7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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Hi sue, I need idea on how to answer question. What exactly are they looking. Do I take sides saying how the British ruled?

geography (Ms. Sue)

Thanks for the map. Kingston, Jamaica and Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. of Congo are both capitals of their country.

to ms.sue

thank you so much! i still don't get it when my teacher said you had to multiply it first. then subtract it and add something.thank you though.

to ms.sue

I can't beleive you went to Egypt. I want to go to disney world. can i have your email so i can talk to you privately.i understand if you pick no.

World History- (Ms. Sue).

Famine is significant because it forced several immigrants to emigrant to America and flee their homelands?

To Ms Sue

from previous question:: k i guess that's ok but i was thinking more of a joke from time machine and inuit, have any of those ? thanks

Geography (Ms. Sue)

How might the climate of an area be affected by global warming? Which of the five themes apply to this situation?

Geography ( Ms. Sue)

Why might two groups of people living in the same area develop different cultures?

Health (Ms. Sue)

State three ways you can help other teens take the risks of HIV and AIDS seriously.

Health (Ms. Sue)

Your friend tells you that she could not possibly have been infected by HIV because she feels healthy. What do you tell her?


Ms. Sue, How to draw the spring scenery? Or you can show me the website where can i find this drawing (including photos) Thank you

Ms. Sue

Can u recheck all of my wrong civic questions? I already redid the answer. Thx a whole bunch

Science Plzz Help Ms sue

explain how genetic variation and environmental pressures can lead to a change in the characteristics of a population.

Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

   Autosomes are _______ chromosomes.  A. abnormal B. homologous C. haploid D. nonsex My guesses would be either B or D.

PLZ Help History--@Ms. Sue or @Reed

What was the name of colonists who favored independence? Loyalists Parliamentarians Tories Patriots***

Geography (Ms.Sue ) Help

In the context of European colonization, Portugal controlled Mozambique and  A. Angola. B. Congo. C. Kenya. D. Madagascar. A?   


Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.


please help me in math i don't get it at all so please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!math not good

Math! Please help! anyone!

Please help me on my previous question for math! I really need help!


Consider the function f(x)= 3 ------. x^2-25 a) Determine any restrictions on x. b) State the domain and range. c) State equation(s) for the asymptote(s). d) Determine any x- and y-intercepts. e) Sketch a graph of the function. f) Describe the behaviour of the function as x ...

Math Ms.Sue

Scientists estimate the rate of a wildebeest running at full speed to be 66 feet per second. Write a function rule to describe the relationship between the time, t, and the distance, d,a wildebeest travels when running at full speed. t = 66d 66 = d • t d =66/t d = 66t


100 eighth grade students were interviewed about their favorite subject at school. 45 said Math, 70 said English, and 5 said neither. Using a Venn diagram, how many said both?

social studies

Please help me Ms. Sue. On my online school they have a discussion where we answer a question and reply back to other students. The question is : What challenges must Cyprus overcome to reunify? Explain your ideas about this topic and suggest ways that Cyprus could work to ...


can someone help me with this:48x^2y + 20xz +12xy + 5z This subject is MATH, not 'groupie'!! HOW MANY SQUARE FEET IN AN HALF AN AKER Wendy: ACRE> http://www.onelook.com/?w=acre&ls=a and there are 9 square feed in a square yard. i am in 6 grade it is really hard. i struggle ...


Taking two depressants such as a sleeping pill along with alcohol can result in (Select all that apply) Drug antagonism**** Drug synergism Canceling each others effects*** Producing extreme drowsiness

Social studies. NEED HELP ASAP

What is a common theme shared by the mayan and Aztec civilizations? They traded fur with Dutch &French.** They were both into astronomy. They shared similar marriage customs. They were nomadic and traveled in clans.**

5th grade

Please help need some ideas for my speech I want to do being trapped in a fairytale. I have some ideas but am looking for some funny ones. I am thinking of using snow white, cinderella,three little pigs and maybe hanzel and gretal. Thanks.


need help to solve the following ploblem, and like problems: 5 minutes = _____ hours (what is the fraction) I'm in the 5th grade

6th grade math

How can you draw a line that is 5 inches long using only one sheet of 8 1/2 in X 11 in notebook paper?

Grade 7 Math

All the numbers from 1 to 99 are multiplied together. Use a pattern to determine the last digit of the product. Justify your answer.

multiplying metrics

im in 6th grade--we have a math problem to multiply 3km x 200m x5 can you walk me thorough how to get the answer? Thanks

grade 8 math

when i divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter i get the value of pi and this also happens when i use different units. why does this happen?

12th grade math

What is the distance between the origin and the point (5, 12)? If necessary, round your answer to two decimal places.

11th grade math

The equation Ax^2 + 4y^2 = 16 represents an ellipse. Find all values of A such that its intersection with y = |x| has coordinates (x,y) which are integers.

5th grade math

The full question is: Why is a globe more accurate than a flat map in representing the earths surface?

6th Grade Math

How can you find an unknown factor in a multiplication problem? Is the answer: divide the two numbers that you have?

8th grade math

simplify: 3 to fourth power minus square root of sixty-four divide (10-12 squared)

math 5TH GRADE

how many boxes can you find that will hold two times as many cubes as a 2 by 3 by4 box.record each of the dimensions

advanced math 6th grade

how many positive integral factors does the number 36 have? I don't understand what that means or how to find the answer.

math - 5th grade

Insert parentheses to make sentence true: 8^2 - (-9) + (-10) * 8 = 88 (8^2 is 8 squared, just couldn't type it in the traditional way).

4th grade math

Find a rule that gives the third number from the first two numbers. Fill in the blanks.....10, 4, 5, ? 15, 7,7, ? 19,9,?

3rd grade math

are there some tutors available in person, before school this morning to help my daughter Valerie Garza?

4th grade math

364 plus 519 round each number the greatest place value to estimate the sum of:

5th grade math

How do you divide 836 by 22, using compatible numbers? Is there a quick way to figure out the compatibility?

5th grade math

How do you divide 836 by 22, using compatible numbers? Is there a quick way to figure out the compatibility?

4th grade math

Is 1,725+346 more or less than 2,000? Explain how you can tell without actually adding.

6th grade math

If the volume of a rectangular solid is 80 cu inches, what dimensions will give the least amount of surface area?


Estimate the percent discount Ling will get if the customer usually pays if the phone is 7.95 and the price now is 6.76

8 th grade math

what is length of hypotenuse 16m is bottom measure and 12 m is side i added them together and got 28m is this right

6th grade math

Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid

sixth grade math

Which shape does not have two pairs of parallel sides? A. rectangle B. square C. parallelogram D. trapezoid

7 grade math

a helicopter blade spend 775 times in 3 mintues find the rate in revolutions per second

5th grade math

Make up a set of at least 12 numbers that has the following landmarks: Minimum: 50 Maximum: 57 Median: 54 Mode: 56


In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?


In third grade... Write an equation comparing test scores of 88 and 97. (Use a box for missing number) do you know how to answer this?

math 3rd grade

INPUT X Output Y 1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 write a rule for the function table to many years for this mommy to help can someone help me explain this

math 3rd grade

INPUT X Output Y 1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 write a rule for the function table to many years for this mommy to help can someone help me explain this

math 3rd grade

INPUT X Output Y 1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 write a rule for the function table to many years for this mommy to help can someone help me explain this

math 3rd grade

INPUT X Output Y 1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 write a rule for the function table to many years for this mommy to help can someone help me explain this

math 3rd grade

INPUT X Output Y 1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 write a rule for the function table to many years for this mommy to help can someone help me explain this

math 3rd grade

INPUT X Output Y 1 -1 2 -2 3 -3 write a rule for the function table to many years for this mommy to help can someone help me explain this

5th grade math (dividing fractions)

Can you check this problem? How many twelfths are in one sixth? work: 1/6 divided by 1/12 = 1/6 * 12/1 = 2 ans= 2

8th Grade Math

ABCD is a parallelogram where AO and BO bisect angles A and angle B respectively. What is the measure of ∠AOB? What's the answer? Thanks!!!! :)


What is the functional capacity in METs and Vo2 (mL/kg/min) of a 70 kg man who completed Stage V (3mph, 12.5% grade) of a Balke TM test?

Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

What is the slope of the tangent line passing through the point (2, 3) of the graph of this function? f(x)=x^2+2x−5 A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) 6 f(2)=2^2+2(2)-5 f(2)=3 so is it c?

8th grade math

Henry claims that a line segment has a finite number of points because it has two endpoints. How do you respond?

8th grade math

Maggie claims that to make the measure of an angle greater, you just extend the rays. How do you respond?

grade 10

guys I don't know what career i can do coz I chose math literary - business studies-geography- tourism so if you can help mi plz guyz

math(5th grade)

if an elephant's heart beats 25 time a minute, how many days does it take to beat a million times?

5th grade math

Rachel has a box of cupcakes that she wants to share equally with her 5 friends. Write an expression to represent the problem.

4th grade math word problem

tim is 27 years older than tom. the sum of their ages is 337. how old is ti,?


what is the best unit measurement for two sixth grade students? ounce pound. (MY ANSWER) tons. cup.

4th grade math

Write two 5-digit addends whose sum would give an estimate of 60,000


What is 179 divided by 8 in 4th grade term? Also I have to do it in long division so I need help with that to!! Thx bye


I am trying to figure out how to do a sun and finding the product or quotient and writing the strategy that I use. I'M IN GRADE 4 NOT SURE HOW TO DO IT


What object weighs one ounce? 1. Car 2. Newspaper 3. Dog 4. Button plzz help Conexus 2nd grade.


Note: For questions 20 and 21, your teacher will grade your responses to ensure you receive proper credit for your answer. 20. Complete the table. a) 5 6 7 8 9 b) 3.8 4.6 5.4 ? ?

Spanish 8th grade-Please check answer

Is this correct the way I answered this-I don't like onion cake so I'm telling them Sorry,but I don't like it. ¿Quieres comer pastel de cebollas conmigo? Lo siento pero no, no me gusta pastel de cebollas. Thank you

6th Grade Probability

From a barrel of colored marbles, you randomly select 4 blue, 5 yellow, 6 red, 2 green, and 5 purple. Find the experimental probability of randomly selecting a marble that is NOT blue. A. 6/13 B. 1/2 C. 9/11 D. 3/8 Please help me fast! I have no clue how to solve this :(

6th grade math

Can you check please: 1. Joe has used 75 sheets of a pack of notebook paper, which is 5/8 of the entire pack. The equation 5/8 s = 75 can be used to find the number of sheets "s" in a full pack. Determine the solution of the equation, and tell what the solution means. Ans. 5/8...

URGENTlast question for Math

Which word phrase can be used to represent the algebraic expression 4(21+n)? 4 plus the sum of 21 and a number n 4 times the product of 21 and a number n*** 4 times the sum of 21 and a number n 4 less than the sum of 21 and a number n Am I correct Steve or Ms. Sue???

10th Grade Algebra

Please help me with these factorise algebra questions!!! 1. 9c squared + 30c + 25 - 4d squared 2. 12 + 89 - 4a squared 3. -5x squared + 27x - 10 4. If A= 15x squared - 20x +11 and B= 1 + 9x+ 5x squared, then A-B when factorised is...

11th grade [URGENT]

Help with my research essay!? I have this assignment I have to do and its a research essay. I was wondering if this was a good topic (not too broad or not too specific) for my essay: Behind fast food, or like does fast food take effect on obesity? I've chosen to do something ...

Algebra Help ASAP Please

Tom, Dick, and Harry are three brothers and have $107.60 together. Tom feels sorry for hairy because he has less money than Tom. So Tom gives harry $2.10 so they both will have the same amount after the transfer. Dick doesn't know about Tom's gift and he gives $1 to Harry. So ...

math-3rd grade

Write the +/- family for:500, 1100, 1600. What do i do? 1100+500=1600 500+1100=1600 1600-1100=500 1600-500=1100 Is that correct? Please help.Thank you.


if7 times the 7th terms ofan arithmetic progression is equal to 11 time is 11th terms, show that its 18th term is 0 can you find the 1st terms andthe common difference -justify your answer

English grammar

What is the prepositional phrase is the following: 1. We were doing a mathematical test when the fire alarm rang yesterday. 2.The new girl in our ESL class has a brother I grade 7 and a sister in grade 9. 3.I didn't know what time it was so I very late to class. 4.To build a ...

Grammar Check Ms. Sue

Can you please see what I wrote is in formal language and the grammar is correct.Thank you. In Ellen's relationships all she wants to do get ahead. Ellen fails so miserably with love because the world moves so quickly that she does not have time to stop and think about what is...

2nd grade math

in a lesson about reading strategies and making predictions in math i was asked this... celia has a new kitten. it is 5 inches tall. will it be 5,12, or 24 inches tall when it is grown up? how do i fgure this out?

Math (Ms.Sue)

Marco ran from his house 2.67 miles to a county park. He then ran the 1.5 mile cross country loop at the park and back home. How many miles did Marco run altogether? I added and got 4.17 miles Is that correct

Math, Please help :/

I cant do this !! PLease help !! -y+12 divided by 4 > 8 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!! (:

math please help me

18n-20 = 36-10n then what is n? please please help me


Richard invited 6 friends to go skating. Of those 6 friends, there are twice as many boys as girls. How many girls were invited to go skating? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 I DON'T WANT MS.SUE TO HELP ME.

Math I need help ASAP!

1. which of the following is true of a random sample? a. it is the only way to sample a population. b. each member of the sample is a volunteer. c. it is always the easiest way to sample a population. d. each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. 2. ...

social studies

I have two questions for grade 7 social studies people. They are both outcomes and one is What are the reasons Louis Riel became a leader? All of them! And Appreciate the challenges that communities and individuals face when confronted with rapid change? PLEASE HELP NEED HELP ...


6TH GRADE SCIENCE HELP ME FINISH MY LAST QUESTION OF SCHOLL!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 21PT Please Help Explain the differences between internal and external fertilization and the advantages and disadvantages of each reproductive strategy. explain in detail plz help will mark ...


if the coordinates of a point have the same sign which quadrant(s) would point be in? A. quadrants I and II B. quadrants I and III C. quadrant III**** D. quadrant IV (idk)

Math Ms.Sue please

1. 2/3 - 5/4 -3 -3/12 23/12 -17/12 2. -6.1 + 1.7 7.8 -4.4 -7.8 4.4 3. -1.8 - 3.9 -2.1 5.7 2.1 -5.7 4. A mountain climber ascends a mountain to its peak. The peak is 12,740 feet above sea level. The climber then descends 200 feet to meet a fellow climber. Find te climber's ...

book help

i have to write a book and i am in 9th grade and it has to be able to follow the Hero's journey from the odessey but idk how to write a book can somebody give me a step by step guide that is really specific and helpful PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need help figuring out what the writing style was for medieval literature, english renassiance literature, renaissance drama, and early 7th century literature.


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