1. math

    Mitch Anderson is a security guard. He earns $7.45 per hour for regular time up to 40 hours time and a half for overtime and double time f or the midnight shift. If mitch worked 56 hours last week, including 4 hours on the midnight shift, how much were his gross earnings?
  2. Algebra

    A shop sells coffee and donuts. The coffee sells for $4.31 and donuts for $0.83 apiece. The cost to produce a cup of coffee is $1.50 and the cost to make a donut is $0.76. In month 1 the quantity of coffee sold is 1,283 and donuts sold was 216. In month 2 the quantity of ...
  3. math

    which choices correctly represent numbers in base seven. (a)575 base seven (b) 656 base seven If one is incorrect write it so it is correct.
  4. pre calculus

    1.)A utility company has the following rate schedule for natural gas usage in a city’s business district: Monthly service charge: $8.80 Per therm service charge 1st 25 therms : $0.6686/therm Over 25 therms: $0.85870/therm (a) What is the charge for using 25 therms in one ...
  5. math

    Dr. needs 500 needles priced at $2.60 per hundred. If she pays within 10 days she receives a 2% discount and sales tax is 5.5%. What amount would you pay with the discount? I did this. $12.60*5= $13.00 $13.00*2%=0.26 $13.00-.26=$12.74 $12.74*5.5%=0.7007 $12.74+.70=$13.44 amt ...
  6. Finance

    Summer Tyme, Inc., is considering a new 4-year expansion project that requires an initial fixed asset investment of $1.782 million. The fixed asset will be depreciated straight-line to zero over its 4-year tax life, after which time it will be worthless. The project is ...
  7. com220

    I am having a hard time with my assignment it is asking consider the following effective visuals can illustrate points in your research paper and help readers understand and accept your argument more easily. Develop two or more visual you plan to use in your paper. Write a ...
  8. Math help, anyone?

    Find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9 cm and a height of 4 cm. 324 cm3 108 cm3 36 cm3 152 cm3 Find the volume of a cone with a radius of 10 mm and a height of 6 mm. 628 mm3 600 mm3 1,884 mm3 1,254 mm3 Find the lateral area of a cone with a radius of 7 ft...
  9. 3rd grade language

    Circle the verb in each sentence. then think of an exact verb to make the sentence more interesting. rewrite the sentence using your exact verb. 1. One night, Zia concetta goes to the statue. 2. The giant statue moves off the pedestal. 3. the statue's clever plan beats the ...
  10. American Goverment

    The Connecticut Plan was called the Great Compromise because (Points : 1) it allowed states with larger populations to have more representatives in the House and each state to have the same number of votes in the Senate. it allowed slave states to keep their slaves. it ...
  11. Accounting

    These questions are based on the following information and should be viewed as independent situations. Popper Co. acquired 80% of the common stock of Cocker Co. on January 1, 2009, when Cocker had the following stockholders' equity accounts. Common Stock- 40,000 shares ...
  12. math

    create a function that models In dollars the total payout T2 after a given month × the listedgraph month is X 6 months M2 IS 2¢ 6¢ 8¢ 10¢ 12¢ and T2 is 3¢ 7¢ 13¢ 21¢ 31¢ 43¢ (hint) t2 is just a double transformation of m2
  13. Social Studies

    3. General Eisenhower was the leader of what coordinate effort of the Allies during the war? A. defeating Germany on the Eastern Front at the Battle of Stalingrad B. organizing the meeting for the Potsdam Declaration C. Coordinating a naval attack to end the German submarine ...
  14. Math

    Compute the maximum product for two positive numbers x and y with the property that the sum of the first plus five times the second is 5000. 1) Indicate the objective equation 2) Indicate the constraint equation 3) Rewrite the objective equation in terms of the variable x only...
  15. Algebra

    A car rental company charges $24 per day plus $0.75 per mile driven. a) Let C = total cost; D = number of days and M = number of miles b) Write the equation for the total cost in terms of C, D and M c) Use the equation to determine the total cost for a customer who rented the ...
  16. Statistics Behavior Science

    Suppose you were in charge of advertising for an automotive dealership when the gas prices increased to $4 per gallon. Most of your cars are fuel-efficient, but you have two models that have extremely poor fuel economy, that is, a low number of miles per gallon. How would you ...
  17. English

    1 With his serious face and his dignified way of speaking, he is an excellent (foil momento) for the clownish comedian foil? 2 The war that began with Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939 spread until it had (Pried engulfed) almost the entire world engulfed 3 It is too late to...
  18. small business management

    Gary and Wilma Johnson plan to open a bus tour business, taking people from their small city to historic sites along the East Coast. Tours will include bus fare, hotel accommodations, breakfast, and admission to the sites. What aspect of their research might they want to pay ...
  19. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) The story is told by a third-person narrator. Eveline’s point of view is adopted throughout the story. The narrator opens in medias res and employs free indirect thoughts. 2) Eveline appears tired linked to stillness...
  20. Quadratic Functions and Calculus

    Peter the punter decided to place $10,000 into a high growth share portfolio. After 3 weeks his investment was looking rather sad, with the value of his portfolio falling $2,025. Unperturbed, Peter stuck with his original plan to hold the stock for at least 6 months. But after...
  21. math

  22. Fix a RUN ON sentence - due today please

    Do I put a comma or semi colon? For example, when looking at a subway map to plan a route or completing challenges from hack nights I attended weekly at Pace University I began to see patterns in everything I came across. ------------ Also, what is the correct way to write the...
  23. Chemistry

    If you add 0.35grams NaF to 150mL of a 0.30M HF, what is the pH of the resulting solution? To start off would I use the value of 1.4e-11 for F^-^ and 7.2e-4 for HF? Chemistry(Please help) - DrBob222, Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 12:04am This is a buffer problem. pH = pKa + log(...
  24. Health care Economics

    4. The following is a cost function for clinic visits in a small inner city clinic. Quantity of Visits Total Costs per Week Marginal cost 0 $10 0 1 15 5 2 25 10 3 45 20 4 75 30 5 115 40 6 165 50 a. Determine the marginal cost for each level of output b. If the price per visit ...
  25. Geometry

    Given: in triangle ABC, angle B= 120 degrees Prove: angle A does not= 60 degrees Plan: use indirect proof Assume temporarily that Measure angle A = 60. Then measure angle C=60, and measure angles A+B+C=180= 60+B+60=180. Therefore the temporary assumption that measure angle A=...
  26. math

    two baseball players bat first and second in the lineup the first batter has on base percentage of 0.46 the second batter has an on base percentage of 0.31 if someone is on base but only 0.23 if the bases are empty at the start of the game what is the probability that both ...
  27. Word Problem

    Measuring Trees Problem. Jared wants an estimate of the height of some of the trees near his lake house. Use ideas of size transformations to design a plan for him to use his height to estimate accurately a tree’s height without directly measuring the tree.
  28. Science

    How does the position of Earth's axis at the March and September equinoxes compare to its position at the summer solstice?
  29. ACC291

    The following stockholders' equity accounts arranged alphabetically are in the ledger of McGrath Corporation at December 31, 2011. Common Stock ($10 stated value) $1,500,000 Paid-in Capital from Treasury Stock 6,000 Paid-in Capital in Excess of Stated Value-Common Stock 690,...
  30. physics

    At t=0 seconds, a ball is located at 1.9 m. At t=10 s,the position is 9.7 m . Calculate the position at t=5.8 s
  31. English

    if the writer takes an omniscient perspective, and provides insight into the characters' thoughts and motivations, then the point of view is A. individual B. second-person C. first-person D.third-person ithink it is C
  32. Math

    Shania bought a new computer for 1,550 from computer 'r' us. If the value of the computer depreciates at a rate of 5.35%per year, when will the value of the computer reach 825 ?
  33. Algebra, Mathematics

    A $40 000 car depreciates at a rate of 13% per year. a) Write an equation to represent this situation. b) Find the value of the car in 3 years. c) How long does it take for the car to be worth half it's value?
  34. Calculus

    A truck depreciates in value by 15% per year. If the truck is valued at $ 40 000 on August 1, 2010, what will its value be to the nearest dollar on August 1st 2016?
  35. finance

    10 year bond of par value Rs.8,000 was issued, with annual coupon rate of 11.5% and required rate of return is 9% per annum. what is the value of bond?
  36. INB

    13. Healthy Foods, Inc. sells 50-pound bags of grapes to the military for $10 a bag. The fixed costs of this operation are $80,000, while the variable costs of the Grapes are $.10 per pound. a. What is the break-even point in bags? $80,000 = $80,000 = 80,808 units $10.00 - $0....
  37. Geometry

    Shmikea, the newly imported Norwegian superstore, sells beautiful 6-foot round shag rugs. Borg's living room is a 12 by 18 foot rectangle, and his goal is to cover as much of the floor as possible with these rugs without them overlapping. How much of the floor will be left ...
  38. Rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates

    1) I'm asked to find 2 sets of polar coordinates for the point for 0≤ θ< 2pi from a given pair of rectangular coordinates . For instance, one of the coordinates was (-3,4). I found r = plus and minus 5.Then θ= arctan (y/x)= arctan (4/-3)= -.9273 I know you ...
  39. math-logs

    1. logaB = 2 and logbC = 4, evaluate logcA *the lowercase letters are bases ie. log(base a)B 2. solve for x: (log(base 2)x))^3 = log(base 2)x
  40. i need sir damon steve reiny and bob physics

    A 100tones acts on a 300tones block placed on an inclined plan with a 3:4 slope, the coefficients of frictions btw the blocks and the inclined plane are 0.25 and 0.20 respectively (A) determine weather the block is in equilibrium ( if the block is not in equilibrium, find the ...
  41. Math

    The graph below shows the sales of a popular song each week it was in a Top 40 song chart. which statement most accurately describes the slope of the graph A. The sales increased by 1 hundred thousand every 2 weeks. B. The sales decreased by 1 hundred thousand every 2 weeks...
  42. Math

    The graph below shows the sales of a popular song each week it was in a Top 40 song chart. which statement most accurately describes the slope of the graph A. The sales increased by 1 hundred thousand every 2 weeks. B. The sales decreased by 1 hundred thousand every 2 weeks...
  43. Physics

    You meet a person with prescription glasses of +1.74 dpt. What is the near point of this person? Express the result as a positive number! Hint: the near point of a healthy person is 25 cm. An object placed at this distance will form an image at the near point of the person. i ...
  44. chemistry

    30 ml of sample of unknown strong base is neutralized after the addition of 12 ml of a 0.150 M HNO3 solution if the unknown base concentration 0.0300 M give the possible identities for the unknown base
  45. Business studies

    A machine was purchased with money borrowed from the bank at a cost of k50000.00 which is expected to last for 6 years and depreciated at 12.5% per 6,the depreciated value and the accumulated interest for year two (2)year (6) .The first calculation has been done for you. Year ...
  46. Chemistry

    How will overshooting the end point of an acid-base titration by adding too much base to KHP affect the calculated molarity of the base? I would think you would need to add more KHP, then more base to bring it to the endpoint. So the molarity calculated should be the same. Is ...
  47. physical

    What is bone strengthening? A. How hard a person works to do an activity B. How hard a person plans to do an activity C. How easily a person is able to do an activity D. How difficult it is for a person to complete an activity
  48. Math

    The winner of a popular lottery is offered one of two options: i) a lump sum of $102 500 ii) $1000 every month for 10 years If the money can be invested at 3.0% p/a, compounded monthly, which option should the winner choose? Justify your reasoning. Every three months, Carlos ...
  49. Math. please

    Find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9 cm and a height of 4 cm. 324 cm3 108 cm3 36 cm3 152 cm3 Find the volume of a cone with a radius of 10 mm and a height of 6 mm. 628 mm3 600 mm3 1,884 mm3 1,254 mm3 Find the lateral area of a cone with a radius of 7 ft...
  50. Statistics

    You are getting ready to take a sample from a large population, and need to determine the appropriate sample size. You are estimating sales at a large chain of department stores. A previous survey from the same population found a standard deviation of $18. What sample size is ...
  51. Chemistry

    Diethylamine (C2H5)2NH, is a weak base that ionizes in water,a 0.600 M solution of (C2H5)2NH is 4.65% ionized at 25 degrees Celsius. -Calculate the pH of the solution. -Calculate the Kb for diethylamine.
  52. Finite with Calculus Applications

    The Ball Company manufactures three types of lamps, labeled A,B,and C. Each lamp is processed in two departments, I and II. Total available work-hours per day for departments I and II are 400 and 600, respectively. No additional labor is available. Time requirements and profit...
  53. fin. am I correct?

    13. Healthy Foods, Inc. sells 50-pound bags of grapes to the military for $10 a bag. The fixed costs of this operation are $80,000, while the variable costs of the Grapes are $.10 per pound. a. What is the break-even point in bags? $80,000 = $80,000 = 80,808 units $10.00 - $0....
  54. algebra

    Monica earned $60 from a bonus plus $8.50 per hour (h) she worked this week. Which of the following expressions best represents Monica's income for the week?
  55. math

    an equipment hire company A hires camping.for use of camping,A charges $20 for each of the first 7days plus $50 for per day for each extra day?
  56. Precalc

    1) Janet is offered a job with a starting salary of $15,000, and a guaranteed annual increase of $600. If she takes the job, what will be her guaranteed salary for the 10th year? What would her total earnings be for the first 10 years? Answer: $21,000 ; $ 198,000 2) Sue's aunt...
  57. math

    An accountant earns 3,440 per month after receiving a 5.5% raise. What was the accountants monthly income before the raise. round to nearest cent.
  58. business math

    if I deposited $625 in a retirement account per month and it had a return of 3.84% a year compounded monthly. How much will I have in my account in 15 years?
  59. David L

    When economists say that health care services are overconsumed, they mean that: A. rich people buy too much health care and poor people buy too little. B. some resources now used in the health care industry could produce alternative goods and services that society values more ...
  60. math

    Paper towels are sold at the rate of $6.50 per doxen rolls. Figure the cost of 10 dozen rolls of towels with a 3.5% discount and a 6% sales tax.

    The base of S is a circular disk with radius 3r. Parallel cross-sections perpendicular to the base are isosceles triangles with height 8h and unequal side in the base. a. set up an interval for volume of S b. by interpreting the intergal as an area, find the volume of S
  62. Finance

    I need to identify the ROI and NPV of the wireless order-tracking system. Here is the information it gives me: - The aquisition cost is $35,000 paid at the time of installation. - It reduces the wait staff by one person: Figure $10 per hour, or 2020 hours per year + 18% ...
  63. math

    The sales (in millions of dollars) of a laser disc recording of a hit movie t years from the date of release is given by S(t)=[{4t+1}/{t^3+1}] How fast is the sales changing one year the laser discs are released?
  64. statistics

    A salesperson finds that, in the long run, two out of five sales calls are successful. Twelve calls are to be made. Let X = the number of concluded sales. Is X a binomial random variable? Explain!
  65. Pre-Algebra

    9. During the basketball season, Diane took 134 shots and made about 56% of them. a. How many shots did Diane make? b. The team made a total of 498 shots. What percent of the team's made shots did Diane make? A. 24 shots; 15.1% B. 753 shots; 27% C. 240 shots; 27% D. 75 shots; ...
  66. medecine

    les gènes les plus en aval specifient l'dentité des segments les plus antérieurs ou medians de l'embryon?
  67. Math 222

    How do I use substitution to solve the system? Please help Addition and equal key is not working -5x plus 2y equal 16 y equal 2x plus 7
  68. English

    State the meaning of the word expedite as it is used in the following sentence. Then, identify the context clue that you used to understand the meaning: definition clue, synonym, example clue, contrast clue, or inference clue. The majority of the elected representatives wanted...
  69. physics

    a person of mass 80 kg standing on a boat of mass 320 kg which at rest in still water the person is initially 12m from the shore the person walk on boat for 6 sec with a constant speed 1 m/s toward the shore and then stop distance of the person from the shore finally
  70. Capital Investment and Financing Decisions.

    1)Find the present value of Rs. 2,000 due in 6 years if money is worth compounded semi-annually. (b) Ascertain the present value of an amount of Rs. 8,000 deposited now in a commercial bank for a period of 6 years at 12% rate of interest. 2)You are required to determine the ...
  71. Calculus

    The consumer demand equation for tissues is given by q = (97 − p)2, where p is the price per case of tissues and q is the demand in weekly sales. (a) Determine the price elasticity of demand E when the price is set at $26. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) E =...

    I haven't done this type of problem in a while, so if someone can just show me how to set it up, I can figure out the rest. (: "A 13-foot ladder is leaning against a building when its base begins to slide away from the base of the building. By the time the base is 12 feet from...
  73. US History help

    when does a person or family become American? If you mean a United States citizen, either at birth (in the USA or abroad to at least one USA citizen parent), or when "naturalized" by having a certain period of legal residency, applying, passing an examination and taking an ...
  74. Instalment purchases

    The cash price of a speed boat is RM60,000. Under an installment plan, a buyer may pay a 30% down payment followed by monthly payments for 5 years. If the interest is 6% on the reducing balance, calculate (i) the amount of interest using the constant ratio formula, (ii) the ...
  75. Reading

    Sarah sets aside time every night to read some pages in her history book. She schedules a break into her study time. Why is this not an effective study plan? A. Her scheduled break is not long enough. B. The task is not concrete or specific enough. C. The task is irrelevant to...
  76. Calculus

    If the position function in feet for a free-falling particle on Planet X is s(t)= -8t^2 +16 + 64, what is the velocity of the after 2 seconds in feet per second? A. -32 B. -16 C. 16 D. 64

    If (96,2) is a point on the terminal side of an angle THETA in standard position, what is the value of sin THETA? How do i do this?
  78. trig

    if P(-4,1) is a point on the terminal side of angle (theta), in standard position, then what is the exact value of csc (theta)?
  79. Statistics

    For all of the following use the five step process to solve the problem in the question, that is, state the null hypothesis, the alternative hypothesis, the level of significance and the type of test (z-test, t-test, p-value, confidence limit and whether it is two tailed, one-...
  80. Physics

    A 75 W light source consumes 75 W of electric power. Typically only about 5% of this energy is emitted as visible light of wavelength 600 nm. (a) Calculate the frequency of the emitted visible light. (b) How many photons per second of visible light does the source emit? (c) Is...
  81. Science 8A Electromagnetism

    Hi, Umm, can someone give me an example because I'm kind of confused. I need help! Please help me! For this portfolio, you will design an experiment to investigate the relationship between the number of coil loops and a strength of a solenoid. Once you have an experimental ...
  82. English

    Which of these excerpts from Beowulf best describes what Beowulf expects the outcome of his battle with the dragon to be? A. thought nothing/ of the bests claws, or wings, or flaming/ Jaws B. soon/ Would leave this brief life, but would take the dragon/WIth him C. he had ...
  83. Computer programming

    (Simplified Water Bill Computation) The bill for a water service subscriber is prepared as follows: 1. The name of the water consumer is entered 2. The previous water meter reading in cubic meters (reading last month) from the consumer’s meter is entered. 3. The present ...
  84. SmartPhone Help

    Blackberry torch 9800: Present three alternative choices from three different carriers and three different manufacturers. All must have the requirements listed below. Phone Name/Carrier Blackberry Torch 9800(I have no idea what is meant by Carrier) These are the requirements ...
  85. physics

    A landscape architect is planning an artificial waterfall in a city park. Water flowing at 1.40 m/s will leave the end of a horizontal channel at the top of a vertical wall 3.90 m high, and from there the water falls into a pool. To sell her plan to the city council, the ...
  86. Math 8th Grade - Ms. Sue please

    After receiving a grant for music education, a school decides to build a new band room for its expanded music program. Quadrilateral ABCD represents the floor plan of the new band room. What is the area of the room? AE = 32 ft. BE = 12 ft. CE = 26 ft. DE = 26 ft. There is a ...
  87. Physics

    What is the ratio of the wight of a man when he is in a tunnel 1000 km below the surface of the Earth to his weight at the surface? ...I'm not sure how to proceed, not because I don't know how to do it, but because I have no idea how to come up with a(g) 1000 km inside the ...
  88. math

    Six hundred pennies are placed in a row. If every other penny is replaced by a nickel and every third coin is replaced by a quarter, what is the final value of the 600 coins?
  89. chemistry

    A 30 ml sample of unknown strong base is neutralized after the addition of 12 ml of a 0.150 M HNO3 solution if the unknown base concentration is 0.0300 M give some possible identities for the unknown base
  90. Logic

    Draw a flowchart for a program that reads a date in an 8-digit sequence (month, day, year) and determines if the date is a valid date. ignore leap year. Assume Feb has 28 days, and establish a table of days in a month so that you can access the appropriate month to determine ...
  91. i dont know how to solve this

    A taxi charges $2.25 for a ride, plus $0.25 for every 1/4 mile. Which inequality represents how many miles, x, a person could travel with $8.00? A $2.25 + $0.25x ≥ $8.00 B $2.25 + $0.25x ≤ $8.00 C $2.25 + $1.00x ≥ $8.00 D $2.25 + $1.00x ≤ $8.00
  92. physics

    A 75 W light source consumes 75 W of electric power. Typically only about 5% of this energy is emitted as visible light of wavelength 600 nm. (a) Calculate the frequency of the emitted visible light. (b) How many photons per second of visible light does the source emit? (c) Is...
  93. economics

    1. (1 point) Consider two individuals considering how many iced coffee drinks to buy during the coming week. Person A is willing to pay a maximum of €10 for the first drink, €8 for the second, €5 for the third, and €1 for the fourth. Person B would be willing to pay a ...
  94. creative play

    A preschool class is asked to come up with ways to reorganize their toys because a few of the bins are overflowing. The class sits together and offers suggestions and ideas and then puts their plan into action. All the children help to organize the toys and have a sense of ...
  95. Maths

    A particle moves on a line away from its initial position so that after t hours it is s=3t^2+t miles from its original position.
  96. Physics

    A projectile is propelled along the x-axis. During 5.2 s it moves from position 64 m to position −40 m. Find its average velocity.
  97. Physics,2.01x

    The shaft ABC is a solid circular cylinder of constant outer diameter 2R and length 3L. The shaft is fixed between walls at A and C and it is composed of two segments made of different materials. The left third of the shaft (AB) is composed of a linear isotropic elastic ...
  98. math

    given log 2 base 7 is 0,3562 and log 3 base 7 is 0,5646 evaluate log 42 base 7 without using calculator or tables
  99. trig

    An airplane flying at 600 miles per hour has a bearing of 152 degrees. After flying for 1.5 hours, how far north and how far east will the plane have traveled from point of departure?
  100. Math

    Rudy drove his car 9,600 miles last year. His total car expenses were $625 for the year. Find the average cost per mile. (Round off your answer to the nearest hundredth)
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