1. Math

    Trey can drive his car 130 miles on 4 gallons of gas. At this rate, if gas cost $ 3.45 per gallon how much will it cost to drive 260 miles?
  2. chemistry

    hen 9.3 g of an unknown non-electrolyte is dissolved in 50.0 g of benzene, the boiling point the boiling point increased to 81.19 degrees C from 80.1 degrees C. If the Kbp of the solvent is 2.53 K/m, calculate the molar mass of the unknown solute. The answer is 432. I don't ...
  3. physics

    Please see if I am doing this problem right. A mixture of gasoline vapor and air is placed in an engine cylinder. The piston has an area of 7.4 X 10^-3 m^2 and is displaced inward by 7.2 X 10^-2 M. If 9.5 X 10^5 Pa of pressure is placed on the piston, how much work is done ...
  4. Physics

    The diameters of the main rotor and tail rotor of a single-engine helicopter are 7.59 m and 0.98 m, respectively. The respective rotational speeds are 456 rev/min and 4143 rev/min. Calculate the speeds of the tips of both rotors. main rotor: tail rotor: Compare these speeds ...
  5. American History

    I was given a cartoon but I cannot find it online to show you. Its a picture of the white house with a tape recorder on top. Its related to the Watergate Scandal. It asks how has the White House been modified in the picture, and what does that modification represent? I ...
  6. Physics

    A dam 143 m above a hydroelectric generator holds 1.6 x 1015 L of water. If the generator is taken to be at a height of 0 m, how much potential energy is stored in the dam?
  7. statistics

    . An automobile is selling a new model car with an advertised in‐city mileage of 27 MPG. As with most car models, there is no associated measure of variability (variance, SD, etc.) included with the advertised MPG. You write the manufacturer and request details on ...
  8. Physics waves- help please

    A police officer with good ears hears an approaching motorcycle. The engine sound he eats as the bike approached is 195 Hz. a) Is the actual sound the bike makes higher or lower in pitch? b) After the bike passes he hears 147 Hz as the perceived pitch. If it was a nice 20 ...
  9. hydrocarbons

    hi I am learning about Hydrocarbons, and naming them is there any steps I shoul follow when naming them becuase I honeslty don't understand! thanks for your help!!!1 First of all you should know that rules govern the IUPAC system. I would learn that system since everyone is ...
  10. algebra

    Kevin decides to mix grades of gasoline in his truck. He puts in 5 gallons of regular and 10 gallons of premium for a total cost of $61.30. If premium gasoline costs $0.22 more per gallon than regular, what was the price of each grade of gasoline?
  11. Chemistry

    An ordinary mercury-in-glass thermometer is calibrated. In the ice water bath, the mercury level is 2.45 cm above the bulb. In boiling water at 1.00 atm pressure the mercury level is 17.75 cm above the bulb. What is the Celsius temperature when the level in 12.70 cm above the ...
  12. Algerbra

    Q1. Solve the system of equationd by addition method. -2x+y=6 -3x-4y=20 Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer box to comlete your choice a)The solution is__(simplify your answer. type an ordere pair) b) Infinitely many solutions c) No Solution ...
  13. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar mass of a compound that raises the boiling point of water to 100.15oC when 40.5 g of the compound is dissovled in 500 g of water. and A mass of 41 g of an unknown nonelectrolyte is dissolved in 429 g naphthalene. The nonelectrolyte lowers naphthalene's ...
  14. thermodynamics?

    calculate the number of grams of glycerol, C3H5(OH)3 (MW=92.1 g/mol), that must be dissolved in 520 grams of water to raise the boiling point to 102.00 degrees Celsius. this whole chapter really lost me. delta T = Kb*molality delta T = 2 degrees. Kb = boiling point elevation ...
  15. maths

  16. statistics

    a batch of 25 used automobile alternators contains 3 defectives. if 3 alternators are sampled at random, find the probability of the event . (a). A=[none of the defectives appear ] (b). B=[exactly two defectives appear]
  17. physics

    a) what is the density of a log floating in salt water if 42% of its volume is exposed? The density of salt water is 1025 kg/m^3 (b) What is the density of a sample of metal that sinks in water at 7.2 m/s^2

    What system is most dynamic...? Atmosphere Biosphere Lithosphere Hydrosphere THANK YOU!!!
  19. algebra 1

    what coordinate point is the solution to the system? {3x+2y=8 {x-y=1 y=x-1 so 3x+2(x-1)=8 3x+2x-2=8 5x-2=8 5x=10 - - 5 5 x=2 Then 2-y=1 -2 -2 -y=-1 y=1 Well, to cut the crap the answer is (2,1)
  20. PLEASE!!!! HELP!!!! ME!!!!

    solve the system using substitution {x+2y=11 {3x+2y=13 i just told u this one
  21. Math

    Can someone tell me what it means to solve the system of a linear equation?
  22. Algebra 2

    solve the system of equation by graphing ( find out where they meet. x+3y=4 2x-y=8
  23. math

    Ive got this equation system {x+y= 0 {x^2 + y^2 = sqrt(125) how do I solve it
  24. Calculus

    Determine whether the given orderd pair is a solution of the system ( -2, 1) X/3
  25. Algebra 2

    1. How many solutions does this system of equations have? y=-2x+6 y=3(x+4) 2. What is the square root of 45? 3. solve 2(x-4)^2=14
  26. Math Help please

    Solve the following system of linear inequalities by graphing. 3x – y < 2 x + y > 2
  27. space

    does our solar system move in the milky way galaxy?
  28. algebra 1

    graph the system of linear inequalities x+y<4 x+y>-2 please solve asap
  29. Organic Chem

    what is the correct way to use the IUPAC naming system?!!!
  30. US history

    explain The British mercantile system and its purpose and significant consequences
  31. math

    2x-3y=24 x+6y=18 substitution to solve system of equation. no sulution of infinitely many solutions
  32. Physics

    what is the amount of gravity im m/s on each planet in the solar system. I need to know by Wednesday. Thanks
  33. us history

    What gropu was largely responsible for funding the builing of the railroad system in the U.S.?
  34. Math

    Can someone explain to me how to do this please!!! Solve the system of equations graphically: x+y>3 x-y<6
  35. economics

    describe the economic system most common to primitive societies
  36. science

    i also cant find the digestive system to millipedes or centipedes. plz help me
  37. science

    Can anybody plz explain to me how the digestive system works for all mammals?
  38. Math

    How many solutions does a consistent and dependent system of linear equations have?
  39. Biology 20

    Which blood cell is able to reproduce inside the circulatory system and why?
  40. science acids

    how come bile from your digestive system is acid [how does this occur ] ? thanks 4 the help
  41. chemistry

    If K = 1.8 x 10 for HC H O (aq) „\ H (aq) + C H O (aq), and 100 mL of aqueous solution has [HC H O ] = 0.50 M, [H ] = 0.090 M, and [C H O ] 0.0010 M, is the system at equilibrium?
  42. Calc

    How do I solve the system of equations graphically, accurate to the nearest thousandth (x^2/2) + (y^2/5) = 1 y=(1/3)x
  43. business

    How to motivate an employee who has objections about using a new system
  44. math(the metric system)

    56L=_kL plz tell answer
  45. bio

    how does acute pancreatitis affect organs of the digestive system? does anyone know its answer?
  46. math

    What are the first few steps to solving this system by the substitution method? xy=3 x^2+y^2=10
  47. social studies

    In 1700"s under the federa system the final authority in is who
  48. math

    Solve the following system of equations. x+y=13 22x+36y=356
  49. psychology

    Which symptom result from the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system?
  50. Chem

    What is the difference between an unsaturated system and an electron deficient one?
  51. Chem

    What is the difference between an unsaturated system and an electron deficient one?
  52. algebra

    without graphing classify each system as independent, dependent, or inconsistent. -2x-y=9 3x-4y=-8
  53. biology

    why do biologists use a classification system to study the diversity of life
  54. math

    Is the given ordered pair a solution of the system? (1,19) y is less then or equal to 7x-13 y>3x+6 thanks!!!
  55. biology

    Which of the following is an accessory organ of the integumentary system? Sebaceous gland
  56. math

    Use the solution of the system below to find x-y: 4x-2y=11 3x-4y=-6 a 11.3 b 0.1 c -0.1 d -11.3 please explin how to do this. Thanks!!!
  57. math

    Use the solution of the system below to find x-y: 4x-2y=11 3x-4y=-6 a 11.3 b 0.1 c -0.1 d -11.3 please explain how to do this. Thanks!!!
  58. The court system

    Identify attributes of both effective and ineffective judges
  59. Health

    Do you know of any websites that tell about the processes that are performed by the endocrine system?
  60. Economics

    Why does the US need a single banking system to help organize its financial structure?
  61. global

    describe the roles that individual citizen played in the medieval system.
  62. math

    f(x)= -9x-10 What is the slope and the y-intercept I have no idea how to do this. Please help 6x+7y=39 x=50-6y what is the solution of the system
  63. Medical Coding

    What is the two subheadings within the Cardiovascular System subsection?
  64. finitie math

    2x+y+z=6 -3x-4y+2z=4 x+y-z=-2 solve the system of all variables using a matriz
  65. algebra 1

    desceibe a situation or provide an example of a independent/consistent system?
  66. law

    according to beccaria, the system can reduce the severity of punishment and it can also do what?
  67. math

    Which other country besides the U.S. uses the English metric system?
  68. tourism

    What's the difference between a marketing consortia and a hotel refferal system?
  69. algebra 2

    Solve each system of equations by graphing : 3x- y=0 and x-y=-2 put it in y=mx+b form first.
  70. psy240

    Discuss with Mary the neuroendocrine system’s involvement in sexual development.
  71. chemistry

    I wanted to know that in a chemical reaction are the products part of the system or surrounding?
  72. Political Science-PLEASE HELP

    What are the American Government system's strengths and weaknesses?
  73. aasu

    how do specific aspects of the us legal system contribite to furthering commerce?
  74. colege algebra

    Solve the system by the elimination method 5x+5y=-7 7x-2y=13 Could someone please help me? Thanks
  75. algebra 2

    Classify the system {-7x-6y=4 -28x-24y=16 , and determine the number of solutions.
  76. algebra1B

    The Directions Say "What Is The Solution Of The System Of Linear Equations?" The Question Is: x-y=2 x+y=-3
  77. reimbutsement

    services under the outpatient prospective system are paid based on?
  78. microeconomics

    On balance, is the patent system a good or bad thing? explain.
  79. computers

    Think about how your computer compares to a state of the art system.
  80. 5th grade science

    Describe the function of the lungs in the circulatory system.
  81. Business Law

    What is one way the U.S. legal system impacts U.S. businesses
  82. chemistry

    is molar enthalpy affected if the system is a solid rather than a liquid
  83. algebra

    Solve using the substitution method and state if the system has a solution. 4p-2q=16 5p+7q=1
  84. algebra

    what is the solution of the following system of equations? 2y - x = 8 y = 2x + 1 a) (1,2) b) (5,2) c) (2,1) d) (2,5) and the answer i picked is c thank you, poo :)
  85. healthcare system

    Describe which ethics principle(s) have not been adhered to and why
  86. Algebra Check

    Solve the system 4x - 7y = 5 14y = 8x + 10 I got y = 10/-13 x = -5/52 but it doesn't seem right
  87. economics

    Which economic system works best when there is a crisis of epic proportion?
  88. Science

    The rocks which float in space within the solar system are called?
  89. Algebra

    Use the elimination method to solve the following system of equations. x + 3y – z = 2 x – 2y + 3z = 7 x + 2y – 5z = –21
  90. human resources

    hi what is the organizational system for any company? and how to raw spray diagram for it?
  91. Algebra HELP

    how to solve this equation in the real number system: 2x^(3) + 3x^(2) + 2x + 3 = 0 steps please
  92. math

    find the values ofx and y that solve the following system of equations -3x- 8y=19 4x+9y=-22
  93. math urgent!

    find the values of x and y that solve te following system of equations 3x+2y=-22 5x-9y=25
  94. math

    compute x+y, given the linear system with T is not = to 1 and with the ordered pair (x,y) as solution: x+2y=3 and Tx+(T+1)y=T+2
  95. solving systems by elimination

    What is the solution to the linear system –4x + 2y = –56 and –3x – 6y = 33?Question 3 options: (–9, 10) (–9, –10) (9, 10) (9, –10)
  96. math

    Is each ordered pair a slotuion of the given system? write yes or no. 1. y=6x+12 2x-y=4 (-4,-12)______
  97. algebra2

    What is the value of x in the solution to the system y = 4x + 3 and 3x + 2y = -16? (Round to the nearest integer if necessary.)
  98. Calculus

    Mt+1= 0.75Mt+2 give the solutions of the dynamical system with Mo=5 i.e determine Mt as a function of t
  99. math

    how do you solve this using substitution of system equations here's the problem -4=x-2y and -x+2=-y
  100. Algebra

    Explain how to use a graph to determine the number of solutions of a system?
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