
  33. math

    Ex 3: 4x-7<2x+5 4x-7-2x<2x-2x+5 2x-7<5 2x-7+7<5+7 2x<12 2x/2<12/2 x< 6 Note I did not switch the order of the inequality here since I divided by a positive number. Multiplying or dividing by a positive number does not change the order of the inequality. So...
  34. chemistry

    Precipitation Reactions Write a molecular equation for the precipitation reaction that occurs (if any) when the following solutions are mixed. If no reaction occurs, write NO REACTION. Express your answer as a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your answer. ...
  35. Pre-Calc

    Please check my answers I really need to do my homeowrk!;This are polar coordinates we're studying-I'm almost positive the first two are correct. 1.Which of the folowing is another representation of (-3,pi)? (3,120degree) (3,0 degree)I think it is this one?? ((-3,0 degree) 2....
  36. math

    Please double check me Brent washes 6 cars in 72minutes. How many minutes does it take Brent to wash one car a. 6 min b 12min c 18 min d 24 min Answet: b Approxiamtely 4 out of 10 Students at Marc's college live on campus. The college has 3,000 students. How many of them live ...
  37. Science chemistry

    Also. If you are given the conductivity of an unknown chemical, what the blue and red litmus paper change into when you check the chemical. And the pH level and solution type. How do you know the solution name and formula? I never learned how to find the solutions name of ...
  38. Science chemistry

    Also. If you are given the conductivity of an unknown chemical, what the blue and red litmus paper change into when you check the chemical. And the pH level and solution type. How do you know the solution name and formula? I never learned how to find the solutions name of ...
  39. mat117/algebra

    The area of a rectangle of length x is given by 3x^2 + 5x. Find the width of the rectangle. Show me the formula and how to use it please. area= length times width 3x^2 + 5x = x * width divide both sides by x, then you have width.
  40. Algebra 1 (Reiny)

    Will you please explain the steps I must take in order to graph these linear inequalities? Graph each system of linear inequalities. Give two ordered pairs that are solutions and two that are not solutions. 1. y < 2x - 1 y > 2 2. x < 3 y > x -2 3. y => 3x 3x + y...
  41. algebra math, 8th grade

    If a right triangle has one leg measuring 27 inches and one leg measuring 22 inches, what is the length of the hypotenuse? a. 35 b. 16 c. 7 d. 5 I got b. Is this correct? Please correct me (without cheating, okay?) if I am not! Thanks.
  42. pre-algebra

    I need to figure out how to convert 11inches to the actual length of 550 to scale. Please help 550 what? miles? feet? inches? If you want 550 of some length unit to be represented as 11 inches on a map or scale drawing, divide all lengths by 50.
  43. algebra

    hat sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of one's head in either inches or centimeters. Use ratio and proportion to complete the following table. Hat size head to 1/5 in head cm 7 1/8 22 2/5 57 ______ ______ 55 Someone please help! i am completely lost with this...
  44. Algebra 2

    At the ruins of Caesarea, archaeologists discovered a huge hydraulic concrete block with a volume of 945 cubic meters. The block's dimensions are x meters high by 12x - 15 meters long by 12x - 21 meters wide. What is the height of the block? Can someone please show me how to ...
  45. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    Find any excluded values of each rational expression. 1. t - 1/ t^2 - t A: Excluded value: 1. Simplify each rational expression, if possible. Identify any excluded values. 2. 3x^2/6x^3 A: 2x; x ≠ 2 3. 2n/n^2 - 3n A: ? 4. s + 1/s^2 - 4s - 5 A: ? 5. 12 - 3x/x^2 - 8x + 16 A: ?

    The formula F=(9/5)C+ 32 F=95C+32 may be used to convert Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit temperatures. What is the range of Celsius temperatures if the Fahrenheit range is -65°F to 60°F.
  47. algebra 2..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Algebra

    WELL SOMEONE HELP ME SOLVER THIS PROBLEM PLEASE!!!!!! Janet can shovel snow from her driveway in 55 minutes. Jim can do the same job in 50 minutes. How long would it take Janet and Jim to shovel the driveway if they worked together?
  49. algebra

    the function W(d)=0.112d approximates the amount in centimeters of water that results from d cm of snow melting. Find the amount of water that results from snow melting from depths of 18 cm, 49 cm, and 98 cm. I am having problems figuring this out and I can not remember how to...
  50. algebra

    the function W(d)=0.112d approximates the amount in centimeters of water that results from d cm of snow melting. Find the amount of water that results from snow melting from depths of 18 cm, 49 cm, and 98 cm. I am having problems figuring this out and I can not remember how to...
  51. algebra

    Tell whether equation represents direct variation. If so, identify the constant of variation 1. Y=8x Ans: yes, it represents direct variation because its in the form Y=kx. Constant of variation: 8 2. Y=2x+1 3. 3x+y=6 Please help, not too sure if I am understanding this ...
  52. Algebra

    1.Solve | x-1/5|=3 A.x=-14/5 or x=16/5 ***** B.x=14/5 or x=-16/5 C.x=-14/5 or x=-16/5 D.x=14/5 or x=16/5 2.The table shows the relationship between two variables. Which selection describes the relationship? X=1, 2, 3, 4 Y=2, -3, -8, -13 A.increasing; linear B.increasing; ...
  53. Algebra

    An object is dropped from a height of 1000 cm above the ground after t seconds is given by the formula below- d = 10tsquare + 1000 How far above the ground is the object, when it has fallen for 6 seconds? Please show your work.
  54. Algebra

    Can you please confirm that my answer is correct to this problem? 80x2^ - 96x + 27 =0 I am using the quadratic formula to solve... I would put the formula here but I can't put the square root sign in here. My answer is -1.33 and -2.22 Is this correct? thank you
  55. Chemistry(Please check)

    1)For electrolyte solutions, the _____ the concentration of the electrolyte and the ____ the ion charges, then the ____ the ion-pairing. a) lower, smaller, greater b) higher, smaller, smaller c) higher, greater, greater d) lower, greater, smaller e) lower, greater, greater I ...
  56. Us history help please

    Can someone check my work please? 1. In general, what happened to the price of sugar and rum between April and September 1777? The prices went up extremely high and that's what begin of the Boston tea party incident. 2.Why was this happening? Because they didn't have much of ...
  57. math

    Disks of radius 4 cm are cut from a rectangular plastic sheet of length 84 cm and width 24 cm. How many complete disks can be cut out? Find (a) the total area of the discs out (b) the area of sheet wasted I did it but the answers on the back of the book do not match heres what...
  58. Help Please! (URGENT)

    My previous post didn't post properly so heres a new one. Can someone please check my work? James:But we’re so good together, Susan:We were good together. I’m sorry, but I think we should break up. James:(Silence) Susan:James? James:You think we should break up. (Sighs) I ...
  59. English

    Could you please check these sentences, too? 1) To begin with, I’ll have potato soup. I couldn’t help laughing. 2) I’m worried about Brian’s arriving so late. She admitted eating all the cakes. 3)I couldn’t do anything but put off (postpone) the appointment. I spend ...
  60. Math - Please help

    I need help on the following please? A group of clowns performs in a ring with an area of about 2,123 square feet. What is the circumference of the ring? Choose the closest answer. 156 ft. 52 ft. 163 ft. 82 ft. Thank You. Please explain the answer
  61. Math

    Please check to see if I did this correctly. This is a 2 part math problem. 1. Janelle has d dimes and n nickles. Her sister has 5 times as many dimes and 6 times as many nickles as Janelle has. Write the sum of the number of coins they have, and then combine like terms. This ...
  62. Calculus Please Check my answers

    Which of the following functions grows the fastest as x grows without bound? f(x)=x^2 g(x)=x^2+5x <<<<MY ANSWER h(x)=(sqrt x^4+2x) They all grow at the same rate Compare the growth rate of the functions f(x)=4^x and g(x)=(sqrt 16^x+2^x) f(x) grows faster than g(x) ...
  63. Algebra 2 check my last answer?!

    A supermarket finds that the number of boxes of a new cereal sold increases each week. In the first week, only 16 boxes of the cereal were sold. In the next week, 33 boxes of the cereal were sold and in the third week 50 boxes of the cereal were sold. The number of boxes of ...
  64. English

    There is a safe in the room. You have to keep the door open. I will take some amount of money to you. Keep the money hidden in the safe. Let's keep it a secret. Don't let others know that there is money in the safe. There was a doorbell ring. He was late to open the door, for ...
  65. biology /check please

    Is this true or false? 1. Ideas about the value of knowledge gained through scientific research come from a society's social, ethical, and moral concerns. 2. Pure science is scientific research carried out primarily to solve specific environmental problem. 3. Technology is the...

    56 over X = 9-X over 2 Can someone tell me what X is please :) Thankyou for your help. If you don't want to just tell me the answer, it would be great if you could give a step-by-step example of how to do one similar to that. or an example of how to do the one I can't do. (Above)
  67. algebra

    please is this correct? write a direct variation equation that relates atoms of O oxygen to atoms of hydogen H Mary combined 8 atoms of hydrogen and 4 atoms of oxygen to get 4 molecules of water is this equation correct? O + 2H = WM
  68. Algebra 2

    Can someone please help me solve this absolute value equation? The equation is: -4|t-2|-9=-37 The thing I don't understand is how to isolate the absolute value (t-2). Do I divide both sides by -4 and then add both sides by -9? In that case I would get |t-2|= 73/4
  69. algebra

    A store prices tapes by raising the wholesale price 40​% and adding 25 cents. What must a​ tape's wholesale price be if the tape sells for​ $1.99​? Please show work than you
  70. spanish/check please

    1-Yo tengo (tantas/ tantos) praticas como mi hermano answer: tantos 2- Juan toma ( tantas/ tantos) lecciones de artes marciales como Carlos. answer:tantos 3- Elena tiene( tantas/ tantos) pasatiemptos como Angelica. answer:tantas 4_ Camilo tiene(tanto/tanta) interes en el ...
  71. Social studies

    2: How might the Iroquois have been helpful in assisting the British troops in the surprise attack? a- the Iroquois likely had better knowledge of the area and could lead the British troops through the woods b- the Iroquois likely had better knowledge of the habits of the ...
  72. Algebra Word Problem

    COULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!! Television Sets. What does it mean to refer to a 20-in TV Set? Such units refer to the diagonal of the screen. A 20-in TV Set also has a width of 16 inches. What is its height what is the height of a 20-in TV? ______ inches.
  73. Algebra I

    Can anyone summarize the quadratic formula? I am trying to understand this for algebra without any unnecessary and overused words involved like Wikipedia and sites that give me a headache. I just want a paragraph (or more than if its impossible to paraphrase) that is straight...
  74. algebra (Check answers :)

    1.Which of the following situations best describes a student engaged in active learning. A. A student uses only one of the resources provided by the teacher B. A student skips parts of lessons that he or she finds difficult C. A student records questions to ask the teacher ...
  75. algebra

    how do I convert 9/16 into a percent? Is this done differently in a algebric form? Divide 16 into 9.000, using the normal procedures of long division. This should give you 0.5625; then multiply the decimal by 100. This isn't algebra, by the way.
  76. phyiscs

    Two persons watch the same object move john says that it accelerate straight downward, but Samantha claims that it falls Along curved path.describe the conditions under which each person would be reporting correctly what they see. Thanks and please please please answer this ...
  77. Chemistry help needed

    How do I prepare 90% formic acid from conc. formic acid (98%-100% of density 1.22g/ml)? Please help me check if my calculations are correct. Assuming conc. formic acid is 99%, 0.99 X 1.22 = 1.2078 Add 1.2078 / 9 = 0.1342ml H2O to 1ml of conc. acid to have a solution that is 90...
  78. to dr bob..chemistry

    bottle of wine contains 13.1% ethanol by volume. The density of ethanol (C2H5OH) is 0.789 g/cm3. Calculate the concentration of ethanol in wine in terms of mass percent and molality. mass percent _______% molality ______mol/kg Thanks Responses AP CHEMMMM - DrBob222, Saturday, ...
  79. English

    Posted by English on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 9:35pm. The dentist's is very busy, so we have to book the visit beforehand. You have to have your decayed tooth pulled out, but we have to wait for about one month? Can you wait? If you feel painful from time to time, let's go to...
  80. Check answers please?

    Use g=10 N/kg in this assignment. 1. What is the gravitational energy (relative to the unstretched surface of the trampoline) of the 20 kg ball at its apex 2 m above the trampoline? I got 400 J 2. What is the kinetic energy of the ball just before impacting the trampoline? I ...
  81. maths - fixed points

    Fixed points of f? f(x) = 1/4x^2 - 1/8x - 5/8 a) use algebra to find the fixed points and classify them. b) use the gradient criterion to determine an interval of attraction for one of the fixed points of f c) find exact values of the 2nd and 3rd terms of the sequence xn ...
  82. Algebra

    I need an equation for L that satisfies the given geometric condition. L has a y intercept (0,3) and is parallel to the equation y = 2/3x+1 Please take me step by step so I can understand. Thank you well they would have the same slope 2/3x except this line has a y intercept of...
  83. math, algebra

    If Will gives Molly $9 dollars he will have the same amount of money as her. If Molly give Will $9, the ratio of money she has to the money will has will be 1:2. How much money does will have in the beginning? Can you give me an explanation of each step, please? I'm having a ...
  84. algebra

    A private plane traveled from Seattle to the rugged wilderness at a average speed of 176 mph. on the return trip the average speed was 308 mph. if the total traveling time was 5 hours. How far is Seattle to the wilderness? please help
  85. Algebra

    Write a function rule to represent the sequence. 0.3, 0.9, 1.5, 2.1,... A(n) = 0.6 + (n - 1)0.3 A(n) = 0.6 - (n)0.3 A(n) = 0.3 + (n - 1)0.6 A(n) = 0.3 + (n + 1)0.6 Write a function rule to represent the sequence. 47, 32, 17, 2,... A(n) = 47 + (n - 1)15 A(n) = 47 + (n - 1)(-13...
  86. Grammar

    Thx, Sue!!! Can u please help me with these others. Agreement errors: 1) Verb tense error 2) subject verb error 3) pronoun agreement error 4) modifer placement error 5) parallel structure error Q:The patient is thin, combative, uncooperative, oriented only to person, and ...
  87. English

    Could you please check these sentences, too? I tried to rephrase the first lines again. 1) Hamlet wonders whether it is better (for him) to endure the assaults of shameless fortune ("the slings and arrows of an outrageous fortune") or to fight against his mass of troubles. 2) ...
  88. Chem

    The experiment is about titration of vinegar with NaOH. Before I start titration, I need to calculate how much of vinegar I will want to be using. I think I might use 50ml of distilled water to mix vinegar and I am gonna drop 3drops of phenolphthalein as indicator. Please help...
  89. algebra

    i have 2 solve by elimination an i keep gettin fractions when the answer is (-3,-3) my teacher gave me the answer an problem but she wants me 2 work it out idk how i keep gettin fractions the problem is: -3x-4y=21 8x-5y=-9 please help
  90. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me with the following please What property is the following: a(b + 0) additive inverse property - this was confirmed from previous equation = a x b + a x 0 Distributive. (I think) = a x b + 0. Multiplication property of zero (I think) = a x b. Additive ...
  91. Algebra 2

    Use the values of a_1( 1 is below the a) and s_n (n is below also) to find the value of a_23. A_1=10, s_23=2760, find the value of a_23 Please help, I really need help. Thanks.
  92. Algebra

    Hi there. Can "x^2 - 10x + 22 = -2" be solved by taking the square root? Can "4x^2 + 8x + 3 = 0" be solved by taking the square root? If so, please show me an explanation.
  93. Algebra

    Could you please help me with this question? Simplify 6/Square root of 3-2. Also, could you help me with the steps on how to figure it? Thank you. a.4/square root of 3 b. 12-6 to the square root of 3 c. Square root of 3-2 d. 3
  94. verbals: gerunds answer check

    sorry for the repetitive questions! otherwise thank you for taking the time to check my answers. Underline the gerund, some do not have a gerund if so write ''no gerund.'' 1. Sketching is fun for me. Sketching - Subject 2. Marya exercises every day by swimming. Swimming - ...
  95. Language Arts

    9. Choose the type of punctuation that is missing from the following sentence. My best friends new dog wont stop barking. (1 point) (x)apostrophe ()semicolon ()colon ()hyphen 10. Cant you just see the look on his face when he finds out about the party. (1 point) ()apostrophe (...
  96. physics, please help!

    (a) Find the current in each resistor of the circuit shown in the figure byusing the rules for resistors in series and parallel. (b) Write three independent equations for the three currents using Kirchhoff’s laws: one with the node rule; a second using the loop rule through ...
  97. algebra

    I worked the problem out, but could you check my work over and see if it's correct? I used the quadratic formula. 2x^2+10x+11 a=2 b=10 c=11 x=-10(plus or minus) sqrt 10^2-4(2)(11) over 2(2) -10(plus or minus) sqrt 100 - 8(11) over 4 -10(plus or minus) sqrt 100-88 over 4 -10(...
  98. bookkeeping

    when a window is displayed in front of another window,its said to be? (a)a screen saver (b)minimized (c)the active window (d)multitasked my answer is c which of the following options is used to view a computers memory properties? (a)device manager (b)control panel (c)...
  99. algebra

    if sin alpha is 0.28° where 0° is less than or equal to alpha less than or equal to 90°, evaluate cos alpha, tan alpha, sec alpha, cosec alpha and cot alpha. please help, it's urgent.
  100. English

    Could you please check this paragraph for me and check if everything is OK? 1) When Jessica arrived in Hollywood, she got the impression of being in an unexciting suburb of Los Angeles. 2) She first went to the Mann's Chinese Theatre, famous for its courtyard, where well-known...
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