Algebra, help + check please

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ALGEBRA/please help

I must simplify this expression. Am I correct? -4[-25-(9-3)]. I first subtract within the parentheses first -4[-25-(-6)] -4-(-31) = 27

Algebra 1

what is the y-intercept and x-intercept for the equation -4x+y=14? Thank you. I stayed up late, but I still can't figure this out. Please help! Thank you, again.

Stupid Algebra

13a squared times b(-4a cubed b cubed c) and no, I am not making this up. PLEASE HELPP POOPOO

Algebra 2

Can you please help me simplify this problem? It probably is an easy problem but I do not understand the way my teacher taught it. 1/ [1+(1/ x-2)]


Can someone please help me with this? I'm not looking for the answer, just a detailed explanation on how to solve this. Thank you in advance. Solve: 16(t - 1) + 10 > 8(t +2) + 4(t - 1) + 4t


I am really having problems with monomials: Please help! Simplify: 4x^2 y^3 Z ----------- (divided by) 5y^4 Z^3 is the answer 4x ------ (divided by) 5yz^2


-2x+5y=-15 Find the x- and y-intercepts and graph the equation plotting the intercepts. Please show all of your work.

integrated algebra

how can you solve x^2 - 3x = 0 i was using a formula as: x^2-7x+10=0 (x-5)(x+2)= 0 x-5=0 x+5 +5 x=5 I was following this formula but got stumped on this question please help.


3(a+2)=4a I multiply 3*a+3*2=4a so 3a+6=4a I added 3a to 4a/ =7a and answer was 1(answer is 6) i just don't understand how and why we subtract 3a from 4a instead of adding. please help me

algebra 117b

I am really stuck if you could me please with this problem y=kxto find yfor x=6 y=-65when x=9 -65=k.9 k=- this is where I get stuck

college algebra

solve the following logarithm equation log (4x+7)=1+log(x-6) x=? please show work

Algebra 2 Please Help

22. The graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the left 8 units and up 2 units. What is the function rule for g(x) given f(x) = x²? (2 points)


Please show me step by step in finding the center and the radius of the circle, then graphing if possible: (x-3)²+y²=6 Thanks

College Algebra

Why is t= ln(2)/.04 the same as t= 25ln(2)? Please explain it step by step. What rule do you use or how do you change the .04 to the 25?

Algebra 2

I know the answer to this question is: -1. I got that answer by substituting -1 in for x. Please show me how I should do this the correct way. (x/(3x+6))-((x+1)/(3x-6))=(1/((x^2)-4)) Thank you.

college algebra

Please show me the steps to solving this equation:-) √5(x-1.2)-√3x<5(x-1) Your help is greatly appreciated.


Can someone please help... a hyperbola has vertices (+-5,0) and one focus (6,0) what is the standard form equation of the hyperbola.


find the LCM of 15ef and 12e^4 (12e to the power of 4) Please show the steps. I do not understand how to do this.


Determine the number and type of roots for each equation. thanks inadvance can u please show mw step by step thanks 2X(X+2)=-2

Algebra 2 (Please, help me!)

What are the steps to performing the following transformation and then graphing it? Transformation: compress f(x) = |2x| - 3 vertically by a factor of 1/4.


Solve. 9x^2 + 12x = 32 x2 + (4/3)x - (32/9) = 0 has two solutions: x = -2/3 + √ 4 or x = -2/3 - √ 4 This is the solution I came up with. Is this right?? Please and Thank you.


True or False and please explain so that I can understand. Thank you. 1. (1,0) is always a point on the graphy of y = logb (x). 2. If x=b^2y for b > 1, then y = 1/2 logb (x).


the graph of a proportional relationship passes through (12,16) and (1,y) find y. can someone please walk me through this?

Algebra 222

Please help me solve these using interval notations? C equals {w|w > 1} D equals {w|w greater than less than 5}


The temperature at 5pm is 20F. The temperature at 10pm is -5F. How many degrees did it fall?please show work


I'm kind of confused on the problem in point slope form. Please show me step-by-step. Thank you. y-18.5=3.2/3(x-1)

Algebra 1

Which function best models the geometric sequence 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, … ? A. A(n) = 2n B. A(n) = 2^n C. A(n) = n^2 D. A(n) = n^2 + 1 I got B is that correct? Please correct me if I am wrong


V = 1/3 Bh (solve for B) ________________________ Can someone please help me with this problem. And show me step by step. I'm really confused.

Algebra (urgent!)

I am a bit confused about conjugates in algebra. I am supposed to multiply 8/(the square root of two + 4) by the square root of 2 -4. My math book then goes on to simplify this to (8 times the square root of two minus 32) divided by (2-4 times the square root of two plus 4 ...


this is the 40th year that man has landed on the moon. what progress has been attained since man landed on the moon? please please please please please please hElP


3x --- 2 ---------- 1 1 --- + --- 3 x Where is the = sign? And what is it = to? and what is that + sign doing there? Please rewrite it a little plainer.


Solve by elimination. Please me solve this equation. x + 7y = 37 -x + 8y = 38

Algebra help please!

How do you know when an equation has infinitely many solutions? How do you know when an equation has no solution?

algebra ll

Pr=3*4/10*3/9*6/8 add Pr=4/10*3/9*2/8 can some one add this for me its too complicated please

algebra 2

Please help! y=2x I need to find the inverse, and I am wonderingif the inverse is x= 2y or f-1 = x/2????


Could someone please explain to me why the line x=4 is a vertical line. Thank you.


trouble with outputs.... Find the indecated outputs for f(x)=3x^2 - 5x f(0)=? f(-1)=? f(2)=? please help


Can someone please explain to me why the line x=4 is a vertical line?


Please help!!! Determine whether -10 is a solution of the equation 6(x-2)= -70 Is -10 a solution? Thanks for your help


I've tried and tried and just can't do it. Please help solve this problem. 16-2(8w-7)=3w-18(2-w)

Algebra 1 a

Need help to solve can anyone help me please 6x-9y = 25.5 7y-2x =-10.0 solve the elimination method


Can you help me solve this please? 31%=1-600/Q Answer: 869.6 But in don't know how to get to the answer


Solve by the elimination method. x+4y=45 -x+4y=27 please step by step


Solve: squareroot 2x-1 - squareroot x+3 = 1 please show steps

Algebra 2

When do I use permutation? When do I use combination? Examples please!


ln x¹³ = (ln x)² please show me how to solve this step by step Thanks


An ellipse has foci (0,+-3) and vertices (0,+-4). What is the eccentricity of the ellipse? Please help.


can someone please help me solve this solve by completeting the square 1/2 ¡¼X ¡½^2 -7x=16


How to solve d(d^-2)^-9? Please show and explain step-by-step.

Algebra 2 help please

Which represents the reference angle for 2pi/3? A. 2pi/3 B. pi/3 C. pi/4 D. pi/6

Algebra ll

Help please The center of a circle is at (-5 , 1) and it has a radius of 9. What is the equation of the circle? A.(x-5)^2+(y+1)^2= 81 B.(x-5)^2+(y+1)^2= 3 C.(x+5)^2+(y-1)^2= 81 D.(x+5)^2+(y-1)^2= 3


Factor the trinomial.Factor completely. s^2 + 3s – 28 = 4s^2 – 24 Is this correct?? Please and thank you.

Algebra 1

Find the vertex for y= -x^2+1/2x+2 I could not figure out the vertex! Please help me!

Algebra II

Can you please let me know which property this is? If h = 7 + 8 and 7 + 8 = 15, then h = 15 I believe it is the transitive property of equality Thank you!


How to solve this problem? Steps please. (2√5+3√7)^2


Factor: x^2+6x Please give step by step directions! Thanks!


I need help solving 4 equations step by step. Please help. 5 1. --- (t) = -9 13 X+2 2. 6 = ----- 3 W 3. 13 + --- = -18 7 4. 17 = -13 - 8x

Trigonometry (Help and Check)

Evaluate (exact answers): a) sin^-1(cos30) Need help. What do I do? b) sin[(cos^-1((sqrt2)/(2)))+[(sin^-1((sqrt2)/(2)))] = sin(45+45) = sin90 = 1 Is this correct? c) cos(arctan5/7) = 7/(sqrt74) = (7sqrt74)/74 Is this correct? Please and Thank you!

Physics please check

Three moles of an ideal monatomic gas are at a temperature of 345 K. Then, 2531 J of heat are added to the gas, and 1101 J of work are done on it. What is the final temperature of the gas? delta U= 3/2nR(T final -T initial) (2531J - 1101J) = 3/2(3.0mol)(8.31)(T final - 345K) ...

Algebra 8th grade please help!!!!!!

Using the numbers 5, 8, and 24, create a problem using no more than four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root) where the solution will be an irrational number. Explain why the result of your operations is an ...

Please Check My Math Work

(3sqrt5)(2sqrt10) I got:6sqrt50 Is this correct.? You can take this one step further. 6√50 can be simplified to this: 6√(25 * 2) -->you can take the square root of 25. 6 * 5 √2 = 30√2 -->this is the simplified form. thanks can you help me with my ...

Physics - Please Check Answers ASAP

Please check these over and see if any are incorrect? 1. The units of speed are: a) m/s ---> my answer b) m/s^2 and direction c) N d) m/s and direction 2. Which of Newton's Laws says you cannot touch anything without being touched? a) 4th b) 2nd c) 1st d) 3rd ---> my ...

Calculus (Help)

Can you please help me with this problem? I asked earlier, but nobody was able to help me... I've been working on it for about an hour now. A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $ billions) ...

Physics- drwls please check

Good morning. This is a repost. The system is telling me my calculations is incorrect. I thought a fresh pair of eyes would help. Suppose a monatomic ideal gas is contained within a vertical cylinder that is fitted with a movable piston. The piston is frictionless and has a ...

Algebra Please Help

Can you please give a example so that I can understand it better. 1)How can you tell whether a polynomial is written in factor form. 2)Construct a trinomial whose greatest common factor is 2x^2. 3)Describe the different methods that can be used to find the product: (2x-5)(3x+1...


I know it is a bit long and maybe difficult, please help me to answer these.. 1) I have pET28a with insert inside. Insert is 400 bp in size. I want to check my insert with both single digestion and double digestion. I already isolated my plasmid but i do not know the next step...


Could somebody please check this for me? Dtermine whether the graph of each equation is symmetric with respect to the origin, the x-axis, the y-axis, and the line y=x or the line y=-x. I came up with the line being symmetric to the x-axis, the y-axis, and the line y=x. I'm not...


Can someone please check my work? Solve using substitution method 1. 3x+2y=12 x=52-6y answer:-40.8 I am pretty sure that one is wrong. Solve using elimination method 2. 2r-7s=-31 7r+2s=24 answer: (230/53,-468/53) 3.3x+4y=3 6x+8y=6 answer: No answer. problems eliminate eachother


Can you please check these sentences? Thank you. When I was "little" (young is better) could play the guitar quite well. Can you say "yesterday evening" in British English (instead of last evening?) He insisted that he hedn't broken the vase. He insisted on not having broken ...

7 th grade math

You check 20 batteries.Fourteen do not have a charge. Part a. What is the experimental probability that the next battery you check does not have a charge? Part B. Select an answer from each box to make the statement true If 300,100,240 batteries are tested I would expect 30,...

Science 8th grade/report please check

Please check this for me and let me know what you think. I need to write at least one paragraph on this... A 52 year old man suffers a pulmonary embolism that orignated as a blood clot in his right leg. Describe this condition and how it develops. Trace the pathway of th blood...


1. Write the equation rule and find the twentieth term in the sequence: 1/2,2/3, 3/4, 4/5... My answer: The rule is x/x+1. The twentieth term in the sequence is 20/21. Please check my answer and tell me if it's correct or incorrect. I'm confused. Thanks.


Molly has 15 marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of black to white marbles? There are 8 black marbles and 7 white marbles. A. 7:8 B. 7:15 C. 8:7 D. 8:15 My answer would be C Can you please double check my answer and tell me if I am right or wrong.

French Check Ms. Sue

Please check this. Thank you! 1. France is a country in Asia. true false*** 2. There are many countries in Africa where French is one of the principal languages of the people. true false 3. Québec, in Canada, is a French speaking part of Canada. true*** false 4. The French ...


1.)Solve for y in the following system of equations. x + 4y = -38 -x - 6y = 58 My answer 1.) -10 2.) 6 3.) 12 4.) 10 2.)Solve for y in the following system of equations. x - 10y = -50 -4x + 6y = -4 1.) -6 2.)3 3.)-3 My answer4.)6

math check please

region Population land area 1000mi^2 Asia 4,028,000,000 17,400 North America 305,000,000 9,400 1. Compare the populations per square mile in asia to the population per square mile in north america A: Asia 231.49mi^2 North America 32.45mi.^2 could some one please let me know if...


You have been retained to analyze how many check-in agents should be used at a check-in counter for a large hotel. During normal business hours, customers arrive at a rate of about 24 per hour, and it takes about 7 minutes to complete the check-in process. Both the poisson ...


When is greatness is a bad thing. Please don't say when it is misused. I need a good answers please. Thanks in advamce. I don't understand your first sentence. Please clarify and repost. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a ...

Calculus Help and Check

1)Find the most general antiderivative of the function. (Check your answer by differentiation. Use C for the constant of the antiderivative. Remember to use ln |u| where appropriate.) f(x) = (1/5)−(3/x) -----> (x/5)-3lnx+C 2)Find f. f ''(x) = 4 + 6x + 36x^2, f(0...


Help with these please?! Simplify the complex expression: -3 --- 5 - + y x and 2 -- + 2 x+4 ---------- 3 -- + 1 x+4 I cannot decipher what you meant to type. Try using parentheses instead of changing to a new line for fractions. -3/[(5/x)+y] (2/x+4)+2 over [3/(x+4)]+1


I need help solving the trinomial (x squared minus four x plus seventeen equals twentynine). It has to be in 3 different methods and I have to show work but I don't know how to do it. Please help.


solve the formula for the indicated variable. B=yw+y for w the solution is w= ? I have solved similar problems such as this but extra letter throws me off... can someone please help me?

algebra 2

how do you graph a polynomial function such as f(x)= 1/10(x=3)(x-1)(x-4)? I know that I need to fing the x intercepts, End Behaviors, and, the turning points but i cannot figure out how to even get thosee. Please help.


how do u change 0.015 from standard form to scientific notation [ please don't charge me money im only 11 yrs old trynna get help with my homework ]

Algebra 1

solve using the addition and multiplication principle 2-2y-5y<65. I am totally stressed and burned out. I'm sorry. I just can't seem to function anymore. Please help. Thank you so much.

Algebra 1

Graph the system of inequality x+2y <10,2x+y <10,x>0,y>0. Thank you Can you just tell give me the answer and where in the region I should shade it and If it has a solid line or dotted one? Please, I think I will be ok with that. Thank you.

college algebra

6y-7x=12, 7x-6y=-12 solve by graphing method. classify as consistent/inconsistent and dependent/independent. i have been working on this problem and i can't figure it out. please help!


Perform the indicated operation and, if possible, simplify. Please show all of your work. Write your final answer exactly as a fraction in lowest terms. 14/45 / 26/27

college algebra--need help please!!

use the intermediate value theorem to show that the polynomial function has a zero in the given interval. f(x)=x^5-x^4+9x^3-5x^2-16x+5;[1.3,1.6] f(x)1.3= ? simplify answer f(x)1.6= ? "

algebra 2

find all the zeroes of: x^5-3x^4-24x^3-72x^2-25x+75=0 5x^5-20x^4-40x^3-16x^2-45x+180=0 -3x^5+3x^4+9x^3-7x^2+12x=12 x^3-x^2-13x-13=0 x^3+x^2=15x-15 Thank you for any help...I'm desperate please help :(

Algebra 2

Find the coefficient of the indicated term in the expansion of the given power of a binomial. Identify the missing exponents. (x^7y^2);(x+y)^? Please show work I need to learn how to do it.

College Algebra and Trigonometry

if x = ucos(pi/4) - vsin(pi/4) and y = usin(pi/4) + vcos(pi/4), find A, B and C so that, 5x^2 - 6xy + 5y^2 = Au^2 + Buv + Cv^2. Thanks, I really don't know what to do, I've already used almost 20 sheets of paper. Please help me. Thanks.

Algebra 1

When dividing two numbers written in exponential notation, what do you do with the exponents of 10? add subtract multiply divide I flat out do not know, can somebody please tell me what it is and why?


what is the slope of the line that passes through the pair points (-7/2,-3)and (-5,5/2)? so far i did m=5/2-(-3) / -5-(-7/2)=11/2 / -3/2 i don't know the rest Im finished my math homework but not this question and class starts in 15 minutes please help me!!!!


Convert 58°F to degrees Celsius. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree. Here are the formulas. =C5/9−F32 =F+9/5C add 32 Please help


I am baffled! Find the equation in slope-intercept form of the line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment between (-3,2) and (3,-8); also,please name which formulas are used. Thank you!

Check answers please? (grammar)

Can someone please check my answers to the sentences? I want to see if I properly understand this stuff before turning it in for credit :) "Identify the direct objects and indirect objects in the following sentences. Not all sentences contain indirect objects." 1. Last summer...

behavior problems(dogs)

please check my answer thanks Ideally, when working on a behavior problem, you'll show the owners ways to A. reorganize the environment so the dog has fewer chances to misbehave. B. discipline a dog correctly and not spoil him. C. teach some commands that will be useful if ...

3rd grade phonics

Can you please check these? Thanks. Vowel Pairs: freezing rain sleet beat gray streets blue play Kay raisin feel easy Vowel Digraphs: looked said caught headline said school because heavy weather good sleigh said could neighbor bread instead

Geometry-Please check my answers

I have two questions: If a parallelogram is a rhombus, then the diagonals are congruent- I don't think so in all cases-they can bisect each other and are perpendicular, correct but not necessarily congruent so this should be false? Secondly, A kite is a quadrilateral that has ...


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