Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Inter. Algebra

    square root sign 2x+3 - square root sign x-2 =2 In my head, I worked it as x=3. I did that because only sqr roots that are rational integers can be subtracted to give a whole number. Now, analytic method. I have no idea, I don't see a simple method in ordinary algebra. how do ...
  2. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks :) If you're going to be teaching a dog a lot of different basic commands, what would be best to use as a treat? A. Small scoops of canned dog food B. Small pieces of rawhide C. Half of an ordinary dog biscuit D. An extra special treat the dog ...
  3. Math

    Can you check my work Please? Let N(t) be the number of bacteria after t days. Then N(t) = Pa^t for some constants P and a. Measurements indicate that N(4) = 5600 and N(8) = 362, 000 1. Write down the formula for N(t) using the rounded values of a and P. (But remember to use ...
  4. Chem Check Please!!!

    In an octahedral complex, electrons in dz^2 and dx^2-y^2 orbitals experience a greater repulsion from the lone pairs of electrons on ligands because these orbitals a. contain more electrons than the other three d orbitals. b. each contain one unpaired electron. c. are oriented...
  5. Social Studies

    Why are conflicts between the executive branch and legislative branches of a parliamentary system government unlikely to occur? A. parliament as a whole maintains strict oversight over the executive branch B. The executive branch is a part of the parliament, which is the ...
  6. Social Studies

    Why are conflicts between the executive branch and legislative branches of a parliamentary system government unlikely to occur? A. parliament as a whole maintains strict oversight over the executive branch B. The executive branch is a part of the parliament, which is the ...
  7. Pre Algebra

    This is about Reasoning Strategy... It says this: 3a. What is the y-intercept of the trend line? 3c. Write an equation for the trend line in slope-intercept form. I don't really know what they mean? Please help me.
  8. algebra

    How many solutions does the following system have: 6x - 3y = 9 2x - y = 3 Explain how to determine the number of solutions without solving the system. Then apply elimination, and interpret the resulting equation. could you please explain this to me?
  9. Algebra 1 --Please help me!

    The formula A = P + I shows that the total amount of money A received from an investment equals the principal P (the original amount of money invested) plus the interest I. Solve this formula for I.
  10. Math repost (please check)

    L1=P1(1,3,5) and P2(4,5,2) L2=P4(-1,6,-3) and P3(points not given) a. Find the equations of lines L1 and L2. P3 is the midpoint of L1, that is, u=0.5 at P3. P(u)=P1 + u((P2-P1) 0 which is less than or equal to (u)which is less than or equal to 1. L1= P(u)= (1,3,5) + u(3,2,-3) ...
  11. Algebra 1

    5 green balls and 2 red balls together weigh 10 pounds, and 1 green ball and 4 red balls together weigh 7 pounds. If all red balls weigh the same amount and all green balls weigh the same, then what is the weight of 8 red and 8 green balls together? I'm not sure at all how to ...
  12. Algebra please help

    1. Find the distance between the pair of points. Round to the nearest tenth is necessary. (-10, 4) and (6, 12) a. 11.4 b. 17.9 c. 31.4 d. 23.7 2. Find the distance between the pair of points. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. (-8,10) and (-2,10) a. 13.6 b. 21.2 c. 23.4...
  13. Grammar and Composition

    please check these for me: Underline the correct words in each of the following sentences. 1. The hall of (Fame, Fame's) members include many people who you probably don't know. Fame's 2. All of the girls will pay for (herself, themselves) at the dance. themselves 3. The story...
  14. Language Arts

    Hi! Can anyone check my answers please? Which type of sentence is shown below? Meet me outside after your ballet class. A. exclamatory sentence B. declarative sentence C. interrogative sentence D. imperative sentence**** Which of the following sentences is declarative? A. Grab...
  15. Algebra

    Directions say that I have to solve and graph the equation using words.I have to include whether the lines are dotted or solid, how to graph each of them and where the solution is shaded. 2x-3y>_9 and -x-4y>_8 both should be solid, because the solution is greater than OR...
  16. English

    1. Call me at 010-1234-1234, and you can also visit our website at 2. Call me at my home phone. The number is 010-1234-1234. You can also open the website, ccc. house.ccc. (Would you check the two writings, please. Thank you.)
  17. grammar - conjunction

    Fill in the blanks with the words those given in the brackets. ( though / after / if / so / when / while / for / as / but ) 1)(Though) poor himself, he tried to help others. 2)We must wait (until) Ali comes, (as) he has all your tickets. 3)(When) it started raining, everybody ...
  18. Vocabulary

    Fill in the blanks with the following words from the reading text. Change their forms when necessary. 1.highlight 2.ownership 3.residential 4. restriction 5.scheme 6. unveil Q1.  The local council unveiled new plans to build a gymnasium last week. Q2.  The one who offers the...
  19. Poem: Incident in a rose garden: By Donald Justice

    Could someone please check my answers to the poem thanks. 1. How does the gardener recongize Death? Answer: The gardener recognizes death as a dressed spanish waiter. 2. Why is the gardener afraid of Death? Answer: The gardener is afraid of death because he wants to see his ...
  20. algebra

    I need to find the profit for products sold. P(x) = -750x^2 + 15,000x x is the number/products sold Can you step by step please
  21. Poetry check?

    So I'm doing a project called Equality Matters. I decided to try and use my writing abilities to help me. Can you check this poem? To Be Who You Are Meant To Be: Equality Matters People tell me to be who I want And to be what I need So whats wrong if I'm an LGBT? No one ...
  22. English

    Can someone check if the following questions are grammatically correct? Thank you. 1)Please Henry the VIII rule by focusing on the following: -Why he broke ties with the church -What the Act of Supremacy established -What political and social changes the reformation brought ...
  23. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Could you please check them, too? 1) It wasn’t frightened of humans. Stay home/at home. (both possible?) I didn’t dare speak/to speak (I think both are possible) 2) He offered to come with me the next day. He confessed that he ...
  24. english ,,please check my grammar

    please help me to get the correct grammar... thank you.. my father is turning 76 and he’s still physically strong and healthy and my mother is turning 75 and she’s also doing good her life and living together.we are nine members in our family and I have four sisters and ...
  25. algebra

    find the minimum value of f(x,y) equals x minus 4y for the feasible region. i did the promblem and got negative 10 but i did it again and got 0. my other two chooses can be either negative 2 or negative 4.if not any i need help. please keep it simple. thank u
  26. algebra

    In a canoe race, a team paddles downstream 480 m. in 60 s. The same team travels up stream in 80 s. Find the team's rate in still water and the rate of the current. Please show how the equation is set up to solve
  27. math/algebra

    I’m working at this restaurant making $30,000 a year. Another restaurant really wants to have me manage their restaurant they are offering to pay me 2 ¾ times more then I make now. How much would I be making? show this is done please
  28. Algebra 1

    Can someone please help me understand this. This is not graded or anything I just want to know how to do this. - Chloe rolls two-sided number cubes and adds the numbers showing on the cubes. What is the probability that the sum of the number cubes is even or five?
  29. linear algebra- check question

    I just want to make sure my reasoning is correct. Let A be a 7X3 matrix whose rank is 3 a)are the rows of A linearly dependent or independent? I said dependent because a matrix whose rank is 3 means the row rank is 3, but if there are 7 rows then they have to be dependent on ...
  30. English

    Student A, you have a violet #4 diagram. Student B, you have a colorless #4 diagram. Color the colorless # 4 diagram violet. [There is #4 in the triangle.] I mean color the # 4 triangle violet? Are you following me? By talking to each other, you should color all the colorless ...
  31. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    Why did Truman veto the Taft-Hartley Act? A: President Truman vetoed the Taft-Hartley Act because he believed it would "revise the basic direction of our national labor policy, inject the government into private economic affairs on an unprecedented scale, and conflict with ...
  32. Physics

    please check these: which of the following is an example of a vector quantity? a. velocity b. temperature c. volume d. mass i picked A identify as vecor or scalar 1. speed of a snail---vector 2. the time it takes to run a mile-scal 3. the free-fall accleration---vector 3. ...
  33. Health

    1. flammable materials A. catch fire easily and burn easily B. are only something construction workers need to worry about C. are safe if stored correctly D. don't catch fire easily 2. You can prevent most accidents true or false 3. Avoid deserted places, such as dard streets...
  34. Language Arts

    What is the meter of line 6? A wildcat roaring past steep banks A)stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed B)unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed*** C)unstressed, unstressed, ...
  35. Algebra

    Find Ó x for the following set of numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11. If I knew what that funny looking symbol represents I may be able to do the problem. Can someone explain please. Ok I think I have the answer now. All that symbol means is the mean. The answer would be 6.
  36. math/algebra

    Simplify: 3/4/4/5 answer choices are: a) 3/5 b) 5/3 C) 15/16 d)16/15 How do I go about solving this fraction, please show me how to work this. 3/4 divided by 4/5 1. Invert the second fraction. 3/4 / 5/4 2. Multiply the numerators and denominators. What answer do you get? 15/16...
  37. algebra

    simplify:(3x0 ynegative 4)(2x2 y)3 this is hard to break down but i got 6x6/y but my sister said it could either be 24x6/y or 216x6/y6 if not any break it down and tell me which one is right thank u please keep it clear and simple so i can understand

    I believe I have the answers already. Just need confirmation please! Solve the following system of equations. x + 2y = 5 x = 2 - 2 y; For the first equation, I canceled out the x and divided by 2 on both sides. So y = 5 - x/ y. For the second equations, this is what I got. x...
  39. Algebra

    A manufacture of CD player has monthly fixed cost of 8600 and variable cost of 55 per unit for one particular model. The company sells this model to dealers for 115 each. Which is their function for the profit. Please show all work.
  40. Algebra- Word Problem

    Ms.Speedi has 40 pets, all birds and cats. One day she figured out that there was a total of 56 legs. How many of each animal does she have? I did the equation x+y=40, 4x+2y=56. I did everything correctly and got (-12,52) but you can't have -12 cats. Is there a different ...
  41. Linear Algebra

    Let L be the line with parametric equations x = 1−2t y = 3+3t z = −1−3t Find the shortest distance d from the point P0=(1, −4, −2) to L, and the point Q on L that is closest to P0. Use the square root symbol '√' where needed to give an exact value for your answer. ...
  42. algebra

    The following stem-and-leaf plot values show the average monthly sales commissions (in hundreds of dollars)for a major co rporation's nationwide sales group: 27,27,29,33,38,44,44,44,46,50,58. What is the mean of the distribution? Please show as much work as possible. Thank You.
  43. behavior problems (dogs)

    please check my answer thanks Ariel is a six-year-old, spayed female Doberman. She has recently begun licking her left foreleg almost constantly. The licking has created a sore on her leg, but she continues the behavior. Your first recommendation to the owner would be to A. ...
  44. Science

    Which of the following correctly describes a gamma ray? A.long wavelength and low frequency B.long wavelength and high frequency C.short wavelength and low frequency D.short wavelength and high frequency*** check please
  45. Math please check

    L1=P1(1,3,5) and P2(4,5,2) L2=P4(-1,6,-3) and P3(points not given) a. Find the equations of lines L1 and L2. P3 is the midpoint of L1, that is, u=0.5 at P3. P(u)=P1 + u((P2-P1) 0 which is less than or equal to (u)which is less than or equal to 1. L1= P(u)= (1,3,5) + u(3,2,-3) ...
  46. math

    Write the decimal for each of the following: 1.) two and fifteen hundredths = 2.15 2.) sixty-six hundredths = 0.66 3.) four and eight hundredths = 4.08. 4.) one and thirty five hundredths. =1.35 5.)ninety nine hundreths = 0.99 6.) seven and twenty hundredths = 7.20 7.) one ...
  47. Language Arts Please Help

    Write compound after each compound sentence. Write complex after each complex sentence. Underline the word that joins the two clauses in each sentence. 1. All players are important to a team, but the pitcher may be the most important.-Compound sentence and underline the word ...
  48. Decartes Rules

    Use Decartes Rule of signs to determine the possible number of postive and negative real zeros for the given function. Please check my answers? 1. f(x)=-7x^9+x^5-x^2+6 This is what I did: There are 2 sign changes f(-x)=-7(-x)^9+(-x)^5-(-x)^2+6 There are 2 sign changes So, are ...
  49. Honors Geometry

    You work for a fencing company. A customer called, wanting to fence in his 1,320 square-foot rectangular garden. He ordered 148 feet of fencing, but you forgot to ask him for the width and length of the garden (these dimensions will determine some of the details of the order, ...
  50. Pre-algebra

    Solve. 29x – 2(9x – 0.455) = 10x + 0.525 Give us you thinking on this so we can help you solve the equation. What is it you don't understand about solving this eqution? 29x –2(9x – 0.455) = 10x + 0.525 29x – 18x – 0.91 = 10x + 0.525 11x – 0.91 = 10x + 0.525 -10x...
  51. Algebra

    I have some problems that I need help with please. Thanxs! Find the domain of the function. 1. f(x)=-8x-2 Given fuctions f and g, perform the indicated operations. 2. f(x)=4x-9 g(x)=7x-3 find f - g. Given the functions f and g, determine the domain of f + g. 3. f(x)=2x/x-3 , g...
  52. algebra

    Find the real solutions 8x^2 + y^2 = 25 8X^2 - y^2 = 39 Is this no solution because I tried solving it and i got the square root of 32 for y, but when i plugged it in to get x there was a negative under the square root sign which means its no solution, right? please help......
  53. Algebra 2 Honors- Ellipses

    for my homework problem i have the equation: (x^2/16) + (y^2/4) = 1 I need to find out the center, the vertices, co- vertices and the Foci. I have trouble knowing how to find them, so if you can please explain them. Thank you.
  54. Algebra

    I need help solving this equation. [SQRT(x + 3)] - [SQRT(x - 2)] =1 I know I am supposed to square each side however my teacher tells me I ahve to foil the lefthand side of the equation. Cna someone please help me with this. Thank you.
  55. algebra

    Okay, I'm working with ultiplying Polynomials, and I just can't figure this one out! Here it is: (h+k)(h squared-2hk+3k squared) haha, I don't know how to make an exponent on the computer :-), but anyway, please help me figure it out!
  56. Algebra 2

    Three whole numbers, when added two at a time, have sums of 763, 1003, and 1064. Compute the largest of the original three numbers. I have no idea how to do this..HELP PLEASE?
  57. Math/Algebra

    The length of Karen's living room is 2ft longer than the width. The perimeter is 80ft. Find the length and the width. Can someone please explain to me how you find the answers? Thanks a ton!
  58. college algebra

    find the equation of the line in slope inntercept form. (-1,1) and (-2,1) I know that I have to use m=y^2-y^1/x^2-x^1 which is slope form then I get: m=1-(1)/-2-10 which I substitue m= ? is where I get lost but then I know the next part is: y=mx+b then I am lost from here on ...
  59. Algebra

    Please show me step by step on solving this problem? log₅(2x-9)+ log₅(x+2)= 1 Thank you I'm getting 2x²-5x-28=0 which is a empty set. Trying to make sure I'm correct if I am. Thanks so much for your help
  60. algebra 2

    Graph the system of constraints and find the value of x and y that maximize the objective function. Constraints {x >= 0 y >= 0 y <= 3 y <= -x+5} Objective Function C=-5x+3y a) 0,0 b) 2,3 c) 5,0 d) 0,3 I am a mom going crazy. I did horrible in math in school. ...
  61. Algebra

    Solve the inequality 1. m - 7 < 6 2. x + 4.5 more than or equal to 5.5 3.p + 12 > 9 4. Translate the following statement into an inequality: Five less than a number is at least nine. x - 5 more than or equal to 9 Show me how you did the work please?
  62. algebra

    the sum of two numbers is 21. The first number is 2/5 of the second number. what are the numbers? Help, I have been trying to figure this out for two hours and my eyes are starting to cross!! Please and Thank you.
  63. Pre-Algebra(please help ASAP!!!!!)

    how would I go about doing this problem? a (division sign) 4.9 = 8.33 Since this equation has a division would I solve it? Can I still do the original subtract and add method?...
  64. Algebra

    I spent hours on this and I still cant figure it out please help me: Let L1 be the line passing through the points Q1=(4, 2, −3) and Q2=(5, 5, −5). Find a value of k so the line L2 passing through the point P1 = P1(3, 7, k) with direction vector →d=[−3, −3...
  65. History Check Please

    Dams were constructed on the Colorado River to end the drought. generate electricity. destroy crops. discourage rice farming. 2. Contour plowing is a farming method of plowing around hills instead of straight up and down. planting clover. plowing around trees used as ...
  66. English

    Please check over my answers for the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. 1. The mood of the selection could best be described as A. Frantic B. Ominous C. Thrilling D. Peaceful I Chose A 2. All of the following can be inferred about Marlow's characters except A. He is well ...
  67. English

    Could you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you. 1) Did you watch TV last night? Yes, I watched a new drama series and last night was the first episode. 2) Last night they broadcast the first episode (possible?) 3) What was it called? It was called ...
  68. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me simplify this please? The question is 8/√2 Here's what I've got: 8/√2 = 8/√2 * √2/√2 = 8√2/√2 Is this correct?
  69. Math Check My Work Please

    Find the value of the variables in the table. x n 4 6 10 12 y 1 9 m 21 25 m = 13, n = 0 m = 11, n = 0* m = 15, n = 3 m = 13, n = 3 6. Write an expression to describe a rule for the sequence. Then find the 100th term in the sequence. 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29, . . . (1 point) n + 5...
  70. Journalism

    Please im begging you were going to submit the last articles tomorrow, help me make a feature article ... the topic is about unity for what happened in the philippines, the super typhoon yolanda please pleasple please

    please check my answers ! 21. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is the better buy. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy bars for $7.25 ANSWER= 10/$6.75=$1.48 12/$7.25=$1.65 10 Units...

    please check my answers ! 21. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is the better buy. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy bars for $7.25 ANSWER= 10/$6.75=$1.48 12/$7.25=$1.65 10 Units...
  73. Social Studies

    PLEASE EXPLAIN IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE PLEASE HELP IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE. :( :( I REALLY NEED HELP PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE :( :( 1) Explain the similarities and differences between corporate farms and mixed-crop farms. 2) Identify two problems resulting from urban sprawl in ...
  74. Algebra

    I have about 3 homework problem that I am stuck on! please help me. #1: The area of a rectangle is 16, and its diagonal is \sqrt{68}. Find its dimensions and perimeter. (x^2)+(y^2)=\sqrt{68} (x^2)+(y^2)=8.246 xy=16 y=16/x (x^2)+(16/x)^2=8.246 (x^4)+(96/x)=8.246 Then I got ...
  75. Critical Thinking Quiz phi 103

    Surveys show that people who use calorie information to decide which foods to eat consume on average 100 calories less than they would if they didn’t check calorie information before eating. Strangely though, people who use calorie information in this way weigh more on ...
  76. Math, Please Help!!!

    how to divide x^3 - x^2 - 22x + 13 by x^2 + 4x - 2. Please Help!!! Please Hurry!!!!
  77. Math (PLEASE HELP)

    2x-3y=-2 -2y+3x=12 ~Explanation too, please! I really need help! Please and thanks!

    Jennie and Bill have a combined age of 50. 16 years ago Jennie was twice as old as Bill. Jennie is x and Bill is y. i do not understand after this x + y = 50 (x - 16) = 2(y - 16) but i know the answer is x = 28 and y = 22 Please help
  79. English

    Could you please check the correction of your first sentence? I included a few more sentences on Stevenson's novel. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you. 1 a) 1984 can be considered as anti-utopian novel. 1)The single dominant theme in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is that ...
  80. Maths

    The number of apples in a basket is between 60 and 120. If i put these apples into bags of 5, there will be a remainder of 1 apple. If i put these apples into bags of 8, there will be a remainder of 6 apples. Find the total number of apples in the basket. I managed to find out...
  81. Algebra 2

    √(21x^2y/(75xy^5) it says on my paper to enter it: √b, enter sqrt(b). For example: For 4√3 enter 4sqrt(3) Please help, I've got 5 wrong! :(
  82. english

    I need help labeling complements in my sentences. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly or not. Could you please check to see if I have the following parts of speech labeled correctly? I must identify the subject, verb and complements. I must determinit if the complement ...
  83. english

    Im trying to learn this sensory imagery thing. Please check i think its B. Which sentence below best demonstrates sensory imagery? A.There were cameras flashing everywhere and the exicited voices of the helpers probably scared him even more. B.we drove back to mombasa at a ...
  84. Math (check answers)

    1) Given that p(-3), p(-1), and p(5)=0, which expression could be p(x)? A)x^3-x^2-17x-15 B)x^3+x^2-17x+15 C)x^3-3x^2-13x+15** D)x^3-9x^2+23x-15 2) Coaches in a football conference had the option to vote for or against a rule change. The table below shows the results. 4 people ...
  85. English

    Can you please help me check the following prepositions? Thank you. 1) I was angry with her about her behaviour. 2) I was angry/furious/annoyed/cross with her for being late. 3) I'm sure about/of that. 4) Short of (I can't find a good example) 5) I was pleased/delighted with ...
  86. algebra

    how many tiles 10cm by 25cm on each side is needed for a bathroom 8m by 10m? I need help on how to solve it... I learned how to do this in 8th grade but I'm now in 10th and I forgot how to do it. I'm preparing for the highschool exit exam and I need to do this problem but the ...
  87. algebra

    A 10 ft. long stem of bamboo is broken in such a way that its tip touches the ground 3 ft. from the base of the stem, as shown in the figure. What is the height of the break? please show me how to do it I'm reviewing for our final exam... thanks in solving it, is it right to ...
  88. Chemistry

    Hi, I posted my question earlier but I was having some difficulty with it. 2Al+ 3Cl2-->2AlCl3 You are given 31.0g of aluminum and 36.0g of chlorine gas. 1.If you had excess chlorine, how many moles of aluminum chloride could be produced from 31.0g of aluminum? ...
  89. Science/ Chemistry

    When 0.422 g of phosphorus is burned, 0.967 g of a white oxide (a compound of phosphorus and oxygen) is obtained. a. Determine the empirical formula of the oxide. So for the empirical Formula I got P_2O_5 now it wants me to Write a balanced equation for the reaction of ...

    Which choice best describes the underlined words in this sentence? Should you have been walking the dog without a leash? Underlined is: Should _____ have been walking it does not include the word "you" so I just did an under score to represent that. A- simple predicate B- ...
  91. Spanish

    Please check-I have to rewrite with an indirect object pronoun 1. Escribo una carta a mi abuela. Le escribo una carta a mi abuela. 2.Mando una tarjeta postal a mis amigos. Les mando una tarjeta postal a mi amigos.
  92. Spanish

    Please check-I have to rewrite with an indirect object pronoun 1. Escribo una carta a mi abuela. Le escribo una carta a mi abuela. 2.Mando una tarjeta postal a mis amigos. Les mando una tarjeta postal a mi amigos.
  93. math

    Can you double check my answer for me. The question is Corinne calculated the area of a paper plate to be 50.27 square inches. If the actual area of the plate is 55.42 square inches , what is the relative error in calculating the area, to the nearest thousandth. I got 0.093 I ...

    In basketball you score 2 points for a field goal and 1 point for a free throw. Suppose that you have scored at least 3 points in every game this season, and have a season high score of 15 points in one game. How many field goals and free throws could you have made in any one ...
  95. English

    Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1) Do you think you can help me find a school in your area which could be interested in an e-mail correspondence with our school? It is a high school with an emphasis on science ...
  96. Social Studies

    What significant effect did the treaty of Paris, signed after the French and Indian war, have on France? A) France had to withdraw its empire in central and South America B) France had to allow the British to claim and Ohio territory C) France lost its claim to the entire ...
  97. Chemistry(Please check, thank you)

    For an experiment on the effect of a buffer solution, I need to calculate the expected pH of the buffer. I know that I have to make an amounts table and use the Hasselbalch equation to find the pH. For the first part, 0.10M HCl was added to a buffer. The first addition was 5 ...
  98. Algebra

    I need some help with algebra I'm not sure how to get to the answer. Find the number of terms in each sequence. 1. a1=4 an=42 d=2 2. a1--0.3 an=-36 d=2.1 3. 1/12, 1/8, 1/6, 5/24, 1/4,......9/8 Evaluate each sum. 1. There is an e like symbol that has a 15 on top on the bottom n...

    Which of the statements is ALWAYS TRUE? A-A right triangle is a scalene triangle. B-An equilateral triangle is an isosceles triangle. C-An isosceles triangle is an obtuse triangle. D-A right triangle is an acute triangle. I got either A or D. I don't know. Also, if angle A is ...
  100. English

    Can you please check these short conversations? Thank you. 1.Doctors have to wash their hands and put their gloves on before operating on patients. 2.Safety guards make sure that no-one enters the hospital without permission. 3. He was operated on his knee. How do you call a ...
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