1. French

    Translate the sentence you see in to French. We see you. (familiar) Smart Text Plain Text HTML Preview Question 2 2 points Save Which of the following sentences is the sentence you see below, with a direct object pronoun replacing the direct object noun? Vous préparez le ...
  2. grammar

    Identify the appropriate punctuation for the phrase in () in the sentence; The song (You Are My Sunshine) always cheers me up. italics quotation marks (my choice) single quotation marks none of the above Identify the sentence in which the word or words in () are punctuated ...
  3. Language arts help please

    1. Identify the adjectives in the followig sentence. You can choose more than one answer. After a rainfall, bugs, slugs, and all sorts of multilegged critters would descend from the ceilings and fall on the kitchen table, or worse, on our bunks. Rainfall Sorts Multilegged ...
  4. english

    Which one of the following elements is most important when you are writing your first draft. A. Making sure your spelling is correct B. Writing grammatically correct sentences. C. Getting your idea down on paper D. Checking the punctuation in each sentence In your rough (first...
  5. math

    find the pattern... 28,300,10 There is no single pattern. Post more numbers in your sequence.
  6. math

    3n+6 If n represents the position of a number in the pattern, which of the following is the pattern of numbers decribed by the expression? f. 1,9,12,15,18 g.6,12,22,36,54 h. 9,12,15,18,21 j. 3,9,12,15,21
  7. geometry

    When looking at a quilt pattern, How do you describe the minimum number of translations of the original pattern A
  8. ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read each sentence. Select the BEST option that describes the sentence. Some options will define a structural flaw and may or may not suggest a way of fixing the problem. Some sentences have correct structure, and you may find that is the best option. Christina and Christopher...
  9. Language Arts

    How do I start a compare and contrast essay? I am doing a compare & contrast essay on Tatooine and Mordor and i'm not sure what to put in the first sentence. Could I please have some ideas or examples? Thanks.
  10. English Literature

    "But it was for I would have lived to have loved God better and longer time, that I might by the grace of that living have the more knowing and loving of God in the bless of heaven." Can you tell me what this quote from Julian of Norwich, "The book of Showings" mean please? I ...
  11. english

    i was wondering if i did this correct Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it (most have more than one). Each of the ...
  12. grammar

    How would I correct this sentence if it is a fused sentence: The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frakenstein uttered a piercing scream The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, and uttered a piercing scream is ...
  13. English

    Can you please tell me if the following sentences are correct? Thank you. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. 1) He went to bed two hours ago. He has been sleeping for two hours. 2) They have been chatting for one hour. They started chatting ...
  14. basic Integration

    I have three questions which I apparently have 'wrong' according to the book, but I've done lots of other questions which I've gotten right using the same method and I have triple checked these answers for these three questions so I was wondering if someone could tell me if I ...
  15. English

    What is the adjective in the sentence: It is about the same size as the United States. Also, what are the adjectives and what do they describe in the sentences: The flutes are a third group of instruments. The small keys send a burst of air to large pipes in the instruments. ...
  16. conspiracy

    3 reasons why ms.sue is illuminati confirmed 1. sue has 3 letters, the illuminati has 3 sides 2. sue likes to go in the english questions, english has books, the illuminati also has books 3. sue has 2 eyes, the illuminati has 1 eye, 2-1 is 1 MS.SUE IS ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!111
  17. to ms.sue

    marquette ang joliet expedition affect the great lakes because it made them have more exploration? ms.sue, can you also check these two: the government organized settlement of the northwest territory by banning slavery? what was the first state created from the northwest ...
  18. english

    I need someone's help on editing my paragraph.... OPC is a great place for an athlete because OPC offers many options for the athletes and don’t forget about their countless banners. OPC as school give the athlete’s the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of sports ...
  19. English

    Are these complex sentences???? =/ help. 1. Although my friend did not believe, I am a devout Christian. 2. If i remain diligent, I will succeed. 3.Unless he gets the defiant behavior under control, he will be expelled. 4.Because I hate spending my money, shopping makes me ...
  20. English

    I urgently need to check some paragraphs with you. I hope you can help me. I repeated the same sentence many times to see all the possible variations. Thank you very much. 1)Defoe's novels are fcitional and retrospective autobiographies always pretending to be true stories and...
  21. English

    1. The earth goes around the sun. 2. The eatth moves around the sun. 3. The earth goes round the sun. 4. The earth moves round the sun. (Which one do I have to use?) 5. Many boys were sitting around the lake. 6. Many boys were sitting round the lake. (Do I have to use 'round' ...
  22. analyze the poem-clear thesis?

    The Pulley George Herbert When God at first made man, Having a glass of blessings standing by, Let us (said He) pour on him all we can: Let the world’s riches, which dispersed lie, Contract into a span. So strength first made a way; Then beauty flowed, then wisdom, honour, ...
  23. Math

    Diagram # # of squares Pattern for 1 1 Cal.# unit sq. 1^2+0^2 2 5 2^+1^2 3 13 3^2+2^2 4 ? ? 10 ? ? ? 421 ? Just need to know how to come up with the pattern?
  24. Math

    Use inductive reasoning to describe the pattern. Then find the next two numbers in the pattern. 3,3.04,3.08,3.12,....
  25. Math

    A pattern of mosaic tiles lined up in this order: 8 cm, 5 cm, 8 cm, and 12 cm. How many meters long will be pattern be if it repeats 50 times?
  26. English

    1. You know, I'm a member of the cooking club. (What is the role of 'You know' in this sentence?) 2. You know that I'm a member of the cooking club. (Are #2 the same as #1? What is the difference between them in meaning?)
  27. English

    Hello. I'm very grateful for all your help, and I need some more. 1)Is the article necessary in the following context: "(the)Libyan armed forces launched a military campaign against the rebels"? 2)Is it possible to say: "the situation has greatly / significantly improved" or "...
  28. Spelling

    What the heck is the V/CV pattern and VC/V pattern?!?!?. Please tell me!!!! -Thanks, Danielle
  29. find a pattern

    2 6 4 12 10 30 28 if the pattern continues, what is the next number likely to be?
  30. math

    75,74,72,69, 65 what is the pattern? waht are the next two numbers in pattern?
  31. algebra

    Identify a pattern and find the next number in the pattern -0.8,-3.2,-12.8,51.2
  32. english

    Original sentence:The astronomer completed the calculation at the observatory that he had been working on for nearly a decade. Here is my corrected sentence: The astronomer completed the calculations that he had been working carefully at the observatory for nearly a decade.
  33. English

    1. Let's throw a surprise party for Henry. [What is the part of speech of 'surprise' in this sentence? A noun or an adjective?] 2. baseball field, baseball ground, baseball steadium, ballpark [Are they all the same in meaning? Which ones are frequently used?]
  34. Elements of University Composition and Communicati

    Each of the following sentences has one grammatical error. The errors are in one of the following four categories: subject–verb agreement, run-on sentence, verb form and tense, or sentence fragment. Read each of the sentences and write the type of error in the column next to...
  35. physics

    A person walks in the following pattern: 2.8 km north, then 2.9 km west, and finally 5.5 km south. (a) How far and (b) at what angle (measured counterclockwise from east) would a bird fly in a straight line from the same starting point to the same final point?
  36. Writing Skills

    The call number of the book that you're looking for is R865.2. What do you know about the book based on this information? A. It's a book of or about Roman literature. B. It's a book about medicine. C. It's a reference book. D. It's a book that can be gained through ...
  37. math - word problem. help asap?

    in a certain math class, each student has a text book, every 2 students share a book of tables, every 3 students share a problem book, and every 4 students share a mathematics dictionary. If the total number of books is 75.. how many students are in a class? how many students ...
  38. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    What,if anything,is wrong with this sentence? Arriving at the circus early,seats could be selected near the center ring. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUTED SENTENCE B. COMMA SPLICE C. DANGLER D. LACKS PARALLEL PARTS I THINK THE ANSWER IS: (B)comma splice AM I CORRECT? Kourtney, no you ...
  39. English

    I need you to check the following sentences on the same theme. Thank you very much. 1) You should start your paragraph with an introductory sentence and write a conclusion at the end. 2) Your paragraph must be preceded by an introductory sentece and followed by a conclusion. 3...
  40. Spanish

    Choose the sentence which correctly says "The king doesn't like to smoke." A. Al rey no le quiere fumar. B. Al rey no le gusta fumar. C. El rey no gusta fumar. D. El rey no quiere fumar.
  41. Physical Science-Physics

    You need to pick up a book off the floor and place it on a table top that is 0.78 m above ground. You expend 1.56 J of energy to lift the book. The book has an acceleration of 1.54 m/s squared. What is the book's mass?
  42. English

    From the book The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, which sentence from the passage provides the best expression of the theme? A."It's perfectly easy to be cynical. " B. "... once a week is quite enough to dine with one's own relations." C." The truth is rarely pure ...
  43. physics

    The largest tension that can be sustained by a stretched string of linear mass density μ, even in principle, is given by τ = μc2, where c is the speed of light in vacuum. (This is an enormous value. The breaking tensions of all ordinary materials are about 12 ...
  44. History

    Word bank : Samuel Adams, Bejamin Franklin, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Marquis de Lafayette, Baron Frederick von Steuben, Thomas Paine, George Washington 1.ambassador to France in American Revolution author of Albany Plan of Union, delegate to the Philadelphia ...
  45. English

    .the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form? third person second person fourth person first person Question 2 Verbs indicate what? location punctuation history time Question 3 Verbs may also indicate what? use date number year Question 4 ...
  46. science

    a 5.o kg book is sitting on a table. which describes the forces acting on the book? a)there are no forces acting on the book b)the net force on the book is zero Since the weight of the book is cancelled out by the support of the table. does that mean a) there are no forces ...
  47. geography

    J-shaped curve of mortality depicts the pattern of death typically experienced in:which one is the correct answer. a. Developing countries with high infant mortality b. Developed countries with low infant mortality c. Female pattern of mortality d. Male pattern of mortality
  48. Spanish

    We're supposed to translate the following sentence into spanish: It smashed cars and destroyed buildings. The verb our book told us to use for "smashed" is "hacer pedazos." Would you say "Hizo pedazos los coches..." or "Hizo pedazos de los coches..." or something different ...
  49. Language Arts

    Which answer choice lists ALL of the common nouns in the following sentence? A few days before the race, Shauna met the girls on the street. days, race, Squeaky days, race, street days, race, Squeaky, girls days, race, girls, street ***?? In which sentence is the word GESTURE ...
  50. English

    I left out two important things. Hopefully, you can have a look at them. First, the sentence you asked me to vary; 1) The following items will be assessed: the pupils’ attitude towards the European Union, their disposition to mobility and their knowledge of both English and ...
  51. gammar

    The patient had been on oral contraceptives until 2006; she stopped the Ortho Tri-Cyclen when her husband had his vasectomy. This is a run-on that requires a period after 2006. This is a run on sentence that requires a comma and a conjunction after 2006. This is a fragment ...
  52. writing skills

    Sentence 9:When you are certain that your qualifications and the job requirements match compile a proper resume and write a cover letter that is brief and grammatically correct. What correction should be made to this sentence? 1. insert a comma after qualifications 2. change ...
  53. Grammar Answer Check

    Identify the underlinded conjunctions in the following excerpts from "The Interlp[ers" as "coordinating," "correlative," or "subordinating." 1. ..a man stood one winter night watching _and_ listening, _as though_ he waited for some beast of the woods to come within the range ...
  54. Business English

    Which of the following statements is essential about how the standard pattern for informative and posiive messgaes should be applied? Use all five of the elements of the basic organizational pattern present each element in a separate paragraph of its own Present the ...
  55. Algebra

    The bus fare in a city is $2.00. People who use the bus have the option of purchasing a monthly coupon book for $24.00. With the coupon​ book, the fare is reduced to.$1.00.  Determine the number of times in a month the bus must be used so that the total ...
  56. Psychology

    Jiskha Support Team, I am supposed to do a written assignment however I am having a problem with understanding instruction number #1 and #3 #1 through #4 is part of the requirement for my written paper #1). Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis. X #2). ...
  57. Effective writing Skill

    make each of the following sentence fragments a complete sentence by combining it with an independent clause, removing the subordinating conjunctionor relative pronoun, or adding the missing subjec or verb (1) renting a tape of the movie Citizen Kane. (2) Spices that had been ...
  58. 8th grade

    calculate each power of 10 what pattern do you see in part (a) explain hoe your pattern can show that 10 to the pwoer of 0=1
  59. grammar

    To make this a pronoun case the orginal sentence is Pedro Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had used in a game. correction would be Pedro Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had previsouly used in another game. Please enter the "before" and "after" sentences ...
  60. ms Sue

    Thank You for site. she is a whiz in fractions but going in this now and no math book to bring home. Love the sites you give Karen
  61. Math 10 aw

    george is in a hot air balloon that is 125 metres high. the angle of elevation from a house below, to the balloon is 18 degrees. how far is george from the house
  62. English

    Posted by rfvv on Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 10:33pm. 1. Are you finished cleaning? 2. Are you finished with cleaning? (Which one is correct?) English - SraJMcGin, Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 11:09pm 1. Are you finished cleaning.= correct 2. I'd use the noun "cleaning" and then you'd ...
  63. Comma Splice?

    Is there a comma splice in this sentence? Additionally, the tone of the second passage is extremely subjective and informal, for the writer communicates the biased views of the swamp, evident through the use of powerful and personal adjectives such as, "archetypal, the swamp ...
  64. English

    1.the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form? third person second person fourth person first person Question 2 Verbs indicate what? location punctuation history time Question 3 Verbs may also indicate what? use date number year Question 4 ...
  65. English

    I can't understand how I can check sentence 1. Can you please examine the other sentences, too. Thank you very much for your invaluable help! 1) His hand is more likely to turn red the great gathering of seas, making the green of the water red, than being made clean by all the...
  66. English

    1. Will you close the window? 2. Would you close the window? 3. Can you close the window? 4. Could you close the window? 5. Do you mind closing the window? 6. Can I ask you to close the window? 7. May I ask you to close the window? 8. Could I ask you to close the window? 9. ...
  67. English Expressions

    5. There was a white board, which seemed to be better than a blackboard in terms of health and convenience. 6. The native speaker threw a pack of sentence cards to each group so they started to do the group activity. 7. The use of power point was appropriate. She showed ...
  68. Math

    At the beginning of George’s diet, he weighed 212 pounds, and 8 weeks later he weighed 198 pounds. Find the average rate of change of George’s weight.

    Rewrite each sentence, placing commas where they are needed. Uderline each compound subject once compound predicate twice. 1. The bat and glove(C.S) are in the bench.(C.P.) 2. The ballplayer swimmer, and runner, come(C.S.) from the same town.(C.P.) 3. The girl can run fast ...
  70. English

    We are to write a phase autobiography. English is my second language. Could you just point out some obvious mistakes or awkwardness? These are just segments of my imperfect essay that I am not quite confident to show. Even when his raven hair suddenly turned so white, and had ...
  71. french

    Can two verbs be in the same sentence? I get that one is an infinitive, but does that mean every verb can combine with another infinitive? or is there a limit as to only certain verbs can be used together with an infinitive? For example, is "Je deteste ecouter..."correct? or "...
  72. ASAP language arts help like NOW PLZ

    11.) which of the following sentences contains a linking verb. A. yesterday sarah experienced rock climbing for the very first time. B. sarah seemed nervous at first. C.she climbed very good for a beginner. D.i think sarah likes rock climing. i chose A. am i right
  73. Of Mice and Men Essay (Help!)

    Write a 5 paragraph essay that explains how George tries to take responsibility for taking care of Lennie but fails. I know I need to come up with a thesis statement first, but I am not sure how to do so with this kind of prompt. I'm taking a wild chance here, but how does ...
  74. French

    If you're writing a sentence in French with two verbs, the first being l'imparfait, would the second one be in the infinitive? For example "Le peuple prehistoriques était intelligente parce que ils pouvaient ériger les monuments sans des machines" ? Is this correct?
  75. algebra (check answers)

    1. what equation represents the following word sentence? the quotient of a number b and 0.3 equals negative 10 i think it's b/0.3 = -10 2. which equation is equivalent to the following equation? -3/4x + 1/8 = -3/8 a. -3/4x = -3/8 - 1/8 b. -3/4x = -3/8 + 1/8 c. x + 1/8 = -3/8...
  76. castor financial math

    Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for the following problem. Choose the correct answers. Tim Tele received a $380 discount loan to purchase a DVD player. The loan was offered at 18% for 60 days. Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for the following problem.
  77. 3 grade english

    spellings of /j/,/k/,/s/ directions draw a line under the words that have the /j/ sound that you hear in jar, large and edge. then write the __ ____ words on the lines below the sentences. 1 jassie took a big piece of fudge. 2 the storm caused a lot of damage to the brige. 3 ...
  78. Japanese

    okay....so in my Japanese class right now, we're currently writing our speeches.. So far, I've come up with: (This is actually in Japanese but I've chosen to write this in English as I'm on a school computer which only allows English characters!) "At first, when I went to ...
  79. English

    What type of phrase is underlined in the sentence below? (Lying in bed), I heard a strange noise. prepositional * participial gerund infinitive What type of phrase is underlined in the sentence below? The committee (running the event) erected a tent. prepositional participial...
  80. accounts

    Diane Gobin is the founder and manager of Gobin's World. Diane has approached the local bank for a loan to expand her business. As part of the loan application, Diane was asked to prepare Financial Statements for the business. She prepared the following balance sheet and ...
  81. Math

    A bag contains 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 green marbles, Sue takes one marble at a time from this bag without looking. What is the least number of marbles Sue must take from this bag to be sure that she has taken 2 marbles of the same color? A) 2 B)3 C)4 D)6
  82. writing

    Choose the sentence that correctly uses parallelism. A. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. B. Phillip and his friends found the concert offensive, and they also thought it was embarrassing. C. It was both...
  83. English

    Hello. I have a sentence that needs to be clarified. "In that country which begins at the foot of the east slope of the Sierras and spreads out by less and less lofty hill ranges toward the Great Basin, it is possible to live with great zest, to have red blood and delicate ...
  84. Math

    Larry & Willa are each reading the same book. Larry has read 2/3 of the book. Willa said that she has read 4//6 of the book, so she read more. Is Willa correct? Explain?
  85. math

    Larry and Willa each reading the same book.Larry has read 2/3 of the book.Willa said she has read 4/6 of the book,so she read more.Is Willa correct.Explain.
  86. to ms.sue

    when i do this: Please select one of the two narrative prompts and write a rough draft. On the first day of school you will turn in the rough draft and any graphic organizers that you used to create your draft. The rough draft will be taken through the remaining stages of the ...
  87. 3 grade math ms sue

    problem solving draw a picture 1-Larry used a pattern of colors to make a cube train.He used a red cube,a blue cube,a red cube,and another red cube before he started the pattern again.He used 15 cubes. How many red cubes did Larry use? 2-Eric and Frank want to equally share 4/...
  88. English

    Is it self plagerism if I take the same argument or main idea from a paper that I wrote last semester and use that same principle/argument/main idea/thesis in another paper for the next semester if it's is completely rewritten with different words and stuff but is trying to ...
  89. math

    7^0 = 1 7^1 = 7 7^2 = 49 7^3 = 343 7^4 = 2401 Pattern of ones digit is 1,7,9,3,1,7,9,3... However, I don't understand how you can find this pattern in the values given above?

  91. math

    consider the pattern: 2=1x2; 6=2x3; 12=3x4; 20=4x5;......; 110=kx(k+1), ...., write down the 8th line in the pattern
  92. Language Art (Please Check)

    1.C which of the following is a simple sentence? A.she lit a lantern and raced toward the bridge B.the lantern did not work,so she tossed it aside C.buck and minnie were the first horses out of the barn D.she was startled by a sound,which turned out to be thunder
  93. english grammar help please

    I'm a bit confused as to what I would use for this sentence: The first in line at the theater were ____ Would it be "them" or "us"? Along with: Karina and ___ are working together to build the model. 1) her 2) me 3) she 4) us If you could explain to me what it would be instead...
  94. math

    what is the true pattern not the simple pattern! 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125
  95. math

    90,40,15. What is the next number in the pattern and what is the rule for the pattern
  96. Grammar

    The first letter of a sentence is not always capitalized. A) True B) False Answer B In a numbered list in outline form, the first letter of each item on the list is always capitalized. A) True B) False Answer A
  97. Art

    Can you please check if my rephrase is OK? I need to rephrase my previous post. I can't leave the sentences as they were. Thank you, Ms Sue. How does George Orwell describe Winston Smith in the opening of Nineteen Eighty-Four? Make referece to the place where he lives, the ...

    1.When Thomas Paine writes about reconciliation, he is referring to the southern Colonies staying peacefully connected to the northern Colonies. the Colonies staying peacefully connected with Great Britain. the Colonists staying peacefully connected to Native Americans. Great ...
  99. English

    Each of the follwing sentences need to be re-written so they are grammatically correct, also they each have one grammaitical error such as subject-verb agrrement, run on sentence, verb form and tense or sentence fragment. please help 1. The bank robber escaped from the bank. ...
  100. writing

    i really need help of this writing assigment. i have been working on it for hours now and my brain is just jammed. okay .. the assigment is to Write an eight sentence paragraph that fully develops the topic of how drunk driving can be stoped. this is what i got so far Drunk ...
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