Algebra, help + check please

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Convert the simplified parabolic equation y=3x^2-30x-7 to standard form. 3x^2-30x-7 3x^2 -30 x -7 +75 -75 3(x^2 -10x + 25) -82 3(x-5)^2 -82 or y = 3(x-5)^2 -82 check that.


Solve by graphing. Check your solution. y > 2 y > -x + 2 Am I supposed to graph this one on a line or on an actual graph? Thank you.

Algebra, check.

10z-4=10z-2 So I subtract 4 from the 2 right? and 10 from the ten, but then itd be 0=2 There is no soloution for this problem.. correct?


If y is a positive integer, for how many values of y is 3/2y greater than 1/4 and less than 1/2? F. 0 G.1 H.2 I. 3 J.4 Check this. 1/2>3/2y>1/4 Only 4 and 5 work. Thus, there are 2 values of y.


Check my answer- Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. Y=x^2+2x Y=3x+20 My answer: X^2+2x+3x+20 X^2-x-20 (x-5),(x+4)=0 x=5, x=-4 y=35, y=8 Thank you!

Algebra 1A

I am so lost! Solve the equation and check the solution -6(t-2)-(t+3)=2 The solution to t is ??


Check my answer please! A tower of blocks has 1 block in the top row, 3 blocks in the next row, 5 blocks in the next row, and so on. there are six rows in all. how many blocks are in the tower? 11 blocks 47 blocks 36 blocks *MY ANSWER* 49 blocks


How can I find the Domain and Range for y=1/-x -2 And y=-4/x-4 +4 they also ask me to compare these 2 problems with graph of y=1/x please help me solve these algebra problems.

Special Education Setting Teachers Aide

children with a language or speech disorde are A)sometimes suffering from an aphasia.(my answer) B)always learing challenged. C)able to receive special help only after the third grade. D)unable to use communication boards. can someone please check if this is right please


After your explanation I try to solve it, so would you please check my work again. Thank you! a)


What does the main conflict of the play seem to be? My Answer- poverty + discrimination


Please check my answer thanks :) His mother is a Doctor. Is this sentence correctly capitalized. I said yes


f(x)=(9x^2–8)^6(4x^2–5)^11 Find f'(x) I got (9x^2-8)^6 *11(4x^2-3)^10*8x+((4x^2-3)^11)6(9x^2-8)^5(18x) but im doing something wrong can someone check my work please

figured out problem please check my work

Kyle is 3 years old and the twins are 9


Could someone please check my work below where the time says 8:03. Thanks god Bless

double check me please. math 012

4(5-w)=-w _________ 3 this is a fraction with 3 being on the bottom. do you come up with w=20? thanks


v = h(6 - (1/3)(2 - (2 h/5))^3 ) i try to solve this equation and i got (350+4h^2)/75 im not sure if this is correct please check it for me!

check my work please!

ok i have to divide complex numbers: question is: 1-2i+i^3/1+i this is what i did: 1-2i+i(-i)/1+i 1-2i-i^2/1+i 1-2i-i(-1)/1+i 1-2i+i/1+i 1-3i/1+i*1-i/1-i 1-i-3i+3i^2/1-i+i-i^2 1-i-3i+3(-1)/1-i^2 1-i-3i-3/1-(-1) 1-4i-3/2 -2-4i/2 my answer is -2i-1 is that right?


please check my answers prime factorization of the number 117 =3x3x13 6/25 divided by 2/15=5/9


can anyone please help me:-) check out my earlier posts on page 2 you don't have to help me if you don't want to but I'd really appreciate your help, if you do


I won't be on here till tom. morning, so please before then check my posts. Good Night.

Math Inequalities

4(r-7)+2>5(r+3)-28 I tend to make things too difficult.. can someone please check my answer? {r l r > 31/4}

check please

identify the latin basein the word aggrandize a)ize- B)ag- C)grand- D)***aggra-

Math(Please check)

Find the cross product of the unit vectors. j X k My answer was -i. Am I correct?

business(please check answer) does this link the trade agreements in germany ??


Please check if I've balance the equation correctly. C8H18 + 25/2O2 --> 8CO2 + 9H2O

Math(Please check)

Find the x coordinates of all relative extreme points of f(x)=1/4x^4 + 2/3x^3- 3/2x^2 + 4 f'(x)=x^3 + 2x^2 - 3x = 0 (x^2 + 3)(x-1) = 0 x=-3 x=1 x=0 Is this correct?

Math(Please check)

Find the x coordinates of all relative extreme points of f(x)=1/4x^4 + 2/3x^3- 3/2x^2 + 4 f'(x)=x^3 + 2x^2 - 3x = 0 (x^2 + 3)(x-1) = 0 x=-3 x=1 x=0 Is this correct?


Can you please check the questions i posted not to long ago about checking my answers?

Geometric Series (bobpursley)

Could you please check my same post again, I had another question.

Mrs.SueALGEBRA order of operation problems

Can you please check if i have these right? 3 + 15 - 5 x 2 = 8 5 x 6 + 2 x 4 = 38 48 / 8 -1 = 5 68 - 12 / 2 /3 = 66 6 (2 + 7 ) = 54 25 - (6x4) = 1 3 [ 9 - (6 -3)] -10 = 8 60 / (3 +12) = 4 4-2 + 6 x 2 = 14 18 / (5 -2) = 6 16 +24 / 30 -22 = 5 2[4 (9 -7 ) + 1 ] = 18 (8 / 8 + 2 + ...


Equation Models Question Symbolic Model 2x+3=(-5) Answer and check the solution please.

college alg

the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find the inverse and check answer f^-1(x)=? please show work

college alg

the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find the inverse and check answer f^-1(x)=? please show work

Math(Please check, urgent)

y=1.5 + 76.95t-(1/2)(9.8)t2 = 303.6 I am not sure how to arrive at this answer. I am confused because there is a t and a t^2. Thank you for your help!


please check to see if I have this right. Divide and simplify to lowest terms. 2x^2-8x/5x-8 x-4/5x-8

alg 2 check?

1.)solve for n:-7n-21=-63 my answer: n=3 is this correct? please explain 2.)identify the x and y int for te equation 3x-4y=12.

algebra2 please check my answer thanks

find the asymptotes for the following inverse function(VA is X and HA isY) y=7/(x) -4 i get VA: x=0 ,and HA :-4

6th grade math

Can you check this problem, please? n/((3/4))=5/9 Ans: multiply both sides by (3/4) n = 5/9 * 3/4 n = 15/36 n = 5/12

math (please check answer)

x:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- y:0.8,2.1,3.1,3.8,5.2,8.4,6.9,8.1,9 (which point would be considered an outlier? my ANS:(9,9)? IS IT RIGHT?

Math! Please check!

If the coordinates of points A and L are –4 and 8, respectively, then the midpoint between them has a coordinate of..... A- 0 B- 2 C- 4 D- 6 My choice is B.


Please check this sentence: Un sport la fille n'aime pas est nager.


Please check my work: What is the pOH of a solution containing [H+] = 1x10-11 M? log H=14-11 3 right


3/7 x 14/15=2/5 1 1/3x 5/8=5/6 1 2/9x 1 1/2=2 1/3 can you please check the above problems and let me know if I got the correct answers in simplest form.

Math (please check my answer)

The center of dilation is (0,0) and the scale factor is 7. If A(3,4), then which is the distance between A and A'. A. 5 B. 7 C. 30 <<<< D. 35


The theory of demographic transition is based on the idea that industrial development causes __________ and ___________ progress that affect population growth rates. Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts ...


Which statements represent the function of the yearly cost in dollars, y, based on x, the number of game tokens purchased for a member of the arcade? Check all that apply.


Combusting 44.8L of H2 with 22.4 L O2 (both at STP) results in the formation of 44.8 L of H2O if the reaction is maintained at the same conditions (STP) and goes to completion. Given the heat of formation of water (= -241.8 kK/mol) calculate a) the PV work b) the heat evolved ...

Math-truth table, please check my work!

p -> ~q , p -> q Are these Equivalent statements? This is my try. Please let me know if these truth tables are correct. p -> ~q p q p -> ~q p q p -> q T T T T T T T F T T F F F T F F T F F F T F F T The statements are not equivalent.

Algebra (please help!)

Find an equivalent inequality with absolute value #1: -5 < y < 5 #2: x < -4 or 4 < x I'm not sure at all how to solve this problem. Please walk me through the process. Thanks!

Algebra.. please help

Please help. I have been trying to figure this problem out for an hour now. Solve the following system of equations. X + 8y = 5 (1) x=8-8y (2)


find an equation of the linear function f using the given information. please show all steps and work f(-1)=1, f(1)= -2

Algebra(please help)

Will someone please help me withthis question I couldn't solve it. What is the length of the segment whose endpoints are A(2, 3) and B(10, 7)? a)2 Sqrroot29 b)2 Sqrroot41 c)4 Sqrroot2 d)2 Sqrroot5

Algebra 1

Please help me on pg 50 from algebra with pizzazz 5,6,8

Spanish-Please check my work-Thanks

Could someone check-I had to correctly conjugate the verbs. Mis hermanos prefieren un pastel de chocolate. Mi padre prefiere una corbata azul. Mis amigos quieren una fiesta. Yo quiero muchos regalos. Nosotros queremos una fiesta. Ellos quieren bailar. Nosotros preferimos ...


I am getting the wrong answer. Can you please check my work? My answer is off by a multiple of ten. A sample of an unknown material appears to weigh 295 N in air and 165 N when immersed in alcohol of specific gravity 0.700. (a) What is the volume of the material? ___________m^...

Algebra: x and y intercept, someone check please

1. Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of 8x - 2y = -24. a. x = -7, y = 2 b. x = -4, y = 14 c. x = -3, y = 12 d. x = 7, y = -2 answer: d 2. Find the x- and y- intercept of the line 2x + 3y = -18. a. x-intercept is 18, y-intercept is 18. b. x-intercept is -6, y-intercept ...


22and9/10's - 18and2/5=? You need to get the same denominator in the fractions. 2/5 = ? / 10 Then subtract the fractions and the whole numbers. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it for you. Raven: Please don't post your entire name on any website, or reveal ...

Math Check Answers Quickly Please

1. How many 2-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 2, 3, 5, and 6, if the digits are not to be repeated within a number? 11 12** 10 2 2. How many different ways are there to rearrange the letters of the word EXAM if you don't care if the result is a recognizable ...

Algebra 2

factor each polunomial completely. May I get some help please? x2(squared)-4 1X2-4=1x2+(-4)= -3x? I'm not sure I know how to factor `')brie~ To indicate x squared, use x^2. You need to get the numerical product of 4 without getting a middle x term. This means that the ...


Can I get some help on this one I need to know if I got the right answer on this equation. Factor. v^2+12v+36 my answer was (v+6)^2 Can you check this for me.

Algebra - check to see if correct

5/(y-3)=(y+7)/(2y-6) i got no solution and i got y=3. Solve each equation. Watch for extraneous solutions.


Solve the equation and check for extraneous solutions. 10^((x^2)+1)=100,000 How do i handle this when the exponents have exponents?

pre algebra check

Use the percent equation to answer the question. What percent of 130 is 156? I get 202.8??

Chemistry (please check)

1)Which of the following compounds has the largest lattice energy: LiF LiCl NaF NaCl 2)Which of the following compounds has the most ionic character in its bonding: CaBr2 GeBr4 KBr GaBr3 3)Using the electronegativity table on page 364 of your text, which end of the B-N bond is...


Could you please check my work. Determine whether the realtion is a funtion. 2.{(-6,2),(-2,5),(3,2),(3,-7)} -Not a function 2. Determine whether the equation defines y as a function of x. 2x+4y=15- the answer I got is y is a fucntion of x. Evalute the function at the given ...


This excerpt comes from a letter Jefferson wrote in response to the supreme courts decision on marbury v.madison. what was Jefferson's greatest concern? A. He was concerned that the decision gave the supreme court too much authority. ******* B. He was concerned by the fact ...

GMAT Algebra (NO CALC)

It's been a few years since I've done algebra, and many more since we've been expected to do it without a calculator like the GMAT rules state. Please help me figure out these two problems without the use of a calculator. 1. __________________ √(16)(20) + (8)(32) = The ...


I have a few questions that I need help with. Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions. 5. x- square root 3x-2=4 I don't understand this problem. Solve and check the equation. 10. (x^2+14x+49)^3/4-20=7 would I have to multiply each number by 4/3? Solve the ...


Can you please check these two sentences, please? Thank you 1) Nature ceased to be considered as a philosophical entity (concept?). It came to be felt as a real living being (real and living being) and to be described as it actually was. 2) The Romantics were concerned about ...

Chemistry please help

Hey guys I did a lab and I have to answer the questions relating to the lab. I did question can someone please check if these are accurate 1. Calculation to Determine the molecular weight of unknown substance Mass of unknown used: 2.0 g Mass of water used: 50.0 g (0.05kg) Kf...

Algebra Systems with Substitution

I have a similar problem to <3Medic+Droid<3's one about corn dogs and burritos for his(or hers) Algebra Answer Check thingy. So i've been trying to figure that one out so i might better understand how to do mine-but i keep getting stuck on this part of the substitution.(...


You should mark the blank in the smile emoticon column if you like the activity. If you don't like an activity, you should check the box in the sad emoticon column. By doing that you should complete the table on the page. After you finish completing the activity table, you ...


I need some help with some algebra problems please. I don't under stand how to do that following. Find and simplify the difference quotient f(x+h) -f(x)/h, h cannot equal 0 for the given function. 1. f(x)=5x^2 2. f(x)x^2+3x+9

intermediate algebra

solve each equation and check the result 7 3 40 x-5 - x+5 = x^2 - 25 there is a line in between each equation how would i start something like this?

Algebra: pleace check

find the other endpoint of a line segment with the given midpoint (6,4) endpoint ((3, 5). 6= 3/2 and 4 = 5/2 12=6 and 8 = 10 12-6 and 8 - (-10) End Point = (6, 18)


Factor completely first look for a common factor and check by multiplying If polynomialis a prime state this 27m^2-36+12

MATH Please Help Please

Algebra 2 There is a graphs of the sequence f(n)=2n-3 and a graph of the function f(x)=2x-3 What difference exist between the two graphs? What accounts for the differences between the graphs in terms of domain and range? Help please I don't understand

S.S. Please help!

Check answers please! 1. Many indigenous people in Guatemala live in the mountains because it is the only land available to them the soil is very good for farming*** they don't speak Spanish mountain villages are easy to defend against attacks 2. All of the following are ...


x^2-5x=-10 =x=5+i sqrt15/2 ,5-i sqrt15/2. CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWER.


Solve the equation and check the solution: -4(t+7)-(t+6)=10 the solution t is:

Algebra Check

What is the simplified form of 3a^4b^-2c^3? a. (81a^4c^3)/(b^2) b. (81a^4)/(b^2c^3) c. (3a^4)/(b^2c^3) d. (3a^4c^3)/(b^2) D What is -a^-2 if a = -5? a. -25 b. 25 c. -1/25 d. 1/25 D What is (-m)^-3n if m = 2 and n = -24? a. 3 b. -3 c. 4 d. -4 A


How do I solve these equations? I was out sick a whole week :( please no direct answers. I want to know the process as well. -a=5 4/5x=20 -2/3y=-18 -x/3=18 Please note that the / are fractions. Thank you so much in advance!! :)


Help please (x^3 + 3x^2 - 2x+7)/(x+1)=11 I don't how how to solve this at all-the answer should be 11 but I don't have a clue how to get it-please show me this one so I can hopefully do my homeowrk-we did this in class today but I don't understand it

College Algebra

Write the following a+bi form i(3.14-3i) Please help. I believe that the answer is 3.14i-3i, which would be (3.13*-1)-3*-1. however this was incorrect please tell me where I went wrong

Algebra 1 (PLEASE HURRY!!)

{3x+y=-9 {-3x+-2y=12 What is the y-value of the solution to this system of equations? A. -7 B. -3 C. -2 D. -1 I tried them all and I must have did something wrong because none of them worked. Help please!! Thanks.


please check: An ant on a picnic table travels 3.0 * 10^1 cm eastward, then 25 cm northward, and finally 15 cm westward. What is the magnitude of the ant's displacement relative to its original position i got 70 cm please help with this: For the winter, a duck flies 10.0 m/s ...

@SraJMcGin Spanish Check

Hola! SraJMcGin was helping me yesterday with my Spanish sentences,(which was very helpful). Could you please check these last two I had and see if I'm on the right track? Thank you so much! :) Directions: Re-write the Spanish sentences in the present subjunctive. 1.) She does...


Can someone check my algebra answers and help me with the problems I don't understand? 1. n^2-n-20/2n^2 times n^2+5n/n^2-25 answer: n+4/2n 2. (2x-6/21)/(5x-15/12) answer: 8/35 3. 5x-3/6 - x+3/6 answer: 2x/3-1 4. 5x/26 - 2x/13 answer: 1x/26 5. 3x^2/9x^5 answer: 1/3x^3 6. (x^2+...

science(check asnwer) !!

please check my answer shoe companies imbed unique designs on the bottoms of the sneakers they manufacture.what is the main purpose of the designs on the bottoms of sneakers? increase potential energy B. to decrease friction C. To increase friction(I PICK THIS) D. To ...

socialstudies(check answers please)

please check my answers and thank you 1. what resource first drew european traders to canada ? A. timber B. fish C. animal furs (i pick this) D. whales 2. Evaluate which of the following most allowed religious freedom and french laws in canadas history ? A. quebec Act (i pick ...

Math - Rates of change and the number e (check + h

Let f(x)= (1/b)^x for b>1, and left g(x) = (f'(x))/(f(x)) a) Predict the shape of the graph of g(x). it will be a straight line, since ln(1/b) will be a constant b) Test your prediction by exploring two specific cases. Values of (1/2) and (1/10) c) Summarize your findings, ...

Please Check My Math Work

a^2 - 2ab - 15b^2 This is what I got: (a-5b)(a+3b) Correct! x^4+2x^3-4x^2-5x-6 DIVIDED BY x^2+x-2 My answer: x^2+x-3 remainder of -12\x^2+x-2

Math(PLease Check)

m-2 m+5 --- * ---- m-5 m-2 *I got : m+5 ---- m-5 you're absolutely correct. the m-2's cancel out and you're left with m+5/m-5 thank you hopefully you can help me with the others...


can someone check my answers please subtract -7.1-(-8.3)= 1.2 multiply (7.6)(1)(-6) = -45.6 divid 90/18 = 5 find the reciprocal of 1/3 (9-4= 5/3 -15-(-12) ---------- -18-(-18) undefined


I posted my work a few minutes ago, can somebody check it for me please. thanks a lot. Rose

To Anonymous, Spanish

Please check down below. You need to know that what you wrote is quite incorrect. Sra


Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! 1. is (-8,-9) a solution of 2x+4y=12 No 2. Solve using the multiplication principle. -1/2x=-9/10 answer: 9/5


Given the function K described by K(x)=x+16. find each following. K(0)=16 K(-13)=3 K(-14)=2 K(8)=24 K(c+17)=C+33 Please check this problem see if is right.


Rewrite the equation so that y is a function of x: 1. 1/2(y+5)+4x=3x 2. Use the result in Ex. 1 to find y when x= -1, 0, and 2 __________ Can you please check if this is right? 1. y=-2x+4.5 2. f(-1)=-2(-1)+4.5 =6.5 f(0)=-2(0)+4.5 =4.5 f(2)=-2(2)+4.5 =0.5 Thanks!


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