A person applying for a sales position is offered an alternative salery plan. Plan A- A base salery of $600 per month plus a commission of 4% of the gross value for the month Plan B- A base salery of

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Andy, age 16 lacks self-discipline fails to plan ahead and is quickly frustrated by challenging tasks. He is anxious and overly critical of others. Use the psychoanalytic, humanistic, and social-cognitive perspectives to give three contrasting explanations of Andy's behaviour.


Houston Community College is planning to construct a rectangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 640 ft of fencing to fence off the other three sides. What should the dimensions of the lot be if the enclosed area is to be a maximum?

Social studies

Why did South Carolinians support the concept of popular sovereignty? A.it advanced the plantation system in Kansas B.it allowed slaves to be taken into any territory** C.it showed that compromise was a peaceful way to solve problems D.it was a plan introduced by a southerner...


A college is planning to construct a retangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 680 feet of fencing to fence off the other three sides. What dimensions should the lot have if the enclosed area is to be a maximum?

corrections plz help Ms. Sue Infinitve

1. To get home during the storm was quite difficult. To get home during the storm - phrase function; subject 2. Our plan was to reach southern Maine by noon. To reach southern Maine by noon - phrase Function; direct object 3.She was told to reorganize her composition. To ...


Plz help me find the cost $20 plus $1.50 per hour to rent a golf cart


Need help with math problem. Tom has an unpaid balance of $2,115.75 on his credit card statement at the beginning of June. He made a payment of $85.00 during the month. If the interest rate on Phil's credit card was 11% per month on the unpaid balance, find the finance charge ...


Question 12.12. Katie had an unpaid balance of $1,734.50 on her credit card statement at the beginning of January. She made a payment of $165.00 during the month. If the interest rate on Katie's credit card was 7% per month on the unpaid balance, find the finance charge and ...

9th Grade Social Studies

Had the world gone along with Wilson’s plan to remove economic barriers between nations, what kind of place would the world be? Would it be better? Worse? How would you answer this question?


When assembling a writing plan for an essay, which of the following should come first? A. Material that catches the reader's interest B. The first section of the body of your essay. C. A brief summary of your conclusion (D. The general idea of your essay) Correct me if wrong?

Business mathematics

randy had saved 5000 in an account that offered r% simple interest per annum on 20 march 2008. If the interest on 6 june 2008 was 40, find the exacttime of the investment


a catcher takes 1.9 seconds to throw a ball from home base to second base. The baseball diamond is 90 foot. How fast in miles per hour did the catcher throw the ball?


A sales associate at a computer store receives a bonus of $100 for every computer he sells. He wants to make $2500 in bonuses next month. Write and solve an inequality to find the minimum number of computers he must sell.


What is the general form for the simplest type of acid-base reaction? A. acid + base salt + water B. acid + base base + acid C. acid + base H+ + OH- D. acid + base solid + water


What is the adjusting entry to this problem on Dec 31st? On October 15, the school agreed to teach a four-month class (beginning immediately) for an individual for $3,100 tuition per month payable at the end of the class. The services are being provided as agreed, and no ...


A production run of toothpaste requires a fixed cost of $100,000. The variable cost per unit is $3.00. If 50,000 units of toothpaste will be sold during the next month, what sale price must be chosen in order to break even at the end of the month? Note: please report the ...

algebra 2

In 1862, two companies were given the rights to build a railroad from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California. The Central Pacific Company began from Sacramento in 1863 and averaged 8.75 miles of track per month. Twenty four months later the Union Pacific Company started ...


need to simplify the rational expression plus find the excluded value 3c+33/c+11


Estimate the value of the square root of 2 plus pie to the nearest hundredth.


349 plus 252 round each number the greatest place value


A recent study stated that if a person chewed gum the average number of sticks of gum he or she chewed daily was eight. To teat the claim a researcher selected a random sample of 36 gum chewers and found the mean number of sticks of gum chewed per day was 9 and the standard ...


Melinda earns $152 less per week then Barbra. The combined income of these two people is $400 per week. How much per week does each person earn. I need some help on this problem If im correct I multiply 2 times $152 then divide by 400?


a solution contains 0.216 moles of a base and 0.614 moles of the conjuagte acid in a total volume of 800 mL. The pH of the solution 9.65. what is the value for kb of the base? the answer is 1.27E-4 how do you do it? do you need to convert from moles to molarity idek.


How much is 3.5% cut from 120 hours per month


what is a 100 tons per month? please answer


A craftsman wants to make a cylindrical jewelry box that has volume, V, equal to 60 cubic inches. He will make the base and side of the box out of a metal that costs 50 cents per square inch. The lid of the box will be made from a metal with a more ornate finish which costs ...


Running at 2.0 m/s a 45.0 kg person collides with a 90.0 kg person who is traveling at 7.0 m/s in the other direction. Upon collision, the 90 kg person continues to travel forward at 1.0 m/s. How fast is the 45 kg person knocked backwards?


a 154 lb person burns 420calories per hour riding an exercise bicycle at a rate of 15 mi/hr write a function rule to represent the total calories burned over time by that person. Explain how the information in the problem relates to the function.


Ques.: The following is the Trial Balance of a trader as at 31st December, 2001: Debit Balances Rs. Credit Balances Rs. Stock (1-1-2001) Sales returns Purchases Freight and carriage Rate, Rent etc. Salaries and wages Sundry debtors Bank Interest Printing and advertisement Cash...


Mrs monk rented a truck for 3 days. Enterprise charged her $40. per day plus $.25 per miles. The total charge was $142.75. How many miles did she drive the truck? (1) 411 miles (2) 91 miles (3) 251 miles (4) 571 miles


How do I solve absolute value bar 5p plus 12 absolute value bar equals 7?


A ball, of mass 0.15 Kg, is held on the inside of a smooth hemispherical bowl at a height 0.16 m above the base. It is then released. Assuming there is no friction, the acceleration due to gravity, g, is 10 m/s2 and the potential energy is zero at the base of the bowl - What ...


how a t Test for a dependent variable can be of great value in applying a new approach to the treatment of aggressive behavior to a small group of students. Why would this t Test be preferred to using another test statistic?

Financial Management

I need to know how to find the fixed cost and the variable cost along with the break even point using this information. During the sixth month of the fiscal year, the program director of the Westchester Home-Delivered Meals (WHDM) program decides to again re-compute fixed ...


Two people (from the 1950s!) sit on opposite sides of a uniform board of length L. One person, of mass m1 = 50.0 kg, sits at a point 1.90 m to the left of the fulcrum. The fulcrum is located at the center of the board. The other person, of mass 45.0 kg, sits at a point a ...


The Book Nook makes four times as much revenue on paperback books as on hardcover books. If last month’s sales totaled $124,300, how much of that money was made on paperbacks? (Points : 2)

miss sue

i go to college and it take 40 to 45 gallon every monthto go to college, some time cost of the gallon varies 2.96 to 3.61 /gallon . what would be my weakly cost to drive college. please answer . i come up with 21 dolor.Am i right or miss some thing . Math - Ms. Sue, Thursday, ...


in a scale drawing of a school's floor plan, 6 inches represents 100 feet. If the distance from one end of the main hallway to the other is 175 feet, find the corresponding length in the scale drawing.


Suppose a hydrogen-oxygen fuel-cell generator was used to produce electricity for a house. Use the balanced redox reactions and the standard cell potential to predict the volume of hydrogen gas (at STP) required each month to generate the electricity needed for a typical house...


Have 2 questions: 1. Factor Trinomial competely x^2 + 8x + 53 (reads as x squared plus 8x plus 53) I am thinking it is prime. 2. Solve 4x^2 + 23x - 30=0 (reads 4x squared plus 23x minus 30 equals zero

Quantitative Methods II

The monthly income of residents of Daisy City is normally distributed with a mean of $3000 and a standard deviation of $500. a. What is the random variable? b. The mayor of Daisy City makes $2250 a month. What percentage of Daisy City's residents has incomes that are more than...

swimming lessons

does anyone know where to find a good website with lesson plan ideas or lesson plans for swimming lessons ?


You have a phone plan where mins are 25cents a piece you have a balance of 13.67 how many mins can you talk on the phone

Algebra word problem

A retailer of DVD players knows that at a price of q dollars per player, he can sell (900 – 3q) players per month. Write a polynomial, in function notation, that represents the monthly income from the sale of DVD players.


How do I find a dollar number plus 7.1% that will come close to $70.00 Here is what Im doing..I rent out packages that are $70.00 and I want to pay 7.1% sales tax out of that $70.00..What dollar amount do I use to add 7.1% to, to make it as close to $70.00 as I can…whats the...


You would like to begin (or increase) your savings for retirement. What types of retirement plans (401ks, IRAs, etc.) might be best for your personal situation? Be sure to explain the plan you are interested in and why this is best for you. 26 female 2 kids single Annual ...


Use the example on p. 97 of the text as a guide.Edu the example on p. 97 of the text as a guideWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format explaining the business plan youselected and your SWOT analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,and threats of the ...

US history

how did president eisenhower domestic policy reflect that of his republican predecessors coolidge and hoover? he favoed a national health plan. truman fair deal aimed to. appeal to conservative republican eisenhower and his administration wholly supported. labors unions


The owner of a small hardware store---the only one in a medium-sized town in the mountains---has just learned that a large home improvement chain plans to open a new store nearby. How difficult will it be for the owner to plan for this competitive threat? w


You get a wage increase of 5% plus an extra five pounds per week. Your present wages are 250 pounds per week. What will your new weekly wage be wage be?


Lisa runs 3 miles on the third day of the month and she repeated her run every 4 days for the rest of the month. What equation describes the sequence of days of that month that lisa ran? Y-4x➕3 4✖,The days of the month ➕3, the days she already ran

Personal Finance

Which type of computation would a person use to determine current value of a desired amount for the future? A. Present value of a series of deposits B. Future value of a single amount C. Future value of a series of deposits D. Present value of a single amount


(Chemistry: Wind Chill) At 0℃ the heat loss H (in kilocalories per square meter per hour) from a person’s body can be modeled by H = 33(10√v - v + 10.45) where v is the wind speed (in meters per second). Find dH/dv and interpret its meaning. I am pretty confident...

Chem+ASAP+2 fill in the blank questions+ASAP!!!

PLease check this. They are fill in the blank and I just need to know if they are right. Thanks! 9. Compared to a strong acid-strong base titration curve, a weak acid-strong base titration curve has a (higher, lower) __higher___ initial pH value. 10. Compared to a strong acid-...


on december31, 1995, paul invested $2000 in a stock. his stocker gains 20% ever odd month (jan, march, may..) and loses 15% every even month (feb, april, june...) it says write a piecewise defined function for the value of the stocker n months after the original investment, n ...


For the pair of similar solids, find the value of the variable. radius 15cm height 6cm the other is radius 5cm height x cm 3cm **** 18cm 16cm 2cm For the pair of similar solids, find the value of the variable. base x mm height 24mm the other base 4mm height 8mm 12mm ***** 48mm...


You find a sales receipt from a store that shows the total price as $40, and the total amount paid including sales tax as $42. a. Write an equation you can use to find the sales tax rate r.

Business Math

You can lease a $17,000 car for $500 per month. For how long (to the nearest year) should you lease the car so that your monthly payments are lower than if you were purchasing it with an 7%-per-year loan?


XYZ's receivables turnover is 10x. The accounts receivable at year-end are $600,000. The average collection period is 90 days (3 months). What was the sales figure for the year? A) $60,000 B) $6,000,000 C) $24,000,000 D) none of the above


Yosemite offers so much to see. Plan to stay awhile! There are more than 3,500 accommodations in Yosemite and its surrounding communities and gateways, each with something unique to offer. ==================== There are two Yosemites in this passage. What does each Yosemite ...


man bought portable radios for 600.00. Sold 720 and made 15.00 profit per radio. How many did he buy?


Distance travelled in a week by sales staff employed by nationwide security firm is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 200 miles and standard deviation of 48 miles. Estimate the percentage of staff who in a week travel: 1. a)less than 80 miles b)more than 250 ...


Distance travelled in a week by sales staff employed by nationwide security firm is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 200 miles and standard deviation of 48 miles. Estimate the percentage of staff who in a week travel: 1. a)less than 80 miles b)more than 250 ...


3. In 2002, Home Depot’s sales amounted to $58,200,000,000. In 2006, its sales were $90,800,000,000. a. Write Home Depot’s 2002 sales and 2006 sales in scientific notation. You can find the percent of growth in Home Depot’s sales from 2002 to 2006 by following these ...

business law

On March 5, 2009, Andy, a local MP3 supplier, calls Betty, a local electronics chain retailer, offering to supply her with 1000 red IPODS, 1000 black IPODS, 1000 white IPODS and 1000 green IPODS at $ 200 per IPOD which Betty agrees to. After hanging up the phone, Andy ...


I'll start with the first part of my problem. This is a long assignment since it is a weekend one. Part 1: Incomplete Comparative Balance Sheet. The percentage of Increases/decreases are to the side. And Accumulated Depreciation is listed twice. I'm assuming that is right and ...


what is an example of the important facts on obtaining a loan for a new car as a math problem. Knowing that some facts are: credit interest if good credit or high interest if bad credit. how can i show an example of what i am trying to say in a math problem using formulas for ...


Two parallel wires which carry currents I1 = 69 A and I2. The top wire is held in position, the bottom wire is prevented from moving sideways but can slide up and down without friction. If the wires have a mass of 5.3 g per metre of length calculate current I2 such that the ...


During the month of february, the depth,d, of snow in inches at the base of one ski resort can be approximated by adding 7 to twice the number of days, t, since Jan. 31.


A firm faces the following sales function: Q=5,000-10P+40A+PA-0.8A^2-0.5P^2 where Q is sales, P is price(dollars), and A is advertising expenditures (in hundreds of dollars). Calculate the price and advertising levels that maximize sales. I don't know what to do with it with ...


your receipt shows that you paid $82.83 for a shirt including sales tax. The sales tax rate is 9%. find the amount you paid in sales tax

Health ASAP

What exercises do you plan to use on your Muscular Fitness workout log? You should include at least 8 exercises that work different muscle groups. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So the thing is I need 8 exercises that can help me on various parts of my body. Any ideas for all those ...


measuring your heart rate is one way to check the intensity of exercise. studies show that a person's maximum heart rate depends on his or her age. The expression 220-a approximates a person's maximum heart rate in beats per minute, where a is the person's age.find the maximum...


A toolshed with a square base and a flat roof is to have a volume of 800 cubic feet. If the floor costs $6 per square foot, the roof $2 per square foot, and the sides $5 per square foot, determine the dimensions of the least expensive shed.


A right circular cone of base radius r cm and height h cm fits exactly into a sphere of internal radius 12cm. a)Express r in terms of h. b)If the volume of the cone is Vcm cube, show that V=8¶h^2 - 1/3¶h^3 c)Find the value of r for which V has a turning value, and determine ...

Math- Pre calculus

A community bird-watching society makes and sells simple bird feeders to raise money for its conservation activities. The materials for each feeder cost $5, and the society sells an average of 20 per week at a price of $9 each. The society has been considering raising the ...

Math Help

A division of a corporation produces "Personal Income Tax" diaries. Each diary sells for $8. The monthly fixed costs incurred by the division are $20,000, and the variable cost of producing each diary is $3. What should be the level of sales in order for the division to ...

persuasive speaking

i am struggling with the need, plan advantage format for public speaking. i've already consulted my textbook and notes, i still am not understanding the material. is there any websites i can consult to find this format/an explanation? i tried googling it already. thank you.


I have to plot a graph of Pressure gradient vs average velocity (water in a pipe, I have all the data). I plan to put the average velocity on the x axis, since I could control that better in an experiment. Do you agree/ Thanks. Charlie


Mortgage company lets you pay a point (1% of total amount of loan)to reduce APR from 6.5% to 6.25% on a $400,000 30-yr mortgage with monthly payments. Plan to be in house for at least five years. Should you pay the point?

Information Technology

When you are asked to install a new 80Gb hard drive and to keep the existing 10Gb drive for data storage. There is a CD writer installed as the secondary master. Prior to installation, plan how your new drives are to be installed.


You plan to paint a sphere of radius 200 cm with a coat of pain .2 cm thick. Use differentials to approximate the amount of paint that is needed. Use the equation for the volume of a sphere. So far I have C=81, X=82, f(x)= x^1/4 and C-x = 1 (If correct) what is the next step?

biology help quick please!

We learned about many different animal phyla. How do scientists classify animals to determinewhich phyla they belong to? a. Adult Body Plan b. Embryological Development c. Animal Body Sized. d. Both a and b are correct


An investor purchased 700 shares of stock at $54.03 per share. She later sold them for $53.62. The broker's commission was 3% of the purchase price and 1% of the selling price. What is the amount the investor lost on the stock?


We want to construct a closed rectangular box whose base has a length three times the width. The surface area has to be 600 cm2. Determine the dimensions of the box that will produce the largest volume.


You want to buy a car but the price of $22000 is a bit steep. You are willing to put down $3000 and finance it over 5 years; however, you are restricted to no more than $325 per month. The interest rate is 6% per year. What is the price you can afford to pay for the car?


how do you find ...weekly sales in thousands of items of a product has a seasonal sales record approximated by y=18.1sin(piex/24)+52.9 where x is time in weeks and 1 is the first week in janurary. during which weeks will the sales equal 61,950 items this year? list all the ...


Dear Sue, I need your help concerning the below questions. Thank you. The coding department of a large physician clinic is interested in purchasing a software program that will edit claims before they are sent out to billing. The license fee for the software costs $34,000 per ...

strategic ffinancial mangement

XYZ company is contemplating the purchase of a new machinery costing rupees 30000with an expected life of 5 year at the end of which period , it can be solved for rupees 750 thousand in replacement of an old machine purchased 3 years ago for rupees 15000 with an expected life ...

statistics and probability

A company has been studying the performance of their sales department. The measure of performance used is: average monthly sales amount in dollars. For the past 12 months, the average monthly sales amount has been $4,532 with a standard deviation of $386. Calculate the ...


Write each of the following in the indicated base. (a) 1021three to base ten. (b) 534 to base twelve (c) MCMLXII to base ten

Program logic design

• Assignment 1: Chocolate Delights Candy Company, Part 1 Due Week 5 and worth 210 points Chocolate Delights Candy Company manufactures several types of candy. Design a flowchart using Visual Logic for the following: 1. A program that accepts a candy name (for example, “ ...

Social Studies

Which of the following was a contribution of Tomochichi to the success of the Georgia colony? A. He kept peace between british and the creek Indians B. He had a cure for disease caused by the mosquitoes C. He kept most of the land that Oglethorpe wanted for the settlement D. ...

Derivative-Optimization Problems

You plan to enclosed part of a rectangular farmland with a fence. Since one side of it is bounded by a river, you only need to fence the other three sides. if you have enough budget to buy 600m of fencing material, what is the largest area you can enclose?


A professional employee in a large corporation receives an average of = 45 e-mails per day. Most of these e-mails are from other employees in the company. Because of the large number of e-mails, employees find themselves distracted and are unable to concentrate when they ...

Data analysis

Question 1 Production Rates A manufacturing company wishes to find out whether the productivity of its workforce has increased now that they have a new machine. The factory examined the records for a random sample of 8 hours over the past month. The hourly production rates for...

Data analysis

Question 1 Production Rates A manufacturing company wishes to find out whether the productivity of its workforce has increased now that they have a new machine. The factory examined the records for a random sample of 8 hours over the past month. The hourly production rates for...

Math( 8th) Rate of change

Khiry has money in a savings account at the bank that increases by the same amount of interesr each year. In 2003 khiry had $200 in the bank. In 2006, Khiry had $215 in the bank.In how mnany years will Khiry hav $230? The cost of gasoline per gallon in 1989 is $2.39. In 1995, ...

Business Math

Craig runs a business importing shoes from Italy and selling them in Namibia. For the below questions (a – g), rounds your answers to cents (two decimal places). a) If the Euro / Namibian dollar exchange rate is € 1 = N$ 13.90 and the cost price of a pair of shoes is € ...

grammar..adjective and adverbs..PleaseRespondASAP

Write the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentences. Indicate whether each is an adjective or an adverb, and identify the word or words it modifies. You do not need to include articles. 1. If you seriously plan to climb Mt. Everest, you should hire plenty of hardy ...


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