7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. 7th grade science

    OK so i have to do a project on duchenne muscular dystrophy and I need one page notes about them...so can someone please just give me a couple of quick notes on it? thank you!
  2. 8th grade math for Ms. Sue - last question please

    How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. I really need to know how an inequality is different from an equation. I know the signs used are different, but what else? I am very ...
  3. 7th grade language arts last Ms. Sue please

    19. Which of the following shows the correct punctuation? (1 point) Wow that was close! Oops! I think I left your book at home. Well! Of course she didn't mean it. Ouch, this really hurts. 20. Identify the demonstrative adjective in the following sentence: Those fish need to ...
  4. Health Law

    please check my answer thanks :) Sue says that her claim is based on the fundamental law of nation what does that mean(what source is Sue relying on) I think Sue is relying on the constiution

    Both forest fire and why leaves change color in the fall present factual information. write an essay of your own about one of these essays. in your essay, tell whether the author provided enough information for you to understand the topic fully. Then discuss how the method of ...
  6. 7th grade math

    A little more help please. The trip will be 560 miles. Their bus travels at an average speed of 60 miles per hour... The bus route passes through Balmorhea which is 1/3 od the way from El Paso to San Antonio. About how long does it take the bus to get to Balmorha?
  7. 7th grade

    What should I do to practice my math and reading before I start school so I can get my brain in gear and havesome time to know what i'm doing that is new.
  8. 7th grade math

    How do you arrange the numbers 2 4 5 and 6 ans insert the symbols "-" and "x" in a way that u follow PEMDAS/ order of operations to get the answer 8
  9. 7th grade math

    Determine if the situations represent proportional relationships. Explain. 1. Gina can buy 1 bottle of shampoo for $2.95 or 2 bottles for $4.50.
  10. Social studies

    Social studies, 7th Grade. I need: 4 important facts on leif erikson. Do you know any? Do you know any sites i could use? Please help.
  11. Math - average grade

    Does anyone know how to calculate average point grade? I have the following data: grade D - 2 students - 4,9 percent grade C - 6 students - 14,7 percent grade B - 12 students - 29,2 percent grade A - 21 students - 51,2 percent What is the average grade? This is NOT my homework...
  12. Math

    A piece plywood 24 inches wide is cut into strips 2 and a half inches wide, how many strips of this with can be cut. Please help,7th grade.
  13. Vacation

    what should I pack to the grand canyon? why is the grand canyon a trip? please answer these are an essay to complete & if I don't pass I cant go to 7th grade thanks
  14. Science

    Hi do you guys know Lesson 2: Natural Selection Unit 3: Natural Selection and Adaptation in connexus 7th grade the portfolio. please I need help
  15. 7th grade geometry

    pr/ac = ?/cb pr=6,ac=?, cb=15
  16. 7th grade

    what is -2(-3) squared
  17. 7th grade

    what is the answer for -2y-5=-9?
  18. 7th grade

    what is the answer for -2y-5=-9?
  19. 7th grade

    i don't get how to do circumference
  20. 7th grade

    who is fibnacci
  21. 7th grade

  22. 7th grade integers

    8 - 7 = 4=?
  23. 7th grade

    1/3 converts too?
  24. 7th grade

    a submarine
  25. 7th grade

    what is the answer -14.88 - (-20.88?
  26. 7th grade

    (-4k)2+k2 solve
  27. 7th grade

    what is a bar
  28. 7th grade

    what is £300.00 - 2/7
  29. 7th grade

    what does transfusion
  30. 7th grade

    What is a vertex?
  31. 7th grade

    49 is 77% of what number?
  32. 7th grade

    how do i solve a+3/5=24/25
  33. 7th grade mat

    8g+2+4g-2-3g=? (9g)
  34. Physics

    Home Economics Math Music Physical Education Science Social Studies GRADE LEVELS Preschool Kindergarten Elementary School 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade High School 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade College Adult ...
  35. 6th Grade Math - Ms. Sue plz

    What is the formula for the area of a trapezoid? Thanks.
  36. 7th grade science

    I did my calculations wrong and now Im going to get a bad, bad, bad grade on my lab report I need to know what how to find the highth and width and radius of several things are help me plz!!!!
  37. 7th grade honors math

    Which equation represents an inverse variation? A.3x=2y B.2-2x+y=0 C.y squared= x D.xy=5 If you could tell me the anser then explain how you got it that would be awesome!

    IS The italicized word in the sentence below an adverb or a preposition? Why don't you come OVER this evening? A. Adverb. B. Preposition. C. None of the above. Which sentence below uses the word FINE as an interjection? A. The weather is very FINE today. B. Did you pay your ...
  39. 7th grade science Ms. Sue please help if you can

    1. Violent storms generally form along _____. (1 point) occluded fronts cold fronts warm fronts stationary fronts 2. Areas of low pressure usually have _____. (1 point) cloudy weather good weather descending air none of the above 5. Tornadoes can form when wind at different ...
  40. 7th grade

    A space probe is 7.62 x 10 to the 7th power kilometers from the surface of the planet Mars. If the space probe is traveling towards mars at a arate of 127 meters per second, how many hours will it take the probe to reach the surface of the plant? Round to the nearest hour. Help!?
  41. 7th grade science Ms. Sue

    Violent storms generally form along _____. (1 point) occluded fronts cold fronts warm fronts stationary fronts 2. Areas of low pressure usually have _____. (1 point) cloudy weather good weather descending air none of the above These are my answers. Are they correct? 1. cold ...
  42. Math

    If a grade was drawn at random from the data shown below, what is the probability that the grade is not a B? Grade Frequency A 2 B 8 C 11 D 2 F 1 I think it is 1 out of 5 or 4 but I am not sure? Please help :) Thank you much!
  43. 7th grade

    what is another word for understand
  44. 7th grade

    how do you identify complements?
  45. 7th grade

    8.7cm=____________ mm
  46. 7th grade

    Who is Ra the king of the gods?
  47. 7th grade

    how to make a kaleidoscope?
  48. 7th grade

    can there be a prepositin in the subject
  49. 7th grade

    how do you know when something has energy?
  50. 7th grade

    awhat is a polygon
  51. 7th grade

    What is Indirect measurement?
  52. 7th grade

    What is a feature article?
  53. 7th grade

    what is the antonym for legacy
  54. 7th grade

    what is 44q to the power of -30?
  55. 7th grade

    what is the area of a circle
  56. 7th grade

    where was the microscope discovered
  57. 7th grade

    HOw do you solve and graph 2t<4
  58. 7th grade

    2/5 of 40 What is the formula to find this????
  59. 7th grade

    i need help with an or i am doing on poseidon
  60. 7th grade

    define vibrations
  61. 7th grade

    how to write a review for an ad??
  62. 7th grade

    Can you unscramble shero?
  63. 7th grade

    what is 1.4 to the 11th power
  64. 7th grade

    where do you add parenteses to get 6+6/6+6*6=6
  65. 7th grade

    is y=x/7 a direct variation????
  66. Maths 7th grade

    How do you factorise?
  67. Math-Algebra 1

    I need help with a pizzaz work sheet ASAP if i don't get this done i am on the verge of failing math and repeating 9th grade. its Pizzaz 11.10 thanks
  68. Math

    This isn't a question for math homework but i have a really low grade in math and i want to raise it up. What can i do to get my grade up because i am getting progress reports on Monday and i want to get a really good grade.PLEASE HELP!!!!
  69. Math

    On an automobile assembly line, every third car is green. Every fourth car is a convertible. a) How many cars are out of the first 100 will be convertibles? b) Which number of car is First Green convertibles? Grade 7 Math Please answer, ASAP.
  70. 7th grade Lang. Art

    which word in caps makes more sense? Though the colonies long (SEETHE, SINGE) with resentment at the British, the cauldron of their discontent did not boil over into rebellion until 1776. Please help thank you

    Adjacent angles are ______ congruent A- always B- sometimes C- never D- none of these HELP ASAP
  72. 7th grade math

    The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 centimeters and one of the legs is 6 centimeters. the leg to the very left is 6 cm and the leg to the top is 10 cm. the bottom leg has a x for unknown. My teacher gave me the answer since I couldn't figure it out and she told me that it...
  73. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. 2(x – 3) = 2x (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 2. 3(y – 3) = 2y – 9 + y (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 3. 10x – 2 – 6x = 3x – 2 + x (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 4. 4(x...
  74. science

    i am in 7th grade accelerated science, so i am learing 8th grade material. I am having some difficulties with covelant and ionic bonds. My lab is due tomorrow and i have a quiz on Wed. If anyone can help me understand this better i would be greatful. Thank-you.
  75. 7th grade math

    Find the missing dimension for the three dimensional figure to the nearest tenth, given the volume and other dimensions L= 8m W=4.6m V=88mcubed
  76. 7th grade math

    The question is simplify -9=1(36divided by 2 x3-4) I did -9+1(18x3-4) _9+1(54-4) -9=1(50) -9+50 41 Is this correct I did this with a friend and we both got different answers. Maybe I di the wrong order of operation?
  77. Math Help?! 7th grade.

    1. Determine which ordered pair is a solution of y = x*2–2. (5, 21), (–5, 24), (–1, –1), (–2, 6) 2. Without graphing, tell whether the line containing (6, –3) and (0, –8) is horizontal, vertical, or neither.
  78. Spanish-7th grade-Please check

    1.I fold the clothes. Yo doblo la ropa. 2.My padre vacuums. Mi padre pasa la aspiradora. 3. I make the bed. Hago mi cama. 4. I take out the garbage. Yo saco la basura.
  79. 7th grade Science

    Describe how the instantaneous speed of a car changes when the car is moving with constant speed , speeding up, and slowing down please answer as soon as possible

    PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!! i don't know! Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. Then write a function rule. x: 2 4 6 y: 1 0 –1 i know its so simple but im having so much trouble!!!:( pls help!
  81. math 7th grade

    solve the equation 5=f-7 tell me how you get the answer i don't want just the answer i want to know how to do it
  82. 7th grade math

    when p is subtracted from a certain number, the difference is 50. Find the number.
  83. 7th grade math

    when s is added to another number, the sum is 26,493.what is the number?
  84. 7th grade Math

    Write and simplify an expression for the perimeter of the rectangle. side A=x+6 Side B=4x-5. Thank you!
  85. 7th grade Math

    Trying to figure out 19.4(x) = 306.52 (gotta find out what X is
  86. math 7th grade

    What does it mean to ring four integers that yield a sum. The sum is 2.
  87. 7th Grade English-Word Puzzles/Pictures

    I need help with word pictures/puzzles.(1) head (no capitals or other words next to it, above or below it)...(2) yrooucrhkeasd (again, no words above, below or next to it) Thank you! I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Can you give us more details about these pictures/puzzles? ...
  88. Math 8th grade

    In(x):2,10,___,__,__,-3,__,___,x Out(y:4,28,13,-17,10,_,2.5,148,3x-2 What's the answer !!!! Help!! ASAP!

    i need help finding info. on Taoist... if they are pro or con on the following things... prayer in school, creationismv. evolution, studying woman's rights in the middle east, saying the pledge of allegiance, starting a gay or lesbian support group, and inter-racial dating...
  90. 7th grade science ASAP please!

    1. Which of the following form the main components of our body cells? (1 point) carbohydrates and proteins fat and phosphorous proteins and iron nucleic acids and calcium 2. Organic compounds always contain______. (1 point) water oxygen nitrogen carbon 3. Which of these is a ...
  91. 7th grade art Ms. Sue please

    1. This term refers to a subject in artwork that has been simplified and rearranged. (1 point) nonobjective linear semi-abstract objective 2. This term refers to artwork that does not have a reference to a subject or object. (1 point) representational nonobjective subjective ...
  92. 7th grade math

    Q:The ratio of the perimeters of two square is 5 to 4. If the area of the smaller square is 36 units, what is the area of the larger square? A: 56.25 My teacher told us the answer, 56.25, so that we could correct it. But I don't understand how she got the answer at all, so can...
  93. 7th grade math

    Horses, pigs and cows is really easy I can do it in my head but, my teacher told me I would have to start showing my work. I really have no clue how to do that I have always done it in my head. Can you pretty please help me I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you. :)
  94. 7th grade social studies.

    hi my name is sadaf. i have problems studying and understanding social studies. i don't know what to do my grades are too low. can you please give me some tips and ideas on how i can work on it?
  95. science is hardddd!!!!

    Can I Have An Example Of A Closed System?? Please use easy words that I can understand, Im not that smart and i'm only in 7th grade. Also can you give me an example of an Open System?? Thank You.
  96. 7th grade

    wht is the 8 parts of speech
  97. 7th grade science

    Are volcano's alive?
  98. 7th grade

    What are three Jamestown difficulties?
  99. 7th grade

  100. 7th grade

    why do Bangladeshis love the moon?
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