Algebra, help + check please

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A gardener has a border of flowers around a rectangular vegetable garden. The vegetable garden is 5 ft x 2 ft, and the flower border has a uniform width of 1 ft and is 7 ft x 4 ft. What is the area of the flower garden only? 4 ft^2 10 ft^2 18 ft^2*** 28 ft^2 I don't know if I ...


Could you please check these adjectives referring to personality? Thank you very much. 1) I'm outgoing, sensible, sincere, touchy and hard-working. 2) I'm quite confident about myself. I'm anxious about next week's biology test. 3) If I were you, I'd study harder/I'm appy ...


I have to identify the verbs in the sentence and decide if they are linking,transitive, or intransitive. Please check these and let me know if they are correct. 2. She turned her face to the sun. (transitive) 4. The leaves on the tree turn bright red in the fall. (transitive) ...


I had to write sentencesabout an ache in a certain body part with indirect pronoun . There were pictures provided and the first part of the sentence like "A mi amigo" and we had to fill in the restCould you check, please 1. pain in head A nosotros les duele la cabeza. 2.pain ...

government MS. Sue please

Ms. Sue, Could you double check these, I asked you earlier and got the ball rolling. I had to choose five interests that are affecrted by public policy decisions. I chose No Child Left Behind, Health care insurance, environmental safety, veterans groups, and gun safety. What I...


Square roots. Woohoo. Want to check some work I did. 1. Perform indicated operations 3sqrt[3]+2sqrt[27]-sqrt[12] 3sqrt[3]+2sqrt[3*9]-sqrt[2*6] 3sqrt[3]+3*2sqrt[3]-2sqrt[3] 3sqrt+6sqrt[3]-2sqrt[3] = 7sqrt[3] 2.Simplify sqrt[49x^12y^4z^8] = 7x^6y^2z^4 3.Multply (8sqrt[6]+3sqrt[2...

Civics (Reed)(Check)

Please check to see if I have answered the following questions as best as possible. Reed--I added more to #3. Will you check it for me please? 1. What information is being presented in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? What facts are presented? A: Freedom of ...

Civics (Reed)(Check)

Please check to see if I have answered the following questions as best as possible. Reed--I added more to #3. Will you check it for me please? 1. What information is being presented in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? What facts are presented? A: Freedom of ...


1. Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoints (–1, 2) and (3, –3). (2, 4) and (6, 6) (2, 4) and (6, 6) (–2, 4) and (6, –6) (2, –1) and (–3, 3) 2. Given a scale factor of one-half , find the coordinates for ...


solve each literal equation for the indicated variable linear equation for x 2x+3y=6 can some one give me a example and show me how the steps go to solve this problem please Subtract 3y from both sides of the equation, and then divide both sides by 2.


You are a letter and now your in a math problem explain to the numbers what your purpose is, how you are a friend, and how you solve algebra problems. Create a math problem and solve it. Use the letter and the number as the characters. Please tell me that this is not a ...


Two angles are complementary. The sum of the measure of the first angle and one-fourth of the second angle is 69 degrees. Find the measures of the angles. What is the measure of the smaller angle? What is the measure of the other angle? Can somebody help me set this up? PLEASE...


Two angles are complementary. The sum of the measure of the first angle and one-fourth of the second angle is 69 degrees. Find the measures of the angles. What is the measure of the smaller angle? What is the measure of the other angle? Can somebody help me set this up? PLEASE...


Kate wants to buy a new bicycle from a sporting goods store. The bicycle she wants normally sells for $360. The store has a sale where all bicycles cost 5/6 of the regular price. What is the sale price of the bicycle? Please help solve. Thanks

College Algebra

Mukul has $1.60 in nickels, dimes, and quarters. He has nine more dimes than quarters and six more nickels than quarters. How many of each coin are in his pocket.- I need little hint please. My answer is coming out wrong.

Chemistry (Check and Help)

Determine the type of chemical reaction, find the limiting reagent, determine the amount of product in grams, and the amount in grams of excess reagent. 6.95 moles of glucose C6H12O6(s) is combusted with 7.54 moles of O2 gas (both products!) C6H12O6(s) + 6O2(g) --> 6CO2(g...

Algebra Please Help

I have reread this promble so many times and am still not getting it. I posted this yesterday and am still not understanding it. Please help again The length of the Statue of Liberty's index finger is 8 feet while the height to the top of the head is about 111 feet. Suppose ...


Please check my work and correct any errors/point out any errors. Thanks. Solve the initial-value problem using the method of undetermined coefficients. y''-4y=e^xcos(x), y(0)=1, y'(0)=2 r^2-4=0, r1=2, r2=-2 yc(x)=c1*e^2x+c2*e^-2x yp(x)=e^x[Acos(x)+Bsin(x)] y'p(x)=e^x[-Asin(x...

English / Grammar

Please check the following sentences and let me know if they are correct. Thank you in advance!! Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified before the sentence. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Punctuation within Sentences—...

math help

"Three cards are randomly selected from a standard 52-card deck. What is the probability of getting 3 hearts or 3 numbers less than 6 (count aces as 1)?" I think the answer is 0.0645, but I'm not sure if this is right. Could someone check this? "Half of a circle is inside a ...

English check

Please check to if see if the vocab words are paired with the right sentences. The sentences are supposed to explain the vocab word. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I have been convinced ...

math help1

Okay I am a little bit confused about one math question can you please Help me out? There is two parts but I already finished part a just stuck on part b Okay so part a. draw the reflection of f(x) = (square root X-2) in the Line y=X Okay I understand that but when it comes to...

English!_+ check please!

Rank the following sentences from most formal to least formal by writing the appropriate number in the blank beside each sentence: 1 = most formal; 3 = least formal. /3 ___2__I was pumped. I mean, we had scored the best seats for the show. Awesome ___1__In conclusion, I ask ...


CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWERS PLEASE? What types of problems can be solved using the greatest common factor? What types of problems can be solved using the least common multiple? Complete the explanation. *** Use the words 'same' and 'different' to complete the following ...


At 3PM, two ships started sailing toward each other from ports which were 265 miles apart at average rates of 18 and 23 miles per hour. At what time were the ships still 60 miles apart? *Again, I;m having a real bad day; please walk me through this.*


How come when you find the square of the binomial (2x-5y)^2, the answer is 4x^2-20xy+25y^2 (according to my book)? I would think that the middle term, 2(2x-5y) would be 4x-10y, but my book says it is -20xy. But I thought you 2x and 5y were separate terms so you can't combine ...

Algebra 2

Hey I am working on math homework that involves "Standard Form to Vertex Form by Averaging." My class is just starting to learn this today, but I am totally lost still on what to do. Can you please help? The formula for this is y=a(x - h)^2 + k the h is the x-value vertex and ...

Algebra II

If one leg of a right triangle is 5 times the square root of 3 centimeters, and the hypotenuse is 2 more than the other leg, what is the length of the other leg? While it does say please show my work, I literally have NO idea how to solve this, and this is one of my last ...


Could you please check my answers? Question one: When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence as support? A. Observations of nature. B. lab experiments. C. extensive fossil collections, D. genetic sequences. I chose answer C. Second Question: ...

math---help! connections academy! check my answers

pls help asap! check my answers: In the diagram, lines m and n are parallel. If m¡Ð2 = 150¡Æ, find the measure of the following angles. 1. ¡Ð4 = ? (1 point) 120¨¬ 50¨¬ 30¨¬ 150¨¬ 2. ¡Ð6 = (1 point) 150¨¬ 130¨¬ 15¨¬ 30¨¬ 3. ¡Ð8 = (1 point) 30¨¬ 132...

Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B

Find the surface area for a cylinder with a height of 20 and a radius of 6. Use 3.14 for pi and round to the nearest whole number. 180 ft 720 ft 433 ft 135 ft I thinks it is 720 ft.

Algebra 2

Mrs. Jones algebra 2 class scored very well on yesterday's quiz. With one exception, everyone received an A. Within how many standard deviations from the mean do all the quiz grades fall ? Ó =3.1 95, 92,94,88,96,99,91,93,94,97,95,97

Digital art and design, I need to check :)

Hey, Is it alright If I check a few answers, Thx guys!! :) 1) Art provides Info about the history of the people who created It True or False I'm thinking False, Because art can tell a story, Yes, But It's not nessarally always about the creator 2) What do digital artists add ...


I've been trying to figure out this equation for over an hour but all the answers I get are wrong. The equation is 0.9=-10I^2+6I . The answer is supposed to be 0.3 and it does work out, but I have tried all different ways to solve for I and nothing seems to work. Could someone...

Algebra II

A triangle has vertices (-2,-3), (3,5), and (8,-1) Write a matrix expression to represent rotating the triangle 90° clockwise. Evaluate the matrix expression and list the coordinates of the vertices of the transformed figure. Please help me! I was absent for the entirety of ...


The air pressure in a tire is 150.000 kPa. The internal surface area of the tire is 1150.000 cm^2. Determine the total force applied by the air to the tire. (Round to 3 decimal places) Answer = kN 150.000 kPa x 1000 = 150000 Nm 1150.000 cm / 100 cm = 11.5 m Force = Pressure x ...


Hi, Please I researched so badly, I need help to find information about Cybernomics issues and solutions. Please can you help me. Give me a site I can go to that will have information concerning Cybernomics. Please Thank You.


1) Write a translation rule that maps point D(7, –3) onto point D'(2, 5). Note: PLEASE ANSWER, NEAT & CORRECT PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! =) :-) AND EXPLAIN IT GOOD STEP BY STEP, PLEASE. :)


I'll try to learn how to make a clear voice. I'll try to practice making a speech in my room. I'll try to study hard to go abroad. I'll try to study hard to learn in college in the USA. I'll try to study hard to learn linguistics in an American University. I'll try hard to be ...

Chemistry(Please check)

1) Which statement below is incorrect if any? a)when gas is at STP, the pressure of the gas is at 1.00 atm. b)when a gas is at STP, the temperature of the gas is 25 degrees celsius c)at STP the molar volume of a gas is 22.4L d)at STP the molar volume of all gases are the same ...

check my work..math grade 8...surface area

A men's basketball is about 24.3 centimeters in diameter, while the diameter of a women's basketball is about 23.4 centimeters. What is the ratio of the surface area of a men's basketball to the surface area of a women's basketball? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. ...

Social Studies 9

Can someone please help ! CAN someone please list the similarities between pioneers (American rev.) and Puritans & Jacobins (French rev.) NO links please :]

simple math check

(1/2)(3x^2+5x+3)^(-1/2)(6x+5) when you plug in 5 for x.. do you get 1.72 because that what i get and then it says im wrong.

Math (Check problem

Subtract and Simpfly 2) 2/3 - 1/2 my answear: 1/6

Check Work (Math)

1) Find the difference 3-(4-7) my answear 6

Math check

(3+sqrt x)(4- 3sqrt x) is the answer 12- 5sqrtx-3x?

Math check

Divide and simplify to the form a+bi. (-8+i)/(2-3i) Is the answer (23/13)+(43/13)i


How does the goverment know how much to with hold from your employment check?

To Mary

Check below for the answer to your buffer question.

To: SraJMcGin

I posted an assignment for you to check at 4:51 today just to let you know.

Axia Collage

Grammar Exercise 2 check my anwers

11th grade

how to check specific heat of a substance?


solve and check solution 12x=11x-5


Solve the following equations algebraically and check. y=2x^2+2x+3 y=x+3


Hi could you check my sentences to see if their right?


Explain how you could estimate 22% of 78 to check if your answer is reasonable.


Does anyone on here use Writepoint to check your work??


solve the equation. check the solution 5 x g -5 = 100

Math(factoring) plz check

bx - by ANSWER: FACTOR b(x+y)

math rational comparing #'s

can you check: < > = -2/9 > -4/9 -1/6 > -2/3 -5/12 > - 3/4 -1 < - 1/3 -5/6 = -10/12 -1/8 > - 1/2 -1.2 > -2.1 -0.6 < -0.52 -1.23 < -1.25 -0.53 < -5.333 -3 1/4 = -3.25 -4 2/5 < -4.12 are these right?

Alg 2

Solve the equation. Check for extraneous solutions. ln x + ln(x-2) = 1


Solve. Check for extraneous solution. 6x= √20+6x


Describing CPT Catergories Check Point


How can you use multiplication to check if a quotient is correct?


Testable statement or prediction..... Is That Hypothesis?

math 116

week 5: self check answers


ms sue can u plzzz check my 1nd answer

Math check

If the radius of a circle is 5 cm what is the area? Formula A=pi r^2 A=3.14×5×5 A=78.50


3L=7 what would L be? i was multipling - 7*5= 35 then divide by 3..but that 5 does not check right


Can someone help me with mechanics. I need to check my answers

math--check my answer

stem-and-leaf plot 3| 7 8 9 4| 1 3 7 5| 2 4 37, 38, 39, 41, 43, 47, 52, 54 *** 73, 83, 93, 14, 34, 74, 25, 45 7, 8, 9, 1, 3, 7, 2, 4 37, 38, 39, 14, 34, 74, 25, 45 =

phi 208

To check my reading week 4 quiz


How can you check the answer to a decimal multiplication problem?


0.8(4+-a)=5.6a how to check this so the answers both equal out?

7th grade math

Can you check these problems? 1. 4x^2 + 3x - 4x +5 = 4x^2 - x + 5 2. m - n + m - n - n = 2m - 3n 3. (7x + 5 - 3y) - (-3x - 5 +4y) = 7x + 3x -3y + 4y + 0 = 10x - y = 0 4. m/8 - 9 = 5 m/8 = 5 + 9 m = 14/8 m = 7/4 = 1 3/4


Solve the equation. Check for extraneous roots. 4^2x-4^x-20=0


Can someone check my answer down below?

Calculus check

The integral of (x^2-4secxtanx) dx= I got x^3/3-4secx+c


Solve x^n by abinitio method check ur ability nw?

Circles Geometry

Can someone check if my answers are correct?

math (check answers)

Evaluate the expressions when x = 1/2 and y = -3. 1. -4xy -4 * .5 * -3 = 6 2. 6x - 3y 6(.5) - 3(-3) 3. -5y + 8x + 1 -5(-3) + 8(.5) + 1 = 20 4. -x^2 - y + 2 -0.5^2 - (-3) + 2 = 4.75 5. 2x + 4 (x + .5) + 7 2(.5) + 4 (-3 + .5) + 7 = -2 6. 2(4x - 1)^2 - 3 2(4(.5) - 1)^2 - 3 = -1


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 3x-5/2=4x+1/4


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 8/k=14/k+3


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 3x-5/2=4x+1/4


Find the slope line of (1,4) and (2,1) -3 3•• -1/3 1/3 Check my answer


-2+3{6-(1-9]=? I got 14. I just need you to check if its right


What are the answers to unit 3 lesson 2 quick check


Can you help me with the final check:Relating to Parents chapter 17

Compound Inequalities

Solve. 5 < x - 2 < 11 a. 5 < x < 11 b. 7 < x < 13 c. 7 < x < 11 d. 5 < x < 16 My answer is b. Can you check my work?


solve the inequality: -3(4-a)=6 1) -6 2) -2 3) 2 4) 6 I think #1 is correct. Can you check? Thanks


How can you check the answer to a decimal multiplication problem

Algebra II

I need some help with some problems as well as need some checked. Could you please help me? Thanks! 1. How do you graph y=1/x 2. How do I the x and y intecepts using a graph? Solve and check the linear equation. 9. (-4x-2)+7=-3(x+3) I got 14 10. -2[7x-7-6(x+1)]=2x+5 I got 21/4...

Math-please check

The supershots scored over 75 points in each of ten straight games. The newspaper predicts that they will score more than 75 points tonight. Which form of reasoning is this conclusion based on? A. Deductive reasoning, because the conclusion is based on logic B. Deductive ...


Avec une partenaire, jouez les rôles d'une cliente et d'un serveur/une serveuse dans un restaurant français. Ce restaurant a des spécialités et un menu. Here are the instructions. Dites "Bonjour". (Both the server and the the client greet eachother) Server : Demandez ce ...


Find the variation constant and an equation of variation where Y varies directly as X and Y=60 when X=10 k=variation constant y=equation of variation Still do not understand..please..


To find the product 3/7 multiplied by 4/9, Cameron simplified 3/7 to 1/7 and then multiplied the fractions 1/7 and 4/9 to find the product 4/63. What is Cameron's error? Please help answer thanks


In a room that is 2.13 m high, a spring (unstrained length = 0.30 m) hangs from the ceiling. A board whose length is 1.58 m is attached to the free end of the spring. The board hangs straight down, so that its 1.58-m length is perpendicular to the floor. The weight of the ...

algebra help please

The U.S. population in 1990 was approximately 250 million, and the average growth rate for the past 30 years gives a doubling time of 66 years. The above formula for the United States then becomes P (in millions) = 250 times 2( y-1990)/66 What will the population of the United...


1) Which of the following is true about photosynthesis? A. It is an exothermic reaction B.It is a endothermic reaction ***** C.It produces carbon dioxide D. It occurs in animals 2) Atomic Theory is A.Subject to change if new information is discovered B.A solution to the ...


Writing indirect proofs. Can someone please check for me. I am not sure If this is correct.Thanks much Given: triangle ABC angle B=120 degree Proof: Triangle A does not equal 60 degree Plan: Using an indirect proof, using the paragraph method My answer. Assume temporarily that...


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