Algebra, help + check please

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8 + (7)with directions please that's alll algebra

math, algebra

If a and b are integers when is 1/ab positive? Please help me, I don't know what to do.


Please help solve with elimination method. -6x+6y=18 7x+5y=-9

algebra help please

2200 + (-480t) what is the answer when t = 5 t = 10 t = 15 t = 20


y>-5/3x+3 Please help me i need some guidance

Algebra 2

let f(x)=-2x+4 and g(x)=-6x-7 find f(x)-g(x) please help me with the steps? I'm so confused..


please factor this quadratic eaquation thanks


Please help me solve the following problem: y: 3y + 9y - 24 = 6y - 4 - 8


Simplify x / 6x - x^2 Please show me how you did it so i can understand!


Please Answer this and show your work! (3h+2)(2h^2-7h+1)

Algebra II

Can you please help me solve the following problem: 4² + [15 + 9 - 3(2)] Thank you.

algebra--1 question

Multiply. (k+3)/(4k-2)*(12k^2+2k-4) a. 3(k+3)/3k+2 b. 3(k+3)(2k-1)/2 c. (k+3)(3k+2)*** d. (3k+1)(2k+3) Please help? Thanks

Algebra II

Can you please let me know if this is the transitive or substitution property? If y = z, then y + 14 = z + 14 Thank you!!!!


solve this (-1 2/3)/(-2 1/2) I know the end result is 2/3 but how do I get there? Please help

Algebra logs please help



Simplify (6x^-2)^2(0.5x)^4. I have no idea how to do this!, please help!


3^x=9x please show workings

algebra 1

8. Simplify. x+7/x^2+4x-21 A. 1/x-3 B. x-3 C. 1/x-7 D. x-7 I went with A. Am I correct if not help me please?

algebra 1

Evaluate: 30 - m/6 for m = 30. a. 25 b. 0 c. 6 d. 1 i chose a. 25? please verify. thanks


How to simplify. Steps Please. -11sqrt112


If x<5<1/x-1, then x could be which of the following? a) 5 b) 1 c) 7/6 d) 10/3 Please help, I am thinking the answer is C.


y/8 +6= -10 i need help please. i don't understand it.


p=1/r * s + d ; solve for s A. s = r/p - d B. s = p + d/r C. s = r(p - d) D. s = r(p + d) I'm not sure on this one, but I'd go with B. Please help? Thanks


How do I simplify 0.0009765625? Please help!!!


what is 2n>14 What is n/5>11 - what is -3y<-18 - I need help on how to figure them out please!


Please simplify the following expressions: (x^2+3x-9)+(-4x^2+2x-3) (x-2)(3x+5) (r+3)^2 Thank you for your help.


4x^2 + 8x - 11x + 6 - 5x^2 + 2 Please simplify the polynamial

algebra 1

If the volume of a prism is 3x^2 + 6x - 24, what are the dimensions? Please help.

Chem Check

Can someone verify my answers please? convert the folowing into a pressure reading expressed in torr A. 1.25atm * 760torr/1.0atm = 950. torr B. 2.48 x 10^-3 atm * 760torr/1.0atm = 1.88 torr C. 4.75 x 10^4 atm* 760torr/1.0atm = 3.61 x 10^7 torr D. 7.60 x 10^6atm * 760torr/1....


Could someone please check my work. what is the slope of the line that passes through the given points?(2,12( and (6,11) -1/4 (my choice) 1/4 4 -4 My work: 11-12/6-2=-1/4 what is the slope of the line that passes through the given points? undefined( my choice) 0 -2/3 -3/2 My ...


On November 1,2009, Broom Company received a bank statement that showed a $2,950 balance. Broom showed a $4,010 checking account balance. The bank didn't return check No.124 for $1,080 and check No.138 for $720. A $3,200 deposit made on Oct30 was in transit. the bank charged ...


Greetings, So I've been working on this problem: H(x) = (x^4 - 2x +7)(x^-3 + 2x^-4) H'(x)= Kept on getting it wrong and I assumed it was an algebra mistake. After multiple tries I went to a few derivative calculators to check my work... What I saw was the calculators converted...

ALgebra pls check -

can youcheck these write a 2 step equation: half a dollar minus five dollars equals fifteen dollars: n/2 -5 = 15 five hours more than one half of an hour equals fifteen hours: n/2 + 5 = 15 two less than three times the number of feet of fencing required equals twelve feet: 3n...


Please Helpppp!!! Mother having a hard time with radicals. A playground is shaped like a rectangle with a width 5 times its length (l). What is a simplified expression for the distance between opposite corners of the playground? Please can you post step-by-step so I understand...

Please Help ASAP!! Algebra

A number cube is rolled with these results: 64 ones, 67 twos, 73 threes, 59 fours, 72 fives, and 71 sixes. What is the experimental probability of rolling an even number? Write your answer as a percent, to the nearest tenth of a percent... A. 51.9% B. 48.5% C. 53.6% D. 46.8% ...

Algebra Work Check

1. 5√6 * 1/6√216 5/6 * √1296 5/6 * √144 * √9 = 30 2. -9√28a^2 * 1/3√63a -3√1764a^3 -3√49a^2 * √36a -3*7a*6√a = -126a√a


I need help with this question please help, I just don't understand it Fe3+ (aq), Ca2+ (aq) and Ba2+ are all present in the same solution. Fully describe a procedure whereby you could separate these ions from one another Mr Pursley posted this response, but I don't understand ...


Can you please check the following sentences? I just want to make sure that the tense choice is correct. 1.Enter the airport and look at the departures board to check your flight number and the departure time of your flight. 2.Go to the check-in desk to weigh your luggage. ...


Please check for any error and correctt them. THanks!!! We have your letter dated August 17; concerning alternative dates to take discover disposition of the plaintiff and the defendant of this case. We suggest that the disposition be scheduled 1:30 p.m. at your office on ...


List all possible rational zeros given by the Rational Zeros Theorem (but don't check to see which actually are zeros). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) S(x) = 6x4 − x2 + 6x + 12


Of 43 bank customers depositing a check, 18 received some cash back. (a) Construct a 90 percent confidence interval for the proportion of all depositors who ask for cash back. (b) Check the normality assumption.

Civics to Ms.Sue

Ms.Sue can you check my questions below I like when you check them and suggest what's best. I just need to finish this study guide so I can start studying on the right questions and not on the wrong ones.

algebra, help please!!!

what is a function and how do u tell the difference between one and something else? in my hw, there's these 3 graphs, all have a column for inputs and outputs and we have to point out which one or two represents a function...please help me! thank u so much!

Math Check

Hi! Can someone check this for me? Thanks! Question: Determine if v and w are equal If v = Ray AB and w = Ray CD, where A (23, 11), B (10, 15), C (13, 15), and D (0, 11. (True or False) My answer: False

Math Check

Hi! Can someone check my answers? Thanks! Questions: 1.) What are all of the foci's for this Ellipse? (x-2)^2/3 + (y-2)^2/4=1 A.) (3,2) B.) (2,2) C.) (1,2) D.) (2,3) E. (2,1) My answer: B & E. 2.) What is the eccentricity for this Ellipse? A.) 2 B.) 1/2 C.) 3/4 D. 1 My answer: A.


On summer vacation, I went to Spo1 Park. I went there by car. In the swimming pool of Spo1 Park, I enjoyed swimming and learned how to swim on my back (how to swim the backstroke, how to do the backstroke). It was not easy to swim on the back. I always feel so happy when I ...

Math(Please check my work.)

(2x-3)(x^2+5x-3)=2x+10x^2-15x+9 *Is this correct.? this is a different problem... Here's how this one works out: ......x^2 + 5x - 3 ............2x - 3 ================== ...... -3x^2 - 15x + 9 2x^3 + 10x^2 - 6x ====================== 2x^3 + 7x^2 - 21x + 9 I hope this will help.


Can somebody please check my answer for this one? Calculate the number of atoms for the following: 2 mol Na atoms I got 1.2*10^24 Correct. twice avagradro's number. Thank you!


Please check my answer thanks :) THe question is which of the following is a sentence fragment. 1 When we stopped by the garden. 2 We stopped; she didn't. 3 Take the flowers to your mother. 4 When did you go ? I picked answer # 1 is that right

Math please check answer

Amy bought a computer for a total of $676.24 In the state where she lives the sales tax is 7% What is the amount of her sales tax ? I got $44.24

sensory abilites of the dog

please check my answer thanks A dog's ability to smell can be disturbed by problems with the A. ears B. teeth C eyes D tongue I said teeth (b)

dog behavior

Please check my answer thanks True or False Robert Rescorla studied the effects of rewarding a dog for not jumping on people I said False

dog behavior

please check my naswer for me thanks for your help :) True or False Ivan Pavlov is credited with the systematic study of conditioned reflexive behavior I said True

life sciences/7 grade

What is the 23 pair of chromosomes in a human cell called? Why are they important? Their are the sex chromosomes. They affect the gender. can you check my answer please ,and help me with an answer

Language arts

Check my answer please Which of the following would not be considered an asset? A) credit card debt B) a good credit rating C) an education Answer: A

fact/opinion #2

Please check: 1) Kids who like to get muddy should visit Michigan. [opinion] 2) It must be a sloppy mess [opinion] 3) That's a lot of mud [opinion?]


For a BOD5 Test: 1) why water samples needed dilution 2) How to check the test accuracy 3) Under what conditions, the water sample needs"seed"? anyone can help, please.


For BOD5 test 1) Why water samples needed dilution? 2)How to check the test accuracy? 3)Under what conditions, the water sample needs "seed"? anyone can help?please.


Signals that help the body process and respond to information from the environment are ________________. active transport nerve impulses equilibrium Is it Active transport ?

Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem

Can you please help me and my grandson? It says: The length of the sides of the triangle are 5m, 6m, and 7m. Is the triangle acute, right, obtuse? How can I check my answer to see if it was right?


I need help with this quiz, if anyone knows the answers, I will be most happy. The quiz I am on is Unit 5: Lesson 6: Graphing Linear Functions. I have my answers and Mr. Steve PLEASE check them for me, thank you! 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. C 8. C

check math

Here are my answers. Can you check if I got the right answers? Thank you! (x-4)/(x^2-3x-4) = x+1 (x^3-8)/(x-2)=x^2+2x+4 (5-x)/(x^2-25)=-x-5 (x^2-4x-32)/(x^2-16)=(x-8)/(x-4) first one should be 1/(x+1) second is good third: -1/(x+5) 4th is ok Have you not been taught to place ...

Math Please Help

5. Shara's new lawn sprinkler watered a circular area with three times the radius of the old sprinkler. How many times greater was the area watered by the new sprinkler than the area watered by the old sprinkler? a)3 b)6 c)9 d)36 6.How many x-intercepts does the graph of the ...

Pre-Cal(Please check)

1)f(x) = -x + sqrt 4 - x^2 Find f(-2) -(-2) + sqrt 4 - (-2)^2 = 2 + sqrt 4 + 4 2 + sqrt 8 = 4.828 Is this correct?

Math(Please check)

2.5 X 10^(-3) = (.28)(.38) / x^2 Solve for x. 2.5 X 10^(-3) = 0.1064 / x^2 2.5 X 10^(-3) X 0.1064 = 266 sqrt 266 = 16.3 Did I do this correctly?? Thank you for your help.

9th grade algebra

I've never seen a problem like this, please help. I think we have the number part right but what would the unit be once the math is done? Please show me how you came up with the answer so I will know for next time. 30 miles/1 ton x 5280 feet/1 mile x 1 hour/60 minutes x 1 ...


Please please help, this is like the only thing i am having trouble on right now, and no one my my family knows about this stuff. Any help would be great! (: x 3 6 9 12 f(x) 9 18 27 36 Does this relationship show direct linear variation?_______________ If so, what is your k ...


I was wondering if someone could please help me this is really making me go crazy please check my answers thank you Paul Smith was admitted to the hospital for the first time this year on Sept 15. On Sept 25 he was transferred to a SNF where he stayed until October 30 He was ...


can someone check these for me please.... problem#4 Directions: Factor each polynomial completely by factoring out any common factors and then factor by grouping. Do not combine like terms. 3a^3+3ab^2+2a^2b+2b^3 My answer: (a^2+b^2)(3a+2b) you are correct


The fundamental frequency of a string fixed at both ends is 375 Hz. How long does it take for a wave to travel the length of this string? Please check my answer Solution: f=v/2L v=2Lf t=1/2f=l/v 1/2(375hz)= .0013 sec


please check my answer thanks :) What is this sentence missing and where ? One day my dad and his brother stop me if you've heard this story started on what they thought would be an uneventful drive to work. I thinks it's missing commas


Which discovery tool would be especially appropriate to use against a plaintiff claiming physical injuries that the defendant believes are being faked please check my answer thanks :) a request for physical examination

dog behavior

please check my answer thanks Which of the following activites seems to be innate for dogs ? 1.Demonstrating gaze alteration 2. submitting to its owner 3. sending intraspecific signals 4. sending interspecific singals I say # 1

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check my answer thanks An objective sign is one that A can be observed by another person B precedes a disease C is felt by the patient and can not be obsserved by another person D causes the pt the most trouble I picked A

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check my answer True or False The medical assistant measured the circumference of the infant's head the method of the exam has occurred is called observation ? I said false

dog behavior repost

please check my answer again thanks Pupillary constiction in the presence of bright light is an example of what reponse ? A active tropic B passive tropic C unconditioned D conditioned I now say it's C

Dogs Hunting Training

Please check my answer thank you :) True or False AKC Retriever field Derby stakes sre open to Retrievers younger than two years of age I said True


Can someone please check this sentence. I want to make sure I DON'T need a comma in the sentence. THANKS! I have found her to be extremely competent in areas by exemplifying her creativeness through many challenges she has taken upon herself.

Physics(Please check)

A 5-kg ball is thrown straight up in the air with an initial speed of 24m/s. After its release and before it hits the ground when is the ball in free fall? My answer is at all times. Is this correct? Thank you.

Physics(Please check, thanks)

A football player kicks a ball with a speed of 25m/s at an angle of 40 degrees relative to the horizontal. Ignore air resistance. 1) What is the ball's range? R= V0^2 sin Q / g Is this the correct equation to use?

Math! Please check!

When constructing the circumcenter and circumscribed circle of a triangle, you need to find the intersection of all three of which type of line? A- medians B- perpendicular bisectors C- altitudes D- angle bisectors My choice is B.


Please check my answer because i don't know for Sure Which pronoun or pronouns correctly complete the sentence? Everybody had chosen __________ own meal to eat on the field trip. A. its B. his or her C. their D. they're I think it is either B or C but i don't know for sure


) Which of the following industries most likely originated the business-speak term "bandwidth"? A. Finance B. Real Estate C. Technology D. Health care I think the answer is C. Can someone please check my answer?

Math! Please Check Answers!

Which one of the following sample spaces correctly lists all the possible outcomes for flipping a coin and rolling a number cube? Let head be H and tails be T. a. H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4, H-5 b. H-1, T-1,H-2,T-2,H-3,T-3,H-4,T-4,H-5,T-5 **** c. H-1,H-2, H-3, T-4, T-5 ***- I picked ...

Please check my answers(Social Studies)

what were some important industries along the eastern coast in the new england colonies? Shopping Fur trade•• Cattle farming Fishing•• Tobacco farming


The sentence below requires a citation. In the last three years, Ford has sold more automobiles in America than any other auto-manufacturer. 1.True 2.False I say False. Please check my answer.

Math check my answer

What music plan is a better deal? site A: $29 per month plus .80 cents per download site B: $17 per month plus $1.19 per download write an equation and show how many downloads make site A a better deal. My answer:: .80x + 29 > 1.19x + 17 after all my other work i got x>...


Could you check these few sentences n travelling. Thank you 1) Go to the check-in desk. Put your luggage on the conveyor belt for it to be weighed. 2) Once you get your boarding card, go through security. Put any metal thing in a basket for it to be scanned. Collect your ...


PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS! THANKS please help me and thanks to you all !! 1. A car travels 132 miles using 4 gallons of gas.At that rate,how far can the car travel using 7 gallons of gas? A.231 miles (I pick this) B.264 miles C.134 miles D.1,260 miles 2.yesterday ,a parking lot ...

math help!

Hi! How may you check 2+3w=12+2w to equal each other and check out equal

math help!

Hi! How may you check 2+3w=12+2w to equal each other and check out equal

Algebra 1

Write an equation of a line that passes through (-12, -14) with slope 6. A.y = 6x - 12 B.(y + 14) = 6(x + 12) C.(y + 12) = 14(x + 6) I've tried so many different ways to find this answer but can't. Please help me and please show me how you got it. I don't want you to just tell...

Chemistry(Please check)

.50 - x / x = 3.20e-1 I need to solve for x. I was going to do .50 X 3.20e-1 and then take the square root but this is not correct. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help. Math(Please help) - Reiny, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 3:18pm You probably meant (.50 - x)/x = ...


please check my answers Suppose that the temperature outside is dropping at a constant rate. At noon, the temperature is 70 F and it drops to 58 F at 5 p.m. How much did the temperature change each hour? 12/5=2.4 degrees per hour. Evaluate the expression if a=-2, b=5,c=-4, and...


Find the measure of each line segment whose algabraic expressions is given when x= 5 and y=4. Does that mean I have to label the sides, like if there's an "x" on one side of a rectangle I should substitute a 5? I just need to check on this as there are quite a few questions ...

Algebra please explain!!!

A boat costs $92,000 and depreciates in value by 15% per year. How much will the boat be worth after 10 years? 18,112.45 78,200 18,941.98 69,000 Is the answer the first one? Could somebody write down the steps for me please? Pleas help asap! Thanks

Algebra 1

So I attempted this and I'm not sure if it's the correct answer - and I don't know how to graph it.. Student tickets to the Homecoming game cost $5 each. General admission tickets cost $8 each. So far, 150 tickets have been sold. $900 has been collected. A. Write a system of ...

medical insurance forms

please check my answer thanks True or False The information for Blocks 1-9 on the CMS-1500 can be obtained from the medical treatment record I said True

Agility Training

Please check my answer thanks :) A gamble is a course that's A. determined by a series of colors. B. set out by the judge. C. established by another handler. D. the same from competition to competition My answer is B

chemistry(please check formula)

how much energy i kj is required to change the temp of 1.00 kg of fe from 25.0 degrees celsius to 1515 degrees celsius? so it would be q= (.449)(1.00)(1490)-correct?


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