1. Physics

    A piece of metal of volume 250 centimetre cube floats in water when 85 percent of its volume is under water.Calculate the upthrust on the metal. [pw=1.0gcm^-3]
  2. science

    On top of one of the peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park the pressure of the atmosphere is 500.torr. Determine the boiling point of water at this location. The heat of vaporization of water is 40.7 kJ/mol? Show work for me please! Thank you
  3. physics

    To illustrate the effect of ice on the aluminum cooling plate, consider the data shown in the drawing below. The length of the ice block is L1 = 0.00476 m and its temperature is T1 = -11.9 °C. The aluminum block is L2 = 0.00131 m long and has a temperature of T2 = -23.8 °C. ...
  4. Physics

    A natural gas power plant burns natural gas to produce electricity. In one second it produces 500 MJ of electrical potential energy. The power plant consumes chemical energy in order to produce electrical potential energy. --In one second does it consume 500 MJ of chemical ...
  5. Chemistry

    How much energy in kJ is needed to heat 7.0L of water from35 degrees Fahrenheit to boiling point 100 degrees Celsius. If the density of water is 1.0g/cm^3 and the heat capacity of water is Cp= 4.184J/g degrees Celsius
  6. schwann cells

    are they found in central nervous system are they found in peripheral nervous system do they form a myelin sheath do they increase the speed of propagation of nervous impulses Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a site with the definition and yes, they ...
  7. check geo

    since the fall of communism some eastern european have: A)taken steps to return to a cummunist system of government. b)had difficulty adapting to free market system. c)cleaned up thier enviornment promblems D)all of the above my choice is d state farms in communist europe were...
  8. physics

    A person holds a 1.56 baseball in his hand, a distance of 34.0 cm from the elbow joint, as shown in the figure(Figure 1) . The biceps, attached at a distance of 2.75 cm from the elbow, exerts an upward force on the forearm. Consider the forearm and hand to be a uniform rod ...
  9. Algebra

    Mildred makes $3 an hour babysitting and $6 an hour when she works at Wendys. Her parents do not want her working more than 20 hours per week. Mildred would like to earn at least $70 a week. Write a system of inequalities that show the number of hours she could work at each ...
  10. Algebra

    Write a system of inequalities to describe the shaded area of the graph. This is the question on my homework today that i just don't get. My teacher said to use point slope form. y=y1+m(x-x1) The coordianate points of the triangular area are line 1: (2,1),(7,9) line 2: (7,9),(...
  11. chemistry(please check)

    Just made it a new post didn't what it to get overcrowning.I hope this will help us figure out now For questions #1 through #10, refer to the following equilibrium system, with a Kc of 1.23E-03: C3H6O (aq) + 2C2H6O(aq)----> C7H16O2 (aq) + 2H2O (l) 1. What is the equilibrium...
  12. Maths

    A bucket holds 6 litres of water. A paddling pool is in the shape of a cuboid with dimensions 700mm x 1800mm x 3000mm. How many buckets of water would be required to fill the pool to the brim? If the pool has a leak and loses water at the rate of 20ml per second, how long ...
  13. chemistry

    following equilibrium system with a Kc of 1.23E-03: C3H6O (aq) + 2C2H6O (aq)--> C7H16O2 (aq) + 2H2O (l) pleas check to see I answer these correclty.. 1.Is this an endothermic- or exothermic reaction, as written?answer: Exothermic 2.How would the equilibrium shift if the ...
  14. physics

    An aluminum vessel with a volume capacity of 530 cm3 is filled with water to the brim at 20.0°C. The vessel and contents are heated heated to 42.5°C. During the heating process, will the water spill over the top (in this case the answer would be positive), will there be more...
  15. physics

    An aluminum vessel with a volume capacity of 510 cm3 is filled with water to the brim at 20.0°C. The vessel and contents are heated heated to 49.9°C. During the heating process, will the water spill over the top (in this case the answer would be positive), will there be more...
  16. Math

    There are 1170 students in a school. The ration of girls to boys is 23 : 22. The system below describes..? relationships between the number of girls and the number of boys. g+b=1170 g/b=22/23 a. Solve the proportion for g. b. Solve the system. c. How many more girls are there ...
  17. chemical calculations

    Brine from a first tank runs into a second tank at 2 gallons per minute and brine from the second tank runs into the first at 1 gallon per minute.Initially,there are 10 gallons of brine containing 20 lb of salt in the first tank and 10 gallons of fresh water in the second tank...
  18. chemistry

    The volume of 02 collected over water at 25 Celcius and 740 torr was 250 mL. What volume will the dry 0x occupy at STP (Vapor pressure of water at 25 celcuis is 23.8 torr)
  19. Chemistry

    The volume of 02 collected over water at 25 degree C and 740 torr, was 250 mL. What volume will the dry 02 occupy at STP? (Vapor pressure of water at 25 degre C is 23.8 torr).
  20. Physics

    During an auto race, a car with a speed of 85m/s acceleration passed another car rate of 4.0m/s^2 for 3.5s. How far does the car travel during this time? Okay so I used D= Vi-t+(1/2)t^2 D= 85m-4.0m/s^2+(1/2)3.5^2 D= 87.125 ?
  21. Chemistry problem

    The volume of an ideal gas contracts from 5.68 L to 2.35 L as the result of a constant applied pressure of 1.48 atm. The system releases 733 J of heat during this process. Calculate deltaU (internal energy) for this process. Express answer in Joules. Please help, thank you ...
  22. Chemistry problem

    The volume of an ideal gas contracts from 5.68 L to 2.35 L as the result of a constant applied pressure of 1.48 atm. The system releases 733 J of heat during this process. Calculate deltaU (internal energy) for this process. Express answer in Joules. Please help, thank you ...
  23. chemistry

    What is the smallest volume of water at 20c that could be used to dissolve and remove potassium nitrate impurities and leave pure sodium hydrogen carbonate?
  24. physics

    A motorboat travels due north at a steady speed of 3.0 m/s through calm water in which there is no current. The boat then enters an area of water in which a steady current flows at 2.0 m/s in a southwest direction, as shown in the next picture. Both the engine power and the ...
  25. Physics

    A piece of wood of mass 60kg and density 600kg/m3 flows in water of density of 1000kg/m3.calculate (a) volume of water that the wood displaced (b) the fraction of volume of mass and water
  26. Physics

    24. In a 2-dimensional Cartesian system, the y-component of a vector is known, and the angle between vector and x-axis is known. Which operation is used to calculate the magnitude of the vector? (taken with respect to the y-component)
  27. Coordinates in the real world

    I really need a real-world application in which the coordinate grid system is used. it doesn't have to be real long just a few sentences. thanks :)
  28. Chem

    When 0.0500 moles of HCL is reacted with 0.0500 moles of NaOH in 50.0 mL of water, the temperature of the water increases by 13.7 degrees C. Caclulate the heat for this reaction in terms of joules per mole of HCl. The heat capacity of the system is 209.2 joules per degree ...
  29. Intellectual Academy

    Pls show me the steps how to work this physics question:A pulley system of 4 pulleys is used to raise a loan of mass 50kg vertically,if its effeciency is 80%,determine the minimum effort required to raise the load(g=10ms-2)?
  30. Math Physics Torque Equilibrium

    A uniform meterstick pivoted at its center has a 100 g mass suspended at the 21.0 cm position. At what position should a 95.0 g mass be suspended to put the system in equilibrium? What mass would have to be suspended at the 80.0 cm position for the system to be in equilibrium?
  31. Physics

    Two rollerbladers throw a frisbie back and forth on a frictionless surface. Which does not change? a. Momentum of an individual rollerblader b. Momentum of the frisbie c. Momentum of the system consisting of the frisbie and rollerbladers throwing the ball d. Momentum of the ...
  32. Physics

    I know that when objects are connected and a force is exerted on the connected objects, we treat them as a system with a single acceleration. I was just wondering if objects were piled on top of each other they would still be connected. if a horizontal force was exerted on one...
  33. chemistry

    For a certain reaction at constant pressure, ∆H = -15kJ, and 22 kJ of expansion work is done on the system. What is ∆U for this process? So I know ∆= ∆U + Work flow If work is being done on the system, shouldn't work flow be positive? So I assumed it ...
  34. Physics

    A 3.30-kN piano is lifted by three workers at a constant speed to an apartment 28.8 m above the street using a pulley system fastened to the roof of the building. Each worker is able to deliver 197 W of power, and the pulley system is 75.0% efficient (so that 25.0% of the ...
  35. Precalculus

    "An aquarium with length x, width x-10, and height x-5 holds about 750 cubic feet of water. Find all real solutions of the equation (I wrote it) 750 = x(x-10)(x-5)." I got the volume equation correct, right? I've tried dividing the factors of -750 by the factors of 1 (with ...
  36. math

    jasmine bought 6 gallons of apple juice. after filling up 4 bottles of the same size with apple juice, she has 0.3 gallons of apple juice left. hhow many gallons of apple juice are in each container?
  37. Physics

    An ice sled powered by a rocket engine starts from rest on a large frozen lake and accelerates at +13.0 m/s^2. At t1 the rocket shut down and the sled moves with constant velocity v until t2. The total distance traveled by the sled is 5.30 x 10^3m and the total time is 90s. ...
  38. physics

    Write the energy transformation equation for each situation Fireworks explodes An arrow is shot off a bow and flies through the air A paved driveway feels hot on a clear ,sunny day A camper raises an axe to chop a chunk of wood A lawn mower with a gasoline engine cuts a lawn
  39. psy202

    which of the following do experts recommend regarding the search for information on the internet avoid boolean operators since new technology has made them obsolete stick to one search engine like google so that bookmarks are better organized bookmark any site that has ...
  40. Math

    A coffee dealer mixed 12 pounds of one grade coffee with 10 pounds of another grade of coffee to obtain a blend worth $54. He then made a second blend worth $61 by mixing 8 pounds of the first grade with 15 pounds of the second grade. Find the price per pound of each grade.
  41. math

    A water tank can be constructed with a metal top and two square ends that holds 16 cubic meter of water and requires 40 square meter of metal. find the dimensions of the water tank.
  42. chemistry

    For the equilibrium system below, which of the following would result in an increase in the concentration of CO(g)? 2H2(g) + CO(g) CH3OH(g) + 92 kJ a) decreasing temperature b) adding some CH3OH c) both b and d d) decreasing the volume of the container e) both a and b
  43. 11th phyics

    An automobile with an initial speed of 4.56 m/s accelerates uniformly at the rate of 2.4 m/s2. Find the final speed of the car after 4.4 s. Answer in units of m/s
  44. Car Insurance Question

    This is for a project, I wanted to know what automobile insurance injury loss ratings meant? I tried searching this, but could someone explain what it is?
  45. Physics

    An automobile with an initial speed of 6.12m/s accelerates uniformly at the rate of 4.4 m/s^2.Find the final speed of the car after 4.6 s. Answer in units of m/s

    The density of ice is 0.92 g cm-3 & that of sea water is 1.025 g cm-3.Find total volume of an iceberg which floats with its volume 800 cm3 above water. ANSWER:7809.5 cm3
  47. chemistry

    The average swimming pool has a volume of about 28,000 gallons. Suppose a swimming pool was filled with pH 7.00 water. However, you need to adjust the pH to 4.75. How much acid pool acid (which is 1.00 M HCl) do you need to add to the pool? The units are liters. convert ...
  48. math

    How many gallons of water are in a tank with a diameter of 40' and 12' tall ?
  49. chemistry

    a chemist puts 6 moles of nitrogen gas and 7 moles hydrogen gas into an evacuated 1 liter container. The system reaches equilibrium at a certain temperature according to the process outlined above. when the system is at equilibrium the chemist determines the ammonia ...
  50. English

    Question 4 (multiple choice) A system that does not allow a worker to fail will not _________________ . be sued allow a worker to succeed fail as a system C? Question 5 (multiple choice) An apprentice is a worker who ____________________ . can't be trusted to work alone is ...
  51. physics

    Shows three boxes connected by cords, one of which wraps over a pulley having negligible friction on its axle and negligible mass. The mass of the boxes are mA = 5 kg, mB = 2 kg, and mC = 3kg. When the system is released from rest, Calculate (a) the acceleration of the system ...
  52. Algebra

    Mina's catering service is organizing a formal dinner for 280 people.The hall has two kinds of tables, one that seats 4 people and one that seats 10 people.The hall can contain up to a total of 52 tables.Write and graph a system of inequalities that can be used to determine ...

    A certain resistance thermometer at triple point of water is 152.0 ohms. What is the temperature of the system in degrees celsius when the resistance of the thermometer is 230.51ohms.
  54. science

    A beaker filled with 2182.5 g of water at a temp of 10.0 degrees Celsius is placed over a lamp burning ethanol. What mass of ethanol needs to be burned in order to bring the water to boiling?
  55. algebra

    a trip of 120 miles required 7 gallons of gas. at this rate how many gallons would be needed at 180?
  56. MATH

  57. Chemistry

    When 1.5 grams of salt are added to 12.0 grams of water and the salt dissolves, what is the mass of the system?
  58. Algebra 1

    1)A farmer plans to create a rectangular garden that he will enclose with chicken wire. The garden can be no more than 30 ft wide. The farmer would like to use at most 180 ft. of chicken wire. Write a system of linear inequalities that models this situation. 2) Determine the ...
  59. Physics

    A coordinate system (in meters) is constructed on the surface of a pool table, and three objects are placed on the coordinate system as follows: a 0.8 kg object at the origin, a 2.8 kg object at (0 m,1.7 m), and a 4.4 kg object at (3.8 m,0 m). Find the resultant gravitational ...
  60. trig

    The manufacturer of a propeller for a small aircraft mandates a maximum operating angular velocity of 300 rad/s. Determine whether it is safe to install this propeller whose aircraft whose engine is expected to run at a maximum of 2800 rpm

    (aq) means the solution is dissolved in water used as a solvent. (l) means the COMPOUND (not element, usually) is a pure liquid. (g) means gas and (s) means solid. In the equation below, HCl(aq) + NaOH(aq) -->NaCl(aq) + H2O(l)This means that an aqueous solution of HCl is ...
  62. Biology

    why does boiling the water removes the bacteria?
  63. physics

    A 301-kg boat is sailing 16.5° north of east at a speed of 2.08 m/s. Thirty seconds later, it is sailing 37.2° north of east at a speed of 3.60 m/s. During this time, three forces act on the boat: a 32.7-N force directed 16.5° north of east (due to an auxiliary engine), a ...
  64. Physics

    A 301-kg boat is sailing 16.5° north of east at a speed of 2.08 m/s. Thirty seconds later, it is sailing 37.2° north of east at a speed of 3.60 m/s. During this time, three forces act on the boat: a 32.7-N force directed 16.5° north of east (due to an auxiliary engine), a ...
  65. Physics

    A student on a piano stool rotates freely with an angular speed of 2.95 rad/s . The student holds a 1.35 kg mass in each outstretched arm, 0.739 m from the axis of rotation. The combined moment of inertia of the student and the stool, ignoring the two masses, is 5.13 kg m^2, a...
  66. Chemistry

    A chemist needs to prepare a buffer using the carbonate system (information in the table below) with a final pH of 6. Which components should they mix in water to product this buffer? H2CO3 HCO3- CO32- pKa 6.35 10.33 N/A
  67. Chemistry

    A sample of sodium-24 with an activity of 12 mCi is used to study the rate of blow flow in the circulatory system. If sodium -24 has a half-life of 15 hours, what is the activity of the sodium after 2.5 d ?
  68. Accounting

    Lock boxes Anne teak, The finanicial manager of the furniture manufactures, is considering operating a lock box system. she forcasts that 400 payments a day will be made to lock boxes with an average payment size of $2000. The bank charge for operating the lock boxes is $.40 a...
  69. science

    Calculate the volume of distiled water to prepare 10%w/v solution of solute if 8g of the solute is to be used.
  70. Math please Hurry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Choose the correct answer. Milo wants to make a mixture that is 50% lemon juice and 50% lime juice. How much 100% lemon juice should he add to a juice that is 20% lemon juice and 80% lime juice to make 4 gallons of the 50% lemon/50% lime juice mixture? A. 0.5 gallon B. 1.5 ...
  71. Algebra 1

    So I attempted this and I'm not sure if it's the correct answer - and I don't know how to graph it.. Student tickets to the Homecoming game cost $5 each. General admission tickets cost $8 each. So far, 150 tickets have been sold. $900 has been collected. A. Write a system of ...
  72. MATHS

    Please help with these maths questions 1) From a ribbon of lenghth 2 2/7m, I used 4/7m to wrap a box and 1 5/7m to tie a bow. How many metres of ribbon did I used? 2) Sammy's water tank contained 7 2/5 L of water in the morning. By the end of the day, there was 1 4/5 left. How...
  73. math volume

    a rectangular sheet of cardboard size 5' by 8' is to be used to make an open box by cutting out the four corners. What is the largest volume and be sure to explain how you found the MAXIMUM volume please and Thank You!
  74. Physics

    A rope attached to an engine pulls a 240 Newton crate up an 14.7 degree ramp at a constant speed. The coefficient of kinetic friction for the surfaces of the crate and ramp is .32. What is the magnitude of the force that the rope exerts on the crate parallel to the ramp? (...
  75. physics

    An aircraft has a take-off speed 180km/h and has length 250m from the start just before take-off a serious snag is detected in the engine and the aircraft failed to take-off. There is a wall at a distance of 270 m from takeoff point
  76. math

    A glass in the form of a frustum of a cone is represented by the diagram below. The glass contains water to height of 9 cm. The bottom of the glass is circle of radius 2cm while the surface of the water is a circle of radius 6 cm. (a) Calculate the volume of the water in the ...
  77. math

    Define variables and write a system of equations for each situation. Solve using substitution. Suppose you are thinking about buying one of two cars. Car A will cost $17,655. Youn can expect to pay an average of $1230 per year for fuel, maintenance, and repairs. Car B will ...
  78. Physics Measurements

    How big is a ton? That is, what is the volume of something that weighs a ton? To be specific, estimate the diameter of a 1-ton rock, but first make a wild guess: will it be 1ft across, 3ft, or the size of a car? [Hint: Rock has mass per volume about 3 times that of water, ...
  79. math

    a freight train is traveling 30mph. An automobile starts out from the same place 1 hour later and overtakes the train in 3 hours. What was the rate of the automobile?
  80. Physics

    A car's initial velocity of 13.5 m/s accelerates at a rate of 1.9 m/s^2 for 6.2 s. Then, it accelerates at a rate of -1.2 m/s^2 until it stops. 1) What is the car's maximum speed? 2) What is the total time from the start of the first acceleration until the car is stopped? 3) ...
  81. math

    consider a two server system which a customer is served first by server 1, then by server 2 and then departs. the server times at server i are exponential random variables with rate ui i = 1,2. a)When you arrive you find server 1 free and you find server one is free and one ...
  82. Chemistry

    How much boiling water would you need in order to raise the bath to body temperature (about 37)? Assume that no heat is transferred to the surrounding environment. Imagine that your water heater has broken, but you want to take a bath. You fill your bathtub with 25 of room-...
  83. Chemistry

    How many grams of water could have its temperature raised from 25 ºC (room temperature) to 100 ºC (the boiling point of water) by the amount of energy released in the formation of 4.0 mol of H2 from hydrogen atoms? The bond energy of H2 is 435 kJ/mol. The specific heat of ...
  84. Chem

    How many grams of water could have its temperature raised from 25 ºC (room temperature) to 100 ºC (the boiling point of water) by the amount of energy released in the formation of 4.0 mol of H2 from hydrogen atoms? The bond energy of H2 is 435 kJ/mol. The specific heat of ...
  85. Chemistry

    Can someone check my answer for me... 1)Suppose a piece of lead with a mass of 14.9 g at a temperature of 92.5 degrees is dropped into an insulated container of water. The mass of water is 165 g and its temperature before adding the lead is 20.0 degrees. What is the final ...
  86. Chemistry

    Determine the concentration of Mg2+ (in mmol/L) in the unknown solution (Note: details and additional information to solve the problem are provided in your lab manual): Mass of EDTA: 0.606 g Volume of EDTA used in titration (step 1): 10.48 mL Volume of EDTA used in titration (...
  87. Physics

    A solid iron cylinder of mass 0.2 kg is quickly transferred from inside boiling water in a beaker at 100 C into 90g of water at 15 C contained in a calorimeter of mass 150g and specific heat capacity equal to 800 J/kg/K. Find the final temperature of the water. (The Specific ...
  88. Thermodynamics

    400 g of water are emptied at 20 ° C in a vessel. The container is placed at Fire of a flame that gives it a certain amount of thermal energy of So that it takes 5 minutes for the water to reach a temperature of 90 ° C. If the vessel does not absorb thermal energy, a) how ...
  89. math/science

    Since the SI unit for temperature is Kelvin, why is the Celsius scale most often used in the science labs? I don't know that it IS the most often used. For example, almost all of the calculations require changing from C to K (gas law problems, and almost all others EXCEPT ...
  90. physics

    1. A ball moving horizontally clears a net 2 meters high. What maximum speed can it have if it is to fall within 5 meters of the net? 2.A pulley system lifts a load of 800 Newtons, 20 centimeters while the rope pulling it moves 100 cm. a. How much force must be applied to lift...
  91. maths

    K, Q1.A sqhere of radius 5cm is lowered into a rectangular tank 50cm long and 20cm wide containing water to a deqth of 10cm.The sqhere floats with half of its surface above the level of the surface of the water.Calculate (a)the volume of the sqhere, (b)the volume of water in ...
  92. maths

    K, Q1.A sphere of radius 5cm is lowered into a rectangular tank 50cm long and 20cm wide containing water to a depth of 10cm.The sphere floats with half of its surface above the level of the surface of the water Calculate (a)the volume of the sphere, (b)the volume of water in ...
  93. Math

    A container holds 5 quarts when filled now it contains 3 3/4 quarts of water. How much more water must be added to fill the container
  94. Science

    Jim has an aqarium that holds 4,000 mL of water. It is at the room's temerature of 20 degrees Celsius. How many calories need to be transferred to the water for it to reach 25 degrees Celsius?
  95. Math

    Thank you Ms. Sue. Sorry I didn't tell you we're just learning that pi=3 for now. It made everything complicated for you to check if my answers were correct. :P But what is this formula usually used for?Diameter=Circumference/π? Is it used to find the diameter of something?
  96. physics

    n automobile traveling at a speed of 29.3 m/s applies its brakes and comes to a stop in 4.9 s. If the automobile has a mass of 1.2 103 kg, what is the average horizontal force exerted on it during braking? Assume the road is level. magnitude N direction
  97. juvenile justice

    What are the major differences between the contemporary criminal (adult) justice system and the juvenile justice system? Are the major differences appropriate, given the differences between adults and children? Explain your answer.
  98. Physics

    Can someone help me solve this? I've tried it a few times, but I keep getting answers that seem off. Like, for example, I'm getting 2.339 for part A, and it just seems completely off. So if you know the right formulas and can walk me through this, I'd appreciate it a lot! The ...
  99. physics

    Which of the following processes leads to a change in entropy of zero for the system undergoing the process? Non-cyclic isobaric (constant pressure) Non-cyclic isochoric (constant volume) Any closed cycle
  100. AP Chemistry

    A typical bathtub can hold 93 gallons of water. Calculate the mass of natural gas that would need to be burned to heat the water for a tub of this size from 60◦F to 99◦F. Assume that the natural gas is pure methane(CH4) and that the products of combustion are ...
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