Algebra, help + check please

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If the forecast is 400 payments a day to a lock box with average payment of $2,000 and the bank's charge for operating is $.40 a check and the interest rate is .015 percent a day, what minimum reduction in the time to collect and process each check is needed to justify use of ...

Social Studies

Please check! Thanks!!! How did business owners use the large profits made during the 1920s? a. dramatically increased wages for workers b. significantly reduced the cost for consumers c. reinvested into the business expanded production*** d. purchased additional stock in ...

Algebra-Trig Please Help ASAP

A balloon isin the vertical plane of two consecutive milestones of a road. The angles of depression of the stones as viewed from the balloon are 15 degrees and 17 degrees. Find the height of the balloon if (a) the stones are on opposite sides of the balloon, (b) the stones are...

Career Explorations - Please Check my Answer

Please help me with the following question: Which statement describes the relationship between being a waitress and being a restaurant manager? A. Being a waitress is a job, while managing a restaurant is a career. B. Being a waitress and managing a restaurant can be different...

Algebra 1

Check answer Glass Vase You are taking a glass-blowing class and have created a vase in the shape of a sphere. The vase will have a hole in the top so you can put flowers in it and it will sit on a stand. The radius of your vase is 21/2 inches. Use the formula V=4/3:r^3 ...


-12n-19=77 please help Add 19 to both sides. Then divide by the -12 to get n alone on the left hand side. thanks so much!

Algebra 1

Can anyone help me with these questions? Please 1. ac - bc + ad - bd 2. xy - 3x - 8y + 24 3. 4x^2 + 20x + 5y +xy 4. 48x^2y + 20xz +12xy + 5z Do some grouping and factoring. For instance, the first.. ac - bc + ad - bd (a-b)c + (a-b)d (a-b)(c+d)


for the matrix: { 1 -2 0} {-2 -1 1} { 0 0 -1} I found the eigenvalue to be -1 and +/- 5^1/2 Is this correct and can someone show me how to put the root 5 values as eigenvectors? Please and Thanks


I am not sure what this question is asking. Please help. Find two consective postitve intergers such that the sum of their squares is 85.

College Algebra

I'm still having trouble with this problem. Can someone please explain the steps to me. -2x+4>12 Is this the next step? -2x+4-4=12-4

College Algebra ~ Please Help

Can someone give me some real life applications that I can use for a quadratic function.


I need help how do you solve these types of equations 3x2power-27=0 2t2power=100 -4y2power=36 please help me and tell me how you got it.


Can someone describe the strategy for factoring a polynomial? Please give an example showing all of the steps. Thanks.

9th grade algebra

This is for my daughter. find the product of x^2 -4/5 X x + 2/x - 2 could you please show us the work so we can try to understand how it works?


I'm working on solving linear systems by substitution, here are the equations: 4x+3=y and x=y-2 what is the sollution? and please show me the steps! thanks!


Please Simplify: Having problems with this, and have many more to do. But if I get some guidence for this one I think I will be ok! (root5)a^7/2)^4 a^3/a^8 Thank you!


Very confused, and in need of help! I got 10 problems like this...Thanks! Let f(x) = 6/x-1 and g(x)= 1+3/x Please find the composite function (fog)(x)


Write your answer in the form Ax^2+Cy^2+Dx+Ey+F=0. A parabola with vertex (2,-1) opens right with a focal length "p" of 3. I don't understand, please help!

Algebra 2 URGENT

Solve the equation using the method that seems easiest. Please Show All Work! x^2+12=0

College algebra

I need help finding an equation of the line containg (-5,-9)and (-2,-7) the answer has to be in slope-intercept form y=? Can anyone please help me with this?


"Do the two inequalities have the same solutions? Wriet yes or no. -5x > 0 x > 0 Solve each inequality and ch eck your solution. 9x > 81 help please? -thanks


Help-I just started Algebra II and I'm lost. What is the solution of 10 = absolute value of 7-3x. Please show steps so I can understand


What is the domain of the function f(x) = square root of (12x-24) I don't get this concept and I have a ton of these problems-can you please explain how to get it Thank you


d=(1/2)at^2; solve for a. i got a=d/([1/5])t^2) but i don't see that in any of the possible responses: a. a= (2d)/t^2 b. a= 2dt^2 c. a= (dt^2)/2 d. a= d/2t^2 What did I do wrong? & can you please show detailed work?


Find two consecutive even integers such that the sum of the larger and twice the smaller is 62. PLEASE HELP I DON'T GET IT!/:

Algebra B

I am confused as to what the nth power is. Is it any number as an exponent that leaves the radicand the same? Could you please show me an example? thanks,

math- algebra- help please!

12 points lie on a circumference of a circle how many inscribed triangles can be constructed having 3 vertices?

Algebra please help

f(x)=1/3(x+7)^2+4 find the vertex,the line of symmetry, and the max or min. value of the f(x) graph the function. thank you in advance :)


solve using the subsitution method 4x+4y=36 4x+4y=12 If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, please help me understand it.


Given the linear equation y=-5x-2. Find the y-coordinates of the points (-1), (-2), and (1). Please show all of your work.


[-3 1 3] [-3 -5 -3] A=[-2 5 -4] B=[2 -1 4] If[4 -2 -1]and [-5 -2 -5]find BA I add the number and I came out with 666 468 and 946 I think I'm wrong Please help...


Please I need help: Find the vertex, the line of symmerty and the maximum or minmum value of the quadratic function: f(x)= 2x^2+2x+3


Solve the inequality. Express your solution using notation and please show all of your work. x^4<16x^2


find mid point of line segment whose end points are given (-3,-2) (-10,-9)please explain how this is done

Plz help!!! algebra

convert the decimal 0.6 to a fraction by writing it as a infinite series. I really have no idea how to do this can anyone please help me?

algebra 117b

Are these factorable Beecause I tried and could figure it out can you please help me thankyou x^2-4x+-32, x^2+14x+41,4x^8x7-12x^6+8x^5

college algebra

analyze the graph of the following function. r(x)= x^2+x-6 -------- x^2-x-2 there are 8 steps but they don't make sense to me... please show work!! thanks

Intermediate Algebra

Solve using the elimination method. Show your work. 14x+18y=54 -4x-14y=42 HELP please


what is the equation of the given line in standard form. use integer coefficients y=-1.7x+8.5 Please explain not understanding


Can you please help me understand this? Thanks Find the value of y so that the passing line through the two points has the given slope. 1. (2,y) (3,3) ;m=2


What is a quartic function with only the two real zeroes given? x=-1 and x=-3 Would someone please explain


Please help asap, (Question) he length width of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:2. The perimeter is seventy-three centimters.


I understand how to multiply a polynomial by a monomial for example 6pq(3p^2+4q)= 18p^3q+24pq^2 but i don't know how to do problems like this 5(2s-1)+3=3(3s+2) HELP PLEASE!!


Please help!!! im not sure what it is asking or how to answer it! In what situations would you use the mean to summarize a set of data? The median?


Generate the first five terms in the sequence using the explicit formula; Cn=12n-11 Please explain

College Algebra help please

I don't understand this. The question is use the remainder theorem to evaluate P(x) as given. 1. P(x)=3x^3+11x^2+2x-16 and it gives me P(1/3)


(35) I need to determine equation of g(x) that results from translating function f(x) = x^2 + 3 and upward 7 units please help me by showing steps thank you

Algebra 2

How do you get the real-number solutions of 5b^3 + 15b^2 + 12b = -36? I get to (b+3)(5b^2 + 12) and I don't know what to do after that. Can someone please show me how to finish this problem?


Please help...The area of a rectangular room is given by the trinomial x^2+4x-12. What are the possible dimensions of the rectangle? Use factoring.


I would appreciate the steps to the answer please... Suppose that y varies inversely with x, and y = 6 when x = 8. What is an equation for the inverse variation? • y = x/48 • y = 2x • x = y/2 • y = 48/x

Math:Algebra 2

Find an equation of the linear function f having a slope of -2 if f(1)=3 My teacher never taught this, please help


please explain and show step to this factoring problem 9w - w3 and 3h2 the 2 power + 1+3a this really makes no sense to me HELP

Algebra 2

Find all of the zeros of each function 1. q(x)=2x^3-17x^2+90x-41 2.x^3-5x^2-7x+51 3.x^4-9x^3+24x^2-6x-40 Please show work!!! I want to learn how to do it.


how can you write a proportion that solves a problem in real life? can someone give me some ideas please?

Algebra 2

Can someone please tell me how to solve and graph this system of trinomial quadratic inequalities? {y is greater than or equal to x^2+6x+12} {y<-x^2-8x-12 }

Algebra 2

Can someone please tell me how to solve and graph this system of trinomial quadratic inequalities? {y is greater than or equal to x^2+6x+12} {y<-x^2-8x-12 }


Solve the exponential by expressing each side as a power of the same base and then equating exponents. 5^x-2/4=squaroots 5 please help. Thanks!

Algebra 2

Can someone explain this exponential expression problem to me please? (3x/y^3)^-3 So I got the answer (1/27x^3)/ 1/x^9. Is this correct and if not where did I go wrong?

Algebra 2

What is the sum of the geometric series 10 E 6(2)^n n=1 I'm a little lost as to what I should do here. Could someone please clarify how this one is done?


PLEASE SHOW ALL STEPS 15-(4m-5)=32 I am just so pleased with this website I love it soooooooooooo much

Algebra 2

Compare the graphs of the inverse variations. Please provide at least 3 comparisons? y= (-0.2/x) and y= (-0.3/x) is this correct as an answer? 1, -0.2, -0.3 2, -0.1, -0.15 3, -0.0667, -0.1


What is the order of the numbers from least to greatest? A=4.6x10^-4 B=2.4x10^-3 C= 3.5x10^5 D=6.3x10^-4 A.C<A<B<D B.D<A<C<B C.B<C<A<D D.A<D<B<C**** Correct me if I'm wrong please


What is the order of the numbers from least to greatest? A=4.6x10^-4 B=2.4x10^-3 C= 3.5x10^5 D=6.3x10^-4 A.C<A<B<D B.D<A<C<B C.B<C<A<D D.A<D<B<C**** Correct me if I'm wrong please


Please help with the following problem: Suppose that x and y vary directly, and x=4 when y=10. Write the function that models the direct variation.

Algebra, please help

I've been stuck for a while on this problem Which ordered pair represents the solution to the system of equations? { 5x+3y=7 { 3x-5y=-23


Transform the following equations into standard form 1. x^2 + 2x = -1 2. 4 + x^2 = 7x 3. x^2 - x = 1 4. x^2 + 9x = 10 5.4x + 3 = x^2 6. x^2 + 5x +5 7. 2x^5 + 7x = 3x 8. x^2 = 3x + 8 9. x(x + 3) = 1 10. x^2 - 3x = -2 11. y^2 - 7y = -6 12.z^2 - 5z = -4 Some one please help I don...

Pre algebra

Write each of the following expressions without using absolute value. |x−y|, if x<y I reall don't get this please help

Linear Algebra

Please , I don´t know how to do this demonstration: If A and B are mutually perpendicular vectors( different to zero vector) and "c" is any number show that : || A +cB ||>= ||A||

Algebra 1

Identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function. f(t)=1.4^t A)a = 1, b = 0.4 B)a = 1.4, b = 0 C)a = 1.4, b = t D)a = 1, b = 1.4*** Is this correct? If I'm wrong can you please explain why, thanks! (=

Algebra 1 Please help

2. Which equation represents the pattern in the table below? Sals and carries ages Sal- 3, 5, 8, 13, 15 Carrie- 7, 9, 12, 17, 19 A. S=c+4 B. S=4c ^?^ C. C=s+4 D. C=4s


I still need help! Please show a complete evaluation with the answer in scientific notation. 9.6*10^2/3.2*10^5 Thanks very much.


Using factoring and zero-product property,please solve the following: 9r^2 -30r +21=-4 Thanks very much.

Algebra 1

Which is the correct simplification of 2.2*10^4/8.8*10^9 written in scientific notation ? a) 0.25*10^5 b) 2.5*10^6 c) 0.25*10^-5 d) 2.5*10^-6 I think it is either a or c, but please help. * means multiplication sign Thank You !

pre-algebra 1

Write 6.92 x 10 -8 in standard notation. A. 0.000000692 B. 0.0000000692 C. 0.0000000069 D. 0.00000692 Please help, i have no clue!!!


4x^2 - 13x + 3 How do you break this into groups? So far I'm having trouble with this type of concept. Please explain it, thanks!

social studies(CHECK ANSWERS PLEASE)

please check these answers please 1. Which region of Mexico are sinkhole most likely to be found? A. Mexico plateau B.Baja California C.sonoran desert D.Yucatan peninsula(I PICK THIS) 2.what effect does altitude have on Mexico's climate? A. as altitude decreases, the ...

maths and english

i have trouble with my subtractioin i also have problems with my spellings please help Please check these sites for games to help you improve your spelling. Please post a subtraction problem that ...

algebra 1

It certainly pays to check your work! I just took a huge science test. I checked it over twice before I turned it in, and I got an A! My score was 94 out of 100! I figure that each time I checked it, I found half of the mistakes that were there at a time. What would have been ...

algebra homework check

The monthly rents for the apartments in a Business building are listed below. $425, $550, $550, $550, $650, $650, $650, $650, $800, $900 Part A: Find the mean$637.50 median=$650 mode=$650 range=$475 and standard deviation of the rents???

Algebra 2

Can someone check my answers. Write the following equations in standard form. 1) x^2 - 2x + y^2 + 4y = 11 answer: (x-1)^2 + (y+2)^2 = 16 2) 4x^2 + 24x - y + 34 = 0 answer: y = 4(x-3)^2 + 2 3) The graph of which equation is a circle? A. 5x^2 + 10x = 9 + 5y^2 B. 5x^2 - 10x = 0...

algebra 2 homework check

Tell whether the possibilities should be counted using a permutation or combination. Then find the number of possibilities. You have a carrying case that holds four CDs. You want to know in how many ways you can place four of the ten CDs you own into the case. Answer: 10*9*8*7...


Can someone check work? Write three sentences about your weekend. Use the verbs poder, dormir and almorzar. Durante el fin de semana, yo duermo mucho. También comer almuerzo a las doce. Después, puedo ir de compras. Is it correct? If not, please correct. Gracias.


If a child say "i be sick yestiddy wif a cole" a qualified teacher wil conclude that the boy a is using black english dialect b. comes from a poverty levelhome environment c. requires special education assistance d. cannot speak standard american dialect i chose "d" please check


Could you please check these two sentence? Thank you. The deposit I paid for the hotel room will be retained (??) by the hotel if I cancel my booking a week before due/arrival. 2) In Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (in italics) the storm, for example, is ...


Could you please check these sentences, too? Thank you. 1) There was a shifting of the population from South to North. 2) You reported my notes without changing a single word. A paragraph mustn't be the exact repetition of my summaries. 3) Furthermore, some sentences are ...


Can someone please check if my answers are correct? combina las palabras lógicamente. 1. la langosta 2. la salchicha 3. el ají 4. el caldo 5. el sacacorchos 6. hornear 7. los ingredientes 8. la sal 9. el durazno 10. el aderezo a. el vino b. la toronja c. la sopa d. la receta...


4. In both the Gettysburg Address and “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” the writers (1 point) comment on the tribulations faced by a nation at war. honor those who have fought for freedom. demand the revision of the nation’s unjust laws. expound on the notion of tolerance ...


I have 3 questions with my answers and would like you to check them. If they're wrong, then please provide and explanation to how to do them. Thank you tutors. Write each sentence as an equation. 1. Eight less than 1/3 a number n is -13. My answer: 1/3-8n = -13 2. A number f ...

Algebra 2

I am stuck on this problem that I have tried to solve so many times! The question is:The length of a rectangle is four more than twice the width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 32 cm, what are the length and width of the rectangle? Here is my work: 32=2(2x+4)+2(2w) 32=(...


Youtube - The Maccabeats - Candlelight - Hanukkah Please watch the video above and tell me a piece of Catholic wisdom about a feast day or holiday in the Catholic church. Please please please please


(I answered a couple of them but am not confident on my answers, so can you please tell me if my answers are not correct to the ones I answered and for the ones I haven not answered that is because I do not know how to do them. PLEASE HELP!!! This assignment is already late). ...


please check my answer thanks :) Dr. Jones made an mistake is on of the medical records Three years later Nurse Bonnie noticed the mistake and corrected it This was an improper action because A. Too much time passed B The doctor did not make the correction C. The correction ...

French- check-over please

Imagine that you spent a day in the country taking pictures of animals. Make a list of 8 different animals that you saw. J'ai pris des photos de (d'): 1. un ecureuil 2. un oiseau 3. une poule 4. un lapin 5. une vache 6. un cochon 7. un canard 8. un cheval

Confidetiality of Health information

please check my answer thanks :) True or Flase You are allowed give access to someone if they need a patients records for a research project. I said True I have seen in my local hospital nursing students taking a look at a pt chart for research

U.S. History

please check this how did the Nationalists regard Shay's Rebellion? a. as proof that the states had too little power b. as an example of how governments abuse their power c. as proof that only a strong national government could prevent social disorder d. as a demonstration of ...

Physics-Please check

Do charged particles always experience equal but opposite electrical forces? My answer is The electric forces are directly porportional to the quantity of the charge on the objects. Is that correct-we just started learning this and I'm trying to answer this question and sound ...


Can you check these last two sentences, please? 1)The old man’s eye was open, which made the narrator angry. However, he kept still and said nothing. 2) When he wakes up he can see the size of his prison and realizes that the pit is about half the size he had calculated (OR ...

social studies

I need help on this problem: Cash crops raised on Southern plantations included _____________, rice and indigo. Please check: Eliza Pinckey is known for developing a type of [indigo] for dyeing cloth. The [Southern] English Colonies were located along the [East] Coast.

History: Please check answer

3. The CIA participated in the Cold War by helping design efficient weapons systems. carrying out secret operations in other countries. spying on the Soviet Union. helping the president determine foreign policy. I think the answer is B. Thank You

please check(Social studies)

can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages for interdependence ANSWER:It is your ideology which makes things good or bad?Good and bad will go along each other and can not be separated because nothing is absolute in this world.Unless you realize your self every body ...


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