7th grade math please help Ms. Sue ASAP

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  1. math

    If i have a test average of 74% and i need to make an average of at least 83% what would the lowest grade i could make be on the final test? (tests are worth 20%)
  2. Math 9th grade

    2 angles have measures x and y. The sum of the measures of the angles is 180. Write a formula to express this relationship and solve the formula for y.
  3. 5th grade math

    In the Finn family each girl has the same number of brothers as sisters. Each boy has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many children are in the family?
  4. 5th grade math

    In the Finn family each girl has the same number of brothers as sisters. Each boy has twice as many sisters as brothers. How many children are in the family?
  5. 4th grade math

    So far John has run 1/4 of the way to school and walked 3/8 of the way. what fraction of the distance to school does John have left.
  6. Math-5th grade.HELP!

    a 12 gallon tank is filled with water at the rate off 1/4 gallon in 5 seconds. At this rate, how long will it take to fill 5/6 of the tank? ?????
  7. 8th grade math

    a square photo display board is made up of 60 rows of 60 photos each. the area of each square is 4 in. how long is each side of the display board?

    The value of the dependent variable in a function is always __________ the value of the independent variable. 1.GREATER THAN 2.DEPENDENT ON 3.LESS THAN 4.EQUAL TO
  9. 5th Grade Math/Making a Duplicate

    I need help with a worksheet that has a line going down with a y with positive numbers at the top and negative numbers at the bottom and the it has a line going across with an x with negative numbers on left and positive on right. It has a tic tac toe looking box in the middle...
  10. 5th grade math

    How many verticles does a cube and pyramid have? do they both have eight. also if you have a pattern that starts with one block and is increased by three cubes each time what is the tenth term in this pattern? 28 or 31

    A store sells 2 boxes of 100 pencils and some single pencils. Choose all the numbers that show how many pencils the store could sell: 1. 219, 2. 206, 3. 120, 4. 182
  12. 1st grade math

    Draw a quick picture for 26+8. Show how to make a ten to model the number of apples a different way. Write a new number sentence I did 26 + 8 apples .. I drew 8 apples = 34 then I put 7+ 3 = 10 ?
  13. Grade 5 math

    At soap and suds there are 16 washing machines in a single row with no space between each one.Each washing machine is 75cm across.Wht is the total length of the 16 washing machines in centimeters and meters?
  14. Grade 5 math

    At soap and suds there are 16 washing machines in a single row with no space between each one.Each washing machine is 75cm across.Wht is the total length of the 16 washing machines in centimeters and meters?
  15. 5th grade math

    what are the 3 names for measuring triangles by side length? what are the 3 names for measuring triangles by the angle size? thank you website reference would be great :)
  16. 3re grade math

    i need help on this problem. 132,164,569 round to the nearest million? 179,323,175 round to the nearest million? thanks!
  17. math 5th grade

    I am 45 years older than my son. Now the two digits in my age both prime are the reverse of the two in my son's age. How old am I
  18. 3rd grade Math

    There are 4 square units in a row of carpeting , and 3 rows in Daniel's finished basement. How many square units of carpeting does he need to cover it completely. Thank you!
  19. Math 4th Grade

    Adult Tickets are $5 Child Tickets are $2 There are twice as many children as adults at the concert. The total amount collected was $1,080. How many adults are at the concert?
  20. 8th grade math

    At Maryland Middle School, there are 9 mathematics classes. If two mathematics classes are selected for a school competition, what is the number of possible outcomes?
  21. 8th grade math

    Two towers are similar. The area of the larger tower is 400 pi ft^2 and the area of the smaller tower is 169 pi ft^2. What is the ratio of the heights of the towers?
  22. math

    An eighth-grade student claims she can prove that subtraction of integers is commutative. She points out that if a and b are integers, then a-b = a+ -b. Since addition is commutative, so is subtraction. What is your response?
  23. Math

    the average for a grade on a test taken by 20 students was 75. When one more student took the test the class average became a 76. What score did the student make?
  24. Math, grade 10

    Two numbers add to 18. If you square the larger number and add 6 times the smaller number you get 163. What are the numbers. Solve with quadratic equation?
  25. Sixth Grade Math

    To find the surface area of a box, add the areas of the faces: 2(lw) + 2(lh) +2(wh). What is the surface area of the box below? H=8m W=5m L =11m My answer is 366m.
  26. 8th grade math

    You are making a box out of an 11in by 8in piece of poster board by cutting congruent squares out of the four corners and folding up the edges. To the nearest inch, what size square should you use to maximize the volume?
  27. URGENTquestions for Math

    A pair of jeans is on sale for 25% off the original price. Which expression represents the sale price? If the original price of the jeans is $40,evaluate the expression to find the sale price. s=p-0.25 p;$30 s=p-25:$15*** s=p-0.25p;$10 s=p-0.25;$39.75 Simplify the expression (...
  28. 10th Grade Math

    Mr. Badger bought 12 pens every month until their price rose to 15 cents each. Now he can only afford to buy 10 pens at the same total cost as before. What was the original price of each pen? There are 41 pigs and chickens on a farm. If there are 100 legs counted altogehter, ...

    1.A marble structure has been repaired and is ready for display. Which two specialists might work together to create written information tags for the display? A. Conservator and archaeologist B. archaeologist and curator C. curator and art historian**** D. art historian and ...
  30. 8th Grade Language Arts

    Hi, I have to write an essay on a controversial topic. This is the topic: Should GPS devices be installed in phones and other electronics? I'm having some trouble finding websites based on this topic and it really interests me so I don't want to change it (only if I have to). ...
  31. Physics Probelms ASAP

    Could you please check my work and help me with a couple. An airplane that flies at 100 km/h with a 10 km/h tailwind travels at 110 km/h relative to the ground. If it instead flies into a 10 km/h headwind, its groundspeed is : 110 km/h /2= 55 km/h The average speed of a horse ...
  32. english

    In the sentence...We are moving to Belgium, a European country. Is Belgium a noun or adjective? Belgium is a noun. ty Ms.Sue

    THE ANSWERS ARE NOT IN MY BOOK, MS SUE AND IF THEY WERE THEN I WOULDN'T ASK FOR HELP Make an organizer to compare government under a republic (the commonwealth), an abcolute monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy. Use the following headings: the ruler, the role of law, and ...
  34. Civics to Ms.Sue

    3.   Which one of the following statements is accurate for the Articles of Confederation?  A. There was only one central court. B. Each state could veto a presidential decision. C. There was no president. D. Interstate commerce could be regulated. My sister told me to...
  35. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(Civics)

    What is one benefit of a country joining the United Nations? A. to become a democratic government B. to develop friendly relations with other nations *** C. to protect its citizens from neighboring countries D. to project its economic growth for several decades
  36. Business

    Your boss wants to send a brief email message welcoming employees recently transferred to your department from your Hong Kong branch. They all speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. What would you suggest your boss change in the following ...
  37. math(help)

    please help someone explain this please!! The length of a marathon is 138,435 ft.each stride,or step,by a particular runner is 3 ft long.does the number of strides the runner takes fit evenly into the length of the race?(EXPLAIN ANSWER PLEASE) --------------------------- IS 38...
  38. nursing

    Sue is new to working in a hospital kitchen. Her job is to prepare the food trays for the patients. She does not understand spoken or written English. How can her supervisor give her written instructions to better understand the mealtime menu?
  39. english Ms. Sue

    Why should society as a whole change its way of thinking and begin to spread ideas with each other. Relating back to how does social norms change war as a social disease versus non-conformity
  40. algebra

    Ms. Sue thanks a ton for solveing my last problem. But now I have another one. Can you help??? "Tanya's age is ten years greater than half Aarons age. If the sum of their ages is 55, how old is Tanya? also do you think you could explain how to do this so I can do it to?
  41. Guidance and Discipline

    Suppose a child has knocked down another`s block tower. To encourage ,a teacher or caregiver may ask the question,"Were you being careful of Sue`s tower when you drove your race car so fast through the block area?"
  42. Literatue- Ms. Sue help me plz

    As in Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown the autobiographical story of Sojourner Truth is written on all of these levels except? (A). interior narrative B. exterior commentary C. social commentary D. dramatic narrative
  43. English MS Sue

    Got my final exam test graded.i made a 93. he praised me for only missing 7 questions And they all were on the complex or compound complex sentences which were my weakness I know. proud that I got a 96.83 average for course. Thank You for the help and telling me of the sites ...
  44. Art Ms. Sue?? Writeacher??

    Illuminated letters sent a visual message that communicated the content of the text. Which portion of the fifteenth-century population benefited most from illuminated letters? -the wealthy -the monks -the scholars -the illiterate*** Thank you for your help!
  45. SCIENCE!

    How does osmosis explain the fact that a watery syrup forms when you put sugar on strawberries? Does the water in the strawberry cells rush out to the outside to dilute the sugar on the outside? Bob Pursley has answered this question for you. I also answered it a couple of ...
  46. Question-- thematic units

    I can think of how A) would be correct...take for instance a thematic unit in the fourth grade on explorers...cross culturial activities would be desired. But it does not fit enzyme reactions in the Kreb's cycle. Can someone please help with this question? An appropriate way ...
  47. math

    graph y = 2x - 3 and the domain is the real number when i plot the point without goin them or with goin them ? explain when i draw the line in grade papper or ony plot the point
  48. math 5th grade

    A certain piece of a car's material expands by 1/12 its origial length in extreme heat. If the piece begins with a length of 30 in., how long will it be after it expands?
  49. 3rd grade math

    Mrs.jones has 30 tomatoes plants. she wants to plant the same number of plants in each row of her garden. explain how she could decide the number of rows to plant.
  50. 5th grade math

    Write 0.7 and 0.21 as factors, then multiply the factors change the product to a decimal 7/10 x 21/100 = 147/10,000 decimal would be .0147 Would that be correct?

  52. 3rd grade math

    Two thirds of the musicians in a 16-piece band are girls. the 16 musicians include 12 brass players. what fraction of the band plays brass instrument.
  53. 4th grade math

    Grace wants to put a wallpaper border around the top of the room. Each roll of the wallpaper border is 120 inches long. how many roll will she need.
  54. 3rd grade math

    Two thirds of the musicians in a 16-piece band are girls. the 16 musicians include 12 brass players. what fraction of the band plays brass instrument?
  55. 5th grade Math

    Can you check this? 7. Will brought in candy for his friends that weighed 7/8 lbs. If he split it up equally among himself and 4 other friends, how much candy did they each get? (7/8)/5 = 7/40 lbs??
  56. Math Measurement Unit 6 Lesson 15 test 7 B

    Hi I am trying very hard to get a good grade so can someone give me the right Measurement 7B answers to the test. Thank you so very much!
  57. Math

    I don't understand. I am in third grade and I just need the answer. Maybe I could understand if I can read everything. I mean your explanation and answer that I need. Thank you for helping me.
  58. 3rd grade math

    Tyrell says 753 rounds to 800. Sara says 753 rounds to 750. Who is correct? Explain.
  59. math

    Jill's fish weighs 8 times as much as her parakeet. Together, the pets weigh 63. How much does the fish weigh? This is 4th grade .
  60. math

    I'm in grade 5 and I need help on an area and perimeter question. The area of a rectangle is 300mm and the length of it is 15 mm. I need to find out the width of this rectangle.
  61. math grade 12

    A sheet of plastic stops 25% of the light and lets through the residual 75%. What percentage of the light is let through by two sheets of the plastic ?
  62. math

    At the 6th grade school dance,there are 132 boys and 89 girls and 14 adults? Write the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls?
  63. Livingston Elementary school math-3rd Grade

    Patrick purchased 12 books. He needed 4 books for each of his projects at school. How many projects did he have?
  64. History

    History of Japan questions? Could someone give some information on the following topics about the history of Japan. Please just write one or two sentences for each. This is not a homework assignment, it's just for my own research. I need answers ASAP. Note: This not about ...
  65. math

    investigate the economics of using a higher grade of plywood for the facing when using timber fromwork . a fromwork system which is being used for concreting operations consumes the following labour and materials over 12 months : labour:6043 hours at £21.50 per hors Materials...
  66. SAT Writing

    Writeacher! Please correct, give feedback, and grade. Prompt: "I don't know the key to success,but the key to failure is to try to please everyone." Assignment: Is trying to please people a way to achieve success or a route to failure? Essay: " I don't know the key to successs...
  67. 4th grade math

    How do you explain how the product of 16 times 34 is like the product of 6 times 34 plus 10 times 34
  68. sixth grade math

    Francis gets 6 paychecks in 12 weeks. How many paychecks does she get in 52 weeks? 12/6=2 52/2=26 26 paychecks the answer?
  69. Physics ASAP

    Suppose the space shuttle is in orbit 390 km from the Earth's surface, and circles the Earth about once every 92.4 minutes. Find the centripetal acceleration of the space shuttle in its orbit. Express your answer in terms of g, the gravitational acceleration at the Earth's ...
  70. LA --- 1 question pls help!!!

    hi, one question based on the short story called, "Cyber Chitchat" this one confuses me, pls help if u know the book! 8. The tone of "Cyber Chitchat" is (1 point) serious. humorous. depressing. angry. i think its humorous but im not so sure..... pls help asap!!!!! thanx in ...
  71. Science/Math

    A radio wave has a frequency of5,000,000 Hz. Write this number in scientific notation. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is not the right answer so hurry up as soon as possible ...
  72. Math, Calculus

    help Please... Differential Equations Problems... please give the complete solution, so that i can understand how it is derived... tnx in advance, god Bless... Here are the problems : 1.) y dx + (2x+3y)dy = 0 2.) (2xy + y^(2) ) dx - 2x^(2) dy = 0 ;y = e, x = e 3.) y( x^(2) + ...
  73. Math

    Use the Binomial Theorem to determine the coefficient of x^14 in the expansion of  (3x^2 − 1/ 3)^ 16 . Express the coefficient as a fraction in its lowest terms. Please help me with this I'm getting nowhere. And please explain the logic behind! Thanks so much
  74. Math

    Hey can you please explain Fibonacci numbers in the simplest way possible because I really don't get them. Like i know the sequence goes 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, etc...But we have to fill in a table by plugging the numbers 1-9 in using the equation Fn+1. Please help me, Thanks
  75. math/ algebra 1

    can someone please help me explain how they got this answer and can someone please show me the steps into solving this question? Q: Four more than the quotient of a number and three is at least nine.
  76. Need math help please

    could someone please give me an example not an example using coins, marbles, spinner, like something different that would explain the difference b/w theoretical and experimental probability.
  77. Math please check answer

    please check my answer thanks What would be the amount of compound interest on $ 8,000 invested for one year at 6 %, compounded quarterly ? (need to show all of your work ) ok this is what I got $8,000 x 0.6 = $ 480 $ 480 / 4 = $120 $120 x 0.6 / 4 = $ 121.80 $8,241.80 x 0.6 /4...
  78. Math-Algebra II to be exact

    Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range −1< m <0 . Choose two different initial values. For this new linear function, what happens to the function’s values after many iterations? Are the function’s values getting close to a ...
  79. math

    I Need Help On My Math Evaluates: Okay So I Have This Quiz Im Taking And Its Telling Me " Evaluate 3-1/3 to the power of 4" I Am A Little Rusty On My Math So Can Someone Please Help! :) Thanks.. Adrienne Deleon
  80. 6th grade math

    a farmer is rewarded for saving the king. he can either get 1000 gold bars up front or payment over time for 100 days which begins at 2 gold bars the first day, 4 the second, 8 the third, 16 the fourth, and so on. which one should he choose and why. Show how you got the answer...
  81. math...help please!

    I need help figuring this out please! :) Write an equation for this sequence and find the 15th term. Term Number 1 2 3 4 Term 0 1 2 3
  82. math

    will some one please!!!! please!!! help me I'm doing wacky wordies, only have 3 to do!!! decimal decimal decimal ed ot overs pos'-i'-tive' thanks so much!!
  83. Math (Algebra)

    Can someone please check my answer? 9[73-(-95-61)]= 2061 if my answer is incorrect could you tell me where I missed? and the correct answer please? Thank you I would appreciate it...
  84. Math

    Forty-eight decrease by a number is the same as the difference of four times the number and seven. Find the number. Please help me and show your work please and thank you
  85. grade 6 math

    The shorter side of a rectangle is 20 m. Decreasing the longer side by 30 cm reduces the perimeter by one half. How long are the longer sides of the original rectangle? Explain the reasoning.
  86. Math grade 10

    a)determine whether the point A(-2, -6) lies on the circle defined by x^2 + y^2 = 40 b) find an equation for the radius from the origin O to point A c) Find an equation for the line that passes through A and is perpendicular to OA
  87. 3rd grade math

    I am a number greater than 99 and less than 1,000. Two of my digits that aren't next to each other are the same. My tens digit could not be greater and it is 1 more than my hundreds digit. What number am I?
  88. 5th grade Math

    How do I solve this problem: At Carver Elementary, there are 355 students altogether. The School has 25 more female students than males. How many males and females does Carver have?
  89. math

    in a lunch room 36 fifth graders and 27 fourth graders are siting in equal groups. all the students in each group are in the same grade. what is the greatest number of students that can be in each group?
  90. math

    in a lunch room 36 fifth graders and 27 fourth graders are siting in equal groups. all the students in each group are in the same grade. what is the greatest number of students that can be in each group?
  91. math

    mark's fifth grade class received the following scores on their science test: 100,100,50,50,90,90,70,70,80,80.Wat is the mode on the grades of the science test? Whats the answer? o.O
  92. math

    mark's fifth grade class received the following scores on their science test: 100,100,50,50,90,90,70,70,80,80.Wat is the mode on the grades of the science test? Whats the answer? o.O
  93. math

    mark's fifth grade class received the following scores on their science test: 100,100,50,50,90,90,70,70,80,80.Wat is the mode on the grades of the science test? Whats the answer? o.O
  94. 5th grade math (word problems)

    Stefan pours 5/8 cup of milk. He uses 2/3 of it for a bowl of cereal. What fraction of a cup of milk does he use with his cereal? solution: 5/8 * 2/3 = 10/24 = 5/6. So, is the answer 5/6?
  95. math 4th grade

    llene is making smoothies. The recipe calls for1 1/4 cups of strawberries. How many cups of strawberries, written as a fraction greater than one, are used in the recipe?
  96. third grade Math

    Julie made 206 cookies. 142 were chocolate chip. write the amount of chocolate chip cookies into a fraction. I am not sure how to solve this. Can anyone help me?
  97. Math 3rd grade

    Ms. S cut a pizza into 8 equal slices. Each person in her family ate 2 slices. If there are 3 people in her family, what fraction of pizza did they eat all together?
  98. Social studies

    2.Which of the following is a true statement? A. the qualifications for governor are less strict than those for a state senator. B. the qualifications for governor are the same as those for a state senator. C. the qualifications for governor are stricter than those for a state...
  99. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). What were the origins of the Soviet Union? A:The Soviet Union begun when the Communist Party has organized the different peoples absorbed during the centuries of Russia's imperial expansion, as well as by union treaty?
  100. Math

    I have a question.. I have a 90.7% in math right now and I need to bring it up to a 93%. The only thing left is the final exam, which is worth 10% of your grade. Does anyone know a formula or a method that will allow me to calculate what I need on the final exam to bump me up ...
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