7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. math

    Samantha has an average of 92% on tree math test. If one of her grades was 84% and the other is 93%, what was the grade of her third test?
  2. 1st Grade Math Fair Idea

    Any ideas for math fair for my first grader using patterns?
  3. math

    Lucas' last 4 test scores were 88, 95, 92 and 81. 90% or better is an A. What would he have to get on his fifth math test to pull up his grade to a 90?
  4. Math for 5th graders

    Hi I am a fifth grader I need to learn how ferries wheel in 5th grade math
  5. APUSH help reqired ASAP

    Describe the growth in America's postwar economy. The answer must include the following terms. 1) Taft Hartley Act. 2) GI BillofRights. 3) Suburbs. 4) Levittown. 5) Sunbelt.
  6. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    Which of the following issues would most likely require the creation of foreign policy to solve? Civil disobedience Disease*** Tax rates Student performance
  7. Math: Need Answer to study for a quizz. Help ASAP

    Estimate the area under the curve f(x)=x^2-4x+5 on [1,3]. Darw the graph and the midpoint rectangles using 8 partitions. Show how to calculate the estimated area by finding the sum of areas of the rectangles. Find the actual area under the curve on [1,3] using a definite ...
  8. Extra Credit Projects

    I'm doing some extra credit projects for all of my classes (maybe gym idk). Is there any extra credit ideas I can do for the following classes: English, Math (something small), Fine Art, Social Studies, and Gym. Science I got it covered (doing 2 huge extra credit projects). I ...
  9. Math

    Hello! I need someone o check a couple answers for me please! I really need to get my Math and Science done, so I might be coming back again for my answers to be checked or to have help =) . 1. A car travels 172 miles using 7 gallons of gas. At that rate, how far can the car ...
  10. Language art

    I'm in 5th grade. No idea about music. My teacher asked me to write papers about music, 10-15 songs, that have interesting and good vocabulary lyrics. Help please
  11. grade 10 science

    i don't get the difference betwwen a littoral zone and a limentic zone. i tried reading my textbook like three times and i still don't get it, i even went to da internet but i still don't get it. please help me. thanks
  12. 9th grade Social Studies

    i also have problems studying and understanding social studies. i don't know what to do my grades are way low. can you please give me some tips and ideas on how i can work on it?
  13. Soanish-6th grade-Another question-Please check an

    I have another question. If I have to use the word tener to express she is hot-I would say -Ella tiene calor, correct?
  14. Algebra Grade 7

    How do you find the sales tax? How do you find the discount price? Please help me, I really appreciate it. This is for studying and I am completely stuck. Thanks in advance to any and all help.. luv ya, ♥dino♥
  15. Language Arts

    Can someone please tell me what are the independent reading selections for 8th grade language arts? You don't have to list all of them if you can't remember. Just one or two is fine.
  16. 7th Math

    I previously posted this today at 5:39 am and I am reposting this because I don't want this to be buried with other unanswered questions and I realized this was the wrong subject. Please check the 2 questions/problems along with my answers. Thank you tutors. Writing Ratios 1. ...
  17. A.p.

    Sri Ram paid ₨. 200 for a machine. At the end of 7th year it was valued at ₨.95. Assuming the yearly depreciation a constant amount. Find the annual depreciation.
  18. @Ms.Sue please help!!:(Math

    Sound intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the sound source; that is I= k/ (r)^(2), where I is the intensity, r is the distance from the sound source, and k is a constant. Suppose that you are sitting a distance R from the TV, where its sound ...
  19. math (pLZ HELP ASAP)

    A train averages a speed of 90 miles per hour across the plains and 37.5 miles per hour through the mountains. If a trip of 300 miles took 3 hour and 48 minutes, how much of it was through the mountains?
  20. Math

    can you help me with the homework that I am doing right now that is math 4th grade work.Also I need the answers 16/36 We can help, but we wont provide answers. You have to work for them. bobpursley on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 7:12pm in response to Math.
  21. Poem: Beware do not read this poem by Ishmeal Reed

    Could someone please check these ASAP! 1. What story does the poem tell in the first three stanzas? Answer: The story that the poem is telling is a women who lived amoungst mirrors had locked herself in her house, and two villagers broke in, and she escaped into her mirror. ...
  22. ms. sue!

    what impact does outsourcing have on a countrys economy and on business?
  23. reading / Ms SUE

    Why did the author refer to "Hansel and Gretel" in milkweed
  24. Current Event

    Ms. Sue what do you mean by the approxiamte location of Vavenby?
  25. social studies

    I got it it is wine making mrs. sue
  26. Ms Sue + Dr Russ

    thankyou to both of you for your help its helped me alot and i am so grateful.:)
  27. To Ms. Sue urgent

    So do I have to write every country down??
  28. childcare

    Ms. Sue- Thank you very much I think I got the picture.
  29. Mrs Sue

    Do you know what happened when Prince Shotoku died in Japan?
  30. TO: Mrs Sue...is my answer below right?

    can u check it plz
  31. Economics-Ms.Sue

    Why doesn't the United States have a normal economy?
  32. to ms.sue

    now i get it .later ill post you back to check the answer,okay?
  33. to ms.sue

    e area when there is 3 numbers. which one is base, height, and width.
  34. to ms.sue

    i don know what the second one is.Is it the government sold acres of land?
  35. English

    Can I have your email Ms. Sue so i can send you my paper for proofreading
  36. For ms sue

    i am doing this on my phone not computer plz do you any way to fix it. I am a member
  37. english

    sue, my neighbor usually plants her flowers in april.
  38. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of the push-pull factor?
  39. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of the Hudson River school?
  40. World History- (Ms. Sue)

    What are the effects of California's application for statehood?
  41. chemistry

    Does anyone know what this compound is: C2H3ClBrF? I need a skeleton diagram. Many thanks Sue
  42. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    In what ways does erosion affect the lives of humans?
  43. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    What is the location of Afghanistan in relation to Saudi Arabia?
  44. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    What is the relative location of landforms in Latin America?
  45. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Approximately how many miles separate Moscow and Khabarovsk?
  46. english

    “Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue’s foot.”
  47. Algebra 1 (Ms. Sue or Steve or Reiny)

    Solve each inequality. 1). |z -6| + 8 > 5 A: No solution? 2). 2|x -3| <= 4 A: 1 <= x <= 5
  48. Ms. Sue

    Can you evaluate the answers to the questions in the Health post that I posted? Thank you.
  49. Health (Ms. Sue)

    What happens when HIV infects helper T cells?
  50. World History (Ms. Sue)

    when did camo start being used?
  51. idk

    What are some similarities between humans and machines? @ms.sue
  52. Thank you Ms. Sue

    You really helped me yesterday! I can't thank you enough!!! Thank you for all you do to help students!
  53. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

    Sorry to bother you but am I correct for the answer homologous?
  54. Ms. Sue? Steve? Anyone?

    What the surface area of a cone with a diameter of 8 and height of 7
  55. Science

    Ms.Sue can you hit me with a few questions and answers for studying
  56. Religion

    Hi Ms. Sue. My teacher only wants a small explanation of those 5.
  57. To mis Sue

    Do you remember me my name is Cameryn Ellis? And I need help!!!
  58. Mrs Sue Plz help (Science)

    How is an mold and a cast related
  59. Chemistry-help needed

    Can we use an ACS/AR grade chemical for UV spectrophotometric analysis? Or is it a must to use a chemical that is specially designated (SpectrAR grade) for UV analysis?
  60. pre algebra

    my grade is 83.17 in pre algebra in college, but the final exam is worth 300 points. If I got a B or B- or a C on the final, what would my grade be overall?
  61. 9th grade Math

    ok I need help with this math question and will need help with a few others after this one is answered. -8=y/4 <-- Y over 4 i think Y = 2 but idk help me
  62. Math

    2nd grade math question. Kara's shirt has 3 more tens than ones. The value of the ones is greater than 4 and less than 6. What is the number?
  63. Math grade 9

    46=2-8w-3w I tried adding -8w to both sides and i got the answer wrong... my math text book says the answer should be -4 but i don't know how to get it
  64. math

    bananas cost twice as much as oranges.sue buys 10 bananas and 3 oranges.with the same amout of money,she could have bought 4 bananas and how many oranges?
  65. 7th grade - Social Studies

    how do you think women and native americans felt about not being included under the 14th amendment? how do you think white women felt when former slaves were allowed to vote and they were not? what percent of slaves were not freed after the issue of the Emancipation ...
  66. Math

    Is this a trick question? I need to write the number 79 in short word form, would it be seventy 10's and one 9 or 10 sevens and 9 ones? Please, please, please help me Thank You
  67. 12th grade art

    Will someone plz help me. I have looked through website after website and I cant find the right peron. Just like a page address or something or explain about his works and his life. Please and thanks!
  68. social studies 6th grade

    I am having a hard time finding the answer to this review question. I have read and reread the section the answer should be found in. Please help! What guidelines did the Quran provide for the Muslim states?
  69. English Grade 11

    What is the literary term for an event that is different from what the readers or the characters will expect to happen? A. situational irony B. ambiguity C. verbal irony D. contradiction Working on my workbook pages for this week and I don't understand this one: please help, ...
  70. Maths lit,Geography,Tourism,Dramatic Arts,Isizulu,L.O and English

    M doing grade 12 this year and i still don't know what do with these subjects so i want to know if there is any good career path that i can take,if so can you please give me some few examples of careers based on these subjects
  71. science. mrs.sue please help

    14. the sun's layer is called the photosphere . ( 1point) A. true b. false 15. meteoroids can form when comets break apart , creating dust clouds . ( 1point ) A. true b. false 16. a star is born whenever a nebula expands . ( 1point ) A. true b. false 17. a star system has at ...
  72. maths

    The sum of the 3rd and 7th term of an A.P is 38 and the 9th term is 37..Find the first term and common difference
  73. Early Child Ed.

    I have a couple of questions that I need help with. 1. An example of a responsive enviroment for infants and toddlers would be: A. keeping children in their cribs. B. picking up children when they cry. C. keeping children with other children at all times. D. keeping toys in a ...
  74. Math

    You estimate there is an 80% chance you will get an A on your math final, and a 75% chance you will get an A for your semester grade. What is the probability that both will happen?
  75. 7th Grade Language Arts

    4. The Latin word alius means "other." Which of the following words contains this root? (1 point) alien alight alike alignment 5. The Anglo-Saxon root sla- means "to strike." Which of the following words does not share this root? (1 point) slap slaughter slaw slay 6. Which of ...
  76. English

    I left out these three last statements. Can you please consider them two? Many thanks again, Ms. Sue! 1) As we are short of time (as the deadline is approaching), we urgently need to know if you would be interested in such a partnership. 2) If you have other proposals as to ...
  77. Math help ASAP

    John works two jobs. A weekly pay stub from one job shows an earning of $235.23 and his second pay stub shows a monthly earning of $ 935.40. Which is the BEST estimate of John's yearly earnings? A) $11,000 B) $12,200 C) $14,000 D) $23,400 ***
  78. college

    4y to the 5th power 81q to the 7th power ________________ X ___________________ 9q to the 2nd power 16y .
  79. maths

    The 4th term of an ap is 15 while the 7th term is 27, find the sum of the 9th and 10th term.
  80. Advanced algebra

    Find the 7th term of geometric progression if the second term is 75, the 5th term,3/5.
  81. Geometric progression

    The 7th term of a g.p. is 8 times of the 4th term. find the series if its 5th term is 48.
  82. womens college

    If the second term of a g.p. is 27 and 7th term is 1/9. Find the first term and the common ratio?
  83. algebra

    7s over 5t to the negative 3rd power 2 to the negative 3rd power times X to the 2nd power times Z to the negative 7th power 7s to the zero power times T to the negative 5th power over 2 to the negative 1st power times M to the 2nd power If you would please simplify these ...
  84. 3rd grade math

    There are 24 students in Ms. Messing's class. Six more students walk to school than ride their bikes. The number of students that ride their bikes is the same as the number of students that are driven to school. How many students walk to school? Please only use addition and ...
  85. Computer Programing & Logic Design

    Submit pseudocode and a flowchart for the following programming exercise: Test Average and Grade Write a program that asks the user to enter five test scores. The program should display a letter grade for each score and the average test score. Design the following functions in...
  86. MATH

    how do you make a circle graph?what are the steps?i am a grade 7 student,I need help. Thanks
  87. math Third grade

    is a number with the most ditis always greater and why/
  88. math

    4th grade function tables with 2 variables Input output 5 12 8 24 11 36 14 48
  89. 5th Grade Math

    How do you write 6,549,920 and 945,209? Thanks
  90. Math Grade 10

    Solve 2x+1=2^x to find the other (not 0,1) intersection. Truly vexing. Thanks.
  91. Math 6th grade

    name a fraction between 2/3 and 3/4 whose denominator is 1.
  92. math 5th grade

    i need all the prime numbers of 1-100
  93. 5th grade math

    can anyone solve this problem for me? 2cm 72mm + 69 mm =_________
  94. math 6th grade

    How to write an equation: Forty percent of a number,y, is 48.
  95. 5th grade math

    write the fraction or mixed number as a decimal. 1/5 -5/3 3 4/25 8 5/44
  96. 4th grade math

    What is another way to write sixty-five hundreds?
  97. grade 9 math slope equations

    solve and comparison: a)4x-9y=4 6x+15y=-13 im so lost!!!!!
  98. 5th grade math

    A radius and a diameter both have to ___________.
  99. 1st grade math

    what is the mean, median, mode of the the following data {5,7,4,7,6,7}
  100. grade 4 math

    How would I add 2/3 + 6/9... This is really hard. Someone plz help me!!
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