Algebra, help + check please

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  1. Math ~ Check Answers ~

    Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. Then write a function rule. X: 2 | 4| 6 | And: 1 | 0 | -1 | My Answer: y = -1/2 x But, -1/2 (2) = -1, and y(2) = 1, so we need to add 2 at the start. So, y = 2 - 1/2 x
  2. check thanks alot

    the danubeflows from germany to the : A) atlantic ocean B)adriatic sea C)north sea D)black sea my choose is black sea
  3. maths

    1.check whether root-16/root448 is a rational number or irrational number. 2.if root3=1.732 then find value of square root 3-1/root3+1
  4. Geometry

    ABCD is a parallelogram with angle B= 120, angle C= 60, angle D= 2x+5y, and angle A= 4x+y. Find the values of x and y. Check your solution, only an algebraic solution will be accepted.
  5. Physics

    Does it take twice the work to stretch a spring 2cm from its equilibrium position as it does to stretch it 1cm from its equilibrium position? Yes it does. (Just want to double check my answer)
  6. Cody

    Write the following with rational, positive exponents. a. sqrt of 8 = 8^1/2 b. seventh root of 5^2 = 5^2/7 c. sqrt sqrt 6 = ??? d. fourth root of sqrt of 5^3 = ??? Can someone please check my work and help with "c and d"? Thanks.
  7. calculus

    Write the equation of the tangent line to the curve at the indicated point. As a check, graph both the function and the tangent line. f(x) = x7 − 7 at x = −1 7 x7
  8. math 115

    could someone check my work please? 1.List the factors of each of the following numbers.66 1,11,6 2.Use the following list of numbers for exercises 13 and 14. 0, 1, 15, 19, 23, 31, 49, 55, 59, 87, 91, 97, 103, 105 15,55,105 answer 3.1,55, 1,57, 1,58,1,59,1,61,
  9. Spanish

    Tu Commands: Please check Put it on! = ponlo or ponte Put it on (negative)! = no te pongas come here! = ven aqui! come here(negative) = no te vengas aqui go!= ve!
  10. Social Studies

    How can I find out the population for each state during the westward expansion? check the net, it has everything. Just go to google and type in Westward Expansion + population and you should get something.
  11. Math

    The radius,diameter, or circumferences of a circle is given. Find the missing measures. D=2a,r=___,C=___. For the radius I got 1a and the circumferences I got 6.28.a. Could someone check my answer? Thanks
  12. 5th grade Math

    Can you check this? 7. Will brought in candy for his friends that weighed 7/8 lbs. If he split it up equally among himself and 4 other friends, how much candy did they each get? (7/8)/5 = 7/40 lbs??
  13. Math

    Write each rate as a unit rate. 180 passengers in 16 buses 180/16=11.25/1 11.25 passengers per bus Could you please double check my answer to see if I have it right.
  14. Science-Jiskha teacher

    Can any jiskha teacher who knows about this subject well, please look at my other previous science posts to check to see if they're correct and all, bacause someone named bob has been going through them, and just saying that they're right, but I'm not too sure about that, ...
  15. Chem I just need someone to check my answer

    arrange the following compounds in the order of increasing polarity HF, H2SE, N2, H2s I believe that the answer is H2Se < H2S < N2 < HF Is that correct?
  16. calculus-answer check

    1. Determine the slope of the tangent to the graph of y=4/x at (1,4) my answer is -4 2.What is the slope of the line perpendicular to y=(x-2)/(x+2) at (2,0) my answer is -4 3. For which value of x is the derivative of f(x)=(x-1)^10(x+2)^5 equal to 0? my answer is 1
  17. Spanish-Anoher question-Please check my answer for

    ¿Qué quieres comer hoy? Would I answer this-Quiero comer en el restaurante hoy. Thank you
  18. Math- Please check my answer

    Mali-li has 6 1/3 yd of material. Her new skirt will take 2 1/3 yd. How much material will she have left after the skirt is made? My answer:4 Am I wrong? If I am, can you explain it to me please? Thank you in advance.
  19. latin bases check please

    the latin bases in your text A)***a printed in capital letters B)printed in italics C)underlined D)put in parentheses
  20. chemistry

    Can some one please balance this equation for me Fe + O2---> Fe2O3. Fe + O2 ==> Fe2O3. Here is the way to balance these equations by inspection, meaning, by trial and error. Rule #1. You may not change any subscripts. Equations are balanced by changing ONLY the ...
  21. Government Check

    Which is NOT true of the segregation laws passed after the Civil War? a)They prohibited interracial marriage. b)They did not only apply to blacks. *c)They were only in the South. d)All of these statements are true. I was confused between c and d because All of them sound true ...
  22. 8th Grade Math

    The temperature in Toronto at noon during a winter day measured 4°C. The temperature started dropping 2° every hour. Which inequality can be used to find the number of hours, x, after which the temperature will measure below -3°C? Can you please check my answer? 4−2x&...
  23. science

    You plan to generate many copies of this gene by PCR. You will then insert the PCR product into the plasmid. d) Which two primers from the list below will allow you to use PCR to amplify this gene? Check the two that apply. 5'-GTGCA-3' 5'-CACGT-3' 5'-TATGG-3' 5'-CCATA-3' 5'-...

    You plan to generate many copies of this gene by PCR. You will then insert the PCR product into the plasmid. d) Which two primers from the list below will allow you to use PCR to amplify this gene? Check the two that apply. 5'-GTGCA-3' 5'-CACGT-3' 5'-TATGG-3' 5'-CCATA-3' 5'-...
  25. good mornin i need some help on Texas history

    1.until 1954,all jurors in texas were male t or f ***i thing is f**** 2.after brown v. board of education all texas schools immediately complied t or f **i don't know this one at least help me understand thnks*** plz help me on num two and check num 1
  26. Algebra

    Can you please help me with these Algebra word problems? Complete the following word problems. 1. Tell whether the table represents inverse variation. If so, write the inverse variation equation and solve for y when x = 4. Show work that supports your conclusions. Table: ...
  27. History: Please check answer

    3. The CIA participated in the Cold War by helping design efficient weapons systems. carrying out secret operations in other countries. spying on the Soviet Union. helping the president determine foreign policy. I think the answer is B. Thank You
  28. Math Check Answers Quickly Please

    1. How many 2-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 2, 3, 5, and 6, if the digits are not to be repeated within a number? 11 12** 10 2 2. How many different ways are there to rearrange the letters of the word EXAM if you don't care if the result is a recognizable ...
  29. Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

    Please help with the following: Dani wants to measure the volume of a pebble. Which tool will give the most accurate measurement? A. a ruler B. a tablespoon C. a measuring cup D. a graduated cylinder I think the answer is mostly D. Is this correct? Please help me by checking ...
  30. American Gov't--please check

    With the exception of _____ and _____, the candidate who wins the majority of the popular vote automatically receives all of the electoral votes. 1.)Virginia, North Carolina 2.)Minnesota, Vermont My answer3.)Maine, Nebraska 4.)Maine, Florida
  31. English

    Hello. I'll be grateful for some help. 1) Is the preposition "for" OK in the phrase "our hopes for a better future" or is it "of"? 2) Is the sentence OK "April 5th is my sister's birthday"? 3) Please check the sentence "I often recollect our boat trip on the Rhine to Austria...
  32. Health info

    please check my answer :) Dr Bob treats Tommy who's DOB is 8/1/97 on June 1,2000 The statue of limitions for medical malpractice in the state is question is three years The age of adulthood is 18 in this state When can Tommy;s records be destroyed I said August 1, 2015
  33. geography

    Will you please check my answers? 1.What states border Lake Michigan? Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan 2. How many states are on the 60 degrees N line of latitude? Just one state ( Alaska ) 3. What do the following countries have in common: Chad, Paraguay, Hungary, ...
  34. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion Percent error is calculated by dividing the ___1____ of the error by the accepted value and then multiplying by ____2___. 1)ablsoute vale 2)100% right on both. thanks when 2.0 g of NaOH were dissolved in 53.0 g water in a calorimeter at 24C, the temperature of the ...
  35. French- check-over please

    Imagine that you spent a day in the country taking pictures of animals. Make a list of 8 different animals that you saw. J'ai pris des photos de (d'): 1. un ecureuil 2. un oiseau 3. une poule 4. un lapin 5. une vache 6. un cochon 7. un canard 8. un cheval

    1. 619.5 km=__m A, 0.6195 B, 61.95 C, 61,950 D, 619,500*** Write the metric unit that makes the statement true. 2. 5,941 mm= 5.941__ (1point) A, m*** B, km C, cm D, dm Use benchmarks to estimate the sum, difference, or product. 3. 1 7/8+1/9 A, 0 B, 1 C, 2 D, 2 1/2*** 4. 8 8/9...
  37. U.S.History

    please check The Spanish established outposts in the Southeast to a. trade with Native Americans b. encourage Spanish immigration c. search for previous metals d. protect its trade routes not sure..can i get some help A typical slaveowner might have described his slaves as a. ...
  38. geography

    Will you please check my answers? 1. What is the capital of South Carolina, the first state to withdraw from the Union before the Civil War? Columbia, South Carolina 2. Which Scandinavian country has the highest overall elevation? Norway 3. What color is used to show bodies of...
  39. world history

    What desert lies west of the Euphrates River and north of the Arabian Peninsula? Check this map for the name of the desert that lies in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.
  40. English

    I I met my favorite singer on the street, _____________________ 1. I would would ask his autograph. 2. I would ask him to sign in my notebook. 3. I would like to have pictures taken with him. 4. I would just smile at him. 5. I would follow him taking pictures. 6. I would talk ...
  41. Social Studies (Check my work)

    What factors contributed to the weakening and decline of Medieval Europe? My answer: In the 14th century, there was a disease called the black death. It weakened Medieval Europe a lot because it killed millions of Europeans. Is this good?
  42. English

    I still have a few sentences to check. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) I would worl at a passion (my passion), because even if I know it is difficult to take off, I think that the job itself can motivate me. In fact, I'd prefer to have a job in which I can do what I like. ...
  43. Math

    Calculate the slant height for the given square pyramid. Round to the nearest tenth. Pyramid base= 6cm Height= 5cm 6.2 cm 5.8 cm 7.8 cm 7.2 cm I am usually very good at solving these kinds of problems but I cant focus on anything right now and I keep getting thrown off. I'm ...
  44. Science

    Type one and Type three survivorship curves indicate populations that are growing _______________. Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts about this subject. fast? fast?
  45. Chemistry (please check my answer)

    Identify a false statement about how to protect iron from corrosion. A. Coat the surface with oil, paint, or plastic. B. Attach a metal that is more easily reduced. ******* C. Exclude air and water. D. Attach a metal that is a better reducing agent.
  46. Science

    China has implemented a campaign to reduce birth rates that includes _____________ rewards for single child families. Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts about this subject. great? Yes. The rewards are ...
  47. ap calc

    I have solved the problem but am not sure it it is right. I would appreciate if you would check to see if my answer is right. The height of the ball thrown upwards from the top of a 20 foot hill is given by h(t)= -16t^2+90t+20 ft (where t is measured in seconds). how high ...
  48. Nutrition of the young child

    Jamie loves all vegetables, all fresh and dried fruits, and milk. However,he refuses to eat dairy products and meats. Which of the following nutrients is he probably lacking? A.Iron B.Calcium C.Vitamin A D. Vitamin C I pick A as my answer Can someone check my answer.
  49. math

    22and9/10's - 18and2/5=? You need to get the same denominator in the fractions. 2/5 = ? / 10 Then subtract the fractions and the whole numbers. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. Raven: Please don't post your entire name on any website, or reveal ...
  50. social studies

    please check my answer: why did african americans go from the rural south to northern cities starting in the late 1800s? - so they could be around other races and cultures - to change identities - to escape the discrimination and to find better jobs ** - religious persecution ...
  51. writimg-please check

    for my birthday, i asked for an MP3 player, but instead, my parents got me a telescope. When I finished my dinner, I went in my room to try it out. When I looked through it, I could see a girl that looked just like me but bigger and older. for a moment, i sat down and thought...
  52. Polynomial- Doublecheck2

    I asked this earlier, but I didn't get an answer. I'm glad though, because I found a couple of typos. I can get someone to check these for me... I have to get an A, and I was wondering if someone could double check these for me. I am about 95% sure they are right, but just ...
  53. math-- PLEASE CHECK

    If you have a balance of $1,375 on your credit card and your card has a limit of $2,500, what should you pay before the end of the month statement to get it to an acceptable balance (50% debt ratio)? $375 *** $125 $1,250
  54. precaculus

    Convert the rectangular coordinate (2,-2) to polar form and find two additional representations of this point. Can you check my work and explain how to finish the question? r=√(2)2+(-2)2 r=2√2 tan theta = (-2)/2 theta = -1 polar coordinate= (2√2, -1)
  55. Science

    Can you check this for me? What is the difference between homegenous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures? The difference between the two is that in a homogeneous mixture, the ingredients or elements are uniformly spread while in a hetergeneous mixture, it's the exact opposite...
  56. Calculus

    Kayla claims that she can find an approximate value for sin 1o without using a machine to do any computations. Explain or show how she can do this (Hint: if you choose to explain the process, please be very specific. If you choose to show how it is done, you can use your ...
  57. math help. (check answer)

    All the surfaces of the lantern will be made of paper. What is the least amount of paper needed to make the lantern? A. 140 Cm^2 B. 144 Cm^2<---(my answer) C. 180 Cm^2 D. 432 Cm^2 Height = 12 Cm Length = 6 Cm Width = 6 Cm

    1. For the simple decomposition reaction below, rate = k[AB]2 and k = 0.40 L/mols. AB(g) A(g) + B(g) If the initial concentration of AB is 1.60 M, what is [AB] after 13.0 s? ANSWER: (.4)(13)=5.2 1/1.6=.625 5.2-.625=4.575 1/4.575= .2185 I tried .22 & .21. They are both wrong. I...
  59. social studies- check

    Why did shipbuilders choose coastal locatios such as Portsmouth for shipbuilding. Shipbuilders chose coastal location such as Portmouth for shipbuilding becuase its t=near the oceans and they could test the ships for sailing???
  60. math plz help!!!!!!

    What do angles, acute angles, and complementary angles have in common??? they are all angles duh! my teacher said that that's too obvious Please check your book for the similarities. This site also has several explanations about the similarities. (Broken Link Removed)
  61. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks for your help :) During extinction, an instrumenatl behavior may initially increase as the result of what ? A failure of the dog to obey the new instruction B. an extinction burst C. temorary defiance D. punishment resistance I said A
  62. English; Help/Check.

    Write down what you learn about Herbert, Mr. White, and Mrs. White from their reactions to the paw. Ms.WHite: She didn't think if you asked for something you'd get something taken away for that wish. Mr.WHite: he seemed to only want the the paw for show but, when he new its ...
  63. Math

    First Bank charges $4.50 per month for a basic checking account plus $0.15 for each check written. Citizen's Bank charges a flat fee of $9. How many checks would you have to write each month in order for the cost to be the same at both banks?
  64. Trig--check answer

    Solve the equation of the interval (0, 2pi) cosx=sinx I squared both sides to get :cos²x=sin²x Then using tri indentites I came up with cos²x=1-cos²x Ended up with 2cos²x=1 Would the answer be cos²x=1/2???
  65. Geography

    Which continent is due south of Italy and Greece? Please check this map. Note that Italy and Greece are in Europe.
  66. Math

    Due to the plate tectonics, the summit of Mount Everest moves about 4.5 X 10 ^-3 meter northeastwar in one year. About how many meters does the summit of Mount Everest move in 11 years? 4.09 x 10 ^-3 4.95 x 10 ^-3 4.09 x 10 ^-2 4.95 x 10 ^-2 Can you please check this? I got D...
  67. Math please check answer

    please see if I am right thanks Mary bought four shirts for $ 22.00 each, a pants suit for $212.00 and dress shoes for $85.00 Her sales tax is 6 % what is the total of her bill ? $22 x 4 = $88.00 $88.00 $212.00 + $ 85.00 ------------------------------------- $ 385 x 0.6...
  68. Math

    check my work 22 km=____m A=2.2 13 oz =___g A= Choose the most reasonable measure of weight. A calculator A=0.5 kg Complete the following statement. 540 s = ________ min A= 9min Complete the following statement. 12 ft = ________ in. A=144 in.
  69. Social Studies

    Rome began as a settlement on the what? With regard to ALL your posts, this is a homework help board and not a homework do board. Someone may help by providing links to information but that probably is available in your text or notes, too. Check your atlas to see what river ...
  70. Pre-Calculus-check answers

    Find the sixth term in the geometric sequence: sqrt3y^3, -3y^5, 3sqrt3y^7 Answer: -27y^13 2) Find three geometric means between -sqrt2 and -4sqrt2. Answer: -2, 2sqrt2, -4 Thanks
  71. Health/Law

    Please check my answer thanks:) Bob obtains a judgement against Ned and knows that Ned earns a good salary Bob should.... 1. obtain an order of garnishment 2. obtain a writ of execution I picked #1
  72. Calculus

    Please check my answers. Solve the following equations and/or system of equations for the unknown variables. 1. x^2-3x-12=0 x= 3 + sqrt(57) / 2, x= 3 - sqrt(57) / 2 2. x+y=8 , 3x+2y=2 x=-14, y=22 3. 3x + 2y =10 , x+y=5 , y+z =9 x=0,y=5, z=4 4. 1/x-p1z=0, 1-p2z=0, I-p1x-p2y=0 ...
  73. exceptional children

    a naturalistic language-learning environment a occurs mostly in the home b. is created whenever a child is communicating with others c. occurs mostly in speech therapy d. excludes speech therapy I chose "c" as my answer can someone please check
  74. To Shelly; re: finance

    I've removed your post containing 55 multiple choice questions -- and no indication of your answers. Jiskha is a homework help forum. We help students with assignments, but we do not do these assignments for them. After you've answered these questions, we'll be glad to check ...
  75. Precalculus problems check?

    Did I do these two problems right? P(1-sqrt2) = 8x - 4x^2 P(1-sqrt2)= -4 P(2/x)= 8x - 4x^2 P(2/x) = x-1 I think when the answers are plugged back in, the equation is supposed to equal zero, but I don't get this; however, I always redo each problem with different methods and ...
  76. Math, please check answer

    Consider the experiment of selecting a card from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards and determine the probability of the stated event. A face card or a 5 is drawn. So there are 12 face cards. Plus 5. So that is 13 options out of 52?
  77. Trig

    A Flagpole casts a 60 foot long shadow on the ground. The angle from the tip of the flagpole to the end of the flagpole's shadow measures 35 degrees. How tall is the flagpole? can i use tan(35degrees) = 60/h which gives me 85.714. Please check. Thanks!
  78. Question regarding this web site

    If I need for you to check my apa formated paper including my references that were used. How can I do this if your system tells me I can not because I do not own that web site. You cant post links. but you can post them this way.. http: w w w chosemylink dot com or something ...
  79. check set up trigonometry

    Lee is on a cliff 360 m above sea level, the angle of depression of a ship is 28 degrees. To the nearest meter, what is the distance between the ship and the base of the cliff? tan28=x/360?
  80. Beginning Chemistry

    I am really confused weith sig. figs. and it would really help if someone could check my answers. My answers are after each problem Determine the number of sig. figs. in the following (a)12.7040g - 6 (b)200.0 cm - 4 (c)276.2 tons - 4 (e)4.00 x 10^3 - 3 (f)100 degrees C - 1
  81. Chemistry (Check)

    Nitrogen combines with oxygen to form a variety of compounds. One of these compounds is called nitrous oxide or "laughing gas." What is the formula of nitrous oxide if this compound is 63.65% N and 36.35%O by weight? I got N2O
  82. math

    Please check 6 more than a number n 6(n)+9 A number m multiplied by 7 7xm 9 less than a number w 9-w The sum of a number a and 9 9+a A number k minus 7 K-7 5 times a number h,plus 12 5*h + 12 5 increased by a number g 5+g
  83. electromagnetism

    A rectangular wire loop with current i=200mA, width W=20cm and length L=50cm is placed in a uniform magnetic field B=7T as shown. The normal to the loop, represented by the dashed line, is θ=20degrees from the magnetic field direction. #3A (6 points possible) What is the ...
  84. maths-check my answers

    Please check my answers 1) make c the subject of the formula a=b+cd----------b-a/d=c 2) make t the subject of the formula u=v+2t----------u-v/2=t 3) make n the subject of the formula m=3n+5--------m-5/3=n 4) make z the subject of the formula x=3y+z--------x-3y=z 5a) make t the...
  85. chemistry

    Each of the following is placed in a dialyzing bag and the bag is then immersed in distilled water. Which substances will be found outside the bag? Check all that apply. NaCl solution albumin solution starch solution
  86. English

    1. I have a friend who goes biking many times. 2. I have a friend who goes hunting every weekend. 3. I have a friend who got the first prize in the speech contest. 4. I have a friend who is the first in grades his class. 5. I have a friend who is very good at baseball. 6. I ...
  87. 6 grade math

    Please I need help on just the set up using a guess and check table. Karina has some dimes and quarters she has 8 more dimes and quarters and the collection of coins is worth $7.45. How many dimes and quarters does Corona have?
  88. Chemistry;HELP

    Help me set them up and then check my answers? Round your answer to the correct number of significant digits and show work. 1. How many grams of NaI would be used to produce a 2.0 M solution with a volume of 10.00 L? 2. What is the molarity of a 2.50 x 102 cm3 solution ...
  89. Chemistry

    Help me set them up and then check my answers? Round your answer to the correct number of significant digits and show work. 1. How many grams of NaI would be used to produce a 2.0 M solution with a volume of 10.00 L? 2. What is the molarity of a 2.50 x 102 cm3 solution ...
  90. Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following question: Please select the word from the list that best fits the definition Creates clouds, snow, sleet, rain and hail A. Radiation B. Conduction C. Convection D. Water Cycle I think the answer is mostly B, but I think it could be D as well. ...
  91. Grammar

    Can you please check these? Thanks. Vowel Pairs: freezing rain sleet beat gray streets blue play Kay raisin feel easy Vowel Digraphs: looked said caught headline said school because heavy weather good sleigh said could neighbor bread instead
  92. English

    I was given an excerpt from Gilgamesh to read and then this question on my open book test I was hoping you could check for me. The relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu can best be described as: a. father and son who can't communicate with each other. b. brothers who are ...
  93. Social Studies

    1. You are a migrant worker from India who has come to Kuwait. In which industry are you most likely to seek work? A. Fishing B. Oil** C. Farming D. Livestock B? 2. Which of the following has the greatest impact on human settlement in Iraq? A. Oil resources** B. Mountain ...
  94. Safety of the young child

    Which of the following statements encourages appropriate use of playground equipment? A. "I told you not to go down the slide head first'. b."You can't ride your bike in the grass because you're ruining it." c."Jumping off the monkey bars is against the rules!" D.Throw the ...
  95. U.S.History

    please check: One of the characteristics of postmodern fiction is the use of a. linear, chronological plots and standard methods of character development b. nontraditional forms that blur the boundaries between fiction and nonficitioin. c. themes advancing the idea that life ...
  96. Spanish

    Hello, would anyone be willing to check several of my answers? Teresa _______ dio una camara a mi. me le nos <<< os Mi Tio Isaac ______ planes (Plans) para ir a Mexico. hicieron hiciste hizo<<< hicimos Teresa y yo siempre _____ la verdad. digo decimos<<...
  97. Math

    In which one of the following sentences is the number written correctly? A. One-hundred and thirty-two people lined up to buy the tickets B. John just paid $33 thousand for his new car C. The parcel of land was advetised a two hundred forty-three and three quarters acres D. ...
  98. Physics

    please check my answers, they are Capitalized 1. the SI base unite used to measure mass is the a. meter b. second. C. kilogram d. liter 2. how does a scientist reudce the frequency of human error and minimize a lack of accuracy? a. take repeated measurements b. use the same ...
  99. English

    At my side, my father’s pupils were dilated; they were dark, wide and frightened and the angry expression in his eyes alone was enough for him to be arrested captured by the sheer loss of his daughter. He was wild, unfocused and full of fury. A father who was usually so ...

    I think its B only Which statements are true about the agricultural revolution? Choose all answers that are correct. A. It occurred at different times in different places over many years. B. It changed people's lives because they now had nearly complete control over their ...
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