A culture starts at 8600 bacteria. After one hour the count is 10,000. Find a function that models the number of bacteria n(t) after t hours. The answer is n(t) = 8600e^.1506t Where does this 0.1506 come from?

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  1. math

    The classification of closed orientable surfaces says that they are all spheres with a certain number of handles attached. For example, a sphere is a sphere with 0 handles. A torus is a sphere with one handle. A two holed torus is a sphere with two handles etc. How does one "...
  2. Math - Geometry

    I'm having problems with one of the questions on my homework. It has 4 parts. Thanks 9) y = -2(x + 5)^2 + 4 A) Find Vertex B) Find the Zeros C) Find the y-intercept(s) D) This function has a: a) Minimum b) Maximum
  3. Math check

    Write the number without exponents 8.83x10^11 88,300,000,000
  4. Math

    Write the word form of the number that is 10,000,000 greater than 6,021,849.
  5. math

    write the word form of the number that is 10,000,000 greater than 6,021,849
  6. math

    Write three number that are greater than 1,543,000 but less than 1,544,000
  7. English

    According to the authorities; only 35% of criminals go to jail. a) Use a period after "authorities" (authorities. Only) b) Use a comma after "authorities" (authorities, only) c) Use a colon after "authorities" (authorities: only) d) There are no errors in this sentence B???
  8. Math Word Problem

    The Mesozoic Era began about 250,000,000 years ago. The Palezoic Era began 292,000,000 years before that. How long ago did the Palezoic Era Begin? A. 42,000,000 Years B. 492,000,000 Years C. 542,000,000 Years D. 556,000,000 Years
  9. bus stats

    John parks cars at a hotel. On the average, 6.0 cars will arrive in an hour. A driver's decision on whether to let John park the car does not depend upon any other person's decision. Define the random variable X to be the number of cars arriving in any hour period. a. Wat is ...
  10. Math

    A population of flies grows according to the function p(x)=2(4)^x, where x is measured in weeks. A local spider has set up shop and consumes flies according to the function s(x)=2x + 5. What is the population of flies after two weeks with the introduced spider? 15 flies 23 ...
  11. Quantiative Methods

    Industrial Designs has been awarded a contract to design a label for a new wine produced by Lake View Winery. The Co estimates that 150 hours will be required to complete the project. The firm's three graphics designers available for assisgment to this project ar Lisa, a ...
  12. inverse function question

    Hey, I'm having trouble fully understanding absolute value graphs and I've been asked find the largest value of a so that f^-1 exists for the function: f: (-efinity,a) --> R where f(x)= logel2x-1l *note: i have used 'l' to represent the straight line indicating the it is an...
  13. Health info

    Please check my answer thanks. Dr Johnson is treating a psychotic drug user. The patient suddenly leaves the facility, leaving a note that he plans to kill his ex-wife. The pt left behind his antipsychotic meds that he must take every two hours Dr Johnson... 1. MAy not release...
  14. Rate of Change

    There is a question on my homework that asks use d=1032-200t to the approximate the distance in miles and time in hours of a pilot from her destination. find the distances for the time values given in 2a and 2b 2a:t=1.5 hours 2b:t=4.8 hours how do i solve this? <<how do ...
  15. physics

    An 8.0 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 9 kg block of wood and sticks in it.The block,which is free to move,has a velocity of 40cm/s after impact.Find the initial velocity of a bullet. You know the momentum (total mass) of the bullet/block combo after the collision, and ...
  16. 3rd grade math

    179,323,175 round to the nearest million sue can you please check my answer . this is my answer 280,000,000. hope i got it right.
  17. Microbio

    I have a hard time with this finding the concept for the below: plz help How and in what way does the input of organic matter, such as sewage, effect the O2 content of a river or stream? A pond or lake? Does the organic matter get digested by bacteria, microbes et al? Do they ...
  18. Math

    A clock gains s seconds in one hour. In its simplest form, write down an expression in term of s and d for the number of minutes it gains in d days.
  19. aig math

    Rosa and Marty had the same amount of money.After Rosa spent $45 and Marty spent $117, Rosa had 4 times as much money as Marty. How much money did Rosa have at first? I don't know the answer to this one so can you show me how you got your answer and what's your answer?
  20. Discrete Math

    Let A={0,1,2,3,4}. Define a function f from A to A by f(n)=2n mod 5. a/ Is f one-to-one? b/ Is f onto? Could you show me how to solve this problem, please? I have no idea what this function is. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  21. AP CALC. AB

    1.Locate the discontinuity of the function y=1/(1+sin x) 2.Suppose that f is a continuous function defined for all real numbers x and f(-5)=3 and f(-1)=-2 . If f(x) = 0 for one and only one value of x, then which of the following could be x?
  22. Phoenix

    In planning for a new item, a manufacturer assumes that the number of items produced x and the cost in dollars C of producing these items are related by a linear equation. Projections are that 100 items will cost $10,000 to produce and that 300 items will cost $22,000 to ...
  23. algebra

    A piece of pottery is removed from a kiln and allowed to cool in a controlled environment. The temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) of the pottery after it is removed from the kiln for various times (in minutes) is shown in the following table. Time, min Temperature, °F 15 ...
  24. math

    1.A milling machine has a gear that spins, making one complete rotation counter clockwise every 360 milliseconds. The gear has a tooth with a marker in it as shown in the diagram below. There is a sensor 30mm below the center of the gear as viewed from the diagram that ...
  25. Math: Calculus

    Answer the following questions for the function f(x)=sin(x/4)^2 defined on the interval [-12.266371, 2.241593]. Rememer that you can enter pi for as part of your answer. a.)f(x) is concave down on the interval ____. b.) A global minimum for this function occurs at ____. c.) A ...
  26. Calculus! Please Help!!

    The dollar value of a stock x weeks after a change in management is give by the function: f(x) = x²-14x+30ln(x+1)+32, 0≤x≤7. Find the intervals when the value of the sock was increasing and also determine the maximum value of the stock during this time. PLEEASEE ...
  27. maths

    1,The sum of $3000 is placed in the savings account. If money worth 6% compounded semi annually, what is he balance in the account after 7 year? Assume no other deposit and no withdrawals are made.2,The demand function of a manufacturers production is P=1000-2q where P is the ...
  28. stat

    A company installs 5000 light bulbs, each with an average life of 500 hours, standard deviation of 100 hours, and distribution approximated by a normal curve. Find the percentage of bulbs that can be expected to last the period of time. 77) At least 500 hours
  29. percentage

    If I put $5,000 in a CD for a miniumum of 3 years, the bank will offer 3.25% interest. How much interest will I earn after 6 years?
  30. compounded continously

    A saving account earns 4.3% compounded continously. How much needs to be deposit for a $12,000 after 3 years?
  31. Math

    A city of 2,950,000 people has a 2.5% annual decrease in population. Determine the city's population after 4 years.
  32. English

    I'm sorry but after asking for help and looking up several websites on how to write a really good thesis statement, I don't think I can make one. So I am asking can you please help me by writing it. I tried but I came up with three terrible ones. In “When Grizzlies Walked ...
  33. Physics

    I need help on the following questions, I am stuck and not sure on what to do, can someone work it out and or tell me steps to obtain the answer. Thank you 1) A point charge of -0.90 microC is fixed to one corner of a square. An identical charge is fixed to the diagonally ...
  34. Progamming

    This is the Problem, I just want to get a little help on this problem. Suppose automile repair customers are billed at the rate of $35 per hour for labor. Also, costs for parts and supplies are subject to a 5% sales tax. Write a program to display a simplified bill. The ...
  35. math

    Nolan practices the piano for 1 2/5 hours every Saturday and Sunday. How long does he practice each weekend? Express your answer in hours and minutes.
  36. math please help

    please check my answer thanks :) I messed up somewhere.:( Using the FIFO method of inventory pricing, what is the dollaor value of ending inventory if there were 17,000 units on hand on Dec 31 Must show all of work Jan 1 5,ooo @ $0.89 = 4450 Feb 15 10,000 @$ 0.69 = 6900 Apr 15...
  37. algebra

    After m minutes an adult blikns about 10+3times.about how many times does an adult blink in three minutes? in two hours?
  38. English

    During rush hour, some trains run ____ to accommodate the the large number of travelers. concurrent or concurrently answer: concurrent
  39. algebra

    The formula for calculating the amount of money returned for an initial deposit into a bank account or CD (certificate of deposit) is given by nt n r P A „Ê„Ë „É „º„» „¹ ƒ­ 1ƒy A is the amount of the return. P is the principal amount initially deposited. r...
  40. physics5

    During a walk on the Moon, an astronaut accidentally drops his camera over a tall cliff. It leaves his hands with zero speed, and after 2.1 s it has attained a velocity of 3.4 m/s downward. How far has the camera fallen after 4.2 s?
  41. math

    #Plz i need your help guys (the answer for this question)# If you deposit sh. 100,000 in a bank which gives 12% interest rate per year. How much will you earn after 1 year and 6 months? Steve yesterday at 5:42am That would be 100000 * .12 * 1.5 kelvin yesterday at 12:13pm Why ...
  42. Help

    Is there a website that will help me solve this? I can't find anything. I'm coming up with x=1/3 but I feel I'm doing it wrong. Find all real number solutions to (cubed root 3x-8)-1=0 If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas. If there is no solution, ...
  43. algebra

    A tennis club offers two payment options: Option1: $35 monthly fee plus $4/hour for court rental Option 2: No monthly fee but $6.50/hour for court rental. Let x = hours per month of court rental time. a) Write a mathematical model representing the total monthly cost, C, in ...
  44. 7th grade Math

    Mrs.Jackson earned a $500 bonus for signing a one-year contract to work as a nurse. Her salary is $22 per hour. If her first week's check including the bonus is 1,204, how many hours did mrs.jackson work
  45. college algebra word problem

    rachel allows herself 1 hour to reach a sales appt 50 miles away. after she has driven 30 miles, she realizes that she must increase her speed by 15mph in order to get there on time. what was her speed for the first 30 miles?
  46. Algebra

    All the members of a construction crew work at the same pace. Four of them working together are able to pour concrete foundations in 32 hours. How many hours would this job take if the number of workers decreased 2 times?
  47. algebra

    All the members of a construction crew work at the same pace. Four of them working together are able to pour concrete foundations in 32 hours. How many hours would this job take if the number of workers: increased 2 times
  48. physics

    Two carts with masses of 11.7 kg and 2.5 kg move in opposite directions on a frictionless horizontal track with speeds of 6.6 m/s and 3.1 m/s, respectively. The carts stick together after colliding head-on. Find their final speed. Answer in units of m/s
  49. Accounting

    3) Green Corporation is a calendar-year taxpayer. All of the stock is owned by Evan. His basis for the stock is $35,000. On March 1 (of a nonleap year), Green Corporation distributes $120,000 to Evan. Determine the tax consequences of the cash distribution to Evan in each of ...
  50. Math

    A tractor-trailer worth $84 000 depreciates 20% the first year and 10% each year thereafter. How much is it worth after 5 years?
  51. College Algebra

    The function f is one to one. Find its inverse. f(x) = 8x^2 - 9, x>=0
  52. Math

    If a football player gains 40 yards on a play, but on the next play, he loses 10 yards, what would his total yards be for the game if he ran for another 60 yards? What did you count by to label the units on your number line ( make number line)
  53. Human Biology

    Starting with the right ventricle of the heart, describe the function of the heart and the movement of the blood through the pulmonary and systemic circuit. Include a description of gas exchange within the lungs. Now consider what happens if Jake starts smoking. Discuss in ...
  54. Maths mst

    Question – 2: Consider the function,f(x) = (2/x+2)+4exp(-2x). (a) Find the area under the graph,A,and the average value,W, of the function,f(x),in the interval,[2,5]. (b) Find, f'(x), f''(x-2),and,f'(0) . (c) If, g(x) = x^2-1,find f(g(x)),and d/dx(f(g(x)) ?
  55. calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=4sqrtx+5 on the interval [4,5]. Find the average or mean slope of the function on this interval. By the Mean Value Theorem, we know there exists a c in the open interval (4,5) such that f'(c) is equal to this mean slope. For this problem, there is ...
  56. math

    Consider the function f(x)=2sqrtx+4 on the interval [2,8]. Find the average or mean slope of the function on this interval. ? By the Mean Value Theorem, we know there exists a c in the open interval (2,8) such that f'(c) is equal to this mean slope. For this problem, there is ...
  57. Math

    An object is projected directly upward from the ground. Its distance in feet from the ground in t seconds is s equals s=112t−16t^2 The object will be 160 feet from the ground after () ​second(s) and after () ​second(s). The object strikes the ground after...
  58. English

    What, if anything, is wrong with with the following sentence? Do you advise me to go to college or that I should get a job after high school. a. Run-on b.Misplaced part c. Lacks parallel parts d. Properly constructed sentence. I believe the answer is c. I think it should read...
  59. calculus

    Consider the function f(x) = 3 -2 x^2 on the interval [ -5 , 3 ]. (A) Find the average or mean slope of the function on this interval, i.e. \displaystyle{\frac { f(3) - f(-5) }{ 3 - (-5) } = } 4 (B) By the Mean Value Theorem, we know there exists a c in the open interval (-5, ...
  60. Math

    154lb person burns 420 calories per hour riding an exercise bicycle at a rate of 15 mi/hr. Write a function rule to represent the total calories burned over time by that person. Explain how the information in the problem relates to the function.
  61. math

    What is the additive inverse of 125,000 ? A) -125,000 B) 125,000 C) - 1 125,000 D) 1 125,000 16) Emma is thinking of subscribing to an e-magazine. The subscription price for one year is $5 per month, which will be withdrawn from Emma's checking account. Express the amount that...
  62. Math

    is this correct? find domain of the function p(x)=x^2-2x+2 x is a real number
  63. algebra

    Find the domain of the function? P(x)=x^2 - 2x + 10 I think it is {x|x is a real number}
  64. calculus

    find the derivative of the function at the given number F(x)= 1/ √x at 4
  65. Calculus

    Use the function f and the given real number a to find (f^-1)'(a) f(x)=x^3+8x-3 a=6 (f^-1)'(6)= Thank you.
  66. Algebra

    I needed help with these problems: 1.Charles wants to dig a rectangular flower bed which is twice as long as it is wide. Let x be the number in feet in width. If you are given a width for the rectangle, would you evaluate the expression or write an equation and solve in order ...
  67. chemistry grade 12

    Question: Balance the following reactions by the oxidation number method. a) I2 + HNO3 --> HIO3 + NO2 + H2O b) MnO4- + H+ + Cl- --> Mn2+ + Cl2 + H2O I know how to give each atom oxidation number but after i don't know how to apply the method.
  68. math

    the number has 7 digits it is evenly divided by 00 the value of one of the digits is 60,000 the digit in the hundredth place is both even and prime the digit is the thousands place is 1/2 the value of the digit in the ten thousand place the digit in the hundred thousands place...
  69. Physics

    Two blocks of masses m1 = 2.00 kg and m2 = 4.50 kg are each released from rest at a height of y = 5.80 m on a frictionless track, as shown in the figure below, and undergo an elastic head-on collision. (a) Determine the velocity of each block just before the collision. Let the...
  70. 11th grade Biology

    I have three questions that I can't find anywhere. 19) Organisms that are at the greatest risk when the dynamic equilibrium is upset would be the: A. Organisms at the top of the evolutionary tree B. Generalists C. Specialists D. Invertebrates E. All of the above 20) A major ...
  71. Precalculus

    Verify these answers 1.Which of the six trigonometric functions are positive in quadrant III? Answer: tangent and cotangent -------------------------------------- 2. What is the amplitude of the function y = pi/2 sin(6/3t - pi/6) + 14? Amplitude: pi/2...
  72. Math

    Using the distance function s(t) = t2 + 4t + 30, "s" is in feet and "t" is in seconds, find the velocity function, v(t), and acceleration function, a(t).
  73. Math

    The temperature is 12 degrees lower that 4 hours ago. Write an integer equation for the situation and what is the average temperature change per hour? 12/4= 3 3 degrees is the average temperature change per hour.
  74. Accounts

    From the following Balance Sheets of Sriramco, prepare (a) Statement of Changes in Working Capital, and (b) Funds Flow Statement: Balance Sheet of Sriramco as on 31st December… Assets Goodwill Land and Buildings Plant Investments Book Debts Stock Cash in hand and at Bank ...
  75. physics

    police officer in a patrol car parked in a 70km/h zone observe a passing automobile travelling at a slow. constant speed. believing that of the automobile might be intoxicated the officer starts his car acceleration uniformly to 9km/h in 8s. and maintaining a constant velocity...
  76. Grade 6, percentage

    80% of the members in a badminton club were male and the rest were female.after 450 members left the club,the number of male members was decreased by 25% and the number of female members was decreased by 50%.find the mumber of members in the badminton club at first.
  77. Physics, so confused

    A cart of mass M1 = 5.00 kg and initial speed = 3.00 m/s collides head on with a second cart of mass M2 = 3.00 kg at rest. Assuming that the collision is elastic, find the speed of M2 after the collision. I am not sure how to find this answer without having a V2 for the first ...
  78. physics

    In physics what are the dependent variables between 0 and 2 on a line graph? I must use the rounded number to mark off intervals along the axis. The intervals must be the same amount each time (count up by the same number).
  79. math

    1. The cost C of joining FitFast Gym includes an initial membership fee of $127, plus a monthly fee m of $28. The cost of going to the gym is a function of the number of months of membership. Find the rule for the function. 2. Find the cost of using the gym for 9 months. ...
  80. math

    with the world population just over 7,000,000,000 people, prove that in less than a month one vampire could have the ability to infect the entire planet if they bit only two each day
  81. physics

    A racing car reaches a speed of 40 m/s. At this instant, it begins a uniform negative acceleration, using a parachute and a braking system, and comes to rest 5.0 s. (a)Determine the acceleration of the car. Work: 40m/s x 5s = 200m (0)^2=(40)^2 +2a(200) a=-4 m/s^2 (b) How far ...
  82. algebra

    The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is eleven. If the digits are reversed, the new number is sixty-three less than the original number. Find the original number. Help? &explain how you got the answer please.
  83. Math- Calculus

    Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph of f and parallel to the given line Function: f(x) = x^3 Line 3x-y+1 = 0 ._.; I know the derivative of the function is 3x^2 and I do have the answer in the back of my book just need the way to get it..
  84. Algebra HELP!

    I cannot find an example and am confused about what to do with this problem. Can someone tell me what they want? Do they want me to graph the function and determine x&f? I am just not sure what why my answer is suppose to be. Compare the graph of the given quadratic function f...
  85. precal

    The smaller of 2 numbers is 10 less than 4 times the greater number. The bigger number is 19 more than the smaller one. If x is the smaller number one equation is: a)x+y=19 b)x=19-y c)y=x+19 d)x=y+19 I'm almost positive it is d I just want to check. A second equation is: a)x=...
  86. College Math

    Suzan sees a bag of marbles, she grabs a handful at random. She has seen a bag containing three red marbles, four green ones, five white ones, and one purple one. She grabs seven of them. Find the probability of the following event, expressing it as a fraction in lowest terms...
  87. Astronomy - Physics

    Now let us consider the length of time that the Sun is visible. Wait until the planet is at the summer solstice (12:00am). a) How many hours of daylight are there on the summer solstice with the inclination at 45 degrees? To estimate the length of day, identify the time when ...
  88. algabra

    I take a trip in my car. I want to go 960 miles in one day. The time t, in hours, that it takes to travel 960 miles is given. I will be going 70 or 75 miles an hour so the speed is r. How long will it take me to get to where I am going?
  89. CALCULUs

    For all x in the interval [-11,13] the function f is defined by x^3(x+3)^4 On which two intervals is the function increasing? Find the region in which the function is positive
  90. Math

    Parking in a student lot cost $2.00 for the first half hour and $1.75 for each hour thereafter. A partial hour is charged the same as a full hour. What is the longest time that a student can park in this lot for $8.00.
  91. college math

    The classification of closed orientable surfaces says that they are all spheres with a certain number of handles attached. For example, a sphere is a sphere with 0 handles. A torus is a sphere with one handle. A two holed torus is a sphere with two handles etc. How does one "...
  92. Calculus

    How would i start this problem? The amount that workers contribute monthly for health care insurance premiums can be modeled by A(t)=0.07t^3-3.1t^2 + 54.3t-230, where A is the monthly amount contributed and t is the number of years after 1980. Find the instantaneous rate of ...
  93. Physics

    Use the position equation given below, where s represents the height of the object (in feet), v0 represents the initial velocity of the object (in feet per second), s0 represents the initial height of the object (in feet), and t represents the time (in seconds), as the model ...
  94. Physics

    A 0.243 kg puck, initially at rest on a horizon- tal, frictionless surface, is struck by a 0.196 kg puck moving initially along the x axis with a speed of 3.16 m/s. After the collision, the 0.196 kg puck has a speed of 2.16 m/s at an angle of 40 to the positive x axis. ...
  95. AP Physics B

    A 0.408 kg puck, initially at rest on a horizontal, frictionless surface, is struck by a 0.0886 kg puck moving initially along the x axis with a speed of 3.14 m/s. After the collision, the 0.0886 kg puck has a speed of 2.14 m/s at an angle of 38◦ to the positive x axis. ...
  96. Math

    Question An investor puts $15,000 into each of four stocks, labeled A, B, C, and D. The table shown below contains the means and standard deviations of the annual returns of these four stocks. Stock Mean Annual Return Standard Deviation of Annual Return A 0.15 0.05 B 0.18 0.07...
  97. math

    A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $ billions) from selling x number of widgets is given by the following for x between 0 and 60. R(x) = 0.11 (60x - x2) What is the marginal profit (in $ ...
  98. PreCalculus

    I have a question I do not think anybody answered it Researches find a creature form an alienplanet. Its body temperature is varying sinusoidally with time. 35 min after they start timing, it reaches a high of 120 F. 20 min after that it reaches its next low, 104 F. How do I ...
  99. Business math

    you win a contest for which the prize is $6,000,000. You are going to receive 20 yearly payments of $300,000 what is the present value of this annuity? support your answer by means of an example using a discount rate of 5%
  100. maths

    An employee worked 11 hours in a day. Her regular working day is 7.5 hours and the rest was overtime, for which she was paid 1.5 times her regular hourly rate. If she was paid $112 for the day, what was her regular rate per hour for that day?
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