7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. 6th grade math

    Can you recommend a site that will show how to divide whole numbers by fractions or give me an example.
  2. 9th grade math

    you invest $1500 for three years.find the amount you earn at an annual rate of 8.25%
  3. 5th Grade Math

    I need help in using the distributive property to rewrite this expression: (7 x 600) + (7 x 400) and then multiply.
  4. math 5th grade

    need to understand how to find the sum in simplest form of these common denominators 1/2 +1/10= ,5/12+1/4=,the difference in 2/3-1/6 =, 5/6-7/12=
  5. Third Grade Math

    About how much does a button weigh? 1 gram 100 grams 1 kilogram 10 kilograms Thanks!
  6. Math

    how would I make a tslly table for the number of students in th third, fourth, and fifth-grade classes: 26, 25, 27, 27, 26,28,27
  7. math

    my daughter in Grade 2'her project is "MAKE A LADDER OF 8 STEPS WITH NUMBERS TO FIND ASUM TOTAL.I Can't undestood it.
  8. 4th grade math

    name each number in two different ways 2,700 6,300 1,800 91,000 Thanks
  9. 4th Grade Math

    In the set of all whole numbers from 20 to 29,what fraction have two integers which add up to 7? A.1/9 B.1/10 C.5/10 D.9/10
  10. 5th Grade Math

    Eduardo and his friends niked 7/4 miles. What mied number shows the distance they hiked?
  11. 8th grade math

  12. 3rd grade math

    Marcia said that if she estimates 73 x7, the product will be less than the exact answer. Is she correct? Explain.
  13. 6th grade math

    Put the following decimals in order from least to greadest. 0.480, 0.495, 0.523, 0.54
  14. 6th grade math

    Put the following decimals in order from least to greadest. 0.480, 0.495, 0.523, 0.54
  15. math

    a sign on a straight stretch of freeway reads, 9% grade, altitude 3000 feet. What is the angle of the road?
  16. math 12th grade

    1. convert polar equation to rectangular coordinates: r^2=4sin2theta 2. find the coefficient of x^5 in the expansion (x+2)(x+1)^8
  17. 8 th grade math

    length and width of a 3in x 5 in photo are tripled what scale factor is used i put 9 id that right
  18. math grade 12

    i need to know the mathematical model for finding the cooling of a hot liquid. and what the letters mean. pls help thanks
  19. math advanced functions grade 12

    Find the solution set to the following rational inequality, 240/x+8 > 20x/x+1

  21. elementery

    HI, MY dughter is studying 3rd grade.how to prepare Tsat test in math,english.can u tell me any links
  22. 11th grade math

    find the length of arc if an angle measuring 25 degrees is in the circle of radius 6 feet
  23. Math

    Umm Im in 5th grade and I do not under stand this at all because I don't know what the brakets are and how do you you use them heres the question 108 + 3[15 - (3 + 9)]=?
  24. 4th grade...math

    It says: Find two numbers the exact answer is between. 6 times 7,381
  25. 5th Grade Math

    A farmer has a rectangular field that is 48 by 36, he wants to fence 16 small pens, how much fencing does he need?
  26. math

    Steve earned scores of 96 and 87 on his first two exams. What will his average grade be if he gets a 72 on his third exam?
  27. Math 4 grade

    Use the digits 1 though 9 once each. Fill in the 3x3 squares to make the sum of 777. Thanks.
  28. 8th grade math

    in a catalog a jacket was marked down from $75 to $48. what was the percent of discount on the jackets original price?
  29. 5th grade math

    there is a gameboard and the arrow has landed on seven.what is the probability of spinning a number larger than 6 on the spinner?
  30. 5th grade math

    how do I solve 1 2/3 + 1/6. not coming up with the answers they are giving 5x6 +1x3/3x6 30+3/18 33/18 = 11/6 = 1 5/6 (my equations) their ans. 9/16, 11/6, 16/22, 22/12 and 33/18 help
  31. 3rd grade math

    write a subtraction problem involving regrouping that has Ted reading 304 pages THANK YOU
  32. 3rd grade math

    Bryan has 3 nickels, 3 dimes, and 2 quarters. What fraction of the coins is either a dime or a quarter?
  33. 5th grade math

    My class is selling flowers. We want to arrange them so that they are all in equal rows with no row containing different types of plants. Using the numbers from the table provided, what is the largest # of plants we can put in each row? (Marigolds-48 pots, Pansies-24 pots, ...
  34. P.E. ASAP PLZ

    Legal drugs that can only be obtained through a doctor's written order are called Over-the-counter drugs Hallucinogens Club drugs Prescription drugs***
  35. arithmetic

    The 8th term of an A P is 5times the third term while the 7th term is 9 greater than the 4th term.what are the first five term
  36. literature

    topic: religion Image(symbol): crecent and star The crecent moon and star symbolize the Lord that a religion Islam follows. It is not exactly a symbol of Islam but an image or indirect symbol of it. The moon describes the lunar calendar that they follow. Many Islamic countries...
  37. Math

    he length of a wall in a floor plan is 6 1/2 inches.the actual wall is 78 feet long. find the scale of the floor plan The height of a building is 3 3/8 inches on a scale drawing. Find the actual height of the building if the scale used is 1inch:4feet. help please, this is ...
  38. Grammar ASAP

    list words in order from positive to negative: speak discuss converse chat communicate lecture advise reproach pontificate rebuke state utter declare gossip orate mention describe suggest
  39. physics need asap help

    Two masses m amd 2m approach each other along a part right angles to eachother. After collision, they stick together and move off at 2m/s at an angle 37¤ to the original direction of m....what is the initial speeds of the particles???
  40. 5th GRADE MATH

    Jamie is forming a cylinder out of two circles and a rectangle. The area of each circle is 4 pi. The diameter of each circle is 4 cm. The height of the rectangle is 6 cm. Which shows how Jamie could calculate the surface area of the cylinder? a. 2(4pi)+ 6(4pi) b. 2(4pi)+ 6(4) ...
  41. Calculus I

    Hello! I am taking Calculus I and am in Sec. 4.3 of Stewart's 7th Edition. I ran across a problem that I don't understand the mechanics of, could someone show me? Thanks a bunch! For what values of the numbers a and b does the function f(x)= axe^{b(x^2)} have the maximum value...
  42. Algebra1234567890!

    (-mn8)3 would it be: -m^3n^3164 (-mn8)3 = -24mn Without carrots I have no idea where your exponents are. how?I don't get this one? Is this Sandro from Mrs.Pfeiffer's class?What grade are you in? Leo is saying you need to use carets to show an exponent. As you have written it...
  43. Math - Please Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following: Find the greatest possible error for each measurement. 4 1/2 oz A. 1/4 oz B. 2 1/2 oz C. 1 oz D. 2 1/4 oz I know it is not B(I got it wrong.), but I think it is A. Is this correct? Please help me by checking my answer. Any help is appreciated...
  44. LAnguage arts

    Are these correct Neither Jake nor Sue gets seasick. Are Jake and they ready with their math project? Every one of the students I spoke to said he/she liked his/her math class. If a person loses his/her jacket, he/she can check the lost and found. Each of the boys likes to go ...
  45. pre-algebra

    There are 1,400 students in a school.The number of girls is 3/4 the number of boys.How many students are in the other grade levels if 1/6 of the girls and 1/5 of the boys in first grade?
  46. pre alg

    How do u find the GCF with exponets in a 7th gr. pre alg. class?
  47. 5th grade math

    rachel wants to reduce the size of her photo. Which factor listed below would scale down the size of her picture the most? A. 5/8 b. 11/16 c. 3/4 d. 8/5 trying to help my son with his math …have no idea about this.. could someone explain it to me?
  48. 11th grade math

    A box without a lid is constructed from a 38 inch by 38 inch piece of cardboard by cutting in. squares from each corner and folding up the sides. a) Determine the volume of the box as a function of the variable . b) Use a graphing calculator to approximate the values of that ...
  49. Socials-Ms. Sue

    First Nations Assignment Fact Chart Plains: Food = Pemmican/Bison/Buffalo Shelter = Tipi Clothing = tunics, leggings, skirts, breechcloths, & moccasins Social Organization = Patrilineal, matrilineal/would that be matrilinral?, monagomy, semi sedentary? Government society = the...
  50. Math Algebra

    Find the Values of X 12p^2+11p-22=0 I'm having some trouble with this math question can somebody please explain it. Please I would like to know how to do it since I have a Benchmark Tomorrow. -thank you
  51. English

    Please help with this whole paragraph I rewrote it and thank you Ms Sue Therefore, supporting the fact, that you can dress a diverse group of students with uniforms, they would not see and believe the things the same way, as other students with uniforms. If there were a ...
  52. Health/Law

    Please check my answer thanks :) Judgement has been entered against Sue in the Eastern District Court of Kentucky . Which of the following must be true for the judgement to be valid against her personally ? 1. She was a redsident of KY 2. The court had subject matter ...
  53. 8th grade algebra: radicals

    please help me solve these 1. 2√5/8 + 4√3/8 - 1/2√68 2. √4k-5 +1=8 (the radical sign goes over 4k-5) 3. (x+4)*2 /3 =8 4. Write the value of the discriminant of each equation. Then use it to decide how many different real-number roots the equation has. x...
  54. 6th grade grammar

    Put brackets [ ] around the adverb in each of the following sentences. Write how if the adverbs tell how, when if the adverbs tells when, or where if the adverb tell where the action takes place. 1.Her grandmother said, “You cannot wear it now!” Please Help!
  55. Sixth Grade Pre Algebra

    Can someone please help me ? I think I'm supposed to put all the like terms together, but I can't remember how to do this. I asked my mom but she can't remember. Solve for x 6x - 6 equals 2x - 26 Solve for x 2x - 1 equals -5x - 85 Thank you very much. Can you explain?
  56. 7th grade math

    1. Evan withdrew a total of $160 from an ATM machine over a 4-day period. He withdrew the same amount of money each day. a. Write an expression to represent the total amount that Evan's account changed each day. Ans: 4d b. What integer represents the total amount that Evan's ...
  57. math 6 grade

    howard and claudi are placing square carpeting tiles in a wide hallway in the theater. The tiles one one side hace 16 inch sides and the tiles on the other side have 24 inche sides. A.how many of each tile will they have to buy for a 12 foot long hallway? B.how many times will...
  58. math pls help!!!!!

    these are the few i don't know/im not sure. pls help! The distance from Newtown to Oldtown on the highway is (6x^2 + 2x – 2) miles. Using the back roads, the distance is (5x^2 – 8x – 6) miles. How many miles shorter is the second route? A. 11x^2 + 10x - 8 B. -x^2 - 6x + ...
  59. ap world history

    3.Differentiate between the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. 4. Describe the agricultural transition. 5. Give examples that illustrate the difference between independent origin and cultural diffusion. IM STUCK ON THESE I DID ALL THE REST!!! HELP ASAP????!
  60. Language Arts(1 question plz help)

    which word that can be used to describe michah's personality has the most positive conntation? A. strange B. unique*** C. odd D. weird *****SOMEONE PLZ HELP ASAP I JUST GUESSED CUZ IDK WHAT THEY WANT******
  61. 12th grade PYSICS

    A 45.7-kg boy on a swing moves in a circular arc of radius 3.80 m.At the lowest position, the child's speed reaches 2.78 m/s. Determine the magnitude of the tension in each of the two vertical support chains. i used mv^2/r, but i keep getting the answer wrong. the answer is ...
  62. need help asap, plz help! math10

    a trapiziod has vertices A(-2,3) B(4,1) C(-1,-1) and D(2,-2). prove that the line joining the midpoints of the non-parallel sides is the average length of the two parallel sides of the trapaziod.
  63. physics needed asap

    When you bring a positively charged rod next to the electroscope without touching it, the electroscope is neutrally charged, yet the leaves at the bottom of it repel each other. Why?
  64. Language Art's HELP ASAP!

    11.)Which of the following incidents has been added to the play Joe Magarac and the hunkietown Contest so that it is different from the short story "Joe Magarac, Man of Steel"?
  65. Gratitude for my helper

    Sir steve mrs reiny sir bobpursely sir damon ms sue..... Thank you very much you guyz have really help me alot today my result came out and i score 98 out of 100 in my maths exams aldo i am still shaking in my english but with the help of ms sue i always read english question ...
  66. history- response to Ms. Sue's comment

    I don't understand this question: the removal of general mcclellan represents a loss of the army and the potomac and a victory for the interfering politicans in washington (validate) i know that mcclellan was replaced by grant because he was to hesitant to attack. but i don't ...
  67. 8th grade Math

    Hi I need help with my math problem. It is: Name the function rule from the table given. Table- X= Y= -4 4 -2 2 0 0 answers: y = -x y = -4 y = 2x y = x I do not get how to solve this problem!
  68. Math Ms. Sue help me

    What does it mean to say that a number is a perfect square? Give one example of a number that is a perfect square and one that is not. Can you plz help me?
  69. English-Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue, you know the paragraph I did yesterday right, well I just want to change the the starting/introduction. I want to make it sound more interesting. I don't know if what I wrote makes sense(in the beginning) Could you show me another way to put it interesting. Your help ...
  70. 5th grade

    what is the mode for the following numbers? 900,700,500,600,600,300,600,200,100,300,200. please! show me how to do this problem? than you!
  71. math

    Sue has a total of $4000 to invest in two accounts. one account earns 2% simple interest and the other earns 5% simple interest. How much should be invested in both accounts to earn exactly $155 at the end of the year?
  72. 4th grade

    A class can make equal teams of 5 for basketball, or equal teams of 6 for volleyball. Each student in the class was on a team. How many students might be in the class? Please explain.
  73. Health i thin ! PLZ HELP ASAP!!!!

    Which of the following is not a type of fat? A.bi fat B.trans fat C.saturated fat D.unsaturated fat
  74. Business Law

    Does anyone have the business law class for connections need help asap

    1. Which ordered pair is not a solution of y = –12x – 3? (–3, 33) (8, –98) (–9, 105) (3, –39)* 2. Find three solutions of the equation. y = 2x – 6 (–2, –10), (1, –4), (2, –1) (–2, –10), (1, –4), (0, –6)* (0, –6), (3, –2), (–2, –10) (1, –...
  76. Math to Ms.Sue

    1.   The Hamilton Brush Company issued 2,500 shares of common stock worth $100,000.00 total. What is the par value of each share?      A. $25.00 B. $400.00 C. $250.00 D. $40.00 My choice is either A C or D? I divided 100,000.00 by 2,500 and got exactly 40. But again...
  77. 6th grade math

    If someone can please help me i keep re reading my mathbook I need help i tried I'm unsure: Is there a relationship between area and perimeter? (My answer : yes they both are meadurements one reads the outside and one inside.) Does changing one mean the other one always ...
  78. Science 8th grade

    Please check my answer thanks Which of the folowing process is achieved through osmosis ? A. A cube of sugar didilving in coffee B. Particles of oxygen filling the lungs C. Water moving across thr cell membranne D. Transport of proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum to the ...
  79. 3rd grade-music

    In "Jambalaya" by Hank Williams Jr, create the next stanza for the song by making a prediction based on the details. The stanza should follow the pattern of the other stanzas in the song. I am totally confused with this question and have no idea how to tackle it. Please help. ...
  80. math

    Thank you Ms. Sue. I need help with this problem. The surface of Jupiter is made of colorful clouds created by various chemicals in the atmosphere. The temperature at the top of the clouds is -230 degrees F. The temperature below the clouds is 70 degrees F. Which temperature ...
  81. earth

    how long would it take a radio wave with a frequency of 4.3 X10 to the 5th power Hz to travel from Mars to Earth if the distance between the two planets is approximately 8.00 x 10 to the 7th power km?
  82. Math PLEASE HELP!

    4^2-(2•2^4) i got -16 if i'm wrong please explain. i also got -240 doing it a different way, PLEASE help!
  83. need math help asap (logs) !!!

    Create a question that will use all four Log Operations and four Basic Log properties. The four log properties are: Logb 1=0; logbB=1; logbB^x=x; b^logbx=x the final answer must be X=e^pi where e is the natural log base = 2.718 be creative. Start with ln x = pi where ln=log ...
  84. English Ms. Sue

    How does will power not change the orignial conflict "war as a social disease versus non-conformity".
  85. Cultural Diversity

    Thank you Ms.Sue, That's what I thought since I have checked online and come up with nothing new either.
  86. Ms. Sue

    The topic is about what aspires me. What I want to do in the future. Well I want to be a veterinarian. But I am not allowed to use I, me, myself,you, yourself, or overusing words.
  87. english

    ms.sue that's what im asking you but i will only use three of those sections so i need your help by giving me four topic sentences
  88. english

    ms.sue can you give me a couple of ideas probably cause i never really spent quality time with my family
  89. Help !! Mrs.Sue!!!!!

    Help!!! I need help woth Latin definion and finding the word to go with it .What is a good website to use? or just any help it this!!
  90. geography

    Thank you Ms. Sue. I went to one of those websites and was able to show my Mom that Madagascar is in Eastern Africa!!!
  91. Cultural Diversity

    Ms. Sue You have way too much time on your hands. Your posts add NO contribution to help students.
  92. Sue Ann

    What would be consideed macroeconomic/microeconomic consequences of a monopolistically competitive firm filing for bankruptcy?
  93. english

    I'm sorry Ms. Sue. The directions said write the simple subject or predicate for each. I told you the wrong thing.
  94. to ms.sue

    thanks for answering my questions all the time.you always give me a lot of ideas.write back!see you!
  95. SS

    Hi sue, I need idea on how to answer question. What exactly are they looking. Do I take sides saying how the British ruled?
  96. geography (Ms. Sue)

    Thanks for the map. Kingston, Jamaica and Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. of Congo are both capitals of their country.
  97. to ms.sue

    thank you so much! i still don't get it when my teacher said you had to multiply it first. then subtract it and add something.thank you though.
  98. to ms.sue

    I can't beleive you went to Egypt. I want to go to disney world. can i have your email so i can talk to you privately.i understand if you pick no.
  99. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    Famine is significant because it forced several immigrants to emigrant to America and flee their homelands?
  100. To Ms Sue

    from previous question:: k i guess that's ok but i was thinking more of a joke from time machine and inuit, have any of those ? thanks
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