5(N+2)=3/5(5+10n) And then I wrote down 5n+10 But what would do after that?

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  1. Algebra, check please?

    5(N+2)=3/5(5+10n) And then I wrote down 5n+10 But what would do after that? I know that the equal sign basically cuts it inhalf so that it's two problems.. but I just don't know what to do from that point. Help please? -Allyson
  2. math

    Simplify the Expressions 1) -4(3x-3) + 9(x+1)= -3x21 2) -9x(5x+4)+10(x+3)= -45x-26 x+3 3) n(1+ 10n)-n(4n-3)= 4n+6n 4) -2n(-8n-10)-6(-10n-3)= 96n - 10 5) 8(-4x-7)+3(9-9x)= 59x - 29 6) 9(3-10n)-3(10n+1)= 30n - 3 7) -4(1-8x)-9(-10x-1)= -58 - 5
  3. Math

    what are the answers to the following questions? 6n+16=26, n=? 8a-6=18 a=? -16-10n=24 n=? 18+14z=-6 z=? etc? show work please? 8a-6=18 a=? 8x?-6?18 8x3-6=18 the answer is 3 6n+16=26 6n=26-16 6n=10 10/6=1.6 n=1.6 -16-10n=24 10n=24+16 10n=40 40/10=4 n=4 18+14z=-6 14z=-6-18 14z=-...
  4. physics

    A boulder in a river has weight of 65N. It displaces a volume of water with a weight of 10N. Which is the net force on this rock? 55 N down 65 N down 75 N up 75 N down
  5. math

    Stacey drew a triangle on a coordinate plane. She wrote down the ordered pair for each vertex. How many ordered pairs did she wrote down?
  6. math

    i write out all the whole numbers,starting from 1,If i wrote 1994 digits altogether,what was the last complete number i wrote down
  7. science

    forces of 20N to the south,40N to the northeast, and 10N to be east act on the object.the magnitude of resultant force is a)10N b)39 N c)20 N d)46 N
  8. science

    guyz got a hard question... A net force of 10N to a 5 kg mass. bY HOW MUCH does a body accelerate.. Given: F=10N;m=5kg
  9. Algebra

    Simplify: (4m/5n^2)-(n/2m) A)(8m^2-5n^3)/10n^2m B)(8m^2+5n^3)/10n^2m C)(4m-n)/(5n^2-2m) D)2/5n^2 I chose C 4m/5n^2 - n/2m 4m/5(n)^2 - n/2(m) C
  10. Physics net force and mass

    Four boxes of various masses are placed on a friction free table. Rank these boxes according to net force by listing them in order from greatest to least. A) <-5N--| 5 kg |--10N-> B) <-10N--|10kg|-15N--> C) <-10N--|5kg|-15N--> D) <-5N--|20kg|-15N--> ...
  11. Algebra

    Write each expression in radical form. 1. (10n)^3/2 My answer: sqrt of 10n to the power of 3 Could it be simplified further to 10n times sqrt of 10n? 2. a^6/5 My answer: the fifth root of a to the power of 6 Could it be simplified further to "a" times the fifth root of "a"?
  12. Physics net force and mass

    Four boxes of various masses are placed on a friction free table. Rank these boxes according to net force by listing them in order from greatest to least. A) <-5N--| 5 kg |--10N-> B) <-10N--|10kg|-15N--> C) <-10N--|5kg|-15N--> D) <-5N--|20kg|-15N--> ...
  13. English 11

    Which of the following authors wrote in the same genre? (2 points) Anne Bradstreet William Bradford Olaudah Equiano Thomas Jefferson I think its Equiano and Bradford, but I'm not sure. Because Equiano wrote about the slave trade. Bradstreet wrote poetry. Jefferson wrote the ...
  14. physics

    Spring of 20cm extend to 30cm under a force of 10N.what will be its total length when extended by a force of 10N?
  15. science

    A net force of 10N to a 5kg mass. By how much does a body accelerate? Given: F=10N; M=5kg
  16. statics

    5N 30degrees and 10N 45 degrees 10N at 3rd quadrant. find the direction of resultant force.(in degrees) a.)2.74 b.)-4.57 c.)-2.74 d.)5.33 e.)4.57
  17. Maths

    The Full question is Write down the first five terms for these rules a) 2n + 2 b) 3n - 1 c) 10n + 6
  18. physics

    An object is moving to the right at a speed of 4 m/s. Four forces(10N North, 10N South, 20N Left, 20N Right) are applied to the object at the same time. What will be the object's speed in m/s after the forces are applied?
  19. physics

    An object is moving to the right at a speed of 4 m/s. Four forces(10N North, 10N South, 20N Left, 20N Right) are applied to the object at the same time. What will be the object's speed in m/s after the forces are applied?
  20. Algebra

    Add. (8n6 - 6n - 5n4) + (2n4 + 2n6 + 3n) I think I have this answer but am not sure if its 10n^6 - 3n^4 - 3n OR 10n - 3n^6 - 3n^4 I am pretty confident on the first answer. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  21. College Physics

    Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction of the net force on an object given that the following forces act on the object at the same time: 10N east, 20N down, 20N west, 30N down, and 20N up.
  22. Math

    My Math Problem is {4/5n + 9/2} = 49/10 8/10 45/10n = 53/10n 53/10 x 49/10 = 490/530 n= 60 am I correct
  23. Algebra

    A monic quadratic is a quadratic in which the coefficient of the quadratic term is 1. For example, r^2 - 3r + 7 is a monic quadratic, but 3t^2 - 3t + 1 is not. A teacher writes a monic quadratic on the board. Joanie copies the quadratic onto her paper, but writes down the ...
  24. Algebra

    A monic quadratic is a quadratic in which the coefficient of the quadratic term is 1. For example, r^2 - 3r + 7 is a monic quadratic, but 3t^2 - 3t + 1 is not. A teacher writes a monic quadratic on the board. Joanie copies the quadratic onto her paper, but writes down the ...
  25. theoretical probability

    Each student in a class of 25 students wrote down a random digit. What is the predicted number of students who wrote a digit that is greater than 7? The answer is 5... How did they get 5? THANK YOU!!
  26. american government

    How would the work of lobbyists be affected if there were no political parties? So I wrote about how there would be a lot of chaos if there weren't any political parties and how everyone would be divided. But I can't figure out this part about the lobbyists. I just wrote that ...
  27. English

    1. He wrote a letter with a pen. 2. He wrote a letter in a pen. 3. He wrote a letter in pen. 4. He was writing a letter in pencil/in fountain pen/ in a ball-point pen. (Is #2 incorrect? Why is that? Is #4 all correct? Do we have to delete 'a' or'an' after 'in'?)
  28. math

    Each student in a class of 25 students wrote down a random digit. What is the predicted number of students who wrote a digit that is greater than 7? THANK YOU!!
  29. chemistry, physics

    In the specific heat measurement does the sample have to be 100 C, or would a lower initial temperature do just aa well? I wrote down it doesn't matter, but i don't know why.

    can you help with these: for each inequality tell whether the number after symbol ; is a solution. x<7 ; 7 I said yes. p> -3 ; 3 i said yes k ¡Ý 5 ; 0 i said no 3z ¡Ü 12 ; 4 i said yes n - 5 >3 ; 6 i said no 2g + 8 ¡Ý 3 ; -1 i said yes also i need to write real ...
  31. English - Ms. Sue

    For my slideshow I had wrote down - - Jake draws away from everyone. But corrected it to withdraw, so would that be like - -Jake withdraws away from everyone, or Jake withdraws from everyone? I also wrote - - to act positive and move on, but she corrected me and said ...
  32. Maths

    In a bag there are a number of red and blue balls. The ratio of red to blue balls is 3:7. I add 10 balls and the ratio goes to 6:7 red to blue balls. How many blue balls are there? 3n + 7n = 10n (3n+10) + 7n = 10n + 10 6n + 7n = 10n + 10 13n = 10n + 10 3n = 10 N = 3.333 7n = ...
  33. Science

    1. A roach moves down the hall at 1.2 m/s. When he sees the janitor coming down the hall, he begins to run. After 3.2 s, he is moving at 3.6 m/s. What is his acceleration? 2. While waiting for his Mom to come out of the hairdresser's, Sean accidentally puts the car in gear and...
  34. music 2

    Thanks Dan for your previous help i understand the circle now !>!! Now i have one final question ... I am to learn the major triad for each note. i have to play five notes up then back down .. cna you explan to me how i go about doing so .? would it be like 1. starting at ...
  35. number theory

    If you wrote down at all whole numbers from 1 to 1000... 1,2,3,4,5....999,1000 ...which digit would appear the least?

    Please help and let me know if I did something wrong. If a cart is released from rest at a 10 meter incline and takes 28 seconds to travel down this incline. 1. Calculate the average speed of the cart? I wrote s=ad/at=10m/28 sec = 357 m/s 2. calculate the instantaneous ...
  37. Chem

    So i wrote a net ionic equation, and I believe is wrong. Fe(ClO4)3. I wrote 3H+(aq) + Fe(OH)3(s) = Fe3(aq)+ + 3H2O (l) Had to come up with the acid and base that would form the compound
  38. Math

    I am doing homework and supposed to write down prime numbers up to 50, this is what I wrote down. (1,3,5,7,11,13,17,22,23,2731,33,35,37,41,43,45,47) Is there any numbers missing?
  39. Math

    Stacey drew a triangle on a coordinate plane. She wrote down the ordered pair for each vertex. How many ordered pairs did she write down?
  40. English: Showing Possession

    In my English composition, I wrote the phrase "... my sister and I's favorite CD ..." According to my word processor's spell check there should not be an 's after I. Can 's be used after I? If not how would I show possession in the above phrase?
  41. Physics

    Tom is sladding down a hill. His sled starts from rest, and undergoes a uniform acceleration of 2.0 m/s2 down the slope. What is his speed after 1 second?, after 2 seconds? after 3 seconds?
  42. Physics

    create a problem that could be represented/answered by the following equation. Include a sketch. Be sure to ask a question. 2kg * a = kg * 10N/kg * sin30 - 0.3 2kg * 10N/kg * cos30 so far I got that the object has a 20N downward force and a pull 30 degrees from the horizontal...
  43. Physics

    A string of length 50cm is used to hang a picture frame from a nail hammered on a smooth wall. The frame is 20 cm wide and weighs 10N. It hangs symetrically. The angle which each part of the string makes with the vertical is 23.6. - State the magnitude and direction of the ...
  44. math

    Algebra is new this year. When my problem looks like this: n(10n). I know I have to multiply 10xn, but after that do I add or multliply my answer by n?
  45. english

    After the committee had deliberated, they __________ a report that included the concerns of the citizens. a) had written b) wrote c) had wrote d) written
  46. Physics

    Two forces 18N and 10N are inclined at right angle of 60° to each other. calculate (i) the resultant force (ii) the angle of resultant forces that makes the force of 10N.
  47. Math

    Six year old Rosie wants to write down all counting numbers up to one thousand. When she finished writing 12, she had 15 digits. Rosie gave up after she had correctly written 2358 digits. What was the last number she wrote?
  48. Calculus

    I wanted to know how you would know that -4x^2 + 2x +90 / x-5 would be able to factor down to (x-5)(-4x-18)/x-5 By looking at -4x^2 + 2x +90 / x-5 , I would never think that it could be factored down to (x-5)(-4x-18)/x-5 How should I approach it so I know that it could be ...
  49. English Expression

    Lesson objective We can learn the right life attitude through school life. Let's learn the expressions necessary in school life. Communication Functions a. Asking after. b. Describing the fact c. Asking dislikes Are you leading a merry school life? In our country, in each ...
  50. English

    I'm posting you a paragraph I wrote containing phrasal verbs. This is more urgent than the previous one. Thank you. 1) My friend looked very upset so I thought she needed to brighten up. I invited her to the cinema and she accepted. I thought popcorns would cheer her up. 2) I ...
  51. Math

    Antione and Zachary each wrote an expression to represent the problem "sixteen more than a number divided by four" Antoine wrote the expression 16 + n ÷ 4. Zach wrote the expression (16 + n) ÷ 4. Tell which student id correct
  52. Algebra check+help?

    What percent of 225 is 99? So then I wrote out 225 Over X and then I wrote = To 99/100? Is that what you would do? Because if you add up all percents, you should always get 100? Could someone correct me and help me get the right answer? THANK YOU! -Allyson
  53. Trig

    Please disregard last question .... wrote it down wrong .. Thanks
  54. Wriitng

    What would be the reaction of a teenage daughter after rescuing her parents after their kidnap? so this is for a story I'm writing. basically, my main character finds her parents and is finally there after a lot of hard work and struggle. she's seen a lot of things she wished ...
  55. English

    hello, I have to write a research paper on a paticular author. I chose Mary Shelly since we just finsihed reading Frankenstein. I need to narrow down my topic to make it more specific. I don't know how to start. I want to somehow relate her life with Frankenstein. By what her ...
  56. english

    this is a portion of my english homework that i cant do. i was assigned over 100 questions and these are the ones i need the most help with and i need to turn it in in like an hour so any help would be great :-) 1. Which is not a sentence fragment? A. Because I knew she would ...
  57. essay info help

    i'm doing an argument essay on why power plants should be shut down my college is like ten miles away from this power plant so it a very big issue in my town and i want to argue against power plants. i wrote down all my arguements, but i need help coming up with solutions ...
  58. Chemistry

    I think I get ionic compounds now. I'm just a bit unsure about my answers for these ones. 4. The cation is Au^3+ and the anion was SiO3subscript^-2. For the compound, I wrote (Au subscript2)subscript SiOsubscript3. Is this correct? Would it be called Gold Silicate then? 5. Fe^...
  59. algebra world problems

    1) the odometer on your car reads 20,186.7 after going 62.3 miles. write and solve an equation to determoine how many miles were on the odometere before going 62.3 miles. i wrote this; 0-62.3 = 20,186.7 2) michael bought a $25.00 gift for a friend. After he bought the gift, ...
  60. English

    1. Who wrote this letter? Who is this letter for? Bora wrote this letter. This letter is for Ms. Kim. Bora wrote this letter to Ms. Kim her teacher from last year. (Are the two answers correct?) 2. Bora's school begins at 8:30 a.m. My school begins at 8:30 a.m. as well. ...
  61. Math

    I have a question. My teacher wrote down that 0 is less than or equal to 10 is true. Why is that?
  62. Algebra

    Solve x^2-10x+22=0 by using the quadratic formula. After I substituted in the values for A, B, and C, and broke it down I got 10 plus or minus 2 times the square root of three/2. How do you break this down further? I know ten can be divided by 2 to get five, and 2/2 is 1, but ...
  63. Pre-Calculus

    3n=squareroot of 10n-1 And Y=squareroot of 7y-10 Help would be greatly appreciated!
  64. Chemistry

    The relative molecular mass of calcium carbonate is 100. What is the minimum volume of 2.0 M hydrochloric acid that would be needed to completely react with 2.0 g of calcium carbonate? options are A) 20 cm^3 B) 10 cm^3 C) 5 cm^3 D) 30 cm^3 E) 40 cm^3 I wrote down what I ...
  65. English

    Just two more things. I can't find a proper verb to include in 1. 1) Can I officially inform the parents about the existing cooperation between our schools, which will be accomplished (??)through various projects? 2) As I wrote you or as I wrote to you in my previous email? 3...
  66. Pre algebra

    How do I solve Quadratic equations by factoring? (for example how would I solve n2 - 10n = -21 if I was supposed to get the answers 7 and 3?
  67. English

    This is for my online class. I need help on making sure this is up to standards for the assignment The way that I have studied in the past was to write my notes in my own type of shorthand, I was able to write a good amount of information this way. I wouldn't really do any ...
  68. To Anonymous, Spanish

    Please check down below. You need to know that what you wrote is quite incorrect. Sra
  69. Comm/215

    Did the professor say “Put down your pencils?” Janice asked. I wrote this is it correct?
  70. aLgEbrA variable & expression

    i need to define a variable and write an algebraic expression for each phraase. 1) two points few than 3 times the number of points scored yesterday. i wrote: 3p-2 = 2) one metere more than 6 times your height in meters i wrote: 1 + 6h 3) seven pages fewer than half the number...
  71. pH- part 2

    how much .10M Base (in mL) is needed to neutralize 8.00mL of .10M Acid? base- NaOH, acid- HCl, base volume (mL)- ? base- NaOH, acid- HC2H3O2, base volume (mL)- ? VaNa=VbNb Vb= 8ml*.10N/.10N= 8m.
  72. Math

    1.The number of apples, a, is 6 less than half the number of pears, p. Write an expression that represents the number of apples in terms of the number of pears. 2.Which equation can be used to solve the following word problem? Jason has 4 more nickels than dimes, and the total...
  73. Math

    Vasya wrote down several consecutive integers. Which of the following could not be the percentage of odd numbers among them? (A) 40 (B) 45 (C) 48 (D) 50 (E) 60
  74. Math - Pre-Algebra

    Using Addition to Solve Equations Mr wilheim wrote down the amount of wax used for the Betsey Ross Statute. For the queen, he would .6 gallons less for the arms and 1.5 gallons less for the legs. That meant he would use 39.4 gallons of wax for Queen Elizabeth I. How many ...
  75. physics

    consider a solid cylinder rolling from rest down a plane inclined at an angle theta to the horizontal.After rolling down a distance s down the plane,determine (i) acceleration of the cylinder (ii) if the cylinder is hollow ; find its acceleration after a distance s
  76. American History

    Hi there. I was just wondering whether the blundering generation thesis about the civil war boils down to a belief that individual choices caused the war. I wrote in my notes that it is linked to the belief that the civil war was inevitable but that doesn't seem right. Any ...
  77. math

    After a dog or cat is given a preventive flea medicine, the medicine begins to break down in the animal’s bloodstream. With each passing hour, there is less active medicine in the blood. a. Complete the table and then draw a graph to show the amount of active medicine in a ...
  78. anthropology

    Describe social groups in general, and then compare/contrast 3 types of groups as discussed in the course. So I got the description down. I am trying to do the compare/contrast on friendship, clubs and cooperatives. I wrote down things in the book about each, but not much info...
  79. Percents and Porporitons help? ( Algebra) Check?

    What percent of 120 is 66? So on my paper.. I wrote 120 out of 100, because all percents add up to be 100 percent. And then I wrote = 66 over x. Is this correct? and then I would do the butterfly method? ( Cross Multiply) Thank you! -Allyson
  80. physics

    A friend plays an A note (440 Hz) on her piccolo while running towards you at 40 m/s. What frequency do you hear just before she runs into you? -I am not sure where to start on this problem. I wrote down the givens: fs=440 hz, vs=40 m/s, v=343 m/s. and I'm trying to solve for ...
  81. Physics

    I was wondering if my answers are correct. Thanks in advance. 1. A boy pushes down on a car rolling horizontally down the road. The boy pushes down vertically with 10N of force as the car rolls 3.0m horizontally. What work is done? my answer: 30 N•m (or would it be -30N•m...
  82. maths

    the distance travelled by an object thrown upwards in t seconds is 30t - 4.9t square metres. after how much time would it fall down? at what all times would it be 20 metres above the ground?
  83. poetry, please comment

    My, My, Myy My, my, my The world running by Way too fast for your eye Could we slow it down Just to say good bye Or am i even justified Because of all the lies Can we slow it down Or will we just die? My, my, my I will miss my life as the days go by And yet, Try as i might I ...
  84. American History

    This is what my teacher wrote up on the board today and i was needing some help with it i don't really understand it all... This is exactly what he wrote: In a page-long essay describe how we got Texas Include: Stephen Austin, Zachary Taylor, Manifest destiny, Santa Anna, ...
  85. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up in the air and passes a window 0.30s after being released. It takes 1.5s to go from the window to its maximum height and back down to the window. What was the initial velocity of the ball when it was released? I found where the ball would be after ...
  86. a really quick question over commas

    I was nervous to see who would be in my classes and what my teachers would be like, but after the day had gone by I had a feeling that it would be a great year. MY QUESTION: Would there be a comma after "by" or after "but"?
  87. English Expressions

    1. I work in that building across the street. 2. I am a computer programmer/ a computer scientist. 3. I am a banker/ bank clerk / bank employee / teller / 4. I am an information provider. 5. I am a prosecutor. 6. I am a lawyer/attorney. (Are both the same? Which one is popular...
  88. English

    1. She wrote with a pencil. 2. She wrote in pencil. 3. She is writing a letter in pen. 4. She is writing a letter with a pen. 5. She is writing a letter in a pen. -------------------------------- Are they all grammatical except #5? Why can't we put 'a' or 'an' after 'in' in ...

    Which numbers are solutions of each inequality? 1) X < 1: -2 , 1, 2 I WROTE: -2<1 TRUE 2) X > -5 : -7, -5 , -1 I WROTE: -1 > -5 TRUE i have more problems but i don't know how to type to you the ones that have symbol of < with line under to show: less than or ...
  90. Math

    True or False: 7/10=12/15 is a proportion. I wrote down False. Am I right?
  91. Algebra, explain?

    So I have to solve this problem 9a=6(a+4) And then I wrote down: 9a=6a+24 but I don't know what to do from there, can someone explain to me please?
  92. English

    Read the sentenced Add commas when they are needed. I wrote the letter folded it and mailed it. Comma after "letter" and a comma after the first it Justin prepared the soil planted the seeds and watered the garden Comma after soil and seeds Our dog ran across the lawn through ...
  93. English

    Can you please check my answers? 1.) In July, our neighbors had (went, gone) to Europe. Gone 2.) Have you (rode, ridden) the gray mare? Ridden 3.) A mountain climber must have (ran,run) into difficulty. Ran 4.) George should not have (wrote, written) the note. Written 5.) The ...
  94. phyics

    Why does the distance traveled by the ball in each half second after it is released change in the way that it does? A.Gravity is pulling down on the ball, so it accelerates down at a steady rate. B.The incline plane pushes up on the ball, so it accelerates down at a steady ...
  95. English

    Please check. I. Correct any errors in the following sentences. Do not use different verbs (for example, “recline” instead of “lie down”). Provide the correct form of the verb given: 1. Yesterday I let my students lay down for a nap, but most of them preferred to set ...
  96. English

    In my essay I wrote "doing lots" in a sentence and my teacher wrote me back feedback saying it was colloquial , how can I correct /change this and what can I use instead? Thanks :)
  97. music

    I can’t get back to the page but thank you Ms. Sue. I went back and found each answer individually and wrote them down. hopefully you can forgive me.
  98. physics

    An electric motor exerts a constant torque of 10N⋅m to the shaft of a grindstone with mass 16kg and radius 0.5m. If the system starts from rest, find (a) the rotational kinetic energy of the grindstone after 8s, (b) the work done by the motor during this time, and (c) the ...
  99. As physics

    Silver plating: A student attempts the process of silver plating to determine the mass of a silver atom. a series of objects are measured, then electroplated for a measure period of time, while maintaining a steady current through a solution of silver nitrate in tap water. ...
  100. Another Poem

    A series of Lies Poem A Tell a series of lies about yourself B.Begin with the line, “I wish I were not so...” C.End the poem with an “if” section. Here is an example: I wish I were not so brilliant. My incredible mind overflows with ideas Weighing me down with ...
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