-8x > -64 A little confused on how this is done.

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  1. Grammar

    I'm a little confused with this question about infinitives and infinitive phrases: Choose the sentence that contains an infi. or an infi. phrase- a.will you take the playbook back to coach? b.Help me find your little sister's shoe please c.to everyone at home, we sent our ...
  2. English

    To Build a Fire by Jack London Where is the man originally from? Note: I have read the whole short story. I'm just a little confused where he is coming because it's a little unclear.
  3. Algebra

    I am very confused about functions. I think if I could see this example, then I'll be good. f(x)=x^2 and g(x)=5x. I am supposed to find f (little circle that's used in Danish...what's it called in math terms?) g, and g little circle f. Thank you so much.
  4. science

    Little help needed with moles... Given 4.14x10 to the 23rd formula units of Na2SO4, ho many moles of Na2So4 would you have. Just a little confused as to solving this, so if you can explain how it is done also, that would really help.
  5. Math

    -8x > -64 A little confused on how this is done.
  6. math

    I'm a little confused on how to solve this system of equations. 5a=5 6b-3c=15 2a+7c=-5 Thanks
  7. grade 9 GEOGRAPHY

    I posted a question earlier about the sensitive tourist I am a little confused on what the question is asking exactly. "Sensitve tourist" suggestions so that visitors can minimize their impact on the local environment and community. My paper is on the Mixedwood Plains. So ...
  8. PreCal

    1n e^5 a little confused how to determine exact value Is it? log(e)e^5 e^x=e^5 x=5
  9. math

    what is a variable? is it a number or a letter? im a little confused..... please help
  10. BPC110

    Hello, I am trying to use APA format. I did some short answers and found answers in my text book, and there are 3 authors. I am just very confused if I do in cite notation, put the citation at the very bottom of each question I answered, or what. If someone could help me I ...
  11. gov

    two-thirds majority of both houses. is that 2/3 of house + 2/3 of senate or 2/3 of house + senate It means 2/3 of both the house, and the senate. bob, i'm still a little confused. is it my first answer or the second? It is 2/3 of each part of Congress. It cannot be the ...
  12. Math

    Please help I am a little confused!!!! Graph using the slope and y-intercept.. x + 3y = 9.
  13. Math/117

    Please help I am a little confused!!!! Graph using the slope and y-intercept.. x + 3y = 9.
  14. Algebra

    I really appreciate your help. I am still a little confused, when I add -36 +9 -99 I get 126. I don’t understand the -72.
  15. math

  16. chem

    What does it mean by Keq? Pls need an explanation with this. I'm a little bit confused. Thanks
  17. Trigonometry

    A little confused on this one... Find the amplitude and the period of h(x) = 1/2 cos (-πx).
  18. math

    how do you write .0125 as a fraction and mixed number in simplest form? Little confused.
  19. chem

    Is CaCl2 an ionic compound or molecule? plss help. i'm just a little bit confused.
  20. Math

    I am a little confused with this: How do I change 8 1/3% into a fraction? Can someone explain or show me so I can understand? Thanks
  21. English

    Why don't you try a little harder? Why not try a little harder? Why don't we try a little harder? Let's try a little harder. Let's try a little harder, shall we? Shall we try a little harder? How about trying a little harder? What about trying a little harder...
  22. algebra1

    im doing my summer homework & im a little confused on this one...please help me... What is the next term in the geometic series 16,-4,1,-1/4,..... a. -1/8 b.0 c.1/16 d.1/8 e.1/2
  23. Reading

    What is the difference between round and flat characters exactly. I think i know a little but i am a bit confused.
  24. 7th grade

    Thanks for the websites still a little confused on what animals would be considered a renewable resource?
  25. Calculus 2

    Does Series n=1 to infinity 1/2n+1 converge or diverge? I'm thinking it converges, because p would be < 1 right? I'm a little confused.
  26. Math

    (w^-2j^-4) ^-3 (f^7 f^3) simply using positive exponents I think I double of the the threes and add. Little confused
  27. com 220

    ok so for my final essay I have chose to write about teenage pregnancy but Im a little confused as to which direction I want to go on my paper...any suggestions? I was leaning more towards the education about teen pregnancy how little education there is for kids today...also ...
  28. agebra

    Hey, im a little confused with this question: 2^n x 4^(n+1) / 8^(n-2) I have to change all bases to 2 then simplify fully. Thanks everoyne.
  29. algebra

    Hey, im a little confused with this question: 2^n x 4^(n+1) / 8^(n-2) I have to change all bases to 2 then simplify fully. Thanks everoyne.
  30. Chemisty/Bio

    Is a environment that is hypoxic or anoxic the same as acidic?? I am a little confused how the two relate to each other?
  31. Chemistry

    Is Zn+2 diamagnetic or paramagnetic? I am a little confused on how to figure this out and I'm finding inconsistent answers when I tried to look this up. Thanks!
  32. Math (Help please)

    Hi! I'm a little confused on what I'm suppose to do for this problem. Can someone help? Thanks! Directions: Which element would be in Row 3, Column 1? [1 5 6 -2 7 11 4 0 -1 2 9 7]
  33. English - Native speakers

    Can we say : Scientist have a little hope of finding a cure for cancer or little hope.Can we say both? A little means positive and little negative
  34. calculus HS

    Thanks for your help . I need to sketch the graph of f(x) = Sqrt 5-4x-x2 by completing the square. I assume I use the quadratic formula for this. But I am a little confused.
  35. Science

    Hi, I have to revise for an upcoming test and I was a little bit confused about selective breeding. Please help Jiskha :)
  36. English

    Confused a little is verb correct in following sentence? Not only the newspaper, but also the radio warns of the approaching crisis.
  37. Math Review HELP

    Perform the following addition subtraction problem.s Be careful about operations and parenthesis. (3.5*10^3)(4.2*10^5)+(4.3*10^-4)(2.1*10^-2) A little confused... Please Help,,, thanks
  38. Latin

    I'm a little bit confused about Latin declensions. I understand that there's first and second declension nouns and adjectives (as well as a handful of other declensions which we haven't learned yet). But what if you want to mix declensions, and decline a first declension ...
  39. Physics

    calculate the change in GPE when a 5kg shotput is dropped 6m to the ground. Wouldn't it just be zero? I'm a little bit confused as to how to get the answer...
  40. french

    What is le PMU in france and what graph could I use to represent it? i tried looking up information but am a little confused. Is it like betting on certain games?
  41. math

    If I am converting 0.00603 into scientific notation, which would be correct? 6.03 x 10^-3 OR 60.3 x 10^-4 I am a little confused about what to do when there is a zero between two numbers.
  42. Art

    I'm a little confused on this. The Greek arch can typically be seen in what American structure? A. Bridges B. Courthouses C. Captial buildings D. Libaries. Is the answer D?
  43. Religion

    Hi Miss Sue. I'm still a little confused. How can I start off my paragraphs on how I see the Holy Spirit working through those 5?
  44. Language Arts

    in "your little voice"...what is the purpose of the image of the merry flowers skipping? A) to show that the people in the poem are part of nature B) to help you picture the garden where the poem takes place C) to capture the sound and rhythm of the little voice D)to convey ...
  45. Alg 2 (HS)

    Solve 4^(x+2)= 160 use a cal and round your answer to the nearest hundredth How would I work out this problem? I'm a little confused with this one.
  46. algebra functions

    how do i calculate this if f(x)= 3x+1 and g(x)=x+2 find (f+g)(x) and calculate (f+g)(1) a little confused can some one please help me thank you
  47. English

    Aristotle's Virtues: Vice of Excess: Rashness the Virtuous Mean: Courage Vice of Deficiency: Cowardice I'm just confused. Would the "Vice of Deficiency" mean the deficiency of the virtuous mean? Meaning is cowardice the deficiency of courage?? OR does the "vice of Deficiency" ...
  48. Calculus

    Could someone please help me on this question where you find the limit. I'm having a test tomorrow and I'm a little confused. lim -x/√(4-x^2) x-->-2+ Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  49. math

    Which of the following is/are true? A.x-y+z/y-x-z=1 B.3a-b<1/3a+b=>9a^2-b^2<1 C.p^2-pq+q^2=(p-q)^2 I think they are all false,because for A if i had to substitute with numbers i wont get 1 and for B im a little confused but i cross multiplied as for C (p-q)^2 its ...
  50. physical science

    the greatest of the 4 forces would be strong force not electromagnetic force - I am a little confused from the reading
  51. Math

    May I have your help in solving this type of function ? y = square root of x+1 I get a little confused when a radical is present in the function.
  52. pre alebra

    I am not sure but 7200S= 800 .i thought i had to multiply but i am a little confused because the 800 is smaller
  53. grammar

    I'm a little confused. so it's first and a? For the Jim Thorpe was the first winner of a gold metal among Native Americans.
  54. Chemistry

    A little confused on this question... I think I would need to take the solute and put it over the solvent, and then use molar mass. Confused on how density plays into this problem. Sucrose is very soluble in water. At 25ºC, 211.4 grams of sucrose will dissolve in 100 g of ...
  55. Organic Chem

  56. English

    I need some help with verb tense. I get a little confused on which tense to use if I write in present and past. Help please! Thanks much!
  57. Physics

    What visible wavelengths will eject electrons from a a metal with a work function of 2.6 eV? Please show all work I am a little confused :)
  58. Math

    Dear Ms. Sue, Thank you for helping me very much. I was a little confused on your response to your answer posted at 7:23. Would my answer be 18 instead of 12? Thank you!
  59. algebra i

    I'm a little confused at how to do this problem, could you check this to make sure I have it done right ? (x-4)^2 = 625 (undo square by square root) (x-2) = 25 (x+2) = 25 x = 27 x = 23
  60. Algebra 1

    Thank you so much for helping me with the first question. I have and another question that I am a little confused on also, could you please help me with this one too? Y-8=3/7 (X-6) I got y= 7/3x +38/7 Is this correct?
  61. dr.bob222

    when you get a small little chance can you check my math in last message i posted. thank you. I read the post earlier but didn't post a response because I was confused by the c in the formula.
  62. Georgia Studies

    I always get a little confused. Was the Union the side of the Blacks or the Confederates? And why is it that the Union had better advantages than the south? Thanks -mysterychicken
  63. math

    a man gets an invoice for $460 with terms 2/10, 1/15, n28 ow much would he pay 25 after the invoice date? help a little confused?
  64. Geometry

    I'm a little confused about what a Pythagorean Triple is. As long as your two legs are both whole numbers, isn't every one a triple?
  65. Hcs 431

    can someone help me with my question below? im confused i think it is Technology Recruiting Hiring Training Organization Development Communication Performance Management but im not sure can i get a little explanation please?
  66. Math

    Which algebretic equation correct represents this sentence? 25 is three times a number decreased by 8. A. 25 = 3w - 8 ? B. 3 = 25w - 8 ? C. 3 = 25w + 8 ? D. 25 =3(w + 8) ? a little confused lol.. help? Thanks Everyone So Much
  67. Geometry

    If a/4 = b/7, what is the value of a/b? Can somebody guide me through a step by step please? I know it's cross multiplication, I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing since I'm a little confused with this one.
  68. molal

    the freezing point of ethanol (C2H5OH) is -114.6C. the molal freezing point depression constant for ethanol is 2.00C/m. what is the freezing point (C) of a solution prepared by dissolving 50.0 g of glycerin (C3H8O3, A nonelectrolyte) in 200 g of ethanol. i tried to solve it on...
  69. Physiology

    For discussion of endocrine disorders 1.Diabetes insipidus Hormone affected? Too much or too little? 2.Graves’ disease Hormone affected? Too much or too little? 3.Acromegaly Hormone affected? Too much or too little? 4.Addison’s disease Hormone affected? Too much or too ...
  70. Math

    How do find the inverse function for this problem: f(x) = -(x+3)^2, x is greater or less than 3 I know the first thing you do is switch the variables, so it looks like this: x = -(y+3)^2 Then expand: x = -y^2-6y-9 And solve for y: x + 9 = -y^2-6y I get a little confused after ...
  71. Psychology

    Can we use what we know about cognitive dissonance to help people improve the way they deal with their problems? I know what this means, its like making the best out of something you know is a bad situation, but I'm a little confused, please help
  72. Trigonometry

    My question is little a=6.17,; little b=5.25, little c=3.02 . Find A
  73. molal (again)

    i tried to solve it on my own but im confused about the last part, this i what i have so far.. moles of glycerin= 50.0/92.10=0.54 molality=0.54/0.200=2.7 is that right? im a little confused about the numbers im supposed to use for step 3... this was the question: the freezing ...
  74. Math (repost)

    How do find the inverse function for this problem: f(x) = -(x+3)^2, x is greater than or equal to 3 I know the first thing you do is switch the variables, so it looks like this: x = -(y+3)^2 Then expand: x = -y^2-6y-9 And solve for y: x + 9 = -y^2-6y I get a little confused ...
  75. help!

    A horizontal translation is applied to the graph of y= X^ 3 + 2 so that it will pass through (3, 10) what is the new equation for the graph? how do I do this? When x=3, one wants y to be 10 y= (x+a)^3 + 2 20= (3+a)^3 + 2 solve for a. I would change it to 18=(3+a)^3 and take ...
  76. Math / Fractions

    I have 3 mixed fractions 2 1/4 , 1 1/2 , 3 5/8 Now I already turned them into improper fractions. 9/4 , 3/2 , 29/8 But I'm a little confused on how to get the common denominator.. Is it 8? or do I multiply their factors?
  77. physics

    ok i saw the responses thanks still a little bit confused ok what variable is different or varaies in the sitations were you to walk say down a hill and feel that it is easier and when walking up a hill which is harder
  78. geometry

    Im sorry i know you just answered this but can you go a little in depth like im very confused right now "The volume of a cone is 180cm^3 , if the radius and the height are 3 times more, what would be the volume ???"
  79. Math

    If we toss four fair coins, what is the probability that we get more heads than tails? HHHH TTTT HHTT TTHH HTHT THTH HHHT TTTH HTTH THHT Would the answer be 2/10? I am a little confused. Thanks for the help!
  80. Reading check pleaseee

    Which word best describes the theme of "Sympathy" by Paul Laurence Dunbar? hope restriction admiration activity I choose C only because it seems more sense but I'm still a little confused...
  81. Math

    I am a little confused, can someone please help me? I the radius of a circle is 5m, what is the area of the circle? Is this the same as the surface area and it would be 10m?
  82. math

    I'm a little confused about the different kinds of equations - what is the difference between exponential and quadratic, and exponential, quadratic, and linear?
  83. Geometry

    What is a counterexample of the following conjecture? Conjecture: Any number that is divisible by 3 is also divisible by 6 36 27 23 18 Is it C, 23? A little confused:p Please help? Thanks
  84. algebra

    I am a little confused with the term expand. the question is find each term: the fourth term in the expansion of (4y+X)^4 I looked at pascals triangle is the answer -4X(-4y^3) does the problem call for the renaming or rearranging of x and y?
  85. English

    1. She was confused at his error. 1-2. She was confused by his error. 2. He was confused about something. 3. He is confused in mind. (Are they all grammatical? Which prepositions are commonly used?) 4. That is very confusing to the public. 5. That is very confusing for the ...
  86. Chemistry II

    what is the molar mass of a gaseous organic compound with a density of 3.38 g/L at 40oC and a pressure of 1.97 atm? Ok, I am little confused because I am not sure of where to plug in the density and the atm?
  87. French

    I am a little confused as to how a sentence can have a what looks like a "complement de phrase" but is actually part of the subject. I am supposed to formulate a sentence that is like this. Thanks for any assistance.
  88. Chemistry

    Rank the compounds by stand molar entropy. F2(g), Ne(g), HF(g) I am a little confused by this question, wouldn't it be ranked by the molar mass of each compound? So, F2(g) is the highest and HF(g) is the lowest in entropy?
  89. Math problem

    a little confused please help what is the square root of 160- square root of 20.
  90. computer graphic

    This control on the Layers Palette in Photoshop changes the selected layer, allowing to show through from underneath. a See-through b transparency c saturation d color mode i am little confused between a and b...
  91. P.E. help please

    Your body gets antibodies from A. immunizations B. being exposed to the virus or antibody and having your immune system make it. C. none of the above D. All of the above I'm a little confused on which answer to pick between A and D.
  92. English

    1. I was confused by what to do. 2. I was confused at what to do. 3. I was confused over what to do. 4. I was confused about what to do. 5. I was confused what to do. 6. I was puzzled by what to do. 7. I was puzzled at what to do. 8. I was puzzled over what to do. 9. I was ...
  93. math/urgent

    PLEASE tell me how you are supposed to come to the answer to this. and what is the answer: a number x is y more than a number y times x i'm a little confused, and i have to teach this to a student. thanks a lot
  94. math

    Im a little confused can someone please help? Solve: -7x-24=-26 1/3 This is what i did, not sure if I did it right. -7x-24=-26 and 1/3, -24 from both sides -7x= 2 and 1/3, then divide by -7 and got x= -2 and 1/3 over -7 I have no idea how to right that so I know it has to be ...
  95. Language Arts

    What is the simple predicate in this sentence? Branches buried in the mud are food for the winter. a. are b. buried c. for I thought it was buried, but when I submitted the answer for a pre-test it said it was wrong and I'm a little confused.
  96. English

    1. I'd like you to meet my family. 2. This is my dad, mom and little brother. 3. This is my dad, my mom and my little brother. 4. This is my dad. This is my mom. And this is my little brother. 5. These are my dad, mom and little brother. 6. These are my dad, my mom and my ...
  97. calculus

    Hi, I have the following HW question and I'm a little confused: Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y=1/sqrt(x) and y=0 for 1 <= x <= 2 about the line y=-1. So far I have the integral 2pi (-1-y)(1-1/y^2) dy from -1 to 1, but that's ...
  98. Calc I

    I'm a little confused about this one, it seems different from the rest of our homework! Could someone give me some hints? Thank you! Find the first and second derivative of the function. Check to see that your answers are reasonable by comparing the graphs of f, f ', and f...
  99. Chemistry

    All Brønsted-Lowry acids A. are aqueous solutions. B. can act as Arrhenius acids. C. donate protons. D. all of the above I am a little confused. I think it is D, but I'm second guessing myself with C
  100. Psychology

    Evolutionary psychology and behavior genetics: a) have little in common b)acknowledge the interaction of heredity and environment c)focus on learning and experience d)are two schools of thought first introduced by John B. Watson I am confused between B and D
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