Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Math

    will someone just double check my answers, please. Identify which types of sampling is used:random,stratified, systematic,convenience. 1. a sample consists of every 20th student who leaves the bookstore. answer:systematic 2. a pollster uses a computer to generate 500 random ...
  2. Accounting

    Please check my answers. Identify each of the following as either assets, liabilities, or owner's equity. 1. Petty cash- Owner's Equity 2. Mortgage payable- Liabilities 3. Furniture- Assets 4. Owner's Capital- Owner's Equity 5. Food inventory- Assets 6. Profit- Owner's Equity
  3. Math check answer please

    Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 40mph, B is traveling at 44 mph. Train A passes a station at 820am, train B passes the same station at 850. At what time will train B catch up to train A. My estimate is 924am
  4. English

    Can you please tell me if I made any mistakes in the following sentences? Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1) Do you think you can help me find a school in your area which could...
  5. Agility training

    Please check my answer thanks :) Why is time-plus-faults scoring used for a Steeplechase event? A. It's the only method that penalizes for mistakes. B. Both emphasize the speed of the dogs. C. The other two scoring methods are for Standard Classes only. D. It's easier to break...
  6. com155

    Describe your experience with credit and credit cards in a brief paragraph using at least five adverbs and five adjectives in your description. Bold the adverbs and underline the adjectives. What is the most effective way to determine whether a word is an adjective or an ...
  7. Child Development

    When preparing an environment for school- aged children the caregiver should ensure that the A. outdoor area allows them to continually challenge their physical ability B. Children are continually intermixed with the younger children C. Environment resembles their school ...
  8. Chemistry - Please check

    d) 2Al(s) + Fe2O3(s)  2Fe(l) + Al2O3(s) Oxidation 2Al(s)  2Al+ + 2e- Reduction Fe23+ + 3e-  2Fe(l) Oxidation numbers for chlorine HCl = -1 MnO2(s)= +4 KMnO4(s)= +7 Oxidation numbers for manganese Mn(s)= ? MnCl2(s)= +7 Mn2+(aq)= ? MnO4- =? And then SO4 ...
  9. Math (Probability)

    Each of two urns contains green balls and red balls. Urn I contains 8 green balls and 12 red balls. Urn II contains 5 green balls and 8 red balls. If a ball is drawn from each urn, what is P(red and red)? A. 79/65 B. 24/65 C. 20/33* D. 2/13 You have six $1 bills, eight $5 ...
  10. world history

    I need help in s.s . can you please help me with a family tree ?? can you please show me a family tree of king Henry the viii . can you please show me his wifes and life in an actual tree with some pictures !!!!!!!!!!! please please !!!!!!! i am beging you its due tommrow , i ...
  11. Art

    Could you please check these few sentences, Writeacher. Thank you. 1) I'm forwarding you the link to the European Etwinning certificate of quality. 2) Online projects carried out between two or more European schools can be eligible to receive both a national and a European ...
  12. Programming in c++

    Draw a flow-chart and Write a program that asks the user to enter students grades. The program should stop reading when the use enters ‘*’. In addition, your program should print the number of students got each grade. The grades can be A, B, C, D, and F. You should check ...
  13. English

    1. What club is she in at school? - She is in the school dance club. 2. What do dance club members do on Saturdays? - They come to the school gym and practice dance moves. 3. What will the club do next month? - The club will perform at the school festival. 4. What will he take...
  14. Math

    Can someone please check my answers! 2. Find value of cos(255degrees)cos(105degrees) root3 - 2 / 4 3. cos(pi/12) - cos(5pi/12) Is it root3/4? 4. Use the appropriate sum-to-product formula to rewrite the expression sin6x - sin9x I don't really understand how to do these, but I ...
  15. culturally diverse

    An Asian parent may not emulate the early childhood teacher's practice of praising her son for his accomplishments because: A. Praising the child might bring him bad-luck B. The parent believes that absence of criticism is itself an appropriate form of praise C. The child does...
  16. English - check my answer, please.

    "Wondering what to do to avoid punishment and humiliation, now that she was fully alert; Judy took the eggs out of the carton, broke them into the skillet, stirred them with a fork, and cried." This construction: includes a comma splice. includes a lack of agreement between ...
  17. Science check my answer please

    In a famous letter to Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton wrote, "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." Which of the following does this quote best demonstrate? (Points : 1) the cumulative nature of modern knowledge of physics how physicists form ...
  18. Chemistry

    Can you please check if these are right? I'm not sure about IPFOA. Chemical formula: H2O Name: Dihydrogen oxide Bond Type (intermolecular FOA): London, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding VSEPR molecular shape: bent Central Atom Hybridization: sp3 Molecular Polarity: polar ...
  19. college algebra, Please help!!

    How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x? A. shift the graph 3 units right b. shift the graph 3 units up c. shift the graph 3 units down d. shift the graph 3 units left I am having problems with the square roots. Can ...
  20. college algebra, Please help!!

    How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x? A. shift the graph 3 units right b. shift the graph 3 units up c. shift the graph 3 units down d. shift the graph 3 units left I am having problems with the square roots. Can ...
  21. college algebra, Please help!!

    How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x? A. shift the graph 3 units right b. shift the graph 3 units up c. shift the graph 3 units down d. shift the graph 3 units left I am having problems with the square roots. Can ...
  22. Calculus-check my answers please

    dy/dx= (y^2 -1)/x 1. Give the general equation of the curves that satisfy this equation. 2. Show that the straight lines y=1 and y=-1 are also solutions 3. Do any of the curves you found in 1) intersect y=1? My Ans: 1. The general solution i found out to be x^2 + C = (y-1)/(y+...
  23. English

    Could you please check these sentences I need to include in an email? Thank you. 1) I have just talked to two of the science teachers who would be involved in the project. 2) Before receiving your proposal by email, they would like to discuss it in further detail with you ...
  24. English

    Could you please check the following sentences, please? 1) Our teachers haven't helped us at all to establish the objectives or the possible results of our project. 2) That's why I believe we should consider the possibility of including Finland in our partnership. 3) If their ...
  25. Algebra II

    Solve x^2+2x=-2 by graphing and indicate the roots.Please and thank you We can't draw graphs for you here. The roots are x = -2.73 and -0.73 I suggest you make your own graph of y = x^2 + 2x and see where it crosses the horizontal line y = -2. Choose x values of -4, -3, -2, -1...
  26. College Algebra

    I have tried and struggled I really need osme help. I have an A average and this is the second time I am taking this course I totally suck at math and I don't get this at all, somebody help please lol!
  27. Algebra

    17-Identify the vertex, axis of symmetry and x-intercept(s) of F(x)=(x+5)^2-6. I have no idea how the x intercepts are -5 +/- sq. root 6 and 0. can you show me how this came to be? I factored it so it would be x^2+10x+19, but there's no common factors in ten and 19. Can you ...
  28. Intermediate Algebra (Math)

    HELP PLEASE, Solve using the elimination method. Show your work. If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, state this. -2x Ð 8y = 22 -6x Ð y = 20 At first I tried to multiply by 8 but that did not work.
  29. Algebra 1

    find slope 2x-20y+18=0 I've been braking my head and I just can't find the solution. Can you please help me. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so very much. I now it's m= something, but I don't know what the answer is. Thanks, again!
  30. Algebra 1

    find slope 2x-20y+18=0 I've been braking my head and I just can't find the solution. Can you please help me. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so very much. I now it's m= something, but I don't know what the answer is. Thanks, again!
  31. Algebra 1

    find slope 2x-20y+18=0 I've been braking my head and I just can't find the solution. Can you please help me. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so very much. I now it's m= something, but I don't know what the answer is. Thanks, again!
  32. Algebra 1

    Find the intercept and the x intercept for the equation 5x+6y =150. I just can't seem to figure this out. Please help me. I am totally grateful for all the help everyone of you have given me. Thank you, it is very much appreciated.
  33. College Algebra

    #3 Choose the end behavior of the graph of the polynomial function. f(x) -x(x-3)(5x+2), I think I have to foil to get -5x^3-2x^2+15x+6 So I think this one rises to the left and falls to the right. Please let me know if I did these correctly. Thanks
  34. algebra

    Please tell me IF there is a solution to this question (or is it misprinted). Can this be solved? Jenny has 11 coins in her pocket, all of which are either nickels or dimes. If the value of the coins is 754, how many of each type of coin does she have?
  35. algebra

    Please help me. Find the equation of the line satisfying the indicated properties. Express your answer in slope-intercept form. Passing through point (-2, 4) and perpendicular to the line containing points (3, -1) and (5, -1).
  36. Algebra

    How do you factor ax^2+bx+c? I'm so confused. I remember my teacher saying to use the discriminant b^2-4ac but when I do find the answer what do I next? Please help! For ex. Factor the trinomial if possible. If it cannot be factored, write not factorable. 4x^2+27x+35
  37. Algebra

    I do not the correct steps to solve for this problem. I know I have to first remove the negatives but from there I get confused. This is all the further I could get. Please help. The negative numbers are powers and the problem is a fraction. C-3D-2 C3D2 C-4D-5 C4D5
  38. Algebra

    Can anyone other than ms. Sue help me? -12x^8y^8 divided by 3x^4y^2 A. –4x2 y4 C. –4x4y6 B. 4x2y4 D. 4x4y6 I ended up with -4x^4y^2 but its not one of my answer choices.. I am not sure if many I missed a step or if I jist did it completely wrong. PLEASE HELP..
  39. algebra

    factor completely. -49x^2-35x-6 Please help with this, I know you multiply the two outer numbers which =-294, I am just having trouble finding a pair of factors of 294 that sum add up to 35. thanks
  40. algebra

    Suppose your parents deposited $1,500 in an account saying 3.5% interest compounded annually (once a year) when you were born. I have to find the account balance after 18 years , please help
  41. Algebra 2

    Find the values of the 30th and 90th percentiles of the data. Please show your work. 129, 113, 200, 100, 105, 132, 100, 176, 146, 152
  42. Algebra

    I need help please. 9.The owner of a computer store received a shipment of computers at cost of $319.85 each. If he sells the computes for $412.99 each, what is the percent of markup? Round to the nearest whole percent. 23% 29% 77% ****??? 79%
  43. Algebra 1

    Average attendance at a school's basketball games increased from 1000 to 1500 last year. One student said that represented a 150% increase. Explain the student's error. Please help!
  44. algebra 1 please help

    use the formula for the area of a trapezoid A=h(b1+b2) where A is area , b1 and b2 are (-----) 2 the lenght of the bases and h is the height, to answer the qustion. How many square feet of grass are there on a trapezoidal field with a heigth of 75 ft and base of 125ft and 81 ft??
  45. Algebra 2

    Solve the logarithmic equation. Round to the nearest ten-thousandth if necessary. log8x^3 = 4 Can somebody please give me a step-by-step for this? I'm usually good at this but I'm stuck for this one:( Thanks in adv.
  46. computers please check my answer

    please see if my answers are correct thanks :) Define the following terms Label = Anything that you define as text. Value = Anything that has numerical value and can be used in mathematical calculations. Thumbnail = Usually associated with a graphics image. It is a small ...
  47. English

    Can you please check these last questions, please? Thank you. 1) What major changes took place in England during the Industrial Revolution?/What changes did the industrial revolution bring to England? 2) What did the most important inventions concern? (They concerned machinery...
  48. English

    1. I like the characters on the ship. Their actions were great. Their roles were fantastic. 2. I like the animation used in the movie. With the help of the animation, the movie became great. 3. I like the iceberg which was being broken. It was wonderful. 4. I like some movie ...
  49. Social Studies (Check, Please!)

    1. What groups did Roosevelt's last New Deal programs try to help? A: Roosevelt's last New Deal programs tried to help the nation's poor and tenant farmers. 2. What was the legacy of Roosevelt's New Deal? A: The New Deal expanded the role of the federal government in society ...
  50. Pre-Algebra

    P.S - I really need help please help me with this, please i try and still i can not do this please!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( The table below shows the percentage of households that own a microwave in different countries. Construct a stem-and-leaf plot of the data. Use the ‘|’ ...
  51. Chemistry(Please check)

    A 0.0170 M solution of an acid has a pH of 2.5. What is the pKa? i did 10^-2.5=3.16e-3 Then 0.0170 - 3.16e-3=0.01384 ka= (3.16e-3)^2 / 0.01384 = 7.21e-4 pKa = -log(7.21e-4) = 3.14 The pKa is 3.14 Would you agree?
  52. Spanish-Please check

    ¿Te gustaría quedarte en una pensión o en un hotel? ¿Porque? Me gustaría quedarme en una pensión porque una pensión es menos cara que un hotel.
  53. algerbra

    could you please double check my work question:find the roots of the equation 2x^2+8x=12 by completing the square. leave answer in simplest radical form. work and answer: c=(b/2)^2 c(4/2)^2=4 2x^2 +8x=12 divide everything by 2 x^2 + 4x=6 x^2+4x+4=10 (x+2)(x+2) square root of (...
  54. Physics Help!!!! Please check

    A 3.00 kHz tone is being produced by a speaker with a diameter of 0.150 m. The air temperature changes from 0 to 29°C. Assuming air to be an ideal gas, find the change in the diffraction angle . Please tell me where I am going wrong. first I converted the temp to kelvin 0 = ...
  55. Math

    A rectangular park has an area of 2_3 square mile. The length of the park is 22_3 the width of the park. What is the width of the park? this is the example of how they want them solving it The width of the room is 5/6 the length of the room. What are the dimensions of Kamal’...
  56. algebra

    please help me put this in algebra equation? baseball regular season =162 games after playing 54 of them team a has 28 wins . A. how many wins will team have at end of season, 54/162 = 1/3 so I know answer is 28 x 3 = 84 wins B. what is % of games won by team so far this ...
  57. Chemistry

    Can you please check my answer? Balance the following equation: Cl2 + KI --> I2 + KCl How many grams of Cl2 are used to form 6.8 g of KCl? So 6.8 grams of KCl divided by 74.55g Kcl x 1molCl2 divided by 2mol KCl multiplied by 70.91 g Cl2/mol.... 3.2 grams of Cl2
  58. psychology HW CHECK PLEASE

    can you check this for me : For those who graduate from high school, get a full-time job, and marry before they have their first child, the probability that they will be poor is 2%. But, if those things are absent, 76% will be poor.” a) What is the causal relationship that ...
  59. Health

    Writeacher, could you please check if everything is OK? Thank you very much. 1) My classmates always keep me from work (from the lesson??). I was on the phone with the bank when we were cut off. 2) I was so cross with my boss that I hung up on him.Peter had his house done up ...
  60. Algebra

    Given the equation of a line y = 2/5x - 2, the slope and y-intercept are respectively: a. 2, -2/5 b. -2, 2/5 c. 2/5, 2 d. 2/5 , -2 Given the equation of a line y = 2/5x - 2, the slope and y-intercept are respectively: In y=mx + b, b is the y intercept, and m is the slope. Here...
  61. History

    What was the first nature reserve? In the US? =) Please check the history section of the above web site for a nature preserve in the third century B.C.
  62. english

    How can a person distinquish between the prejudicial and non-predjudicial use of rhetorical devices? Please check these answers.
  63. Art

    Could you please check these few examples? Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) It is likely that he will pass his driving test. He is likely to pass his driving test. He should pass it. 2) I'm unsure that (if) I will pass it. I might pass it. It is possible that I will pass it...
  64. chemistry

    For the adiabetic expansion of an ideal gas a) does the gas do work? B) doesd the internal energy of the gas increase, decrease or remain constant? C) what happens to the temperature? Please check my answers A) yes the gas does work because it is expanding B) internal energy ...
  65. Math

    The Martin family's truck gets an average o 25 miles per gallon. Predict how many miles they can drive using 7 gallons of gas? Answer: 25 miles per gallon x 7 gallons used=175 miles driven 175/7=25 Can you please check the above answer? Thank you
  66. Health /Law

    please check my answer :) thanks Patty Smith is in labor, and her husband drives her to the ER of a hospital that parricipates in Medicare Patty has no insurnce The hospital should treat her until she is stable or transfer her to another hospital. I picked that the hospital ...
  67. Math check, please

    A cube has a side length of x feet. Which expression represents the surface area of the cube? 4x square units 24x square units x'2 square units 6x'2 square units *** Find the surface area of the cylinder that has a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 2 cm. Use 3.14 for pi. a. ...
  68. Math

    If 3/4 of the employees in a supermarket are not college graduates,what is the ratio of the number of college graduates to those who are not college graduates? I have solved ,please check it. Let x total employees (3/4)× not graduates So (1/4)x are graduates Ratio graduates ...
  69. Algebra 2

    Can't someone please help me with these equations. State whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. 16. -14x = -632 - 26y y = (7/13)x - 316/13 18. x + 6y = 196 689 = (6201/230)y + (4823/460)x I would really apreciate your help.
  70. algebra 2

    Two cards are randomly drawn from a standard deck without replacing the card after the first draw. Find the probability of drawing a spade followed by a heart. Please type your answer as a fraction.
  71. Math, Algebra

    choose the correct solution and graph for the inequality (3y-6)/3 +4 <= -2 OR (4y-8)/2 -1 >= 5 Someone please help me and show me how to solve this. The numbers in parentheses are over a fraction, which is the number next to the slash. I can do the graphing myself, I ...
  72. Math-algebra

    Find k so that the line through ​(4, 1) and​ (k, 3) is a. parallel to 8x+9y=18 y= -8/9x + 8/9 ​ b. perpendicular to 3x+4y=8 y= -3/4x +2 I have solved both equation and found the slope, but I am not sure were to go from there. When I tried it the first time I got -17/2 ...
  73. Algebra

    The average mark on a test in an algebra class is 80. If the two lowest scores of 34 and 48 are not counted, the remaining scores would average 83. How many students are in the algebra class?
  74. history

    can some one check my work? i can where is it It's the one with the one that says order the sequence. Hi! brie. My work is on the 2nd page. Count the BLACK dots next to everybody's name until you find the 35th dot. Check that work. You'll see it next to my name: MACK! :') ...
  75. Algebra

    Ok, I tried watching a video on how to solve a system by substitution. But I feel like I did it wrong, so can someone check my work and show/ tell me where I went wrong. So the system by substitution -2x-3y=-2 Y=2x+6 First I combined my 2 equations but without y so I’d have ...
  76. Physics(Please check)

    A paperweight, when weighed in air, has a weight of W = 6.95 N. When completely immersed in water, however, it has a weight of Win water = 4.26 N. Find the volume of the paperweight. Would I multiply the two values of weight and then by the density of water? 4.26=weightinair-...
  77. Physics momentum: please check my answers..

    I have a big online test and would really appreciate if you could please check my answers before I submit them (I only have 1 try) Two equivalent masses are attached by a rope that hangs over a pulley. Since the coefficient of friction is less than 1, they accelerate to the ...
  78. Language Arts

    Underline the correct pronoun in () to complete each sentence. 7. We went outside and played with (them, those) Underline the word them 8. The group decided (us,we) would play a game of kickball. Underline the word we. 9. The captain made (he,him) run for the ball Underline ...
  79. algebra

    Hi I need help with this question please. The base salary for a job is $3,000 per month. For each full year a person holds the job the salary increases by $300 per month. A) Write as a function where x is years worked and y is the total monthly salary. B)Solve the function if ...
  80. dog behavior

    please check my answers thanks so much What is the purpose of having an assistant hold a dog while you're teaching it the longline recall command? A. To prevent the dog from coming to you until it's very eager B. To make sure the dog remains in the sit position until you call ...
  81. algebra

    A continuously compounded account starts with $1500 in principal. The annual interest rate is 9.1%. What is the balance after 30 years? Help please. Thanks amount= 1500*e^.091*30= 1500 e^2.73 thanks

  83. Algebra

    My second question is in section 5.4, problem 39. x+4/x-2 < or = 1; Since the inequality in not , should the answer to this problem in the back of the book be: {x|x< or = 2}, or in interval notation: (-infinity, 2)? Please explain this problem. Thanks.
  84. pre algebra

    A cylinder has a circumference of 16pi inches and its height is half the radius of the cylinder? What is the total surface area of the cylinder? Give answer in terms of pi. do not know how to do this....please help
  85. algebra

    simplify the following expression fully. I can't get some functions to work. Please read in the parenthesis. These are stacked. 1 + 1 (each 1 is underlined)) a b (a to b is underlined) a _ b (a and b is each underlined) b a (the minus sign is correct) Thanks
  86. Early Child Ed.

    Would someone also please check thse questions and my answers to make sure I have chosen the best possible answer? 1. A good example of people-first language is: A. "He has cerebral palsy." B. "She's a Down's baby." C. "This is a child with attention deficit disorder." D. "...
  87. Geography

    Can someone please check if my answers are correct? 21. How do people survive living in harsh enviroments such as the desert? a. by adapting and making changes to their enviroment b. by moving to more hospitable areas c. by not altering the natural landscape of their ...
  88. Grammar and Composition

    please check my answers: Match each of the words in the first column with a synonym in the second column. write the letters on the lines. 1. blemish _c_ 2. obstreperous _g_ 3. ponder _a_ 4. paramount _j_ 5. invincible _h_ 6. hoodwink _b_ 7. disentangle _d_ 8. cordially _i_ 9. ...
  89. Algebra

    Can you PLEASE help me with this Algebra problem: In a hotel conference room, the number of chairs is 47 more than the number of people currently in the room. The total number of legs currently in this room is 938. What is the sum of the digits in the number of people ...
  90. geography

    1. Is it farther to go from Venezuela to Bolivia or Venezuela to Cuba? Venezuela to Bolivia 2. What is the name of the salt lake located on the border between Israel and Jordan? The Dead Sea 3. Katmandu is the capital of which Asian nation? Nepal 4. What is the name of a well ...
  91. math inequalities please check

    A landscape designer has to design a rectangular pad of concrete at the centre of a rock garden. The lenght must be less than or equal to twice the width; the perimeter must be less than or equal to 40 m; and the area must be greater than or equal to 60 m². 1.)Write as system...
  92. Art

    Could you please check the following corrections? Thank you, Writeacher 1) He offers her to let her remain in the country house. Correction: he offers to let her remain in the... 2) She invites her to remain... 3) He offers her to return to her parents. He offers to let her ...
  93. Health Law

    please check my answer thannks :) Dr Bob is on the staff at Patient hospital ,Inc he commits malpractice the plaintiff sues both the hospital and Dr Bob Assuming no fault on the part of the hospital which is the most complete and true.. 1. the hospital is liable 2. both Dr Bob...
  94. Chemistry

    I just need someone to check my answers please :) On the pH scale are the following items base, neutral, or acid? 1. Hand Soap 2. Blood 3. Milk 4. Coffee 5. Orange Juice 6. Soda Pop 7. Vomit 8. Battery Acid My answers: 1. Base 2. Neutral 3. Neutral 4. Neutral 5. Base 6. Acid 7...
  95. Management for Organizations

    Please, Would someone check my answers??? Thanks. 7. The organizing function includes all but one of the following activities: (D) A..job design B..increasing departmentalization C..establishing authority relationships D..destabilizing authority relationships 2. Why are small ...
  96. res ipsa loquitur

    please check my answer thank you What is res ipsa loquitur and what does it do ? My answer : Res ispa loquitur is a latin tern meaning the thing speaks for itself. This theroy is not often used. Res ispa loquitur is a rule of evidence that creates a presumtion that the ...
  97. Physics(please check)

    A 53-N crate is suspended from the left end of a plank. The plank weighs 21 N, but it is not uniform, so its center of gravity does not lie halfway between the two ends. The system is balanced by a support that is 0.30 m from the left end of the plank. How far to the right of ...
  98. Anatomy and Physiology

    Hi! Thanks for helping me out! ____ 5. In the anatomical position, the body is facing _____ with arms (1 point) a) forward, hanging downward b) backward, hanging downward c) forward, raised upward d) backward, raised upward My Answer: A Could someone please check my answer? ...
  99. Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin

    Hi, I redid some of the answers as suggested yesterday from someone who responded to my post. Could you please see if I did them correctly-Thank you- I made the corrections-someone yesterday redid a question but the questions shouldn't be redone-that's my homework-the answers ...
  100. Math: Please check

    Simplify: -11 square root 112 *A.) -44 square root 7 B.) -176 square root 7 C.) -27 square root 7 D.) 4 square root 7 Thank You
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