1. Physics

    A test tube in a centrifuge is pivoted so that it swings out horizontally as the machine builds up speed. If the bottom of the tube is 165.0 mm from the central spin axis, and if the machine hits 53500 rev/min, what would be the centripetal force exerted on a giant amoeba of ...
  2. Physics

    A test tube in a centrifuge is pivoted so that it swings out horizontally as the machine builds up speed. If the bottom of the tube is 160.0 mm from the central spin axis, and if the machine hits 40500 rev/min, what would be the centripetal force exerted on a giant amoeba of ...
  3. Math

    which statement is false?(1 point) a.every integer is a real number b.the number zero is a rational number c.every irrational number is real number d.every real number is a rational number
  4. Math

    Semester A Unit 4 Lesson 5: Cool Crafts Portfolio Template Choose a room you would like to decorate: My Bed room Measure the length of one wall in inches: 72 2. Choose a size of paper to use. *I recommend just using a standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper. Then fold it ...
  5. chemistry

    the heat of vaporization of liquid oxygen at 1.01325bar is 6820JMol at its boiling point,-183C, at that pressure. For the reversible vaporization of liquid oxygen calculate (a)q per mole (b) change in U (c) change in S (d) change in G
  6. Science

    . A population shows the following annual data: 3% emigration 2% immigration 2% births 1% deaths Which of the following is the change in population at the end of the year? A. 3% decrease B. 2% increase C. 1% decrease D. No change I think it is not change.
  7. physics

    A rocket engine uses fuel and oxidizer in a reaction that produces gas particles having a velocity of 1380 ms-1. The desired thrust is to be 195000 N. 1-What must be the fuel/oxidizer consumption rate (in kg s-1)? 2-f the initial weight of the rocket is 125000 N, what is its ...
  8. calculus

    A trough is 10 feet long and 1 foot high. The vertical cross-section of the trough parallel to an end is shaped like the graph of y=x10 from x=−1 to x=1 . The trough is full of water. Find the amount of work in foot-pounds required to empty the trough by pumping the ...
  9. math

    From a point on the grornd 500m from the base of a building an observer find that the angle of elevation tothe top of building is 24degree and the angle of elevation to the top of a flagpole on top of the building is 27degree. Find the height of the building and the length of ...
  10. language

    Ronald has a goldfish. His goldfish weights 12 lbs. If Ronald feeds the gold fish 2 ounces of food every hour and the fish gains 2 ounces each hour,how many pounds would ronalds goldfish weight in 5 days?How many lbs of food does the goldfish eat in a week?
  11. math

    A right circular cylinder of radius r and height h is inscribed in a right circular cone of radius R and height H, as shown on the right figure. Find the value of r (in terms of R and H) that maximizes the total surface area of the cylinder (including top and bottom). Comment ...
  12. writing skills

    Sentence 9: Moreover,how couples discuss their problems was equally important. what correction should be made to this sentence? 1. remove the comma after moreover 2. change discuss to discussed 3. replace their with there 4. change was to were 5. change was to is 5 ?
  13. physics

    An old-fashioned single-play vinyl record rotates on a turntable at 34.0rpm . What are the angular velocity in rad/s and the period of the motion?
  14. College Physics

    A 0.30-m-radius automobile tire rotates how many radians after starting from rest and accelerating at a constant 2.0 rad/s^2 over a 5.0-s interval?
  15. physics

    An old-fashioned single-play vinyl record rotates on a turntable at 46.0 rpm. What are (a) the angular velocity in rad/s and (b) the period of the motion?
  16. Physics

    An old-fashioned single-play vinyl record rotates on a turntable at 40.0 rpm. What are (a) the angular velocity in rad/s and (b) the period of the motion?
  17. Physics

    Suppose that a disk rotates through two revolutions in 5.5 seconds. (a) What is its displacement in radians in this time? (b) What is its average rotational velocity in rad/s?
  18. help maths

    the curve y^2 = x(1-x)^2 between x = 0 and x = 1, rotates about the x - axis through 2pie radians. Find the position of the centre of gravity of the solid so formed.
  19. Physics

    A metal disc of radius R rotates with angular velocity Omega (w) In a uniform magnetic field. Calculate the induced emf develop.
  20. astronomy

    Compare the light gathering power of a telescope with a 10-centimeter(about 4-inch) diameter mirror to that of the human eye. (Take a diameter of the pupil of the eye to be about 5 millimeters) Wouldn't the power be related to the AREA of the optical window in the telescope?
  21. English

    How much water do you drink every day? 1. I drink two liters of water per day. 2. I drink 1.5 liters of water a day. 3. I drink ten liters of water every day. 4. I drink a ten-liter carton of water every day. 5. I drink a 5-liter pack of water every day. (Are the answers all ...
  22. testing of materials

    Could you please show me how to solve this problem ! The unit weight of a soil is 122 lb/ft^3 at a water content of 12.6%. The specific gravity of the soil is 2.72. Find dry unit weight,porosity,and degree of saturation.
  23. statistics

    supposed that the average weight loss for someone on a diet is 15 pounds with the standard deviation of 4 pounds. a sample of 18 adults enrolled a sswp have a mean weight loss of 15.83. using 0.01 level of significance.
  24. Science

    If the adverage weight of a human body is 75kg and given the mass of the earth is 5976 x 10^21kg, how many people will it take to exceed the weight of the earth? At the present growth of 1.14%, when will the present population of 6.8 x 10^9 grow to that number?
  25. physics

    A car accelerates uniformly from rest to 18.4 m/s in 4.36 s along a level stretch of road. Ignoring friction, determine the average power required to accelerate the car if (a) the weight of the car is 6.11 x 103 N, and (b) the weight of the car is 1.01 x 104 N.
  26. Bussiness Math

    Clarette purchased a 3 1/3 pound of sirloin steak at a butcher store. returning home, she cut out the bone and weighed it. if the weight of the meat was 2 7/8 pounds,what is the weight of the bone cut off?
  27. physics

    A heavy uniform bar is carried by two men on their shoulders. The weight of the bar is W. If one man lets it fall from the end carried by him, what will be the weight experienced by the other? A.W B.W/2 C.W/4 D.0 Could someone help me get through this problem?
  28. Science

    If A tank with a flat bottom is filled with water to a height of four meters. what is the pressure at any point at the bottom of the tank? my teacher wants me to ignore atmospheric pressure when calculating my answer A. 3.5 kPa B. 3,500 kPa C. 34.3 kPa D. 34,300 kPa
  29. Physics

    Three vessels have different shapes, but the area of their bottom surface is the same, and all three are filled with water with the same depth (1.|_| 2.\_/ 3./_\ ). Rank the magnitudes of the net forces exerted by the water on the bottom surface.
  30. math

    a class consists of 24 boys and 16 girls.the average weight of the class is 41.7 kg,and the average weight of the boys is 41.1 kg.Find the average weight of the girls.
  31. Social studies

    Does having an unusual name, such as Chastity, Englebert or Moon unit, have an effect on how a child develops? The results of some previous studies agrees with the commonsense idea that such as name could cause a child to be rejected or ridiculed and thus could have a negative...
  32. english1A - Does my thesis sound better?

    Which intro sounds better for my thesis? Many people have dreams whether it is to buy their dream car, dream house, or go on their dream vacation. Here in the land of freedom and opportunities, there is one dream that almost every person strives for; the American Dream. The ...
  33. algebra

    A circular coaster, with a diameter of 7 inches, is positioned on a white placemat. The placemat is a circle whose radius is equal to the diameter of the coaster. About how many square inches of the placemat are NOT covered by the coaster? Show your work.
  34. math

    you plan to survey people to see what percent own their home and what percent rent. tell whether the following will give a random sample. justify ur answer. a you interview people outside a pool supply sotre in the suburbs. b you interview people in the street near an ...
  35. math

    Three clocks were set to ring at intervals as follows: the first after every 6 minutes the second after every 15 minutes the third after every 24 minutes if the clocks were set at the same time, after how many minutes did them ring together?
  36. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with the use of articles in English? 1)The situation is as follows: I heard something bad about a person I know, for example my friend Anna, and I want to say it's not true, which is correct then "it's an unfair accusation of the honest person" ...
  37. Physics

    Three identical glasses are filled to the same height with water. The first glass is filled with water only(Wa). The second glass has an object of volume V and density half that of water floating in it (Wb). The third glass has an object of volume V and density twice that of ...
  38. physicscalculus

    An automobile with a mass of 1310 kg has 3.10 m between the front and rear axles. Its center of gravity is located 1.78 m behind the front axle. The automobile is on level ground. (a) Determine the magnitude of the force from the ground on each front wheel (assuming equal ...
  39. Math HURRY !!!!!!!!

    Please Help me Explain how ratios can be used to compare two numbers I searched the web and I didn't understand it I think this might help me but could someone help me put it in a sentence The 1st number in a ratio tells the amount thtat shows up for every 2nd number Example: ...
  40. writing

    Sentence 10: Finally, friends whom you haven't seen in years, long-lost relatives, and even mere acquaintances will begin calling in february to plan a lengthy visit with you in the summer. what correction should be made to this sentence? 1)change friends to friend's 2) change...
  41. science

    Johnny left a glass of milk on his bedside table for a week, and it spoiled. at the end of the week, the glass contained a yellow liquid with lumpy white chunks, and there was a terrible order. what can be concluded? A. the milk has undergone a physical change. B. the mass of ...
  42. Science Help!

    Johhny left a glass of milk on his bedside table for a week, and it spoiled. At the end of the week, the glass contained a yellow liquid with white chunks, and there was a terrible odor. What can be concluded? A. The milk has undergone a physical change. B. The mass of the ...
  43. instantaneous rate of change problem

    Joe is investigating the rate of change of the function y=cos x on the interval xE[0,2π]. He notices that the graph of y=cos x passes through the x-axis at 45°. He also determines the instantaneous rate of change at x = 0, π, and 2π by inspection. Based on this...
  44. physics

    A 5.0 ball is initially sitting at rest on top of a 41 m high hill. The ball is pushed with a force of 25 N for 3.0 s toward the edge of a hill. Upon reaching the edge, the ball is allowed to roll down the hill where it reaches the flat ground. To the nearest mile per hour, ...
  45. math

    A microwaveable cup-of-soup package needs to be constructed in the shape of cylinder to hold 550 cubic centimeters of soup. The sides and bottom of the container will be made of syrofoam costing 0.03 cents per square centimeter. The top will be made of glued paper, costing 0....
  46. Rocks

    What could the relative age of two rocks tell you about them? a. One rock is 10,000 years old, and the other is 8,000 years old. b. One rock is older than the other. c. They both have fossils in them. d. One rock is closer to the surface than the other. What would a geologist ...
  47. College Algebra

    a box with an open top is constructed from a rectangular piece of cardboard with dimensions 14 inches by 18 inches by cutting out and discarding equal squares of side x at each corner and then folding up the sides as in the figure. The cost to create such a box is 2.50 per ...
  48. Algebra

    CEO Salaries In 2002, hourly wages for the top three CEOs (chief executive officers) of U.S. corporations were calculated based on their working 14 hours per day for 365 days. Together the three CEOs made $44,000 per hour. The top CEO earned $2,000 more per hour than the ...
  49. Physics

    If you throw a ball into the air at some angle with respect to the horizontal, which of the following statements about the ball is true? The acceleration is zero at the top of the motion The horizontal component of the velocity is zero at the top of the motion The velocity is ...
  50. Behaviorial Science

    Interview a person you feel comfortable asking about their personality and attitudes. • Submit your Profile Report. For this project you will choose a person who is close to your own age and interview that person to learn more about them. In addition to the interview compare...
  51. language

    Write a preposition from the box in the blank.(by-from-to-over-under) 1/ Lucy has rarely been very far......home. answer: from 2/ They are going.....an amusement park. answer: to. 3/ Lillian and her family went.... ..plane. Answer:by 4/Lillian remembers flying .....the park ...
  52. Maths

    Cylinder A is eight time as tall as cylinder B, but the diameter of cylinder B is four times the diameter of the cylinder A. Which cylinder has larger volume? How many times as large ?
  53. Physics

    A car of mass 1300 kg is driving along a road at speed of 28m/s. As it approaches some traffic lights, the lights change to red and the driver applies his brakes causing the car to skid. The frictional force between the skidding tyres and the road is 0.8 of the weight of the ...
  54. math

    True or false 1.) The set of integers contains the set of rational numbers 2.)Every repeating decimal is a rational number 3.)Every square root is an irrational number 4.) the set of whole numbers contains the set of rational number 5.)every terminating decminal is arational ...
  55. algebra 2

    A company wants to make ball bearings that have a standard diameter, d, of 24.000 mm. Acceptable ball bearings measure within ± 0.025 mm of this standard. Determine the solution set for the diameter of these ball bearings
  56. math square root

    Indicate which of the following are true and which are false. for those that are false, change the UPPER-CASE expression to make the statement true. *Every integer is a WHOLE number * the quotient of two non zero numbers is always a RATIONAL number * the counting numbers are ...
  57. Physics

    A disk and a hollow spherical shell, like a basketball, are released at the same time at the top of an inclined plane. The spherical shell has a mass M and a radius R; the disk has a mass 2M and a radius 2R. If the two objects are released at rest, and the height of the ramp ...
  58. pre algebra

    the equation d=1.2 radical h , gives the distance ,d, in miles a person can see to the horizen from a hieght ,h, in feet.( hint: 1 mile =5,280 ft. A) solve the eqaution for h . B)longs peak in the longs national parkis 14,255 feet in elevation . How far can you see the horizen...
  59. mathemathics

    an observer and a tree are standing against a slope. the observer is 80m from the tree.the angle between the slope, from the feet of the observer,and thetop of the tree is 14 degree.the slope makes an angle of 9 degree with the horizontal. solve the triangle formed by the feet...
  60. English

    1. He dug a hole at the river bottom. 2. He dug at a hole at the river bottom. (Are they grammatical? Would you correct them if there are any mistakes?)
  61. Science

    1. Two 20.-newton forces act concurrently on an object. What angle between these forces will produce a resultant force with the greatest magnitude? (1) 0° (2) 45° (3) 90.° (4) 180.° 2. A rock is thrown straight up into the air. At the highest point of the rock’s path, ...
  62. Physics

    Three objects are connceted by a massless wires over a frictionless pulley. The right side of the pulley wire is connected to a 15kg block and right below that is a 10kg block on the bottom of the wire. The tension in the wire connecting the 10kg and 15kg objects is measured ...
  63. Math

    In a twelve-team bowling league, if every team plays every other team four times during the season. How many games must be scheduled?
  64. Math

    Gina is tying up a stack of newspapers with string. She wants the string to wrap around twice, once lengthwise and once crosswise. If the stack of newspapers is 11 inches wide, 13 inches long, and 15 inches high, how much string will she need?

    The density of a 6 foot tall man that weighs 840. Newtons fluctuates from a value slightly less than the density of water when the man completely inhales to a value slightly more than the density of water when the man completely exhales. Note: Assume that the water pressure ...
  66. Physics

    A shot-putter puts a shot (weight = 71.9 N) that leaves his hand at distance of 1.47 m above the ground. (a) Find the work done by the gravitation force when the shot has risen to a height of 2.20 m above the ground. Include the correct sign for work. J (b) Determine the ...
  67. Physics 1

    A shot-putter puts a shot (weight = 71.3 N) that leaves his hand at distance of 1.62 m above the ground. (a) Find the work done by the gravitation force when the shot has risen to a height of 2.08 m above the ground. Include the correct sign for work. J (b) Determine the ...
  68. Math--need help fast

    If the radius of a circle is x/6, what's the diameter and circumference? Diameter = 2*r Circumference = 2*pi*r ...or... Circumference = pi*d Note: I'm using * to mean multiply. Can you now determine what you need to know with this information? Not really. I just need to know ...
  69. Physics

    A wire is supposed to be 0.10 millimeter in diameter. Laser light of wavelength 670 nm shining onto the wire creates a diffraction pattern on a wall that is 4.5 meters behind the wire. The central maximum of that diffraction pattern is 6.3 centimeters wide. What is the ...
  70. Science-bobpursley/Ms.Sue

    1. A trilobite is considered an index fossil because this organism existed during a limited period in Earth's history. That means that any fossil located in a layer of rock beneath a layer containing trilobite fossils is ____________ than a trilobite. 2. According to this ...
  71. math

    During a promotional weekend , a state fair gives a free admission to every 17th person who enters the fair. On saturday, there were 6,742 people attending the fair. On sunday, there were 5,487 people attending the fair. How many people received a free admission over the two ...
  72. physics

    A person bending forward to lift a load "with his back" (Figure (a)) rather than "with his knees" can be injured by large forces exerted on the muscles and vertebrae. The spine pivots mainly at the fifth lumbar vertebra, with the principal supporting force provided by the ...
  73. Me again! - Science (Friction and Weight)

    Okay. I have a test coming up soon, and I was wondering how to explain Weight and Friction. Mass is the stuff inside an object, so what is weight? And how do you describe friction? Thanks for reading, hope you can help. Weight is the attraction of an object as a result of ...
  74. advanced functions

    The Moon has a diameter of about 3480 km and an orbital radius of about 384 400 km from the centre of Earth. Suppose that the Moon is directly overhead. What is the measure of the angle subtended by the diameter to the Moon as measured by an astronomer on the surface of Earth...
  75. Physics check

    A person has a reasonable chance of surviving an automobile crash if the deceleration is no more than 30 "g's" (recall that g = 9.8 m/s2). Calculate the force, in N, on a 68 kg person accelerating at this rate. 30"g" x 9.8 294 ms^2 f=ma 294x68 =19,992N
  76. English

    If one smokes cigarettes, you run the risk of getting lung cancer. number mood tense person my Answer D the key word is you and you is a person and is the subject of the sentence
  77. Math 6th grade

    At lunch 3 1/4 small pizzas were equally devided into 4 people one person eats 1/4 of what he was given how much of a whole pizza did that person eat
  78. Health and Physical Education

    Which defense mechanism is used by a person who constantly blames his unbearable feelings on another person? A: rationalization B: compensation C: denial D: projection ~ I think it is D ~ please correct me ~
  79. physics

    A thin plate glass window with a refractive index 1.5 is tapered at a 5° angle. You are looking from the outside through such a window at an angle of 30° with respect to the normal and see a person standing there behind the window (very similar to the fish tank we discussed ...
  80. Math

    The weight of box A is 4/5 of box B. If box B is placed on one side of a balance scale, it is balanced by box A and a 4/5 pound weight. How much does box B weigh?
  81. math

    The weight of box A is 4/5 of box B. If box B is placed on one side of a balance scale, it is balanced by box A and a 4/5 pound weight. How much does box B weigh?
  82. Chemistry

    A 25.00mL sample of a household cleaning solution was diluted to 250.0mL in a volumetric flask. A 50.00mL aliquot of this solution required 40.38mL of 0.2506 M HCl to reach a bromocresol green end point. Calculate the weight/volume percentage of NH3 in the sample. (Assume that...
  83. College Biology

    The RBC osmolarity of a patient is 300 mOsm/L and is given 1L of distilled water and starts with 3L of plasma. What is the plasma osmolarity after infusion mixes with plasma but before water enters her RBC? Once infused water equilibrated between plasma nad RBA what is her ...
  84. Physics

    Suppose that you are at the top of a (rigid) rocket which is half a light year tall. If the rocket is accelerating such that your proper acceleration is 1g, What is the proper acceleration at the bottom of the rocket? B = F c2 c2 􀀀  F : This is one of the equations ...
  85. geometry

    Cone a is 9 inches tall and has a diameter of 8 inches. Cone b has a diameter of 12 inches. What height does cone b need to be in order to hold the same volume as cone A
  86. physics

    The windshield of a speeding car hits a hovering insect. Consider the time interval from just before the car hits the insect to just after the impact. Which of the following are correct? (Select all that apply.) Choose the system so that the change of momentum zero. Compare ...
  87. maths

    The top of a T.V tower casts a shadow of 35 metres long when the angle of elevation of the sun 57°40'.How high is the top of the tower?
  88. Statistics

    The mean score on a test was 280 and the standard deviation was 20. You want to pick the top 15%. What will be the minimum cutoff score to be in the top 15%?
  89. math

    The mean score on a test was 280 and the standard deviation was 20. You want to pick the top 15%. What will be the minimum cutoff score to be in the top 15%?
  90. physics

    If α = 40°, β = 60°, and M = 4.0 kg, determine the tension in string 1 & 2. -------/ / 1 /2 / . . . Blockmass Alpha is on the top left angle and Beta is on the top right angle.
  91. Chemistry

    . For the gas reaction at low pressure 2NOBr ¡ê 2NO + Br2 ¥ÄH = +61.1 kJ which of the following statements are true? a) Adding more Br2 shifts reaction to the right b) Removing some NOBr shifts reaction to the left c) Increasing temperature shifts reaction to the right d) ...
  92. Chem Lab

    Am I right? Classify the following properties of sodium metal as physical or chemical: •Silver metallic color—physical property •Turns gray in air—physical property •Melts at 98º C-melting point is physical property •Reacts explosively with chlorine gas—chemical...
  93. math

    If stacy jogs every 3rd day and swims every 4th day what day of the week will she end up on
  94. Real Analysis (Math)

    Prove x < y + ϵ for every ϵ > 0 is equivalent to x <= y + ϵ for every e > 0. I thought it may be trivial, but I am not sure. HELP!!
  95. The Lottery(book)

    who is in a wheel chair? brydan or sal?
  96. Maths

    The radius of a wheel is 7 cm. In covering 44 km, how many revolutions will it make?
  97. geomerty

    a wheel has a dimater of 12 cm, how many turns does it take to go 2 meters?
  98. maths

    the radius of a wheel is 3 cm. what is the distance travelled by it in 15 revolution?
  99. math

    bystander at the Pegasus Parade, is lying on his back and observing a large balloon of a cartoon character, floating directly above Broadway Street. He is located 32 feet from a point on the street directly beneath the balloon. To see the top of the balloon, he looks up at an ...
  100. dressmaking

    Mrs. Shotto was once one of your regular customers, but she hasn't asked to have any garments made in approximately one year. You note she has lost weight. She would like you to make her a special silk blouse to replace a favorite blouse that has worn out. The blouse has very ...
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