1. Family Life

    how to create a step-by-step action plan.
  2. project management

    Does anyone have the audit of the gauchito project plan
  3. college Managerial accounting

    Problem 47 Simon Hinson Company operates two divisions: Gordon and Ronin. A segmented income statement for the company’s most recent year is as follow: Total Company Gordon Division Ronin Division Sales $850,000 $250,000 $600,000 Less variable expense 505,000 145,000 360,000...
  4. To Math Helpers please:Math 2 questions

    I'll retype it, Ive been waiting forever and i just need someone to do these 2 questions so that i can continue doing my other ones so can someone do them: I need help with 2 questions so that I could do my other ones myself so can someone please do these 2 questions so i get ...
  5. Math, Help Please IF you can

    Chapter 6, Section 6.1, Question 036 The function g(x) is obtained by shifting the graph of y=x^2 If g(3) = 25 (a) g is the result of applying only a horizontal shift to y=x^2 g(x) = (b) g is the result of applying only a vertical shift to y=x^2 g(x) = g left-parenthesis x ...
  6. Physics

    An exceptional standing jump would raise a person 0.80 m off the ground. To do this, the person must first lower himself about 0.20 m prior to jumping. What force must a 70‒kg person, ready to jump at this position, exert against the ground in order to reach that height ...
  7. Math

    If a person walks 4/5 miles in each 1/10 hr. How fast is the person walking per hour?
  8. intro to computer programming

    I need help with my Java homework! Write a program that calculates a customer's monthly bill. It should ask the user via dialog box to enter the letter of the package the customer has purchased (A, B, or C) and the number of hours that were used. It should then display the ...
  9. Statistics

    You are interested in estimating the mean of a population. you plan to take a random sample from the population and use the samples mean as an estimate of population mean. Assuming that the population from which you select your sample is normal, which of the statements about ...
  10. arithmetic

    what does127.00 minus 15 percent plus 6 percent sales tax equal?
  11. Math- HELP

    How do I Find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers? 13,4,12,16,8,14,8,3,10,8 order the data: 3,4,8,8,8,10,12,13,14,16 Quartile I ends at 8 The quartile II ends at 9. quartile III ends at 13 The calculation of the quartiles is sometimes not ...
  12. Entrep

    Andy Rexford had started his custom embroidery shop in his garage with just one two-head machine and an old computer. From this humble beginning, Custom Stitches had grown into a full-time family business with sales of more than $750,000 a year and supplied the local college ...
  13. Language Arts

    In the Holocaust book were reading the Nazis were planning on killing all the Jews before the Russians liberated them. Is this true? If so how were they going to plan the kills?
  14. SCI/275

    Looking for any help with a 1750 to 2100 word paper that formulates a mitigation plan for the declining fish population. Any websites I could go to or and suggestion would be a big help
  15. quantitive literacy

    Select an investment plan for a family with a child that is x years old and has y dollars to invest. How can I make this into two different equations to be graphed?
  16. physcis

    a 16990kg airplane lands with a speed of 91m/s on a stationary aircraft carrier deck that is 115m. find workk done by nonconservative forces in stopping the plan.
  17. reimbursement methodologies/ Penn Foster

    Your an HMO director. You would like to ensure that your care plan is meeting industry standards. Whats one way you can do this
  18. English

    Hello! I am trying to formulate the following sentence correctly: 1. "I plan to continue my education on the graduate study program of the same university." Any better ideas?
  19. math

    A family's plan to retire in 15 years and expect to need $500,000. Determine how much they must invest at 7.6% compounded annually to accomplish their goal.
  20. U.S. History

    What policy first committed the United States to the containment of communism? Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan Yalta Accords or European Recovery Program
  21. Math

    vacuum cleaner was purchase on the installment plan with 12 monthly payments $36.98 each. If the cash price was $415 and there was no down payment , find the annual percentage rate.
  22. math

    An electric mixer was purchased on the installment plan for a down payment of $60 and 11 monthly payments of $11.05 each. The cash price was $170. Find the annual percentage rate.
  23. SS

    how did Alexander Hamilton plan to pay off the national debt? by creating a population tax by printing new currency by taxing imports** by increasing exports
  24. math

    For exersizes 1-4 describe the population, the sampling plan, and the sample 1. A magazine for teenagers asks its readers to write in imformation about how they solve personal problems
  25. Math

    A lemonade machine with a cash price of $4000.00 is purchased on an installment plan with a$460.00 down payment and 13 monthly payments of 272.31. What is the amount financed
  26. Algebra

    A catering company charges a $300.00 set up fee and $10.00 per person for a lunch buffet. Approximately how many people must attend the lunch so that the total cost per person is $14.00? (1 point) • 75 people • 30 people • 214 people • 440 people
  27. math

    trish bought 3,000 shares of stock for 59 dollars per share six months laters she sold 3,000 shares for 75 dollars per share if the commission 975 how much did she profit
  28. 5th grade math

    county festival charges 50.00 to perform, high school gymnastics team performs charging 2.50 per person. 113 people attend. The team owes the 50.00 plus 62.50 for repair to their paralell bars. How much profit does the team make? and it is divided equally between the 6 members...
  29. Math

    From the ff. account balances picked up from the ledger of Morgan Industries on July 15, 2008, prepare a trial balance in good form Morgan, Drawing Drawing 1, 800 Accounts Payable 38, 000 Land 30,000 Sales Discount 3, 600 Purchase Returns and Allowances 3,000 Insurance 1,800 ...
  30. math

    Emilio’s pay varies directly with the number of sales he makes. He made 22 sales and earned $154. How much will he earn for 35 sales? $
  31. math:Fundamental Counting Principlal

    solve the problem by applying the fundamental counting principal with two groups of items. Shaun is joining a music club. as part of ther 4-cd introductory package she can choose from 12 rock, 10 alternative, 7 country, and 5 classical. if Shaun choose one selection from each ...
  32. algebra

    A CD costs $17.95 plus tax. The sales tax rate is 7.5%. Find the total cost of the CD.
  33. Math

    CHECK AND CORRECT MY ANSWERS!! PLEASE!!:D:D Write the ratio in the simplest form. 45:15 9:3 3:1*** 1:3 4:1 Solve the following proportion. (solve p) p/3 = 8/12 2*** 8 12 24 A recipe calls for 3 cups of flour to make 3 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much ...
  34. business law

    Jud Wheeler signed a contract to purchase 10 acres of land in Idaho from the Krauses. If Jud offered the Krauses considerably less for their property than its possible market value and the Krauses accepted the offer, could they avoid the contract on later learning that they ...
  35. Algebra

    Each day, a young person should sleep 7 hours plus 1/4 hour for each year that the person is under 18 years of age. Assuming the relation is linear, write the equation relating hours of sleep y and age x.

  37. Diversity in the Classroom

    How and why would the teacher plan to create an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance and caring in his or her classroom environment?
  38. social studies

    Theodore Roosevelt wanted to build a canal in Central America. Why was there opposition to Roosevelt's plan?
  39. Medical

    List four ways in which your provincial health insurance plan communicates with Medical administrative assistants?
  40. preschool

    hello i need help with a lesson plan i need to find one regarding diversity, and whats the concept?
  41. physics

    how can the work done to an object be the same amout as the potential energy when sitting on an incline plan.. (the object is a marble)
  42. physics

    how can the work done to an object be the same amout as the potential energy when sitting on an incline plan.. (the object is a marble)
  43. language arts

    Cleanliness what is it? why practice it? how do you practice it? what would it look like if..... reflections: action plan: plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Science

    What is the difference between overpopulation and Consumption overpopulation? What components would you find in an overall plan for sustuinability?
  45. Language

    Consider an example in which both cars are insured by the same plan. Is there supposed to be a comma after "example"?
  46. research proposal plan

    I need help bad I need a topic that uses to groups and has a minimum risk which can be experimented

    Gemini Real Estate is offered a $2 million line of credit for four months at an APR of 9%. This loan has a loan origination fee of 1.5%. What is the actual four-month interest rate paid, expressed as an EAR

    Crimini Foods is offered a $400,000 line of credit for six months at an APR of 10%. This loan has a loan origination fee of 2%. What is the actual six-month interest rate paid, expressed as an EAR
  49. Finance

    Crimini Foods is offered a $400,000 line of credit for six months at an APR of 10%. This loan has a loan origination fee of 2%. What is the actual six-month interest rate paid, expressed as an EAR
  50. Finance

    Gemini Real Estate is offered a $2 million line of credit for four months at an APR of 9%. This loan has a loan origination fee of 1.5%. What is the actual four-month interest rate paid, expressed as an EAR
  51. Finance

    We are evaluating a project that costs $670,000, has a five-year life, and has no salvage value. Assume that depreciation is straight-line to zero over the life of the project. Sales are projected at 59,000 units per year. Price per unit is $44, variable cost per unit is $24, ...
  52. Math

    You plan to make 24 equal quarterly payments (payments are at the end of each period) into an account to pays 8% (per year compounded quarterly). If you need $5,000 at the end of 10 years (i.e. 4 years after the last payment is made into the account), how much would you have ...
  53. Math-intergration

    Show that integrate.[e^(-4x)*(cos 3x)] from 0-infinity =4/25 I got the answer(without applying limits) as, {(e^(-4x) )[3sin(3x) - 4cos(3x)]}/25 But when applying the upper limit what is the value of, {(e^(-infinity) )[3sin(3*infinity) -4cos(3*infinity) ] }/25 ? And while ...
  54. math

    Here's my question: Determine if each system has one, two, or no solutions. (Show your work - 3 marks each) a)y=2x^2-2x+1 and y=3x-5 b)y=x^2+3x-16 and y=-x^2-8x-18 Here's my work on the question: a) x=(-b plus/minus sign (square root b^2-4ac)/(2a) x=(--2 plus/minus sign (...
  55. acc 422

    I3-1: The Red Sky company is a wholesale company that purchases items from manufacturers and sells them to retail establishments. On December 31, 2010 Red Sky had the following in ending inventory: Product Code Quantity Cost Each Current Replacement Cost Each AB72YZ 1,970 $58...
  56. Finance

    Suppose an investment offers to double your money in 12 months. What rate of return per quarter are you being offered?
  57. Math, Algebra

    Can you please help me! I solved it, but I'm not sure if I'm right. ------------------------------ Paulo pays $45.99 per month for unlimited calls, with additional charges for text messages. His bill for 4 months is $207.96. If he sends 100 texts each month, how much is he ...
  58. Economics; The Cost of Production

    Please check my answers if they are correct. Thank you. THE QUESTION: Mark runs a business that sells guitars. In an average year, he receives $900 000 from sales of guitars. Of the sales revenue, he must pay the manufacturer a wholesale cost of $600 000; he also pays wages ...
  59. algebra

    Marvin is comparing two different music websites. Website A charges $10 per month for a subscription and $0.25 per song. Website B has no subscription fee, and all songs cost $0.75. Which equation would you solve to find the number of songs, s, that Marvin would have to buy ...
  60. college Accounting

    The ledger of Piper Rental Agency on March 31 of the current year includes the following selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepared. Debit Credit Prepaid Insurance $ 3,600 Supplies 2,800 Equipment 25,000 Accumulated Depreciation—Equipment $ 8,400 Notes ...
  61. math

    solve the following smultaneous equations 3x plus 2y =21 and x plus y = 8 3x -14y =0 and x - 4y plus 1 =0
  62. Algebra

    Today Star Satellite is offering the following special package to new customers: a one-time set-up fee of $10, the first month for free, and $32 per month thereafter. Which equation best represents k, the total cost of service for m months? A k = (10 + m)32. B k = 10 + 32m. C ...
  63. precalc

    The wheels of a car have a radius of 11 inches and are rotating at 600 revolutions per minute, find the speed of car in mileage per hour.
  64. Mathematics

    An insurances fund invests $70,600 in real estate and earns 14% per year on the investment. How much money is earned per year? .tricky
  65. Math:

    Fred’s net monthly income is $3933.12 Rental: $700 Car Payment: $363.75 Car Insurance: $46.16 Life Insurance: $8793.75 Savings: (Fred wants to save 5% of his monthly income.) Fred estimates that she will need: $100 a month for electricity $240 a month for food $60 a month ...
  66. math

    I'm working on a school math project, and i need to make my own 2 plans, i know that you can split all 17.5 ct diamonds so that each pirate would get 4.375 ct diamonds but i want to know how i would split them up, like into to 1/2 s or 1/4 and i need another plan please help ...
  67. Linear Programming

    I really really need help with this question, i've tried it different ways and end up confusing myself more. It's a multi schedule question and my biggest block is coming up with the objective function. HELP!!! The Homespun Company produces an air conditioning unit for use in ...
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate Delte G Knot for H20(g) + 1/2 O2 <-> H2O2(g) at 600. K, using the following data: H2(g) + O2(g) <-> H2O2 (g) K = 2.3 X 10^6 at 600. K 2H2(g) + O2(g) <-> 2H20(g) K= 1.8 X 10^37 at 600. K
  69. finance

    Find the final amount in the following retirement account, in which the rate of return on the account and the regular contribution change over time. $470 per month invested at 5%, compounded monthly, for 7 years; then $709 per month invested at 7%, compounded monthly, for 7 ...
  70. MATH CLASS 6th grade

    Every month the Incredible Ice Cream Shop sends a card with a coupon for a free ice cream treat to the members of their ice cream club who were born in that month. The manager of the ice cream shop noticed that 90% of all club members brought along a family member who spent an...
  71. eng

    Introduction: You're assigned a book report that is due at the end of the month, you say to yourself "hey that's plenty of time, I'll do it later." The problem is when is later? Is it later in the day, week or later meaning close to the day the book report is due? So then you'...
  72. applied business law

    Jud Wheeler signed a contract to purchase 10 acres of land in Idaho from the Krauses. If Jud offered the Krauses considerably less for their property than its possible market value and the Krauses accepted the offer, could they avoid the contract on later learning that they ...
  73. Chemistry

    The FDA recommends that women who are pregnant avoid eating more than three 6.00-oz servings of bluefish per month because of the relatively high mercury levels in that type of fish. If bluefish contains 0.341 ppm of mercury (that is, 0.341 oz of mercury per 1×106 oz of fish...
  74. Algebra

    A boat company charges a flat fee of $35.00 plus $7.25 per hour to rent a boat. Another company charges a fee of $29.00 plus $10.50 per hour to rent the same boat. Find the number of hours for which the costs are the same. Round your answer to the nearest whole hour.
  75. Calculus

    The quantity demanded each month of the Walter Serkin recording of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, manufactured by Phonola Record Industries, is related to the price/compact disc. The equation p = -0.00048 x + 7\ \ \ \ \(0<=x<=12,000\) where p denotes the unit price in ...
  76. Statistics, Math

    For 30 randomly selected Rolling Stones concerts, the mean gross earnings is 2.37 million dollars. Assuming a population standard deviation gross earnings of 0.52 million dollars, obtain a 99% confidence interval for the mean gross earnings of all Rolling Stones concerts (in ...
  77. Math

    At a selling price of $ 54 , a lamp company breaks even on total sales of $ 3564 . If the company's overhead is $ 396 , find the marginal production cost per lamp and find the profit on sales of 145 lamps.
  78. finance management

    You are going to open a business making custom cabinets. You can sell each cabinet for $80. It takes a cabinetmaker approximately 45 minutes to make one cabinet. Each cabinetmaker works an 8-hour day earning $18 per hour. Each cabinet uses $25 in raw materials. You usually ...
  79. math

    A real estate agent receives a 9% commission for every house sold. Suppose she sold a house for $112,000. Estimate her commission.
  80. Math

    How many CDs will a salesperson need to sell to make $52.80 in commission if the commission rate is 8% and the CDs sell for $12 apiece? I needed help I thought it has something to do with equation but guess not.
  81. Chemistry

    Calculate Delta G for H2O(g) + 1/2 O2(g) <-> H2O2(g) at 600. K using the following data: H2(g) + O2(g) <-> H2O2(g) k = 2.3 X 10^6 at 600. K 2H2(g) + O2(g) <-> 2H2O(g) k = 1.8 X 10^37 at 600. K
  82. Algebra

    Two companies sell software products. In 2010. Company 1 had total sales of $17.2 million. Its marketing department projects that sales will increase by $1.5 million per year for the next several years. Company 2 had total sales of $9.6 million for software products in 2010 ...
  83. Art

    How did his artwork reflects or defines his time period? In 1842, through friendly influences, vanderlyn he was commissioned by Congress to paint The Landing of Columbus. When he went to Paris, he hired a French artist, it was said that he did most of the work. Vanderlyn he ...
  84. psychology

    The following table describes five situations in which a person reacts to stress in an unhealthy manner. For each: a. identify the stressor(s). b. briefly explain why the person's reaction is an unhealthy choice. c. briefly describe one healthy alternative way of reacting and ...
  85. Algebra I

    I'm planning to landscape my yard. I plan to spend at least 6,000 and no more than 10,000. Write an inequality that shows this.
  86. american government

    the plan for governing the nation is the united state contract? true or false, false its the constitution right
  87. social studies need more info

    What does Ecuador plan to do about infectious diseases and what can the united nation do about it>
  88. research writing

    How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments? My thesis statement: Teenage Depression and Suicide
  89. Healthcare Administration

    Describe how you will use healthcare terminology / vocabulary in your current degree plan once you have graduated.
  90. chemistry

    plan and design an experiment which would allow you to find the percentage by mass of copper in a sample of impure copper
  91. Marketing

    Marketing Plan: Your company has just developed a new sports drink that is in a container which will keep it cool for up to 6 hours
  92. accounting

    Describe the relationship of the financial statements used in the financial plan for 2010 for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.
  93. Written Analysis

    Now I need help with: Short paragraph(s)outlining how I plan to find resources and evaluate my resources for credibility.
  94. Risk, Loss Prvnt, Emrgncy Plan

    Assess the similarities and differences between threat, risk, hazard, and peril.
  95. business

    Identify two companies that you believe integrate corporate social marketing in their overall strategic marketing plan
  96. French Expressions

    Does anybody know what the following French expression means: "Je changeais de plan de carrière comme on change de sous-vêtements."
  97. stats

    I am having a bit of trouble with the top half of the questions. I have an answer below for questions 5-10, is there anyway you can check those answers and help me with the rest I am having trouble with. Thank you. 1. The area to the right of 1.93 under Student's t-curve with ...
  98. Math

    Finding the critical value(s) of x^2, and use a x^2 distribution table to find the limits containing the P-value. Determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support the given alternative hypothesis. Test Ho:theta=2.63,Versus H1:theta does not equal2.62, given that theta...
  99. math

    John sells a $2,015,000 home and receives a 2.5% commission. How much is Johns commission? Do I have the problem set up right? $2,015,000 * 0.975
  100. math

    Ishaan works at a nearby electronics store. He makes a commission of 15% on everything he sells. If he sells a television for $392.00, how much money does Ishaan make in commission?
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