Algebra, help + check please

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Help please h+9/h-1 divided by 2h+18/h-5


Please help me solve -4x-20=-21&1/3


can someone help me please!!!! (6x^8 - 6)(x^9 - 9)


x^2+x/x^2-6x+8/x^2+3x+2/2x^2-7x+6 can some help me please...


please help me solve 3x-x+7=9+2x.


please help me solve 1/3(6x-3y)-1/2(8x-4y)


4x-8=12+6x Please help! Thankss!


Please help! 7/3x + 1/3x = 4x + 48/3 + 8/3x Thanks so much for your help!


2y-6x=8 2y=6x+8 y=3x+4 please explain this to me

algebra 1a

Help and explain please 9m+n=22 m-3n=18

Algebra 2

Divide. x^2+7x-37/x+9. Please help me.


y^2-4y-12=0 Please help. :)


how to prove that (a^2-b^2)^3+(b^2-c^2)^3+(c^2-a^2)^3=3 (a^2-b^2)(b^2-c^2)(c^2-a^2) please help


What is 3y^2-27? Explain please.




T=6+20/n+2. Solve please


Please help I cannot get these problems, x-4y=14 and -x+3y=-11 2x-y=-3 and -5x+y=9

Algebra II

y=u+1/u+2 solve for "u". Please help me :)


6|4p+2|-8<34 please help solve this.


PLEASE HELP ME FIND x/-3 = 3/-2 Thanks!


how do i solve this please help 5 < x – 2 < 11

Algebra 102

9^x=1/3^3 Please Help


(1-(1/x)) / (1-x) = ? please help i don't know what to do next.....


3a+5b=4 4a+3b=2 find a and b please

Algebra II

If F(x)=x^2-x+1 and g(x)=-3x+6, what is the product of f(-1) and g(3)? Help please.


what is 36>-9t and why please thank you


Solve this please! -2(2f-4)=-4(-f+2)


Y=3X^2+9X-1 what are the x and y intercepts? Please!


3x+11=-4 please help idk what to do???


Solve for k k/k-4 + k/k-1=1


1/6p+14<20?????? Help explain please!


Help Please! 2n(x-n)=x-5n+2 Solve for X


Can you please help me with this problem? -7x-4x-5=9x


-2x-3y=-34 -3x+3y=24 May someone please help me?




can someone help me with this please 2/3 ãx =8

algebra 2 Please help

8x/6y divide by 2x/3y

algebra 1

can somebody help me please!

Algebra 1--Please, help me!

Mulitply ((n-5)/(n^2 - 2n -3)) / ((n-3)/(n^2 -4n - 5)).


Please help me simplify y^3x^6/y^5x^4


How do I factor this, Please help me.9w-w^3


How do I factor this, Please help me.9w-w^3


3x^2+5x=x^2 please help me solve for x.

Algebra 1

evaluate -3 - (-4)= ?? Please help

Algebra PLEASE Help

3(4 - 2x) - -2x SHow how you did it?

Algebra Help please?

what is the value in "x" in 16^2 = x

Algebra help please

Let f(x) = x + 2 and g(x) = x2 Find ( g o f)(-5) A. -3 B. 9 C. 49 D. -10 B?


PLEASE SOLVE. 9Y/7 =12(Y-2)


Please simplify. 1.) (c^-3)^2d^4/d^-2= 2.)(e^4)^-3f^-5/f^-2= 3.)(8^-7/8)^-2= thank you. :)


(x+5)^2 -(x-5)^2= Simplify. Help please :)


T=3u/e for u can someone please help

algebra I

Please help with this problem -38=-4k-8+4k-28 -38=k-8-28 -38=k-36 -36 -3-74=k


Can anyone help me to solve this please: 1) m/16 - 9 = -8 2) -9 + n/4 = -7 3) p/4 + 8 = 7 4) b + 11/3 = -2


6= x+2/3 help me solve this please


3x^2 + 6 - 2x + 5x - 4x^2 + 9 NEED HELP PLEASE

Algebra Please help

what is the solution to 3x^2+3x-5=0


the element nitrogen and magnesium react to give magnesium nitride according to the balanced equation N2 + 3Mg = Mg3N2 suppose you have 0.3616 mol of n2 1-how many moles of mg are needed for complete reaction? 2-what mass of Mg3N2, in grams can be produced? ( the molar mass of...

Algebra 2

Can someone please check these answers for me?? I'm pretty sure most of them are right, except for maybe the second T/F question... 1) T or F. The domain of y=ln x is equal to the range of y=e (superscript x). True 2) T or F. ln(3x x y to the 3rd power) = (ln x 3) x (ln x) x (...


For each equation, determine whether its graph is symmetric with respect to the -axis, the -axis, and the origin. 4y^4+24x^2=28 and y=1/x^2+5 Check all symmetries that apply x-axis,y-axis,origin or non of the above.

Math(Please check)

Complete the identity secQ - 1/secQ = secQ Is this correct?

Math Help

Please help me solve these two problems and check my answer :) 1. 3x-5+x+2 My answer- X= 17/3 2. 5/6x+1/4= -9/4 my answer- X= -2

Math Please check

(1/8)17n x 8 I got: 17n/8 x 8= 17n not sure about this??

please check(Social studies)

please check my answers thanks 1. A 2. D 3. B 4. B 5. A 1. which geographic features lies east of the andes moutains? A. saltwater grasses B. active volcanoes C. llanos grasslands D. mangrove swamps 2. Which landform can be found in the andes mountains? A. savannas B. ...


Thank you very much for encouraging me to go on with my work! Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Can I start my exercise with: Fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition. Complete the sentences using an appropriate preposition. 1) He is a trainer now ...

Algebra 1 Explanation (Anyone, please!)

Please, can anyone explain the concept of graphing quadratic functions to me? For example, how must I graph gradratic functions such as y = x^2 - 2x - 3? If anyone could also include step-by-step solving methods, I would truly appreciate it.

Math - Please Help Check My Answer

Please help me with the following question: A student attempts to solve for c in the equation below. Which statement best applies to the work shown below? 3c + 6 - 4c - 12c = 7 -13c + 6 = 7 -13c + 6 + (-6) = 7 + (-6) -13c = 1 c = -1/13 A. The student followed all rules ...


can anyone tell me how to do this i am so lost. The sum of two numbers is 37. Their difference is 7. What are the two numbers? x = one number so x+7 + x = 37 2x= 30 x=15 other number x+7 or 22 Check 15 + 22 =37

Algebra check

Determine whether f(x)=x^2 is one to one. When I substitute values in for x even when I use negative values x^2 will be positive so is it one to one?

Algebra II

Solve each equation. Check for extraneous solutions. Solve:|x+5|=3x-7 My answers were: x=6 and x=.5 I don't think they are right though, but I should get 2 answers right???....Help!

mrs SUe Algebra check

I cant figure this out 6 /2 * 8-8 /2 +4 i got 6/2 * 8-8 /2 3*8 4 24 -4 = 20 is this right way? 29 - (3+5) *2 +3 i got 16 is that right? 5-[6+3(-40/8) + (-2)exponent 2 i got 9 x5 = 45 + 4 = 5 -49 = -44 is that correct? [-6*(2-4)]/(-2)-(-9) i got -1.71

Geometry (PLEASE HELP!!!)

Please Please HELP!!!! I need the answer to this and i've worked it out but I don't know if it is correct... Please check my answer!!!! The polygons are regular polygons. Find the area of the shaded region to the nearest tenth. I can't post a picture of it but it shows a ...

Algebra 2

PLEASE HELP WITH THIS-ITS DUE APRIL 5TH, 2011!!! During a past epidemic, the number of infected people increased exponentially with time, or f (t) = ab^t , where f is the number of infected people at time t, in days. Suppose that at the onset of the epidemic (0 days) there are...


Pipes A & B can fill a storage tank in 8hours and 12 hours, respectively . With the tank empty ,pipe A was turned on at noon, and then pipe B was turned on at 1:30 P.M.At what time was the tank full. Please help me!! Let V be the tank volume. Pipe A fills at (1/8 V) per hour ...

Math check

Average cost = q^2¡V15q + 48 Calculate the output level (q), which minimizes a)Total Cost b)Marginal Cost I got an answer for a) is q=8 and b) is q=5 I need somebody to check it for me, thanks so much.


An oil spill from a tanker in pristine Prince Williams Sound in Alaska begins in a circular shape only 2 ft across. what happens to the area if the diameter is doubling each hour. How large will the spill be in 24 h? diameter= 2^(t+1) t is time in hours. Area= PI*radius^2= PI...

algebra expressions

i need to write an algebraic expression for each word phrase. Can you check if I am correct: 2) 13 less than a number q i got : 13 - q 4) the quotient of a number n and 4 i got: n/4 6) the number of days in w weeks n * w 8) the cost of p photocopies if each one costs $ .15 $....

Science - Please check my answer

This is my problem: When Christy takes her pet dog for a walk, the dog walks at a very consistent pace of 0.45 m/s. There are 20.1 m between the front of Christy’s house to the nearest dog park. How far will Christy’s dog have walked toward the park after 25s? This is my ...


Could somebody please check these for me? Solve the differential equation with the given initial solution. 1. (dy/dx)=(-y/3) for y(0)=10 my answer was y=10e^(-x/3) 2. dP/dt=P+4 for P(0)=100 my answer was P=104(e^t)-4 3. dz/dt=te^z for z(0)=0 my answer was z=-ln(-.5(t^2)+1) THANKS


Could somebody please check these for me? Solve the differential equation with the given initial solution. 1. (dy/dx)=(-y/3) for y(0)=10 my answer was y=10e^(-x/3) 2. dP/dt=P+4 for P(0)=100 my answer was P=104(e^t)-4 3. dz/dt=te^z for z(0)=0 my answer was z=-ln(-.5(t^2)+1) THANKS


Are the following compounds or mixtures? Please help to check the answers. 1) starch - compound 2) chalk - compound 3) coal - mixture 4) drain water -compound


Please check these 25. If a dress were 20% off of the marked price of $32.00, how much would it cost? $25.60 26. Write 1,000,000,000 in scientific notation 1.0 x 10^9 27. (3.0 x 10^2) x (2.0 x 10^6) = ? 6.0 x 10^-4


Writeacher,can you please check if everything is correct? Thank you. 1) Can you give me a hand to finish this exercise, please? 2) The answer to your question is on he tip of my tongue. 3) Behave yourself! Don't shrug your shoulders! 4) I can't see at a distance. I think you ...

Math Please help Ms. Sue

How can you determine if the given lines are perpendicular? Line 1: (-1,3) and (3,-3) Line 2: (-3,0) and (3,3) A)determine if they have slopes with opposite values*** B)determine if they have the same slope C)determine if the product of their slope is 1 D)determine if the ...


A rectangular garden is 54 feet longer than it is wider. Its perimeter is 292 feet. Write a system of linear equations whose solution gives the width and length of the garden. Use the substitution method to solve and check your answer.

Micro Economics

Assume that the market for annual physical check-ups is in equilibrium, and not everyone gets an annual physical check-up. What is the effect on price and quantity if a government regulation fixes prices at the current level and requires everyone to get an annual physical ...


Can you please help me to work out the addreviated structural formulae of hydrolysis of tocainide? Won't it be the -NH2 group that hydrolyzes? ArNH2 + HOH ==> ArNH3^+ + OH^- Check my thinking. Thanks That is exactly what I thought it would be. Thanks again DrBob.


I am a teacher. I teach the fifth grade. Dose any body have an idea of a good book I could read them. Thank YOU. Please check the many books listed at this site. (Broken Link Removed) Thank You very much


Can someone please check my answer...thank you! According to Raoult's law, as the mole fraction of dissolved nonvolatile solute in a given amount of solvent increases, the solution vapor pressure: VARIES AT RANDOM?

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

Please check my answer thanks Which one of the following elements is necessary for bacterial microorganism to grow ? A. light B. body temperature C. acid environment D carbon dioxide I pick B

Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

Please check my answer to this question thank you Early detection of testicular cancer relies on A a cystoscopy B self-exam by the patient C good nutrition D exercise I picked B

Applied Dog Behavior

Please check my answer thanks 7. _______ reported using a "cricket" to train animals as early as 1951. A. B. F. Skinner B. Ivan Pavlov C. Gary Wilkes D. Sigmund Freud I picked A

thanks alot damon check

water pollution in the united states and canada is caused by: A) acid rain b)runoff agriculture chemicals C)industrial wastes D)all of the above i think c if wrong please correct


i'm not really sure about this answer, because i didn't find it in my book. i think i'm correct. please check: 10. A wrench uses the principle of a(n)__________ in its operation. a. lever b. inclined plane c. pulley d. wheel and axle B?

health/please check

The first offense for federal trafficking penalties that is not less than 10 years and not more than life applies to wich drugs: a) cocaine b) Heroin c)Methamphetamine d)LSD e)none of the above My answer is E.

health/check please

The first offense for federal trafficking penalties that is not less than 10 years and not more than life applies to wich drugs: a) cocaine b) Heroin c)Methamphetamine d)LSD e)none of the above My answer is A


Could you please check this sentence I need to include in a letter? 1) Thank you very much for your last e-mail. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the document attached to it. 2) Actually, it was blank. Can you post (send) it to me again (once more, another time).

Math Ms Sue check

How do you do these questions, I have all my steps done until the last one: 2x(2x)^2: 2x(4x^2)? Now do I multiply or add the big numbers? also Im having trouble on these: 1. x^2(xy)^3: x2(x^3y^3) 2. 3x^2(2x)^3: 3x^2 (8x^3) 3. -2x^2y(3xy^2)^2 4. -(3x)^2: -(9x^2)? 5. 5x(2x^2)^2 ...

MATH (check please)

find the lateral area of a cone with a radius of 7ft. and slant height of 13ft, use 3.14 for pi and round the nearest tenth. . . . . A.439.6 ft^2 . . . . . B.324.5 ft^2 . . . . . . C.571.5 ft^2 . . . . . . D.258.7 ft^2(I PICKED THIS ONE)

Science (check please)

3. Which of the following pairs of terms could be used to describe a bullfrog that is active at night and enters a state of complete inactivity during colds months? . . . My answer: Circadian rhythm and hibernation.


Which choice is a complete sentence? A- Stacks of books to be shelved. B- When Francine cooked dinner for the first time. C- The actor played the leading role. D- Gave her a blue bicycle for her birthday. I think it is C.


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