Algebra, help + check please

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physics(Please check)

Vector A has a magnitude of 3.0 m and direction 1o3 degrees relative to the positive x-axis. Vector B has magnitude 5.0m and direction 215 relative to the positive x-axis. 1) The resultant R=A + B has magnitude? I did Rx= 3 cos 103 + 5 cos 215 Ry=3 sin 103 + 5 sin 215 Then ...


6. George is a 35 Kg 8 yr old who is ordered to receive Ancef 1 Gram IV Q 8hrs. The SDR for Ancef is 50-100mg/Kg/day. Determine the SDR for George? 35 ( 50 ) - 35 ( 100 ) mg / day ; 1750 - 3500 mg/ day 6. Is George’s dose of Ancef within SDR? Pt recvs 3000mg or 3 Gm / day ...


6. George is a 35 Kg 8 yr old who is ordered to receive Ancef 1 Gram IV Q 8hrs. The SDR for Ancef is 50-100mg/Kg/day. Determine the SDR for George? 35 ( 50 ) - 35 ( 100 ) mg / day ; 1750 - 3500 mg/ day 6. Is George’s dose of Ancef within SDR? Pt recvs 3000mg or 3 Gm / day ...


My algebra book says that a^-n is equal to 1/a^n, which is equal to (1/a)^n. Does that then mean that a^n/m would be equal to (a/m)^n? Thank you very much.

algebra 1 help please

4) a student score is 83 and 91 on her first two quizzes. write and solve a compound inequality to find possible values for a thord quiz score that would give anverage between 85 and 90. a. 85≤83+91+n/3 ≤90; 81≤n≤96 b. 85≤83+91/2+n≤90; -2&#...


Paving cost is $10.30 per square yard. find the total cost of paving the shaded area in figure 27-21. Round the answers to nearest ten dollars. 170'-0" Radius 92'0 is the degrees 256'-0" is the shaded area The sum total is 14780 please help


Lesson 8: Solving Inequalities Unit Test CE 2015 Algebra 1 Unit 4: Solving Inequalities i need answers im 9 lessons behind in math and my mom just had surgery and the house is a mess if anyone understands please help!!!! ): i just dont have time


Can you check my answers please? 1. List the oceans according to size from smallest to largest. Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean. 2. Name the three states that border Lake Superior. Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. 3. If you include ...

AlGEBRA 2 (check answers plz)

What is the equation of the line that has a slope of -2 and a y-intercept of -7? y = -2x - 7 <-- y = -7x - 2 y = -2x + 7 y = -7x + 2 or <-- Find the equation of the line that has a slope of 4 and contains the point (-4, 1). y = 4x + 1 <-- y = 4x - 8 y = 4x - 15 y = 4x...

Geometry check my answer?

Wilbur Wrong is flying his remote control plane in a circle with a radius of 28 meters. His brother clocks the plane at 16 seconds per revolution. What is the speed of the plane? Express your answer in meters per second. The brothers may be wrong, but you could be right...


I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much! 1) I'be been really disappointed to read that our German partner doesn't want your school to join in. Actually, we won't be probably part of the partnership, too. 2) Though English is regarded as the ...


1. When I was young, I was not able to ski. After I took ski/skiing lessons for three months, I became a good skier. Now I am able to ski well. (Will you check this passage? Are the sentences grammatical? Do we have to use 'ski lessons' or 'skiing lessons'?) 2. When I was ...


Very Simple Question How would you solve it: (1+x^2)(1-x^3) Check below

Social Studies

What are four ways that congress can check the power of the president?


what is the impact of the tax rebate check on fiscal and monetary policy?

Physics check

In 1906, J. J. Thomson won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the ..... electron?


im curious if i post my work on here will anyone check it for me to see if it is right?

Math check

Use the distributive property to rewrite this expression. 4(y+8) Is the answear 4y+8?

Math check

subtract and simplify: 4a^2/(a-b)- (4b^2-8ab)/(b-a) I have the answe as 4(a-b) is this correct?

math check

if f(x)=x^2 find f(2-sqrt6) I have the answer as 10-4sqrt6 is that right?


Find slope x+7 y=14 x+7y=14 x=2 check this problem see if I got it right.


Solve the quadratic equation below. Show your work and check -4x^2 = 0

us history

the president can check congress through?? a lobbying b overriding c vetoing


how to check on microsoft world how many word i wrote in essays or paraghraphs


how do i find the corresponding function formula and check the symmetry algebraically

chemistry(check my answer)

For the cell: C(s) C+(aq) B+(aq) B(s). Metal ______ is the "negative" electrode. is it C(s)




Find the general antiderivative of f (x) and check your answer by differentiating. f(x) = x^5 + 9 Need Help.

Government Check

Which Amendment extended voting rights to women? 19th


Could you check these sentences for me and see if this is correct. The pronouns are in bold. Thanks so much


Reiny can you show me how to check this problem. 5a^8-20a^7-25a^6 =5a^6(a^2-4a-5) =5a^6(a^2-5a+a-5) =5a^6(a(a-5)+1(a-5) =5a^6(a-5)(a+1) (answer)

niit, Dit course

use if else n check dat it is leap year or not in pseudocode

business communication

which of the following is not something to check during a thorough revision?


Find the product. Estimate to check that your answer if reasonable. 191 x 88

american literature

Can anyone check my research paper and tell me what i did worng and how i can improve it?


solve and check each of the following quadratic equation (1)x^2+16x=36 (2)x^2=10x-16 (3)3x=x^2-4

Math HW Check

Which number is equivalent to the expression below? -9 / -3 + 4 x -2 e) 18 f) -5 g) -14 h) -11 -9 / -3 + 4 x -2 -3 + 4 x 2 - 5 I got -5 am I correct????


simplify this expression... x^4+125x/(x^3+5x^2-x-5) I get x^2+5x+25/(-5) but i cant get it to check...did i make an error somewehre?


simplify this expression... x^4+125x/(x^3+5x^2-x-5) I get x^2+5x+25/(-5) but i cant get it to check...did i make an error somewehre?

Check my precalc

Find the verticle, horizontal, and oblique asymtopes if any. #1 (x^2 +6x+5)/2x^2 +7x+5 y= (1/2) and x= -5/2 and -1 #2 (8x^2 +26x-7)/4x-1 y=2x+7 and x=1/4 #3. (x^4-16)/(x^2-2x) x= 0 and 2 y= x^2 +2x+4 thanks!

Check my precalc

what is the f inverse of f(x)= ln(x-3) I got y= e^x - 4 Solve 8 times 10^(2x-7)=3 I do not know how to do this. Do i get 8 and 10 with the same base? How? Thanks!


Check ? If f(x) = int(x), find the given functional value. 35. f(-14.321) = 14


Check? Find the center and radius of the given circle 1. x^2+y^2+10y+21=0 = 5


Which rights have allowed for citizens to check the powers of government?

Cedar Grove middle

3÷1/2 in the simplest form have to check work

science(check answers)

60 kg cheetah reaches a speed of 30 m/s when chasing its prey

math check

x:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- y:0.8,2.1,3.1,3.8,5.2,8.4,6.9,8.1,9 (which point would be considered an outlier? my ANS:(9,9)? IS IT RIGHT?

math (check answer plz)

simplify 8P3! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A. 42 . B. 336********? . C.40,432 . D.56


PPT on should there be a check on misleading advertisements in print and electronic media


why the money supply does not change when one individual writes a check to another?

Math (check answers)

I think its A, Select the mathematical sentence that is true. A. 2 • (8 – 5) + 3 < 7 + 3 • 2 B. 2 • (8 – 5) + 3 > 7 + 3 • 2 C. 2 • (8 – 5) + 3 = 7 + 3 • 2

check (math)

56. Evaluate the following expression. (7^8x7^9)^10 This is what I did: 7^80x7^90 = 7^170

Urgent Spanish Check

Nando es ____________________ alumno muy ambicioso. Un

Urgent Spanish Check

_________ postres son deliciosos. El, La, or Las? La?

Urgent Spanish Check

Hay (There are) ________ gatos en la casa. Las?


Explain how to use multiplication to check the answer to a division problem


Ms.Sue can you check my answers,I just want to make sure they were right.

Calculus check

An equation of the line tangent to y=sinx+2cosx at (pi/2, 1) is A. 2x-y=pi-1 B. 2x+y=pi+1 C. 2x-2y=2-pi D. 4x+2y=2-pi I got A

calculus check

If siny=cosx, then find dy/dx at the point (pi/2, pi) A. -1 B. 0 C. 1 D. pi/2 E. None of these I got C

Physics (Kinematics Check)

What is the average velocity of a dropped brick that falls 4.0 m? vi = 4.0 m/s vf = 0 m/s a = 9.81 m/s^2 t = vf-vi / a t = -4/9.81 t = 0.41 s v = d/t v = 4.0/0.41 v = 9.81 m/s^2 <----------

French - SraJMcGin

Can i post my paragraph for Ms.Sra to check if correct.. if possible


Determine which pair of points has a positive slope. a (5, –4), (–2, 1) b (5, –1), (–6, 6) c (–10, –2), (6, 6) •• d (6, –10), (2, 10) Check my answer

Civics - Check answer

Hi, I have questions that I just need checked. There are 28. Can anyone help me?


dose anyone know the answers to lesson 1 unit 3 quick check because i am stumped


Divide. Use estimation to check. 585 divided by 3 solve

Math check?

What is the zero of the function? f(x)=x2−x−6x2−8x+15 Enter your answer in the box. -2


Please double check In a bottling company, a machine can fill a 2-liter (l) bottle in 0.5 second (s) and move the next bottle into place in 0.1 s. How many 2-l bottles can be filled by the machine in 2 h? Answer: 1.00 or 0.20 A circular coffee table has a diameter of 5 ft. ...

Algebra II

Can you please explain what formula I need to do to solve the following problem: If 3 laps = 5/8 mile, how many laps needs to be completed to run 3 miles? Don't look for "formulas" to do these kind of questions, use ratios, one of the most powerful tools of math 3 laps = 5/8 ...


You and a friend eat tacos. You order 2 tacos and 5 burritos which equals $19. Your friend orders 1 taco and 4 burritos which equals $14. Find the cost of a taco and a burrito. Please help


If there is much running water from the faucet, the water becomes lukewarm. So you should turn down the faucet a little so that it has little running water, and then the water will become more warm or hot. Then the baby in the bath tub will not feel cold. He can enjoy bathing ...


Can some one please check my work? Thanks! From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. occult; serene; partisans; fervor; fledgling; blasphemous 1. Even though he was a FLEDGLING writer, his work suggested he was a professional. Once in a FERVOR, he...


Hello!I would like that you transcribe me in english 2 audios document (they're very short 2 min the both)you can listen them if you write in search engine :for the first Genevieve : how I celebrate Thanksgiving &for the second Brigitte : Thanksgiving please,please do it for a...


Jiskha I am 8 years old and I need help on this history qwestion. I have to get good grade on this or my mom will get really mad at me. Please help! Write a short paragraph that traces the rise of Japan from an isolated society to a major industrial and imperial power. Please ...

6th grade geography, France

Why do you think that the central government of Spain granted the Basques limited autonomy? How did political conditions and economic activities in Portugal change. How does Spain differ physically, economically, and culturally from the rest of Europe? Please, please, please ...

History.. Please check my answers

Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! :) 1. Which of these claims produced conflict between religious leaders and Transcendentalist writers? A. the claim that God and nature were the same B. the view that everyone could interpret God's will C. the belief that ...


1. I especially liked the acting of the main actor and special effects. 2. I especially liked the music and the beautiful scenery in the movie. 3. I especially liked the acting of the main actor and the main actress. 4. I especially liked the roles of the actors in the sinking...


What is the profit of 30 flight excursions if the set up fee is $40.00 per person, $800.00 rental fee for the hanger? I need this answer and I need it in a algebra equation, to show the work.


Please don't say this is to difficult to do or its o hard. Just tell me how to do it. I wanna amke a model in whihc electricity is generated through wond. ;) Check these sites for instructions about how to generate electricity with wind.


I need this question put into an equation. I have been working on this forever and cannot figure out! Please explain what you did. Thanks so much for your time! Mark sold 105 tickets for the basketball game. Each adults ticket cost $2.50 and each child's ticket cost $1.10. ...

Algebra/ Chemistry

Q (ft3/min) : 3.9, 7.9, 11.8, 15.7, 19.6, 23.6, 27.5, 31.4, 35.3, 39.3 Delta P (psi): 0.13, 0.52, 1.18, 2.09, 3.27, 4.71, 6.41, 8.37, 10.59, 13.08 My professor gave the information above and wants us to come up with a linear equation that relates Q and square root of delta P. ...


A worker gets 18 dollars per hour for a normal work week of 40 hours and time-and-a-half for overtime. Assuming he works at least 40 hours a week, construct a function describing his weekly paycheck,P, as a function of the number of hours worked, t. P(t)=____ dollards I PUT P(...

math, algebra

can someone correct this for me or help me. 6x^2y^3+ 9x^2y^3 divided by 3x^2y^2 my solving and answer is: 15 x x y y y ---------- = 5y 3 x x y y Looks good to me. I've never thought of showing x^2y^3 as xxyyy. That a neat wrinkle. We see quickly that the Xs cancel and all but ...

PLEASE HELP geometry trapezoid problem please help

The diagonals of a trapezoid are perpendicular and have lengths 8 and 10. Find the length of the median of the trapezoid. I don't get it... i got as far as the area is 40, and m (median) times the height is 40 as well... please help!

algebra mean med mode

can you check my answers i have to find the mean, median and mode 1) 8 12 6 9 5 mean: 8 median : 8 mode : no mode 2) 3.4 0.53 1.3 2.9 1.47 0.24 mean: 1.64 median : 1.385 mode: no mode 3) -6 3 -2 6 7 -3 -5 8 mean : 1 median : 1 (? not sure on that) mode : no mode 4) -17 32 -9 0...


Could you check if the following alternatives are possible, please? Thank you. 1) I didn't know your address but I was able/managed to find you. (succeeded in finding you??? ) 2)When I was young, I could/was able to (NO: managed to/succeeded in ) 3) I called her up several ...

Algebra 1A

I need help please. you have recently found a location for your bakery & have begun implementing the first phases of your business pla. Your buget consists of an $80,000 loan from your family& a $ 38,250 small business loan. these loans must be repaid in full within 10 years. ...


can anyone please help me set this problem up, I can do the math but I have tried for hours... Air fare club offers membership at $300.00, at least 50 people must join.For every member over 50 their fare will be reduced by $2 for every member. Due to space limits only 125 ...

Math - please double check me

There are 42 accounting classes with 31 students in each class. Estimate the total number of students in the accounting classes. a. 1200 b. 900 c. 1600 d. 1500 answer: c One kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. What fractional part of a kilometer is 500 meters? Simply your ...


I forgot to include the following sentences. Could you please check these other sentences, too. 1) Rewrite the exercise three times after learning the use of reporting verbs. 2) Revise carefully the verbs followed by the infinitive and the gerund in your book and then do the ...

Lang. Arts

am: wasn't ::can:___________ aminite:constitution::________:letter bazzar:market place::enigma:________ In your first analogy, you have two verbs; the second one is a negative contraction of the past tense of the verb. Think of it this way. I am here. I wasn't here. I can see ...


Check my answers please! Thanks a lot. Five students reported that the previous night they slept: 7,8,7,10,9 hours. Calculate the sample varience and standard deviation. sample varience = 1346.5 standard deviation = 36.7 Consider this. Ths standard deviation can never be ...

Chemistry (URGENT)

In order to analyze the waste water containing Co^2+ from a manufacturing process, 1.0L of water was evaporated to 10.0mL, then placed in a spectrophotometer tube. The absorbance was found to be 0.20. Using your calibration curve, calculate the number of milligrams of co^2+ in...


Hi, this the description paper I posted before except I changed it. I have to redo it. I took you guy's advice please check and correct me. Thanks. By the door, there paused an impatient low spirited woman. She was in her twenties and she had big, bright brown eyes along with ...


I posted this earlier, but got no answer. So I am re-posting. Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her debit card to pay for a purchase of $57.65. How has her account balance changed? I am a little lost, I understand the deposit BUT from ...




Please help me? Chicken Dinners. High Flyin' Wings charges $12 for a bucket of chicken wings and $7 for a chicken dinner. After filling 28 orders for buckets and dinners during a football game, the waiters have collected $281. How many buckets and dinners did they sell?

Algebra 2

The temperature of a liquid during an experiment can be modeled by the function f(x)=3.8cos(πx20)+2.2 , where f(x) is the temperature in °C and x is the number of minutes into the experiment. What is the lowest temperature the liquid reached during the experiment? Round to ...

to ms.sue-writing project

please check: Narrative Prompts (choose only one) • Your aunt arrives with a huge box. You hear strange noises coming from the box. Write a story about what’s inside. what i wrote: every monday, my aunt would come and visit me.everytime my aunt visits me, she would always ...


Could someone explain the concept of judicial review and its impact on the balance of power in the United States Government? Judical review means that the courts can review congressional and administrative actions to see if they are constitutional. The Supreme Court gave ...

world history

please, please, please help me with my question! 1. el nino affects the andean region by A.causing seasonal rains to come at the wrongtime b.decreasing the temperture c.causing drought d.causing torrential rains


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