(Go to google and type in city street by herman merli It is the first image(black and white buildings) Which element of art is most evident in the drawing of these buildings?

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  1. English

    is Urban the context word for City???
  2. English

    I don't know what the quotes R for the poem the city is so big
  3. history

    What was the last christian city conquered by the Muslims.
  4. history

    What was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire?
  5. reading comprehensive

    what is a capital city of nigeria
  6. P.E.

    Search & Compile the following () Hip-hop () Street Dance () Cheer Dance () Contemporary Dance * Definition * Historical Background * Function * Sample
  7. Math

    To get a job as a receptionist you have to be able to type 60 words per minute. Trevor wanted to work as a receptionist for the summer so he was working on building up his typing speed. He made the following table to track his progress. Week 0 20 words/min Week 1 26 words/min ...
  8. englsih

    Just off the Highway to Rochester, Minnesota Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass. And the eyes of those two Indian ponies Darken with kindness. They have come gladly out of the willows To welcome my friend and me. We step over the barbed wire into the pasture Where they ...
  9. English

    I left out this sentence. I just wanted to know if it is possible. Can you help me rephrase the second sentence, please? "Nature, however," 1) In Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Marine, nature is again personified and presented as a living being. Nature, however, is not ...
  10. Grammar

    1. Which of the following sentences does NOT employ correct word usage? a. We had to travel several miles further into the Arkansas Ozarks to locate the Buffalo River. b. Because this river is only 130 miles long, many people are surprised that it has been designated the first...
  11. history--Music in the 60's

    i have tp write ann essay in historey about important events in the 60's and i have chosen to do mine about music in the 60's and i would like to ask if anybody was alive in the 60's to help me? Post your questions. how did musicchange in the 1960's?? You should research the ...
  12. psychology

    how can knowing the information processing model increase your learning potential? many decisions in our lives are based on intuition. Where does this intuition comes from? generally we see that older people have a better intuition on general day-to-day life. Likewise in share...
  13. Algebra

    Ozark furniture company can obtain at most 3000 board feet of maple lumber for making its classic and modern maple rocking chairs. A classic maple rocker requires 15 board feet of maple and a modern rocker requires 12 board feet of maple. write an inequality that limits the ...
  14. Help on math!

    A bag contains 4 white, 3 blue, and 5 red marbles. 1. Find the probability of choosing a red marble, then a white marble if the marbles are replaced. A. 1/12 B. 5/36 *** C. 5/6 D. 5/12 2. Find the probability of choosing 3 blue marbles in a row if the marbles are replaced. A. ...
  15. math

    A bag contains 4 white, 3 blue, and 5 red marbles. 1. Find the probability of choosing a red marble, then a white marble if the marbles are replaced. A. 1/12 B. 5/36 *** C. 5/6 D. 5/12 2. Find the probability of choosing 3 blue marbles in a row if the marbles are replaced. A. ...
  16. math

    A bag contains 4 white, 3 blue, and 5 red marbles. 1. Find the probability of choosing a red marble, then a white marble if the marbles are replaced 1/12 5/36 5/6 5/12 2. Find the probability of choosing 3 blue marbles in a row if the marbles are replaced. 2/11 1/220 1/27 1/64...
  17. Language

    1. In the 1800s, it was believed women were good at working on projects to improve the community because (5 points) women were better leaders than men. women were better planners than men. women were more emotional than men. ****women were more moral than men. 2. Which of ...
  18. English

    How does this quotation - Man's best possession is a sympathetic wife - by Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC), Antigone relate to A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

    5.how do Canada's native people intend to preserve their cultures? A. by coming independent nations B. by moving away from reserves*** C. by working with existing governments D. by using English on the street signs in their communities
  20. Grammar-again

    Determine if the following sentences are: a. run-on b. fragment c. correct as is. 1. An appendectomy yesterday. Answer: b. fragment 2. When she felt better, the patient ate. Answer: c. correct as is 3. Her pain was evident on palpation the medication did not help even though ...
  21. english(2 Qs)

    please answer these 2 questions. please 7..which of these sentences shows correct comma usage? A.Yes i enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. B.After,a while,i suppose,the boy became less scared of the new girl. C.By the end of the first stanza,i had guessed that the new kid ...
  22. algebra

    Betty is in the process of opening her own business – a coffee shop in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. With the Grand Opening a month away, she runs the numbers involved in her upfront expenses: $5,400 for local advertising, $2,700 for the security deposit and first month’s ...
  23. Math

    Betty is in the process of opening her own business – a coffee shop in downtown Fargo, North Dakota. With the Grand Opening a month away, she runs the numbers involved in her upfront expenses: $5,400 for local advertising, $2,700 for the security deposit and first month’s ...
  24. Early Childhood

    At what age is it important to socialize a child to feel or not to feel? a. The first two months b. The first year of life c. The first two years of life d. the first four years I chose c
  25. physics

    Can someone please help me? I am having a really hard time with physics. This is not a test question. It is a practice problem from a review website I am supposed to use, but I am having a really hard time. Can someone at least help me to begin setting up the problem? I would ...
  26. Maths

    A football match between United and City is watched by 24 000 spectators. Of the 24 000 spectators, 14 112 support United and 8208 support City. The rest of the spectators are neutrals who support neither team. a.Work out the percentage of the 24 000 spectators who support ...
  27. english

    Please HELP Type the word that the underlined phrase modifies or renames. Store the records OF PAYMENTS in the file cabinet. Question 24.. Type the word that the underlined phrase modifies or renames. The house, AN OLD FASHIONED COTTAGE SURROUNDED BY CREPE MYRTLESs, was charming.
  28. english

    Hi, we are working on commas. I was wondering if I put the commas in the right places in this sentence: Please mail this to Donna Harris, 328 Maple Street, Branford, Connecticut 06405.
  29. physics rework (please help)

    A 160-N child sits on a light swing and is pulled back and held with a horizontal force of 100N. The tension force of each of the two supporting ropes is: A uniform plank is supported by two equal 120N forces at X and Y at both ends of the plank.The support at X is then moved ...
  30. World History

    Which accurately describes European feudalist society? In the feudal system, approximately 90 percent of people were peasants, and most were practicing Catholics. In the feudal system, approximately 60 percent of people were clergy, and most were practicing Christians. In the ...
  31. english

    20. China will be …. powerful country .… the world. (A) the more / in (B) the most / of (C) the more / of (D) the most / in i think D
  32. social studies

    child labor in africa anything baout it! pleae help its due monday! http://www.google.com/search?q=africa+child+labor&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7SUNA
  33. english

    Which line from The Red Badge of Courage most clearly supports the theme that nature is oblivious to what happens to humans? A. "At last, however, he had made firm rebellion against this yellow light thrown upon the color of his ambition." B. " They seemed content to perch ...
  34. math

    Please help me to find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers.13, 7, 15, 13, 13, 12, 9, 11, 19, 9 Qrrange the numbers in ascending order, like this: 7, 9, 9, 11, 12, 13, 13, 13, 15, 19 Now divide then into the lowest quartile (Q1), second ...
  35. English

    Summary, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation Review the four paragraphs below. There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Once you have read each paragraph, complete the following chart to identify the type of ...
  36. English

    I left out a few sentences I urgently need you to check. Thank you. 1) The programme was first broadcast in 2004.(Can you also say: the fist time it was broadcast was...) 2) They lived building homes from the trees and eating the food which was on the plane. 3) The main ...
  37. MATH - immediate help needed!

    Please provide the solution to the below problems: In a certain state lottery, a player selects four different numbers from 1 through 30. Find the probability that a single choice of four numbers wins the lottery, assuming the order of the numbers is not important...
  38. History

    Which most accurately describes events leading to the fall of the Roman Empire? moors sacked Constantinople after emperor Caligula move he roman capital to Venice Vikings sacked Constantinople after emperor servus moved the capital to Thrace the Islamic empire sacked Rome ...
  39. science

    Look at the picture on the immediate left here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth's_magnetic_field Also: http://image.gsfc.nasa.gov/poetry/magnetism/magnetism.html HOW IS THE EARTH'S MAGTISM USEFUL thanks it helped me alot!!!!!!!!!!!
  40. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    5. Mexico City was built by the A.Olmecs, when they began to grow maize. B.Maya, after they conquered the Valley of Mexico. C.Spanish, on the ruins of the Aztec capital. (I PICK THIS) D.Mexican government, after Mexico gained independence. 8. Which region of Mexico is best for...
  41. English

    I really need someone to check my answers and I don't want to get the answers wrong. Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the verb/verb phrase twice. 1.) John walked along the trail during the summer. Subject:John Verb:walked Phrase:along the trail during the summer ...
  42. Chemistry

    Draw the most important Lewis structure for the H 3 CNCO molecule. (Note: The atoms are bonded in the order CNCO, with the three H atoms bonded to the first carbon atom.) After you have identified the most important Lewis structure, answer the following questions. What is the ...
  43. algebra

    Please I'm stuck!!!!! A person is driving a car on a straight road. The graph shows the distance in y miles that the individual is from home after x hours. the graph has the following points (1, 40) and (3, 90) Find the slope intercept of the line y = ____x + ______ How fast ...
  44. Health

    Approach to data quality monitoring methods and solutions should consider: type of health facility data requirements level of technology available type of health care providers who are the major sources of documentation All answers provided are correct DATA REQUIREMENTS? ...
  45. English

    1. Which artist do you like most of the three? 2. Whom do you like most of the three painters? 3. Who do you like best among the three painters? - I like Renoir most. Though he was in pain, he liked to express happiness and hope. ------------------------------------- Are the ...
  46. geometry

    Which type(s) of symmetry does the uppercase letter H have? my answer i believe is reflectional symmetry Which type of symmetry is shown by the lowercase letter w? my answer i believe is rotational symmetry. Could someone please check and explain.
  47. Math - Please Help Me!

    How many ways can an IRS auditor select 3 of 11 tax returns for an audit? There are 8 members on a board of directors. If they must form a subcommittee of 3 members, how many different subcommittees are possible? License plates are made using 3 letters followed by 3 digits. ...
  48. History (urgent!)

    What would a noble family do on a daily basis? Please give me a specific site instead of a google search. Thank you so much!!!
  49. MATH ~ Functions

    Can a graph cross an oblique asymptote? I tried to Google the answer to my question, but I can't find a site that gives me a detailed explanation. help. thank you.
  50. Chem 1

    In the ground state of element 115, how many electrons have ml=1 as one of their quantum numbers? Can anyone provide an explanation? I am kind of stuck... and I don't think it is too hard, I just don't know where to start. Thanks ahead of time... Go to www.webelement.com and ...
  51. Physics

    A rotating door is made from four rectangular glass panes, as shown in the drawing. The mass of each pane is 85 kg. A person pushes on the outer edge of one pane with a force of F = 63 N that is directed perpendicular to the pane. Determine the magnitude of the door's angular ...
  52. English Lit- Judith Wright

    Does anyone have any information/websites on the poem 'Mirror at the Fun Fair' by Australian poet Judith Wright? Or info on any of her poems. Thanks! http://www.google.com/search?q=judith+wright&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7SUNA ...
  53. socials

    what life like for many teens in post war period? present answer under following headings: A) independence B) styles C) music D) teens as "target market" Independence for this i think they only have ample leisure time, more money to spend from part-time jobs. Styles for this ...
  54. Foreign languages

    Can you please check linkers and punctuation in this paragraph? Thank you very much Writeacher. Complete the following short text with: and, but, so, because, when, while (I can't find an example of "while") 1) It was half past ten at night. Jane was in her bedroom (when) the ...
  55. language arts

    This the passage for #2 &3: I checked into a hotel called the Olympia, which is right on the main street and the only hotel in the town. After lunch I was hanging around the lobby, and I got to taking to the guy at the desk. I asked him if this wasn't the town where that kid ...
  56. American Goverment

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was NOT _____. the location the 1787 Constitutional Convention. the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed the childhood home of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams an important city in colonial America 22. For the first eleven years of ...
  57. question

    how do continental plates move http://www.google.com/search?q=moving+continental+plates&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official
  58. geography

    what happens the the mass of moist air with the type of precipitation relief? what happens the the mass of moist air with the type of precipitation frontal? what happens the the mass of moist air with the type of precipitation convectional?

    Why might a college choose to use greek architectural elements such as columns The greek temple has often inspired the design of what type of american structure? A. amphitheater B. colosseum C. courthouse***** D. bridge AM I RIGHT?!? PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP 2.when designing ...
  60. physics

    Consider a 20 cm long cylindrical glass of refractive index n=2.0. Left end of it is a concave spherical mirror with radius of curvature 12 cm for an object O inside the cylinder. The shape of the right end of the cylindrical glass is not known. If the object is at 10 cm to ...
  61. American History

    Among instances of corporate malfeasance in the early twenty-first century, the _______ scandal was the most shocking and economically damaging for employees and shareholders. A. American Tobacco B. Tyco International C. Enron D. WorldCom I have looked all of the place for ...
  62. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) My mum and I (not: I and my mum) went shopping and we bought a lot of souvenirs. 2) After a week (a week later) we came back home satisfied with this exciting experience. 3) We put everything on a counter and then we ...
  63. math

    anna bought 3 types of fruit for a fruit salad. She paid three times as much for buleberries as for pears and $2.50 less for strawberries than for blueberries. A) define a variable and write algebraic expressions to represent the amount she spent on each type of fruit. B) if ...
  64. Social Studies

    Look, me and emma really need help. We have been searching for AGES and haven't found anything useful. We need to know... WHAT MINERS WEAR TO KEEP THEM SAFE. Thanks Maddy and Emma http://www.google.com/search?q=miners%27+safety+gear&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-...
  65. urgent!!!words questions dued tomorrow

    Each phase is an anagram of a country and it's capital city. 1.CHEESE GARNET 2.OSSARIUM COWS 3.RARE NAUTICAL ARABS 4.SAVE UNITARIAN 5.ROYAL ITEM If don't know all still tell me what you know.HURRYHURRYHURRY... The first and last are in southern Europe, bordering the ...
  66. Business English

    How do you outline informative and positive message and negative message and persuasive messages? http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+outline&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7 An outline is an outline. Whether it's outlining positive, ...
  67. Math

    green park is adding 236 plants this spring. One hundred fifty of them will flower. The rest will not flower. Use this information to answer question. 1) 1/3 of the flowering plants will have yellow flowers and 1/4 of the flowering plants will have white flowers. What fraction...
  68. Language Art (Please Check)

    5.C 6.B 5.The origin of the words shut and out is Old English. During the 1800s, the two words were combined to take on the baseball meaning, a game in which one side does not score. What is the most likely meaning of the word shutout in the story The Shutout? A.to dismiss B....
  69. english

    review essay Selective Marketing on Ivy League School’s Undergraduate Websites Every year between the months of October and March, thousands of students narrow down their top picks of schools from over 4000 Colleges and Universities located in the United States. Colleges and...
  70. Elem. Ed.

    Please look over these questions and my answers to see if I have chosen the most appropriate answer. 1. Luis is being introduced to the finger play "Friends at Play." It is very likely that Luis will: A. do the finger movements first. B. learn the words first. C. not ...
  71. reflection and observation

    suppose youre a young mother with two preschool children.you prefer to take care of them yourself in your own home,rather than place them in a day care program.to earn some money for your family ,you decide to become a day care provider for two or three other children.what ...
  72. Statistics

    1. For the following exercise, complete the following by using the data sets below that provides the ages of the first seven presidents: a. Find the mean, median, and range for each of the two data sets. First 7: The mean is 58.3 The median is 57 The range is 4 Second 7: The ...
  73. statistics

    The owner of a large office building is considering expanding the buildings' daycare center, which all employees of the the building can use and wants to know what the employees think of this idea. A survey is taken by giving a questionnaire to every parent/guardian of the ...
  74. math

    Tanya and Greg are going skiing. Tanya is a seasoned skier while Greg is a novice, he only skied once before. They have a map that provides the coordinates for the top and bottom of each path. Tanya wants to ski the most challenging path while Greg wants to start off with an ...
  75. Art. bobpursley

    Thanks Bob, your answer made sense. x Nao x
  76. art

    Who criticized Abbot Suger's elaborate design for St. Denis?
  77. art

    Who criticized Abbot Suger's elaborate design for St. Denis?
  78. art

    How was artistic advancement able to advance the humanistic movement?
  79. art

    How do we know that the woman in "Portrait of a Lady" was a member of the upper class?
  80. history art

    what is the rejection of medieval style and influences of byzantine
  81. english

    as an orderly art is what part of speech would it be adjedtive
  82. art

    what is the difference between denotative elements and connotative implications?
  83. art

    The great wall of los angeles. what are the denotative elements of it?
  84. social studies

    Why did art have a religious significance to the Romans?
  85. words

    What it call a person that judges food, art., music, etc
  86. history

    how were religion,art and government linked to ancient egypt?
  87. art

    briefly discuss the historical and technological backgrounds of photography
  88. 9th grade- ART

    What are the good and bad uses of clay?
  89. art

    does anyone know where the yellow cow painting by Franz Marc i displayed?
  90. art

    need an interesting fact on vincent van gogh.
  91. Social Studies

    What's south asia art,architecture,and culture?
  92. Social Studies

    What's south asia art,architecture,and culture?
  93. art

    which of the following should you attempt when creating an animal portrait
  94. gr 10 art

    what are the seven ways to portary depth or distance on a 2-d surface?
  95. art

    i don't understand how rhythm of principles of design works, either
  96. art

    what plants and animals,insects,fish lives in a river in nz
  97. art

    what objects can i use to create an alphabet? it can be any object or material
  98. Art

    Are shoes from the Renaissance and Baroque era for men and women?
  99. Art

    What effect did Jan van Eyck use in his paintings?

    What christmas word can you make out of COCUTOKITEER
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