Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Implicit Differentiation

    Find the slope of the tangent line to the curve (a lemniscate) 2(x^2+y^2)^2=25(x^2–y^2) at the point (–3,1) . I know that we are supposed to use chain rule for this problem but i think i am messing up on the algebra. Can someone please help me, i keep on getting m= (42x^3-...

    Could you please help me write a program using basic or visual basic that would prevent spam/unsolicited e-mails computers. You have to be kidding. If not, you need a reality check. Do you actually think anyone will do that for you free? Tens of hours are involved, maybe even ...
  3. English

    Could you please check the following sentences for me? Thank you. 1) She delayed taking a shower. 2) She was caught cheating (by a teacher). 3) Sha saw him chatting up a girl. He was seen to chat up a girl. 4) An animal's reaction to a drug is different from that of a human. 5...
  4. Writing

    what are some advantages competion has over corporation and some disadvantages ceompetion have?? Please reread your question and let us know what you really mean. I think you're asking about competition and something else, but I'm not sure. Maybe you just need to double-check ...
  5. Grade. 12 Chem - Please check my answer!

    Determine whether the following are redox reactions. If a redox rxn., identify the oxidized reactant and the reduced reactant. a)N2 + 3H2-->2NH3 : YES, Oxidized=H, Reduced: N b)2H2O2-->2H2O + O2 : YES, Oxidized=H, Reduced: O c)2HBr + Ca(OH)2 -->CaBr2 + 2H20 : N0 d)2Fe...
  6. Calculus (pleas help I really need to check this)

    Assume that each of the follwing functions gives the position of an object at time t. Find the velocities indicated by setting up and evaluating a limt algebraically. (a) s(t) = 3t^2, Find v(-1). (b) s(t) = 1/t , Find v(2). (c) s(t) = square root of t, Find v(1). The answers ...
  7. Pre-Calc

    Could someone please check these-I had tried one last night but it was really wrong so I'm been working-hopefully these are correct. What are the roots of the equation and answers have to be simplified 2x^2 + 5x-10 =0 2x^2 + 5x-10+10=0+10 2x^2 + 5x = 10 2x^2 + 5x/2 = 10/2 2x^2...
  8. Critical Thinking

    Please check the following argument and see if the premises and the conclusion are stated accurately Premises: With the numbers of juvenile crimes at historic highs Premises: It makes sense to house some juvenile criminals in adult facilities Conclusion: Concluding that adult ...
  9. math inequalities please check

    A landscape designer has to design a rectangular pad of concrete at the centre of a rock garden. The length must be less than or equal to twice the width; the perimeter must be less than or equal to 40 m; and the area must be greater than or equal to 60 m^2. 1.)Write as system...
  10. Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

    2- given the curve is described by the equation r=3cos ¥è, find the angle that the tangent line makes with the radius vector when ¥è=120¨¬. A. 30¨¬ B. 45¨¬ C. 60¨¬ D. 90¨¬ not sure A or D 2.) which of the following represents dy/dx when y=e^-2x Sec(3x)? A.3e^-2x ...
  11. Thermodynamics

    Calculate the amount of expansion occurring when a steel rail 920.000 meters in length is heated from -10.000 to 410.000 degrees Celsius. ANS = m Steel = 12 * 10 ^-6 = 0.000012 Change in length = Original length * Coefficient of linear expansion * Temperature rise. = 920m * 0....
  12. Reading-yes,this is the article

    "Is Facebook making us lonely" Just to check my understanding on this article,I decided to write a summary.. Please check by reading this article.. Basically the author is trying to say that Facebook connects people with each other but it does not bond people together,as does ...
  13. Living environment(check please)

    When the food relationship in a habitat are illustrated by means of diagram, the result is always a complicated web like pattern. This is due to the fact that 1 many consumers are adapted to use more than one food source 2 producer organisms always outnumber the consumer ...
  14. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Image URL: h t t p : / / p r n t s c r . c o m / g n n u 6 5 Use the image to answer the question. 2. Under which of the following categories does the artwork fall? (1 point) a) abstract painting b) portrait c) sculpture d) ...
  15. English

    Can you please check these sentences,too? Thank you. 1)The men (or men) had the function of linking (also to link?) all creation. She was married to her people. 2)In contrast/on the contrary, the Spanish ships were slower. Chaucer suspends judgement on his characters leaving ...
  16. organic chemistry

    Which has a higher Rf value Ibuprofen or mefenamic acid? please please please.i need your answers.
  17. physics

    please check my answers and help me with the first one. how can you charge an object negatively with only the help of a positively charged object? -This one I am not too sure, when one material is rubbed against another electrons jump readily from one to the other but protons ...
  18. chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution made by mixing 178.5 of 1.5 M NaCl with 283.4m of 4.3M NaCl Mnacl*L nacle =(1.5)(.001718)=.0026775 moles nacl=(4.3)*(.002834)=.0121862 total moles = .0026775+.0121862=.0148moles final volume = .001785+.002834=.004819 L m/l= 3.21779 I don't ...
  19. chemistry

    the alkali metals are a group of oxidation metals that decrease in melting point down the group. Halogens are non-metals that get coloured in colour and less reactive down the group. the transition elements in the middle of the periodic table. hey are metals with very high ...
  20. Physics-Please check my answer

    If I had the old-fashion camera that had a focal length of 35mm(0.035m) and I take a picture of a person 6 m away, how far does the film need to be from the lens to record a clear image? I know that the equation is 1/f = 1/d(object) + 1/d(image) so would I do the following: 1/...
  21. algebra(check)

    1)Find a1 in a geometric series for which Sn=300,r=-3,and n=4 a.15 b.15/2 c.-15 d.1/15 answer=a 2)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series n=1 at the bottom of the sigma notation 20(-1/4)n-1 on the right side a.25 b.80/3 c.16 d.does not exist answer=c 3)Find the sum of ...
  22. Algebra 2. Please help ASAP

    The pH of a liquid is a measure of how acidic or basic it is. The concentration of hydrogen ions in a liquid is labeled [H+]. Use the formula pH = –log[H+] to find the pH level, to the nearest tenth, of a liquid with [H+] about 5.4 x 10–14. A. 14.7 B. 13.3 C. 14.0 D. -14.7
  23. maths please check my answer

    paul orders a pizza. chef carl randomly chooses two different toppings to put on the pizza from the following:~ pepperoni, onion, sausage, mushrooms and anchovies. if paul does not eat pizza with mushrooms, determine the probablity that paul will not eat the pizza that chef ...
  24. French continued

    Could you please check these to thanks! Directions: Complete the names of these dishes you have for lunch using à, au, aux. 1. une soupe ------- oignon. Answer: à l' 2. un sandwich -------- jambon. Answer: au 3. un sandwich ------- fromage. Answer: au 4. une omelette...
  25. statistics

    Okay, I'm having trouble understanding the difference between "and" and "or" in problems. For example: -When drawing a single card, find the probability of getting a 4 OR a diamond. -When drawing a single card, find the probability of getting a jack AND a black card. What is ...
  26. English

    Thank you. Could you check these sentences, please? Are they possible? 1) Unlike Wordsworth's nature, Coleridge's nature (one) is infused with abstract and supernatural meanings. 2) Differing from Wordsworth, Coleridge's nature is viewed as infused with supernatural meanings. ...
  27. Math

    I need help on this math problem. The width of a certain painting is 5cm less than twice the length. The length of the diagonal distance across the painting is 107cm. Find the length and width. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Can you check is my substitute is correct? ...
  28. Geometry

    Hey! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 1. R , S, and T are the vertices of one triangle. E, F, and D are the vertices of another triangle. m∠R = 60, m∠S = 80, m∠F = 60, m∠D = 40, RS = 4, and EF = 4. Are the two triangles congruent? If yes, explain and tell ...
  29. Calculus

    Evaluate using integration by parts, substitution, or both if necessary. the intergral of cos 2x ln(sin 2x) dx My work: w= sin2x dw= 2cos2xdx 1/2 dw= cos2xdx 1/2 integrsl sign ln(w)dw u= lnw u'= 1/w v= w v'=1 1/2 [(lnw)(w)- integral sign (1/w)(w) dw] 1/2 (wlnw-w) Final Answer...

    Which U.S. policy would Palestinian supporters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization have most likely preferred? A. continued U.S. support for Israel B. support for a peace treaty between Israel, Egypt, and Palestine C. military aid to Yasir Arafat for the fight against ...
  31. Physics please please help me

    Prove the law for triangle ABC i.e sin A/a=sinB/b=sinC/c Please help me!
  32. Math help please last question

    Solve the equation. 10. 2(4x -4) + 2(3x + 2) = 360 Can you please help me on this problem? Could you explain it please? I'm confused...
  33. English

    1. Who's calling, please? 2. Who's speaking, please? 3. Who's this, please? .................................. In a telephone conversation, are all correct? The same?
  34. Quick English check

    The sentences below have transitive verbs so each verb has a direct object. Read each sentences and underline its direct object. (Underline the subject once, and double underline the action verb and circle the do. please correct me if I'm wrong! 5. He removed the picture from ...
  35. geography

    1. The mouth of the Parana River is located in Argentina. In what country can its source be found? Brazil 2. In what ocean do 20 degrees S latitude and 80 degrees E longitude intersect? The Indian Ocean 3. Land formed by soil deposited at the mouth of a river is called a? ...
  36. poems

    I have to memorize a 16 lined poem that I made up and it has to make sense. Please check here on what I have so far: Twinkle twinkle little car How I wonder what you are Leaking oil everyday oh how much money I have to pay Going up highways really fast Boy I have fun and what ...
  37. Comprehension

    To see the outline of a building as its shadow is cast on the lawn of a park is always amazing to see. When the sun rises perfectly centered at the end of an avenue lined with beautiful buildings, it can make a person stop dead in their tracks to admire it. Q: When is the sun ...
  38. Math/ Algebra

    Could you please help me with this thanks. 6a(-5 power)b(2nd power)c(-3 power)
  39. Algebra

    log[3](2x+8)+log[3](3x)=log[3](2) Need help with this one please, thanks.
  40. Algebra

    Please can someone help me. 1.Simplify x/7x+x^2 A.1/7+x;where x≠-7 B.1/7x;where x≠0 C.1/7+x;where x≠0,-7 D.1/7****
  41. Maths

    Can someone please help me with this please please 😯 An even function is symmetrical about the origin(true or false )
  42. Inequality

    please check my answers. thanxs! Solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a number line. Express the solution set in interval notation. x^2 - 6x + 5 > 0 -I got (-ininity,1) u (5, infinity) x^2 - 3x - 18 < 0 -I got (-infinity,-3) u (6, infinity) x^2...
  43. Math: Vectors - Collinear

    Can you please check whether my answers are correct? If they aren't, how would you find if the points are parallel to one another with 3 coordinates? Using vectors, demonstrate that these points are collinear. a) P(15 , 10) Q(6 , 4) R(-12 , -8) Vector PQ = (-9 , -6) Vector QR...
  44. math

    In a bag of candy, there are five green candies for every two red candies. If there are 35 total candies in the bag, which of the following is the total number of green candies in the bag? i solve it but i do not know if is correct,so please can you check if if correct 5x+2x=...
  45. Algebra help

    f(x)=x^3-4x^2-x+4 How do I find the x-intercept for this? This is from my book: step 1: 0=x^3-4x^2-x+4 step 2: 0=x^2(x-4)+(-1)(x-4) step 3: 0=(x^2-1)(x-4) I know how to solve once I get to step 3, but in step 2, I don't know what they've done or why. Where does that (-1) come ...
  46. chem.

    Hey this is my question: At a temperature of 300°C and a pressure of 40.5 MPa, 90.0 mol of H2(g) and 80.0 mol of N2(g) are injected into a reaction vessel. When equilibrium is established, 37.0 mol of NH3(g) are present. The number of moles of H2(g) present in this ...
  47. English

    1. Please make yourself at home. 2. Please make yourself comfortable. 3. Please make yourself relaxed. 4. Please make yourself _______. 5. Take it easy. ================ Are they all the same in meaning? Can We use other expressins which are suitable for the blank? Some other ...
  48. Algebra

    I have to simplify these please help im not sure how things in parenthesis are exponets -x(2)+8x-12 over x-2 2a(3)+a(2)-3a over 6a(3)+5a(2)-6a 3x(2)+2x-1 over x(2)+3x+2 a(2)-11a+30 over a(2)-9a+18 2y(3)-12y(2)+2y over y(2)-6y+1
  49. Algebra

    Identify the vertex and the axis of symmetry for the graph of y=5(x-2)^2 + 3. a) vertex (2,3); x = -2 b) vertex (-2,-3); x = 2 c) vertex (2,3); x = 2 d) vertex (-2,-3); x = -2 I have no idea how to solve this problem! Please help. Thank you! :)
  50. Math

    Ron had 20 apples. He used 2/5 of the apples to make pies. How many apples did Ron use for pies? 2/5x20/1=40/5 40 divided 5=8 Answer: Ron used 8 apples for pies Can you please check this for me to make sure I am correct?
  51. Spanish

    Coud someone please check my answers to the questions? 1.¿Qué apagas cuando tienes frío? Apago la ventiladora cuando tengo frío. 2.¿Dónde están las cosas muy frías en tu cocina? Están en el refrigerador. 3.¿Qué usa tu madre para cocinar? Ella usa el horno y el ...
  52. geography

    Because of her reform activities, which group would not have supported Rebecca Latimer Felton? (1 point) supporters of educational opportunities for all citizens of the state supporters of the suffrage movement to gain voting rights for women supporters of the convict lease ...

    Please check for commas errors, speling and any other grammar error. Please provide the correc answer. The quality in the air in our community interests all of us. We must all work together to keep the air safe for our children. During the past six months we have observed that...
  54. English

    1. What is an easier way of stating "That the people have the right to elect their own Legislature" That the people can elect their own government. 2. What is simpler way of stating "That no act of the Dominion Parliament (local to the territory) be binding ont he people until...
  55. Algebra 1

    Hey :) Can anyone appoint me to a/some good link(s) for Nineth Grade Algebra? Thank you.
  56. algebra

    Did you hear about... (answer) Pg 211 Pizazz Algebra Rationalizing the denominator

    I have a question. I am so lost in algebra and I need to know if 3x^2=5 is quadratic? (That's 3x squared equals 5)
  58. algebra

    8th Grade Algebra (AP) f(x)=-3x Model the rule with a table of values and a graph.
  59. College Algebra

    can someone tell me how to get a division symbol when posting problems in Algebra
  60. algebra

    i need help with 5th grade algebra my big bro. is helping me but i don't understand

  62. algebra help

    I am really confused on this question can some one help me out please the length of a rectangular playing field is 5 ft less than twice its width If the perimeter of the playing field is 230 ft. find the length and width of the field. I believe i am suppose to start with P+2w+...
  63. Math Please Check It

    (2sqrtx)(5sqrtx^3) Here is what I got:10sqrtx^4 *Is this correct.? This one is close but still needs to be simplified further. 10√x^4 -->you can take the square root of x^4. Can you take it from here to finish? so it will be:10sqrtx^2 No, remember you are taking the ...
  64. environmental science

    Please check this: Scientists use statistics to a. graph data b. analyze data c. communicate ideas to each other d. all of the above B ( in my book it says: scientists rely on and use statistics to summarize, characterize, analyze, and compare data. statistics is usually a ...
  65. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    1. Why is the Social Security Act an important piece of legislation? A: The Social Security Act is an important piece of legislation because it guarantees benefits for the elderly and the unemployed. The legislation also provides modest welfare payments to other needy people, ...
  66. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations using substitution. x + 4y = -5 3x - 8y = 45 When I tried to solve it, I got x=-17 and y=-3. When I plugged these into the first equation, it didn't work out at all. Could someone please show me the steps so I can see where I went wrong? Thank you!
  67. Physics

    There is a charge that is 1uC and another charge that is 2 uC. They are 10 cm apart. I need to find a point where the electric field is zero. All I have is this kq1\a=kq2\(10-a)^2 where q1=1 where q2=2 where k=9*10^9 I am lost after this I know I use regular algebra but i don'...

    The equation y=12x+5 shows the total coat for ordering tickets on the phone for a certain outdoor concert. if the tickets are $12 each, & there is a one time service fee of $5, can the slope of this line be thought of as a rate?? Please explain this.
  69. 9th grade acc. algebra

    how do you do this? this is the full question and all info: "A line with a slope of -3 passes through the point (k,4). Find the y-intercept of the line in terms of k." I would like to know how to do this along with the answer so i can know im doing it right please!!
  70. Algebra-Pleasehelp-I'm so stuck!!

    Please help How do you graph the radical that is below negative of the sqrt(x+1) my teacher said we should set up x and y according to parent function. The endpoint of this would be (-1,0) How do I find the other points-I'm really stuck
  71. algebra

    Write an exponential function to model the situation. Then predict the value of the function after 5 years (to the nearest whole number). A population of 210 animals that increases at an annual rae of 19% Can you explain your answer please?
  72. Algebra 1

    Solve using two different methods. Explain which method you found to be most efficient. A. 3x - 9y = 3 6x - 3y = -24 B. 7x - 3y = 20 5x + 3y = 16 C. y = 1/2x - 6 2x + 6y = 19 I am just stuck and don't know how to do these last few problems on my assignment. If someone would ...
  73. Chemistry

    Can you check if this is correct please? a) How many moles of sodium hydroxide are there in 19.00 cm3 of 0.100 mol dm3? My answer: 0.0019 mol b) How many moles of hydrochloric acid are, there in 25.00 cm3 of the acid solution? My answer: 0.0019 mol c) How many moles of ...
  74. Check french work pplz

    This is my french homework I have to fill in the blanks with either ai, as, a, avons, avez, and ont. In the parentheses that's what I put in the blank i was on this website with this work the other day and I finished it today and I was asking if you could please check it ...
  75. Intermediate Algebra

    Compound Inequalities Definition Words ◦Compound inequalities ◦And ◦Or ◦Intersection ◦Union 1). 12 < 12 + 4x < 0 2). 12 – x > 15 or 7x – 13 > 1 I divide it up the compound inequalities into two problems 12 <12+ 4x 4 x >0 or x...
  76. algebra

    I know that 10^-2.3=5.0 * 10^-3 How do I get 10^-2.6 in the same form as 5.0 * 10^-3? please and thank you! Punch in 10 on your calculator, then press the yx button followed by -2.6 and then press equal. You should get 2.51E-3 thanks, but mine just says: .0025118864
  77. algebra

    -3/[(5/x)+y] Can someone please tell me how one goes about simplifying this? Multiply numerator and denominator by x. would the answer be -3x/5+y? No. YOu forgot to multpy the y by x, it would have an xy in the denominator. gotcha thanks
  78. Algebra

    Can someone please help? I have to solve.... An employee produces x units per hour earns an hourly wage of y = 0.50x + 11 (in dollars.) What is the wage? How many hours does the employee work?
  79. math-algebra

    14. The last term of an arithmetic sequence is 207, the common difference is 3, and the number of terms is 14. What is the first term of the sequence?: A. 165 B. 171 C. 249 D. 168 Please explain. thanks
  80. college algebra

    (x-3)^2+(y-2.5)^2=7.25 Make a new equation that shifts up 1 unit and to the right 2 units. I got (x-5)^2+(y-1.5)^2=7.25, but I got it wrong on my test. Could you please tell me where I might have gone wrong? Thank you!
  81. college algebra

    (x-3)^2+(y-2.5)^2=7.25 Make a new equation that shifts up 1 unit and to the right 2 units. I got (x-5)^2+(y-1.5)^2=7.25, but I got it wrong on my test. Could you please tell me where I might have gone wrong? Thank you!
  82. algebra 1A

    translate into an algebraic expression. use x and y for variables. the sum of three times a number plus five times another number. the translation is. is any one of these correct y+3=8 or 3+8=8 please help. thanks
  83. algebra

    you rollerblade at an average speed of 8 miles per hour. the number of miles m you rollerblade during h hours is modeled by m=8h. do these two quantities have direct variation? please help me with this. thank u
  84. Algebra

    Find the product of (x^2 - 3x + 5) with the quotient of (10x^6 - 15x^5 - 5x^3) ÷ 5x^3. I need some help with this. I'm really unclear on the steps and how to solve this as a whole. I don't just need an answer, I'd like to know the steps as well. Please?
  85. math

    i have a math competition next saturday can some please give me advice on how to study. some sites snd stuff i really need help for algebra thank you in advance
  86. math

    i have a math competition next saturday can some please give me advice on how to study. some sites snd stuff i really need help for algebra thank you in advance
  87. College Algebra

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Express your solutions in exact form only. Please show all of your work. log base 6 (64x^3+1)-log base 6 (4x+1)=1
  88. Algebra

    Can someone please help me with math problem and explain to me step by step how to solve it so I will know how solve other problems like this Thank you in advance Multiply and then, if possible, simplify by factoring /7x /21y
  89. Intermediate Algebra

    I am having trouble with these two. Can you please help me?? Find the following product: -4x^2y (-4x^3y^5) Essy, Show all work. Find the following quotient: 16x^2-25y^2 ___________ 4x + 5y
  90. Algebra

    Can you please give me some real life examples of using variables and solving equations. These are 6th grade students and I need to show real-life experiences. Thanks!
  91. Algebra

    What is the value of b in the triangle shown below? The triangle they are showing is a right triangle...the length is 3b and the width is b...on the inside of the triangle it says 24in^2. A.–4 in B.4 in C.±4 in solution Please help I do not know how to do these...if I ...
  92. Algebra - Rational Exponents

    Can someone explain the rules for raising a power to a power? Please explain and give some examples. I would appreciate it if you can answer this as soon as possible.
  93. algebra

    suppose that an employee receives 7% increase in salary each year and that sequence a^n models the employees salary after n years. Is this sequence arithmetic, geometric or neither ? and please explain
  94. algebra

    Simplify your answer and use positive exponents only (a3b)3(a4b8) ^ ^ ^ ^ The answer I got was 3a7b9 ^ ^ is this correct? Please help and if it is not can you show me the correct way!! Thank you very much
  95. Algebra 2

    f(x)=-x^2 - 3x Find the axis of symmetry, vertex, direction it opens, and write the equation in vertex form. If f(x) =x^2 + 2x g(x)= x-9 h(x) = 3x - 2 Find [f o g o h] (-2) Please explain how you got it I'm really confused right now.
  96. Algebra

    A small garden measures 11 ft by 8 ft. A uniform border around the garden increases the total area to 154 ft2. What is the width of the border? I cant seem to get the right answer. Please help
  97. algebra 2

    what does the sign that has a C and = over top of it mean in Algebra? Is it equals to or something else?
  98. 9th grade- Algebra 1

    In music, What does "allegro" mean? ALGEBRA WITH PIZZAZZ!
  99. algebra

    Enrichment Exercise Life Expectancy MAT 116 – Algebra 1A
  100. algebra

    College Algebra Directions: Solve graphically: x^(2/3)+x^(1/3)-2=0 I just don't know how to approach this?!
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