Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Physics please check

    1) Two identical automobiles have the same speed, one traveling east and one traveling west. Do these cars have the same momentum? Explain. No. Same car, same mass, same speed, but different velocity. correct. Momentum is a vector.
  2. algebra 2

    Directions: The focus and directrix of a parabola are given. Write an equation for each parabola. (2,4) y = 6 May you explain the procedures on how to solve this equation? Please be detailed on each step.
  3. algebra

    Casn someone help me please? I have a graph that shows the point on the y-axis to be 5 and the point on the x-axis to be 5. I need to find a) f(3) b) the Domain c) any x valuesfor which f(x)=1 d) the Range
  4. Algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 9 centimeters more than half the width . Find the length if the perimeter is 60cm. I know the answer is 16 cm, but I got a different answer. please help
  5. Poetry

    I need to write a poem with the word ALGEBRA but the only problem is that my teacher wants complete sentences with each letter instead of a word for a letter. Can you please help?
  6. linear algebra

    I am trying to find the inverse of matrix A but I don't know how to do it with sin and cos. Please help. A=6e3tsin(6t) −6e4tcos(6t) −5e3tcos(6t) −5e4tsin(6t) then A−1=
  7. algebra

    I am confused on how to determine if an equation/expression is a trinomial square. For example c^2(squared)-18c+81. I know that this is a trinomial square but I don't know why. Could someone please help me understand better
  8. algebra

    I need help with this question please: Solve the inequality. Give the result in set notation. (If you need to use or –, enter INFINITY or –INFINITY, respectively.) -25 5x < 30 {x | 1 x < 2}
  9. algebra

    How do you multiply two numbers that have different roots for example 2 fourthed times 3 squared? Do I add the roots or multiply them... I am confused please help
  10. algebra

    The base of a triangle is 3cm grater than the height. The area is 14cm^2. Find the height and length of the base. Please show how you dervied at your answer.
  11. algebra

    The base of a triangle is 3cm grater than the height. The area is 14cm^2. Find the height and length of the base. Please show how you dervied at your answer.
  12. Algebra

    Choose the equivalent expression(3h^-2j^3k)^2(hj^-5k^3)^-2 The signs that look like minuses are negative signs Answers: 3h^-6j^16K^-4 9h^-2j^5j^16k^-4 9h^-6j^-4k^-4 Please help-I'm totally lost
  13. algebra

    36x^2 - 49y^2 divided by 6x + 7y meaning 36x^2 - 49y^2 is on top and 6x + 7y is on bottom. Please help, my teacher nor course book covers when there are different variables
  14. Algebra

    Please confirm if I did the follow problems correctly: A) Find the sum or difference. (5a – 3b) + (2a + 6b)= 7a + 9b Answer: = 7a + 9b B) Let’s work a few of these (FOIL) 1) (x+2) (x+8) = x 10 Answer: x10 2.) (x+5) (x-7) = x + 11 Answer: x + 11 3.) (2x+4) (2x-3) = 4x + 7 ...
  15. Algebra

    Produce a third degree polynomial that has exactly the roots -3 and 5 with y-intercept 1350. I understand I could start with (x+3)(x-5)^2, but i don't know how to get the y-intercept 1350 with the same conditions. Please help. thank you.
  16. Linear Algebra

    Find the basis for the following vector space. Please state the dimension of the vector space. S consists of all x in R3 such that x is orthogonal to n=(2,3,2)
  17. algebra

    Can someone please show me how to solve this problem step by step thanks an advance sqrt 7x sqrt 21y multiply then if possible simply by factoring
  18. Algebra

    $9500 is invested part of it at 12% and part of it at 7%. For a certain year the total yield is $960.00. How much was invested at each rate? Please show work
  19. Algebra

    Factor the GCF out of 5x2 - 10x? I know I need to find the GCF of the coefficients but I need to write it using the distributive property. Help please?
  20. Algebra, HELP! PLEASE!

    In triangle ABC, angle B is four times as large as angle A. The measure of angle C is 12∘ more than that of angle A. Find the measures of the angles.
  21. algebra

    I need to find the inverse of this function f(x)=9x+7 please show steps. The answer I got is not one of the multiple choices I have. The answer I got is f^-1 (x)=1/9x-7/9
  22. Algebra NEED HELP PLEASE

    If x is the midpoint of line vy and wz And the prove is triangle vwx is congruent triangle yzx can you help me solve this using two column prove
  23. Algebra

    Let f(x)-3x-7/x+1. Find the range of f. Give your answer as an interval. Please enter your response in interval notation. I figured out the domain, ( -inf,-1) and (-1, inf) .

    Please help. The dashed figure is a dilation of the original figure. Fin the scale factor. classify the dilation as an enlargement or a reduction How do you input pictures?
  25. Algebra

    32.0=5.5x10^2(1/T)+14.2 Solve for T I am confused about what the first step would be to solving for T. Would I divide 5.5x10^2(1/T) and move it to the left side? Please help.
  26. algebra 1

    Can someone please help me? choose the point-slope form of the equation below that represents the line passes through the point (-1,6) and has a slope of -3 a) y-6=-3x-3 b) y-6=-3(x+1) c) y=-3x+3 d) 3x+y=3 I think it is c but I don't know.
  27. algebra 1

    a gym membership coats $25 to join and $14 each month. write and use an algebraic expression to find the cost of the gym membership for 6 months please help
  28. Algebra 2

    The function f(x) = -5x. The graph of g(x) is f(x) vertically compressed by a factor of 1/4 and reflected in the x axis. What is the function rule for g(x)? g(x) = -20x g(x) = -5/4x g(x) = 20x g(x) = 5/4x I think it's B, but I'm really not sure... please help, thanks.
  29. algebra

    Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution. 1 .x^2-9=0 2. x^+7=0 3. 3x^2=0 4. 1/4x^2-4=0 5. 4g^2=25 6. 64b^2=16 7.144-p^2=0 8. 5z^2-45=0 9. h^2=49 10.s^2-35=-35 please help me out :)
  30. Algebra 2

    The graph of f(x)=cos(x) is transformed to a new function, g(x) , by stretching it horizontally by a factor of 4 and shifting it 1 unit up. What is the equation of the new function g(x) ? im so confused :/ please help
  31. pre-algebra

    what number sets does 0.125185623 belong to? I really don't get the concept of number sets such as integers, whole #'s, rational,and irrational. Please help!
  32. college algebra

    1. answer the following for the given quadratic function f(x)=x^2+10x-11 a.what is the vertex (h,k) of f? b. what is the axis of symmetry? Please show work. 2. if f(x)=Inx, g(x)=e^5x, and h(x)=x^6 find the following a. find (fog)(x)= what is the domain of fog? b.find (gof)(x...
  33. Language Arts

    Directions: Underline the prepositional phrase in each sentence below 9. For a fraction of the cost you can buy a watermelon.-underline for a fraction 10. The boy tried to finish the race at any cost-underline at any cost. 11. At noon we all went to lunch. -underline at noon ...

    Will someone check my anwsers? Thanks ¿Quién te sacó estas fotos? A. Julio me los sacó. B.Julio te las sacó. C.Julio me las sacó. ¿Quién les mandó estas flores a Uds.? A.Ceci nos los mandó. B.Ceci nos las mandó. C.Ceci se las mandó. ¿A quién le vas a regalar esa ...
  35. English

    1. After breakfast, we went to Mirror Lake. 2. After breakfast, we went to Lake Mirror. 3. That is Lake Ontario. 4. That is Ontario Lake. (Which one is correct? Can we use both expressions? Please check the word order.)
  36. maths please check

    a yacht is sailing at a speed of 12 knots due south in calm water. if the tacht encounters a current of 4 knots from bearing 040 degrees: determine the resultant speed and direction of the yacht. here is my answers: 15.28 knots from bearing 9.69 i right? thanks. ...
  37. Chemistry(Please check)

    identify the functional group and indicate polar bonds by assigning partial positive and negative charges. 1) The structure CH3OCH3 is drawn out and I know that this is an ether because the O is bonded to two carbons but I am not sure how to assign the charges. I think that ...
  38. Physics Please check my answer

    Okay, so I've figured this much out on my own, I just need help with the next part. It's a two block system with a friction of .20 a hanging mass of 7.5 kg and mass on the table at 10 kg. I got 3.08 m/s^2 for the acceleration and I got 22.8 N for the tension in the rope. This ...
  39. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    modern mexico check answers 7. Which of the following was largely responsible for the Mexican Revolution? A. separation from Spain B. the overthrow of Maximillian(I PICK THIS) C. widespread poverty D. lack of women's rights 9.Why did the Mexican Revolution most likely happen ...
  40. Math

    what is the next number in the following series of numbers? 100 96 104 88 120 56? Let's look at the pattern of these numbers. 100 - 4 = 96 96 + 8 = 104 104 - 16 = 88 88 + 32 = 120 120 - 64 = 56 What do you think the next number is? Please post your answer and we'll check it ...
  41. Math (check my work please?)

    A baseball player has 34 hits in 102 times at bat. Another baseball player has 24 hits in 96 times at bat. Write each player's batting average. Here's what I did: 34/102 = BP #1 24/96 = BP #2 34/102 = 1/3 24/96 = 1/4 1/3 --> 4/12 1/4 --> 3/12 4/12 + 3/12 = 7/12 7/12 ...
  42. French 1

    Rewrite the following Sentences using possessive adjectives instesd of de and the prepositional phrase. 1.le château du roi Son le château 2) L'appartement d'Annick Sa appartment 3)Son cousin est la fille de son oncle Son cousin est sa fille. Please check for me. Thanks ...
  43. Physics waves- check answers please

    1. In a standing wave, the medium at the tip of a loop is a) showing destructive interference b) not moving c) at the original amplitude of the wave d) showing constructive interference my answer: b 2. If a motorcycle is travelling toward an observer the frequency the observer...
  44. Physics waves- check answers please

    1. In a standing wave, the medium at the tip of a loop is a) showing destructive interference b) not moving c) at the original amplitude of the wave d) showing constructive interference my answer: b 2. If a motorcycle is travelling toward an observer the frequency the observer...
  45. American government

    which of the following was one compromise related to the declaration of independence that was agreed to by the delegates to the second continental congress? A. language condemning he slave trade was removed B. language criticizing the english people was strengthened C. a list ...
  46. math (please check answer)

    6. Food Express is running a special promotion in which customers can win a free gallon of milk with their food purchase if there is a star on their receipt. So far, 147 of the first 156 customers have not received a star on their receipts. What is experimental probability of ...
  47. Science - heat

    1-By opening the door of a refrigerator ehich is inside a room, the temperature of the room : A) decreases B) increases C) remains unchanged D) first decreases and then increases******(my ans) 2- The thermometer used to measure very low temperature is - A). Mercury thermometer...
  48. English

    I forgot to include the following statements.Thank you very much. Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you. 1) The best things he found were two pairs of shoes and a box full of money. 2)Robinson was made a slave of the captain (OR: became the ...
  49. social studies

    what belief is the principle of popular sovereignty based upon? A. government must be run by officials who are appointed to office by their predecessors B. government gets its power from the people and can exist only with their consent C. people have authority to declare only ...
  50. English

    Can you please check the grammar in these two separate points. Thank you. Irene shares with Clare how her daughter would be affected if John found out about his own wifes “true race” and reveals to Clare would could happen. The lesson that Larson is trying to teach to her ...
  51. English

    Could you please check these few other sentences? Thank you. 1) Can you refer to the most prominent episodes of the Second World War? 2) In what historical context did we mention the intervention of the Royal Force? Who was the Battle of England won by? 3)The eye is a ...
  52. Art

    Thank you very much. Could you please check these few lines, Writeacher? 1) My pupils haven't received any email from their Irish partners yet. What shall they do? They would have liked to get in touch with their partners before the school exchange in October. 2) By the way, I...
  53. Check my work please!

    How does subduction change the ocean floor? a) subduction cause magma to accumulate on the ocean floor b) subduction causes oceanic crust to break into pieces c) subduction causes the ocean floor to sink into deep-ocean trenches d) subduction causes metamorphic rocks to form ...
  54. Algebra one story problem help please.

    in 1993, 2.00 Million females particpaited in U.S Highschool sports, by 2003, the number increased to 2.86 Mill. A) Write an equation in slope-intercept form that gives the number of females participaiting in US. highschool sports, ( in Millions) as a function of the years ...
  55. Please check my maths?

    How should i do this question?? it says: find the equation of the tangent to the curve y=(x-2)^3 at the point (3,1). calculate the coordinates of the point where this tangent meets the curve again. I know how to get the first part, if i'm not wrong, it's y = 3x - 8 but no ...
  56. math

    suppose you bought some 32 cent stamps and some 20 cent stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? x = number of 32 cent stamps y = number of 20 cent stamps ================== x+y = 16 0.32x + 0.20y = 3.92 solve for x and y. Check my thinking. x...
  57. English

    Could you please recommend me a site where students can learn how to write cohesive and grammatically correct paragraphs? They are asked to write ten-line paragraphs on each of the literary and historical topic dealt with in their book but their grammar is very poor and don't ...
  58. pre-algebra

    kk my teach told me to describe and draw things that are about pre-algebra and she told me to write what pre-algebra is... so can anyone help me??
  59. Literature

    Can someone please check if my answer is correct? 1.Which of the following statements best describes how General Zaroff [from the short story 'The Most Dangerous Game' by Richard Conell]justifies his hunting of human beings? a. Animal life is more valuable than human life b. ...
  60. Introduction to Graphic Design

    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Which of the following can be considered an artist's media? Select all that apply. (3 points) a) methods by which art is created (e.g., dance, photography) b) purposes for which art is created (e.g., aesthetics, functionality...
  61. algebra 1

    Can someone please help me with this inequality problem -3-8>(4x+8)-8 I have no idea how to solve this problem but I would like to learn. Can you be kind to show me the steps so that I can use this as an example problem for other problems. Thanks!
  62. Math-Algebra II

    How would you interpret the findings of a correlation study that reported a linear correlation coefficient of − 1.34? The only thing I know is that it represents a negative correlation. Please shed any light you can.
  63. 8th gr algebra

    joan invested some money in bonds at 6% and $8000 less that in stocks at 5% .her total intrest is $1690. how much was invested in stocks? help please.
  64. algebra

    Find an equation of the line containing the give pair of points. (-2, -1), and (-7, -4). The equation of the line in slope - intercept form is y= I 've tried this problem and can not seem to get could please help me.
  65. algebra

    Find an equation of the line having slope and containing the given point. M=4/5, (3, -7) The equation of the line is Y= I have tried to work this problem and could not get the answer. Please help me.
  66. Algebra 1 Please bobpursley again

    Thanks to everyone for trying to help me. This is not really a question but an answer to what grade level this promblem is for my son is in ninth grade. Thank You all again
  67. algebra

    can someone please tell me if this is right or this simple really? the question is to express using a positive exponent. m^-6 so do you really just change it to m^6 so that it is positive? Or how do you go about that?
  68. Algebra 1- Please Help !!!!!!!!:D

    When two numbers are added together, the result is 45.Twice the greater number is six more than five times the lesser number. What are the numbers.
  69. algebra

    Can someone please help wright a proof for the following. given: JKLM is a square prove: MK is perpendicular to LJ the figure in front of me is a square labeled JKLM and there are diagonals JL and KM
  70. algebra

    Can someone please help write a proof for the following. given: JKLM is a square prove: MK is perpendicular to LJ the figure in front of me is a square labeled JKLM and there are diagonals JL and KM
  71. Algebra

    how do you write a polynomial equation that represents the cost of renting a car for m miles.The cost to rent a car for a day is $15 plus $0.15 for each mile driven. help please!!!!
  72. Algebra 2 Problem

    The sides of a rectangle have lengths x+9 and widths x-3. Write an equation that describes the perimeter, P, of the rectangle in terms of x. I do not understand this problem, could someone please help me?
  73. Algebra/still clueless

    The length of a triangle is twice the width. The area is 2yd^2. Please, find length and width and simplify. Should I convert the yards? :-)
  74. algebra

    -9x+10y=-9 write the equation in slope-intercept form, what are the slope and y-intercept. I have tried to figure this out but cannot come up with correct answer please help
  75. Algebra II

    Five years ago, Jane was 1/5 the age of her mother. Now she is 1/3 the age of her mother. Find their ages. Please also tell me the steps to solving this. Thanks!
  76. Algebra

    Simplify radical terms, including fraction power expressions. Review the expression below and describe how to simplify the expression: 16 1/2 Please help, I just do not know how to explain this.
  77. Algebra 2 (Please, help me!)

    1. Explain how to find the slope of a line from a table of data. A: ? 2. Explain how to justify the Cross Products Property by using Mulitplication Property of Equality. A: ?
  78. Algebra

    5/square root 20 - 2 square root 45 Help please I have no clue how to do this ok studying for a test 3/y+2 + 2/y = 5y-4/y^2-4 I know you factor then multiply by LCD y(y-2)(y+2) I get stuck right after that step and don't know what to do .
  79. Algebra

    Hello...can you please let me know if I worked this problem correctly: 10Z2^ + 8z - 7 = 16z2^ + 48z - 12 0 = 6z2^ + 30z - 5 a = 6 b = 30 c = -5 x = 30 + or - (30 2^ -4(6)(-5) / 12 x = -30 + 31.937 / 12 = .161 x = -30 - 31.937 / 12 -5.161 Am I on the right track? Thank you
  80. Algebra

    Case facts: Y=326.2x- 241.6 What is the standard form of the linear model? The answer is: 1631x-5y= 1208 Please explain step by step how this is the answer.
  81. Please check my work!

    I try to write a summary for Mañana de Sol. So, can anyone please check my grammar and vocabulary? Thank you! “Mañana de Sol” dos desconocidos se encuetran en el parque y, aunque al comienzo no se dan muy bién, terminan por siendo amigos. Los dos personajes, que ya ...
  82. ALGEBRA 2

    Mrs. Smith drove at a rate of 45 mi/h from her home to her sister's house. She spent 1.5 hours having lunch with her sister. She then drove back home at a rate of 55 mi/h. The entire trip, including lunch, took 4 hours. How far does Mrs. Smith live from her sister? I set it up...
  83. College Algebra

    Here is the whole question... I have figured most of it out but I need help with part (b)(f) and (g)... Maybe you also check the work I have already done Given the following function, find: (a) vertex, (b) axis of symmetry, (c) intercepts, (d) domain, (e) range, (f) intervals ...
  84. science check please

    John has a barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure as he climbs Mt. Everest . the higher he get the higher the pressure reading . is this a result he should except ? A : Yes atmospheric pressure and height are related B : No , there is no pressure from air on Mt. Everest ...
  85. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    Which of the following is true concerning gamma radiation? A. The mass number of the radioisotope decreases by four. B. The atomic number of the radioisotope decreases by two. C. The atomic number of the radioisotope increases by one. D. Neither the mass number nor the atomic ...
  86. 8th grade algebra

    ten over eight = what over ten????? please help me!!!!!!!!!! 10 / 8 = x / 10 This means that 8 * x = 10 * 10 Solve for x.
  87. algebra 1

    How do you simplify this problem? I really need help.I need it step by step so I could understand it.Please help.Thanks. b-[x+4a+(x-7)]
  88. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me solve this and break it down step by step please??? [Sqrt(x-3)]-[Sqrt(x+2)]=3
  89. Algebra

    After a 5% raise your new salary is $ 63000. Before the raise your salary was?? Help. Please.
  90. algebra

    how do you graph the function... f(x)=2^x over the interval -2 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 3. Help please! THANKS!
  91. math algebra 2

    polynomial complete the table for -7x^4+8x^3-3x^2+5x-9 some please help me complete this table I beg of you
  92. algebra

    i cannot figure out how to simplify the square root of 6/7 times the square root of 1/3. please help!!!
  93. algebra

    Find the horizontal asymptote of the graph of y=-4x^6+6x+3 / 8x^6+9x+3 please explain i think there is no horizontal asymptote
  94. algebra root

    can i get help with this please what does it mean type of root Determine the number and type of roots 2X(X+2) =-2
  95. Algebra help please!

    Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation. -x^2+5x=3 a.5/2 +- sqrt13/2 b.-5/2 +- sqrt13/2 c.2/5 +- sqrt13/2 d.-2/5 +- sqrt13/2
  96. English

    1. He was sleeping with his wife kniting beside him. 2. He was sleeping and his wife was knitting beside him. 3. He was sleeping with his mouth open. 4. He was sleeping with his arms crossed. 5. He was sleeping with his legs up. 6. He was sleeping with his hands in his pockets...
  97. Chemistry-DrBob222

    What is the final temperature and physical state if water when 47.50 kJ of energy is added to 15.0 g of ice at -10.0 C? Helpful information: Cs (ice) = 2.1 J/g C Heat of fusion (water) = 6.02 kJ/mol Cs (water) = 4.184 J/g C Heat of vaporization (water) = 40.7 kJ/mol Cs (steam...
  98. Algebra help/ look over please

    Can you please look over these and let me know if they are right? 1/4(5x-1/2)-5/3<1/3 5/4x-1/8-5/3<1/3 24(5/4x-1/8-5/3)<24(1/3) 30x-3-40<8 30x-43+43<8+43 30x<51 x<51/30 {x|x<51/30} 31-(2x+2)< or equal to 4(x+1)+x 31-2x-2< equal to 4x+4+x 29-2x<...
  99. Algebra uno, help please(:

    Between 1990 and 2000, the number of thousand vists by people to hawaii volcanoes national park increased by about 43.1 thousand visits per year. in 2000 there were about 1529.6 thousands visits to the park. Write an equation in slope-intercept form that represents the number ...
  100. History of health care

    Please check my answer thanks :) You own a company in a state where state funds are not mandated for employee health insurance. What is an option for providing your employees health care coverage for work related injuries I am not to sure about this one I said Medical savings ...
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