7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. English 7 - "Dear Reader" Letter Check

    Can you check my letter. It's a project for English. We are making our writing portfolios. I'm almost done I just have to do this. Dear Reader, This year I done some great improvement as a writer. I add great vocabulary in my pieces. When I'm reading, it improve my writing. I ...
  2. Grade 10 English

    i need 3 points of tragedy between the book the Stone carvers and the great gatsby.... i need to write a compasrion essay of tragedy between the two books. please and thank you
  3. Social Studies, 6th Grade.

    HELP!! I don't know this question: where would you most likely find south america's largest cities? Help! Someone tell me what the answer is!!! HELP!!!! Please help me. Someone answer my question.
  4. Chemistry grade 11

    Okay I've got a HUGE chem test tomorrow and I desperately need help! Please help!!!! 73. Hematite (Fe2O3) and magnetite (Fe3O4) are two ores used as sources of iron. Which ore provides the greatest percentage of iron per kilogram? 78. A hydrate contains .050 mole of H2O to ...
  5. Math (PLEASE ANSWER!)

    Hi everyone! May anyone please tell me how to tell how many zeroe's are required in your answer when moving the decimal points in converting metric units? Thank you very much! Please help soon, if possible, as I have a big test coming up! For example, 5.17 kl= 51,700 Liters. ...
  6. math

    Juan measured the location for the bookcase and realized that his shelves can be no more than 1 3/4 feet wide.What is the maximum number of shelves Juan could build for this new bookcase using the lumber he bought? How many DVD cases will he be able to store on each of the ...
  7. Math

    what are the values of the function y = -2x - 4 for x= 0,1,2 and 3? (1 point) A: 0,-6,-8,-10 B: -4,-6,-8,-10 C: -4,-2,0,2 D: 0,6,8,10 Please help me !!!! I'm doing a big math quiz and I can't figure this one out! I got all the other ones right can you please help me!!! SOS
  8. math please help

    Evaluate the following expressions show all your work. A.11^0 B.11^2/11^2 C. Are the answers to both parts the same? Why or why not? Please help me I'm really stupid in math and I can't figure these out?
  9. 6th grade math

    Can you check this,please? 10−��^0+5(9−��) Ans: 10-x^0+ 45-5x = 10 - 1 + 45 - 5x = 9 + 45 - 5x = 54 - 5x OR 10−��^0+5(9−��) = 10 - x +45-5x = 55-6x?
  10. Math PLEASE HELP ME!!

    Micheal recives a 9.8% raise. He currently earns $1,789.46 per month. Estimate the amount by which his monthly earnings will increase. Help please I do not understand this problem!! :) SHOW ALL WORK PLEASE & THANK YOU!! :)
  11. English

    Is the answer B. Sue gave Jim a new racket, and he left for the tennis courts?
  12. mrs sue

    the text says based on an unreasoanble determination of facts in evidence by jury
  13. Elementary Mathematics

    Thanks for your response Ms Sue.... but what does the question it mean by "understanding the operations and of number relationships"
  14. drwls + Ms Sue geog yr 8

    thanks so much to both of you for finding the websites they have helped alot.:)
  15. To. Ms. Sue

    george, the german elector of _________ became king of Britain would it be Hanover
  16. design technology-ms sue

    thankyou for helping. i have thought of a triangular teabag do you think this is okay ?
  17. grammar/Ms Sue

    14 during the great fire (independent 15 After industries were rebuilt(subordinate
  18. To Ms. Sue

    I put A for the existance of more political cleavage among whites than blacks, but it was incorrect!!
  19. ELA

    ms. Sue so i have point publity helps consumers to make theire choises
  20. social studies

    is it new brunswick,quebec,prince edward island,and ladrodor and thank you ms.sue
  21. government 2302

    what would you say the main difference between a republican and a democratic is? thank you for the help ms sue!! :)
  22. algebra

    ms.sue, how would you solve the square-root of two manually, without a calculator?
  23. Ms Sue -history

    the treaty of versailles the league of nations . sorry i should have mentioned that.
  24. History

    Name four of the sumerian Gods. Enli Enki Innanna Utu Thanks Ms. Sue
  25. algebra 1

    Hi Ms. Sue again, I hate to be a pest but how did you get the two in 2/10, I am really brain dead today.
  26. Business-Automobile

    Ms. Sue I sort of added more things under the column of Capitol.
  27. Science

    Thanks Ms. Sue for helping me with my question, but the problem I'm having is how the civeate controls affect where I live (NJ)
  28. World his. Ms. SUE!!

    What is it about Greco-Roman culture that creates positive feelings in people?
  29. geography (Ms. Sue and Writeteacher)

    Thank both of you for your help. I have a few more but I am not finished looking for the answers.
  30. to ms.sue

    hey, thanks. i known you since about 2 months right? you are a retired teacher and a volunteer on this website?
  31. social studies/ history

    Oh!!!! Ms.Sue, the question said "Explain the Iroquoise pollitical system".
  32. to ms.sue project

    not today, my mom said i have to close laptop, tomorrow in the morning
  33. English 9 MS. SUE

    i still need help: the conflict is character vs charcater how would i say what caused it?
  34. ms .sue pls hellp

    how does free radicals and anti oxidant work?connected to bromelain.
  35. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    How did new technologies change the way people brought goods?
  36. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Why don't central and southern California have a marine west coast climate?
  37. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Why do you think abused children often have trouble making friends?
  38. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Why do you think acute respiratory infections are the cause of such a large number of deaths?
  39. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Make a list of steps you can take to maintain healthy dating relationships.
  40. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    Why did President Abraham Lincoln want to meet with Harriet Beecher Stowe?
  41. English-Ms.Sue

    The weight of the rider is one force and gravity is another. Do I need a comma in this sentence? If so, why?
  42. Social studies help ms sue

    What important role did diaspora play in the history of southwest asia?
  43. World History (Ms. Sue)

    Explain how the terms "unconscious" and "repression" are used in Freud's theory.
  44. Thank you

    This isn't a homework question, sorry, but I wanted to say thank you to Ms.Sue and all of the volunteers. Thank you! Happy Holidays.
  45. Language Art

    what is the similarities between concrete mixers and the city is so big? I need help and thanks. Ms.Sue
  46. Help with reading Ms.Sue someone!!!

    write an essay about Grandma Ling and your little voice
  47. Philosophy

    Should Ms. Sue be banned from Jiskha for yelling at kids who are only trying to learn?
  48. @ Ms Sue

    Check out Pink Guy in "deez nuts" question below. Ban?
  49. lauguage arts

    Ms.sue or anyone, i need a link to the short story Nethergrave. preferably a PDF.
  50. @Ms. Sue

    Why does everyone be rude and/or salty to you? You have helped me a lot as a student, and I am very thankful for it.
  51. History Ms. Sue

    This is from the website that you gave me about four freedoms and those being the pros of global peace. Can you please explain to me what this one means. The way that they explain it is kind of confusing for me to understand. I get bits of it. Freedom from fear which, ...
  52. Math

    Sue bought an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. The cone had a radius of 3cm and a height of 8cm. If I use the formula of (TT=3.14, r=radius, h=height) 2 V=1/3TTr h Is the answer 50.24 cm3? Any help is appreciated. If I'm not right could you tell/show me how to figure this out...

    As a solid, Ag adopts a face-centered cubic unit cell. How many unit cells are present per cubic centimeter of Ag?
  54. geometry ASAP!

    Question: Given the rectangle MNOP and rectangle STUV, what is the length of TU? The rectangles are similar and NO's length is 10, but TU? I am NOT asking for direct answers, just how to do it.
  55. 1st grade,Middle Sound

    Hello there, My daughter going to first grade and i have very hard time to understand the middle sound on a word. I'm from Greece original so is hard for me This is the only thing she can not understand and i cant help her. Any Ideas how i can learn about it?
  56. statistics

    suppose that grade point averages of undergraduate students at one university have a bell shaped distribution with a mean of 2.55 and a standard deviation of 0.43. Using the empirical rule, what percentage of students have grade point averages that are between 1.26 and 3.84
  57. Biology

    Can you provide me with a simple understanding of fick's law. Basically just for a grade 11 student to understand what symbols mean what and the general understanding. I cant seem to piece it together myself but need to have a basic understanding of it for tomorrows class. ...
  58. 2nd grade

    my son has a project on Georgia's Landforms, I don't know wht to do or where to start. Will you please give my an example on what I can do. They are allowed to use shoe boxes, styrofoam balls, cardboard boxes, clay play dough, popsicle sticks, tissue and paper towel tubes.
  59. algebra

    how many tiles 10cm by 25cm on each side is needed for a bathroom 8m by 10m? I need help on how to solve it... I learned how to do this in 8th grade but I'm now in 10th and I forgot how to do it. I'm preparing for the highschool exit exam and I need to do this problem but the ...
  60. math-college URGENT**

    in sentence form using one variable and one equation/inequality solve: sue makes $15/hour tutoring and averages $10/hour waitressing. Out of 30 hrs working time, what is the minimum # of hours she should tutor if she is to make at least $475?

    The results show I am a leader. I would apply my strength as a leader to a mix situation that might arise regarding the supervisory responsibility I selected by ..... i need to finish this by explaining it more.....
  62. physics

    While racing on a flat track, a car rounds a curve of 56 m radius and instantaneously experiences a centripetal acceleration of 36 m/s2. How fast was the car going? I know the answer i s45 I just need to know why ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    which of the following is not a benefit provided by a social group a) instinct to run from predators b) access to mate c) protecting young d) learning to recognize predators
  64. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    Which of the following types of governments would likely give a national legislature the most power over a national, executive leader? Federation Parliamentary*** Unitary Confederation
  65. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    Which of the following is important in encouraging travel between countries? the ability to exchange currency *** giving travel discounts for Americans creating a balance of trade developing welcome centers
  66. science (ASAP)

    identify the terms or phrases that are paired together correctly a. deserts and dwarf trees b. temperate and deciduous forest and evergreen trees c. subarctic taiga and moss d. tundra and permafrost ***
  67. 7th grade science

    1. A Punnett square shows you all the ways in which ____ can combine. (1 point) alleles eggs sperm colors 2. Mendel called plants that received different alleles for a trait from each parent ____. (1 point) hybrids dominant genotypes phenotypes 3. Which is a possible genotype ...
  68. Physics 1

    A truck travels up a hill with a 5.7◦ incline. The truck has a constant speed of 22 m/s. What is the horizontal component of the truck’s velocity? Answer in units of m/s. NEED HELP ASAP! ASSIGNMENT DUE IN 15 MIN
  69. English-Ms Sue Please help

    1. Identify and name fallancy below and explain. This measure is of sufficient importance that our representatives should have the integrity to bring it to a vote. My answer: I believed, the fallancy was a scapegoating because the author was blaming the representatives should ...
  70. English

    Can somebody help me with commans? where do they commas go in these sentences? Or do they need them? 1) I give you homework becuase you need to learn commas. 2)If you fill in the commas you will be happy with your grade. 3) I will be happy as I grade you work if you show me ...
  71. math

    If 5/6 of the 30 members are present, how many members are absent? would that be 5 members absent? Thank you Ms Sue for your help
  72. Math

    Lisa is painting a fence that is 26 feet long and 7 feet tall. A gallong of paint will cover 350 square feet. Write and solve a proportion to determine how many gallons of paint Lisa will need. Thanks, Ms. Sue for the last one...I got it!
  73. Psyics Lab ASAP

    I have a lab where for accuracy I got -.32% and for precision I got 100.6%? What does that mean?
  74. Sixth Grade Math

    Leland wants to paint a portrait for his parents using a photograph of them that is 5 inches wide by 8 inches high. He wants the portrait to be proportional to the photograph and 42 inches high. Which proportion can Leland use to find w, the width he needs to use to make the ...
  75. Math

    What should the format be for a time line. for a fourth grade student. this ismy firstassignment of this naure. Help Thanks
  76. 3rd grade math

    which would be most appropriate unit to measure the width of a river? miles
  77. 6th grade advanced math

    in paper pool, what is a basic table and what are two family tables?
  78. 3rd grade math

    how do you tell what compatible numbers you would use and theh add example $2.75+$5.35
  79. 5th grade math

    big al has a set ofnon-metic wrenches that has these numbers 7/16,1/4,9/16,3/8,5/16,1/2 which is the largest? which is the smallest?
  80. 3rd grade math

    It say set 12: subtracting 2; differences of 2. A triangle has a 3 on top and a 2 on the left bottom?
  81. 3rd grade math-help

    It say set 12: subtracting 2; differences of 2. A triangle has a 3 on top and a 2 on the left bottom?

    What shape has the same number of vertices as faces? Thanks!
  83. 2nd grade math

    At what time is eh sum of the digits on a digital clocck the greatest? The answer is 12:59 right?

  85. 5th grade math

    an someone help me learn an easy way to remember metric conversions?? thanks, Seth
  86. 6th Grade Math

    _Times_Divided by_Plus_Times_Divided By_Minus_ = 6 Fill in the blank's with the following number's,.... 2,4,5,7,8,9,10 Thankss!
  87. 6th Grade Math

    I don't really understand the rules for adding and subtracting integers. Can someone explain them to me?
  88. grade 7 math

    Calculate the dimensions of a square with each of these areas A. 441 m2 b. 121 m2 c 900 m2 d. 10000 cm2
  89. 4th grade math

    Identify one way outside of schoo in which you have seen #'s ordered.
  90. 8th grade math

    how can you use prime factorization to determine the LCM and GCF of two numbers?
  91. math

    make a tally chart for the number of students in third fourth and fifth grade classes : 26 25 27 27 26 28 27
  92. 4th grade

    it wants me to make a circle graph with this Favorite Subject math 50 sience 20 reading 30 but i do not know the answer
  93. MATH - 4th Grade

    Can you help me with this... Use geometric terms to describe how a rectangular prism and a cube are different.
  94. 8th grade math

    do you have anything on linear equations or categories on FCAT because I need to study. :)
  95. 3rd grade math

    Write an expression that equals 468 that includes a combination that adds up to 100
  96. 4th grade math

    if a rug's perimeter is 17cm and the area is 13cm, what are the reasurments for the length and width?
  97. math

    how to make a tally chart for the number of students in the third, fourth and fifth grade classes 26,25,27,27,26,28,27
  98. 8th grade math

    12x+3x=15x use the distributive property to show that each statement si true.
  99. 9th grade math

    Translate the phrase into an expression The product of 6 and a number y how would i write that?
  100. 8th grade math

    I need the equation for these numbers: 3, 9, 19, 33, 51 I see that the pattern goes up by 6, then 10, then 14, then 18 (4 more each time)
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