9).Choose the sentence that has the same senetence pattern as the first sentence. She opened her book. A.George seemed pleased B.Tim strummed his guitar C.Sue is a superb athlete D.Grace wrote in her daily .......D?

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  1. Math

    The table shows the driving distance from certain cities. From To Driving Dis mi Pittsburgh Johnstown 55 Johnstown Allentown 184 1. Write a number sentence that compares the mileage from Pittsburgh to Johnstown to Allentown, and the mileage from Allentown to Johnstown to ...
  2. Writing

    I have spent 2 weeks writing a paper and I am trying to perfect the introduction. Below I will paste the introduction tell me what I can do to better and what questions you have and what it make you think of... “The disease of jealously is so malignant that it converts all ...
  3. reading

    choose the most effenctive thesis sentence from the following: a. i leared a valuable lesson. or b. life is full of valuable lesson. or c. the saying "Honesty is the best policy" is a valuable life lesson. or d. valuable lesson important in life.
  4. English

    Which statement is false? A. Parentheticals aren’t crucial to the meaning of a sentence. B. Parentheticals are like asides. C. Parentheticals are crucial to the meaning of a sentence. D. Parentheticals are like comments.
  5. English

    1. Why don't we go to a movie? (In this sentence, does 'movie' mean 'movie theater' or 'motion picture'? 2. Why don't we go to the movies? (In this sentence, does 'movies' mean 'movie theaters' or 'motion pictures'?)
  6. English

    Which statement is false? A. Parentheticals aren’t crucial to the meaning of a sentence. B. Parentheticals are like asides. C. Parentheticals are crucial to the meaning of a sentence. D. Parentheticals are like comments. Is it C.?
  7. physics,

    A student presses a book between his hands The forces that he exerts on the front and back covers of the book are perpendicular to the book and are horizontal. The book weighs 30.8 N. The coefficient of static friction between his hands and the book is 0.424. To keep the book ...
  8. Physics

    A student presses a book between his hands. The forces that he exerts on the front and back covers of the book are perpendicular to the book and are horizontal. The book weighs 31N. The coefficient of static friction between his hands and the book is 0.40. To keep the book ...
  9. math

    In English Class, after studying a book called \The Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, students are split into 6 groups and each group is required to make a fi lm based on one of the 8 important scenes in the novel. Each group can choose which scene they are creating a fi ...
  10. Need help with this sentence... thanks

    Before her singing career took off,...... What word could I replace the phrase "took off" with? I was gonna say progressed but it does not seem to have the same effect...
  11. English

    1. I have ten balls. Some are red, others are blue, and the other is green. 2. I have ten balls. One is green, some are red, and the others are blue. 3. I have ten balls. One is green, others are red, and the others are blue. ------------------------- Which ones are ...
  12. english

    Choose two authors from the early American and colonial period. identify what they wrote and, in one to three paragraphs, compare their purpose, audience, and style.
  13. writing

    I want to know what is wrong in the following sentence: After six months on the job, he faced problems in his first recruitment effort; however, if he solves these problems, the new hires should be able to start working by July.
  14. English

    “When my grandfather was in the hospital and was close to death, my parents did not take me to see him, as most parents with younger children would not. The reason behind this action is that they want the child to remember this person before they were frail and weak.” Is ...
  15. Writing

    what are good ways to start off personal statement letters? I have a idea on what i want to write about i just don't know how to start off. like the first two sentence
  16. English 4

    1. Which of the following displays a correct use of pronouns? A. Soung spent more money than me B. Jamal was as interested as her C. Claudia has always been better at math than I. 2. Read the following sentence and determine which sentence in each set of three is punctuated ...
  17. history

    i have to write a paper about why lincoln was a better president than george washington. What were some of george washingtons mistakes and how could lincolnn be better?
  18. englsh

    write 5 sentnces using synomnyns of hide as an adverb and adjective. 1. A thief dressed in a dark black outfit and a black mask came to the bank account to steal. i don't know how to do this sentence. Mask is an synomyn of hide. i think i have used it as adjective. but what ...
  19. English

    1. I took a shower so I felt refreshed. 2. I took a shower so that I felt refreshed. 3. I took a shower, so I felt refrewhed. (What does #1 mean, #2 or #3? In Sentence 1, there is no 'comma' before 'so.' In Sentence 1, we cannot see 'that' after 'so.')
  20. English- Mrs.Sue Please

    a narration essay is generally written using which organizational pattern? A.from least important to most important B. space order C.chronological D. none above
  21. again...

    how about this sentence? After breakfast, before we'd had time to scatter. Is that we would? One way to tell is to read the sentences aloud to yourself without the contraction. It'll be obvious to you. After breakfast, before we had had time to scatter ... or After breakfast, ...
  22. english

    Ralph,who is a student,also has a part-time job. 1)What is the independent clause in this sentence? also has a part-time 2)What kind of dependent clause is( who is a student) in this sentence? Is it a noun, adjective,or adverb clause? -a noun
  23. L.A.

    1. Which is the best paraphrase of these lines from "New World"? eagles / hie and / hover / above / the plain a)Eagles hurry and hang above the flatland.*** b)Eagles hang in midair and wave their wings. c)Eagles race and rush in an ugly way. d)Eagles soar and swoop in a simple...
  24. English grammar

    I need to identify the subject, verb, and any complements (direct object, indirect object, subject complement, objective complement) and the prepositional phrases of the following sentances. I thought i had them more or less right but when i turned them in i got 59% and i don'...
  25. Lingusitics

    Hello everyone!! For these six sentences, I have to explain what determines whether the sentence is grammatical or not 1) Both the students were studying. 2) The students were both studying. 3) They were both studying. 4) *Both they were studying. 5) Both of you were studying...
  26. Foreign languages

    Can you please check these sentences, Writeacher? 1) I would like to book a room with a double bed and a single bed (at a certain price) for person (sharing) which (alsoincludes breakfast and dinner for seven nights. (Can you help me express this sentence better?) 2) Prior to ...
  27. Language Arts

    Having some trouble on the comma rule with the word "usually". If it is used in the beginning of the sentence would you put a comma after it? For instance, in the sentence, "Usually castles sat on a hilltop and had high stone walls." Would you put a comma after "usually" since...
  28. English

    1. It has taken many centuries of wars and fightings for mankind to learn this. 2. It took many centuries of wars and fightings for mankind to learn this. ----------------------------- Why do we have to use 'has taken' as in Sentence 1? What about Sentence 2, where the past ...
  29. English

    posted by rfvv Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 3:31pm. The blues in Picasso's painting seem to communicate his sadness. It makes me a little sad, too. ---------------------------------- Q1: Do we have to use the plural form 'blues'? Q2: What does 'It' refer to in the second ...
  30. english

    which sentence contains a participial phrase? a) she wanted to spend time writing. b) her job is giving the attic dwellers their food. c) quickly snatching up the coat, she ran to her room. d) to get along well requires cooperation. which sentence contains an infinitive phrase...
  31. english

    Question #1 Is the following sentence written correctly? Yes or no? 1. “Hey,” he asked, “who are they?” 2. “No,” she said “that is not painful.” 3. “His mother, he said, “is taking night classes”. 4. “Mother,” he asked. “May I go out”? 1.)no 2.) ...
  32. English

    English - Writeacher, Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 11:35pm 1, 2, and 2-1 -- correct 3. The eighth square on the second row needed 256 spoons of rice, and they amounted to a bowl. incorrect I said this was incorrect because it's not clear what the antecedent for "they" is. Is...
  33. Ms. Sue please help

    5.9(line over it) 0.1515... 1.20(line over it) 0.35(line over it) 0.72(line over it) 1.12(line over it) need to change these from decimals to fractions, im confused as to how to do it and get the answer, sub teacher taught it different and I am not getting the same answer that...
  34. English

    1. Identify the choice that best describes the sentence: The dog always barks with pleasure when she sees us. A. declarative****** B. exclamatory C. imperative D. interrogative 2. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence. A.I'd love to see that movie again [maybe next Friday...
  35. Contrast Sentence

    Which sentence below shows a contrast? A) The Northeast has warm summers and cold, snowy winters. B) Unlike the Northeast, the Southeast has hot, humid summers and mild winters. C) The Southeast gets a great deal of rainfall, causing much humidity during the summer. D) The ...
  36. Physics

    A student presses a book between his hands, as the drawing indicates. The forces that he exerts on the front and back covers of the book are perpendicular to the book and are horizontal. The book weighs 32 N. The coefficient of static friction between his hands and the book is...
  37. English

    1. You should pay attention to me. 2. You should draw attention from the audience. 3. You should get attention from the classmates. ------------------- Are they all grammatical? Do we have to use only 'to' in Sentence 1? Do we have to use 'from' in Sentence 2 and 3? Do you ...
  38. Language Arts

    The man quickly but carefully opened the oyster’s hard shell. A. quickly B. but C. carefully D. opened I think the answer is B but i am not sure. Can you check this and explain what a conjunction exactly is. Thanks!
  39. Art

    Ms. Sue, could you please check this part,too? Thank you 1) He explained why he wrote Gomorrah; he did it for the new generations, seeing kids who dream to be a killer, who see in crime the only way of achievement. Boys and girls without hope. He saw his land without a future...
  40. English ms. sue

    ms. sue i need help with this poem why it be opposite of what it mean? This was a day when nothing happened, the children went off to school without a murmur, remembering their books, lunches, gloves. All morning, the baby and I built block stacks in the squares of light on ...
  41. Lang. Arts

    Which of the sentences below is punctuated correctly? A. I opened the door and my cat ran outside. B. I opened the door, and my cat ran outside. C.I opened the door, my cat ran outside I think it is A?
  42. language arts

    which of the sentences below is punctuated correctly? A.I opened the door and my cat ran outside. B.I opened the door, and my cat ran outside. C.I opened the door, my cat ran outside. I think its B
  43. Mathematics

    Hi Just wandering When I factorise the following : 4s-16t+20r It will equal to 2 ( 2s - 8t + 10 r ) This was the answer in the book However , I managed to factorise it to become : 4 ( s-4t+5r) is this correct ? Because when you multiple it out , it gives you the same anwer ...
  44. English / Grammar

    Please help me word this sentence correctly: At its zenith, the depression saw nearly 25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all non-farm workers completely out of work. I'm trying to say that at the peak of the depression, that's how many people were out of work. I feel ...
  45. Physics- sound

    As the drawing shows, the length of a guitar string is 0.628 m. The frets are numbered for convenience. A performer can play a musical scale on a single string, because the spacing between the frets is designed according to the following rule: When the string is pushed against...
  46. English

    Choose the sentence that has a subject complement. 1) The nurse felt my pulse. 2) I felt much better. 3) The day ended with many surprises. 4) We can't leave without seeing her. This one I have a problem with. I think it is #2 - I felt much better. I think all of them have a ...
  47. ENGLISH!!!!!!

    Where should the comma go in this sentence? Candy's dog represents Lennie and the fact that the dog was shot foreshadows the end of the book when Lennie is about to get shot. Should it go after the word "shot" (or is there no need for a comma?) Please Help!! Thanks!!
  48. english

    I have a test review and i need to know if i got these right. test is tommorrow so thanks for any help i can get. ........................ 1. Which of the following is a run-on sentence? A. The house was owned by the mayor. B. Mike joined the army, and he became more ...
  49. English

    Would just in this sentence be considered and adverb? Now when they were first made, the bears were covered with hair and had sharp claws. Would this be an example of adverb modifying a verb
  50. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    In the sentence, “The report was mailed to the officer,” the writer is using: A. the active voice. B. the passive voice. C. chronological order. D. first person. I am confused between A & B
  51. ms. sue

    ms. sue for my essay teacher say i have to give example when i say for movie a beautiful mind when john start interacting with delusions, this effects his job and relationships. what example i put here? you please make my below sentence proper and tell if it be good example? ...
  52. Physics

    A 19.5 gram, 56.3 centimeter long steel guitar string is vibrating in its fourth harmonic.  It induces a standing wave in a nearby 48.6 centimeter metal pipe open at one end.  The standing sound wave in the pipe corresponds to the pipe's fundamental frequency.   What is the...
  53. Math

    Please help. 51. Solve: 125=(x3)/0.3^-3 a.7 b.14 c.15 d.9 53. 49x-2 = 7Ö 7 a.-5/4 b.5/4 c.11/4 d.-11/4 60. Simplify: 2log^3 6 - log^3 4 a.3 b.6 c.4 d.2 61. Solve the equation: logb (x^2 + 7) = 2/3logb 64 a.9 b.3 c. √23 d. ±3 62. Solve: (The fifth root of x) divided by ...
  54. English

    Choose correctly if the sentence uses semicolons correctly or incorrect if is does not. 1:We travel by car on the other hand;our parents went by plane.(incorrect*) 2:On our trip through New England, we stopped at Boston, Massachusetts; keene, New Hampshire; and Rutland, ...
  55. English

    Over the summer I read several different books, but the two that stuck out the most to me was Salt A World History by Mark Kurlansky and SUB 4:00 Alan Webb and the Quest for the Fastest Mile by Chris Lear. When I am asked which author was more successful in creating a good ...
  56. Pratical English

    1. Which one of the following sentences contains an error in its verb? A. Both Clara and Nathan is planning to attend. B. Neither bananas nor squash was for sale. C. Either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. D. Not only the players but also coach Jarvis was late for ...
  57. english

    List the nouns in the following sentence. Next to each noun - label whether it is concrete or abstract by writing a "C" or an "A." Sentence: In the midst of the excitement, Samuel lost his pencil on the bus. This is what I believe to be correct: excitement-A Samuel-C pencil-C ...
  58. english --please help

    What,if anyhting,is wrong with the following sentence. Being unable to type the letter,the boss fired me. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. COMMA SPLICE C. FRAGMENT D. DANGLER I AM THINKING THE CORRECT ANSWER IS (B)comma splice AM I CORRECT? IS THIS A DANGLER. Yes, it's a ...
  59. Math

    A fully opened parachute is shaped like a hemisphere and has a diameter of 8m. Which of the following is closet to the volume of air that can fit in the fully opened parachute a)134m3 b)268m3 c)1072m3 d)2145m3
  60. math

    George makes a $1000 down payment for a car and then pays $325 per month. Elaine makes a $2500 down payment for a car and then pays $325 per month. Is there any number of months after which both George and Elaine will have paid the same amount? Explain.
  61. writing skills

    You think using a dictionary is hard, _____________________________________ imagine ________ how difficult it was to compile the first dictionary of English. Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence? If you think the original is ...
  62. Englsih

    Identify the bolded portion of the following sentence. JACOB HAD TO BUY A NEW CELL PHONE after dropping his old one in the pool. A. Adverb clause B. Adjective clause C. Subordinate clause D. Independent clause I think it is a Subordinate clause Identify the bolded portion of ...
  63. English

    Which sentence contains a helping verb? A. The group of small children startled the ducklings. B. I walked to the movie theater. C. A small snake slithered across the yard. D. Sophia will be taking swimming lessons for the first time.
  64. English - Ms. Sue

    So in my grammar book it is these explanation: We use the with nationality adjectives that end -ese, -ch, -sh, -ss and are used to refer to all the people of that nationality, eg. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish. The French drink a lot of wine. The Swiss are famous for their banks...
  65. english

    1.Type the appositive(s) in each sentence. You do not need to include the commas. Sam, our cat, is too lazy to catch mice. 2. Type the appositive(s) in each sentence. You do not need to include the commas. Our cat Sam is too lazy to catch mice 3. Type the appositive(s) in each...
  66. Lang. Arts

    Rewrite the sentence using commas. Some scientists in San Francisco California filmed skateboarders in action. I wrote... Some scientists in San Francisco, California filmed skateboarders in action.
  67. Math

    Grace painted 1/3 of the wall. Sarah painted 2/5 of the wall. How much of the wall have grace and sarah painted ?
  68. Physics

    an athlete drops from rest from a platform 10m above the surface of a 5m deep pool. Assume that the athlete enters the water vertically and moves through the water with the constant acceleration, what is the minimum average force with water must exert on a 62 kg diver to ...
  69. English

    Would I need to put (Emerson) for each one of the quotes in this sentence? And is the commas placed correctly? This is for an reflection essay and I have already mentioned the title of where I got these quotes from before this sentence and I am only talking about only one of ...
  70. Question

    What needs to be done to correct this sentence? 1.Just what would you do,Cheryl,if the situation were reversed? a.The sentence is correctly punctuated. b.Remove the comma before Cheryl. c.Remove the comma after Cheryl. d.Replace the comma after Cheryl with a semicolon. I would...
  71. english

    Many notable poets often lived in the New England states. In the above sentence i need to identify the subject modifiers and the descriptive adjectives in the sentence. I believe poets is the subject so would many and notable be the modifiers and if that is right then what ...
  72. math

    Distance Traveled An athlete is 16 miles from home, running toward home at 6 miles per hour. (a) Write a formula that calculates the distance D that the athlete is from home after x hours. (b) Determine D when x = 1.5 hours. (c) Find x when D = 5.5 miles. Interpret the result
  73. books(short essay)

    Describe the sentence structure Stephen Lautens uses in "A Thankless Experience". Support your view with examples from the essay. This is the story: A Thankless experience by Stephen Lautens this story is on the internet I was about to post the url but jiskha does not allow ...
  74. english/nouns

    In this sentence is action a noun? If it isn't is there any others except soldiers? Later she helped find soldiers who wher missing in action. Yes, "action" is a noun. "were missing" is a verb. The clause "who were missing in action" is an adjective describing soldiers. ...
  75. englis sentences

    what is a adverb clause and a adjective clause what is the difference in a sentence also a compound sentence http://www.ucalgary.ca/UofC/eduweb/grammar/course/sentence/2_3d.htm http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/arts/writcent/hypergrammar/claustyp.html http://www.dailygrammar.com/...
  76. Tech

    Which of the following does not qualify as intellectual property? a poem that you write a CD your friend bought that you borrowed a story that you wrote based on a book you read an idea that you came up with D?
  77. english

    What is needed before or after the date listed below, a dash or a parentheses or is it correct? I think parentheses because it is loosely related to the sentence? During the Civil War 1861-1865, however, Barton performed another important national service. Also, what about ...
  78. Topic Sentence

    What would my argumentative topic sentence be when I'm talking about freedom from war being better than the freedom of global peace? The freedom that war creates is better than the freedom of global peace. ( I think that it sounds weak)
  79. Grammar-Writeacher

    Identify the simple subject and simple predicate in each sentence. There are children waiting in the lobby. Simple subject: = children simple predicate = are waiting (asked yesterday and you said - * was waiting *) wondering if you meant are waiting because *are* is used in ...
  80. Reaearch - URGENT PLZ HELP

    Hi An pdf file called RUssian COllectivisation was written by a George Beers. I cant find any info on the date of publication or on the author, George Beers HELP!
  81. English

    1. The store is far away from here. 2. The store is far off from here. 3. The store is a long way away from here. 4. The store is a long way off from here. --------------- Are they all grammatical? Far is used in a negative sentence and in a question. A long way is used in a ...
  82. TO MS. SUE

  83. physics

    A student presses a book between his hands, as the drawing indicates. The forces that he exerts on the front and back covers of the book are perpendicular to the book and are horizontal. The book weighs 30.0 N. The coefficient of static friction between his hands and the book ...
  84. ela

    what is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence? the food and the extra water were kept in the storage cabinet A)the food B)and extra water C)were kept D)in the storage cabinet I think its D. Somebody pls help me WriteTeacher or Ms Sue or just somebody help me please
  85. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1) Jason and Mark came quietly into the café. They went to a table and sat down. Then they called the waiter politely. The waiter was their school friend Mickey. Mickey says they called him rudely. ...
  86. English

    Consider the following sentence: "Adam believes that Julio drives a red car" How many subjects does this sentence contain? List them. How many direct objects does this sentence contain? List them. --- I think there are two subjects, Adam and Julio. As for direct objects, 'a ...
  87. Grammar

    Just a quick question I need to have checked- 1.Choose the run-on sentence A.If you start saving now, you will be able to buy a car sooner B.A worn yellow quilt was laying at the foot of the bed, a gift from her grandmother C.His helmet bore the number of the firehouse,which ...
  88. English

    Choose the sentence with the grammatical error below. Answer A Aristotle studied under Plato then later in his life he tutored Alexander the Great. B Some people consider a four-leaf clover a sign of good luck. C Before the invention of the printing press, monks copied books ...

    Choose two authors from the early American and Colonial period. Identify what they wrote and, in one to three paragraphs, compare their purpose, audience, and style. (25 points
  90. English

    Coins Coins were first invented in the 7th century B.C.. in Lydia. They were made from gold and silver. People made coins of different sizes and gave them different values. Coins were good in many ways. First, they could be carried easily. Second, they made exact exchanges ...
  91. English

    Playing the dice game, have a conversation about what you must do and what you must not do at each place. After that write down the rules as in the example. You should work in pairs. One should roll the dice and according to the number on the dice, he should move the marker. ...
  92. english

    In a Word document, write a narrative paragraph that uses dialogue. The paragraph should demonstrate your ability to use sentence variety and proper punctuation. Your audience is your classmates. Begin with a 2-3 sentence description of the scene. Then add 6-8 lines of ...
  93. Algebra

    How can you use an equation to make a prediction from a pattern. I think that you can do based on the pattern giving you a base of probability to forecast with a reasonable degree of confidence something in the future.I would think that your degree of confidence might depend ...
  94. Julie more help please

    Are these corret! tahnk you so much review for test! are my answers correct 1. Several people listened, but nobody voluntered??? simple 2. Gina and dave picked the wild flowers, and we arranged them???simple 3. Snow fell: winter was now upon us?? compound 4. Mrs Smith may be ...
  95. macroeconomics

    Assume Felix is willing to par $8 for a Star Trek pizza cutter. Tim also wants one but would only be willing to pay $6 for it. At a Star Trek convention,Felix manages to buy the last pizza cutter at the market price. In a strange twist of fate, however, the Star Trek fan club ...
  96. econ

    Assume Felix is willing to par $8 for a Star Trek pizza cutter. Tim also wants one but would only be willing to pay $6 for it. At a Star Trek convention,Felix manages to buy the last pizza cutter at the market price. In a strange twist of fate, however, the Star Trek fan club ...
  97. Math

    After polling a class of 20 music students by a show of hands, you find that 8 students play the guitar and 9 students play the piano. Given that information, what is the minimum number of students in this music class who play both the guitar and the piano? F. 0 G. 1 H. 8 J. 9...
  98. Homework

    I am going to a school for gifted kids on September and I am very excited! However, they gave me like 5 packets of hard homework that are very time consuming. On top of that, I have to read countless books, write book reports about them, and then choose 1 book and write like a...
  99. Language Arts Ms. Sue??

    This is a question about the book Johnny Tremain. Which of the following is part of the novel's rising action? A. Johnny's growing role in delivering messages and acting as a spy for the Whigs B. Dr. Warren's imminent surgery on Johnny's hand C. the battle on Lexington Green ...
  100. English

    1. What is Mr. Easton's job? 2. His job is a police officer. 3. He is a police officer. (Which answer is correct?) 4. She was surprised at the news. 5. The news surprised her. 6. The news was surprising to him. 7. He seemed embarrassed to see her. 8. To see her embarrassed him...
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