7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. Personal question

    How would you deal with someone that has been bullying you since fourth grade? I have talked to adults talked to councelors and I have talked to his mother who happened to be my fifth grade teacher yet he is still at it. I don't want to seem like a baby and file a no contact ...
  2. 7th grade health please

    1. The process of talking directly to the other person to resolve a conflict (1 point) conflict negotiation assault compromise 2. Forced sexual intercourse (1 point) gang assault rape neglect 3. A disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints, interests, or needs (1 ...
  3. Ethics

    Please help in answering the three questions to this ethics case - Anne Distagne was the CEO of Linkage Construction Inc., which served as the general contractor for the construction of the air ducts for large shopping malls and other buildings. She prided herself on being ...
  4. history- please respond ASAP

    What did Harding want to do to return America to "normalcy"? Here are his words: http://www.vlib.us/amdocs/texts/34hard1.htm I think it was Meneckin who said "Normalcy" is a return to the good old days what never were. Harding led the US back into isolation from world affairs.
  5. Math

    I have 6 thousands,12 tens, 9 hundreds, 10 ones and 3 tenths. What number am I? This is a question on my 3rd grade daughters math homework and I'm completely confused. I think it may be 7030.03???
  6. AED

    What skills will you teach and how will you teach them in mathematics. need 200 words and all I have so far is: I can teach this concept to students in a lower elementary grade and to students in a middle school grade by

    What research steps must you go through to use the relationship between a person’s intelligence and grade average in high school so that, if you know a person’s IQ, you can more accurately predict the person’s grade average?
  8. MATH

    What is commutative property of addition? The commutative property of addition says we can change the order of the terms and the result is the same. Thus a+b=b+a. This is one of the field properties of the real numbers. This site explains the commutative property of addition...
  9. english

    ms sue r u a real teacher or a computer?
  10. Ms.Sue

    Thank you very much for your time and the website.
  11. child development and human behavior

    Thank You Ms. Sue
  12. RE- Ms Sue + writeacher

    thankyou so much for both your help.:)
  13. science

    wait mrs.sue i don't get it...what do u mean????
  14. HCA 220

    Yes Ms. Sue it has to be imaginary patient.
  15. childcare

    thank you Ms.Sue by this information. Then my answer should be C.
  16. for MATHMATE

    Do you know what happened to Ms. Sue? She's not answering any questions!
  17. BIO teacher help

    ms sue i got an answer
  18. Mrs. Sue

    Why are some teachers so unfair?
  19. language (gerunds)

    Thank you to Ms. Sue and writeacher for all of your help, I GET IT!!!
  20. science

    Okay, I will check back later. Thank You Ms. Sue!!
  21. algebra

    Solve 8x-(4x+4)=20 Ms. Sue would the answer be 3/2?
  22. Geometry for Ms Sue?

    Referring to my last question.. Does 26.64 yd mean 26 2/3?
  23. To Ms.Sue

    This is not like you. Why are you being so rude to say no.
  24. to ms.sue

    thank you so much . good thing you'r here.
  25. to ms.sue

    this is what i flunked. SCIENCE for magnets and electricity!
  26. to ms.sue

    how do you find a percentage when its like this: 20% of ______ = 9
  27. to ms.sue

    what will the sciencepssa have? magnets and electricity?
  28. to ms.sue

    each paper clip weighs 30 grams
  29. to ms.sue

    what is wrong with the answer. also what is hilum?
  30. Ms. Sue help!!!

    could you tell me information of Heron's Formula?
  31. to ms.sue

    when teaching lessons, be creative and fun with it?
  32. english

  33. to ms.sue

    it asks how many hours per day/
  34. English

    Thank You, Ms. Sue I understand it better now
  35. English - Ms. Sue help

    what is the essay called escaping
  36. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of emigrants?
  37. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of immigrants?
  38. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of steerage?
  39. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of famine?
  40. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of prejudice?
  41. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of nativists?
  42. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of romanticism?
  43. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of transcendentalism?
  44. MS Sue

    can you plz check my english answers
  45. World History- (Ms. Sue)

    What is the significance of revival?
  46. World History- (Ms. Sue)

    What are the effects of abolitionism?
  47. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    How does location affect climate?
  48. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Is a rain forest a landform?
  49. Mathematics (Reiny or Ms. Sue or Kuai)

    What is 1 divided by 1/7?
  50. Ms. Sue

    Can you continue to assist me with my health question? Thank you.
  51. English

    Ms Sue I think it it into water
  52. ms. sue

    Cann you look at my problem pls
  53. S.S @ Ms Sue Plzz HELP!

    Why did Christianity apparel to many Romans???
  54. 6th grade

    Input-c-3,2,5,15,1,6,30 output-w-10,15,6,2,30,5,1 write the rule for each function . Write the rule as an equation. PLEASE HELP
  55. language arts 8th grade

    is, "are we flying" a verb phrase? or is, "to disneyland" a verb phrase? please help
  56. Social studies

    IS ANYONE IN CONNECTIONS ACADEMY 6th GRADE! I need help with the social studies test please!
  57. mrs. sue algebra help

    Mrs.Sue my homework from yesterday i had wrong instructions i needed to find the mean median and mode. not the outlier an affect. my teacher switched the assignment can you check my answers i have to find the mean, median and mode 1) 8 12 6 9 5 mean: 8 median : 8 mode : no ...
  58. algebra help mrs. Sue

    Mrs.Sue my homework from yesterday i had wrong instructions i needed to find the mean median and mode. not the outlier an affect. my teacher switched the assignment can you check my answers i have to find the mean, median and mode 1) 8 12 6 9 5 mean: 8 median : 8 mode : no ...
  59. math

    Sue buys 2 dozen roses. Of those roses 2/3 are red and the rest are white.how many white roses did she buy?
  60. 6th Grade Science : Newton's First Law of Motion

    Explain the idea of streamlining.\, as it applies to the skydiver. If you have the following textbook: Scott Foresman Science, 6th Grade good for you! Look on pages B102 - B105.
  61. 5th Grade Math

    Jason and Doug competed in the long jump at a track meet. Jason long jump was 98 inches. Doug long jump was 3 yards. How much longer was Doug jump than Jason Jump? would this answer = to 10 if not please can you show me the steps so I can understand,
  62. 7th Grade Language Arts

    1. Read these two short sentences: There was a blizzard. Nearly 20,000 homes in the metro area lost power. Choose the correct subordinating conjunction to combine them into this sentence: ____ the blizzard, nearly 20,000 homes in the metro area lost power. (1 point) Although ...
  63. P.E. ASAP PLZ

    Which of the following are signs of drug abuse? (Select all that apply) Joining a club Denial of any problems Gaining weight *** Withdrawal from normal activities *** Thanks:)
  64. Current Events Assignment

    How does the conflict in the Congo affect me, a 7th grader in Washington state and what are the world-wide ramifications of the conflict?
  65. Precalc

    Find the indicated nth term of the geometric sequence. 7th term a5: -2/81 a9: -2/6561 I know the formula is an= a1 r ^ n-1 but I can't figure out how to apply it
  66. science 7th

    A piece of copper is 1 meter long and has a density of 8.8g. If you cut the wire exactly in half, what is the density of one of the pieces
  67. Science

    If a full moon occurred on April 1, what phase would you see on the 7th, 21st,4th,30th,and 14th of April
  68. precalculus

    If you are driving down a 10% grade, you will alway be 10% below where you would have been if you could have driven on flat ground from where you started. Suppose you descend to where you are 20 feet below your starting point. What concept does he "grade" relate to and how far...
  69. English-Ms. Sue

    my other question; What is the purpose of this essay? How can you tell? The purpose of this essay is to give us a better understanding of puns. how can I tell? - In this essay it gives selections of puns, that are all different. Please add any more info, thanks. How would I ...
  70. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your answers. May I ask you a few more questions? 1) I just want to make sure I understand it correctly. Does "Where are you hurting" mean the same as "Where do you hurt" the same as "Where does it hurt"? 2) Help me, please, with "sometimes/...
  71. Math Mrs.sue

    according to one count , the letter e makes up 1/8 of a typical document written in English a document contains 2800 letters . about how many letters in the document are not e ?
  72. Math

    Someone please help! Have spent ages stressing over this and still can't figure out how to do it! need asap. Question 3. In ecology, the logistic equation is often written in the form dN divided by dt = rN(1-N/K) where N = N(t) stands for the size of the population at time t, ...
  73. Social Studies

    They can be 2-5 paragraph essays, not looking for excellent work just easy essays to turn in...if i don't do these i dnt pass my senior year, this is make-up work from 10th grade .. Essays i need done: -Charcter analysis of an epic hero(essay and sketch). -What is the role of ...
  74. health >.<

    how would you descibe/define teen driving laws Please tell us how you describe/define them and we'll be glad to critique your answer. but i don't know how to ok, here's what i got: Teenage driving laws are rules that have been made to reduce accidents and increase safety on ...
  75. PLEASE HELP MRS SUE history

    how did the settlers of the middle class develop their economy? farmers grew grains and other crops that they sold to other colonies farmers grew subsistence crops that were enough to feed themselves trappers and hunters sold animal pelts to france and great britain ...
  76. Business: Help Is Needed ASAP

    Help Is Needed ASAP Hi, Please help me! I need to know is these is the correct answer for these questions. Thanks for your help! Some countries try to hold the value of their currency within some range against an important reference currency. This is referred to as what? a. A ...
  77. 8th grade science

    an object that weighs 3N displaces 90mL of water which weighs 2.8N. What is the buoyant force on the object? idk how to solve this problem PLEASE HELP!! thanks
  78. 6th grade science

    A couple has just learned that their daughter has hemophilia. They already have a son who does not have the disease. What are the genotypes of the couple? I don't know how to do this please help!
  79. 4th grade

    how would i put these words in sentences:(PLEASE HELP ME) THANK YOU! l. general 2. inaccurate 3. interpret 4. evidence 5. demonstrate 6. relevant I start my tutoring classes in two weeks. I have been reading much more which should help me.
  80. Grade 11 english

    I have to compsre revenge in Wuthering Heights by Emily bronte and the contemporary issue of politics. I am doing a powerpoint presentation and it should be 5 minutes long. So what do you suggest my slides be and howmany. Please help me I really don't know how to compare them ...
  81. calculus

    1. A hill with a 35 degree grade (incline with horizontal) is cut down for a roadbed to a 10 degree grade. If the distance from the base to the top of the original hill is 800 ft., How many vertical ft will be removed from the hill rounded to the nearest ft
  82. Statistic- Average

    A mean average of 60 on 6 exams is needed to pass a course. on his first 5 exams, Adam received grades of 46,73,73,63 and 70. If the lowest grade of the exams already taken is to be dropped, what grade must he receive on his last exam to get a C in the Course?
  83. Statistics in Psychology

    What research steps must you go through to use the relationship between a person’s intelligence and grade average in high school so that, if you know a person’s IQ, you can more accurately predict the person’s grade average?
  84. physics

    (a) calculate the number of kilocalories needed to climb 232 stair steps (116 steps per minute for 2 min.) *climbing stairs (116/min.) = energy consumption rate is 9.8 (kcal/min) * (b) calculate the gain in gravitational potential energy for a 50-kg person if each step 0.18m ...

    Hi I'm currently going run for Student Bbody treasurer at my school and I have to write an "essay", "That includes your proposed plans" I already have my plans but I have no idea how to send the email (It has to be typed) It says on the packet "This should be a TYPED plan ...
  86. 4th grade math?? help!!

    2 to the 2 power??? i need help !!!! 2^2= 2*2= 4 thanks boobbbyyy!!!
  87. 5th grade math

    what is the decimal form of 6 tenths
  88. 5th grade math

    25/5x5= I got 25 for my ansewer
  89. 4th grade math

    What does computation method mean?
  90. 5th grade math

    what mode median and mean?

  92. 6 grade math

    How many whole numbers are there between 99 and 1000?
  93. 6th grade math

    What is the definition of "super arrays".
  94. 4th grade math

    what is distributive properties of multiplication?
  95. 8th grade math

    put this fractions in order 7/8, -5/8, 15/30, -8/11
  96. 5th grade Math

    If 537/24=? then how much does 2497/42=?
  97. 6th grade math

    How do I find a unit rate?
  98. math

    i dot know how to do dividing apart and im in 5th grade
  99. 4th grade math

    What is the greatest remainder if the divisor is 4?
  100. 10th grade math

    3a²-a-4=0 solving for the roots,
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