7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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If Sue worked 6 3/4 hours on Monday, 4 hours on Tuesday, 7 3/4 hours on Wednesday, 8 hours on Thursday, and 5 1/2 hours on Friday, calculate her weekly wage at $7.20 per hour.

Algebra- ASAP

Could you please help me and check my answers? Find the domain of the function. f(x)=-8x-2 -I got the domain being (negative infinity, postive infinity). g(x)= 3x/(x^2 -49) (I got (-inifinity,-7)U (-7,7) U (7, +ininfinity) The U is the union symbol. Find the domain of the ...

4th grade

explain how farms today are different than medieval farms . Compare the farms. list a lot of differences and same things . please help!

Grammar-Ms. Sue(:

12. Which of the following is the best opening sentence for a business letter that you want to sound fairly informal? A. Please be advised that I've just received your order. B. Your order of February 10 arrived in our office today. C. I am in receipt of your order of February...

Grammar-Ms. Sue(:

12. Which of the following is the best opening sentence for a business letter that you want to sound fairly informal? A. Please be advised that I've just received your order. B. Your order of February 10 arrived in our office today. C. I am in receipt of your order of February...


I'm stuck on these history questions, and the textbook is not clear on the answer (I hate it when that happens!). I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me ASAP on this as I need to submit this tomorrow (especially Ms. Sue! Please help me out!) Some anti-imperialists ...

Science Please Help ASAP

1. Over which interval is the velocity greatest? FILL IN THE BLANK ____ 2. Over which interval(s) is the velocity zero? FILL IN THE BLANK ____ 4. What is the average velocity in m/s from A to B? FILL IN THE BLANK ____ 5. The velocity of an object goes from 4 m/s to 12 m/s in ...


I am a teacher. I teach the fifth grade. Dose any body have an idea of a good book I could read them. Thank YOU. Please check the many books listed at this site. (Broken Link Removed) Thank You very much

6th grade history

In a short responce, explain how life in the Roman Empire was affected by the empirial rule. Answer is backed up with evidence or proof. So please send me a link to the website that you got it from. Thank you for your coroporation.

English 11th grade

Analyze the sentence to select the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the word(s) modified in the appropriate boxes below. Please get to bed early since you have a test tomorrow.

social studys

Hi! please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a quiz due today my grandma was in the hospital and I couldn't do school! I promise on my life that that is the case....here is the question : WHY DID BUDDHISM BECOME POPULAR IN INDIA?: its 28 percent of my grade plz help!

French #2

Can someone check over my short paragraph thing please? Voici mon poster. C'est importante pour moi parceque il (reminds) moi de mon livre favorite dans (grade 5). Je (got it as a prize) de la chance de draw). Heres the english: This is my poster. It is importante to me ...

Hitler Comes to Power

King thought that Hitler was sincere, and genuine. King was impressed by Hitler, he enjoyed talking with him, and he seemed like a gentleman, king thought that Hitler was a good role model for his country, and men. He found Hitler to be just like him. Ms. Sue please add ...


Miss Sue please review Literacy question #2, on Aug 23, 2011 @ 6:04pm. I believed I made a mistake, the correct answer is C not B. 2. The Altas of World Religion is an example of which of the following reference sources? A. Historical atlas B. Subject-specific atlas C. General...

1st grade homework question

can the earths minerals be all used up or do they regrow?? That question has been answered just a few posts below. If you can't find it, please repost.


from a base elevation of 9500 ft., a mountain rises to a summit elevation of 14318 ft. over a horizontal distance of 15847 ft. I cannot figure out the grade of the peak. Can someone please help me?

8th grade

I am having trouble with these kinds of problems and I ask my teacher but he doesnt explain it good enough. Will you please tell me step by step instructions to solve this type of problem... -2(z + 11)=6 thank you

6th Grade Science

Hi, I really need help and I'm really confused I don't know what they are asking me to do. Provide three statements that demonstrate the importance of units when describing motion. Please someone help me because it is very important. Thank You :/

i need help with connections acadamy

i need help with lesson 19 sounds and ideas unite test. I know all of the answers down to number nine, I do not understand the rest please help gavin grade 7

Math 221

Math 221 - Ms. Sue, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 1:22pm (13/15) / (7/10) (13/15) * (10/7) = Multiply the numerators together. Multiply the denominators together. What do you get? Math 221 - Erica, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 1:26pm The answer that I got was 13x10=130 and 15x7=105 ...


5th grade math.. convert 95*C to *F = 6/7 x 14 = 12? 7 3/5 / 1 1/5= 19 3/8 - 4 3/4= Help

5th Grade Math

What website can I go to to help me with my math?


what are thefactors of 80(5th grade math)?


5th grade math equations

Algebra 8th grade please help!!!!!!

Using the numbers 5, 8, and 24, create a problem using no more than four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root) where the solution will be an irrational number. Explain why the result of your operations is an ...


Height: 10 inches Base Perimeter: 40 inches Lateral Surface Area: 400 square inches (^^^this is the total surface area of the sides) What is the Surface Area of the triangular prism? (the picture of the shape looks like a pentagon but the rectangle is much longer)

7th science

acceleration=force divide by mass . How do you solve 20m/s2 =unknown divide by 0.15kg

scholarship 7th std

by which of the following digits shoud be * replaced in the number 5*324 so that the number will be divisible by 12 2 or 3 or 4 or 6


determine the first three terms of the erithmetic progression of which the 7th term is 3 and the 12th term is -3?


two consecutive terms of a GP are the 2nd ,4th and 7th terms of an A.P respectively.find the common ration of the GP

Geometrc progression

The second term of a g.p. Is 27 and 7th term is 1/9. find the first trem and the common ratio


the sentence has a dangling modifier did i fix it? “Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue’s foot.” The sentence has a dangling modifier. “Swimming at the lake, Sue cut her foot on a rock.”


4. What are the coefficients in the polynomial 7x^2 - 4x + 6? A. -7, 4 B. 7, 4, -6 C. 7, -4, 6 D. 7, -4 7. Suppose you earned 6t + 2 dollars on Monday and 9t - 6 dollars on Tuesday. What were the total earnings? Simplify your answer. A. 15t - 4 B. 15t + 8 C. -3t - 4 D. -3t + 8...


Julio's father is 4 times as old as Julio. The sum of their ages is no less than 55. Enter an inequality that can be used to represent this situation in the first box, where x represents Julio's age. Enter the youngest age Julio can be in the second box.


A 52 cm string resonates at the 7th harmonic. What is the wavelength on the string?

Math "Need Help Asap"!

19. WorkPad Note: In questions 19-21, remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. Be sure to use the text box where the question mark (?) first appears to show your mathematical work. You can use the comments field to explain your work. Your teacher ...


i need an acrostic for nitrogen asap Noble gas I TNT R O Gas E Non metal

Algebra 2

Simplify: 6/(3+2sqrt3) I need all of the steps. I need this ASAP because this assignment is due tomorrow. Thanks

Algebra 2

Solve: 2-y=sqrt(y+4) I need all of the steps. I need this ASAP because this assignment is due tomorrow. Thanks

Algebra 2

Simplify: log6^(36/6^-10) I need all of the steps. I need this ASAP because this assignment is due tomorrow. Thanks

chemistry-HELP ASAP

the density of water is 62.4 lbs/ft^3.what mass of water in kg will a rectangular hold if it measures 2.00 ft by 3.00 ft by 6.00 inches?

chemistry ASAP

the density of water is 62.4 lbs/ft^3.what mass of water in kg will a rectangular hold if it measures 2.00 ft by 3.00 ft by 6.00 inches?


i need to write carecter sketch esay nedd help due 1/27/12 friday need help ASAP

sociology ASAP

EXAMPLES OF macro and micro sociology cannot be : prostitution gender inequality economy homelesness

Trig-Algebra help asap

A rhombus has sides of 5 cm and one diagonal is 6 cm long. Find the area of the rhombus.

Trig-Algebra help asap

A regular octagon is inscribed in a circle with a radius of 5 cm. Find the area of the octagon.

Algebra-Trig help asap

A rhombus has sides of 5 cm each and one diagonal is 6 cm long. Find the area of the rhombus.

Science asap thankies :)

If an object sinks in a fluid, the buoyant force is ____ the weight of the object.

help asap

7. Verify that parallelogram ABCD with vertices A(–5, –1), B(–9, 6), C(–1, 5), and D(3, –2) is a rhombus by showing that it is a parallelogram with perpendicular diagonals. (3 points)

algebra 2 help asap

Let f(x)=81+3e−0.7x . What is the value of f(3) ? Round the answer to the nearest hundredth. Enter your answer in the box. idk how to do this :/

Math 7th

Mrs.Flores bought 5 pounds of cheese. He used 2 1/4 pounds for cheese spread. 1 3/4 pounds for nachos and the rest for sandwhichs. Write a procedue that could be used to find the number of pounds of cheese he used for sandwhiches

Algebra ASAP

Can anyone show me how to simplify this step-by-step? THANKS A MILLION! (6x^-2)^2(0.5x)^4

10th grade

what classes should i take in 10th grade?

Math for Ms. Sue please! Last math questions!

For numbers 1–3, find the indicated measurement of the figure described. Use 3.14 for pi and round to the nearest tenth. Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 8 cm. 267.9 cm^2 803.8 cm^2 2143.6 cm^2 201.0 cm^2 Find the surface area of a sphere with a diameter of...

third grade math

reed's bookstore is open 9 hours each day. it opens at 9:30a.m. when does it close? i know the answer but i don't know how to show my work. please help. Two ways to do it. 12:00 noon - 9:30 = 2:30 hours in the morning. That leaves 6:00 hours - 2:30 minutes for the afternoon ...


what are a+ topics i could use to write a 2 page 7th grade science report http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ursinae_hybrid http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060511/grizzly_cross_060511?s_name=&no_ads=


Fifteen Grade 2 children rode bicycle to school. Seventeen Grade 3 children rode bicycle to school. How many children in Grades 2and3 rode bicycles to school?


Last night 16/28 of the tenth grade girls and 19/30 of the tenth grade boys went to go ice skating. Did a greater fraction of tenth grade girls or boys went ice skating? Prove it.

Ms. Sue Help me, please

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible for you to assist me in having a science/biology teacher answer my question. It is called 12 Biology and I reposted as Biology Lab Banana DNA. My reason for this is that so many questions keep popping in, all in a row**, and mine is ...

7th grade health true or false

11. Disagreements are a normal part of life. (1 point) True False 12. Talking to a trustworthy adult is the best way to stop sexual abuse and get help. (1 point) True False 13. Some conflicts are made worse by peer negotiation. (1 point) True False 14. Feeling negatively about...

Math "Need Help Asap"!

4. Alice plays basketball. In one game she shoots 21 free throws and makes 81.25% of them. Estimate how many free throws she makes. a. about 16 b. about 2 c. about 20 d. about 14 A?


if you have a f in math what is the percent of the grade in math?

Programming (CSI Programming Logic and Design)

Create a program that outputs a letter grade for a student based on the following table: From To Grade 90 100 A 80 89 B 70 79 C 0 69 F I don't understand how to do this. Would you mind helping me get the answer to this Program?


in an arithmetic sequence whose first term is 4, the 1st, 3rd and 7th terms form consecutive terms of geometric sequence, find the sum of the first three terms of the arithmetic sequence

help asap please

Consider that implementing effective classroom management strategies can create a classroom not only more conducive to learning but also more enjoyable for teachers, students, and other educational professionals. • Use the table in Appendix B to outline classroom management ...



math ( Ms,Sue)ans i got

for part 2 of the questions is it six $1.00 stamps + one $2.50 + one $1.20 and four $4.00 and how do i find the largest number of stamps that she can use from the collection to post a parcel and to list them


how do i figure out this equation? Joy knits a square blanket that has an area of 1,500 square inches. What is the approximate length of each side of the blanket? HELP !! Ms Sue! a 16 in b 27in 39 in 42 in i don't understand how to solve this!


1. On a recent day, one U.S. dollar was worth 1.09 euros. If you were to exchange 157 euros on that day, how many U.S. dollars would you have received? A. $110.09 B. $144.04 C. $155.91 D. $171.13


How do you write at least 6 fractions from the below ingredients list that serves 4 people. 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter , melted How do I make these fractions? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! HELP ME!

8th Grade Math

A ship leaves the East Coast for California. It is traveling at a constant speed of five knots and takes 200 days to reach California. The ship arrives in California at the exact time of day that it left the East Coast. How far did the ship travel? Please help with step by step.

Language Arts (ASAP)

3. In "All Together Now," Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals convincing, ...


I am in IT/210 and am having problems with the entire class. But what I am stuck on is as follows: Consider the following statement where X is an integer test score between 0 and 100. input X if (<0=X and X<49) output = "you fail" else if (50 <=X and X < 70) output...

Social Studies (please check Ms. Sue)

Please check this. Thanks! 1. After World War II, what type of laws did Congress concentrate on passing? a. civil rights*** b. homeland defense c. international alliances d. taxes 2. Which of the following tactics was NOT used by civil rights groups? a. organizing sit-ins b. ...


1. He is upset because she got a very good grade. 2. He is upset because she got very good grade. (Do we have to use 'a' before 'very good grade' or not?)


Ms.Sue would you mind checking my answer? Question~How does the constitution protect someone's freedom of speech while also limiting their freedom of speech? Answer~ we are allowed to state our opinion as long as it-does not taken someone's rights away, doesn't permit you to ...


Whole numbers from 1-10 that are factors of… 1260 Whole numbers from 1-10 that are factors of... 73500 Whole numbers from 1-10 that are factors of... 3600 Can I have help ASAP with these three problems? Thank you in advance! :)

Beginning p.e

I need a list of at least 5 available community fitness resources. Also i would like to no the name of the facility and what exercise or activity can be done their. plez help asap thanks :-)


Determine the molar mass of the following: 0.94g of a gas that occupies 500L at 0 degrees celcius and 1.00 (STP). I keep getting 32g/mol


Which of the following helps ensure a group’s access to resources it needs for survival? A) courtship ritual B) hibernation C) conditioning D) territorial behavior

History Need help asap

Which of the following is an example of a fad from the 1920s? A A dance Marathon B A woman wearing pants C Road rallies D Poetry readings I think its D


Hello. I'm very grateful to Ms.Sue for the answers. Thanks a lot. Hope you will help me again. 1) Do you think it's OK to say "I packed my baggage"? 2) Help me, please, to choose the correct tense (maybe, both are fine?): "We had been walking for an hour and then saw a ...


A brick wall measuring 3 ft by 11 ft is to be built. The brick measures 4in by 6 in. How many bricks will it take to complete the walkway? math - Ms. Sue, Monday, June 24, 2013 at 2:39pm Are we building a wall or a walkway? math - iris, Monday, June 24, 2013 at 2:41pm walkway

Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson.ASAP

Okay, so I really need help, I have read the story, but I realy need help. Has anyone read "Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson. Before. I really need help so please help.


when would i sue ir or estar

more help

want to apologize for and to ms sue and all



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closer to europe


ms sue i don't understand you comment


Mrs.Sue is you a Teacher???????????///

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Does anyone know, what time Ms. Sue will be on here, because I need her help.


So Sue oil is not renewable

Ms Sue

thankyou for helping your a star!

help ms.sue

i need a rymeing chart

Daycare concern

Ms Sue Thanks so much


How does she know everything is she one of the tutors?

social studies

how do i get ahold of Ms. Sue?



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what should i name my limerick?


how is it cheating. im trying yo learn


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