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would being accepted into a state-wide orchestra be considered a leadership service? because it helped inspire others...

_2__ = ____2___ x-9 x^2-6x-27 Solve the equations Check solutions to the equations (plug the answer back into the original equation.)

. Let p, q, and r be the following statements: p: Jamie is on the train. q: Sylvia is at the park. r: Nigel is in the car. Translate the following statement into English: (p ~q) r

If we instead used 90 g of steam, how much of the 200 g of water would have turned into 100° C steam in the end?

A cubiod is cut into two triangular prisms by a single cut. Each of the resulting solids has How many faces? How many edges? How many vertices?

Let R be the region bounded by y = 1/x, the lime x = 1, the line x = 3 and the x-axis. The line x = k divides R into two regions of equal area. Determine k.

What are the main questions that the Commanding Heights series is posing about globalization and economics and how does it fit into the concept of development?

A pizza is cut into 12 pieces. Describe the steps you would take to find the area of one slice of the pizza.....Help?!

how do i turn this sentence People who attract a lot of friends are neither negative nor greedy. into a parallel sentence

Government US
This is not a homework.. but I was just wondering... was the US government forced to start imperialism ? Was it because of the cold war US was dragged into the worldly affairs?

What is the impact speed when a car moving at 95km/h bumps into the rear of another car traveling in the same direction at 93km/h?

a carpenter needs to cut a plank of wood that is 3.75m long into 5 equal pices what is the length of each piece of wood?

English (MLA)
Lets say you need to put a quote with several sentences into an essay, how (in format) you would you quote this?

What is the impact speed when a car moving at 114.0 km/h bumps into the rear of another car traveling in the same direction at 104.5 km/h?

a kettle turns 1000j electric energy into 350j of heated water. what is its efficiency? where is the other energy 'wasted' to?

Human Realtions - "You" and "I" Messages
Hi, I'm stuck on changing "You" language into "I" language on these statements: "You need to get more sleep." "You watch too much TV."

translate the phrase into a mathematical expression and then simplify. nine times a number subtract twice the same number

John spent 1/4 of his paycheck on games. Then he put $24.00 into his savings. He then had 1/4 of his paycheck left. How much was his original amount?

convert the compound statements into words p= babies eat bananas q= babies do not sleep through the night ~(P arrow q)

calculate the increase in entropy when 1gm of ice at -10C is converted into steam at 100C. specific heat of ice=0.5,

Let p, q, and r be the following statements: P: Jamie is on the train. q: Sylvia is at the park. r: Nigel is in the car. Translate the following statement into English: ( ~ p Ë„ q) --> r

A certain isotope has a half-life of 12 hrs. How long will it take for 100 ƒÝgr to decay into only 25 ƒÝgr?

Tom has somee cubes that are two proudest cm on each side. How many of them will fit into a box that is a cube with each side four cm long?

a piece of wire 3.5m long was cut into lengths each measuring 0.05m long.Calculate the number of pieces obtained.

Cutting a circle into equal sections of a small central angle to find the area of a circle by using the formula A=pi*r*r

Show the steps necessary to transform the compound on the left into the acid on the right (CH3)3CCH2BR ------------------>(CH3)3CCH2C(=O)OH

Water falls from a height of 84 m. Assuming that all the energy is converted into heat, the rise in temperature of water will be (4200 J/(kg °C) and g=10 m/s2)?

English 8R - Project Help!
Slow Pace I can't put it into a definition, please help. This is for my rural area project (I already explain it to you before).

What happens if you shine a pin light into somebody at close distance so that the other eye is not exposed to the light? Pls. any help will do.

1-how Do you think Mrs clemm reacted to Poe's message. 2-what new insight into Edgar Allan Poe did you get from this letter

A 40 lb football player runs at 12 mph into a 60 lb player(initially at rest). How fast do the two move after the collision?

Joe put 1/2 of his allowance into a savings. He spent 2/5 of the remainder on game rentals and 3.75 on snacks. How much is monthly allowance?

what is the least number of cubes that can be formed by completely cutting a large cube into smaller cubes that are identical to each other 2 4 6 8 16

Latin Practice
Will you please give me extremely basic sentences that I have to translate into Latin using direct objectums?

AP Chemistry
What would be the final temperature of the system if 20 g of lead at 100◦C are dropped into 20 g of water at 30 ◦C in an insulated container?

Kharkutta govt. School
Split 597 into three parts such that these are in A.P. and the product of the two smallest parts is 796

a 9 foot board is cut into two pieces .one is 3.5 feet longer than the other. how long is the longer piece?

During protein synthesis, the sequence of nucleotides in an mRNA transcript is translated into a sequence of ___. I'm stuck on this question.

if known h2 + br2 produce delta h 2hbr totaled 11.2 -72 then to decipher hbr gas into H2 and br2 as much heat is required?

alaine has a ribbon that is 14 and one half feet long how long will each strip be if she cuts it into four equal parts

chris is cutting a roll of cookie dough into piecies that are 3/4 ft thick.if the roll is 3 3/4ft long, how many pieces can he make

If a gardener has 2.625 pounds of soil and divides it into bags with equal amounts, how much soil would be in each bag?

Separate 178 into two parts such that the first part is 8 less than twice the second part. Explain!

if an ideal gas expands rapidly doing work 450 j of work on its environment, how much heat flowed into or out of it

The power output of a star is 7.22 x 1028 watts. Every 47.0 seconds, the star converts _________ kg of its mass into energy.

A hockey player lifts a 600 g trophy up into the air a distance of 75.0 cm. The work done against gravity on the trophy is __________ J.

what do the words, "express m in terms of n" mean? which wors would be considered the input variable into the expression? algebra 1 homework

Help math
a ribbon measuring (v+4) feet in length was cut into two pieces in the ratio 3:7. What was the length of the longer piece? answer

Silver is composed of a single type of atom and cannot be broken down into different substances. Silver is an example of a(n) _____.

Translate this phrase into algebraic expression--Three more than the product of 24 and Mabel's height with m to represent Mabels height

linear algebra urgent
Use the Gram-Schmidt process to transform the basis 1 1 1 , 0 1 1 , 2 4 3 for the Euclidean space R3 into an orthonormal basis for R3.

A new organism is introduced into a ecosystem. it gets its nutrients from a dead tree. can this organism be described as a scavenger or decomposer

A stone is dropped into a well of depth 11 m. How long after that, the sound of the splash can be heard? Given speed of sound =343ms^-1

A stone is dropped into a well and the sound of the splash is heard after 3.91 seconds. If the depth of the well is 67.7 meter, find the velocity of sound???

The volume of a block of a gold is 0.5 m sqare. if it is hammered into a sheet to cover an area of 1 hectare,find the thicness of the sheet.

Nina has a stick 5 ft. long. She saw it into 8 equal length pieces. How long will each piece be? Fraction Would it be 5/8 or 8/5 confused


Divide 59ml into two parts such that one part is 7ml less than 5times the second one

Sam needs to cut a piece of sheet metal into 8 pieces, it takes 5 minutes to cut, how many cuts will he make.

cutting a circle into equal sections of a small central angle to find the area of a circle by using formulae

a cylinder has a height of 7cm and a surface area S=88meter square. what are the radius and volume of this cylinder?convert your answer into cm.

eng 122
It is important to transform informal language into academic voice. (Points : 1) True False answer true

maht science
One litter of orange juice is poured equally into 8 glasses. How many milliliter does one glass hold?

Morgan combines 48 red marble and 45 blue marble, he divides them equally into baskets. Find the way how he writes.

You deposit $4000 each year into an account earning 6% interest compounded annually. How much will you have in the account in 30 years?

How many moles of NaOH can be added to 1L solution 0.1M in NH3 and 0.1 M in NH4Cl without changing the POH by more than 1 unit kb NH3 = 1.8 into 10^_5

debbie anderson cuts a piece of wood measuring 3 3/8 inches into two equal pieces. How long is each piece?

A board 26 3/8 inches long must be cut into three pieces of equal length. Find the length of each piece.

Translate the sentence into an inequality. Six subtracted from the product of 2 and a number is at least 18 Use the variable y for the unknown number.

I came across a problem and noticed that (ln4)/2 = ln√4. How do I rewrite (ln4)/2 into ln√4 or verify that the two are equal without a calculator?

Describe What Happens When Aqueous Nh4 Is Slowly Poured Into A Solution Of Znno3 Until There Is Excess Nh3 Solution

Social Studies (check my answers)
1. Mexico's economy is based largely on (2 points) oil exports. mining. agriculture and livestock.** industry. 2. Many indigenous people in Guatemala live in the mountains because (2 points) it is the only land available to them. the soil is very good for farming. they don't ...

Lab: Determining Ka of Acetic Acid Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the molar concentration of a sample of acetic acid and to calculate its Ka. Materials: 25 mL pipet and bulb burette 2x150 mL beaker 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask acetic acid solution sodium ...

When simplifying a rational fraction, why do you need to factor the numerator and the denominator? Include two examples! to get like terms Can you explain a little more? When you factor then you can cancel like terms Example: 12/3 (3)(4) ------- = 4/1 =4 3 i need to ask you a ...

math check please
would some please check this for me. An important fact to consider is that a person needs to burn off 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound. The following table shows the number of calories burned per hour (cal/h) for a variety of activities, where the figures are based on a 150-...

Ions are eletrically charged particles that are formed when certain compounds are dissolved in water. These solutions will conduct eletricity. The swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius coined the term ion (which means wanderer) to explain why solutions of eletrolytes will conduct...

preposition questions
i need to underline the preposition in each sentence and draw an arrow pointing to its object 1) Valentines Day is in February. prep - in pointed to Februaray 2) Ihave new puppy at home. prep = at pointed to home 3) There are 2 pairs of shoes under the bed. prep under pointed ...

What is the primary reason for the trend in atomic radius going from left to right across the periodic table? 1.All atoms in a given period of the table are the same size because the same main energy level is being filled. 2.There is no clear trend, the atoms all have ...

Again, that all makes sense. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I did get the derivative you show, but then divided through by 6 to get at the stationary points. Was that wrong? I'm only looking for a critique please, not answers! given: f(x)= −2x 3 +21x 2 −...

gravational force deimos, a satellite of amrs, has an average radius of 6.3 km. If the gravational force between deimos and a 3.0 kg rock at its surface is 2.5x10(-2)N..what is the mass of deimos ? Use the Universal Law of gravitation: Force= G Mm/distance^2 Solve for M. i did...

Energy Transfer in Natural Systems
If u reach into a hot oven to remove a pizza, ur arm is not burned by the hot air but would be burned if u touched the pan. Explain. If u reached into a hot oven to remove a pizza, ur arm would not get burned by the hot air, instead it would get burned if u touched the pan ...

SS7R - DBQ Essay (plz read!)
Sectionalism – The Civil War From the 1820’s to the 1860’s the North and South had different thoughts over slavery. It expanded through different sections of America. The North and South started to develop new ways in which to make money and lifestyles. ...

Can you check the word choice in the following sentences? 1. We never did make to the stadium that day. 2. When the dog was jumping back on his pillow, he dragged the laptop with him. The laptop fell into the dustbin, which overturned spilling everything on the floor. 3. Once ...

Please explain to me how to do these problems...Thanks 1. Find the value of x...x/6-x/8=1 2. The combined resistance of two resistors r1 and r2 in a parallel circuit is given by the formula rt= 1/(1/r1)+ (1/r2)...simplify the formula... 3. Fungicides account for 1/10 of the ...

A smokestack deposits soot on the ground with a concentration inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the stack. With two smokestacks 20 miles apart, the concentration of the combined deposits on the line joining them, at a distance x from one stack, is given...

Calculus II
So I'm trying to integrate a function using partial fractions. Here is the integral of interest: ∫(3x^2+5x+3)/[(x+2)(x^2+1)]dx. Since the numerator's degree of the polynomial is lesser than that of the denominator's degree, it is clear to separate. However, once I ...

I am helping my friend move into his new apartment. During the move, we have to load boxes into the back of his truck. To make it easier to load them, we've set up a metal ramp so that we can slide the boxes up to the deck of the truck. The box shown in the figure has a mass ...

In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using a smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in ...

University English 101
Society often forces individuals to act a certain way. The manipulation of blending into the masses in order to follow the standards of society during the civil rights era is the main point of "The Library Card" by Richard Wright. In the fourth paragraph of the fourth page he ...

11-16 NPV and IRR John’s Publishing Company, a new service that writes term papers for college students, provides 11-page term papers from a list of more than 500 topics. Each paper will cost $7.50 and is written by a graduate in the topic area. John’s will pay $20,000 for...

A uniform 160 N ladder rests against a perfectly smooth wall, making a 70 degree angle with the wall (ladder is 7 m long). (a) find the normal forces that the wall and the floor exert on the ladder. B) what is the friction force on the ladder at the floor? I tried to solve the...

Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is a chemical change? (1 point) boiling of water melting a cube of ice dissolving 10 grams of salt in water splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen * 2. What is the mass of water that results from combining 2.0 g of hydrogen with 16.0...

What are Fractions? Numbers equal to one integer divided by another integer. Integers are whole numbers, like 1, 2, 3 etc. Fractions are numbers like 2/3. These numbers are solutions of equations that don't always have a solution in terms of integers. The equation 2x=4 has the...

math word problem gr 6
Two mothers and two daughters divided $21 in dollar bills evenly among themselves. Each received an equal number of dollar bills. How could this be? One momma is a grandmother. That makes three folks. Grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter. each one will receive $5.25 This ...

Macho Tool Company is going public at $50 net per share to the company. There also are founding stockholders that are selling part of their shares at the same price. Prior to the offering, the firm had $48 million in earnings divided over 12 million shares. The public offering...

This is the poem question 1 is talking about. Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea change Into something rich and strange. Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell Ding-...

English - To Ms. Sue
The teacher wants us to express our answer to this question in a quote, then underneath that, she wants us to tell what we mean by it. I have expressed what I mean, but I just can't turn these into quotes. What would be two advantages of being immortal, and two disadvantages ...

Health (Ms. Sue)
"A man moved into the apartment next door to Tasi last week. He makes her nervous. Whenever she passes him in the hall, he looks over her whole body. Yesterday, when Tasi came home from school, the man asked her to come over his apartment to watch a movie. When she said she ...

Kobe Bryant scored 62 points against the Dallas Mavericks in an NBA game. He made 17 of 29 shots. What is his shooting percentage? The answer should be 17%. How do you get that? I have calculated the answer to be 58.6%. the score was 17 out of 29, so 17 is divided by 29 to ...

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