Algebra, help + check please

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  1. math

    I need to check my answer... please help... the prime factorization in powers of primes of the number: 16380. 5460 to the power of three is this correct
  2. precalculus

    Can you check my answers? 1.Which of the following shows the best next step to prove the following by mathematical induction? 3^n>n*2^n, n≥1 1.When n=1, the formula is valid because 3^1 1*2^1 3>2 2.Assuming that 3^k>k*2^k a.3^k+1>k+1*2^k+1 b.3^k+1>k*2^k+1 c.4^...
  3. please check my answers!!!

    All of the following advances in technology contributed to the Age of Exploration EXCEPT the mariner's compass. circumnavigation. the astrolabe. the caravel. ***
  4. need your help

    please check this if it correct word. thanks a lot. but for the emergency sadden reason that my father died , I will go to the Philippines earlier than my plan.
  5. grammar check

    according to census information there is a connection between education and income. a)verb B)conjunction C)adverb D)preposition. i choose d.
  6. Chemistry

    Will you check this answer for me? the half-life of strontium-87 is 2.8hr. What percentage of this isotope will remain after 8 hours and 24 minutes? ?? 34%

    SHOOL IS NOT FUN!!!!!! ..... Jk.... April Fools!!!! Have a good day everyone and please don't use jiskha to cheat. Just use it to check your answers! :)
  8. chemistry

    Volume (mL) of 2.15 M potassium hydroxide that contains 8.09 g of solute WebAssign will check your answer for the correct number of significant figures. mL
  9. English

    Please check my answer THe cat licked it's paws while the dog watched. Does this sentence show the apostrophe used crrectly ? I said yes
  10. history

    Who was the only US President to be granted a patent and what was this for? I've just learned something. :-) Check this site.
  11. sensory abilites of the dog

    Please check my answer thanks Because dogs are pac animals, they prefer to eat A. Alone B. In the evening C. at dawn D. with others I said D
  12. Edu tech

    Can you please check this Probability can be used to determine the likelihood of specific ________. A:games B:occurrences C:questions D:opportunites D is my answer
  13. 5th grade math (dividing fractions)

    Can you check this problem? How many twelfths are in one sixth? work: 1/6 divided by 1/12 = 1/6 * 12/1 = 2 ans= 2
  14. Language arts

    I’m doing this essay or summary about the book always to rember the vision of maya Ying Lin can someone check my work please
  15. math check

    Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.6 .
  16. Science (Please check!)

    this device is a burner from an electric stove. it is used to transfer heat to a pot by a. conduction b. convection c. radiation I think c.
  17. math

    Carrie said that the best estimate for the sum of the heights is 10,000 feet. Explain hoe you would check her answer to see whether it is reasonable.
  18. teachers aide

    Resources for educating young children with diverse abilities part-3 Please check my answer?This is my last exam. 1--c 2--b 3--c 4--c 5--a 6--d 7--b(not sure) 8--d 9--b 10-c 11-b 12-a 13-d 14-c 15-d 16-a 17-c 18-d 19-c 20-a
  19. math check

    Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.24 is what I got .
  20. Government check

    In what year did Congress pass a law prohibiting employment discrimination against people with disabilities? 1965
  21. office finances

    which of the following would require a cash receipt memo b.purchase order c.check d.refund my answer is b
  22. Language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

    please help... Which of the following signal words could identify a problem-solution text structure? A.first B.i think C.therefore(I PICK THIS)
  23. CAlculuss

    Solve the equations algebraivally, test the solution for validity, and graph the system to check your number of solutions. x^2-2y^2=2 xy=2
  24. precalculus

    can you check my work I really do not understand. Find the standard form of the equation of the parabola with focus(8,-2) and directrix x=4. answer= (y+2)^2=-16(x-12/8)
  25. English

    Two students talked about the title. Now, one last student....OK. Well done. Please remain quiet, everyone. ------------------- Would you check the short passage? Correct any errors, please.
  26. statistic check

    Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.60 is what I got.
  27. 8th grade math

    I am not sure if I did it correct, can you please check this answer for me, Ms.Sue? :) Writing equations in point-slope form: m:3, p:(-1, -2) (y-y1) = m(x-x1) y-(-2)=3(x-(-1)) y+2=3x+3 y+2-2=3x+3-2 y=3x+1
  28. Biology

    Name 3 structures that help focus the light rays entering the eye: lens iris cornea Can someone tell me if this is right, if not a site I can check, please. Thanks
  29. math mortgages please check answer

    The monthly payment on a$100,000 mortgage at a rate of 8 1/2 % for 20 years is 8678.23 I am not sure
  30. social studies

    which pharaoh believed in only one god?????? Check this site.
  31. pre calculus

    determine the order of magnitude for the following: 1. a $1 bill and a dime 2. two products scored a PH level of 6.1 and 4.o I can't figure out #1… but I did get #2 to be 10^2.1 Please help with #1 and check to see I did #2 right?
  32. Finance

    What minimum reduction in the time to collect and process each check is needed to justify use of the lock-box system?
  33. Calculus

    We are doing problems with the product and quotient rules, but I'm not sure if I'm doing them correctly. If someone could check my answer I would really appreciate it. The original problem was y = (2x-1)^5 * (4x+1)^-1 and I got the derivative to equal y' = [(2x-1)^4/(4x+1)]/[(...
  34. Math check (:

    find the volume of the cone with a radius of 6in. and a height of 11in. MY ANSWER: 415 in^3 (Is it right?) thank you in advance!
  35. biology

    Question: Calculate the frequency of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of 0.2 AA, 0.6 Aa, and 0.2 aa. What I have done is: P = (0.2)+(0.5)(0.6)= 0.50 q = 1-p = 1 - 0.50 = 0.50 Can someone check my answer plz.
  36. Chemistry

    15. When chromium loses two electrons, its configuration changes to A. [Ar]4s1. B. [Ar]3d4. C. [Ar]4s13d5. D. [Ar]4s13d4. I'm guessing it's B but I just want to double check
  37. gcse science

    who invented the theory of relativity? Check this site. thank you!
  38. Math (Check)

    the probability of a basketball player hitting a foul shot is 1/3. How many shots would you expect her to make in 90 attempts? A. 30*** B. 60 C. 3 D. 45
  39. chemistry,

    Could you pls check back a few questions. The first 1 or 2 digits in each nmber is the family number, so the numbers do not go on a consistant trend. Thank you
  40. Puritan society

    I'm doing some background research on the Puritans, their religious and secular views, stuff like that. Any helpful sites I can check out?
  41. Grammar Answer Check

    The balm, his [singing], soaked in through my roots and flowed to the tips of my branches. -- indirect object?
  42. Math Check! #3

    You want to draft a four-player tennis team. There are eight players to choose from. How many different teams can you form? (1 point) •70 •64 •48 •336****
  43. language arts (check answer)

    Which of the following words most likly comes for africa? B.safari C.violin D.allegro i pick B.
  44. alg2 check

    b.)write the equation of the line that passes through the point (-6,-2) and has a slope of -2/3. if im using y=mx+b then how would I plug in -2/3 since it is a fraction instead of a regular number?
  45. chem

    Hi am doing a question for HW. Just need to double check: Is this the balanced equation for the combustion of titanium(IV) chloride? TiCl4 + O2 ---> TiO2 + 2Cl2
  46. science (check)

    carrying capacity is the maximum number of _____ that an ecosystem can support. . . . My Answer: Individuals in a population (Is it right?)
  47. Math

    Can someone check my work? the problem is: x=2+3/y and I have to solve for y I get rid of the denominator y and multiply it with it looks like xy=5 then just divide by x on both sides for a final answer of y=5/x
  48. Math

    Please check my answer~ Find the distance between points C (4,12) and D (-2,5) to th3 nearest tenth. d=sqrt(-2,4)^2+(5-12)^2 d=sqrt36+49 d=sqrt85 d=9.2
  49. Genetics

    Question: Calculate the frequency of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of 0.2 AA, 0.6 Aa, and 0.2 aa. What I have done is: P = (0.2)+(0.5)(0.6)= 0.50 q = 1-p = 1 - 0.50 = 0.50 Can someone check my answer plz.
  50. sociology

    Of the following, which BEST characterizes India 1Single-party state 2Socialist 3Multicultural 4Authoritarian I think the correct answer is 4 can you please check
  51. 8th Grade Algebra Answer Check

    Josh and Racquel sold corn dogs and burritos at the math club fundraiser. The corn dogs(c) cost $.35, and the burritos(b) cost $.75. They sold a total of 600 items, and raised $360. a)Write an equation for the total # of items sold. b)Write and equation for the total cost of ...
  52. algebra

    open box made from 33 x 33 inch sheet of metal by cutting out x-inch square from each corner and folding up the sides. What size square should be cut out to produce a box of maximum volume? (This is algebra class)
  53. Algebra

    Does anyone have the answers to Unit 2 Lesson 8 Unit test on Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities. There are a total of 19 questions. I did this wrong the first time i dont want to get it wrong the second time. Please i need this turned in before the day is out today. This...
  54. Algebra

    I need some help with algebra as I'm confused as to how to solve them. Find the common difference d and the value of a1 using the information given. 1. a6= 5/4, a8= 9/4 Evaluate each sum. 2. E like symbol that has a 29 on the top. On the bottom n=1 and to the right (4n-1) Find...

    Checking algebra answer, Is it correct? 320km/1hr ↓ 320km /1hr →1m/1.609km =320m/1.609hr÷=199.3mph Answer: Round to nearest 10th =198.9mph
  56. Probability - CHECK

    Could someone check my answers for these questions: 62. Powerball is played with 55 white balls, numbered 1 through 55 and 42 red balls, numbered 1 through 42. Five white balls and one red ball are drawn. In how many ways can a player select the six numbers? Answer: 141607962 ...
  57. Application of Integrals Check My Work

    I would like someone to double-check my answers on this question: River currents (miles per hour) at a certain location are given below. The current direction at this location was “from the north” during the time interval shown, and the current did not exhibit any severe ...
  58. math 4th grade no algebra

    Jen is 26 years younger than her mom. Together, their ages total 50. How old is Jen? How old is her Mom? My 4th grader has not learned algebra yet, so how do we solve this?
  59. PreCalc (still confused)

    Hello and Happy Halloween! Trying to get this problem and could use some help. Find the dimensions of the rectangle with minimum perimeter if its area is 400 square meters. Find the least perimeter. I know that a rectangle has two sides that are equal and two other sides that ...
  60. Computer

    What types of issues can you likely resolve by knowing how to access and use the Control Panel? Choose all that apply. network issues*** screen resolution and volume issues**** frozen application issues virus issues What can help prevent issues related to downloading content ...
  61. Algebra 2 Linear Programming

    I think this is an easy question but i just wanted make sure i have the right answer Could you check my work Some students make and sell jewelry in their spare time. Every week they have an avaiable 10,000 beads of various colors and sizes. They only have 20 hours to work on ...
  62. Chemistry please help

    Hey guys I did a lab and I have to answer the questions relating to the lab. I did question can someone please check if these are accurate 1. Calculation to Determine the molecular weight of unknown substance Mass of unknown used: 2.0 g Mass of water used: 50.0 g (0.05kg) Kf...
  63. math

    Mr. Doodle’s grade distribution over the past 3 years for a course in college algebra is shown in the chart below. Grade Number A 45 B 180 C 210 D 95 F 65 I 5 If Jane plans to take a college algebra course with Mr. Doodle, determine the empirical probability that she ...
  64. Math

    Mr. Doodle’s grade distribution over the past 3 years for a course in college algebra is shown in the chart below. Grade Number A 45 B 180 C 110 D 95 F 65 I 5 If Jane plans to take a college algebra course with Mr. Doodle, determine the empirical probability that she ...
  65. science( Please Check My Answer)

    Question: One of the largest cypress trees in Florida has a tree trunk diameter of about 3.5 m. What is the source of MOST of the carbon in the cypress tree's trunk? Answer choices: A. The tree created carbon during photosynthesis. B. The tree used carbon that it had stored in...
  66. 7th grade math Ms.Sue please check my answers

    1. Mac’s farm has a total of 18 horses and 27 cows. What is the ratio of horses to cows in simplest form? (1 point) 6 over 9 18 over 27 2 over 3 three over two 2. A class has 27 students. Fifteen are boys and the rest are girls. What is the ratio of girls to total students...
  67. French

    is this correct>? Quand j’ai choisis ma niveau d’éducation, ma liste des carriers n’a changé pas. Je veux aller au l’université et pour la majorité de mes emplois tu dois aller au l’université pour le faire. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum...

    Help Please Can u check my answers? < = my answer If you do not experience some pain from your workouts, you are probably wasting your time: A.myth < B.fact You should still watch what you eat when you are exercising, in order to maintain a healthy weight: A.myth B.fact...
  69. Math

    Mr. Doodle’s grade distribution over the past 3 years for a course in college algebra is shown in the chart below. Grade Number A 45 B 180 C 110 D 95 F 65 I 5 If Jane plans to take a college algebra course with Mr. Doodle, determine the empirical probability that she ...
  70. pre-algebra(algebra)

    I'm not sure if I have the correct answer to this problem...All I have to do is use the Distributive Property to write each expression as an equivalent algebraic expression. Here is the problem: b(c+3d) Is the answer: bc+3bd
  71. Algebra

    I have a few questions on my Pre- Algebra Pre- test. I am in 7th grade. Anyone willing to help me for a few questions for 5-10 minutes?
  72. Math

    How many integers are NOT perfect powers between 1 and 1000? It might be easier to count how many are powers and subtract that number from 1000. To do this you should first find the highest power of 2 less than 1000, then you'll know how high of powers you have to count. You ...
  73. French Check Ms. Sue

    Please check this. Thank you! 1. France is a country in Asia. true false*** 2. There are many countries in Africa where French is one of the principal languages of the people. true false 3. Québec, in Canada, is a French speaking part of Canada. true*** false 4. The French ...
  74. Chemistry

    You are completing tests using a weather balloon and want to check the temperature at 3000 meters into the air. You check if the balloon will not burst before it gets to that altitude. You will need to perform a few calculations. The manufacturer of the balloon guarantees it ...
  75. Math

    an algebra book weighs 6 oz less than twice as much as grammar book. if 5 algebra books weigh the same as 8 grammar books, how much does an algebra book weigh?
  76. algebra

    Will someone please check my answer: If R is the gene for brown eyes,and L is the gene for blue eyes, consider the children of a parent with a homozygous brown-eyed,RR,gene combination and a parent with a homozygous brown-eyed,RL,gene combination. What percent of the genetic ...
  77. MATH!!!

    given isosceles triangle ABC, line AB = BC, and BD is the angle bisector of isosceles triangle ABC prove AB x DC = BC x AD Aren't the two halves congruent? (SAS) If so, then DC is equal to AD. Don't the ratios AB:AD=BC:DC by corresponding parts? how do i write that out like on...
  78. Math--Please Check!!!

    Hi, I asked this question yesterday and I was given help in how to solve it. After working the problem, I have came up with $575.27. The problem is: When Beth finishes college, she has a balance or $2876.37 on a credit card with an annual percentage rate (APR) or 17.3% She ...
  79. math11Plelase check

    Hi I need to write these systems of equalities in slope intercept form so I can graph them. 20x+4.5y<=60 and 12x+20y<=60. y=4 4/9x+ 13 1/3 (I think this is wrong) y=-3/5x+3
  80. Spanish

    Countries of the Caribbean Basin generally share the same ______. A) traditions B) geography C) climate*** D) culture Please check my answer, thanks.
  81. Math

    Please double check me. Terry went on a 60 mile canoe trip. on first day, he traveled 21 miles. what percent of the total distance was that? 35%
  82. math

    witch of the ratio's does not form a poportion? A. 3/5 24/40 B.30/10 15/5** C.9/14 3/4 D.7/12 14/24 pleas check and do not put that messy stuff on here the comments blend in and i can't read them.
  83. History Check

    Was Thomas Jefferson the person who said this: "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union . . . " ? Just making sure
  84. Child day care management

    I need to check my answers for exams number 00385300 working with school-age children
  85. math (please check my work)

    find the equation (in slope intercept form) the line passing through the points with the given coordinate (-1,-1) (-3,-3) -3-(-1)/-3-(-1)=2 y+3=2(x-(-3) y+3=2x-6 -3 -3 y=2x-9 is what i got is this correct?

    what term would best describes the relationship between israel and palestinians? A) friendly B)prosperterious C)hostile**** D)distant
  87. english check

    A)all of the copies has been made b)none of the stores are on my way home. c)most of your friends is waiting for you inside. d)some of the promblems is for you to slove. im not really sure but it might be not sure if wrong please correct.
  88. math check

    I have a problem that I need checked it is the produce of the reciprocals of two consecutive integes is 1/182 Find the integers. I have as the answer -13,-14 or 13,14 is this correct?
  89. Math #3

    Which is likely to have a mass close to 3 kilograms? A: a 5-year-old child B: a bowling ball*** C: a lemon D: an adult lion Can someone check this plz
  90. Math

    Please check my answers, which are at the bottom of each question...:) remove brackets a) 4(a+3) d) 5(2+d) 4a+12 10+5d b) 3(2b+2) e) a(3a-6) 6b+2 4a-6a c) 7(3c-1) f) 2(x+y) 21c-7 2x+2y simplify the following: a) a+a+a+a d) a2 xa3 4a a5 b) a x a x a e) 3y+6z+2y-4z a3 5y+10z OR ...
  91. biology

    Can someone please check this defintion. What else can I put? Mutation=change to the base pair sequence of the genetic material of an organism What is 'Heredity'?
  92. Maths

    Question: I graphed -2x+y=-6 Y=-(1/3)x+1 & w/ the options No Solution, Infinante Solutions, or ( , ) I found the answer is (3,1) am I correct? What would be a better way to double check my answers?
  93. math

    I'm trying to factor a problem and cannot seem to get it to work out --- 12a^3 + 10a^2 - 8a I first factored out the gcf of 2 to get 2a(6a^2 + 5a - 4) From there I keep coming up with answers that are incorrect when I check them -- any suggestions please?
  94. English

    Can you check this sentence please? He had such a fair complexion that if he were cut he would bleed white. He had short sandy hair and freckles on his forehead.

    This is regarding to the super long post. Dr.Bob, did you actually check all of my answers? Do you want me to make several small posts now? By the way I don't understand how #1 is wrong!!!!!
  96. Biology

    Could somebody check this formula for the structure of hyroloysis of lactose C12H22O11+H20 ...> C6H12O6H12O6 OBVIOUSLY THE FIGURES ARE ALL SUBSCRIPT Many thanks Is that not the molecular formulae ???
  97. check geo

    A _______ is artwork that is painted directly onto a wall. A)mural my ans. B)mariachi C)jai alari D)mola
  98. check geo

    a mild _______ climate is found in most southern europe. A)mediterranean B)tropical C)subtropical D)tundra my choose d
  99. Physics

    Hi, Which correctly expresses the relationship between wavelength (L), speed (V) and perios (T) of a sinusodial wavform ? a) L = T/V b) L= 2fxV/ T c) L= 1 / V x T D) L= V/T e) L = V x T f) L= V x T/ 2f I feel it is option (d) ..please check for me .. and thanx
  100. History

    Can someone check this? The organizational patter of the Gettysburg Address is: A. problem and solution B. Compare and contrast C. Chronological D. Order of importance***
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