Algebra, help + check please

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Algebra 1- Please Help !!!!!!!!:D

When two numbers are added together, the result is 45.Twice the greater number is six more than five times the lesser number. What are the numbers.


Can someone please help wright a proof for the following. given: JKLM is a square prove: MK is perpendicular to LJ the figure in front of me is a square labeled JKLM and there are diagonals JL and KM


Can someone please help write a proof for the following. given: JKLM is a square prove: MK is perpendicular to LJ the figure in front of me is a square labeled JKLM and there are diagonals JL and KM


how do you write a polynomial equation that represents the cost of renting a car for m miles.The cost to rent a car for a day is $15 plus $0.15 for each mile driven. help please!!!!

Algebra 2 Problem

The sides of a rectangle have lengths x+9 and widths x-3. Write an equation that describes the perimeter, P, of the rectangle in terms of x. I do not understand this problem, could someone please help me?

Algebra/still clueless

The length of a triangle is twice the width. The area is 2yd^2. Please, find length and width and simplify. Should I convert the yards? :-)


-9x+10y=-9 write the equation in slope-intercept form, what are the slope and y-intercept. I have tried to figure this out but cannot come up with correct answer please help

Algebra II

Five years ago, Jane was 1/5 the age of her mother. Now she is 1/3 the age of her mother. Find their ages. Please also tell me the steps to solving this. Thanks!


Simplify radical terms, including fraction power expressions. Review the expression below and describe how to simplify the expression: 16 1/2 Please help, I just do not know how to explain this.

Algebra 2 (Please, help me!)

1. Explain how to find the slope of a line from a table of data. A: ? 2. Explain how to justify the Cross Products Property by using Mulitplication Property of Equality. A: ?


5/square root 20 - 2 square root 45 Help please I have no clue how to do this ok studying for a test 3/y+2 + 2/y = 5y-4/y^2-4 I know you factor then multiply by LCD y(y-2)(y+2) I get stuck right after that step and don't know what to do .


Hello...can you please let me know if I worked this problem correctly: 10Z2^ + 8z - 7 = 16z2^ + 48z - 12 0 = 6z2^ + 30z - 5 a = 6 b = 30 c = -5 x = 30 + or - (30 2^ -4(6)(-5) / 12 x = -30 + 31.937 / 12 = .161 x = -30 - 31.937 / 12 -5.161 Am I on the right track? Thank you


Case facts: Y=326.2x- 241.6 What is the standard form of the linear model? The answer is: 1631x-5y= 1208 Please explain step by step how this is the answer.


Can someone please check if my answer is correct? 1.Which of the following statements best describes how General Zaroff [from the short story 'The Most Dangerous Game' by Richard Conell]justifies his hunting of human beings? a. Animal life is more valuable than human life b. ...

Introduction to Graphic Design

Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Which of the following can be considered an artist's media? Select all that apply. (3 points) a) methods by which art is created (e.g., dance, photography) b) purposes for which art is created (e.g., aesthetics, functionality...

8th grade algebra

ten over eight = what over ten????? please help me!!!!!!!!!! 10 / 8 = x / 10 This means that 8 * x = 10 * 10 Solve for x.

algebra 1

How do you simplify this problem? I really need help.I need it step by step so I could understand it.Please help.Thanks. b-[x+4a+(x-7)]

Algebra 2

Can someone help me solve this and break it down step by step please??? [Sqrt(x-3)]-[Sqrt(x+2)]=3


After a 5% raise your new salary is $ 63000. Before the raise your salary was?? Help. Please.


how do you graph the function... f(x)=2^x over the interval -2 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 3. Help please! THANKS!

math algebra 2

polynomial complete the table for -7x^4+8x^3-3x^2+5x-9 some please help me complete this table I beg of you


i cannot figure out how to simplify the square root of 6/7 times the square root of 1/3. please help!!!


Find the horizontal asymptote of the graph of y=-4x^6+6x+3 / 8x^6+9x+3 please explain i think there is no horizontal asymptote

algebra root

can i get help with this please what does it mean type of root Determine the number and type of roots 2X(X+2) =-2

Algebra help please!

Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation. -x^2+5x=3 a.5/2 +- sqrt13/2 b.-5/2 +- sqrt13/2 c.2/5 +- sqrt13/2 d.-2/5 +- sqrt13/2

Please check my work!

I try to write a summary for Mañana de Sol. So, can anyone please check my grammar and vocabulary? Thank you! “Mañana de Sol” dos desconocidos se encuetran en el parque y, aunque al comienzo no se dan muy bién, terminan por siendo amigos. Los dos personajes, que ya ...


Mrs. Smith drove at a rate of 45 mi/h from her home to her sister's house. She spent 1.5 hours having lunch with her sister. She then drove back home at a rate of 55 mi/h. The entire trip, including lunch, took 4 hours. How far does Mrs. Smith live from her sister? I set it up...

College Algebra

Here is the whole question... I have figured most of it out but I need help with part (b)(f) and (g)... Maybe you also check the work I have already done Given the following function, find: (a) vertex, (b) axis of symmetry, (c) intercepts, (d) domain, (e) range, (f) intervals ...

science check please

John has a barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure as he climbs Mt. Everest . the higher he get the higher the pressure reading . is this a result he should except ? A : Yes atmospheric pressure and height are related B : No , there is no pressure from air on Mt. Everest ...

Chemistry(please check my answer)

Which of the following is true concerning gamma radiation? A. The mass number of the radioisotope decreases by four. B. The atomic number of the radioisotope decreases by two. C. The atomic number of the radioisotope increases by one. D. Neither the mass number nor the atomic ...

Algebra help/ look over please

Can you please look over these and let me know if they are right? 1/4(5x-1/2)-5/3<1/3 5/4x-1/8-5/3<1/3 24(5/4x-1/8-5/3)<24(1/3) 30x-3-40<8 30x-43+43<8+43 30x<51 x<51/30 {x|x<51/30} 31-(2x+2)< or equal to 4(x+1)+x 31-2x-2< equal to 4x+4+x 29-2x<...

Algebra uno, help please(:

Between 1990 and 2000, the number of thousand vists by people to hawaii volcanoes national park increased by about 43.1 thousand visits per year. in 2000 there were about 1529.6 thousands visits to the park. Write an equation in slope-intercept form that represents the number ...


1. He was sleeping with his wife kniting beside him. 2. He was sleeping and his wife was knitting beside him. 3. He was sleeping with his mouth open. 4. He was sleeping with his arms crossed. 5. He was sleeping with his legs up. 6. He was sleeping with his hands in his pockets...


What is the final temperature and physical state if water when 47.50 kJ of energy is added to 15.0 g of ice at -10.0 C? Helpful information: Cs (ice) = 2.1 J/g C Heat of fusion (water) = 6.02 kJ/mol Cs (water) = 4.184 J/g C Heat of vaporization (water) = 40.7 kJ/mol Cs (steam...

History of health care

Please check my answer thanks :) You own a company in a state where state funds are not mandated for employee health insurance. What is an option for providing your employees health care coverage for work related injuries I am not to sure about this one I said Medical savings ...

Health care

Please check my answer thanks :) You stared workig for a private insurance compamy before the inception of managed care. You have been talking with yoiur co worker about how different reimbursement was in the past. you commented that before managed care. your employer ...


Can you check these few sentences, please? Thank you. 1) He is the only survivor of the shipwreck together with a Swede. 2) The ship is wrecked/He is shipwrecked. 3)He notices that the ship is not badly damaged. (if there is a shipwreck, shouldn't be the ship badly damaged?) 4...


Could you please check these last two sentences, again? Thank you. 1) On one hand, I think it would be best to organize a student exchange program for next autumn and, on the other hand see the number of students who would be interested in spending an academic year at your ...

algebra 2 please help

Give the answer with the appropriate unit of measure.. (2 revolutions)*(60 seconds) _____________ ___________ second minute 120 rev/min (abbreviated rpm) The "seconds" dimension cancels out


I am really stuck, can someone please help me with this? Multiply and simplify by factoring. Assume that all expressions under radcals represent nonnegative numbers. (type in radical form) ∛(y^13 ) ∛(16y^14 )

Algebra 2

A coin is tossed three times. Find the probability of each event. a) at least two tosses come up tails. b) at least one toss comes up heads. PLEASE SHOW ALL WORK!

Algebra 2

A coin is tossed three times. Find the probability of each event. a) at least two tosses come up tails. b) at least one toss comes up heads. PLEASE SHOW ALL WORK!


An investor has $500 more invested at 7% than he does at 5%..If his annual interest is $515, how much does he have inested at each rate?....I need to know how to solve this problem...Do I use PRT=I(interest) formula..please someone help me with the steps....

algebra 2

2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5=0 Given that one root is 2+i, solve the equation. So far I have it set up like this: 2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5/X^2-4X+5 I don't know how to get the answer, I know that I have to use long division but when I started to try it I kept getting weird answers. Please Help

algebra 2

2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5=0 Given that one root is 2+i, solve the equation. So far I have it set up like this: 2X^4-9X^3+3X^2-X-5/X^2-4X+5 I don't know how to get the answer, I know that I have to use long division but when I started to try it I kept getting weird answers. Please Help

***college algebra***

Let h(x) = x3/2(x - 7)1/3 and g(x) = 200x3 - 47x2 + 9017x + 3. Utilize this information to find the value of (g o h)(7). I worked it out and came up with the answer 1421313.733.... i feel like this isnt right... please feel free to comment :)


Suppose you see a car with an advertised price of $30,250 at $605.15 per month for 5 years. What is the amount of interest paid? I need help with this problem.Please give me the steps to figure this problem out.

algebra 2 help please

D)x^2+y^2=625 X^2+(y-50)^2=1122 Y=20 (-15,20)(15,20) E)x^2+y^2=625 X^2+y^2-200y+10000=13618 Y=18 (-20,-15)(20,-15) 1)Combine your answers from Parts D and E to pinpoint the epicenter of the earthquake 2)Graph the equations for all three stations to verify your algebraic solution.

College Algebra

I am asked to write a logarithmic expresion as a single logarithm with coefficient 1 and simplify as much as possible. The equation is: 4logbase5Y-3logbase5X+1/2logbase5Z. Could some please help me I am not understanding this whole Logarithm thing.


hey guys i was just wondering if someone could help me with my 4 previous posts Algebra. Other people have posted things to check and they have gotten responses,my posts are still on this page thank you:) Marissa, I am sure nobody is intentionally ignoring you. Some of the ...

Health care

Please check my answer thanks :) You own a company in a state where state funds are not mandated for employee health insurance. What's one option for providing your employees with health care coverage for work related injuries. 1 Medicaid plans 2. Referrals to other network ...

medical law and ethics

Complete the following 2 exercises 1. Prepare a bank deposit detail for a $2230.00 deposit. Use the information in questions A-D. Record your answers to the deposit slip provided. NOTE: The bank deposit slip is setup for you to manually type the necessary information to ...


Hey just wanna to check this out that I'm pretty studying on Physics and Biology. Process Information is mos definitely I'm succeeding aight and it ain't that hard n'mean? I still all the stuff I gotta need to study. Send me a few ?'s on Process Information and most on Biology...

Check answer for la please!!

In which sentence is the word periscope used correctly? A. Excited about her finding, the scientist used a periscope to view the organisms in the water sample. B. On the night of the full moon, we used the periscope to look at the sky. C. Sitting behind the tall stone walls, ...


Can you please check if everything is correct? Thank you very much. 1) Hamlet wonders whether he should make a stand against his sea of troubles or leave things as they are. 2) He believes that both active and passive resistance is bound to meet failure. 3) Death will be the ...


I still have a few more doubts. Could you check the following phrases and improve them, please? 1) I spend my time selling "homemade"/handmade (?) charms to earn money. 2) He fears an accident, an injury or a breakdown of his motorbike. 3) They will get/raise (are they both ...

Solved-Calculus-Please check?

the equatorial radius of the earth is approximately 3960 miles. suppose a wire is wrapped tightly around the earth at the equator. how much must this wire be lengthened if it is to be strung on 10 feet poles above the ground? (1 mile=5280 feet) delta y= dy/dx (2pir) * deltax ...


Please check this paragraph.please. Wrongdoing and wickedness are as old as first man born in the world. These problems are so great that man cannot cope with it himself. Man can not escape way from wrongful act and the bad conscience without the help of Almighty God. When we ...


I have more than three smart phones. This smart phone service has been opened. However the other smart phones services have not been opened. They are juse second-hand smart phones. With the phones, I can take photos and make videos a lot. ============== Could you check the ...


I am struggling with this question. Can someone help me, please :) I do not understand the meaning or point in orientalism. List two to three characteristics of Orientalism. How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups? This is what I came ...

Math.. check answer please

Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that might help someone who is having difficulty understanding these concepts. Include either an example from the text or one of your own to explain the solution process. my answer is : you could use the price of one ...


I think its B only Which statements are true about the agricultural revolution? Choose all answers that are correct. A. It occurred at different times in different places over many years. B. It changed people's lives because they now had nearly complete control over their ...


"Is Facebook making us lonely" Just to check my understanding on this article,I decided to write a summary.. Please check by reading this article.. Basically the author is trying to say that Facebook connects people with each other but it does not bond people together,as does ...


I know about Descartes Rule but I don't really get how to figure this out-Please check my answers- I don't get this one find number of possible positive and negative real roots of f(x) = x^4-x^3+2x^2 + x-5 I think there are 3 sign changes so there are 3 positive but I get ...


13. He did not think the bicycles would make it over the mountains, being so old. * The bicycles being so old .He did not thing it would make it over the mountains. please check my dangling and misplaced modifiers

Calculus. Limits. Check my answers, please! :)

4. lim (tanx)= x->pi/3 -(sqrt3) 1 (sqrt3) ***-1 The limit does not exist. 5. lim |x|= x->-2 -2 ***2 0 -1 The limit does not exist. 6. lim [[x]]= x->9/2 (Remember that [[x]] represents the greatest integer function of x.) 4 5 ***4.5 -4 The limit does not exist. 7. lim...

Cassie - please check this earlier question!


Can someone please check ny answers and tell me if I'm correct? I did the FOIL method for each of these.. 1.What is the simplified form of (x-2)(2x+3) My answer; 2x^2-x-6 2.What is the simplified form of (3x+2)(4x-3)? My answer; 12x^2-x-6 3.What is the simplified form of (4p-2...

Chemistry(Please check)

The units of a rate constant for zero, first, and second order reactions are given in the textbook. If the time units are minutes, what would you expect the units to be for a third order reaction? 1) 1/min^3 2) mol^2/L^2-min 3) L/mol-min^2 4) L^2/mol^2-min 5) L^2/mol^2-min^2 I...

Bio Bio Please check answer

Because codons are triplicates, there are ______ possible nucleotides combinations that could make a codon; each giving rise to one specific amino acid. Yet, there are only 20 amino acids used to produce proteins. Thsus, the gentic code is said to be _______. I. 16, unambigous...

Check answers please Statistics

Suppose that each student in stat. has a 9% chance of missing class on any given day and that student attendance is independent. In a stat. class of 20 students, find the probability that: 1) no student is absent =15.16 2) one student is absent =30 3) three student is absent =...

Government/Economics Check

Out of 48 questions I struggled with these. Could someone please check? These are multiple choice questions, so if I'm incorrect I can re evaluate my other choices. 1.) A system of social control under which a particular group has the power to make and enforce laws=Democracy 2...


I just need a quick check before I hand in my work if you would...Thanks. 1. I am to use the intercepts to graph the equation x+3y=6 I used the formula y=mx+b using 3 and -6 for x I got these as my ordered pairs to graph (3, 1), (-6, 4)…Is this correct? 2. Multiply -2/1*(-6/...


Which container holds more, a half-gallon milk jug or a 2 liter juice bottle? My answer: 1 gallon=3.79 liters 3.79 liters/2=1.895 liters A 2 liter juice bottle would hold more. Can you please check my work and let me know if there is another way to figure this answer out. ...


1. Please water the plants while I am away. 2. Please water the plants while I am absent. 3. Please water the plants in my absence. 4.Please water the plants while I am not here. 5. Please water the plants while I am out. 6. Please water the plants while I am on a business ...


Please check my answers. 1) Choose the correct form of the pronoun in parentheses. I just found my favorite photo of my brother and (he, him). I choose 'him'. 2) Identify how the pronoun is used in the sentence. Marcy, please give this pizza to them. A) direct object B) ...

Algebra 2

A textbook company states that the average time a student needs to take a quiz from its book is 30 minutes with a standard deviation of 3 minutes. A teacher using the book is not sure that this is correct for her classes and wants to check. She collects data on 10 random ...

Speech 09

I'm posting this question again I really need to know if i am right or wrong please help Place the correct letter next to the item that matches it. A. Physical Barrier B. Mental Barrier C. Cultural Barrier D. Empathic Listening E. Listening for Information F. Critical ...

math (please double check my answers)

Simplify the following using the laws of exponents: Need help with these: a) (9)^1/2 x 4^2/24 b) 16 x 2^x+2 Simplify each of the following: b) b) 3 sqrt x^1/4 sqrt x/ 5 sqrt x^2 c) (ab)^2x+y /a^x b^y Need these answers double checked: c) 3^-8/3^-6 x 3^-5 3^-8/3^-6+-5 3-8^ 3^-...


Effect on the money supply on two monetary policies: The Fed increased the discount rate The Fed decreases the required reserve ratio. Give me keywords that will shorten my research please. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is what I entered: Click Here...

Liberal arts

Which terms and 45p4q have a GCF of 9p3? Check all that apply. *18p3r x27p4q x36p3q6 *63p3 x72p3q6 The ones with the stars next to them are the correct ones and the ones with the x next to them are the wrong ones. Does answer choice A make any sense to any of you people out ...

Spanish-8th grade

Could someone please check if I answered these questions correctly? Thank you Please let me know if I did anything wrong. ¿Hay un supermercado cerca de tu casa? Si, hay un supermercado cerca de mi casa. ¿Qué necesitas hacer hoy? Necesito estudiar hoy. ¿Por qué vas a la ...

Algebra 1 check answers

A box has dimensions of 17 inches long, 1.3 feet wide, and 8 inches high. What is the volume of the box? The formula for the volume is V = l ⋅ w ⋅ h. 2121.6 cubic inches (in3) 176.8 cubic inches (in3)*** 14.7 cubic inches (in3) 1.2 cubic inches (in3)


Ms.Sue please check this why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States? a. it gave the United States territory in China b. it gave the United States access to millions of consumers in China c. it increased Chinese investments in the United States d. it kept ...

math (please check answer)

Which is the best measure of central tendency for the type of data below–the mean, the median, or the mode? Explain. Hours of sleep each night Median; there will be outliers Range; there are no outliers Mode; the data are non-numeric Mean; the outliers are limited MY ANSWER...


so wat do u mean by that WHICH ORDERED PAIR IS A SOLUTION OF THE FOLLOWING SYSTEM OF LINEAR EQUATION 2X-5Y=NEGATIVE 12 NEGATIVEX +4Y=9 A{NEGATIVE6,0} B{3,3} C{NEGATIVE1,2} D{2,2} I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. I mean I wont do your homework/tests for you, ...

Basic Math (Check my answer)

Which of the following is equal to 1/6 ÷ 1/18? Assume the shapes are rectangular. Describe another situation that this quotient models. A) The area of a planter that is 1/6 yard wide and 1/18 yard long. B)The width of a 1/18-square-meter flower bed that is 1/6 meter long. C)...


An algebra book weighs 6oz less than twice as much as a grammar book. If 5 algebra books weigh the same as 8 grammar books, how much does an algebra book weigh.


Divide (3x^3-x^2+8x-9) by (x-1) Please help! I'll show you how this works out: 3x^2 + 2x + 10 x - 1 | 3x^3 - x^2 + 8x - 9 3x^3 - 3x^2 2x^2 + 8x 2x^2 - 2x 10x - 9 10x - 10 1 Remember when you subtract, you change the signs. This did not divide evenly, so you will have a ...

Advanced Algebra-Factoring

Question : 2x^7-32x^3 When I factored it I got: 2x^3(x^2+4)(x+2)(x-2) The book answer is: 2x^3(x+2)(x-2)(x^2+4) Does it matter what order I put these(x+2)(x-2)(x^2+4)in? If it does matter can you please explain why it goes in the order it does! Thanks, Miley :)


can anybody help me find the pattern in these two sequences please!! I can find the next two terms after that myself. I have spent at least 30 minutes on each and I can't figure it!! 1)1, 1/4, 1/9, 1/16, 1/25,.... 2)1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4,....


suppose you want to add a sprinkler system, and location of one section of the ssprinker line can be described by the equation y=1/2x-4 complete the table for this equation x y (x,y) -1 -2 -4 2 8 PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS TABLE!!!!!!


Can someone please tell me if my work and solution looks correct. I am a little unsure of whether or not I did it correctly. Equation: sqrt(x+2) - x = 0 sqrt(x+2) = x x + 2 = x^2 x^2 - x - 2 = 0 (x-2)(x+1) = 0 x = 2 and x = -1 -1 does not work, so the answer would be x = 2

Algebra 2

Can someone helpe me solve this equation . Help me break it down please..becuase i have tried to do it mnay times but have fallen short... [SQRT(x + 3)] - [SQRT(x - 2)] =1

5th grade algebra

I need help with input out put table. The top row is: 1, 4, 3 5 8 9 6 The bot row is: 1, 10,7,13 ? ? ? The question marks are blanks in the table. Hellllllp please

Algebra 2

formula for converting celcius to fahrenheit: F=9/5C+32 a) what is the inverse of the function? b)use the inverse to find the celcius tempertature that corresponds to 25F Please help i have no idea how to solve this :(

Algebra 1

Use the power of a product property to simplify the expression. (2)^3 I'm not sure whether you would just have it be 2^3 or just plain old 8. Any help would be appreciated, please.


I need help doing this problem, should I not get the same answer with each technique? Please help. What three techniques can be used to solve a quadratic equation? Demonstrate these techniques on the equation: 2x² + 3x + 1 = 0

algebra ll HELP PLEASE

If $8,500 is deposited in a compound interest account paying 3.9% interest annually, how much will be in the account after 12 years? Round your answer to the nearest cent.


Please help. This is my problem. Today the center City baseball team scored 10 runs . The day before yesterday they scored x. How many runs did they score in these two days.


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11
  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17
  18. 18
  19. 19
  20. 20
  21. 21
  22. 22
  23. 23
  24. 24
  25. 25
  26. 26
  27. 27
  28. 28
  29. 29
  30. 30
  31. 31
  32. 32
  33. 33
  34. 34
  35. 35
  36. 36
  37. 37
  38. 38
  39. 39
  40. 40
  41. 41
  42. 42
  43. 43
  44. 44
  45. 45
  46. 46
  47. 47
  48. 48
  49. 49
  50. 50
  51. 51
  52. 52
  53. 53
  54. 54
  55. 55
  56. 56
  57. 57
  58. 58
  59. 59
  60. 60
  61. 61
  62. 62
  63. 63
  64. 64
  65. 65
  66. 66
  67. 67
  68. 68
  69. 69
  70. 70
  71. 71
  72. 72
  73. 73
  74. 74
  75. 75
  76. 76
  77. 77
  78. 78
  79. 79
  80. 80
  81. 81
  82. 82
  83. 83
  84. 84
  85. 85
  86. 86
  87. 87
  88. 88
  89. 89
  90. 90
  91. 91
  92. 92
  93. 93
  94. 94
  95. 95
  96. 96
  97. 97
  98. 98
  99. 99
  100. 100