Algebra, help + check please

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Can someone check my answer down below?

Calculus check

The integral of (x^2-4secxtanx) dx= I got x^3/3-4secx+c


Solve x^n by abinitio method check ur ability nw?

Circles Geometry

Can someone check if my answers are correct?

math (check answers)

Evaluate the expressions when x = 1/2 and y = -3. 1. -4xy -4 * .5 * -3 = 6 2. 6x - 3y 6(.5) - 3(-3) 3. -5y + 8x + 1 -5(-3) + 8(.5) + 1 = 20 4. -x^2 - y + 2 -0.5^2 - (-3) + 2 = 4.75 5. 2x + 4 (x + .5) + 7 2(.5) + 4 (-3 + .5) + 7 = -2 6. 2(4x - 1)^2 - 3 2(4(.5) - 1)^2 - 3 = -1


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 3x-5/2=4x+1/4


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 8/k=14/k+3


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 3x-5/2=4x+1/4


Find the slope line of (1,4) and (2,1) -3 3•• -1/3 1/3 Check my answer


-2+3{6-(1-9]=? I got 14. I just need you to check if its right


What are the answers to unit 3 lesson 2 quick check


Can you help me with the final check:Relating to Parents chapter 17

Compound Inequalities

Solve. 5 < x - 2 < 11 a. 5 < x < 11 b. 7 < x < 13 c. 7 < x < 11 d. 5 < x < 16 My answer is b. Can you check my work?


solve the inequality: -3(4-a)=6 1) -6 2) -2 3) 2 4) 6 I think #1 is correct. Can you check? Thanks


In a room that is 2.13 m high, a spring (unstrained length = 0.30 m) hangs from the ceiling. A board whose length is 1.58 m is attached to the free end of the spring. The board hangs straight down, so that its 1.58-m length is perpendicular to the floor. The weight of the ...


1) Which of the following is true about photosynthesis? A. It is an exothermic reaction B.It is a endothermic reaction ***** C.It produces carbon dioxide D. It occurs in animals 2) Atomic Theory is A.Subject to change if new information is discovered B.A solution to the ...


Writing indirect proofs. Can someone please check for me. I am not sure If this is correct.Thanks much Given: triangle ABC angle B=120 degree Proof: Triangle A does not equal 60 degree Plan: Using an indirect proof, using the paragraph method My answer. Assume temporarily that...


Urgent... Someone please help!! Can someone please check to see if I am doing these correctly, I have a test tomorrow... Thank you :) Q) Calculate the new molarity of a 35mL sample of 0.450 M CaCl2 solution that is diluted with enough water to make 250 mL of solution. A) 0.450...


I'M IN 6 GRADE PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW TO RENAME FRACTIONS TO DECIMALS AS EASY AS YOU CAN You divide the fraction by the the number at the top by the number at the bottom and get a decimal For example 5 --- = 6 doesn't go into the 5 so we add a 0 and a point and then we add a zero ...

ALGEBRA- please help ASAP

how do i simplify comlex fractions, like this one: ((5/x)-(x/x-1)) / ((x/x+1)+(6/x)) These are strain. Start with the numerator ((5/x)-(x/x-1)) Multply by x(x-1)/x(x-1) That simplifies it some. Then the denominator: multiply be x(x-1)/x(x-1) See if that gets you ...

Profit margin ratio

Could someone please help? I have to compute the profit margin for the following: Net income Net Sales A. $4,390 $44,830 B. 97,644 398,954 C. 111,385 257,082 D. 65,234 1,458,999 E. 80,158 435,925 I think (check your text) you use Net Profit Margin = Net Income / Net Sales ...

Help!Math...Again!!!PLease Help!

Two cars leave town going in the same direction. One travels 55 mph and the other travels 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: We do know that one car is 180 miles ahead of the other, so the slow car's distance can be represented by " d " and the...


Find the points of discontinuity and any holes. y=x^2-1/(x^2+3x+2) please and thank you y =(x^2-1)/((x+1)(x+2)) =(x-1)/(x+2) we cancelled the (x+1)/(x+1) which is 0/0 for x=-1 so in our simplified expression when x=-1 y = -2 There is a "hole" at (-1,-2) in the final expression...

Pre-Algebra can you please help?!

Lester deposited $400 into a savings account earning 4.5% simple interest, and $450 into an investment account earning 3.2% interest compounded annually. What was the total interest he earned in 3 years? A $986.00 B $89.06 C $9.60 D $98.60

Algebra 1

Simplify -(2xy^3)^-5 A: -32x^5y^15 B: -32/x^5y^15 C: -1/32x^5y^15 D: -1/32x^4y^2 I have a good understanding of Exponents, its just that I don't get this one. I feel like it is C but at the same time I feel like it is B. I got C though but I don't understand how they got -1 on...


1)Find the sixth term of the geometric sequence for which a1=5 and r=3 a.1215 b.3645 c.9375 d.23 answer=a 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the geometric sequence -12,4,-4/3,... answer=d 3)Find four ...


Culture Experience Camp With Native Speakers 1. Date 1) Team A Ceramic Art Classroom : January 12th, 2010 09:00 - 14:30 2) Team B Technology Classroom : January 13th, 2010 09:00 - 14:30 2. Place: Spo1 Park 3. Gathering time and place In front of the entrance of the Nopo-dong ...

Answer Check Please

Andy and William work together to build a toy house. It will take William 5 hours and Andy 4 hours, or William 10 hours and Andy 2 hours to finish their work. If William works alone, how many hours will it take to finish his work? I say 15 is the answer.


Can someone please check my work? We all have new clothes. Write sentences using the elements below. Replace the direct objects with the correct direct object pronoun. 1. Aníbal/preferir (unas camisas de color rojo) Aníbal las prefiere. 2. Julieta y Emma/comprar (unos ...


Can you please check these sentences I'm unsure of? Thank you very much 1)Nature was given great importance. (not "a" great importance) 2) He calls his students little pitchers to be filled with facts. 3) Its inhabitants were affected (or the health of its inhabitants was ...

Foreign languages

Thank you very much for giving me so much information ! Can you check these sentences for me, please? 1) Thank you for replying to my request of today. ... I would like to book a room with a double bed and a single bed at..... for person sharing which includes breakfast and ...


1- writing to explain- why might you need to measure a perimeter with a measuring tape instead of a ruler? 2- how are a ruler, a yardstick, and a measuring tape the same? how are they different? i don't 1 answer and i try 2 answer please check is it right or not 2) a ruler a ...


Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1)When you go to the supermarket, you insert a 50-cent coin into the trolley and you get in (how can I express this) 2)You put the things you need in the trolley. 3)I usually go to the counter of sliced meats and ...


Can you please check these sentences? It's really urgent. 1) At school I mustn't cheat during a test (also tests?). 2)When I do the washing-up, I have to put the dishes into the dishwasher, then put the washing-up gel (powder) into the dishwasher, start it and wait for the ...

Ms. Sue Please Check My Answers!

1. During the early 1800s, what did New England's textile industry and cotton farming in the South have in common? A.) Changes in technology led to increased production in both regions B.) Children worked in the textile industry; slaves of all ages worked in the South C.) New ...

Math Word Problem

I asked my teacher, and my teacher said it had 3 shelves.. A bookcase is to be constructed. The height of the bookcase is 4 feet longer than the lenght of a shelf. If 20 feet of lumber is available for the entire unit (including the shelves, but NOT the back of the bookcase), ...


Can someone please explain the method to solving the following electrostatics problem? Thank you very much. Consider three charged sheets, A,B, and C. The sheets are parallel with A above B above C. On each sheet there is a surface charge of uniform density: –4 x 10^(-5) C/m...

11th grade English

Can someone please help me with the topics for a research paper. It needs to be based on some medical issues. This is the first time I am writing a research paper. please help me with a topic. Please!!!!

physics(please help! please)

*please help ily*. a fishing pole, 2m long, is pivoted at 50cm from one end. the other end has a line with a 4 kg fish on it. what is the effort force required to land the fish?

College Algebra/pre-calculus

The question is to evaluate each logarithm: My professor wants us to show work. Could you please tell me if I'm on the right track? Thank you!!! 1. log6^(1/36)= -2 2. ln(1/e^4)= 1/e^2 3. log7^1= 0 4. log4^64= ln64/ln4= 3 5. log10^8= ln8/ln10= .9031 6. log3^(radical 3)= I wasn'...

Foreign Language (Spanish)

Can someone please check my answers? These are Direct and Indirect object pronouns practice problems I'm doing and I wanted to make sure I'm doing them right. Thanks a bunch!:) 1.) We want to buy a house for you. My answer: Queremos comprar una casa para usted. 2.) She bought ...


Please check my answers;This are polar coordinates we're studying-I'm almost positive the first two are correct. 1.Which of the folowing is another representation of (-3,pi)? (3,120degree) (3,0 degree)I think it is this one?? ((-3,0 degree) 2.Which is not a representation of (...

physics questions

can you please check my answers? 1.what would be the path of the moon if somehow all gravitational foces on it vanished to zero? -would the path of the moon be arched. 6. is the force of gravity stronger on a crumpled piece of paper than on a indentical piece paper that has ...


Division: x^2 + 2x - 15over 4x^2 divided by x^2 -25 over 2x-10 Will someone show me the steps to work this problem, I have looked and looked at my book but it still makes no sense to me. Help. First, change the division to the reciprocal of muliplication. Check this, it ...


Can you please check these statements? Thank you. 1) My child likes throwing (tossing?) things into the air. He doesn't seem to bother with the consequences of his actions. 2) He spends most of his time playing with his Pokemon cards or with marbles. 3) In particular, he likes...


Writeacher, could you please check these questions? Thank you. I need to express question number 3 in a different way. 1)Briefly analyze the works of at least two authors (also: of those authors?) (we dealt with in class) who showed a deep social commitment as well as (an) ...

Lang. Arts

select the pronoun that belongs in the underlined space. 1.___ of the people in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese,2._______are Buddhist by tradition. A smaller percentage are Tamil, of Hindu background. Civil wars have torn apart the small nation,3._____is a bloody and violent history. ...

work (physics)

a 25 kg object is accelerating from rest to a distance of 6 m in 4 seconds across a level floor. The friction is 3.8 N - what is the total work........ i started off by trying to find fa but it seems to give me an absurd answer.. maybe if u could help me by telling me the ...

social studies-HISTORY

information on ajanta caves-physical environment,ways to protect,need to protect Please check these various links (except the first one, yours) to find previous answers to this question. =)

Maths Check

Can Please someone check as per below I posted this yesterday and Drwls Answered and I post back the solution. Thanks Amortization of a $1000 Loan Interest Monthly payment rate 15yr 20yr 25yr 30yr 9.5% $10.45 $9.33 $8.73 $8.41 10.0% $10.75 $9.66 $9.09 $8.78 10.5% $11.06 $9.99...


Can someone please double check my answers. 1. What pattern does the logarithmic function exhibit? a. y = b+a(lnx) b. y = a+b(lnx) c. y = ax+b d. y = axb I think A and B both look right..I just went with B. 2. Let f(x) = log6x and g(x) = log1/2x. For all x>1, f(x)>g(x) ...


Can someone please double check my answers. 1. What pattern does the logarithmic function exhibit? a. y = b+a(lnx) b. y = a+b(lnx) c. y = ax+b d. y = axb I think A and B both look right..I just went with B. 2. Let f(x) = log6x and g(x) = log1/2x. For all x>1, f(x)>g(x) ...


I Need help with this social studies! 1. when the roman government began to persecute christens under Nero, A.Christianity almost disappeared. B. Christians had to cremate their dead.***** C. Jews hid Christianity was outlawed 2. which roman emperor ended the persecution of ...

Introduction to Graphic Design

Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 9. There are two sculptures of George Washington. One sculpture makes use of sharp edges and abstract shapes, while the other captures a more realistic view. Which of the following is different about these two sculptures? (1 ...


Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you very much. 1) Have you been to/in the new supermarket? No, not yet. 2) I've driven your car twice. Or It's the second time I've driven it. 3) How long ago did you go to Paris? Or When did you last go to ...

9th grade algebra

drwls here is another one of those questions like the last one we submitted if this will help with what they are after. 200 dollars/1 ton x 100 cents/1 dollar x 1 ton/2000 pounds x 1 pound/16 ounces could you please show me how you come up with the answer? I am not sure how ...


Find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range, and asymptotes of each function. Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane -x/3 f(x)=4+e ( if this makes sense, not sure how else to show it. the -x/3 is after the e like -x/3 to the power of e) please...


Carly deposits $900 into an annuity at the end of every month for 2.5 years. The fund holds international stocks, and it yields about 12% compounded monthly. Find the interest earned after 2.5 years. a.$31,619.46 b.$31,306.40 c.$4,619.47 d.$4,306.40 (I can not figure this out...

Math! Please Check My Awnser!

Hello! I need some help with math! I have tried to do this but I am unsure about my answers. My I will identify my answers with a "<--". Also, if I have missed one, please tell me the right answer! Also, Thanks for your help in advance! Have a nice day! 1. Which of the ...


solve 4^3x-4=32^x+2 Please help! Do you mean 4^(3x) -4 = 32^x +2 ? yes If that is really what you mean, I cannot get a closed-form solution for you. You would have to solve it by trial-and-error or graphical means. If, on the other hand, you mean 4^(3x-4)=32^(x+2), then take ...


Can someone please help me with these problems? Write (27a^-3)^-2/3 in simplest form. Solve log(6x+11)=2. thanks Let me see your work, we can start from there. Alright! :D (27a^-3)^-2/3 =the cubed root of (27a^-3)^-2 =the cubed root of 27^-2a^6 i figured out how to do the ...


7. A bag contains 5 red marbles, 6 green marbles, and 9 blue marbles. Suppose 3 marbles are chosen without replacement. What is the probability of choosing a red, a blue, and a red in that order?: A. 9/320 B. 5/152 C. 1/1280 D. 1/38 Please explain answer. Thanks


1. you randomly choose an integer from 10 to 20. what are the odds that the integer is 15 or less? 2. you toss a six-sided number cube 15 times. for nine of the tosses the number tossed was 4 or more. what is the experimental probability than a number tossed is 4 or more? ...

advance algebra

find three numbers such that the second is 6 less than 3 times the first , and the third is 2 more than 2/3 of the 2nd.The sum of the three numbers is 172. use x=1st number y=second number z= 3rd number please help...thanks a lot!!


Speciality t shirts are being sold online for $30 plus one time handling fee of $2.75. The total cost is a function of the number of t shirts bought. What function rule models the cost of the t shirts? Evaluate the function for t shirts. Can someone please help

Algebra Please Help

Find the sum of integers c for all triples of integers (a,b,c),a≤b≤c, that satisfy the system of equations a^2−bc=91 b^2−ac=91 c^2−ab=91 Details and assumptions If a number c appears in several different triples (a,b,c), it must be counted with ...

Algebra II

help please There are 12 red checkers and 3 black checkers in a bag. Checkers are selected one at a time, with replacement. Each time, the color of the checker is recorded. Find the probability of selecting a red checker exactly 7 times in 10 selections. Show work.

Algebra ll

Help me with this please There are 12 red checkers and 3 black checkers in a bag. Checkers are selected one at a time, with replacement. Each time, the color of the checker is recorded. Find the probability of selecting a red checker exactly 7 times in 10 selections. Show your...

Quick Algebra Help

The rules for a book report say that the report should have 300 words with an absolute value deviation of at most 20 words. Write and solve an absolute value inequality that represents the acceptable number of words.Please help me!


Thank you...I forgot to add the other part of the question.. The sum of two number equal 25 The second number is 4 times larger than the first number. Write the two equations AND what are the two numbers. I have x+4x =25 but not sure what the two equations would be? Please ...


I have to identify the verbs in the sentence and decide if they are linking,transitive, or intransitive. Please check these and let me know if they are correct. 2. She turned her face to the sun. (transitive) 4. The leaves on the tree turn bright red in the fall. (intransitive...


Could you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. 1) I find it difficult to translate the following description into English since I don't know how old the students are in their fifth or sixth class. How old are the students attending...

9th grade algebra math hw, help?(:

The table below shows the cost of renting a bike for a given amount of time, find the rate of change in cost with respect to time. Table: Time: 1.75, 4, 7. Cost( Dollars)4.375, 10, 17.5 Could one of the tutors please explain to me how to this? Thanks :) -Allyson


Writeacher, can you please check this email, as I need to send it right now. Thank you very much. 1) I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. 2) As I have already told you once, we should stick to what ...


Writeacher, can you please check this email, as I need to send it right now. Thank you very much. 1) I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. 2) As I have already told you once, we should stick to what ...


A-the dictionary definition of a word B-making assertions about a group that are too broad C-parts of a presentation that augment the words D-rhetorical devices that rely on faulty reasoning E- the emotional associations a work invokes audiovisual(A) connation(E) denotation(D...

Quick English check

Please check to if see if the vocab words are paired with the right sentences. The sentences are supposed to explain the vocab word. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I have been convinced ...


Please help with this problem: An ellipse and a hyperbola have the same foci, $A$ and $B$, and intersect at four points. The ellipse has major axis 50, and minor axis 40. The hyperbola has conjugate axis of length 20. Let $P$ be a point on both the hyperbola and ellipse. What ...


I have to write 4 sentences using an adverb and 4 using a preposition. Could you please check? I will list the adverbs first. 1.I'm sure he let the dog come in last night. 2.We watched the balloons floating far above our heads. 3.The bus drove past the people waiting at the ...

Chemistry (Check)

Thanks but can you check another one for me The Valence electrons largely determine the blank of an element and are usually the only electrons used in blank. T have the first one as chemical properties, whats the second blank chemical properties would work for the first blank ...

Math - Statistics

Suppose that the mean number of customers who arrive at the check-out counters each minute is 4. Create a Poisson Distribution with u (lamda) = 4 for x = 0 to 20. Compare your results to the histogram. 20 random numbers are generated with a Poisson distribution for u (lamda...


marie730 the temperature at the end of the day was 64 degrees. the temperature has increased twice during the day,once by 8 degrees and another time by 4 degrees which expression shows what the temperature was at the start of the day 64-8-4 64+8-4****** 64-8+4 78+5+7 Please help


1. Find the next three terms in the sequence. 30, 22, 14, 6, ... -3, -12, -21 -1, -8, -15 -1, -2, 3, -2, -10, -18** 2. Find the next three terms in the sequence. 3, 6, 9, 12, ... 15, 18, 20 ** 15, 19, 20 15, 18, 21 14, 18, 21 3. Find the next three terms in the sequence. -1, 9...


Find three different ordered pairs that are solutions of the question x=2 and you have to use -1,0,1 for thje subsitut of y or x i don't so confused please help i don't know the ansrer math is hard I can see why you are confused-- so am I. If x = 2, that is just a ...


simplify the expression. Use only positive exponents. 8x^2y^-2/x^-2y * (4xy^2)^-1/x^2y Something does not seem right in your terms. Are you saying that 8x is being taken to the 2y power and that all this being taken to the -2x power? Please clarify your terms, and we will do ...

intermediate algebra

Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than 1, three values of x that are between 0 and 1, and at x=1. show your work. use the resulting ordered pairs to plot the graph. State the equation of the line asymptotic to the graph (if any) y= -log5...


Please help, very lost Evaluate the exponential function for three positive values of x, three negative values of x, and at x=0. Show your work. Use the resulting ordered pairs to plot the graph; submit the graph via the Dropbox. State the domain and the range of the function...


please help me im confused. Every item in the Just a Dollar store is priced at $1.00. When Mary Jo opens the store, there is $122.00 in the cash register. When she counts the money in the cash register at the end of the day, the total is $1,065.95. If the sales tax rate is 8.5...

Algebra help thx

Pani says she should get $3 discount on the price of each shirt and $3 discount on the price of each pair of jeans. Part 1 write and simplify an expression to find the pint she would pay if this is true. Part 2 if you were the shop owner, how would change the sign? Please answer

College Algebra (pt.2)

Hey, I would love if someone could please look over my answers. I just learned this yesterday and want to make sure I did my hw correct. Thanks!!! Solve for x. Round answers to four decimal places where appropriate: 6. ln(5x-3)=0 ans= x=3/5 7. log5^x=3 ans= x^3=5 8. log2^32=x ...


Can someone check out the spelling and grammar for me, please? In this drawing, I was drawing cauliflower with some other vegetables. The vegetables was in the background and in the foreground, it was the cauliflower. This mainly should be a line drawing. The lines and shapes ...

history? help

Which of the following statements describes civil law? (1 point) It deals with crimes against society. Civil offenses are punishable with prison time. It deals with the relationships between individuals. Legal action for civil offenses is initiated by the state.*** Which of ...

Algebra 1- Please Help !!!!!!!!:D

roberta sold fifty tickets for the school play. Roberta sold ten more student tickets than adult tickets. How many tickets did roberta sell?


Please look at the following simplification of an algebraic expression. Which line contains the mistake and why? Line 1: (2x + 6x) + 4y + 3x - 2xy Line 2: (8x) + 4y + 3x - 2xy Line 3: 8x + 3x + 4y - 2xy Line 4: 11x + 4y - 2xy Line 5: 13xy

Physics please check

A cylinder is fitted with a piston, beneath which is a spring, as in the drawing. The cylinder is open at the top. Friction is absent. The spring constant of the spring is 4000 N/m. The piston has a negligible mass and a radius of 0.022 m. (a) When air beneath the piston is ...

Chemistry Check Please!

A solution is prepared by dissolving 3.44 g of sucrose, C12H22O11, in 118 g of water. a) What is the molality of the resulting solution? b) What is the mole fraction of water in this solution? B) moles of h2o=118g/18(g/mol)=6.5556 mol moles of c12h22O11= 3.44g/342.3(g/mol)=0....

Please Please help! English

Which of the following sentences DOES NOT illustrate subject- verb agreement. 1.Each of the players need a locker. 2.He said that the computer is broken. 3.There go the members of the cast. 4.We knew that rivers flow south. 1.Each of the players need a locker. 2.He said that ...

Global Studies (check please)

The belief, shared by many Americans, that the United States had a right to own all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was called a. America's Right ***** b. Manifest Destiny c. The Inheritance d. Free Will Which of the following was neither part of the Confederacy nor ...

7th grade math Ms. Sue please

2. Shelly sews a blanket that has an area of 170 square feet. It has 30 square blocks, each the same size. What is the approximate length of each side of a block? (1 point) 1 foot 2 feet 3 feet 4 feet 3. Which of these numbers can be classified as irrational? (1 point) 1 over ...


A word processing station was purchased by a company for $10,000. After 4 years it is estimated that the value of the station will be $4000. If the value in dollars V and the time the station has been in use t are related by a linear equation, find the equation that relates V ...


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