A person applying for a sales position is offered an alternative salery plan. Plan A- A base salery of $600 per month plus a commission of 4% of the gross value for the month Plan B- A base salery of

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Math 101

1. Best Rentals charges a daily fee plus a mileage fee for renting its cars. Barney was charged $123.00 for 3 days and 300 miles, while Mary was charged $216.00 for 5 days and 600 miles. What does Best Rental charge per day, for mileage? 2. There were 44,000 people at a ball ...


Which of the following pairs of quantum gates commute? Select all that apply. (Gates A and B commute if and only if for any input applying A and then B gives the same results as applying B and then A. This is the same as saying that the unitary transformations commute.)


In 1982 , the California Minimum wage was $3.35.Suppose that a bartender in 1982 makes minimum wage plus $80 per night in tips,and that they work full time(8 hrs per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year) Considering a standard inflation rate of 4.5% what was his annual ...


1. Rewrite sentences using the Passive They’re going to open the sports complex next week. The sports complex... The USA manufacture a lot of sports equipment A lot of sports equipment... They’re building some tennis courts in the park. Some tennis courts... Johnson wrote ...


An airplane crosses the Atlantic Ocean​ (3000 miles) with an airspeed of 600 miles per hour. The cost C​ (in dollars) per passenger is given by C(x)=150+x/20+36,000/x What is the cost per passenger for quiescent​ (no wind)​ conditions? What is the cost ...


I have to plan for an essay. The essay is to do with Arcadia. I'm having a bit of difficulty. Why is Arcadia an artificial play? Please help


The _____ Plan, favored by _____ States, proposed giving States equal representation in a unicameral Congress.

Slit width in double slit experiment

Link to image relevant to this problem (Add a dot after "1h3" and "googleusercontent" -> lh3googleusercontentcom/rL6zLQRGjdYSHMfsvAN_a4E_s3MARseiAw-KmFUfP5sp5nmp3c7E43zWO9_3ZrWwez6iZQ=s108 Light of wavelength 550 nm passes through a double slit, yielding a diffraction ...


The drawing shows a person (weight W = 592 N, L1 = 0.841 m, L2 = 0.410 m) doing push-ups. Find the normal force exerted by the floor on each hand and each foot, assuming that the person holds this position. force on each hand N force on each foot N


The drawing shows a person (weight W = 581 N, L1 = 0.843 m, L2 = 0.404 m) doing push-ups. Find the normal force exerted by the floor on each hand and each foot, assuming that the person holds this position. force on each hand N force on each foot N


can you check my answers if they are correct thank you 1.) A convertible bond is currently selling for $945. It is convertible into 15 shares of common which presently sell for $57 per share. What is the conversion premium? A. $90 B. $45 C. 57 shares D. 13 shares Answer c 2.) ...


The monthly cost of driving a car depends on the number of miles driven. Lynn found that in May it cost her $410 to drive 300 mi and in June it cost her $470 to drive 600 mi. (a) Express the monthly cost C as a function of the distance driven, d, assuming that a linear ...

Consumer Math

Can you please check my answers:) 1. John Gray bought a basic car for $8,250.00, with options that cost $324.00. There's a 6% sales tax in his state and a combined $50.00 license and registration fee. What was John's total cost? A. $9,138.44 B. $10,000.00 C. $9,141.44 D. $14,...


On a salmon farm, pool A contains 310 salmon and a second pool B contains 90 salmon. The number of salmon in pool A is decreasing by 15 salmon per month. The number of salmon in pool B is increasing by 15 salmon per month. After how many months will there be equal number of ...


Hi! So, I thought I was very comfortable with distinguishing among Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis acids and bases. But then, I answered this question wrong and am looking for help because I'm not sure if my "second choice" answer is correct. The question asks: In the gas...


Plan an interview for a job you would like to have,how to manage the resume,job application,follow u p ltter and interview...HELP


a deficit is a. the money paid for the use of a loan b. the amount the government spends that exceeds its income c. a plan for income and expenses b


what is the effect on the speed of a fighter plane chasing another when it opens fire?what happens to the speed of pursuid plan when it returns the fire?

resaerch writing

My thesis statement is Teen Depression and Suicide. How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments?

Intermediate Accounting

Can you give me a website or answer this question please. How does a contributory pension differ from a non-contributory pension plan? Thank you

ap government

What was the Roosevelt court-packing plan? What does it suggest about the relationship between the Supreme Court and the other branches of government?


_____ States supported the _____ Plan, which called for a bicameral legislature in which States would be represented according to their population


Hi! So for my education class I need to write a sample Lesson Plan. The subject/topic can be anything. Any ideas on what to write about?

algebra and geometry

On a floor plan, a room measures 2 inches by 5 inches. If the scale is 1 inch =4 feet, what is the actual size of the room?


where can i find research info on terrestrial resource issues. and management and sutainment plan for the terrestrial resource.

SCI 275 Environmental Science

CheckPoint: Energy Resource Challenges Assignment: Energy Resource Plan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

public & community health

Why is it important for public health to have a strategic disaster management plan in place?


If a flew flew an estimated distance of 800 kilometers what is the greatest distance the plan could have flown


In a mobile phone network, how many times as strong would a signal be expected to be at 200 m from a base station, compared with at 600 m? My answer is 81, is it right?


In a mobile phone network, how many times as strong would a signal be expected to be at 200 m from a base station, compared with at 600 m? i calculated 3 or 81. which is it right?


Last year's sales at Mel's Cinema totaled $144,000. This year's sales should increase by 1/3. How much should sales increase by, and what will sales be in the new year?

Quantitative methods

Hostis sent a car company charges 45 dollars per day plus 40 cents per mile for a compact car, and gasoline costs 1.19 dollars per gallon. If the car gets 25 miles per gallon of gasoline, how many miles can the driver travel each day on a budget of 100 dollars


the acceleration of a particle is defined by the equation a= 4-t^2 with an initial velocity of two millimeters per second. Find the exact equation for the position of the particle if its initial position was zero.


If alfa and bita are zeroes of poly x square minus 3x plus 2 then find the value of alfa square plus bita square?


Marcia and Phil Helm, a couple in their thirties, have been married for several years. They have no children, and each has a professional career. Marcia is a trainee for a management position at a large department store, and Phil is an engineer at an electronics firm. Their ...

micro economic

The sales tax rate applied to all purchases within a state was 0.04 (4 percent) throughout 2006 but increased to 0.05 (5 percent) during all of 2007. The state government collected all taxes due, but its tax revenues were equal to $40 million each year. What happened to the ...


1. Jane has a checkbook balance of $68.00. She then writes two checks, one for $5.00 and one for $62.50. She also deposits $75.00. She then uses her calculator to determine her new balance. Which of the following is the correct series of keys she should press? A. ON/C 6 8 + 7 ...

Math 222

Posted by Monica on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 6:36pm. Please help me solve these two Rational Expressions? Sorry my addition sign does not work on my keyboard, so that is why I am using the word "plus". 1). g^2-6g-55 __________ g 2). k^3 plus k ___________ k^2 plus k-42


Sales at a certain department store follow the model 4072-01-02-03-00_files/i0100000.jpg where y is the total sales in thousands of dollars and x is the number of years after 2001. What was the first year that sales fell below $50,000?


a fast food place sells 425 large orders of fries per week at price $2.75 each. A market survey indicates that for each $0.10 decrease, sales will increase by 20 orders of fires a) Determine the ,marginal revenue function b) With what price with marginal revenue be equal to ...


A survey of local businesses firms to determine how they forecast sales will produce a variety of answers. Some will claim they do not use any format techniques to forecast sales. You know they must be using some approach, no matter how loosely defined. How do you know a ...

help me please

You are shopping for an executive desk chair at The Furniture Gallery. You see two you like on sale. Chair A was originally $119.99 now on sale for $79.99 and Chair B was originally $149.99 now on sale for $89.99. Calculate the markdown percent of each chair to determine which...

Social studies

1.How did the state colonization law affect Texas? Select all that apply. A:It encouraged settlers to come to the area. B: It gave empresario grants to people such as Stephen F. Austin. C:It promoted cheap land where they could raise crops.*** D:It helped the American Indians ...

Physics 141

The drawing shows a person (weight W = 586 N, L1 = 0.837 m, L2 = 0.397 m) doing push-ups. Find the normal force exerted by the floor on each hand and each foot, assuming that the person holds this position. force on each hand N force on each foot N


Plan a systems development project for the Bead Bar, using the seven standard systems development life cycle phases

Human Resources

What are the four steps an organization should change its personality profile. What should the organization consider before developing a plan.


Suppose a person pays $80 of annual interest on a loan that has a 5 percent annual interest rate. The loan amount is: A. $400. B. $1,600. C. $160. D. $85. 10. Suppose a loan customer is considering two alternative $22,000 loans. Loan 1 requires payment of $1,100 of interest ...


I have to develop a plan to assist a developing country with its food and water supply. The country can be either Central Africa or Rwanda Can you recommend some good website to use for this project?

Business writing

The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. The employee guide indicated that men could add their spouses to their health care plan.

Violence Action Plan (urgent)

Make a list of five or more different things students in school could do to prevent bullying? There's already anti-bullying day. So I don't know... 1.Guest Speaker maybe? 2. 3. 4. 5. Please help. Thank you.


23. Which portion of this sentence followed by a letter is not parallel? The company president inspired his employees (A), charmed the press (B), and redefined his company's strategic plan (C). __A __B __C __No error


I don't know if any of you have read le compte de mont cristo but there are two questions I am confused about. On what project did the abbot work? and after having encountered Dantes in prison, what did the abbot learn and what was his plan?


Ed, who suffers from dementia, has enormous difficulty getting dressed in the morning because he cannot plan and organize the behaviors necessary to complete the task. Ed's difficulty is in the area of A) executive function. B) agnosia. C) apraxia. D) aphasia.


Victoria buys two pairs of sunglasses for $8 each.About how mucho did she pay for Both pairs of glasses?Foundation to the nearest ten.Solbes the problem using the gourmet Stephen plan


Victoria buys two pairs of sunglasses for $8 each about how much did she pay for both pairs of glasses round to the nearest ten solve the problem using the four step plan.


TRIATHLONS Irena is training for an upcoming triathlon and plans to run 12 miles today. Jorge offered to ride his bicycle to help her maintain her pace. If Irena wants to keep a steady pace of 6.5 minutes per mile, how fast should Jorge ride in miles per hour? Thank you so ...


please help im quite stuck with this question a boat sails in a straight line, its position at time t is (-t+600,2t-300). a man stands on a small island, at position (200,100). due to fog, he can see objects of radius 200m centred at his position. a) find the poitns where the ...


I have tried and tried to get the answer but am still confused; please help, thank you... The “Limited Plan” offers a 15% discount for power usage between 7pm – 9am if most of your usage happens during that time. If not, then you lose your discount and you pay a 20% ...


Mrs. Jones owns 100 shares of stock in Daimler-Benz valued at 16.5 Euros per share. What is the value in $U.S. of her stock if: 0.90 € = $1 Value of 100 shares at €16.5 per share 1,650.00 Euros Value of 1,650.00 Euros at 0.90 € = $1 is $1,833.33 0.70 € = $1 Value of 1,...

Management accounting

Andre has a hair styling business with five workers that are paid $9.90 per hour,they work 40-hour per week and 50 weeks a year.Rent is $1,750 per month, hair shampooing is .40 per client, haircuts unit price is $12. Andre needs your help in finding the following information. ...

health care reform

Why did President Clinton's health reform plan in the 1990's never pass?

Business Plan

How do I answer this question for a cleaning business . How will your business grow and where will you see your business in five years?


The initial plan for the division of India called for a 3-part division. true false is it true

world history

how did the schlieffen plan war on the eastern front differ from the war on the western front


Mia Enterprises sells a product for $90 per unit. The variable cost is $40 per unit, while fixed costs are $75,000. Determine the (a) break-even point in sales units, and (b) break-even point if the selling price was increased to $100 per unit.

Absolute value

Bertrand collects movie posters. The number of movie posters in his collection changes each month as he buys and sells posters. The table show how many posters he brought or sold in the given months. January sold 20, February bought 12, March bought 22, April sold 28. 1. Which...


How to write a business plan?


Wheeler Corporation is planning to expand its business and needs $30,000,000. The company believes that a 12-year term loan can be negotiated with a bank at an annual rate of 10%. Alternatively, an investment banking firm has indicated that it is willing to underwrite a common...


12.value: 10.00 points Joanne Flynn bought a new boat for $15,400. She put a $2,600 down payment on it. The bank’s loan was for 46 months. Finance charges totaled $4,859.86. Assume Joanne decided to pay off the loan at the end of the 24th month. (Rule of 78) What rebate ...

Business Studies

HI I'd like someone to check explain me the following questions related to the text and how to find them out The following text : The ARC company produces and sells cosmetics for women and girls. The company is owned by a brother and sitser who originally wanted to earn more ...

Business Studies

HI I'd like someone to check explain me the following questions related to the text and how to find them out The following text : The ARC company produces and sells cosmetics for women and girls. The company is owned by a brother and sitser who originally wanted to earn more ...


You currently lease scanning equipment at a cost of $1,500 per quarter and two copy machines at $120 per month. What will you need to budget annually for this leased equipment


you currently lease scanning equipment at a cost of 1,500 per quarter and two copy machines at $120 each per month. What will you need to budget annually for this leased equipment?


You currently lease scanning equipment at a cost of $1,500 per quarter and two copy machines at $120 each per month. a. What will you need to budget annually for this leased equipment?


Two fraternities, Sig Ep and Ep Sig, plan to raise money jointly to benefit homeless people on Long Island. They will sell Yoda vs. Alien T-shirts in the student center, but are not sure how much to charge. Sig Ep treasurer Augustus recalls that they once sold 70 shirts in a ...

financial managment

Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Estimation After seeing Snapple’s success with noncola soft drinks and learning of Coke’s and Pepsi’s interest, Allied Food Products has decided to consider an expansion of its own in the fruit juice business. The product being considered ...


If m ≥ n > 1, what is the largest possible value of log base m (m/n) + log base n (n/m)?


A car rents for $40 per day plus 18 cents per mile. Your on a budget of $67 a day. What mileage will allow you to stay within your budget?


A production run of toothpaste requires a fixed cost of $100,000. The variable cost per unit is $3.00. If 50,000 units of toothpaste will be sold during the next month, what sale price must be chosen in order to break even at the end of the month?


A car rental agency charges $250 per week plus $0.25 per mile to rent a car. How many miles can you travel in one week for


If a car agency charges 240.00 per week to rent a car plus 0.25 per mile. How many miles can you travel in one week for 385.00


can I any one help me to find a formula to calculate 401K plans for my project? Thanks Compound Interest With compound interest, the interest due and paid at the end of the interest compounding period is added to the initial starting principal to form a new principal, and this...


Benjamin O'Henry has owned and operated O'Henry's Data Services since its beginning ten years ago. From all appearances, the business has prospered. In the past few years, you have become friends with O'Henry and his wife. Recently, O'Henry mentioned that he has lost his zest ...


what are the types of renewable energy alternative? what are some challenges with using and managing these alternative, renewable energy resources?


Selected year- end financial statements of Cadet Corporation follow. ( All sales were on credit; selected balance sheet amounts at December 31, 2008 (prior year – you will need this to calculate certain averages), were inventory, $ 56,900; total assets, $ 219,400; common ...


On the first day in each month, Enid deposited $4 into her bank account and Jim deposited $3 into his. They opened these accounts on May 15, 1990. On December 31, 1990, they each had $72 dollars in their account. How much did each person deposit on May 15? (Note: Neither ...


I am horrible at writing and I need to write a thesis statement and show how I plan to support my thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments. please help

ratios in context

A scale drawing shows the plans for a barn in a 1:48 ratio. On the plan, a wall of the barn is 2 feet in length. How long will the actual wall be?


Would this sentence be past simple tense or past perfect tense? I learned how to create a financial plan and to budget money in my class.

child care

in preparing budget for a day care center, you must plan for taxes.as an amployer you must pay part of employees which tax


i am writing an essay on texting conversation i also need to write about texting could you write some bullet points for the plan please

Math (grade 10)

On the design plan for a garden, a straight path suns from (-25,20) to (40,36). A lamp is going to be placed at the midpoint of the path. Determine the coordinates for the lamp.


discuss the view that curriculum is all the leaning which plan and guided by the school whether it carries on in the group or individual inside or outside the school.


the floor plan of a room has a scale of 2.5 in.:32ft. in the drawing,the length of the room is 8in.and the width of the room is 6 in. what is the perimeter of the actual room? i think is 392 ft or help


which of the following caused a split in the women's suffrage campaign? a. Alice Paul's aggressive strategy b. Carrie Chapman Catt's "Winning Plan" c. the decision to press for a constitutional amendment d. World War I no idea, pleease help!

U.S. History

What is proportional representation? How does it work? I've googled it and the answers I'm getting are super lengthy, and hard to understand. If it helps, I am currently studying the Great Compromise/The Connecticut Plan of Govt. Make it short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks ...

com 156

Write two paragraphs, with a total minimum word count of 350 words, explaining what your point of view will be and what you plan to accomplish in your paper. My thesis is on why credit card companies should not market on campus.


Write three paragraphs, with a total minimum word count of 500 words, explaining what your point of view will be and what you plan to accomplish in your paper. “Credit card companies should not be on campus marketing to college students”


A college is planning to construct a rectangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 520 feet of fencing to fence off the other three sides. width length


Entrepreneurs in the shoeshine stand business earn 11000 a year Joe pays the rent of 500 a year and his total revenue is 16000 a year.he borrowed 600 at 20 percent a year to buy equipment.at the end of the year Joe offered 400 for his business and all his equipment.


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