1. mechanics: simple harmonic oscillation

    Consider an ideal spring that has an unstretched length ℓ and a spring constant k. Suppose the spring is attached to a mass m that lies on a horizontal frictionless surface. The spring-mass system is compressed a distance of x_0 from equilibrium and then released with an...
  2. Health

    Why do people say that we should have a big breakfast and a small dinner? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Think about your car and filling it up with gasoline, etc. before you take a long trip. You need energy to run on as you begin your day. During the day...
  3. Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7

    1: Why is urbanization associated with the Industrial Revolution? A:The expansion of family farms refocused the nation on agriculture. B:The concentration of factories in cities brought job opportunities. C: Settlers expanded the frontier West of the Mississippi river. D: ...
  4. maths

    Water flows through cylinder pip of internal diameter 7cm at 2m per second. If the pipe is always half full, them what is the volume of water (in liters) discharged in 10 minutes?

    Jerry needs to buy a used car, but only has $630.00. He wants to purchase a yellow sports car with 61,000 miles. The owner is asking $1,920.00. If he earns $120.00 per week at the Coffee Shack, which equation represents the number of weeks he is going to have to work until he ...
  6. Grammar

    Select the correctly punctuated sentence: A) The black car is her’s, and the white car is theirs. B) The black car is hers, and the white car is their’s. C) The black car is her’s, and the white car is their’s. D) The black car is hers, and the white car is theirs. I ...
  7. Math

    A 30% solution of fertilizer is to be mixed with a 60% solution of fertilizer in order to get 150 gallons of 50% solution. How many gallons of the 30% and the 60% solutions should be mixed. I really need help.
  8. Chemistry

    Order the following considering their boiling point in an aqueous solution. 1) pentan-2-one 2) pentan-2-ol 3) 2-aminopropanoic acid The answer key says the order (increasing) is, 1 < 2 < 3 and states 1 only have weak permanent dipole dipole forces and Van der Walls ...
  9. Physics

    In a fully surfaced submarine, a certain amount of air at temperature T1 is compressed into a tank of volume V at pressure p1 . As this submarine dives deeply, the temperature of the compressed air drops substantially to T2 , whereas the pressure becomes p2 . (a) If the ...
  10. Chemistry

    How would each of the following affect the accuracy of the calculated neutralizing power of antacid (too high, too low, or no effect) a. The titration flask was wet with distilled water when the antacid was added. b. The buret was not rinsed with NaOH solution before titrating...
  11. science

    In seed plants, what is an important difference between gymnosperms and most angiosperms? A)Gymnosperms rely on animals to carry pollen from the female gametophyte to the male gametophyte, while angiosperms rely on wind. B)Gymnosperms require water for sperm to travel from the...
  12. math

    1. Solve for the indicated letter D=4e, for e The solution is e= 2. G(x) = 6/(6-5x) Choose the correct domain below {x|x is a real number and x ≠0} {x|x is a real number and x≠6/5} {x|x is a real number and x≥6/5} {x|x is a real number and x ≠6} 3. ...
  13. College Chemistry

    A 0.05 molal aqueous solution boils at 373.102 K. What is the salt in question? a. AlCl3 b. NaHSO3 c. MgCl2 d. NH4Cl e. NaCl I guessed NH4Cl and got 3 points off. I used the formula delta T=K boiling point X molality
  14. Chem

    choose the solvent below that would show the greatest boiling point elevation when used to make a 0.10m non electrolyte solution a.C6H6, Kb= 5.12 degree C/m b. CHCl3, Kb= 4.70 degree C/m c.CCl4, Kb= 29.9degree C/m d.CH3CH2OH, Kb= 1.99degree C/m e.CH3CH2OCH2CH3, Kb=1.79degree C/m
  15. Solar system

    According to the theory of gravitation, the earth must be continually “falling” toward
  16. science

    how old is the sun and the planets? how did the solar system form? what is a good website i can get this information from?
  17. algebra

    Can someone please explain system of linear inequalities by graphing this one problem x-2y<=4 and x=>1.
  18. PreCalc

    Solve the system by the addition method -10x^2 + 10y^2-320=0 30x^2 + 6y^2 - 336 = 0
  19. african american hist.

    what were the origins of the indentured system? how did it evolve into plantation slavery?
  20. Biology -Nervous System

    1. Explain why the knee-jerk and Achilles reflexes are important in walking.
  21. algebra 1

    use the substitution method to solve the linear system. 9x+6y=3 3x-7y=-26 please show me an example of how to do it.
  22. Algebra

    Solve the system of equations: First:4x-2y=2 Second:y=-4x-7 4x-2(-4x-7)=2 4x+8x+14=2 12x+14=2 subtract 14 from both sides x=-1 y=-4(-1)-7 y=4-7 y=-3 (-1,-3)
  23. HHS 205

    Can someone assist me in determining The Elements That Should Be Present In An Appraisal System?
  24. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve by the substitution method 3x + 7y =15 x=16-6y What is the solution of the system (-2,3)
  25. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve by the elimination method 3r-7s=-28 7r+3s=70 What is the solution of the system r=7 and s=7
  26. economics

    Explain how the price system determines how goods and services are distribed in the United States??
  27. computers

    What is the Content Management System ? is there any other feature i need to implement for e-commerce site ?
  28. government

    explain how history and tradition have worked to preserve the two part system?
  29. Social Studies

    What major changes from a pure capitalistic system did the New Deal involve?
  30. 6th grade

    I need to come up with some math questions about the solar system.

  32. algebra

    solve the linear system by using elimination. x-1/2y = 11/2 -x+4y = 26 i cant ever seem to get an answer that isn't nonterminating.
  33. ss world history

    What kinds of government system was established in Ethiopia after Italian imperialism
  34. Science

    Communications with planets outside the solar system are most likely achieved using?
  35. Medical Terminology

    devise memory aids for any five terms relating to the musculoskeletal system
  36. math/algebra

    I need help solving the linear system using substitution of the below problem....Thank You 3x - y=2 y= 2x - 9
  37. Civics

    How does our government's system of checks and balances affect the work of interest groups?
  38. Hum_130

    Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion?
  39. Algebra

    Solve by substitution method. 6x+9y=-12 -5x+y=27 What is the solution of the system? Type an ordered pair... Please help Thanks!
  40. math

    3r – 2s = 0 2r + 3s = 13 I know that it is m= yx+b I got that much but I don’t know where to go from here. Use the elimination method to find the solution system.
  41. math

    solve the system of equations for all variables using a matrix x-y-z=1 2x+3y+z=10 x+y-2z=0 can not have fraction
  42. social studies

    What kinds of government system was established in Ethiopia after Italian imperialism?
  43. medical terminiology

    Devise memory aids for any five terms relating to the musculoskeletal system.
  44. Math

    ---LINEAR TRI-SYSTEM--- Please explain how to do this problem because I already have the answer as (0,4,-2) 5x+y-z=6 x+y+z=2 3x+y=4
  45. adult education

    What number would come after 03-05-40 in a terminal digit filing system?
  46. introduction to correction

    What do you think were the most significant developments to the penitentiary system during the 1800's?
  47. Basic Skills

    When would be the most appropriate time to use a visual mapping system?
  48. science

    how have computers changed mapmaking in recent years? And What is the Global Positioning System?
  49. College Algebra

    5x+y=7 6x+7y= -9 Solve for system of equations. What is the solution? Is it inconsistent or consistent? Is it dependent or independent?
  50. social studies

    The president of the United States is elected by the electoral college. What type of system is this?
  51. english

    i have to write an essay on personal perspectives on the healthcare system i don't know how to start please help
  52. science

    describe and explain an example of a feedback system in an organism I have tried and im lost
  53. Ethics

    Describe Hobbes' account of man's action and how it fits into his ethical system.
  54. medical terminology

    devise memory aids for any five terms relating to the musculoskeletal system
  55. AED

    What do you think are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the current special educational system in America??
  56. algebra

    what is the solution of the following linear system? -4x - y = 5 -12x - 3y = 15 a) (-2,1) b) none c) (3,-2) d) infinite number of solutions
  57. Medical Terminology

    Devise memory aids for any five terms relating to the musculoskeletal system?
  58. Chemistry

    What is the overall order of reaction for the elementary system A+2B=products? a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3 e)5 Can somebody explain this question to me. I don't get it.
  59. science

    The only members of our solar system that do NOT periodically move around the sun are
  60. 7th grade social studies

    in the feudal system of Europe, lords owed their loyalty to the ???
  61. algebra

    Select the ordered pair from the choices below that is a solution to the following system of equations: 4y = 2x + 10 8x - 3y = -14
  62. 12th grade - Math

    Identify the system as consistent, inconsistent or dependent. Explain your choice. 1.) 3x - 2y = 12 6x - 4y = 24 2.) x= -5 y= 4
  63. Science

    "Describe the role of gravity as the force that governs the movement of the solar system and the universe." I don't get it.
  64. physics

    Is it possible for a frictional force to increase the mechanical energy of a system? If so, give examples.
  65. American Government

    If the U.S. were to have another constitutional convention, would we keep a federal system or change it? why or why not?
  66. American Government

    If the U.S. were to have another constitutional convention, would we keep a federal system or change it? why or why not?
  67. American Government

    if the U.S. were to have another constitutional convention, would we keep a federal system or change? why or why not
  68. Algebra

    3x-9y=63 2x-6y=-18 Solve system of equations by graphing then classify as Independent on dependent and consistent or inconsistent?
  69. Algebra

    Solve the system -3x+4y=-6 5x-3y=-22 3y+2z=-1 I'm not sure how to approach this question because all of the equations are missing a variable??
  70. Math

    which of the following is NOT a unit of measurment in the metric system A. Meter B. Liter C. Pint D. Gram
  71. health

    what are 9 parts of the female and male reproductive system that are either exactly the same of similar
  72. Math

    Have to explain how to use a graph to determine the number of solutions system. Am lost on what they want.
  73. accounting

    identify whether each descripition best applies to a periodic or a perpetual inventory system
  74. U.S. History

    Why was separation of the races required on the transit system in Montgomery, Alabama during the 1950s?
  75. math

    Solve the following system of linear equations using the matrix inverse method 3x + 2y = 7 4x + 3y =10
  76. operating system

    Two processes communicating using (memory locations “variables” or files).
  77. Algebra!

    Which ordered pair is a solution to the system y<2x+2 and y>(line under)-x-1? A. (0,-2) B. (1,2) C. (-5,0) D. (0,-5) I'm thinking it's B.. but i need some help with this.
  78. Coordinate system

    XComplete the table of values for the equation 8x+2y=80 xy 0? ?0 2? that is what I got so far, please help me get the rest
  79. lenasia secondary school

    reseach project chemical system: phosphates what is a super phosphate?
  80. math

    The number of real solutions to the system of equations y=2sin(x^2) and y=x^3-x is a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 Please show your work! Thank you!
  81. mis

    what is the function of fiber optics communication cable and enterprise software for the it system in a school?
  82. hvac

    an oil slinger is found in a reciprocating compressor employing what type of lubrication system
  83. Impacts

    How does the health care system affect our society socially, economically and environmentally?
  84. Physics

    A dynamics cart m1 attached to has a hanging mass m2 m1 = 0.20 kg, and m2 = 1.3 kg. The magnitude of the acceleration of this system will be what approximately?
  85. world geography

    in a traditional economic system which type of good is most often produced?
  86. law

    What are some of the arguments in favor of and against victim involvement in the criminal justice system?
  87. law

    How has the treatment and handling of victims by the criminal justice system changed over time?
  88. Algebra

    I have two equations that I need to solve using the elimination method the system is x = y = 9 and 2x - y = -3
  89. american Gov.

    What distinction does the mayor-council system of city government hold? . . where can I found this?? Thanks
  90. Social Studies / History

    What Segments Of U.S Society Were Affected By The Institution Of Selective Service System ?
  91. criminal justice

    Which of the following is an ethical system that does not support using the individual as a means to an end
  92. biology

    1.Describe the pathway of an unfertilized egg as it travels through the female reproductive system
  93. math

    Solve the following system using substitution. Write the solution as an ordered pair, (a, b). b = a – 4 2a – 3b = -2
  94. social studies/ history

    Oh!!!! Ms.Sue, the question said "Explain the Iroquoise pollitical system".
  95. Reimbursement methodologies

    You perform the billing for a skilled nursing facility,you are probably using which system?
  96. Physic

    What are the primary differences between the different types of objects that live in the solar system?
  97. Algebra....HELP!!

    Use the elimination method to solve the system of equations a + 6b =4 a + 3b = -2 What is the solution in an ordered pair?
  98. college algebra

    12x+4y+2z=-7 (1) 3x-12y+6z=-4 (2) 9x-16y+4z=-3 (3) solve the system just need the steps how to do it
  99. World History

    how were the ancient aryans a civilization even though they did not have a writing system
  100. business law

    How do the various interests in land and real estate differ? Where did this system originate?
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