Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Algebra readiness ( pre algebra)

    1.) simplify: (y3)(y3) A y1 B y7 C y12 D y43 2.) y6/y2 A y8 B y4 C y3 D y1 3.) convert to fraction 5-3 A 1/5 B 1/15 C 1/25 D 1/125 4.) 150=? A 0 B 1 C 15 D 1/15 5.) Select all the expressions that are equivalent to y4. A (y2)(y2) B y6/y6 C y0 D y9/y9 E (y4)(y1)
  2. behavior problem (dogs)

    please check my answer thanks Your friend owns a young Beagle. Her complaint is that the dog is a slave to his nose and he rarely pays attention to anything other than following a scent. She would like your help in obedience training and behavior management. What would you ...
  3. Math

    I'm learning series and sequences (grade 11). Please check that my steps show I understand what I'm doing/the concept and my answer as well: 5. The consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequences are 3.6, y, 8.2. Find the value of y. This seems to be a sequence question but I ...
  4. Algebra II

    Solving the formula for the indicated variable. I=prt,for r I need help knowing how to solve this problem step by step. its easier with numbers and a fraction in the problem but this problem just threw me off.......HELP PLEASE!!!!
  5. algebra II

    can someone please explain how to do this problem: A twelve-foot ladder is leaning against a wall. If the ladder reaches 8 ft high on the wall, what is the angle the ladder forms with the ground to the nearest degree? 1. 36° 2. 42° 3. 48° 4. 54°
  6. algebra

    List all possible rational zeros for the polynomial below. Find all real zeros and factor completely. Please show all your work. f(x) = 2x^4 + 19x^3 + 37x^2 - 55x - 75
  7. Algebra

    I'm stuck!! Can someone please help me with this problem?? A triangle has vertices (1, 4), (1, 1), and (-3, 1). The triangle is dilated by a scale factor of 2, then translated 5 units up, and then rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise about the origin. What are the vertices of ...
  8. Algebra

    Sorry I submitted before finishing my input. Arrange the terms of the polynomial in ascending powers of b. 25db^5-7dm+3b^10-6db^6 Am I correct? Please help? My answer is: 25b^5d-7dm+3b^10-6b^6d=3b^10-6b^6d+25b^5d-7dm
  9. Algebra

    A student spends more than 2 hours on his math and English homework. if Matt takes about twice as long as English what is the maximum time that the student can spend on English A. 1/3 B.1/2 C.1 D.2/3 I think its b please help!!
  10. physical science

    A disturbance sends ripples across water in a tub. These ripples are an example of a? rarefaction longitude wave compression surface wave (my choice) Sound is an example of what kind of wave? transverse wave longitude wave surface wave wavelength (my choice) Waves carry -- ...
  11. STAT

    One of the conditions that allows us to use ANOVA safely is that of equal (population) standard deviations. Can we assume that this condition is met in this case? here are options (a) No, since the three sample standard deviations are not all equal. (b) No, since the ...
  12. STAT

    One of the conditions that allows us to use ANOVA safely is that of equal (population) standard deviations. Can we assume that this condition is met in this case? here are options (a) No, since the three sample standard deviations are not all equal. (b) No, since the ...
  13. STAT

    One of the conditions that allows us to use ANOVA safely is that of equal (population) standard deviations. Can we assume that this condition is met in this case? here are options (a) No, since the three sample standard deviations are not all equal. (b) No, since the ...
  14. psychology

    In class we were asked to provide an one example of classical and operant conditioning. We have to identify the stimulus, response and reinforcers in each example. here are my examples: Clasical Conditioning- My cat comes running everytime she hears the can opener. Operant ...
  15. Chemistry

    Write the balanced camical equation for the complete combustion of propane C3H8, a fuel used in gas grills (carbon dioxide and water are products). This is the WRONG answer that I got... 2(C3H8) + 7(02) -> 3(CO2) + 8(H20) Can anybody help me? 2(C3H8) + 7(02) -> 3(CO2) + ...
  16. Health-Please Help!!!

    1. The functions of the respiratory system are (select all that apply) A. to pump blood to your body B. to deliver oxygen to the body C. to remove carbon dioxide from the body D. to absorb nutrients 2. The dome-shaped muscle that lies below the lungs and is important in the ...
  17. English

    Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1)The narrator is a voice which (or who?) talks about the story (or who tells the events in a story?) 2) An omniscient third-person narrator can be either obtrusive or unobtrusive, depending on (?) whether he ...
  18. Math quick check thx

    Out of 42 kids in a class twice as many failed Ela as math,4 failed both. If 7 failed neither, find how many failed each subject. I made a venn diagram the middle part of the venn diagram would be 7 and the math part would be 13 and the ela part would be 26. How do i check this?
  19. Plz Check my Geometry (Urgent)

    ***I know I've posted this several times but it's like getting skipped and or no one has gone over it so I'm posting it one more time before I go to bed. I need to have these checked by tommorrow PLEASE!*** Out of 31 questions these are ones I struggled with. after the = sign ...
  20. algebra 1 help

    fin the complement and the supplemnt of the angel measure 1) 130 complement-40 suplement-50 or vice versa if anyone can help me with some algebra work it would be greatly appreciated i am im algebra 1 and still on the second quarter and have until november to finsh thank you i...
  21. Math-Statistics-please doublecheck my answers

    In the fall of 2000, 54% of the almost 34,000 first-year students attending one of the California State Universities had strong enough math skills to take an entry level course. 1)Based on a sample of 20 students, can we assume our calculations will be accurate? My answer is: ...
  22. Math

    Shelby drove to her aunt's house, which is 360 miles away. If it took her 5 hours and she drove at a constant rate, what was Shelby's average speed? My answer which I figured out in two different ways: 360 miles/5 hours=72 mph 360 miles/5 hours=x/1 hour=72 mph Can you please ...
  23. Business Math

    Can someone please check over my answers? I'm not sure about them, especially part c. A small boat can be bought for $3,000 cash or on the installment plan by paying $300 down and $108 a month for 30 months. a) What is the installment price of the boat? $3,540 b) What is the ...
  24. physics

    please check: A battery converts what type of energy into electrical energy? a. mechanical b. nuclear c. solar d. chemical D When a parallel-plate capacitor is connected to a battery:a____ is stored on one plate, and a ___ is stored on the other a. negative charge, positive ...
  25. Algebra

    Please help. Having a hard time with this. Find all of the zeros of the polynomial function and state the multiplicity of each. f (x) = (x^2 – 16)^2 A. – 4 with multiplicity 2 and 4 with multiplicity 2 B. – 4i with multiplicity 2 and 4i with multiplicity 2 C. 4 with ...
  26. U.S. History

    What exactly were the colonists' reactions after the King issued the Proclamation of 1763? I know "shocked" and "feeling like they can't doing anything without England stepping in" are the obvious ones, but was there anything really specific? On the British side, I got that ...
  27. Intro to Probability, please check my work.

    A fair coin is flipped three times. You win $5 every time the outcome is heads. Let the random variable X represent the total number of dollars you win. (a) List the sample space. (b) Determine the probability function of X. ====================== Answer: a) 2^3= 8 ...
  28. biology

    The ability to roll the tongue (R) is determined by a dominant gene while the recessive gene results in the ability to roll the tongue (r). A man and his wife can both roll their tongues and are surprised to find that their son cannot. Explain this by showing the genotypes of ...
  29. Algebra

    1. 7r – 7 = 2r + 18 (1 point) r = –5 r = 5 r = 2.2 r = 1.2 2. 2x + 12 = 18 – x (1 point) x = 3 x = 10 x = 6 x = 2 3. 8x – 3 = 15x + 18 (1 point) x = –3 x = 3 x = 2.1 x = .9 4. 6y – 6 = 4y + 16 (1 point) y = 2.2 y = –2.2 y = 11 y = 5 5. 3(x – 4) = 5(x + 2) (1 ...
  30. chemistry

    the measured cell voltages are supposed to be smaller than the theoretical cell voltages, but when I'm calculating the theoretical cell voltages they are smaller. And I don't know why I'm getting these. Can you please check if I'm doing it right. Thank you. Measured Cell ...
  31. Language Arts

    Underline the correct pronoun in () to complete each sentence. 1. My family and (I, me) visited Chaco Canyon. underline I 2. (Us,We) learned about the pueblos the Anasazi built there. underline We 3. Their skill in building with adobe amazed Sara and (I,me). underline me 4. ...
  32. Chemistry

    Please check a Nernst equation for me? Calculate the cell potential for the following reaction as written at 61 °C, given that [Zn2 ] = 0.800 M and [Fe2 ] = 0.0170 M. Half reactions: Zn-->Zn^2+ + 2e^- (potential= -0.76)(anode) Fe^2+ + 2e^- -->Fe (potential= -0.44) (...
  33. Assistance Dogs

    Please check my answer thanks:) Heidi and her sight-impaired owner Becky are walking from school back to Becky's apartment. There's a water-main break in the next block and Heidi turns to take an alternate route to the apartment. Becky tries to continue straight ahead, but ...
  34. English

    1. Jenny's family are/is following her. She is taking a walk with her family. 2. Yujin is watering plants with a watering can. Her brother is digging with a trowel. Her father is also watering plants with a watering pot. What is Yujin doing? She is watering with her family. 3...
  35. U.S.History

    please check In 1890 the superintendent of the census announced the a. end of the frontier b. creation of tenant farms in the West c. opening of the West to settlers d. opening of Yellowstone National Park A The escaped slave who started an abolitionist newspaper was a. ...
  36. English

    * According to the spacing rules, write the following sentence again in the blank. 1. Iamapoliceofficer. -> __________________ (Is the expression correct?) * I have sent the MTCN number to you with my cell phone. However, you can not verify the name of the sender. You also ...
  37. English

    Can you please check these sentences on history, please? Thank you, Writeacher. 1) In the 8th and the 9th centuries Scandinavian invaders, known as the Vikings, attacked the monasteries and villages near the water and robbed them. 2) King Alfred the Great of Wessex was the ...
  38. Spanish

    Please check-I had to write each sentence in long adjective form Su casa es moderna. La casa suya es moderna. Mis amigos son españoles. Los amigos míos son españoles. Nuestras clases son interesantes. Las clases nuestras son interesantes.
  39. Math

    I need help with sequences 2,1,1/2,1/4,... Is this arithmetic, geometric,neither, or both (geometric?) 7,9,11,13 arithmetic, geometric,neither, or both. (arithmetic?) 1,2,4,8... Whats the rule think the rule is: Start with one and multiply by two repeatedly 50,40,30,20 Rule ...
  40. Algebra II

    I don't exactly understand what needs to be done in this problem. Could someone please explain what I am supposed to be doing a bit clearer than the book? Four jobs need to be done, and four workers are available. The chart shows how long each worker takes to complete each job...
  41. English

    Could you please check these sentences? 1) I haven’t been here for long. How long have you been married? Since 1998. (Could you say: How long is it since you got married?) . 2) It’s two months since I last saw Mary. Mrs Brown hasn’t seen her son for three months. 3) When...
  42. math

    2r+4=10 Well r=3 so that means 2xr=6 and 6+4=10. Hint: whenever a number and letter are close together you have to multply thme like 2r. The value for r is indeed 3! Another way to think about this problem is to start by subtracting 4 from both sides of the equation. Whatever ...
  43. English ( please check my answer!)

    In “No Witchcraft for Sale,” what belief prevents Gideon from sharing his people’s knowledge with the Farquars? (a)He believes his people’s culture is sacred and cannot be shared even if it might benefit others. (b)He thinks white people are only interested in making ...
  44. English

    Could you please check these few sentences? Thank you. 1) I clapped him for good luck. As the curtain went down, everybody clapped and cheered. (Do these two verbs have the same meaning?) 2) While she was pouring milk into the cup, she dripped some over the table. What do you ...
  45. Math, Please help :/

    I cant do this !! PLease help !! -y+12 divided by 4 > 8 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! (:
  46. Physics

    please check these: 1. According to the Scientific Method, why does a physicist make observations and collect data? a. to decide which parts of a problem are important b. to ask a question c. to make an interpretation d. to solve all problems i was confused between A and B.but...
  47. English

    1. Search the following topics on the Internet, and then fulfill/do the project. Write the addresses of foreign shopping sites after you find them. Chosse the items you want to buy and write down the names and prices. On which item did you spend the most? Using the following ...
  48. maths

    if i have k = 36.86 +/- 4.78 and v = 113 +/- 9.92 both using 95% confidence limits and no true values of k or v given am i right in saying that accuracy cannot be determined and that v is a more precise measurement my question was to comment on what can be said about the ...
  49. English

    Could someone please check the following questions for me? 1. In a soliloquy there will only be one person on the stage. T/F? I think it's true as soliloquy is a speech a character gives when he or she is alone on stage. 2. Text written in blank verse has a definite pattern. T...
  50. English

    Could you please check the following verbs concerning the movements or the sounds made by certain animals? 1) A pig grunts/snorts and squeals. 2) A mouse squeaks. 3) The eagle swooped down on its pray. 4) A mouse scurries. 5) I'm able to walk, trot and canter a horse but I can...
  51. American Gov.

    In holt vs hobbs what did the supreme court use as a basis for its decision? a. Holt was not a member of a recognized religion. b. the government was preventing Holt from practicing his religion. c. The prison had a compelling interest in facilitating prisoner identification ...
  52. algebra

    Can someone please help me with this math problem? Thanks. Let g(x)=x^2-5 and h(x)=3x+2. Perform the function operation. -2g(x)+h(x) That would be -2x^2 +10 + 3x +2 = -2x^2 + 3x +12. oh, thanks! I understand. I have another problem I'm unsure of. g(x)*h(x) I got 9x^2+12x-1 as ...
  53. Pre-Algebra [repost]

    This is a realllyy tricky problem and I can't find two more solutions to the equation...someone please help! Find three ordered pairs for the given equation: 4x - 3y = 6 I got one: (3,2) I need help on this ASAP!! Thankss -MC
  54. algebra 2

    2X^4-9X^3+13X^2-X-5=0 Given that one root is 2+i, solve the equation. So far I have it set up like this: 2X^4-9X^3+13X^2-X-5/X^2-4X+5 I don't know how to get the answer, I know that I have to use long division but when I started to try it I kept getting weird answers. Please Help
  55. pre-algebra

    Solve the problem. Please show all of your work. A driveway rises 11 feet over a horizontal distance of 112 feet. Find the slope of the driveway. Round your answer to two decimal places.
  56. Algebra

    Please help I can't figure out these two. Express f(x) in the form a(x − h)2 + k. f(x) = −4x2 + 24x − 9 Find the standard equation of a parabola that has a vertical axis and satisfies the given conditions. vertex (0, −7), passing through (3, 38) Thank You!
  57. Algebra please help!!

    Find the number of terms in each sequence. 1. 2,-6, 18,-54,,,,,-4374 Find the common ratio r and the value of a1 using the information given. (assume r >0) 2.a3=324, a7=64 Find the indicated sum. 3. a1=2, r=-3; find s8 4. E like symbol with a 10 on top. On the bottom k=1 to...
  58. Algebra please help!!

    Find the number of terms in each sequence. 1. 2,-6, 18,-54,,,,,-4374 Find the common ratio r and the value of a1 using the information given. (assume r >0) 2.a3=324, a7=64 Find the indicated sum. 3. a1=2, r=-3; find s8 4. E like symbol with a 10 on top. On the bottom k=1 to...
  59. Algebra please help!!

    Find the number of terms in each sequence. 1. 2,-6, 18,-54,,,,,-4374 Find the common ratio r and the value of a1 using the information given. (assume r >0) 2.a3=324, a7=64 Find the indicated sum. 3. a1=2, r=-3; find s8 4. E like symbol with a 10 on top. On the bottom k=1 to...
  60. algebra!!!! please help me!!!!

    Suppose θ is an angle strictly between 0 and π/2 such that sin5θ=(sin^5)θ. The number tan2θ can be uniquely written as a√b, where a and b are positive integers, and b is not divisible by the square of a prime. What is the value of a+b?
  61. algebra

    I'm stuck with this problem. h = -16t^2 + 312 the "t" is seconds after object released and h stands for height. We're suppose to set the equation to 0 so far this is what I have: -16t^2 + 312 = 0 -8(2t^2+39)= 0 -8=0 can be disqualified but how do I factor out the 2t^2 + 39 = 0...
  62. Calculus Help Please!!! Check

    When a cold drink is taken from a refrigerator, its temperature is 5°C. After 25 minutes in a 20°C room its temperature has increased to 10°C. (Round the answers to two decimal place.) (a) What is the temperature of the drink after 60 minutes? (b) When will its temperature ...
  63. Chem Check Please!!!

    If an octahedral iron(II) complex is diamagnetic, which of the following sets of conditions best describes the complex? a. low-spin, Delta 0 small b. low-spin, Delta 0 large c. high-spin, Delta 0 small d. high-spin, Delta 0 large e. none of these Answer C or D not sure
  64. English

    What kind of work is done by volunteers? 1. To help the handicapped to take baths and have meals. 2. To take care of children in/at orphanages. 3. To care for sick people/patients at hospitals. 4. To clean dirty places such as rivers, seas, and mountains. 5. To do paper work ...
  65. english

    Please check my paragraph and tell me if I need to add more. I am supposed to write a paragraph which sustains iron tone. Thannks! Being organized shows a lack of creativity. It spumes boring, takes time and doesn’t come naturally for others. Disorganized people tend to work...
  66. Physics-bobpursley or drwls please check if possib

    If I had the old-fashion camera that had a focal length of 35mm(0.035m) and I take a picture of a person 6 m away, how far does the film need to be from the lens to record a clear image? I know that the equation is 1/f = 1/d(object) + 1/d(image) so would I do the following: 1/...
  67. Socials

    I am doing a slavery project and I chose "Early and Forced Marriage" as my form of slavery. There is one section of the project that I do not get how to properly search for information and it is "can you find what kind of protection they(the country chosen) have by law? (check...
  68. history

    How did the Supreme Court decision, McCulloch v. Maryland contribute to a greater sense of independence and manhood? I'm not sure how this decision established a sense of manhood, but please check this site about it.
  69. English

    Could you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1) This morning we met an American couple living in Munik. They had an eight-year-old girl and were very friendly to us. 2) Their daughter does the same ski group course as our son (also she is in the same group...
  70. Physics

    Could you please check my answers and units.Also, help me with 3 and 4, I don't quite understand them. Thanxs! 1. An automobile starts from rest and accelerates at 3m/s2 for 4 seconds. How fast is it going after acceleration? -I got 12 m/s 3. At time = 0 an automobile already ...
  71. English

    Can you please check the word choice and let me know which expressions sound better? (The parts in parentheses) Thank you! 3)I couldn’t believe people could eat the meat of animals such as crocodiles or zebras. (I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people eating the meat of...
  72. history

    What ways did business leaders in the late 1800s try to eliminate competion? They weren't called Robber Barons for nothing. Please check your book for the ways that these business leaders charged lower prices than their competitors, paid lower wages, and bought other companies...
  73. Social Studies

    (Can you please check my answers)one major landform that is found in both united states and canada is A. The Kilauea Volcanos B. The Rocky Mountains (C.) The Great Basin D. Mount Logan 2 Why are the Great Lakes important to both the United States and Canada A. They form the ...
  74. Algebra

    Please Simplify: Root 18-Root 50+4 Root 2 = ?
  75. advanced algebra

    One number is 3 more that half of a second number. If the average of the two numbers is 31/2, find the smaller of the two numbers. PLEASE HELP. thanks! N-3=1/2 S N+S= 2*(31 1/2) help me
  76. Algebra

    need help in solving by substitution. We all have different steps and all arrive at 3 different ordered pairs. please help and show the steps for 7x+6y=15 and -7x+y=27. Thanks
  77. Math algebra honours

    In the equation ax - x = c what is x i did it so far but i need help this is what i got so far ax - x + x = 9 + x ax/a = c+x/a x= what that is what i need help on and also y=x-v/b please and thank you can you also explain thanks and may you have a wonderful day
  78. Algebra 1

    Find the intercept and then use them to graph the equation 1.4x-13y=3.64. I just can't seem to find the intercept or to even solve the equation. Please help! Thank you so much.
  79. Algebra

    The function p(d)=1+d/33, gives the pressure in atmospheres (atm), at the depth d in the sea (d is in feet). Note that p(0)=1 atm, p(33)=2 and so on. Find the pressure at 40 feet? I am lost please help? Thanks!
  80. math- algebra- help please!

    3 dice are rolled let (y,r,b) represent each outcome? a- sample space b- prob rolling a sum of 18 c- prob of rolling a sum less than 5
  81. algebra

    could someone please explain to me how -5/8 + 1/4 = -3/8? I have several more of these problems -5/8 + -1/6 = -19/24, and more. I have no reference in my text on how to do these. Can someone take me through the steps?
  82. algebra

    Given the linear equation y = 4x + 2, find the y-coordinates of the points (-2, ), (1, ), and (-3, ). Please show all of your work. Plot these points and graph the linear equation.
  83. algebra

    Can someone please help. Explain how you can determine from the graph of a system of two linear equations in two variables whether it is an inconsistent system of equations. Thanks
  84. algebra 2 help please

    You have a carrying case that holds four CDs. You want to know in how many ways you can place four of the ten CDs you own into the case.
  85. algebra

    Can someone help with inverse relations and functions? is relation t a function? Is the inverse t a function? chart looks like: x 0 2 4 6 y -10 -1 4 8 If someone could please explain this problem
  86. algebra

    The perimeter of a basketball court is 114 meter and the lenght is 6 meter longer than twice the width. What are the lenght and Width. i need help please i am stuck
  87. Algebra

    Let f(x)-3x-7/x+1. Fidnd the range of f. Give your answer as an interval. Please enter your response in interval notation. I figured out the range, ( -inf,-1) and (-1, inf) Thank you.
  88. Algebra

    In each bouquet of flowers, there are 4 roses and 6 white carnations. Complete the table to find how many roses and carnations there are in 4 bouquets of flowers? Please help answer thx
  89. Algebra 2

    A diamond is purchased for $3500. Its value increases 5% each year. Find the value of the diamond at the end of the sixth year of ownership. Please explain

    the arithmetic mean of two numbers exceeds their geometric mean by two. find the numbers if one is 40 less than the other? help me please to solve this...
  91. linear algebra

    Hello, how can I proof the next theorem? I have a linear transformation T(X) that can be express as T(X)=AX and A is an orthogonal matrix, then ||T (X)||=||X|| , I was doing this: ||T (X)||=sqrt(<AX,AX>) But I don't know what to do with the orthogonal matrix.. Please help
  92. Algebra (urgent!)

    A line has the equation x = my + b for some real nonzero constants m and b. a. In terms of m and/or b, what is the x-intercept of this line? b. In terms of m and/pr b, what is the slope of this line? I have no idea how to solve this, so please walk me through to the answer. ...
  93. Physics/Maths

    Keplers third law I understand. T^2/a^3 of one planet = T^2/a^3 second planet. But I can't do the algebra to solve for the second planet's a^3 (semimajor axis) Would someone walk me through the steps please? Thanks.
  94. Pre algebra

    A store was offering 30 % off everything in the bike store . A boy bought a bike for $91 dollars. How much was the original price of the bike? please explain each step. We are studying proportions and percents. thanks
  95. algebra

    Katydid population is modeled by N(t) = 50 / 1+9e^ -.33t where t is number ofyears and N(t) is population is thousands at time t. when will katydid population reach 40,000? I somehow got a negative log, producing an error so i can't go any farther. Please help.
  96. algebra

    Given the following function, find: (a) vertex (b) axis of symmetry (c) intercepts, (d) domain (e) range (f) intervals where the function is increasing, (g) intervals where the function is decreasing Please show all of your work f(x)=-7x^2-14x-3
  97. algebra

    A man invested half of his money at 5%, one-third of his money at 4%, and the rest of his money at 5.5%. If his total investment income was $570, how much had he invested? and please show me the solution to solve this problem. thanx
  98. Math(Algebra)

    Estimate the size of the bear population 50 bears, 1 year later 100 bears, 2 with taggs what is the estimated size of the bears can you Please wirite me the stepes so I cam understand what you did. Thank You so much foer your help.
  99. Algebra

    Find 3 consecutive odd numbers such that the sum of 5 times the smaller number a twice the larger number is 33 more than six times the median number. Do not understand word problems. ..please help
  100. PLease Help!!!Algebra

    The line y = 3x + 5 crosses the y axis at ______? When it crosses the y-axis x has to be 0, so what is y when x=0 in the equation y = 3x + 5 Isn't it 5? Hmm, you don't sound too confident with your answer, but yes, it's 5. If you have an equation y=mx+b, m is the slope and b ...
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