1. Organic chemistry

    Limone (MW 136g/mol) is a pleasant smelling liquid found in lemon and orange peels. The boiling point of limonene is 175 ˚C, but it co-distills with water at 97.5 ˚C. If the vapour pressure of water at 97.5˚C is 690 mmHg, what percent (by mass) of the steam-...
  2. Algebra, please help

    I've been stuck for a while on this problem Which ordered pair represents the solution to the system of equations? { 5x+3y=7 { 3x-5y=-23
  3. physics

    Through the process of doing work, what allows energy to move between the external world and the system? the result of what???
  4. Physics

    The maximum kinetic energy of a mass-spring system in SHM is equal to
  5. ela

    can someone help me think of a rhyme to remember the solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago
  6. maths

    Solve the following system of linear equations using matrix method. i)2x+y-2z=10 y+10z=-28 3y+16z=-42
  7. 7th grade-math

    I need to find the linear system for the equations 4x+3=y and x=y-2 Any help at all would be great! And please show me how you did it if possible, thanks!
  8. HIS 103

    Was a more fluid social structure, with more change and mobility somehow not diserable in the caste system
  9. business

    Can anyone help me with these two questions? How do the various interests in land and real estate differ? Where did this system originate?
  10. Hum_130

    Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion?
  11. History

    I have a quick question. What does it mean that if global peace where to happen that there would be one economic system and one government? Thank You
  12. Information system

    Is video conferencing really a viable green alternative to travel for most companies
  13. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Use the inverse matrix to solve this system of equations: 4x+3y=7.5 7x+9z=14 4y-z=8.3 4,3,0 7,0,9 0,4,-1
  14. Math

    Solve each system by graphing. Check your solution. 11) y=1/2 x + 7 y=3/2 x + 7 13) y=x - 4 y= - x Can someone help me understand help me figure it out these two question??
  15. A&P

    how can I remember that the integumentary system is the skin, sweat and oil glands, hair, and nails?
  16. sociology cultural

    Compare and contrast the kinship and marriage system of the Kaluli and the Minangkabau.
  17. math

    x^2+16xy+y^2-8=0 Write the appropriate rotation formulas so that in a rotated system the equation has no x'y'-term
  18. Algebra II

    Solve the given system by using a substitution method 9x-2y=3 3x-6=y If you could show the steps because I have 10 problems for homework and I just need an example Thanks
  19. chemistry

    Analyze and explain the buffer system in buffered aspirin (carboxylic acid).
  20. african american hist.

    what were the origins of the indentured system? how did it evolve into plantation slavery?
  21. math

    If it says use the method of substitution to solve the system of linear equations 3a=6-b 3a=4-b How do i find the solution
  22. Math

    Find two numbers whose sum is 50 and whose difference is 6. So I'm going to set up a system of equation. x + y = 50 x - y = 6 And I got x = 28 y = 22 Correct?
  23. biology

    How do secretions by exocrine glands help the delivery of sperm to the female reproductive system?
  24. elastic collision

    Also, is it important to apply force on the mass as little as possible because it will allow the system to gain momentum?
  25. ela

    I need a rhyme to remember the solar system formed around 4.6 billion years ago ?
  26. human resources

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of Nike's computer-based interviewing system?


    Find the choice below which gives a first step in solving the given system of equations by the addition method 6x - 5y = 12 x + y = 3
  29. College Algebra

    I knew how to do this but forgot. Solve by the substitution method. 4m+n=4 m-4n=35 What is the solution of the system?

  31. Algebra 1 Answer Check (Reiny)

    Factor each trinomial. 1. x^2 + 6x + 5 A: (x + 1)(x +5) 2. x^2 - 7x - 12 A: (x - 3)(x - 4) Solve each system by substitution. 3. 2x - y = 1; x - y = -2 A: (3, 5)
  32. physiology

    please help with a link to scientific articles about metabolic demands of excercise in cardiovascular system
  33. Math

    Solve each system by using the elimination method. Make sure to write your answer in (x,y) form. 0.2x - 0.5y = -27.8 0.3x + 0.4y = 68.7
  34. English

    What's a good introduction on this topic? Should the Canadian health-care system be privatized?
  35. Math

    Which method would be the simplest way to solve the system? y=1/2x 2x+3y=28 a. graphing b. substitution*** c. elimination d. distributive
  36. math

    The number of real solutions to the system of equations y=2sin(x^2) and y=x^3-x is a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 Please show your work! Thank you!
  37. Gauss-Jordan elimination

    Write the system of equations as an augmented matrix. Then solve for x and y. -3x+3y=-21 3x+2y=-4
  38. college algebra

    how to solve equation in the real number system, x^4 +12x^3 +10x^2-9x+9x+22=0
  39. chem 106

    What is the chemistry of a fusible alloy, and how is one incorporated into an automatic sprinkler system?
  40. Ethics

    Describe Hobbes' account of man's action and how it fits into his ethical system.
  41. college algebra

    hw to solve equation in the real number system, x^4 +12x^3 +10x^2-9x+9x+22=0
  42. Economic

    Who controls what is sold in a free enterprise system? it is Producers Government or Consumers
  43. Algebra

    2x+4z=-8 3x+y+5z=2 -x+y-2z=4 I need to solve each system of equations by using the inverse of the coefficient matrix. Are these the correct answers. Thank you x=24 z=-14 y=0
  44. chemistry

    analyze and explain the buffer system in buffered aspirin(carboxyic acid)
  45. 4th grade question

    How do I draw a picture to show how my government system is organized?
  46. Science

    Which planet has the strongest winds in the solar system and the Great Dark Spot?
  47. Math

    Which method would be the simplest way to solve the system? 7x + 5y = 19 -7x – 2y = -16 a. Graphing b. Substitution c. Elimination*** d. Distributive
  48. chemistry

    Explain why exothermic processes are mire likely spontaneous when temperature of the system is low?
  49. history

    The president of the United States is elected by the electoral college. What type of system is this?
  50. business law

    How do the various interests in land and real estate differ? Where did this system originate?
  51. pre calculus

    Algebraically solve the system of equations using any method you wish 3x-10y+z=5 -4x+9y-z=-6 -13y+z=2
  52. Health

    What is the first activity of the digestive system? A. Digestion B. Ingestion C. Movement D. Absorption i pick D.
  53. Algebra 1

    Which method would be the simplest way to solve the system? 7x +5y = 19 -7x-2y = -16 graphing substitution elimination or distributive
  54. math 8

    solve the system of equations 5x+2y=11 3x-4y=4 give answer as decimal if required. any help would be appreciated, thank you
  55. Algebra

    Solve by substitution method. 6x+9y=-12 -5x+y=27 What is the solution of the system? Type an ordered pair... Please help Thanks!
  56. algebra

    what is the solution of the following linear system? -5x - 5y = -6 -5/2x - 5/2y = -6 a) none b) (-2,2) c)(-,2,-2) d) infinite number of solutions and the answer i picked was a or d thanks :)
  57. Advanced Algebra

    Solve the system -3x+4y=-6 5x-3y=-22 3y+2z=-1 I'm not sure how to approach this question because all of the equations are missing a variable??
  58. algebra

    what is the solution of the following linear system? -5x - 5y = -6 -5/2x - 5/2y = -6 a) none b) (-2,2) c)(-,2,-2) d) infinite number of solutions and the answer i picked was a or d thanks :)
  59. algebra

    what is the solution of the following linear system ? 8x + 3y = 1 x + 5y = 14 a)(2,3) b)(-1,3) c) none d) infinite number of solutions and the answer i picked was b thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  60. math

    Solve the system of equations by Elimination OR Substitution. Explain why you chose one method over the other. 3x – 2y = 8 2x + 5y = -1
  61. social studys

    how does the united states system differ from england's armed forces?
  62. health

    The various activities of the nervous system include a function such as - A. Integrative B. Motor C. Sensory D. All of the above
  63. Math

    So I'm doing solving system of equations, 2x+y=5 4x+2y=10 I found no solution that would fit it therefore they are parallel to each other. Am I correct?
  64. global

    What government system was more effective, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, absolutism or democracy?
  65. Math Help Please!

    Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20 Can someone please explain to me how to do this? I want to actually learn it, please. Thanks! :)
  66. medical terminology

    devise memory aids for any five terms relating to the musculoskeletal system
  67. natural science/bio

    flow diagram of circulatory and respiratory system combined
  68. Science

    Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter then during breathing.
  69. Algebra

    I have been trying to solve this for two hours help. Determine whether the ordered pair (-5,2) is a solution of the following system of equations x - 3y = 1 y= 3x - 17
  70. biology

    What is the primary structure for gas exchange in the respiratory system, how is it deisgnedf or the job?
  71. economics

    Which economic system is used to handle a crisis of epic proportions, such as natural disaster?
  72. science

    how have computers changed mapmaking in recent years? And What is the Global Positioning System?
  73. biology

    Who are the messengers of the endocrine system? A- neurotransmiters B- hormones C- sweat D- glucose E- impulses
  74. Math

    Solve the following system of equations. Then, write the final answer in (x, y, z) form. -12x+y-x=-20 -2x-4y+2z=10 x+2y+2z=25
  75. Control Syatem

    Give an example of a physical system whose transfer function model has a pole in the right.
  76. Civics

    How does our government's system of checks and balances affect the work of interest groups?
  77. social studies/ history

    Oh!!!! Ms.Sue, the question said "Explain the Iroquoise pollitical system".
  78. ap world history

    In what ways did the development of trade and manfacturing impact the Caste system
  79. Geometry

    Find the points of intersection of the line X+Y=5, and the circle x^2+y^2=25 by solving the system of equations.
  80. Math

    which of the following is NOT a unit of measurment in the metric system A. Meter B. Liter C. Pint D. Gram
  81. MATHS

  82. math

    How would you set up a system of linear equations to find out how many packages of 8 and 12 you would have to buy to have no left?
  83. History

    How did Jackson abuse the power of the presidency through the spoils system? Is there anything in the constitution that says he was doing something wrong?
  84. History

    Converted to the Mayan number system, what would be 152 and 100? I'm confused as to how it's set up.
  85. math

    solve this system of equations using the linear combination method -3x+12y=-27 5x+20y=15
  86. Math

    Solve the following equation in the complex number system. Please show all of your work. x^4 – 13x^2 – 90 = 0
  87. health

    Which organ is NOT a part of the digestive system? A. Esophagus B. Gallbladder C. Kidneys D. Mouth
  88. social studies

    What kinds of government system was established in Ethiopia after Italian imperialism?
  89. criminal justice

    describing the purpose of jails in society. Is the current system effective?
  90. Social studies

    How did monteqeieus system reflect John lockes ideas about government ?
  91. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve by the substitution method 3x + 7y =15 x=16-6y What is the solution of the system (-2,3)
  92. World History

    Both Hindus and buddhists believe in A. Many gods B.The caste system C. Formal rituals I got C.
  93. hcs/430

    What function does the judicial system currently serve regarding health care delivery
  94. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve by the elimination method 3r-7s=-28 7r+3s=70 What is the solution of the system r=7 and s=7
  95. Health

    The functional unit of the nervous system is.. A. The Neuron B. The Brain*** C. A reflex D. The cerebrum
  96. Introduction Enngineering

    For what reason did the French Academy of Science create the metric system
  97. microprocessors

    The value 000001112 is sent to Port B of an Eblock system where an LED module is connected. Which LEDs are on?
  98. MATH

    Solve system of equations algebraically. 1. 3x-3y=24 and 2x+5y=-37 2. -9x+10y=-2 and 45x-50y=11 3. -9x-3y=-3 and 18x+6y=6 4. -5x-6y=-23 and 8x+7y=29 5. 9x-7y=4 and 5x+3y=-46
  99. U.S. History

    Why was separation of the races required on the transit system in Montgomery, Alabama during the 1950s?
  100. AED

    What do you think are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the current special educational system in America??
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