7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. P.E. ASAP PLZ

    The step of drug abuse treatment that involves withdraw from the drug being abused is called Recognition Detoxification*** Therapy Refusal Thx!!
  2. Biology

    A man who has phenylketonuria (metabolic genetic disorder) marries a woman who is heterozygous at that locus. What is the probability that their first child will have phenylketonuria? Plz help asap

    If you were a muckraker, would you want to expose, uncover, or examine the issue? Do you feel that issue still exists today, perhaps in a different form?
  4. maths asap need help

    let the perpendicular distance of a line L from the origin l = 5 and let this perpendicular make an angle @ = pi/6 with the x axis. Determine the normal equation of l? Plz show me working

    Can I get the definitions of these topics? - Cognitive Dissonance - Social Facilitation - Obedience - Conformity I need them asap, I have a paper to write over the situations of these topics.
  6. math

    can you help me out with this one Ms. Sue Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. Then write the function rule. x 2 4 6 y 1 0 -1
  7. core mathematics

    The first term of an AP is-8. The ratio of the 7th term to the 9th term is 5:8. Calculate the common difference of the progression.
  8. Maths ( Higher Level) Simultaneous Equations.

    A mother is x years old, her son is y years old and the sum of theirs ages together is 58 years. Five years ago, the mother was five times as old as the son. Write two equations in x and y and solve them to find the age of their mother and age of the son. I have found out the ...
  9. Math(Data Management)

    of the 11 girls in class: 6 dislike Trevor(T), 5 Dislike Bryce(B), 8 Dislike Drake(D), 3 Dislike T and B, 5 Dislike T and D, 4 Dislike B and D only Sue-Ellen is friends with all 3, place students in Venn Diagram and Find the Number and Describe?
  10. school

    Hi. My name is Samantha. I'm in the 8th grade. Lots of people have been talking to me abou specialized high school. Can you please give me some information on specialized high school(I mean like what are the good and bad things obout specialized high school)? And can you ...

    1.Justin writes the letters I-L-L-I-N-O-I-S on cards and then places the card in a hat. What are the odds in favor of picking an I? a. 5:3 b. 3:5 c. 3:7 d. 1:2 my answer is b? 2. Justin writes the letters I-L-L-I-N-O-I-S on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What are ...
  12. 4th grade math

    My math problem is Round each number to the place of the underlined digit. 2,399,001 and the nine beside the three is underlined.
  13. math

    Jim has grades of 84, 65, and 76 on three math tests. What grade must he obtain on the next test to have an average of exactly 80 for the four tests?
  14. math 1 question pls help!!!!!

    7. A rectangular prism has a width of 92 ft and a volume of 240 ft3. Find the volume of a similar prism with a width of 46 ft. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. (1 point) 30 ft3 40 ft3 60 ft3 120 ft3*** this one was tricky pls help asap!!! thanx in advance

    PEOM: Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea change Into something rich and strange. Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell; Ding-dong. Hark! Now I hear them–Ding-dong ...
  16. Socials

    for the question like 2 days ago. About world war I and World war 2 announcement. I think I may be wrong because people were happy to go to ww1 they thought it be fun and easy money but ww2 they had to go no choice. they need to step out of depression only way to make money, ...
  17. Maths A

    Sue was sailing in the area shown on the chart on 3 March 2013. At 9:00 a.m., she sighted the antenna mast on Wellings Island on a bearing of 180°T. Sue also took a sighting to the lighthouse on Abby Island and found it was at an angle of 098°M. (i) Sue sighted the antenna ...
  18. drama

    this is not for a class but i cannot find anything of the difference between European drama an american drama i need help asap.

    I ask questions on this website all the time and i realized that you probably are busy all the time! I Want to thank you!! I notice how you talk to other students and you are very helful and nice! i think everybody apriciates what you do! i have a lot of friends who post ...
  20. Physics 11th grade

    A) What is the intensity of sound at 148 dB? Units: W/m^2. I found this to be 630.9573445 using Io*10^B/10 in which B= 148 dB. B)Compare it to that of a whisper at 20 dB. Using the same formula i find this to be 1e-8 but it is marked as wrong. Please help with B!
  21. ALGEBRA help ASAP

    for which value of theta if tan theta equal to sin theta? A. pi/2 B. 2pi C. pi/3 D. 3pi/2 Thanks.
  22. new era

    the third term of an AP is 5 while the 7th term is 13,find the 30th term of the AP
  23. Math ASAP please

    1. Write a function rule for finding the amount of daily pay, p, in the following situation: A bus driver gets paid $100 each day plus $0.20 per kilometer, k. (1 point) 100 = 0.20 × k p = 0.20 × 100 × k p = 0.20k + 100 0.20k = 100 + p 4. Write a function rule for the total ...
  24. Math

    Hello. Can someone help me? I'm not very sure about some of these :( Stephen read a 90-page book in 6 days. If he continues reading at that rate, how long will ittake him to read a 300-page book? Answer: 20 days. I found this by doing 90/6=15, and then 300/15=20. Mrs. Walters ...
  25. math correction

    can someone correct this for me.or teach me if i'm wrong Statistics. Sam must have an average of 70 or more in his summer course to obtain a grade of C. His first three test grades were 75,63, and 68. Write an inequality representing the score that Sam must get on the last ...
  26. maths

    The 8th term of an ap is 5times the 3rd while the 7th term is 9 greater than the 4th term.write the first 5 terms.

    Levi earns $6.25 per hour working after school. He needs at least $143.75 for a stereo System how many hours h does he need to work to reach his goal? A) h/ 6.25 > 143.75;h> 23;23hours*** B) 6.25h(<underlined)143.75;h (< underlined) 23;23hours C)h/6.25< 143.75;h...
  28. 10th grade

    in this geometry sequence, i have a 90 degree angle, 135 degree,157.5 degree & i need to know the next angle. please help!
  29. science

    please help me i am in 4th grade and i need help on my science project. my science project is, is smiling contagious and i have no idea what to do for research and data
  30. java programming

    Test Average and Grade Write a program that asks the user to enter five test scores. The program should display a letter grade for each score and the average test score. Write the following methods in the program: • calcAverage—This method should accept five test scores as...
  31. 6th grade grammar please help

    I need a good grade in grammar so please check my answers! Identify the object of the preposition in each of the following sentences. 1. Ashley and her father arrived home from work. a. and b . father c. from d. work 2. Ashley’s bedroom was across the hall. a. bedroom b. was...
  32. Science (Asap)

    How are an empty glass bottle and a glass candlestick that were created from crushing and melting glass alike and different?
  33. physics

    A spherically symmetric object, with radius R = 0.50 m and mass M = 1.3 kg, rolls without slipping across a horizontal floor, with velocity V = 2.1 m/s. It then rolls up an incline with an angle of inclination θ = 25° and comes to rest a distance d = 3.0 m up the incline...
  34. 9th Grade Courses

    For 9th grade science, which would be easier to take? Environmental Science or Life Science? Thanks -MC
  35. 6th grade grammar

    please see if these are correct THANKS Balloon races have become popular. Several airport's are supporting this race. An area is reserved for spectators. One spectator's son is in the race. The occasion is a photographer's delight. Will all the passengers please come aboard. ...
  36. Math Please Help

    The graph above shows the number of students receiving A's in each grade at Bridgeport Middle School. Which statement is true? A: The scale on the first graph does not distort the lengths of the bars. B: The second graph shows greater changes in the number of A's than the ...
  37. Grade

    What is my grade if I have two 100's and two 70's
  38. Math(Please Check!)

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.y = 5x -6 b.y = 5x + 6 c.y = x - 3 d.y = 1/2x + 3 I think It is C.It has the smallest slope. Someone Please Help me! ...Help me... Doesn't d have the smallest slope? 0.5x. Please...I just want to see.. Margie -- You need...
  39. math

    mrs.sue i mean by how many of the brothers i have like a variableI have as many brothers and have twice the number of sisters as brothers. How many of us are there of us? .
  40. Math

    Please help me! I know I am not showing my work but I don't even know how to solve these! Please help me! Tell whether the given equation has the ordered pair as a solution. 1. y = 6x; (3,16) 2. y = -4x; (-2,8) 3. y = x - 3/4; (2,1 1/4) PLease help me understand how to do ...
  41. Math

    1. Find the common ratio and 9th term of the sequence 6, -3, 3/2, -3/4, ..... 2. Find the 7th term of the sequence: 2, 6, 18, 54, ..... 3. Find the 11th term of the sequence 1, -1/2, 1/4, -1/8, .....

    Review the experienced teacher’s lesson plan in Figure 3.3 on p. 78 of the text. Write a 200- to 300-word response by adding more detail to the experienced teacher’s lesson plan: o Provide ideas for motivating students. o Create question prompts. o Suggest methods for ...
  43. Math

    Peanuts, walnuts, and cashews are mixed by volume in the ratio 5:3:2, to make a party snack. The number of cups of walnuts needed to make 12 cups of party mix are between: a) 1 and 2 b) 2 and 3 c) 3 and 4 d) 4 and 5 Math - Ms. Sue, Monday, February 20, 2017 at 5:23pm What is ...
  44. Dr.Bob (Tooth bleaching etc.)

    From what was commented on my report on tooth bleaching hazards, I was curious to know what exactly everyone thought about it. I really thought from the comments I read besides those from drwls, that ideas were inconclusive as to whether it was a good report or not. As I've ...
  45. 7th G science

    What is/are the main factor(s) that determine(s) the height of a plant (genetics, environment, or both)? Explain your answer. I think that only genetics play a role but I am not sure.
  46. Riddle

    I am a seven letter word most people want me. If you have the second third and fourth letter you are sick. The 5th, 6th, and 7th letters are something with a charge. What am I?
  47. literature

    Can you please help me make new words from the following: views, player, remote, exits, lacees and newer. I had fifty and just can't figure these out. Thank You...........Destiny 5th grade See answer above -- same question posted by Anonymous! =)
  48. Grade 11 maths!!!

    The drama club plans to attend a professional production. From 10 to 35 students will go. There is a one-time handling fee of $3. Each ticket costs $25 plus $2 surcharge. Write a linear function that models this situation. Show the work if possible please!!!! Plz...help!!!
  49. 11th grade

    Hello there i am writing a book and i would like to know how many subjects does an eleventh grader have per day. please reply as soon as possible. thank you very much. P.S: This question is meant to be answered by an american individual due to various reasons.
  50. math asap

    Use the ‘|’ key (Shift + \ on most keyboards, just beside the backspace key) to create the line between the stems and the leaves. Be sure to put a couple spaces between each of the leaves. Country Percent Of Household With Microwave Ovens Argentina 97% Belgium 93% Canada ...
  51. Chemistry-help needed

    Can we use an AR grade chemical for UV spectrometric analysis? Or is it a must to use a chemical that is specially designated (SpectrAR grade) for UV analysis?
  52. Chemistry-pls help

    Can we use an AR grade chemical for UV spectrophotometric analysis? Or is it a must to use a chemical that is specially designated (SpectrAR grade) for UV analysis?
  53. social studies. NEED HELP ASAP

    How does Islam most affect women in public life in Arabia? A. by keeping them from work B. by barring them from the vote *** C. by restricting their appearance D. by outlawing interaction with all men
  54. statistics

    If you are told the mean grade in ECON 2023 is 80 with a standard deviation of 5, what is the probability that if you randomly selected 36 students you would find an average grade of 82 or more? I found the Z-score: 82-80/5 Which gave me .6554 then 1-.6554=.3446 So 34% would ...
  55. maths

    To get an A grade on the test, you need a total score of more than 16 points. One of the students knows the correct answer to 6 of the 20 questions. The rest she guesses at random by tossing a coin (one toss per question,true if heads and false if tails). What is the chance ...
  56. math

    at a grand opening of a store, every 3rd person is given a balloon, and every 7th person is given a $5 coupon. if a person is selected at random from the first 100 people to shop there, whats the probability that the person will be given a balloon and a coupon? how do you do ...
  57. 6th grade math

    my work sheeet said use each of the symbols add,subtract,multiply,and divide to make thte following math sentence true. 12___ 3___ 7___ 1____ 11=0
  58. math 3rd grade

    Sam is making muffins. One bath is blueberry and one batch is bananna. The third bath is twice as big as the blueberry and bananna batch. If Sam made 96 muffins, how many muffins were in the blueberry and banana batches? I came up with 32 can someone please show me how to set ...
  59. civics 7th Grade

    The chart below describes the how the governments of two countries share power: Country A: •local and state government share power with the central government •the central government has final authority Country B •local and state governments share power with the central ...
  60. programming

    Professor Merlin has asked you to help him. He has 5 students who have taken four tests. He wants a program where he can enter the students name and their four test scores. After entering all 5 students then he wants a grade report printed showing the student name and their ...
  61. social studies 7th gr

    topic canada what are some major culture groups in Canada? why does Canada have two oficial languages?
  62. English -ms. sue

    ms. sue for my mental illness story i be writing, what narration I use? teacher say i can use same one in yellow wallpaper or come up with own unique style. I not know what be better than first-person narration? I think of third person narration but i not know if i be able to ...
  63. Math (Asap)

    1. A 3,500.00 principal earns 3% interest, compounded semi annually. After 20 years, what is the balance in the account A. 7,700.00 B. 4,713.99 C. 5,600.00 D. 6,349.06 2. A boat costs 92,000.00 and depreciates in value by 15% per year. How much will the boat be worth after 10 ...
  64. grade 10 science

    do you any websites that can explain the sesonal varities in cnadaina lakes more better, like when it's like 4 digrees somthing wierd happens, type layers are formed in winter..... i tried looking in the internet but couldn't find it. please help me.
  65. 12th grade

    Does the size of a 1,5V cell(battery) affect the internal resistance of a circuit containing: 3 different size batteries,multimeter,connecting wire,a light bulb resistor.How do i set up this experiment.I'm really lost, please help. Thank you in advance
  66. 9th grade

    I am woking on Patterns and Inductive reasoning. I need help on numbers 14-16. Find the next two sequence. 14. Martha, Abigail, Martha, Dolley... 15. Geroge, Thomas, Abe, Alexander.... 16.Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus.... Please help me!
  67. Math

    There are 12 girls on a gymnastics team. Less than 1/4 of the girls are in second grade. How many girls on the gymnastics team could be in second grade?
  68. English ms sue

    Please check answers! From the words below, supply the words needed to complete the sentences. Tactless, unfathomable, tacit A. While there was a TACIT agreement in the group that Fran's comment to the professor was TACTLESS and perhaps even cruel, the group could understand ...
  69. Statistics Please Help

    Hi Ms. Sue I was wondering if you could give me some advise in doing explain and unexplain variation and least-squares regression line. I know how to compute the numbers, but I am having a problem with: say there is 3.0270, 30.0463 and 33.1120. I sometimes get it right and ...
  70. 7th grade math

    A man has a basket of eggs. He wants to cross a toll bridge but has no money. The first toll collector says he will let the man pass if he gives him half of his eggs and half an egg. When he gets to the next toll collector he still has no money. Again the toll collector says ...
  71. Data math help 7th

    Jeri asked 40 random students at his school to name their favorite ice cream flavor. Of the 40 students he asked, 25 of them preferred chocolate. Based on Barry's results, how many ff the 1200 students in the school most likely prefer chocolate ice cream?
  72. Socials=Ms.Sue

    Ms. Sue at the end of my other previous post you said that my book must have that info as well, and this is what the last paragraph of my book says. Few people dared stand up to this government.(It's talking about the revolutionary government). Danton for ex. was beheaded in ...
  73. Calculus

    Hi there, I need help with composition of functions. I need to find fog, gof, gog, and fof and their domains for the following: f(x) = square root of 2x +3 g(x) = x^2 + 1 if someone can help me asap that would be so great!
  74. Chemistry help asap

    I need help with this ideal gas law problem I know how to set the equation up but I'm not getting the correct answer. How many moles of gas can be contained in a 1.44 L flask at 32Celsius and 93.5kPa?

    How do the nucleotides affect the DNA? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This question had two parts but I already the the first part and half of the second, so could you help me with this last part? Thanks in advanced, Derpy Pegasus
  76. statistics

    Through a mix-up on the production line, 21 defective ovens were shipped out with 29 good ones. If 8 are selected at random, what is the probability that none of them are defective? need help ASAP
  77. plz help asap

    It will take an hour for plane A to meet plane B which is flying towards it. If, within 45 minutes, the distance between them will be 200 miles, how far apart are they now?
  78. english

    In Expanded Academic ASAP and other periodical databases, it's best to put your exact phrase in A. parentheses. B. between dashes. C. quotation marks. D. between asterisks.
  79. math

    The 3rd term of an Arithmetic Progression is 10 more than the first term while the fifth term is 15 more than the second term. Find the sum of the 8th and 15th terms of the Arithmetic Progression if the 7th term is seven times the first term.
  80. Physics HELP ASAP PLEASE

    A hawk is flying horizontally at 10 m/s in a straight line 200m above the ground. A mouse it was carrying is released from its grasp. The hawk continues on its path at the same speed for two seconds before attempting to retrieve its prey. To accomplis the retrieval, it dives ...
  81. English - question

    Ms. Sue, What kind of strategies can I use to revise my paper?
  82. Ms. Sue american education

    i am not sure they just said special needs.
  83. English Ms. Sue

    Where could I find a good quote that supports Therapeutic Cloning at?
  84. History Ms. Sue

    What is one positive benefit of global peace and economics?
  85. geography

    thankyou Ms Sue for your help the second to last link helped me alot. thanks again :)
  86. History

    Who invented the modern day alphabet? Phoenicans Thanks Mrs. Sue
  87. History

    What god ruled the city Ur? Nonna or Gilgamesh. Thanks Again Sue
  88. social studies

    so Sue the territory Samule de Champlain explored is canada?
  89. enhancing chilfrens self esteem

    ThANK YOU MS SUE. It wa a great help thanks again. beth

    Thank you for always giving me the correct answers for my questions.Do you live in florida.
  91. social studies

    to ms sue, i want some points on what to write what my state means to me
  92. to ms.sue

    I still don't get it. do we divide every # by 2. why do we need to move 2 decimal spaces?
  93. to ms.sue

    what do i write on the RSVP. my teacher said put my phone number there.
  94. to ms.sue

    i went on the website, but the part about sand, i really don't understand.
  95. Grammar Sentences: Ms. Sue

    What some examples of using SHAN'T in a sentence?
  96. Ms Sue

    Is the building, San Vitale.. considered to be Byzantine .. it does not have a dome.
  97. ms.sue

    All of the children in our family,anya is the oldest and wises
  98. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    Why did mass culture emerge during this period?
  99. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    How has terrorism affected the policies of the United States and its allies?
  100. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Why are the United Sates and its allies so concerned about terrorism?
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