A 50/50 blend of engine coolant and water (by volume) is usually used in an automobile\'s engine cooling system. If your car\'s cooling system holds 4.00 gallons, what is the boiling point of the solution?

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  1. math

    The number of real solutions to the system of equations y=2sin(x^2) and y=x^3-x is a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 Please show your work! Thank you!
  2. mis

    what is the function of fiber optics communication cable and enterprise software for the it system in a school?
  3. hvac

    an oil slinger is found in a reciprocating compressor employing what type of lubrication system
  4. Impacts

    How does the health care system affect our society socially, economically and environmentally?
  5. Physics

    A dynamics cart m1 attached to has a hanging mass m2 m1 = 0.20 kg, and m2 = 1.3 kg. The magnitude of the acceleration of this system will be what approximately?
  6. world geography

    in a traditional economic system which type of good is most often produced?
  7. law

    What are some of the arguments in favor of and against victim involvement in the criminal justice system?
  8. law

    How has the treatment and handling of victims by the criminal justice system changed over time?
  9. Algebra

    I have two equations that I need to solve using the elimination method the system is x = y = 9 and 2x - y = -3
  10. american Gov.

    What distinction does the mayor-council system of city government hold? . . where can I found this?? Thanks
  11. Social Studies / History

    What Segments Of U.S Society Were Affected By The Institution Of Selective Service System ?
  12. criminal justice

    Which of the following is an ethical system that does not support using the individual as a means to an end
  13. biology

    1.Describe the pathway of an unfertilized egg as it travels through the female reproductive system
  14. math

    Solve the following system using substitution. Write the solution as an ordered pair, (a, b). b = a – 4 2a – 3b = -2
  15. social studies/ history

    Oh!!!! Ms.Sue, the question said "Explain the Iroquoise pollitical system".
  16. Reimbursement methodologies

    You perform the billing for a skilled nursing facility,you are probably using which system?
  17. Physic

    What are the primary differences between the different types of objects that live in the solar system?
  18. Algebra....HELP!!

    Use the elimination method to solve the system of equations a + 6b =4 a + 3b = -2 What is the solution in an ordered pair?
  19. college algebra

    12x+4y+2z=-7 (1) 3x-12y+6z=-4 (2) 9x-16y+4z=-3 (3) solve the system just need the steps how to do it
  20. World History

    how were the ancient aryans a civilization even though they did not have a writing system
  21. business law

    How do the various interests in land and real estate differ? Where did this system originate?
  22. algebra

    Please help with: Express the system as an augmented matrix and solve using Gaussian elimination. x=+2y+z=3 2y+3z =2 -x+2z = 1
  23. algebra

    PLEASE help. Solve the system of equations by first expressing it in matrix form as and then evaluating. a). 3x-2y=5 4x-y =-10 b). 3x -2y =-2 4x -y = 3
  24. social studies

    how can we say that the democracy is the only best system of good governance for a country.
  25. pre algerbra

    Please solve the system with the elimination method. Explain each step as it is performed. 5y = x 2x - 3y = 7
  26. algebra

    Solve the following system of equation using the graphing method. Y = negative X Y = X + 9 Don't know what to do. Thank u if u can helpme.
  27. algebra

    Given the system of equations x(x+y)=9 y(x+y)=16 the value of xy can be written as a/b where a and b are positive coprime integers. Find a+b.
  28. Phyics

    The internal energy change in a system that has absorbed 4 Kcals of heat and 1000 J of work is:
  29. chemistry

    Explain why exothermic processes are mire likely spontaneous when temperature of the system is low?
  30. math

    x^2+16xy+y^2-8=0 Write the appropriate rotation formulas so that in a rotated system the equation has no x'y'-term
  31. Sociology

    8 complete sentences, compare and contrast the kinship and marriage system of the Kaluli and the Minangkabau.
  32. Social studies

    How did monteqeieus system reflect John lockes ideas about government ?
  33. eonomics

    Unions limit the operation of: A. democracy B. the justice system C. market forces D. the military
  34. economics

    Unions limit the operation of: A. democracy B. the justice system C. market forces D. the military
  35. College Algebra

    Solve system by method of elimination 0.07x + 0.02y =-0.07 0.08x - 0.06y = 0.07

    Pleeeese help! Use the substitution method to solve each linear system: -x+3y+1=0 3x-y+1=0 4x-3y=-13 -2x+y=4 Please help, thanks:):)!!!!
  37. American History

    Policy-making in the Federal System national government's education policies
  38. Algebra

    What would the solution to this system of equations be? y = x - 50 y = 0.6x I got (138.8, 83.3), but that doesn't seem right at all.
  39. Math help mrs sue

    When solving A system by graphing how can you tell if the solution is the equation of the line
  40. Math

    Why animals and plants are found on earth but are not on other planets of the solar system? Please ,,help me
  41. math

    Suppose you try to solve a system of linear equations using substitution and get this result. 1. x=-2 2. y=12 3. 6=x 4. -8=-8 5. 7=y 8. 5=3
  42. Physics

    I don't understand this question... What is the change in entropy for a system that has 250 J of heat added to it at 25°C? (Points : 1) 10 J/K 0.84 J/K 0.84 J/K 10 J/K
  43. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Use the inverse matrix to solve this system of equations: 4x+3y=7.5 7x+9z=14 4y-z=8.3 4,3,0 7,0,9 0,4,-1
  44. chemistry

    What is the change in the internal energy of the system when 1.243 mol of NH 3(g) is formed from N 2(g) and H 2(g) at 25 degrees C and 1.0 atm?
  45. Human & Physiology

    Discuss the critical and intricate roles the nervous system plays in homeostasis
  46. English

    What's a good introduction on this topic? Should the Canadian health-care system be privatized?
  47. Education/College

    In what ways does understanding the origins of the educational system in the U.S. be useful to me as a future educator?
  48. Math

    How would I find the solution set for a system of linear inequalities? For example, x-3y<10 3x-2y≥5
  49. math!

    Find the solution to the system by the substitution methond. y=4x-4 y=5x a.(1,0) b.(-4,-20) c.(4,0) d.(-3,-15) (Im confused !!!please explain to me how get the answer)!
  50. MATHS

  51. Operating system

    create a chart showing milestone in memory growth and the approximate date.
  52. Algebra 2 Answer Check

    Classify each system and determine the number of solutions. {3y = 2x; -4x + 6y = 3 A: inconsistent; no solution
  53. science

    The primary unit of length in the metric system is the: kilometer meter millimeter centimeter
  54. biology

    Where is the location of the phosphatase enzyme in the digestive system. There is no site that i can find that can provide an answer...
  55. Algebra 2

    Solving Quadratic System x^2+4y^2=16 x^2+y^2=4 Please SHOW WORK I'm having trouble solve this...
  56. health

    Alcohol abuse ________ the immune system, which helps protect the body from infections.
  57. science

    Which systems move the human body? I heard there were the skeletal, nervous, and muscular system. ??
  58. MATH

    what is the solution of the system y=-3x 3x+2y=6 a. 2, 6 b. -1, 3 c. -2, 6 d. 1.5, -4.5 I have an answer but I seriously doubt it's wrong. Please help for this one? Thanks
  59. Math

    Solve the following system of equations. Then, write the final answer in (x, y, z) form. -12x+y-x=-20 -2x-4y+2z=10 x+2y+2z=25
  60. Health

    What is the first activity of the digestive system? A. Digestion B. Ingestion C. Movement D. Absorption i pick D.
  61. sociology

    How does one¡¦s place in the socioeconomic system affect their ability to achieve the American Dream?
  62. science

    acrostic poem for "THE NERVOUS SYSTEM" please help been trying all day can get it
  63. health

    i need to find a way to creatviley describe the path of the female reproductive system
  64. math 8

    solve the system of equations 5x+2y=11 3x-4y=4 give answer as decimal if required. any help would be appreciated, thank you
  65. Math

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? 4x+16y=12 y=-1/4x+9/12 a. one b. two c. infinitely many*** d. none
  66. Algebra

    I need help Solving the system of equations algebraically and Showing all the steps involved. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20
  67. academic and communicative skills

    a speech on health care delivery system on a nose dive
  68. Chemistry

    What is the internal energy if system absorbs 100J of heat and does 50J of work on the surrounding?
  69. Science

    Which of the following reasons best explains why scientst need a standard measurement system
  70. Trigonometry

    How do I solve these linear system problems? I solved it many times but it never seems right. 1. x^2 + y^2 =9 2x - y = -6 2.x^2 - x -y =0 x - y = -3 3. 2x^2 - x - y = -1 3x + y = 5
  71. Algebra

    Consider the following system of equations. Solve and write as a coordinate point. 5x+4y=-14 3x+6y=6 Please help and thanks
  72. value

  73. physics

    a 200kg body raised to a height of 10m. what is the gravitational potential energy of the system?
  74. math

    Solve the system of equations by finding a row echelon form for the augmented matrix. x-2y+z=8 2x+y-3z=-9 -3x+y+3z=5
  75. Algebra 2

    Solve the system by substitution. -x-y-z=-8 -4x+4y+5z=7 2x+2z=4 I am very confused about this. Can someone please explain how to do this?
  76. Algebra

    graph the system of constraints find the values of x and y that maximize the objective function x+y<8 2x+y<_10 x>_0 Y>_0
  77. Chem

    Calculate the value of work, w, for the following system if 26.7 g of NaN3 reacts completely at 1.00 atm and 22 °C.

  79. precalculus

    Which of the following would be the best first step for solving the system of equations by elimination? • 6.3x + 7.2y = 5.4 • 5.6x + 6.4y = 4.8
  80. Gaussian Elimination Method

    Write the system of equations as an augmented matrix. Then solve for x and y. -3x-y=11 -9x-2y=34 Solution =
  81. History

    Converted to the Mayan number system, what would be 152 and 100? I'm confused as to how it's set up.
  82. math plzzz help quick

    What is the y-coordinate of the solution of the system of equations? {y=2x+14 {-4x-y=4 Enter your answer in the box. y =
  83. math plzzz help quick

    What is the y-coordinate of the solution for the system of equations? {x-y=-11 {y+7=-2x Enter your answer in the box. y =
  84. math

    (19) Does the following system of equations have a solution? If it does, find one; if not, explain why not. √ x + √ y = 1 r 4x 9 − r 25y 64 = 1
  85. Science

    Which of these is found inside the solar system? A) Moon B) Nebula C) Galaxy D) Black hole
  86. Algebra

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? y=6x+2 and 3y-18x=12 A. one B. two C. infinitely many D. none
  87. Algebra

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? 3x+12y=20 y=-1/4x+5/3 A) one C) infinitely many B) two D) none
  88. math

    solve this system of equations using the linear combination method -3x+12y=-27 5x+20y=15

    Describe ways in which the reservation system was beneficial to settlers but harmful to the American Indians
  90. Physics

    I am curious how the earth work as an omnipresent conductive surface in an electrical distribution system?
  91. supervision and leadership

    Assume that you are the training supervisor of a large, local retail company. The company has seven department stores in your city. One of your biggest problems is adequately training new salesclerks. Because salesclerks represent your company to the public, the manner in ...
  92. science

    In seed plants, what is an important difference between gymnosperms and most angiosperms? A)Gymnosperms rely on animals to carry pollen from the female gametophyte to the male gametophyte, while angiosperms rely on wind. B)Gymnosperms require water for sperm to travel from the...
  93. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction HCHO(g) *) H2(g) + CO(g). 1.0 mol of HCHO, 1.0 mol of H2 and 1.0 mol of CO exist in equilibrium in a 2.0 L reaction vessel at 600C. a) Determine the value of the equilibrium constant Kc for this system. 2.0 moles of HCHO and 1.0 mol of CO are then added ...
  94. Physics

    A hoop of radius 1.4 m and mass 11.5 kg has a small ball stuck to its inside surface. The ball has a radius of one quarter that of the hoop, and twice the hoop’s mass. The hoop may roll freely, without slipping. Similarly, the ball may roll along the inside of the hoop ...
  95. Psychology

    Sally is driving her car and talking on her cell phone. Statistically this behavior has been shown to be quite dangerous and contributes to many automobile accidents. In performing these two tasks simultaneously, Sally uses: a. conscious cognitive processes b. mindless ...
  96. PSY help

    Sally is driving her car and talking on her cell phone. Statistically this behavior has been shown to be quite dangerous and contributes to many automobile accidents. In performing these two tasks simultaneously, Sally uses: a. conscious cognitive processes b. mindless ...
  97. Psychology

    Sally is driving her car and talking on her cell phone. Statistically this behavior has been shown to be quite dangerous and contributes to many automobile accidents. In performing these two tasks simultaneously, Sally uses: a. conscious cognitive processes b. mindless ...
  98. College Algebra

    A mixture of 20% disinfectant solution is to be made from 13% and 23% disinfectant solution. How much of each solution should be used if 40 gallons of the 20% solution are needed?
  99. Physics

    1.A bus travels 400 m between two stops. It starts from rest and accelerates at 1.50 m/s^2 until it reaches a velocity of 9.00 m/s. The bus continues at this velocity and then decelerates at 2 m/s^2 until it comes to a halt. Find the total time required for the journey. 2.A 28...
  100. Algebra 2

    A cars fuel efficiency is 24 miles per gallon and can be driven 324 miles with a full tank of gas. Write an expression for the amount of miles that be driven after X gallons have been used.
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