Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Algebra Help URGENT Please?

    Jamie is a salesperson in a shoe store and earns $95 per week, plus 20% of her weekly sales. If Jamie makes $475 in one week, what are her sales for that week?
  2. algebra

    Solve each system graphically. If a system has an infinite number of solutions, use set builder notation to write the solution set. If a system has no solution, state this. x + y = 6 x - y = 4 I'm lost, Please Help!! Thank you
  3. Spanish Check

    Hi! Can someone check these for me? Thanks! Directions: Label each sentence with the correct tense they are in. They translate it into full Spanish. 1.) I will study. (Future) (Translation: Estudiare) 2.) Mom made tacos. (Present) (Translation: Mama hizo tacos) 3.) I’m happy...
  4. intermediate algebra

    In solving the equation (x-1)(x+2)=30. Eric stated that the solution would be x-1=30¨T¡úx=31 or(x-2)¨T30¨T¡úx=32 However, at least on of these solutions fails to work when subsitituted back into the orignal equation. Why is that? Please help Eric to understand better, ...
  5. Algebra 2

    For 1985 through 1996, the number, C (in thousands), of videos rented each year in Moose Jaw can be modeled by C= 0.069(t^3+4t^2+37t+600) where t=0 represents 1990. During which year are 60.4 thousand movies projected to be rented? Could someone please show me the steps to ...
  6. Algebra

    Please help me to to solve this quadratic equation word problem. Here is the question: The Abacus. The Chinese abacus consists of a frame, parallel wires, and beads that are moved to perform arithmetic computations. The frame is 21 Centimeters longer than it is high, which is ...
  7. Algebra 2

    Please help! I'm having the worst time figuring this out. 3. One of the fireworks is launched from the top of the building that is 70ft tall with an initial upward velocity of 150 ft/sec. a. What is the equation for this situation? b. When will the firework land if it does not...
  8. Chemistry

    Write IUPAC name of the following alkanes: 1. (CH3)3-C-CH2-CH2-CH3 Would the name be 2,2,4-trimethylhexane? 2. CH3CHCH2CHCH2CH2CH3 with a CH3 attached to the 2nd carbon and the 4th carbon. Would the name be 2,4-diheptane? 3. CH3-C-C-CH3 with a CH3 attached to the top and ...
  9. English

    Can you please check my sentences? Thank you. I'd rather you went to bed early tonight. 2) I'm used/was used to drinking a lot of water in the morning. 3) I'd rather go to the dentist today than tomorrow. 4) He asked me if I could leave him a message on his answerphone. 5) I ...
  10. math

    Hello I v got 4 question with answers .. Could somebody check that for me,please. 1.If two angles of a triangle add up to 110^what is the size of the third angle? I think is 55 2.Three children shared £6 Bred received 1/4 Lynsey was given 1/3 and James got 1/8.How much money ...
  11. Taylor seires

    f(x) =ln (1-x) a) Compute f'(x), f''(x), f'''(x). Spot the pattern and give an expression for f ^(n) (x) [the n-th derivative of f(x)] b) Compute the MacLaurin series of f(x) (i.e. the Taylor series of f(x) around x=0) c) Compute the radius of convergence and determine the ...
  12. Marketing

    Could you please check over my t/f questions? 1. Permission based methods allow customers to opt in or opt out to ensure that emails are sent to both current and prospective customers? TRUE 2. In the consumers mind, there is a fine line between legitimate marketing and spam? ...
  13. Calculus (Please check my work!)

    Suppose that y = f(x) = x^2 - 4x + 4. Then on any interval where the inverse function y = f-1(x) exists, thederivative of y = f-1(x) with respect to x is: (Hint: x^2 - 4x + 4 can be factored and rewritten as "something" squared.) Work thus far: Okay, so I know that I can ...
  14. English help

    From the words below supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Euphemism, opaque, evanescent, exacerbated exemplary, ornate 1. The OPAQUE window was replaced by a transparent one; the change, however rather than making the situation better, only EXACERBATED the ...
  15. Math-Calculus (check please)

    FOr the function f(x)=x^2e^x Find the critical points, increasing decreasing, first and second derivative and concavity I am having trouble finding the concavity >_< First derivative: xe^x(x+2) Second : e^x(x^2+4x+2) Critical points from first derivate: x=0,-2 Increasing...
  16. U.S.History

    please check The escaped slave who started an abolitionist newspaper was William Lloyd Garrison Without Bessemer process, Americans might not have been able to create a. train engines b. sewing machines c. the Morse code d. the Brooklyn Bridge A According to the Great ...
  17. Spanish

    Can you please check my grammar on these four replies? 1) What have you done today before studying Spanish? Antes de estudiar español hoy, me desperté, me duché y desayuné. 2) What would you do with 1 million dollars? Con $1M, viajaría y ayudaría a los pobres. 3) What ...
  18. English

    Can you please check these questions not just give a link to sparknotes. These questions are for the book "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles. For Gene, jumping from the tree seems to be a way to a. reject his past life of conformity b. gain new respect from his classmates c. ...
  19. physics

    4. one joule per second is equal to one--- 5. Joules per second is an alternative unit use for expressing---- 6. A typical bicycle is a --- machine 7. When Ma>1 the machine effort force is ---- than the resistance force. 8. A landscaper pushes a lawnmower a distance of 60 m...
  20. Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)

    1. How did the Battle at Stalingrad change the fate of the Allies and the momentum of the war? A: The Battle at Stalingrad gave the Allies an important win and improved the morale of the people. The battle changed the momentum of the war as it was a major turning point, ...
  21. math -check

    given the equation -3x +2y =4, Write another equation that will form a linear system with: one solution, no solution and infinite solution. Graph the linear using graphing calculator and write your window setting in the format x: Xmin, xmax, Xscl. Y: Ymin, Ymax, Yscl Please ...
  22. English

    please can someone please help me find this information please By which limitations must the press refrain from reporting information?
  23. Algebra

    Find a polynomial function of degree 3 with the given numbers as zeros. -5, sqrt3, -sqrt3 Would this work as a function for this problem? Please help. Thanks! f(x) =(x-r1) (x-r2) (x-r3) =(x-(-5)) (x-sqrt3) (x--sqrt3) (x+5)) (x-sqrt3) (x+sqrt3)
  24. Algebra 222

    How do I use substitution to solve the system? Please help Addition and equal key is not working . It's asking for x equals and y equals. -5x plus 2y equal 16 y equal 2x plus 7
  25. Algebra

    Please tell me how to set this up... The force acting on an object varies directly with its acceleration. A force of 25 newtons accelerates an object at 1.25 m/s. What is the acceleration of a 35 newton force?
  26. English

    1. He stood on the hill with his arms crossed. 2. She sleeps with one eye open. 3. Don't talk with your mouth full. 4. He is walking with a baseball in his hand. 5. He was reading a book with his wife knitting beside him. 6. She worked in the living room with her husband ...
  27. statistics

    At a small college it is known from previous years that 35% of all college freshman start in college algebra. The new freshman class has 100 students in it, What is the probability that between 35 and 42 freshman will start in college algebra? Is it reasonable to approximate ...
  28. trigonometry (repost) Mathmate

    I want to start by saying thank you . You have no idea how much u have helped me understand logarithms, even better then the books i have (it poorly explains the subject of trigonometry let alone logarithms and antilog). Your last explanation was very clear and i even ...
  29. accelerated 7th grade Lang. Art

    please fill in the blank please please there will be a list of words below 1) We need large sums of money tp keep our school system going, but we are getting only a(n)__________________ if funds from the state. List: alight barren disrupt dynasty germinate hurtle interminable ...
  30. Algebra

    Take the real-life situation and create an equation or inequality that could be used for analysis, prediction, or decision making. Then, draw a graph to depict the variables in your situation. Use your graph and what you know about linear inequalities to discuss the ...
  31. physiology practical

    what affect can happen on the blood pressure and the heart rate when you drag or clamp the common carotid artery of the rabbit? and why? PLEASE please answer fast cause i have presentation tomorrow, please need help urgent!
  32. Math - Check My Answers

    Please help me with the following(there is 9 problems so be prepared): 1.2^(1/3)∙4^(1/3) I think it is 4 for the answer. 2. 11^(1/2)∙11^(1/2) I think it is 11 for the answer. 3. 2^(1/2)∙2^(1/2) I think it is 2 for the answer. 4. 3^(1/3)∙9^(1/3) I think ...
  33. math

    8. In an interview of 50 math majors, 12 liked calculus and geometry 18 liked calculus but not algebra 4 liked calculus, algebra, and geometry 25 liked calculus 15 liked geometry 10 liked algebra but neither calculus nor geometry 2 liked geometry and algebra but not calculus. ...
  34. ap algebra

    Please help me with this problem. I don't know what to do. Use the graph or table to determine a solution of the equation. Use synthetic division to verify that this number is a solution of the equation. Then solve the polynomial equation. x3 + 6x2 + 11x + 6 = 0
  35. math (college algebra)

    Ok I have two questions I have NO CLUE how to complete on my homework. Please help ASAP! (1) Solve the formula for the specified variable r = vx for r (the question is) v = ? a = 1/3f * p for f (the question is) f = ? (2) Solve the forulma for v S = D + vm (the question is) v = ?
  36. algebra-NOW PLEASE

    A boat is traveling in a river with a current that has a speed of 1.5 km/h. In one hour, the boat can travel twice the distance downstream as it can travel upstream. What is the boat's speed in still water?
  37. college algebra

    Write an equation of the line parallel to the line given by 3x-2y=8 and having the same y-intercept as the line given by 2y+3x=-4 (show work) I am stuck with this problem. Can you please show me how to do these types of equations? Thank you
  38. algebra 2

    the 2 unequalities -26<4k-2 and 2k-1<6 A. Write a compound inequality to combine the inequalities shown previously. and B. Solve the compound inequality for values of k. Show your work. Write your final answer as one inequality. please help
  39. Algebra I

    your class sells 64 tickets to a play. A student ticket cost $1. An adult ticket $2.50 If you collect $109 in total ticket sales, how many adult tickets do you sell? please show how to solve
  40. Algebra 2

    The total area of two square windows is 1,025^2 in.2. Each side of the larger window is 5 in. longer than the sides of the smaller window. How long are the sides of the smaller window? a.13.5 in. b.20 in. c.25 in. d.31.6 in. Please help me and explain I'm not asking for ...
  41. algebra

    Could you please help? What are the solutions of the compound inequality? 2x - 2 < - 12 or 2x+3 > 7 Is this one x < - 5 or x> 2 2x -1/3 +3 <= -4. Or 8x-2/2 -1 >= 6. This one is 2x-1 divided by 3 plus 3 is less than or equal to - 4 or 8x -2 divided by 2 minus ...
  42. Algebra 2

    Solve the equation by graphing. 5 = -√x-3 I don't know how to make the graph. What would the graph look like? I worked out the equation and this is what it came out to be: 5 ≠ -5, which is no solution. Is there a way to graph this? Sorry, confused... please help.
  43. algebra...redo.

    Yesterday Lucy walked 2 hours and jogged 1/2 hour and covered 6.25 miles. Today she walked for 3 hours and jogged for 1 hour and covered 10.25 miles. Assuming a constant walking rate and a constant jogging rate, how fast did she walk and how fast did she jog? Define two ...
  44. dog behavior

    Please check my answer thanks so much :) During a controlled walking exercise, how can you keep a dog from pulling on the leash? A. Wait until the leash just gets taut and then gently pull the dog back to you. B. Use a shorter leash for this exercise. C. Just before it gets ...
  45. data management gr.12

    In the spring, a group of biologists caught and tagged 500 wolves in a wilderness area. These animals were then released. A couple of months later, 200 wolves were caught and 75 of them had tags. Estimate the wolf population in this wilderness area. Please check if my solution...
  46. it

    Can someone please help me with this. I need some understanding on how to 4] Use IPO for analysis [4] Use Pseudo Code to show your design solution. I am not sure how to do this or how or what to do. Please help me better understand this. Please
  47. Please HELP

    I need to compare and contrast the architectural details of the Early Christian basilica with those of the Gothic Cathedral. Im searching and searching on google, and i cannot find anything. PLEASE HELP PLEASE.
  48. math please help!!!!!!!!!

    Express the fractions 1/2, 3/16, and 7/8 with an LCD. A. 1/4, 3/4, 7/4 B. 1/32, 3/32, 7/32 C. 4/8, 6/8, 14/8 D. 8/16, 3/16, 14/16 I think its b, but im really bad at math. can someone please help me out? I have to finish this by 12:15 so I can be on time to volunteer at the ...
  49. English

    1. The acting of the lead actor was great. 2. The main actor's acting was terrific. 3. The actings of some actors and actresses were fantastic. 4. Two main actors' actings were outstanding. 5. The scenery around the ship was very nice. 6. When the ship was sinking, the actings...
  50. English

    Can you please check these instructions, Writeacher. Thank you very much. English remedial test 1) Complete the following sentences with must/mustn’t, have to, don’t have to, should/shouldn’t 2) Fill in the correct future form (will future, going to future, Simple ...
  51. Algebra

    Systems of equations can be solved by graphing or by using substitution or elimination. What are the pros and cons of each method? Which method do you like best? Why? What circumstances would cause you to use a different method? I can answer all them except the 1st one i need ...
  52. Algebra 2

    Dana invests $8,000 into her son college fund when he is born. The college fund earns 3% interest and is compounded daily. What will the value of his account be if he takes the money out at 18 to go to college? Please write answer rounding to 2 decimal places.
  53. Ethics

    please check my answer thanks :) There has been judgement entered agaisnt Mike in the Northern District Court of New York. What statment below must be true for the judegment to be aganist Mike personally. A. He was a resident of New York B. Mike lives in the northern district ...
  54. Chemistry. Check my answer please!

    A 1.994 g sample of gypsum, a hydrated salt of calcium sulfate, CaSO4, is heated at a temp. above 170 C in a crucible until a constant mass is reached. The mass of anhydrous CaSO4 salt is 1.577 g. Calculate the percent by mass of water in the hydrated calcium sulfate salt. ...
  55. Spanish

    Hi we just relexive verbs and I'm already stuck Please check this answer ¿Cómo te llamas? 1. Me llamas Isabel 2.Te llamas Isabel 3.Te llamo Isabel 4.Me llamo Isabel Would it be "Me llamo Isabel?" because Te llamo Isabel is the usual way Also Te gustan los deportes? Would I ...
  56. English

    Thank you very much for your help.I need you to check these sentences, please. 1) He plays more sports than Keith. Will you have to take a make-up exam at the end of Agust? 2) As our flight is due to land in London in the late evening, I wonder how far your hotel from the ...
  57. Algebra

    Please solve as polynomial to third degree: the product of three consecutive odd numbers is 6,783. What are the numbers? The solution being 17, 19, and 21, what are those numbers when considering: x*(x+2)*(x+4)=6,783? Multiplied out: x^3+6*x^2+8*x-6,783=0 What are the roots? ...
  58. algebra

    Please help! Does this question have a formula, if so how can I answer this question without the formula? Is it possible. Hockey teacm receive 2 points when they win and 1 point when they tie. The team won a championship with 50 points. They won 10 more games than they tied. ...
  59. algebra

    Determine whether y varies directly with x. If so, find the constant of variation k and write the equation. The table ges right side dwnards, 7,8,9,10 the left side dwn ges 11, 13, 15, 17 Now I understand it I just don't knw how t write it. Help please
  60. Algebra please help!

    I had to find the distance between to locations on a graph which I did using the distance formula I got sqrt281 from point a (-6,3) point b (10,9). The problem is each unit is approximately 1/8 of a mile. Now what? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a mile.
  61. To "WOK..."

    Please put your School Subject in the School Subject box (Examples: math, science, algebra, geography). When all you put is one letter, most tutors are not inclined to open your post since you are not following instructions.
  62. In need of algebra help!

    You are making a rectangular table. The area of the table should be 10 ft^2. You want the length of the table to be 1 ft shorter than twice its width. What should the dimensions of the table be? Okay, so, I'm not sure how to put this into an equation. The example in the book ...
  63. Math/Algebra

    Rashid picks 420 strawberries in 5/6 hour. Write and solve an equation to find how many strawberries can she pick in the space of an hour? I'm not good with word problems, and am completely lost. I can do everything except the equation (I think). Please help!
  64. Algebra 1

    Which type of function best models the data in each table? Write an equation to model the data. Table: x | y 0 | 5 1 | 2 2 | 0.8 3 | 0.32 4 | 0.128 Please help me out with this I would really appreciate it! If someone could explain to me how to do this type of problem because ...
  65. English

    I don't exactly know if my answers are correct, but can you please check? 1.) Which of the following could you reveal? A.) your age B.) your date of birth C.) your thoughts D.) your plans for the future I think it's a,b,c, and d. 2.)which of the following would have an impact...
  66. College - Web Design

    Need help with coding please. I have the original coding in which I was working with. Please help! Expand the basic homepage from Week Two to a site which includes at least three Web pages. Incorporate the following into your expanded website: o Apply Cascading Style Sheets (...
  67. social studies

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. the qualifications for governor are less strict than those for a state senator. B. the qualifications for governor are the same as those for a state senator. C. the qualifications for governor are stricter than those for a state ...
  68. Exceptional children

    Providing assistance to a child in self-care tasks a. always encourage helplessness b. is necessary for very young children c. should be left to the family d. should be as minimally intrusive as possible. I chose "d" for my answer. can someone pleae check it forme. 2.A ...
  69. Math differentiation

    Can somebody please check these over for me? I really want to know what I did wrong if I made mistakes! Differentiate the following: 1. y = ln [(4-x)/(4+x)] Since it's the ln of the entire thing, then I can apply ln a - ln b so, dy/dx = y' = 1/(4-x) *(-1) - 1/(4+x) *(1) dy/dx...
  70. algebra

    In an assembly line of a factory, which produces networking switching hubs, two robots are utilized. The first one (A) is able to produce 40 microchips per hour, whereas the second one (B) produces 30 microchips per hour. For a total production of 400 microchips, the two ...
  71. English

    What can you do for your school? 1. I can help my homeroom teacher clean the room. 2. I can go on an errend for my teacher. 3. I can pick up waste from the ground. 4. I can sweep the hallway with a broom and a dustpan. 5. I can clean the hallway to the gym. 6. I can water the ...
  72. algebra please help

    how much of 12.5% of skylite red pigment needs to be mixed with 20% macintosh red pigment to get a 17% red pigment?
  73. Math

    I wanted to double check that I am correct on the work area and answers please. 1.Given f(x)=x+2 and g(x)= 3x-4. Find (f+g). Work: (x+2) + (3x-4) Answer: 4x-2 2.Given f(x)=x+2 and g(x)=3x-4. Find (f*g). Work: (x+2)(3x-4) Answer: 3x² +2x-8 3.Given f(x)=x+2 and g(x)=3x-4. Find...
  74. tax

    Can someone please check my answer for the following problem. The Smiths wish to refinance their home worth $250,000. They originally paid $130,000 for the home and made $25,000 in improvements. The bank is willing to let the Smith refinance $200,000 with no further ...
  75. algebra

    A health inspector wants to check compliance with a new city ordinance on meat storage. Since he can only inspect 10 of the 33 stores, he chooses to do a stratified random sample that consists of all 3 of the large chain stores, 4 of the 10 smaller chain stores, and 3 of the ...
  76. algebra

    A health inspector wants to check compliance with a new city ordinance on meat storage. Since he can only inspect 10 of the 33 stores, he chooses to do a stratified random sample that consists of all 3 of the large chain stores, 4 of the 10 smaller chain stores, and 3 of the ...
  77. Grammar and Composition

    please check: identify and label the following as a prefix, root word, or suffix. give the meaning of each. ed: suffix: past tense of a verb sion: suffix: condition or state of being macro: prefix: large, excessive retro: prefix: backwards ultra: prefix: beyond what is natural...
  78. Algebra

    Oven temperature will increase by 45 degrees fahenheit per minute. when the oven is turned on the temperature is 70 degrees farenheit. what will the temp. of the oven be after 7 minutes? write an expression & explain answer. Help please!
  79. Algebra 2

    From a 52-card deck a card is drawn and then replaced. After the deck is shuffled, a second card is drawn. Find the probability of each event. a) both cards are clubs. PLEASE SHOW ALL WORK!
  80. Math (Algebra)

    Again please NO answers! Only on how to solve. One canned juice drink is 20% orange juice; another is 5% orange juice. How many liters of each should be mixed together in order to get 15L that is 14% orange juice?
  81. algebra

    HELP! Please Calvin invested $7500 for one year, part 12% annual interest and the rest at 10% annual interest. His total interest for the year was $890. How much money did he invest at 12%? Show work.
  82. Math Algebra

    The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 30 m. The length of one leg is 20 cm. Find the length of the other leg. Round your answer to the nearest tenth I know how to do hypotenuse but this doesn't seem to work please
  83. Algebra

    Use a graphing calculator or a computer to graph the system of inequalities. Give the coordinates of each vertex of the solution region. 5x-3y is greater than or equal to -7 x-2y is greater than or equal to 3 3x+y is greater than or equal to 9 x+5y is less than or equal to 7 I...
  84. Math (Algebra 1)

    Juan’s first 3 exam scores are 85, 93, and 87. What does he need to score on his next exam to average 90 for all 4 exams? let x represent the score on his next exam (put this in a multi-step equation) PLEASE HELP
  85. Algebra

    /4/+/-3/ I'm I supposed to add or subtract. Please help! those are supposed to absolute value symbols, right? abs. value of 4 is 4 abd abs. value of -3 is 3. so...4+3=7 Thank you!
  86. Algebra

    The height of the flagpole is three fourths the height of the school. The difference in their heights is 4.5 m. What's the height of the school? Choices for school's height: 18, 20, 24. Please show work
  87. Algebra

    The height of the flagpole is three fourths of the height of the school. The difference in their heights is 4.5 m. What's the height of the school? Choices for school's height: 18, 20, 24. Please show work
  88. Algebra 2

    I need help, and I can't find the answer. Can you explain how to do this please? I don't want the answer only, I need to know the answer, and how to find it. Thank you!! 9. What is the equation of the absolute value function? (1 point) y = 6|x + 2| –2 y = 6|–x – 2| + 2 y...
  89. Algebra please?

    This is my last test question :) How does finding the square root of a number compare to finding the cube root of a number? Use the number 64 in your explanation.
  90. Algebra

    A rectangular box is x feet long and x feet wide. The volume of the box is (4x^8 + 3x^6) cubic feet. What polynomial represents the height of the box in feet? A. 4x + 3 B. 4x^6 + 3x^4 C. 4x^8 + 3x^6 D. 4x^7 + 3x^5 Please Help!!
  91. algebra - Please help

    Use the equation y = ax^2 + bx + c where x is the horizontal distance a baseball has traveled and y is the height of the ball at the given distance. 1)Are some values of y unreasonable? 2)How is this information important for choosing a window for the graph? 3) With respect to...
  92. Algebra 2

    Can you please explain how to set up the equation? A city council is proposing a new skyline ordinance. It would require the setback S for any building from the residence to be a minimum of 100 feet, plus an additional 6 feet for each foot of height above 25 feet. Find a ...
  93. cell biology

    The production of cAMP directly regulated by two enzyme, ___________ and_______. This former is ___________ a protein, when latter is a _________ protein. a. phospodiesterase (PED),Adenylyl ccyclase(AC), cytosolic, peripheral. b. PDE, AC, peripheral, cytosolic C.Adenylyl ...
  94. algebra PLEASE HELP ASAP

    please show me the steps that you use to solve the problem. you can also use the comment field to explain the work. QUESTION: 1. what is the probability of selecting a red marble, replacing it, and then selecting a blue marble? show work 2. what is the probability of selecting...
  95. Math

    Peter has a cylindrical block of wood od diameter 6 cm and height 18 cm. He glues the base to a board, but wants to paint the rest of the block. He wants to paint the bottom half of the wood black and the top half white. a) Calculate the surface area of the block that Peter ...
  96. math

    Peter has a cylindrical block of wood od diameter 6 cm and height 18 cm. He glues the base to a board, but wants to paint the rest of the block. He wants to paint the bottom half of the wood black and the top half white. a) Calculate the surface area of the block that Peter ...
  97. Chemistry

    A mass of 0.630 g of NaCl is dissolved in 525 g of water. CAlculate the molality. mass of NaCl= 0.630g mass of H20= 525g molar mass of NaCl= 58.44 This is what i did it keeps telling me the answer is wrong. Convert grams to moles of NaCl 0.630 * 1 mol NaCl/58.44= 0.01078 ...
  98. inequality

    (x-4)/(2x+4) is greater than or equal to 1. How do i express solutions to inequalities in interval notation without using the calculator? please help. (x-4)/(2x+4) >=1 multiplying by 2x+4 1) when (2x+4) is +, x-4>=2x+4 or x-2x>=8 -x>=8 x<=-8 notice the ...
  99. English

    Can you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1) I had her go and get the children from school. 2) The technician had the machine going in no time. 3) She kept/left me waiting outside. You'll waste your time trying to get him to study. 4) Did you manage to find his house? ...
  100. Health

    Please check my answers! 1. A(n) ______ is an agent that causes disease. a) stressor b) pathogen* c) addiction d) drug 2. Symptoms of an STI include (select all that apply) a) sneezing b) !@#$%^&l or urethral discharge* c) there may be no symptoms* d) upset stomach* 3. Ways to...
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  91. 90
  92. 91
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