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Please help me with these alegbra problem! Factoring by grouping by + ay + bx + ax=


Evaluate the given expression for x= -9. -6x-4= I need help understanding.


I need help understanding this problem. ​(Simplify your answer. Type a whole​ number.) 3^2 3^3=


what are the next three terms in the sequence? 5,-9,19,-37,75, ___, ____, ____


Give the domain (that is, possible values of x): 1. y= 2[SQRT(x - 1)] 2. y=-[SQRT(4 - 3x)] + 6


Use properties of exponents to simplify the given expression. First express the answer in exponential form. Then evaluate the expression. 3^2 3^3=


Alegbra-Find the missing measurement 5 in. plus blank = 1ft 47cm plus blank = 1m


15000 = (4/3)(pi)R^3 Solve for R. How do I solve for R


A study recently confirmed that of every 100 citizens of a certain state 40 are considered overweight . There were 288 million citizens of this state in 2001 . how many would be considered overweight


Given: Angle 2 and Angle 4 are vertical angles m angle 2 = 125 degrees Prove: m angle 4 = 125 degrees


If an apartment complex will need painting in 3 1/2 years and the job will cost $25,000, what amount needs to be deposited into an account now in order to have the necessary funds? The account pays 8% interest compounded semiannually. (a) State the type of the problem. future ...

9th grade alegbra - geometric sequence

Can you explain how to find explicit and recursive formula of geometric sequence given 2 terms? 23. a<4> = -12, a<5> = -6 ratio: -6/-12 = 1/2 explicit: a<n> = ar^(n-1) -6 = a(1/2)^4 -6 = a(0.37) -0.010 = a??? a<n> = -0.010(1/2)^n-1 recursive: a<n>...

College alegbra

A rancher wants to create a fence enclosing 1500 m2 of land. The plot will be divided into two equal areas by an additional fence parallel to two sides as shown in the diagram below. Find the dimensions of the plot which results in using the least amount of fencing. a. Write ...


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